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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis 7: Use Greyhound therapy it works!

In part 7, we discuss a solution to American homelessness and unemployment that no one except those who really are concerned are discussing. A way to get the homeless off the streets into employment and into housing while saving money in the long run. its something that liberals generally will not give into except as a last resort because they want to get the money by making the homeless problem prolonged and and visible and line their pockets. Its a policy that is being used in major cities and cash strapped states everywhere and in the case for those who want a job and a home its doing nicely.

I am of course talking about Greyhound therapy.

What it is is simple as it is effective, give the homeless an out and the chance to move to where there are jobs and good clean effective Christian charities by giving them Greyhound tickets out of where they are where there are no jobs, too much crime, no affordable housing, an uncaring society, a lack of hope and no place to go and into nice places with jobs and cheap rents.

I personally have done this myself when I volunteered at the homeless shelters in Bangor Maine and in Portsmouth NH. Poor, sad miserable wretches who can't find work, out of hope and in a sad sorry state had their hopes restored when I gave them the oppertunity to move to someplace like Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Utah or wherever they could get a place and a job easily as opposed to filthy poor no jobs poverty Maine or wherever.

Go west young man! This was the motto of manifest destiny. This should be the motto for ending homelessness. As in bygone days when young men and women with enterprising spirits left the crowded slims of the east coast for the great vastness of the west in the plains, the prairie and the Gold Coast, so it should be for young unemployed and miserable men and women who are trapped in bad places run by Democrats and the filthy excrement that support them and vote for them.

High taxes lead to higher costs and fewer jobs. So do massive regulations. But liberals don't care. Despite 8 years of failure under Obama under whom we have seen far worse than could even be imagined under W, liberals continue to turn a blind eye. THEY EVEN BLAME THE VICTIM!

But I tell you! There are so many success stories of young men venturing into middle America to find their niche. People who I met who looked and looked and looked for months or years for a job in Maine and couldn't find it. They go to Kansas or Nebraska or Texas, two week later they got a job! Then in another two weeks or so, an apartment.

Rent is cheap in middle America and jobs are plentiful. This is because they still follow the founding father's precepts for a free market and a free society. It may be true that they might no pay well at first, but all work is honest and the low low low cost of living is compensation for this.

Middle America and the Southwest also tend to be more religious and thus more charitible. Christian charities, rescue missions and so on provide an excellent safety net for those desiring responsibility, sober living and decent and content living as they climb their way up the ladder. Something no government program ever has done or ever will do.

But as the Seattle city council considers this as an option for the problem of those displaced by the closure of SHARE WHEEL and the clearing of the jungle homeless camps in Seattle, Share wheel poo poos the idea. In one news report, one woman described Greyhound therapy as heartless and not the answer.

HEARTLESS!? NOT THE ANSWER!? As opposed to what? Sitting in filthy tents at city hall, having sex and using drugs out in the open and doing nothing while we struggle!? As opposed to leeching off the taxpayers while sturdy beggars and scruffy bums smoke pot and do no work? While homeless people who became homeless as a result of Obama, the Democrats and the high taxes struggle and suffer as they pine for a decent honest living!?

SHARE WHEEL opposes greyhound therapy and even goes as far as labeling those who want to leave Seattle as cowards, traitors, reactionaries and garbage who put themselves in their situation.

Maurice Newhope who stayed at share last summer describes the mentality of these hypocritical bums he met, these liberal fascists who opposed the right to travel while saying that they put themselves in this situation and caused themselves to be homeless not Obama. the overwhelming majority of SHARE WHEEL and all of SHARE WHEEL staff are major Obama supporters BTW as well as supporters of Hillary and Bernie so no wonder!

Yet as they label homeless victims who want an out as reactionaries and garbage they claim to be morally superior to all of us and that they know what is best. Clearly, the misgivings of bad intentions. The mentality of SHARE Wheel is revealed in its labeling of republicans and responsible homeless who want to leave as reactionaries and traitors all while demanding more of our money at the expense of higher and higher taxes and with it, more problems.

The view is clear, SHARE WHEEL either needs to shape up or ship out! If they don't want to play by the rules and if they want to say its everyone's fault but Obama and theirs, GET THEM OUT!


Anonymous said...

Greyhound therapy AKA the bum shuffle. In the winter time cities dump them in Florida and California then they come back north. Sometimes it works, other times it just helps them to find another shithole to sluber in.

Anonymous said...

No thanks! Omaha my hometown has enough of these people!

Anonymous said...

Greyhound therapy works. It was a big help. I was glad to get out of New F**KING YORK CITY AND GET TO A BETTER STATE!

Anonymous said...

WHY NOT!? Send All our homeless, our drunks, our runaways, our undesirables to California! The state's always been the dumping grounds of America since the sixties! The libs there who run the place all love it too!