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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More on Colorado's war on Trump

I have gotten quite a lot of emails by people denouncing Trump and even saying that the cancelled Colorado elections are justified. No they are not!

Listen! We have a constitutional republic with a Democratic system that we are supposed to follow. We don't cancel it just because there's a candidate that some people don't like.

Well this is what they did. They cancelled the elections like it was the third world and they said, no. No we do not want you to vote for the candidate you want for president, NO! WE WONT LET YOU DECIDE!

This kind of Chicago style election is the sort of thing I'd expect from the Democratic party or from a Marxist country or some corrupt nation but no it isn't. Its in Colorado of all places. Then again should I be surprised?

For the last 30 years, Colorado has slowly become a new bastion of liberal fascism thanks primarily to an influx of Californians. People who once saw the Rocky mountain state as a vacation site are now using it to avoid paying for the cost of their liberalism and their corrupt socialism. Colorado, once a bastion of of low taxes, smaller government and good jobs is now returning to the crap pile it was in back in the 70s and 80s when it was ruled by a tiny corrupt expensive and evil Democrat minority in Denver and Boulder.

Liberalism has now brought back the corruption. Today Colorado is some say the west's HQ for the new world order. It is in fact a major administrative center for the Big Fed and Denver is now a bastion of Democrats. In Denver and other cities with high concentrations of liberals, open homosexuality, high taxes, socialism and homelessness are in, while gun rights, property rights and business rights are out.

The growth of the Big failing government on both state and federal level have attracted the worst kinds of democrats to either work the system as so called government workers who do nothing or as welfare bums who refuse to work and want to sit on their asses in the projects in North Denver. Whatever the case, Democrats have flooded in and many honest Americans are moving out.

The loss of voting rights and privileges in Colorado at the hands of this unfair and evil GOP state convention and the refusal of the other states to collectively denounce this gives way to the possibility that Ted Cruz may not become our president and that we will possibly have Trump or worse Bernie Sanders.

Now, I have yet to hear any sound citations that Trump is a disaster and until that happens the New England Alliance for liberty and free Markets stands with Cruz and Trump as a secondary. Our only real concern is that Bernie Sanders is more likely to defeat Trump than Hillary and with Bernie now gaining the upper hand especially now that he's embraced the so called black lives matter movement, it is important that Cruz condemn Colorado immediately and call for elections and demand that the GOP caucus follow the constitution.

Should Ted Cruz fail to denounce Colorado's GOP convention and demand elections, he will lose the election to Trump. Yes he will. Make no mistake about it, Election or no, Cruz will lose. Trump will become our GOP candidate and very likely, Bernie Sanders will become our next president; God forbid.

Ted Cruz is the only man who can defeat Bernie Sanders. While polls show a landslide victory for Bernie against Trump, the opposite is said if the GOP candidate is Ted Cruz. Cruz can defeat Bernie and not only that defeat socialism and perhaps become the greatest president since Ronald Reagan. Even better than Reagan I should say. he wont repeat his mistakes. he will keep America on course towards capitalism, justice, peace, and make us strong. Ted Cruz will defeat the terrorists and close our borders and make America safe and Free.


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Anonymous said...

The caucus decided not to have Trump as a candidate because he is not who he says he is. He's a socialist, he supports Putin who is an enemy of the united states, he is a racist, he is a misogynist, he has the manners and the demeanor of an 8 year old brat. This is not a suitable candidate for the GOP. Ted Cruz, Joe Kasich, Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush are a better choice.