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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 9: The response from the city

Here is a response I got from the mayor's office from Seattle concerning the homeless problem and concerning SHARE WHEEL:

We are very sensitive to the impact that the SHARE/WHEEL shelter closure is having in our community.  However, the City does not have any additional funding for shelter operations.  The City’s primary interest is ensuring that the beds we have contracted with SHARE to operate are brought back into operation so that those who are experiencing homelessness in our community are able to access shelter.  This interest has been clearly expressed to the men and women of SHARE/WHEEL.

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with the City of Seattle.

I also received a reply from the city council which said the same Thing that city hall has said. The city is out of money. Well... That's what happens when you spend other people's money.

In addition they will not speak with Scott Murrow, share consultant or anyone from SHARE since he will not agree to follow any of their demands to allow scrutiny from third parties or track outcomes to ensure that homeless are removed from homelessness and placed into housing! In other words, they expect to get our money, with no strings attached!

As for our ultimatum, we were informed that they have looked it over and have decided to do nothing since Scott Murrow, SHARE consultant and his crew will not even agree to the one or two terms by city hall!

Well, Scott Murrow and the rest of Share who claim to care about the homeless and the poor will not comply with even one demand. They will not even allow the city to observe that people in Share are not laying about for years and years in hell but are being liberated, placed into housing getting clean and sober, instead they continue to demand more wonder bread. Demand more of our money and expect no accountability.

They will not even allow us to track results or even be transparent! And they claim to love the poor and the needy.

That's not all, the city is getting fed up with Scott doing nothing and not being willing to sit down and follow the rules and the time is coming this summer to clear out the rabble and have the Salvation Army administer SHARE WHEEL. They'll do a better job.

First the Jungle, then King county administration. Its gonna be a hell of a summer!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 8: Aloha and good riddance to Share and Wheel

On highway 99 north of Seattle past Denny Way and the space needle is what was once an abandoned hotel that was later taken over by homeless people and made into a community living center and halfway home for the homeless. It is run by the homeless and formerly homeless and is a shining beacon of what personal responsibility, initiative and Christian love can accomplish.

Aloha was originally started by SHARE with help from Catholic charities and the archdiocese of Seattle in 1990. At the time, SHARE was in its infancy when share was made up of sturdy yet responsible homeless men and women who rather than go to the government for a handout stood up for themselves and picked themselves up from their bootstraps.

Aloha was run by SHARE with help from Catholic charities. Then around the last decade SHARE began its slow decline into irresponsibility, corruption and laziness and Aloha staff and residents became alarmed by SHARE WHEEL'S tactics.

Share wheel became more and more left wing, more corrupt and allegations of withholding bus tickets, discrimination and forcing its members to participate in far left protests with groups such as Occupy Wall street, Seattle socialists, Women in black and others brought about negative attention not just from the public but from the FBI and police as well.

Kimberly H, a formerly homeless woman who was part of SHARE and a resident of the Aloha Inn for over a year, remembers those dark times.

"SHARE and WHEEL used to be a good organization and I know that good people are still in it but over the years, more and more people came into the organization that really just didn't give a darn about themselves or other people in the organization. Share wheel is or was I should say democratic. The people who were part of the organization were in charge. It used to be people who had a job, who were clean and sober and who were trying to get back on their feet but more and more people came in that were lazy, were drinking and who didn't really care."

Kimberly says that after over a decade of progress and helping the homeless, SHARE went downhill as more and more people, unaccountable for their behavior and more interested in laying about being lazy took over the shelter and became the majority. These people were made up of drunks, radical leftists, people who were just plain lazy and who didn't really care about getting out of homeless but whose who did not care and were happy remaining homeless while receiving free food, free money and a place to crash.

She says, "Before I went to the Aloha, things really got bad at SHARE. At the shelter I stayed you had more people coming in who showed up drunk, who didn't do their chores, they left a mess and to make matters worse, the people who cared began to leave for their new homes and emerge from homelessness while the ones who didn't care became the majority and they didn't leave they usually stuck around since they didn't care."

Eventually, as the lazy and undeserving got the majority they began to have more say in the goings on in Share and in Share shelters. This new wave of bums elected an EC who allowed members to break rules, show up intoxicated, show up late and leave a mess.

"The EC who ran our shelter was a drunk and he did nothing about the problems in the shelter. People would show up drunk and instead of being told to leave or get banned the EC just let them in. People would leave a mess and not clean it up and the EC rather than baring them from the shelter for a day or more as punishment just said nothing. When the church complained and when SHARE staff complained that we weren't holding accountability and making problems for the church and the neighborhood, the EC did nothing"

Not only this, those who spoke up and demanded reform were intimidated or stigmatized...

"Our shelter had to close for 2 days as punishment for liquor bottles being found in the garbage can and because no one did chores in our shelter. I and three other people did all the chores and went to meetings but no one else did. Not even the EC. I had to stay at a dirty downtown shelter then I had to sleep out in the woods. I couldn't sleep because it was cold and I was afraid of being raped.

"Two days after when we got back, one of the shelter guests showed up drunk and filthy and was not asked to leave or even barred. The EC did nothing. When I spoke up and said that we should bar him he just gave me this nasty look like he wanted to smack me. When it was time to sign up for chores I noticed that there were three mandatory meetings we had to do which no one signed up for. I brought this to the EC's attention and he said don't worry about it. I then brought this to everyone's attention. I yelled, hey! We got three meetings to sign up for! When I said that one man call me a bitch and told me to shut up. That was rude and the EC did nothing about it.

"Well we didn't do the chores and our shelter got closed again and we spent another night outside. I had it and I went to the Aloha. Most people there are like me and fed up with the trouble SHARE and we didn't want anything to do with them."

At the Aloha, Kimberly found a caring staff that took their work seriously. Kimberly had access to a kitchen, laundry room, garage for cars belonging to staff and guests at  the shelter who had them and a place for pets as well as daycare. Kimberly was required to do chores and pay a portion of her income which she received from government assistance and working part time for rent and another portion to go towards housing. Kimberly got a second part time job as a car washer and auto detailer.

"It was like the good ol days of Share. Before all the riff raff came in, before the moral majority left for housing or elsewhere and got replaced by the drunks, the bums, the lazy and shiftless and aimless, before Scott Murrow became share consultant and sent everything out the window, before the share supervisors were just screwing everything up and not finding solutions. I was so happy to be here. This place truly was a good place and a loving place. When I first got there, I got nothing but hugs and kisses and love. I don't know where I'd be without them!"

SHARE uses Aloha Inn's services including laundry and cooking meals during important events like power lunch, a meeting where decisions on SHARE administration and policy is made. Share clients often came into Aloha causing trouble however and many times, came to logger heads with Aloha staff and guests.

A typical Power lunch meeting held by SHARE WHEEL where the bums decide how to make trouble in Seattle and America

"Share still used Aloha for blanket washing, for food, breakfast, coffee other things, sometimes they'd go into the kitchen and steal things and bring them back to Share like a blender, a pepper grinder, a frying pan and one time they even tried to hijack the ice cream machine we had. It was good thing and I used to love making yummy deserts with it using fruits and chocolate and marshmallows and then it was gone. We found it at one of the indoor shelters I think it was Bethany either that or St Johns but they broke it and we couldn't use it anymore it was sad."

Kimberly notes other instances when SHARE guests even SHARE staff started trouble

  • Share guests tried to break into rooms and storage areas and steal belongings from Aloha guests
  • Share guests created a racial disturbance when a Share guest who was a black panther openly antagonized Jewish, asian and white Aloha guests by calling for their extermination and also denying the holocaust or the Nanking massacre ever happened
  • Share guests who were in the laundry room washing blankets were caught having gay sex with each other while they were drunk
  • share guests who arrive for meetings, for lunch or chores would often be in possesion of alcohol, drugs or other paraphenalia or be intoxicated
  • Share guests would run across the median barrier on Highway 99 and nearly cause accidents in order to get to the bus stop on the other side.
  • A Share guest attempted to rape a woman in the parking lot at night. The Share guest was an EC of a shelter
And on and on. And what happened next when Aloha tried to curtail the incidents caused by Share was even more outrageous!

"Well it turned out the managers of Aloha decided that Share guests who utilized the Aloha Inn should be required to where ID badges stating that they were SHARE guests. This is a policy we already had for other visitors and people who worked in Aloha Inn. The plumber for instance, wore a badge which said what company he belonged to and his name. For SHARE we didn't require their names just that it said that they were part of Share Wheel and what shelter."

SHARE staff and guests refused to where the badges claiming that being forced to do so marginalized them and made them feel as though they were being targeted  for discrimination, this despite the fact that all other non-aloha guests who visited or perform work there were required to wear buttons and badges. Many compared the badges to the star belly Sneetches by Dr Seuss and to the yellow stars the nazis forced Jews to wear during the holocaust.

"I couldn't believe it! How did we go from keeping the building secure and keeping track of visitors to nazis forcing Jews to wear yellow stars!? I thought it was a waste of time and it was. They still misbehaved."

In response SHARE members showed up wearing special badges with slogans such as, second class citizen targeted by Aloha, Discrimination in progress, marginalized and discriminated ETC. This infuriated and offended Aloha residents and staff but they still wore them. Despite this and other measures, Share continued to cause trouble for Aloha.

Fed up with Share's lack of accountability and allegations of theft of funds, Aloha inn decided to break away from Share and become more independent, relying on funds from Catholic charities and the archdiocese of Seattle-Tacoma. In 2015 Aloha became independent. Share still does laundry there at times but only the tent cities wash blankets there. Many of the indoor shelters turn to local laundromats.

Kimberly H currently resides in Spokane where she lives in her own apartment. She is thankful to the original Share and the Aloha inn for their support. She is currently employed full time and volunteers at local shelters in Spokane.

Michael Savage vs Bernie Supporters Episode 2 - Ignoramus Callers!

★ Savage vs Anti-Trump Protesters! EPIC!! ★ - Episode 3

Michael Savage VS racist liberal

What do you fear about Donald Trump? Michael Savage debates six callers ...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis 7: Use Greyhound therapy it works!

In part 7, we discuss a solution to American homelessness and unemployment that no one except those who really are concerned are discussing. A way to get the homeless off the streets into employment and into housing while saving money in the long run. its something that liberals generally will not give into except as a last resort because they want to get the money by making the homeless problem prolonged and and visible and line their pockets. Its a policy that is being used in major cities and cash strapped states everywhere and in the case for those who want a job and a home its doing nicely.

I am of course talking about Greyhound therapy.

What it is is simple as it is effective, give the homeless an out and the chance to move to where there are jobs and good clean effective Christian charities by giving them Greyhound tickets out of where they are where there are no jobs, too much crime, no affordable housing, an uncaring society, a lack of hope and no place to go and into nice places with jobs and cheap rents.

I personally have done this myself when I volunteered at the homeless shelters in Bangor Maine and in Portsmouth NH. Poor, sad miserable wretches who can't find work, out of hope and in a sad sorry state had their hopes restored when I gave them the oppertunity to move to someplace like Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Utah or wherever they could get a place and a job easily as opposed to filthy poor no jobs poverty Maine or wherever.

Go west young man! This was the motto of manifest destiny. This should be the motto for ending homelessness. As in bygone days when young men and women with enterprising spirits left the crowded slims of the east coast for the great vastness of the west in the plains, the prairie and the Gold Coast, so it should be for young unemployed and miserable men and women who are trapped in bad places run by Democrats and the filthy excrement that support them and vote for them.

High taxes lead to higher costs and fewer jobs. So do massive regulations. But liberals don't care. Despite 8 years of failure under Obama under whom we have seen far worse than could even be imagined under W, liberals continue to turn a blind eye. THEY EVEN BLAME THE VICTIM!

But I tell you! There are so many success stories of young men venturing into middle America to find their niche. People who I met who looked and looked and looked for months or years for a job in Maine and couldn't find it. They go to Kansas or Nebraska or Texas, two week later they got a job! Then in another two weeks or so, an apartment.

Rent is cheap in middle America and jobs are plentiful. This is because they still follow the founding father's precepts for a free market and a free society. It may be true that they might no pay well at first, but all work is honest and the low low low cost of living is compensation for this.

Middle America and the Southwest also tend to be more religious and thus more charitible. Christian charities, rescue missions and so on provide an excellent safety net for those desiring responsibility, sober living and decent and content living as they climb their way up the ladder. Something no government program ever has done or ever will do.

But as the Seattle city council considers this as an option for the problem of those displaced by the closure of SHARE WHEEL and the clearing of the jungle homeless camps in Seattle, Share wheel poo poos the idea. In one news report, one woman described Greyhound therapy as heartless and not the answer.

HEARTLESS!? NOT THE ANSWER!? As opposed to what? Sitting in filthy tents at city hall, having sex and using drugs out in the open and doing nothing while we struggle!? As opposed to leeching off the taxpayers while sturdy beggars and scruffy bums smoke pot and do no work? While homeless people who became homeless as a result of Obama, the Democrats and the high taxes struggle and suffer as they pine for a decent honest living!?

SHARE WHEEL opposes greyhound therapy and even goes as far as labeling those who want to leave Seattle as cowards, traitors, reactionaries and garbage who put themselves in their situation.

Maurice Newhope who stayed at share last summer describes the mentality of these hypocritical bums he met, these liberal fascists who opposed the right to travel while saying that they put themselves in this situation and caused themselves to be homeless not Obama. the overwhelming majority of SHARE WHEEL and all of SHARE WHEEL staff are major Obama supporters BTW as well as supporters of Hillary and Bernie so no wonder!

Yet as they label homeless victims who want an out as reactionaries and garbage they claim to be morally superior to all of us and that they know what is best. Clearly, the misgivings of bad intentions. The mentality of SHARE Wheel is revealed in its labeling of republicans and responsible homeless who want to leave as reactionaries and traitors all while demanding more of our money at the expense of higher and higher taxes and with it, more problems.

The view is clear, SHARE WHEEL either needs to shape up or ship out! If they don't want to play by the rules and if they want to say its everyone's fault but Obama and theirs, GET THEM OUT!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 6 Share ally the Transit Riders union

In episode six and beyond, we'll take a look at SHARE WHEEL's allies. In this episode we'll discuss one of their biggest backers, the Transit Riders union.

According to liberals, TRU is about low income riders joining together with bus drivers to demand cheap effective transporation that works. Transportation for poor working citizens that is cheap, routes that will take them anywhere at anytime and to demand safer transportation.

It is anything but.

TRU is in truth more of a union for Metro bus drivers to demand higher salaries, lower accountability for bad behavior and ineptitude, less hours, more perks and higher taxes on the working man.

TRU allies with groups like SHARE WHEEL and Seattle Socialists to get its demands met and agitate. For example: 

  • extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district, Bellevue and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders. 
  • Give riders lower fares to get to Northgate, extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders.  
  • Extend the rail to Angle lake, Federal way then Tacoma extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders. 
  • Bring back the free ride zone extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders.  
  • Create more bus routes to nowhere extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders.  
  • Bring back Metro routes to Downtown University to comply with rail extension, extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders.     
  • Hire more cops to punish fare jumpers and homeless people who camp out on the late owl, extend the link light rail from downtown to the University district and North Gate, Raise taxes, raise salaries and don't punish us for abusing riders.  

  You get the idea.

the latest bid by TRU to screw up Seattle is to set up an employment tax on business. What this does is tax businesses for creating a certain amount of jobs I think its up to 50 and then each of these jobs they have to pay a tax. In other words businesses are punished for hiring workers and creating jobs.

You gotta ask yourself, why would anyone want to support that? I mean why do you want to punish businesses for making jobs? What makes you think they wont lay off workers to increase profits? Don't we want them to do the opposite? Don't we want to reward businesses for creating jobs? Don't we want to reward productivity? Why would we want to tax a business for making jobs?

Maurice Newhope you may remember who was in Seattle last year working for us was at the TRU meeting and when it was over he confronted one of TRU's members who supported this initiative and asked how punishing businesses would make things better, the man claimed that Bush''s tax cuts failed so therefore soaking the rich would be the best solution. When Asked how it would effect small businesses he responded that everyone had to pay their share and sacrifice and that people who couldn't find work in Seattle were stupid. He then said that to oppose raising taxes was fascist.

Complete utter Bolshevism and deception from top to bottom! First of all, Bush's tax cuts worked very well! At least they worked well in red states that did not have leftists and raised taxes up the wazoo to pay for all the budget busting handouts for bums and lazy government workers so called. They cooled down the economy and brought an end to the recession that started in Clinton's last year and for the remainder of Bush's term until Democrats took over congress, the median unemployment nationwide was below the double digits. the only places where jobs were scarce was California, Massachusetts (Thanks a lot Mitt!) New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, The upper midwest, and pretty much all of New England and the Mid Atlantic with the exception of New Hampshire.

As for raising taxes, well history proves that has never worked. California for example loses jobs and skilled workers who pay taxes so there goes your tax base as well, Massachusetts when they established Romney care and taxed businesses for healthcare caused a massive slump in jobs and lead to Massachusetts being the only state that had negative net migration. (EVEN THE BUMS ON WELFARE WANTED OUT!)The state's healthcare industry also capsized from the loads of cases they couldn't handle leading to rationing. The only winners were big Pharma, Big government, Big medical and Greyhound.

TRU is made up of the worst communist liberals of all kinds. The hardcore bums who use the bus as a motel, the drivers who make New York drivers look prudish and look like Victorian butlers, communists, social activists, those who want to live off the few able to work or find work.

If there was ever reason to ban public service unions its TRU. Some of Share's other union allies such as the SEIU who benefit from working together with bums to avoid work while they line their pockets with our money.

TRU is connected with King county services who are currently letting the homeless use their administration building as their campsite to avoid having to do any work at all. TRU backs the squatters and have even threatened to shut down transit in the downtown area if they lay a hand on them.

No problem with that, Seattle would love to use SHARE and the plight of the needy to line their pockets  and raise taxes once again. Anyways they are too busy clearing out the jungle of homeless vagrants and campers to do anything right now. More on that next time.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

“Socialism Throws People Like You Into Labor Camp” Commie Student T...

Views expressed are those of all liberals and all supporters of Obama, Sanders and Hillary.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND(illegal alien flu epidemic) ZIKA

The flu epidemic has finally reached America and already we have our first casualty, a toddler in Texas. The flu epidemic will no doubt have an effect on these and other vulnerable groups with weak immune systems including the elderly and Aids patients. I decided to write about this after listening to Michael Savage discuss it. His take was as you can very well imagine controversial as is some of his other remarks.

Savage noted also that the government has done nothing useful to prevent the spread of this new influenza strain despite the fact that it may have as much an impact as it did during the 1918 epidemic. It has gene segments never seen before. In fact there are those in the medical community that say that it will have an even greater impact than at first imagined.

Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama's communist homeland security tsar has done nothing about this at all. You would think that with illegal aliens from Canada and Mexico swarming in with this and other diseases they would finally shut down our borders. Instead the bottom line is more important. The needs of the multinational corporations to get a hold of cheap labor is more important. The drug lanes, the lanes for smuggling must remain open.

This shows just how corrupt our government is.

Biological weapon?

Michael Savage has pointed out that there is another possibility that this virus did not just come from some sewer pit in China or Mexico. Savage pointed out that the genetic traits points to a possibility that it was manufactured and that Islamic terrorists had been trying to make a new form of influenza virus to attack America. Though it might have come from a pig farm in Vera Cruz, it is still a possibility to consider.

Savage also pointed out that government scientists and officials have been inefficient in responding and educating the public. The Centers for Disease control, a trillion dollar tax funded organization had only this to say, wash your hands.

That's right! Just wash your hands! Nothing else! Michael Savage, a doctor with a PhD in epidemiology has pointed out the real threat to this infection is worse than we may think.

He also points out real solutions that must be done such as not patronize restaurants and businesses that hire or cater to illegal aliens and consume plenty of vitamin C.

Where is Homeland Security?

Savage in pointing out that this could be an attack points out once more the incompetence of liberals such as Janet Napolitano. Napolitano as you may know drafted a report stating that defenders of the constitution against the government and UN, opponents to socialism and the New world order and even veterans are a threat. Not illegal aliens, not radical islamists, right wing Christians are a threat to her. Face it folks, government doesn't care, government never will care about your needs and safety. This proves it.

Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan To Occupy The DNC


Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm just a transgender bill (NC Tranny bathrooms)

The following is an excerpt from a great conservative website, Flopping Aces. Dr John Here writes about new reasons to vote for Obama by the left.

 trump shrug
Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton in the nationwide Presidential race. It is true that a lot of people tell you not to support Donald Trump, but the left keeps giving us reason after reason to vote for him and it is becoming quite amusing. Let's have a look.
Treatment of women by Trump
The NY Times took a shot at Trump on this and missed big time. One of the authors is recognized as biased against Trump.
The story did wind up shining a positive light on Trump:
Ms. Sunshine worked for Mr. Trump for 15 years, becoming a major New York real estate figure in her own right. Ms. Res remained at the company for 12 years, left after a disagreement over a project and then returned as a consultant for six more years. Both expressed gratitude for the chances Mr. Trump had taken on them.
The authors had part of their story blow up in their faces. Alleged victim Rowanne Brewer said of Trump:
“I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump”
Temple Taggart claims that Trump once kissed her on the lips. Trump denies it, but even if he had, one would hope that Gloria Steinem would say that Trump was entitled to a "freebie" as she said of Clinton's groping Kathleen Willey. Any attempt at shaming Trump for his alleged actions toward women will automatically trigger comparisons to Bill Clinton's abuse of women- and Hillary's defense of her husband's actions. Nothing Trump has done compares to the allegation that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick.
Now we learn that Bill Clinton was more of a frequent flier on the Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express - 26 times- than was previously known. That has yet to be explained.
We have yet to hear Trump or his staff refer to any women as "trailer park trash" as did the Clinton spokespersons. We have not heard these woman described as "bimbo eruptions."
"Trump has all the answers"
Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates recently said that Trump thinks he has all the answers:
“He seems to think that he has all the answers and that he doesn’t need any advice from staff or anybody else,” Gates said on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “And that he knows more about these things than anybody else and doesn’t really feel the need to surround himself with informed advisers.”
How is that different from obama? It's not.
Former Defense Secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta have joined in accusing President Obama and the White House National Security Council staff (NSC) of micromanaging the military to the point of attempting to set up direct lines of communication to combatant commanders. "It was micromanagement that drove me crazy," Gates said at the Reagan National Defense Forum at President Ronald Reagan's library in California over the weekend.
Gates said he had to deal with members of the NSC staff who directly called four-star generals on matters of strategy and tactics. The White House also attempted to make direct contact with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Gates said.
"I told JSOC if they got a call from the White House you tell them to go to hell and call me," Gates said to a round of applause from the audience.
Gates said the Obama White House too often let politics influence the policy when it came to the Defense Department.
"Trump will act like a dictator" We already have a dictator.25 Violations of Law By President Obama and His Administration
Obama ignores constitutional limits of presidential power
President Obama's Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013
And let us not forget his threatening of children
obama bathrooms
"Trump is a liar." America apparently likes a liar.
Obama LIED Repeatedly In His State of The Union. Here Are His Top 10.
1,063 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.
Trump changes his mind
Trump's positions change? Remember Hillary being "adamantly" against illegal immigrants?
We’ve got to do several things and I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants. I made this exception basically on humanitarian grounds because of the individual story but certainly we’ve got to do more at our borders. And people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. Come up to Westchester, go to Suffolk and Nassau counties, stand in the street corners in Brooklyn or the Bronx – you’re going to see loads of people waiting to get picked up to go do yard work and construction work and domestic work.”
Want more Hillary flip flops? GO TO FLOPPING ACES TO SEE MORE!

A Boston Resident on life in Maine (BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND)

This was made back in 09. Sadly things are 10 times worse now even with Lepaige in charge.

The following came from a blog called sperlings best places concerning a person who moved from Boston Taxachewsets to the communist dictatorship of Maine. Well... Get a load of what he had to say...

The cost of living in Maine is very high. I moved to Biddeford from Boston so we could afford to buy our first home. We had just had a baby and felt it was important to ground the baby in a more permanent home environment and to build a life for her. We had a time constraint of finding and moving into home within a 2 month time period. We have found that the cost of living in Maine is much higher. They tax the residents in so many ways, they even tax a lot of food in the grocery stores. It has been difficult going from a state that has laws in place that don't allow it to tax what are considered basic needs to live. So food and clothing under $300 in value is not taxed. There are other tax breaks including a tax credit on the state income tax form each year. Maine taxes almost everything. And it is not all taxed at 5%.

 Some purchases are taxed at a much higher rate. The cost of living is so high that I have to buy my daughter's clothes at good will and tag sales. I can no longer afford to buy any thing new and cannot purchase clothing for myself or my husband. And if you own a home there are additional taxes that we hadn't heard of before from our friends in Boston who owned homes. Residents have to leave the state in order to find high paying jobs.

I have to work in NH in order to have a job in my industry. It is a 1.5 hr commute each way every day. The cost of gas has risen so much that I can no longer afford to keep my current position. However, I cannot afford to leave it either because my daughter attends preschool in NH and will be attending kindergarten there as well. I want her to have a good education and have not heard any thing good about the Biddeford public school system.

The children I see playing in the neighborhoods I drive through regularly including are own neighborhood are rude and loudly cuss at adults in gutter language when they drive up and down the streets to go anywhere. I do not want my daughter to attend school with these children and learn to behave like trash.

If you are moving to Maine and care about raising your child to behave intelligently, to act with kindness and to love contributing to the US society, then please think twice before considering Biddeford for your home. For now, I am grateful to have a place to live and a job. I will continue to commute daily in order to keep them and to keep my daughter safe and educated.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 5: AN ULTIMATUM FOR SHARE/WHEEL

The following is an email to the city of Seattle and administration

Too whom it may concern:
My name is Brian Ball. I am an activist, small businessman and lobbyist from the New England Area. I am head of the New England Alliance for liberty And Free markets which is part of the free state movement.

Recently I and several of my associates infiltrated the SHARE/WHEEL organization Last winter and one of my other associates spent last summer in 2015 at several of the indoor shelters and tent cities.

We are not happy at all with how SHARE/WHEEL conducts itself and we are especially not happy with the way you have chosen to handle this sitiuation. The administration building downtown is not a suitable place for homeless. They need to be indoors and they need to be receiving help.

I run a popular news blog called mainestategop which is at and we have done several stories on Share and on King county's failure to solve the homeless crisis. While we agree that Tent cities are not shelters and that SHARE WHEEL and its clients needs to be more responsible and accountable and so on, using their lack of funding as a political tool is not the solution.

We found stunning facts when investigating SHARE/WHEEL We found that clients were receiving no case management, were not enrolled for housing and were not being helped like they should have been, we found people there who were deeply mentally disturbed to the point where they could not care for themselves and who were not required to be in treatment or case management.

This failure is not only the result of King county administration and the state of Washington but of Share wheel staff as well. SHARE Wheel we find does not require its members to be responsible for themselves and their homeless situation by receiving case management and be enrolled in housing. We also find that Share Wheel does not hold itself accountable.

One of my associates went to a red ink meeting and found that they spent too much money on places it didn't need to be spent. Such as 5k on coffee. We understand that there are food banks and such in the Seattle area and one large one in Ballard that serve not only food but coffee. We understand also that many SHARE members receive government assistance EBT Cash and SSI. Money for food and coffee should only be spent on those who have neither EBT or SSI.

We are disappointed that the government in King County has chosen instead to use the tent city camp out to demand higher taxes when they are already too high and to ignore the causes of homelessness. The tent city in administration needs to be cleared off and the campers put back in their indoor shelters with strings attached.

That said, we believe that since Seattle wants welfare and since thanks to over regulation and zoning laws there are no place else to put them, we recommend that funding be restored to Share but with strings attached.

FIRST: No funds for tent cities. they are dangerous, dirty and unhealthy especially in cold wet climates like Washington. Tent cities are not substitutes for safe warm indoor shelters where they can be cared for especially for homeless who are disabled or elderly. DO NOT LOWER THE STANDARDS BY ACCEPTING THESE PLACES! THEY CAN GET THEIR FUNDS FROM LOCAL CHARITIES LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE

SECOND: All Share members must be required to be enrolled in housing and receive case management. Sobriety, is a must. No one must be allowed in shelter drunk or intoxicated. Severely mentally ill clients who because of their illness cannot care for themselves or prone to violent outbursts must be in treatment.

THIRD: The discretionary rule that allows SHARE screeners to pick and choose who they allow into shelters must be terminated at once. We have found that Share Screeners have refused to allow people into safe indoor shelters on the basis of disability, race ETC. We have received disturbing reports of discrimination taking place in SHARE/WHEEL this policy must be changed. From now on, screeners can only refuse entry to those deemed to be intoxicated or drunk as well as those who are found to be sex offenders.

This brings us to condition 4. All those enrolled must be screened for felony warrants and sex offenses. No sex offenders allowed in indoor shelters.

When we infiltrated share, we found that no one asked or our identification including at the tent cities. It is known to us that sex offenders, felons and fugitives have stayed at SHARE including one Lamonza Prayer who was involved in child pornography and was wanted by the FBI. This is unacceptable.  VALID ID in the form of DESC id or any state ID must be required and a background check. Those with no ID or papers can receive and exemption through DESC or city administration. This we understand is how other shelters conduct themselves including those outside Washington.

CONDITION 5 lastly we demand that SHARE no longer force its guests to participate in political demonstrations. We have found that guests were required to do a chore every week that includes participation in meetings and protests by left wing groups such as the Socialist workers party, the Transit Riders Union and occupy wall street. Many times there are no more chores available except to work in these meetings.

SHARE may no longer use participation in political groups and their activities as a chore. These groups may ask for help from Share participants but SHARE may not pressure or require they participate.

Also they may govern themselves democratically but they must have a professional worker on staff to make sure that they govern themselves responsibly and comply with laws.

These conditions are sensible for receiving funding from SHARE WHEEL. If they are not willing to participate then they are not at all serious about helping the homeless and they must be exposed for the frauds they are and expelled from the administration building immediately.

One last thing. We did a freedom of information act FOIA on share and got in touch with HMIS and found that quite a large number of SHARE participants have been chronically homeless for many years some nearly a decade. This is unacceptable. Either they get help or they need to go elsewhere if they wont be responsible.

Again these are reasonable conditions for funding. All you need to do is give Share an ultimatum... Stop caterwulting, let us help you, hold your guests and staff accountable, obey the law or no funding and get off our property!

AGAIN! These are reasonable conditions for share! They can either follow the law or get out and look elsewhere for funding. But you need to put your foot down and say enough is enough! Yes Shelter is important while waiting for housing but it does not good if you wont get involved and get help!!!!

I want to also say that we are disappointed at the failure of CEHKC and its failure to end homelessness. Yes these people need emergency shelters, yes these people need housing but if there are no housing make sure they are in shelters. BUT THEY NEED TO FOLLOW THE RULES AND BE RESPONSIBLE AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE ENROLLED IN HOUSING!!

One more thing, consider using travelers assistance to move some of them out of your city. If they are unhappy in Seattle or unwilling to follow the rules, send them elsewhere anywhere but here. New York city did and it worked out well.

If King county administration has no interest in making Share take its responsibility and if the KC administration and city of Seattle wont help those who need it and want it and continue to use the tent city as clout to promote its own ends, we will bring that to public attention.

We want you to know we have been in touch with victims of discrimination by share wheel housing and with the Seattle Times and that other organizations including FreeRepublic, and the CATO institute have picket up this issue. If Share Wheel does not accept the ultimatum and end discrimination and take these people's names off of the permanent bar list, they will face lawsuits under civil rights act and the ADA.

We demand that Share wheel stop this disgrace of using the plight of homeless people who have no where to go to achieve its own ends! We demand that King County Administration and CITY HALL STOP USING SHARE WHEEL TO DEMAND HIGHER TAXES AND MORE SPENDING WITHOUT RESULTS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 4: Inside the SHARE/WHEEL mafia complex

The following is a testimony by Maurice Newhope, who has stayed at Seattle's notorious share shelters and tent cities. Maurice Newhope is a conservative libertarian activist who has experienced homelessness in the past after he was wrongfully and unjustly accused of a crime. Despite having his name cleared, his arrest record has stopped him from finding work and he has difficulty. It is his third time being homeless in America. Maurice expects to get housing in a month or so in New Hampshire. He currently works part time in the Manchester Concord metro area. 

Maurice was enrolled in SHARE/WHEEL from April to October of 2015. For those of you who don't remember SHARE/WHEEL is a network of homeless shelters run by a leftist militant organization of activists who are currently or formerly homeless. They are also allied with local left wing agitators and civil service unions. Up till the fiscal crisis this year that closed their indoor shelters, SHARE WHEEL ran several indoor shelters and 3 tent cities. Here now is his story of what he witnessed

Share shelters you see have a lot of indoor shelters that are run inside churches. Two of them are run inside places run by civic organizations such as the vets hall. Also Safe Haven is located in Pioneer square in an empty building. Then there is Bunkhouse, probably the worst shelter along with Woodland Park Methodist church which is located in the hood in the south side. Its a house which has a day shelter and overnight shelter.

Share also runs a program called Share2. Its an organization that I think is far superior to the other places and I think that all the shelters should be run like it. They work in three houses in South Seattle in and around Othello and Rainier Beach. They require you to pay $80 rent and to work and in exchange you get your own room, a kitchenette and other perks. This is better than the other places. They also have storage lockers.

The tent cities are outdoor shelters for people who have no place else to go. Most of the people who stay there were kicked out of the indoor shelters for bad behavior or for being high or drunk. They are terrible places to live in. Poor sanitation, no heat, people screaming raving and being rude, nothing to eat.

I stayed at tent city 3, Bunkhouse nights, Woodland Park, St Luke's and Christ Episcopal church. My first night in SHARE began with screening in at the office on 2nd and Pike in the back of New Hope Catholic church. We had to wait across the street till 6pm since the owners of nearby businesses didn't want loitering. Then we were allowed to walk in. (Not orderly though) We then signed up for whatever shelter there was available. I asked the man at the desk what he though would be a good place to start, he suggested CEC. I did.

The man who screened me in was also a share participant. In fact everyone there including security were members. When I screened in I used an assumed name. I had been told they usually do not ask for ID unless you might look like someone who was permanently bared from that particular shelter or all shelters. There is also a discretionary rule I am told. Screeners can allow anyone they want or turn away anyone they want to, this despite the fact that SHARE/WHEEL is in compliance with civil rights laws.

I guess that don't apply here. It is known that people have been discriminated for race, religion, sexual orientation and so on at screening. Also people with disabilities are made unwelcome at times. Fortunately I had no problem even though I was black. The man who screened me told me a list of do's and don'ts, I signed my name and I was told to meet at a certain place and time to get in. That was it. They didn't ask me for my ID or anything.

Some of the Do's and Don'ts are requiring sobriety, (usually people show up intoxicated and drunk anyway and nothing is done) be on time, (again that doesn't always apply though usually they have a late job to go to so never mind that. I think they should make them an exception.) do chores like sweep and mop the floors in the morning before everyone leaves, go to meetings, do security and make sure nobody is out of place or there are no fires and so on. Sensible things.

We came in at 9:30pm and left at around 7am. When I got to CEC in the University district north of downtown I stayed at, things already came to a head. A man who had been bared several nights ago argued with the EC and wanted his stuff. They let him in and let him out and told him not to come back. He screamed and complained at the EC then left.

The EC is the elected Coordinator. The AC is the Assistant coordinator. These people are elected by shelter members to handle the daily operations of the shelter such as assigning chores, talking to the pastor of the church about issues, issuing bars and bus tickets and keeping track of attendance. The AC helps out and is second in command if the EC is not present.

On my first day i was given a tour, a mat to sleep on, told where things were like the restrooms and so on. I was then issued bus tickets. They used to give those away. Two bus tickets for each client. One to leave, one to come back. The tickets are only good for King county Metro buses and could not be used for Sound Transit buses or Link Light rail which at the time did not go up to the U-district.

CEC was okay I guess. It was Co-ed, the people were nice, there were a couple of people who weren't so good. One was a screw ball who got thrown out for using the bathroom sink to bathe in and the other for causing disturbances late at night.

I was given two chores since not very many people were there that week. I mopped the floors and went to a meeting. Meetings are generally held at the Share office on 2nd and Pike where I screened in. Meetings that involve communicating with donors such as making letters out to them or creating flyers. Usually food is served there

The two most popular meetings were DAWG (direct action work Group) and Power Lunch. The Power lunch is the nerve center of operations. Share staff and share members meet at either a church, at the storage locker place, Bunkhouse, the Aloha INN or at the tent cities. They served very good meals there at times and there they discuss the functions of SHARE and vote on policies.

The meetings can be heated at times, many times people get rash over policies and issues. The biggest issues when I was there involved SHARE's Massive debt problem, bar committee reports on deciding whether one's crime was so severe it should either be an all shelter bar or bar from just that one shelter.

SHARE/WHEEL is democratically operated. Share staff such as the consultant Scott Morrow have clout but its the SHARE/WHEEL participants who have a final say. I sat in on a couple of these meetings. I got to eat and hear what was going on. I also saw just how flawed Democracy can be.

At times the meetings showed the predatory side of Democracy. For example, a man who was wheelchair bound was permanently bared not just from all shelters but from the tent cities as well. His crime, he is physically disabled. When he showed  up to screen in, no one wanted to take him in because he was in a wheel chair. He held a protest of his own and demanded accommodation. It was a sit in. Police came and escorted him out. He was given a permanent bar from share. he was forced to spend the evenings outside because of this.

At the power lunch meeting, the wheel chair man came. I was in attendance at that meeting. The man had been a Vietnam war veteran, homeless for 2 years because of an accident involving a drunk driver. The drunk got 3 years, he lost the use of his legs. Wheelchair bound, not able to work he was frustrated that they would not let him in just because he was crippled.

Power lunch showed no sympathy whatsoever. One person argued that the church shelters were not equipped for wheelchair clients, which is a lie, they had wheel chair access under ADA guidelines, these people simply did not want him in their shelter all because he was crippled.

I raised my hand and asked what everyone's problem was, pointing out that they had wheel chair access, they basically changed subjects from access to how people in wheelchairs were more trouble than they were worth, they were disruptive, obscene and always demanded special rights just like the retarded as one person pointed out at the meeting. And nobody thought it was harsh or cruel that this person should be left to suffer. They also claimed that he was mentally ill and crazy just for protesting and that Share doesn't need crazy people. They just unloaded a barrage of insults at this person.

Then they brought up his war record. He pointed out he was a veteran and worked to protect this country in Vietnam. He was attacked for this. Another woman claimed that being crippled was just deserts for children he and other men crippled in Nam and for crimes committed against the Vietnamese people. All around the room people said he was a war criminal, a hate monger, a pig and so on.

I raised my hand to ask what about the people murdered by the Viet Cong and Ho Chi Minh and the millions murdered by communism (most of the people in SHARE including those who participated in power lunch are open communists BTW.) but some other guy there raised his hand and made a motion to move on which was seconded.

As a result of the motion the subject to remove the all share bar was dropped. The man demanded a say and was told he already had to say and was asked to leave the premises. As he did so the meeting continued, one of the men in the power lunch, I heard him say "if he ever comes back I'll set him on fire." he also called him an A-hole.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hear that?! Disability rights activists who want equality and the right to participate in the economy and society are disruptive, retarded, obscene and so on, our veterans are all a-holes and war criminals BUT A BUNCH OF FILTHY WORTHLESS BUMS; ABLE BODIED STURDY BEGGARS CAMPING OUT AT CITY HALL USING DRUGS AND HAVING SEX, SCREAMING FOR MORE MONEY FROM HARD WORKING AMERICANS AND WHO DON'T WANT TO WORK, THAT'S OKAY! THAT'S THEIR RIGHT!! What is society coming to people!?

Power lunch meetings aside from occasional dramas tend to be boring. Usually people go there to eat or voice concerns or opinions. At times the power lunch is staffed by decent folks usually from the Tent cities, other times it is staffed by lazy shiftless commies from occupy wall street.

Speaking of discrimination, I received the privilege of being a screener when I was at CEC and Woodland park. I was taught discretion is important. Do not screen in anyone you think may be trouble to the shelter or may be intoxicated or mentally ill. I was never taught whatever constituted that meaning though. But as I learned from my fellow screeners, that could range from anything from having different political views, race or just about any stupid reason. I only refused screening in people who were not sober. One man was drunk, I told him he had to come back tomorrow because of alcohol in his breath.

As long as they weren't drunk or not on the bar list, they were alright by me. But I noticed many people being turned away either because it was thought they might have mental illness (illegal to do BTW) or that they were physically disabled using either a wheel chair or a walker. One brother was telling me how in some shelters they literally have a race war going on... Whites VS the blacks and vice versa, trying to get mostly people of their race into the shelter. Also in some shelters, people of a different race can be barred more days than the majority so I as a black man was more likely to be bared and for more days than a white man in say GOG or Bethany Lutheran. Me, I just took them as they came. Three people sign up for screening, one black, one Samoan, one white, They come in sober, They haven't been bared from our shelter or all shelters, I let them in.

I stayed at CEC for about a few weeks. I got bared for 7 days for missing a chore. I had been told the wrong time it was on. The chore sheet even made mention of it but instead of at one it was at two. The EC gave me a seven day bar. I then screened into Bunkhouse nights in the hood but couldn't stand all the problems there so I screened into Woodland Park which I found out was just as bad.

Before going on I should like to tell you about some of the shelters they got. I am told that Bethany Lutheran, Vets hall, St Lukes and CEC are the best ones. They are cleaner, they have kitchen facilities (CEC had a kitchen but we weren't allowed to use it just a microwave.) for meals and some places even shows. Vets hall had a coin operated laundry and shower and Maple Leaf located far to the north had a shower too.

The worst ones aside from Bunkhouse nights so I was told by my fellow Share members were Maple leaf located far to the north in Wedge Wood, Safe Haven which was downtown, University Lutheran or ULU as it was known which was the women's shelter and Woodland Park Methodist church located up near Shoreline. That is where I stayed next.

Woodland Park united Methodist church is located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. Its north of downtown Seattle and close to UWashington. The neighborhood is mostly noted for its zoo and that there are bars all over the place. No wonder that Woodland Park is known as Woodland Drunk. Many of its participants were drunk including the EC of our shelter, an immigrant who was from Germany I think, I don't remember, but he was an old obnoxious Nazi racist who constantly showed up at our shelter lit up like a Christmas tree.

he would scream obscenities while drunk, he called Gino Vannelli, the 70s singer a kike, called Michael Jackson the n-word (in front of me and other black guests I might add) and would sing German drinking songs. He apologized to me and my brother claiming he didn't hate us and thought black lives mattered. Then would rip out a loud burp that smelled so bad it almost made me sick to my stomach.

They never did put him out or others like him out. It wasn't until he went to far one night with our shelter supervisor present that he was literally thrown out of the shelter. It all happened because he had made lude remarks towards women at the bus stop we met at and allegations from the deli across the street from that stop that he was shoplifting booze. Its possible. I learned just after he had been put out that he was arrested for stealing beer from a local Safeway.

So we put him out. Later on the problems continued. We had our shelter closed for one night because a member was caught upstairs drinking and he was not bared. I ended up sleeping at a motel and then it happened again because we missed a meeting and another member made a mess at the church. So we spent two nights out. I spent those two nights at St Lukes which was better run.

Later I decided to take a look at the tent cities. I found that they were the worst of all. As Brian mentioned in a previous article they were unsanitary and dirty. The people there were okay and responsible, many of them outdoorsy but I hated it. It was cold, wet and smelled terrible.

I for one do not want my taxes to go to funding these terrible places. Believe me. I've been homeless in and out for the last 2 years and know a thing or two. I spent 3 weeks there before I decided to hit the road and spend the rest of my days at St Lukes in Ballard. Ballard is a nice community made up of Scandinavian immigrants. They're liberal over there and progressive but one thing is that they are nice people. Very generous and even religious. The church hosts a breakfast that homeless and low income people come to eat at every morning. The food is okay.

We did have a couple of trouble makers stay at our shelter though. They got kicked out. Not before the police had to get called though. I guess discrimination hasn't worked out after all. A handicapped vet in a wheel chair can't stay at our shelters, neither can mentally ill adults in treatment who need a place to stay while they work out their troubles. People of a certain race or political affiliation can't stay at certain shelters either depending on who's screening and who's running things but drunks, addicts, psychos, even sex offenders have free reign over the place.

Oh! I forgot to mention that. Share got into a lot of trouble about sex offenders. They don't know that they don't check their IDs or do back ground checks. Still, they got some shelters that do background checks on some people and keep the pedophiles out. When I was at CEC, they outed on such pervert who used a fake ID to stay at CEC. The EC gave him 5 minutes to leave before he told everyone his "secret." Unfortunately they don't keep up. I was told that the FBI raided CEC years ago because a man who ran a child sex ring was staying there. He's now in Walla Walla getting a taste of his own medicine praise be to God.

Like I said, good people are in share. Decent, Christian, hard working people who have had a bad time. As Brian told me on the phone awhile back you can tell the difference between a needy homeless person and a homeless bum who is just idling away by their politics. People here tend to be conservative like me. That's a good sign but its so sad that all these commies are ruining everything.

Now, before finishing let me tell you about the other nasty shelter they run. The women's shelter. University Lutheran AKA ULU or as it used  to be known, Uscrew! ULU is the all women's shelter in the U-district other than the Lakeview shelter and Wheel shelter. I heard they had another place for women at Our lady of Guadaloupe in Queen Anne that was quite nice.

ULU however as I am told by ladies who have stayed there is not so nice. This is where the craziest and most psychotic of women can be found. Not a pretty looker among them I'm told but that wasn't the case five years ago. Prostitution was rampant at Ulu AKA Uscrew. Homeless women used to sell their bodies on the streets of the U-district from out of that place. It caused quite a scandal. The EC was even acting as pimp. She was barred thereafter and many of the working women were also given permanent bars.

The church and SHARE/WHEEL have since swept that whole incident under the rug. Rumors have it however that some women actually prostitute themselves out of Ulu. I can't imagine anyone wanting to do that based on what I have been told about the place.

One woman told me of how one of the residents never bathed and had bed bugs crawling all over her body. Another resident tried to set the place on fire using oil and a frying pan because she was caught stealing from there and was kicked out. stealing has been a common problem there and the church almost shut the place down.

One other incident that took place involved a woman from Laos who burned the American flag at the shelter and claimed that America was stupid and hated living here. She was insane and was kicked out of every other shelter in SHARE/WHEEL. Then there was a recent incident that happened before I left share where a Ulu resident flashed people outside the church as they were leaving.

I spent most of 2015 in Seattle and in autumn I headed out. I went down to Texas to stay at a relative's place down in Amarillo. I worked, saved money and hopefully next month or the month after I will get a place of my own in Concord or Manchester and help the free state movement there. Currently I am in New Hampshire, can't say where but I am doing fine.

In closing let me say that SHARE/WHEEL has some good decent people but not everyone is decent. Seattle isn't going to clear them off city property anytime soon no matter what they do there (I for one do not want to guess. I saw enough at TC-3 TC-4 and Bunkhouse nights)But I think they should use this opportunity to straighten SHARE out. Give them the money, pay their debts but make sure they remain on the straight and narrow path.

No boozing, no hustling, allowed in shelters, no money for tent cities, use it for indoor shelters only. No discrimination in screening, no outrageous use of funds like 5k for coffee, (THERE ARE SEVERAL BIG FOOD BANKS JUST IN BALLARD THAT CAN PROVIDE THAT!) and accountable staff and ECs at all shelters, no horsing around and loafing, require that all members be enrolled in housing and require they receive case management.

Like Brian I am against the welfare state. I've been on it too so I know for a fact it stinks! But since Seattle wants so badly to give them money and since Share wants it so badly, they should take this opportunity to put them right.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support. I don't know what I'd do without your help and without the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets. I'll be off the streets soon. Count on it. In the mean time I continue to work and take one step up at a time. Thank you again for your help and support.

Maurice Newhope

The preceding was a testimony of Maurice Newhope who spent nearly a year in the SHARE/WHEEL shelters.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of discrimination by SHARE/WHEEL or its affiliates including the Transit Rider's Union, Women in Black, The Socialist party of Washington, Communist party USA Washington affiliate, Seattle against Trump, the SEIU, SHARE/WHEEL church hosts,  and you were discriminated against because of disability, race, religion, color, creed or political beliefs contact the New England Alliance for liberty and Free Markets! We want to hear your testimony! You might be paid for cash for your testimony if it is published on our blog and may receive legal assistance in Washington! 

Offer valid only in the USA. Payment is based on content of testimony and the decision of New England Alliance staff. All testimonies given will be checked upon for legitimacy of claims. Submitting a story or testimony does not neccesary mean it will be published or payment willbe made. All submitted testimonies become property of the NEALFM. all rights reserved.

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The Baker Act: Florida's communist GULAG

The Baker act, also known as the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891 or commonly known as the Baker Act. A draconian and unjust law that allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual for any reason at all.

The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person possibly has a mental illness or is a harm to self, harm to others or self neglectful. Truthfully these standards are broad and open to interpretation. Government employees, abusive relatives, crooked cops, teachers, and doctors have used it to deprive the innocent of their liberty.

Examinations and evaluations may last up to 72 hours. Baker acting occurs in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide. There are many possible outcomes following examination of the patient, this includes the release of the individual to the community (or other community placement), a petition for involuntary inpatient placement, involuntary outpatient commitment, or voluntary treatment (if the person is competent to consent to voluntary treatment and consents to voluntary treatment).

The involuntary outpatient placement language in the Baker Act took effect as part of the Baker Act reform in 2005. The act was named for a Florida state representative from Miami, Maxine Baker, who is a supporter of communism and large government socialism and served as chair of a House Committee on Mental Health. Baker was the sponsor of this bill that has robbed many innocents of their liberty, dignity and property.

The Baker act is a favorite tool of the corrupt such as guardian appellate, abusive relatives, corrupt politicians and big business. Thanks to the Baker act, many innocent people such as Stodie Coleman and others have been robbed of their basic living and their liberty all thanks to the left.

The Baker act is also a favorite tool of social security which uses it to kill off poor people and their right to own property. The word of one government employee or one relative is all it takes to lock up Grandma and confiscate her entire estate. From there on then its either skid row, a nursing home, or the state hospital in Chattahoochee.

Not just the elderly suffer but even anyone can suffer. Have a disability? do people think you have a disability? POOF! Gone! No more money, no more rights. But what if you don't have a disability? Well they'll just make one up on the spot! POOF! REMEMBER! GOVERNMENT AND GOVERNMENT LICENSED PROFESSIONALS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!

Before there was the NDAA, before the patriot act, there was the Baker act. This evil act is the antithesis to the constitution that must be challenged by Florida and godly Americans.

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Over 700 articles since 2008!

I'll be away while so you wont see too many articles popping up like everyday or as often but I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support. Over 700 articles have been published since 08 and our 8th anniversary is next month. Hope to see you then!

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Seattle's Homeless emergency episode 3: The women in black

The women in black are as misguided, left wing and limp-wristed (more ways then one) Than when they were founded in Israel in the 1960s.

Originally called Women in black for justice against war, they were founded by Israeli and Palestinian women, many widows who believed that the solution for the middle east crisis was, well... hippie values like communism, appeasement and more communism. They're biased against the US and Israel in favor of the Arab militants in case you're wondering yeah...

The group has grown to chapters all over the world including most major cities in the united states. Activities mainly involve silent vigils over the war and alleged crimes committed by Israel against the arab butchers and mass-murderers.

They are particularly active in the Bay area, New York city and upstate New York, Portland Oregon,  and in Seattle. The group has seen an explosion in membership during the war on terror with members mainly against America and for the Arab terrorists. They are also allied with SHARE, the black lives movement, various unions and other left wing communist agitators.

The SHARE/WHEEL alliance has been in place since its inception. Aside from their aiding SHARE in left wing demonstrations, women in black holds a silent vigil for homeless people who have died outside or by violence. This ranges from an abandoned baby found dead in a ditch to an elderly man who fell off the on ramp on I-5 into traffic.

You feel sorry for these poor victims of socialism because that's what they are. Victims of a failed system that women in Black continue to push for and that SHARE/WHEEL also pushes for. Socialism is the goal. America is a terrible place for poor people and is responsible for the worlds problems and capitalism has gotta go! Meanwhile Seattle has pretty much chucked that out and poor people still suffer...

The women in black are also heavily into militant feminism. Meetings are held at women shelters and at the YWCA that promote feminazi values. The guests are lured in with snacks and in addition to talking about their "struggle against the evil patriarchy," There is poetry reading, art and other things. The same kind of left wing agitprop I saw plenty of growing up in Bangor.

Just as SHARE residents are forced at times to take part in the left and its demonstrations, WHEEL women shelters have its residents take part in its feminazi demonstrations and work with militants like women in black.

The women in black in Seattle are non-violent I am pleased to say but in places like the Bay area they have been known to be ornery. In fact I confronted them during their vigils at Westlake park near Nordstroms and argued with them about free markets. They were not to happy and one of them even claimed that I and my family would pay if I didn't stop thinking like an American and thought about the world and the consequences capitalism has had on it. HMMMMMM!

The women in black have also been known to lend a violent hand in the gay rights movement. Maurice told me of how they have collaborated with anarchists at times to silence gay rights opponents and even resort to violence.

These days they are the militant arm of WHEEL's feminist ideology. Women who believe in gender roles, traditional marriage and traditional values are usually no welcome. More on that in our next episode when we interview Maurice Newhope and his stay for nearly a year in Share back in 2015, what he saw and what Seattle really stands for...

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Seattle's homeless emergency episode 2: SHARE/WHEEL The homeless mafia

Shocking isn't it? Tent cities, refugee camps, they are all over America but in Seattle they are considered the norm. Today as of the writing of this article, one such tent city has been erected over Seattle city hall. It is illegally established and yet city hall not only tolerates it but is using taxpayer funds to promote it. They have but one demand. GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!

The Tent city, dubbed Tent City 6 is run by two organizations of militant homeless bums called SHARE/WHEEL. Share stands for Seattle Housing and Resource effort. Wheel stands for Women's Housing, Equality and Enhancement League. Share is the main shelter program while wheel is considered the militant feminist branch of SHARE. It is made up of feminists, gay LGBT activists and another leftist and militant group based in Israel called Women in Black. More on them in another episode.

Members of the New England Alliance for Liberty and Freemarkets from the state of New Hampshire including yours truly spent several months living in Share/wheel under assumed names. It was easy since they usually do not require ID cards to stay there. Only a few of the shelters do background checks and only after massive public pressure by the community. 

Maurice NewHope, a veteran of the freestate movement including NEALFM stayed for almost a year in both the indoor shelters prior to their closing and in two of the tent cities in 2015 until February, a month prior to Share's closure due to lack of funds and the start of TC6 and the current debacle.

The SHARE housing Co-op was started in the 1990s for well... Much of the reason they exist now, Seattle's growing homeless problem but rather than examine the true roots of the problem such as the lack of free markets, skyrocketing taxes and fees which lead to even more skyrocketing housing costs, SHARE and its feminist counter part WHEEL attack free markets and attack capitalism while embracing a hopeless socialist worldview that doesn't work and contributes to homelessness.

What is sadder about this is that the organization was founded not on government hand outs but was founded as a private initiative by responsible men and women who experienced homelessness. Men and women who were going through a tough time either brought on by addiction or wrong choices or by economic catastrophes created by the Democrats. They did not stick their hands out to the govenrment but used their own initiative.

To top it up they asked for help by local churches to house needy individuals. It was not easy not only due to zoning laws but by skepticism by the community as well. But they managed to set up shelters in churches and went back to the olden days. These were not your average homeless. At the time they weren't drug addicted bums or crazies but men and women who worked and were limited by the cost of housing or some other minor barrier. They convinced the churches that they were earnest and they paid some of their money which they pooled together to pay rent and pay for food and other needs.

Of course Seattle residents worshiped the government and are not happy that these people work independently from failed government. These people, many of them employed, people just trying to get on their feet broke a cardinal rule among liberals, always trust the government for help no matter what. That lead to attacks against SHARE's credibility and the belief that they weren't doing enough to help.

Well there were shortcomings then but liberals don't need to worry now. The organization's popularity led to an influx of homeless, many from around the nation, the kind that did not want to work and the kind that wanted to drink and puke and loaf off at taxpayer expense. Later on SHARE did receive taxes from the government but poor money management and a conflict of trust lead to its loss.

Perhaps they shouldn't have trusted the government after all... I mean banks in this country used to do fine helping us with problems with banking up until they got 800 billion from Uncle Sam. What's good for the banksters is good for Share gangsters...

Share has not only survived by government handouts but thanks to handouts from major charities. SHARE/WHEEL's biggest givers were the United way and Catholic Charities. But it has been the government that has floated much of SHARE'S cost up until recently.

The root of Share's problem with the government is twofold: first, its the use of government's handouts to fund tent cities along with indoor shelters. Share's money is only supposed to fund indoor shelters why should we pay for a filthy tent city in the boondocks on a rainy day? The second problem is a lack of trust that has been caused by fracturing from ex Share/Wheel members who are distrustful of Share/wheel's staff.

Many of them view staff as incompetent and the few there that are conservative and libertarian resent Share/Wheel's support for leftist causes. It has even been alleged that guests of SHARE shelters have been forced to participate in left wing causes and protests within the city of seattle. This includes support for occupy Wallstreet, The transit Riders Union(A corrupt bus driver/rider union that helps protect crooked and mean bus drivers that make New York's communist bus system and public sector unions pale by comparison!)The Anti-war movement including ANSWER, the SEIU(Another crooked public service union that needs no intro)The black lives matter movement, and recently groups that are hostile towards Donald Trump.

As mentioned, not all of SHARE/WHEEL share's their sympathy of the far left and that many have been required to participate in left wing causes they do not agree with have made many oppose SHARE/WHEEL.

One organization that has worked with SHARE/WHEEL in the past and has broken off completely from them is the Aloha Inn, an independent transitional living apartment within an old motel that was built by SHARE and WHEEL. The staff and residents, fed up with their hijinks broke away and have distanced themselves from the organization. More on them and their courageous struggle to become an independent non-profit charity helping the needy in another episode.

I guess I should point out in addition to the two problems, a feeling that staff are not accountable, that they have been unscrupulous in the past, that they have embezzled money from funds and are over-paid. Still, it should be noted that they have undergone several audits including a surprise audit which found no substantiations in the allegations of embezellment. But at meetings dubbed red ink meetings, funding has not been managed properly.

For example, Share wheel spent over $3000 on coffee and thousands more on junk food items that SHARE participants could have paid for. Several large food banks including one at Pike Place Market and another huge one at the town of Ballard could also provide these things! The city of Seattle pays over $200 dollars to homeless people and another $200 in food stamps. Many also have jobs and receive SSI. They could pay for some of these things themselves...


 Lets look at the main reason for Share's loss of funding, the usage of funds not to create safe warm indoor shelters but to fund and promote filthy, nasty, dangerous, outdoor camps or tent cities in dangerous neighborhoods in cold wet climates.

The Tent city movement according to its proponents has at its base some measure of care and the need of being together for safety and security. The proponents say that if indoor shelters are not possible (which they aren't thanks to big government failure)  why not use public land to build tent cities for people to congregate together for safety?

On paper it sounds nice but in reality it isn't. Take it from me and my associates including Maurice Newhope. These tent cities, although supervised by a private organization are very little removed from tent cities in other cities including the most notorious of all, the Jungle, a large dangerous tent city outside Seattle located of I-5 where rape, murder, assault, drug use and arson are very commonplace.

These tent cities are not always safe. They are not inviting either. These places are full of dangers, they are filthy and they are outside in cold, wet and uncomfortable environments. Tent cities are also unsanitary. A common mishap at Tent city is a full overflowing portable potty system and Honey Bucket often times is not timely in servicing them.  Even when in service, they are rarely used. Residents of tent city often urinate and deficate in trees, bushes, near buildings often in public view. Witnesses have also reported drug use and sex acts as well.

The tent city system is a failure in that it provides inferior shelter while the transient awaits available housing from the government. This wait is painfully long, made even worse by the lack of housing, corrupt government filching money for housing and that they favor undesirable groups such as Illegal aliens, teenage mothers with litters of bastard kids from multiple sex partners and people who are generally lazy and wont get off their duff, move to Texas and get a job while many who can't make that journey or can't work due to age or disability are left to suffer.

The government doesn't care about the well being of others, only itself. History has proven that time and time again. Tent cities only reflect that lack of care and the failure of socialism. Government services and programs exist only to exploit the tax payer and assist the government workers who with help from unions pocket taxpayer money and either give the needy false assurances that everything that can be done is being done or that they should go kick rocks.

If Seattle were to fund tent cities it would lower the standards drastically and make it even more acceptable for society to snub the needy. Some would argue that they should be thankful to have anyplace to stay, but anyplace other than their own place is no place at all especially a tent in a freezing cold wet and damp city run by a failed system and unscrupulous workers. No one should be thankful for such an undignified and unchristian lack of hospitality run by a government that is supposed to care for everyone. One must never thank the government for its failure or for its low standards.

If taxes were used to subsidize and promote tent cities, it would drastically lower standards in America and lead to a disaster for the truly needy, especially those who are forced on government assistance by the government and unscrupulous individuals for the purpose of abuse and/or exploitation. Eventually cities all around the country would divert funding from indoor shelters to filthy unsanitary dangerous tent cities. They need to fund indoor shelters and things to get them off the streets into their own homes and their own jobs.

Of course if it were up to me, there would be no taxation or regulation so churches would take over and provide indoor space for the homeless and jobs would be easier to get thanks to deregulation and having all the illegal aliens sent away. But in this situation, a message needs to be sent, no money for lower standards. Instead raise the standards.

City Hall got it right. Do not fund these tent cities. If people want them, let the private charities help them like they've been doing. Fund the indoor shelters instead, make sure also that these poor wretched outcasts are getting help and that they are receiving aid.

I don't know if I mentioned this to any of you or not but many of SHARE's residents receive no case management or are even on housing. It turns out as I and Maurice found, many have stayed at SHARE for over a decade with some coming and going with the seasons. Spring and Summer and a brief autumn stay in Seattle SHARE, then south for the winter in California or Florida! Others just don't care.

What Seattle city hall must do...
 Those of you who have read my blog for sometime know that I am against taxation and government programs. Mainly because I have been on welfare in my youth and I have known people who have been screwed by the system. I have also lived in Maine, the armpit of the country and one of the most taxed and liberal states there is. But Seattle and the state of Washington have made it difficult for housing alternatives and indoor shelters to exist as well as stopping the creation of affordable housing for low income residents.

Most of all, as city hall administrators have pointed out, they have no where else to go.

So... What to do? There is a solution, an easy solution one that is obvious, practical and down to earth, give SHARE/WHEEL the funding to operate their indoor shelters with strings attached. Among those strings, regular audits, to ensure quality have third parties look into Share practices, public exposure of practices by staff and the shelters and most of all, no funds for filthy tent cities. ONLY INDOOR SHELTERS

Finally, the other string that needs to be attatched is this... All SHARE participants must receive case management and be enrolled in housing. If they are not, they wont be allowed into SHARE. That is the one thing that must happen before SHARE gets any money from the government. There needs to be results!

There'll be more on that in another episode. Next up, we'll take you inside the beast with a testimony written by our very own Maurice Newhope, who spent almost a year in these shelters and tents in SHARE/WHEEL, participated in meetings and operations within share as well as working in protests with affiliates SHARE was involved with.

Well also confront city hall and make them give Share an ultimatum, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.