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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Michael Savage on Vikings, ISIS and American Race suicide


Anonymous said...

Race suicide started 1000 years ago with the introduction of Christianity. Christianity promotes weakness and race suicide. We gotta turn the other cheek to the enemy, love our enemies and let them in and be diverse and multi-cultural.

The ice man to the nice man. No, from the white man to the nice man.

It happened to the Romans. They forgot being Roman. they embraced a foreign religion a stupid filthy religion, Christianity and then they mix with the primitive barbarians and instead of assimilating the barbarians, annexing them into the empire like we did they began to assimilate us. And we let them.

Jesus... Jesus... Love your enemies, be nice, mix it up go down before the barbarians.

And now this is happening again. Christianity has castrated the American people. At first when we were young, the Christians at least were reasonable in that they knew there was a time and a place for everything. Yeah I am willing to forgive but I am not willing to forget. There's a time to turn the other cheek, there's a time to go all out and fight back. They also knew better to mix their blood despite what Jesus said or what the bible said.

Then along comes Martin Luther King, along comes Bishop Sheen, you got all these preachers who have this Gandhi mentality. Peaceful, tolerant, diverse, I have a dream that all men should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I agree but that doesn't mean we should go from being a white nation to being a mixed nation! We've become limp wrist, limp armed and weak.

We have forgotten our heritage. we have forgotten our racial and our nationalistic roots. We don't believe in defending our nation and race anymore we believe that we need to be tolerant and open minded and peaceful even in the face of murdering minority and immigrant invasions.

This is why 5 muslims can come to Sweedan and rape a Sweedish girl and get away with it.

mainestategop said...

Um... Yes... Um... That's pretty radical. How about you email me and we discuss it. I can't right now because I am very busy all week.