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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SSI: All burdens and no benefits...

SSI Social Security benefits. Really? There are benefits to being banned from owning more than 2k in your bank? There are benefits to being dependent on a failing worthless government? There are benefits to spending your whole life earning nothing but $600 a month??????

That is what liberals all say. That is what the government will also say. But lets face it, the government is wrong again as it almost always is. Social security SSI benefits are not beneificial to the recipient or the people as a whole but are a burden...

Yes, there's nothing more tragic than to have someone work all their lives to have it all taken away just to qualify for SSI. No one benefits. Except that is the government. Using SSI to control the population and murder the innocent.

Consider for instance Steve Ferrell of Seattle Washington. After being laid off from his job in West Seattle, Steve was blindsided by abusive parents who wanted to seize his bank account from him. With help from a crooked judge and even more crooked doctors they did. Steve was cleaned out. To make things worse, Steve was sent to an institution and stayed there for almost a month. When he got out he was worse than ever.

For 3 years to this day, Steve has been homeless and receives only $650 a month from the government. Not enough to be independent, not enough to live on. His crime, being different and being against the government. It was revealed that his libertarian beliefs were a major factor in being diagnosed with a mental illness. Steve was diagnosed with Asperger's retard syndrome because of this and he still opposes the government.

For many others forced on these "benefits" Death is the result.

Consider Mary Johnson from Merced California. At the age of 45 she had a nervous breakdown and was sent to a psych ward. Doctors claimed she was emotionally disturbed and mentally ill. Liberals and their allies psychiatrists always associate emotional stress with emotionally disturbed and always associate mental anxiety with mental illness. What better way for their other allies Big Pharma to get big bucks for pushing the pill.

Mary was released after a week with a bag of prescription meds. Five different meds to be precise and was ordered to take two of each everyday. She was also ordered to go to follow up appointments Mary did this for two weeks until She decided she had enough of the side effects and being slowed down. The meds affected her at work and prevented her from functioning. She threw the meds away and stopped going to her appointments.

One month later, police showed up with a social worker who demanded she get back on her meds. She refused and was arrested and sent to Maria Green Psychiatric center. There she was placed on emergency guardianship and held there for 2 months. the guardian in the mean time sold off her house and possesions and seized her bank account. According to documents this was neccesary to make Mary eligible for government services such as SSI and mental health.

Mary was released after 2 months and became homeless. 2 more months later she was raped and left for dead in Los Angeles. Her rapists have never been found. To this day no one has been punished for what they did to her. the government did not care about her, just getting her stuff.

Peter Neville was also unfortunate. At the age of 15 his parents placed him in a psychiatric ward in Trenton New jersey. The reason, Peter was believed by his school psychiatrist to have Asperger's syndrome. Peter had been teased and persecuted by other students. According to the school, his parents and the doctors it was all his fault.

Peter spend 4 years in the hospital system being shuffled around, labeled, name called, picked on even assaulted and was later taken out and placed in a group home for the retarded. Peter never got to enjoy the American dream like his peers. peter Never got to. 3 Years later at the age of 22, he killed himself. Peter was homeless on the streets of New York living off what little he got from SSI when it happened. the state did not care, his parents who were liberal, did not care. SSI did not help him.

Perhaps death is preferable to being denied the America dream? For Shane Malone from Providence Rhode Island it may be. Shane graduated from High school back in 2009 only to have his diploma taken from him and forced into the psychiatric system. When he tried to run away he was arrested in New York at the Bus Terminal and forced into a psychiatric hospital.

Shane spent 7 years being funneled from hospital to group home in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and for being on SSI and living in these terrible places was denied employment and an honest salary. At one employer in Pawtucket, the employer found out that he had been staying at a group home and tore up his resume in front of him. Equal Employment oppertunity Commission was unable to help him.

According to his parents and doctors, his unemployment was all his fault and confirmed that he was mentally ill.

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