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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 5: AN ULTIMATUM FOR SHARE/WHEEL

The following is an email to the city of Seattle and administration

Too whom it may concern:
My name is Brian Ball. I am an activist, small businessman and lobbyist from the New England Area. I am head of the New England Alliance for liberty And Free markets which is part of the free state movement.

Recently I and several of my associates infiltrated the SHARE/WHEEL organization Last winter and one of my other associates spent last summer in 2015 at several of the indoor shelters and tent cities.

We are not happy at all with how SHARE/WHEEL conducts itself and we are especially not happy with the way you have chosen to handle this sitiuation. The administration building downtown is not a suitable place for homeless. They need to be indoors and they need to be receiving help.

I run a popular news blog called mainestategop which is at and we have done several stories on Share and on King county's failure to solve the homeless crisis. While we agree that Tent cities are not shelters and that SHARE WHEEL and its clients needs to be more responsible and accountable and so on, using their lack of funding as a political tool is not the solution.

We found stunning facts when investigating SHARE/WHEEL We found that clients were receiving no case management, were not enrolled for housing and were not being helped like they should have been, we found people there who were deeply mentally disturbed to the point where they could not care for themselves and who were not required to be in treatment or case management.

This failure is not only the result of King county administration and the state of Washington but of Share wheel staff as well. SHARE Wheel we find does not require its members to be responsible for themselves and their homeless situation by receiving case management and be enrolled in housing. We also find that Share Wheel does not hold itself accountable.

One of my associates went to a red ink meeting and found that they spent too much money on places it didn't need to be spent. Such as 5k on coffee. We understand that there are food banks and such in the Seattle area and one large one in Ballard that serve not only food but coffee. We understand also that many SHARE members receive government assistance EBT Cash and SSI. Money for food and coffee should only be spent on those who have neither EBT or SSI.

We are disappointed that the government in King County has chosen instead to use the tent city camp out to demand higher taxes when they are already too high and to ignore the causes of homelessness. The tent city in administration needs to be cleared off and the campers put back in their indoor shelters with strings attached.

That said, we believe that since Seattle wants welfare and since thanks to over regulation and zoning laws there are no place else to put them, we recommend that funding be restored to Share but with strings attached.

FIRST: No funds for tent cities. they are dangerous, dirty and unhealthy especially in cold wet climates like Washington. Tent cities are not substitutes for safe warm indoor shelters where they can be cared for especially for homeless who are disabled or elderly. DO NOT LOWER THE STANDARDS BY ACCEPTING THESE PLACES! THEY CAN GET THEIR FUNDS FROM LOCAL CHARITIES LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE

SECOND: All Share members must be required to be enrolled in housing and receive case management. Sobriety, is a must. No one must be allowed in shelter drunk or intoxicated. Severely mentally ill clients who because of their illness cannot care for themselves or prone to violent outbursts must be in treatment.

THIRD: The discretionary rule that allows SHARE screeners to pick and choose who they allow into shelters must be terminated at once. We have found that Share Screeners have refused to allow people into safe indoor shelters on the basis of disability, race ETC. We have received disturbing reports of discrimination taking place in SHARE/WHEEL this policy must be changed. From now on, screeners can only refuse entry to those deemed to be intoxicated or drunk as well as those who are found to be sex offenders.

This brings us to condition 4. All those enrolled must be screened for felony warrants and sex offenses. No sex offenders allowed in indoor shelters.

When we infiltrated share, we found that no one asked or our identification including at the tent cities. It is known to us that sex offenders, felons and fugitives have stayed at SHARE including one Lamonza Prayer who was involved in child pornography and was wanted by the FBI. This is unacceptable.  VALID ID in the form of DESC id or any state ID must be required and a background check. Those with no ID or papers can receive and exemption through DESC or city administration. This we understand is how other shelters conduct themselves including those outside Washington.

CONDITION 5 lastly we demand that SHARE no longer force its guests to participate in political demonstrations. We have found that guests were required to do a chore every week that includes participation in meetings and protests by left wing groups such as the Socialist workers party, the Transit Riders Union and occupy wall street. Many times there are no more chores available except to work in these meetings.

SHARE may no longer use participation in political groups and their activities as a chore. These groups may ask for help from Share participants but SHARE may not pressure or require they participate.

Also they may govern themselves democratically but they must have a professional worker on staff to make sure that they govern themselves responsibly and comply with laws.

These conditions are sensible for receiving funding from SHARE WHEEL. If they are not willing to participate then they are not at all serious about helping the homeless and they must be exposed for the frauds they are and expelled from the administration building immediately.

One last thing. We did a freedom of information act FOIA on share and got in touch with HMIS and found that quite a large number of SHARE participants have been chronically homeless for many years some nearly a decade. This is unacceptable. Either they get help or they need to go elsewhere if they wont be responsible.

Again these are reasonable conditions for funding. All you need to do is give Share an ultimatum... Stop caterwulting, let us help you, hold your guests and staff accountable, obey the law or no funding and get off our property!

AGAIN! These are reasonable conditions for share! They can either follow the law or get out and look elsewhere for funding. But you need to put your foot down and say enough is enough! Yes Shelter is important while waiting for housing but it does not good if you wont get involved and get help!!!!

I want to also say that we are disappointed at the failure of CEHKC and its failure to end homelessness. Yes these people need emergency shelters, yes these people need housing but if there are no housing make sure they are in shelters. BUT THEY NEED TO FOLLOW THE RULES AND BE RESPONSIBLE AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE ENROLLED IN HOUSING!!

One more thing, consider using travelers assistance to move some of them out of your city. If they are unhappy in Seattle or unwilling to follow the rules, send them elsewhere anywhere but here. New York city did and it worked out well.

If King county administration has no interest in making Share take its responsibility and if the KC administration and city of Seattle wont help those who need it and want it and continue to use the tent city as clout to promote its own ends, we will bring that to public attention.

We want you to know we have been in touch with victims of discrimination by share wheel housing and with the Seattle Times and that other organizations including FreeRepublic, and the CATO institute have picket up this issue. If Share Wheel does not accept the ultimatum and end discrimination and take these people's names off of the permanent bar list, they will face lawsuits under civil rights act and the ADA.

We demand that Share wheel stop this disgrace of using the plight of homeless people who have no where to go to achieve its own ends! We demand that King County Administration and CITY HALL STOP USING SHARE WHEEL TO DEMAND HIGHER TAXES AND MORE SPENDING WITHOUT RESULTS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Anonymous said...

Just chuck them out. Let them go live in the jungle or in SanFran.

Anonymous said...

They should send them all to a Fema Camp or Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Oh for the good old days when we would just have the sheriff drive them over to the county line and tell them to scram!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid growing up in Green Bay Wisconsin in the 70s and 80s, (I now live in Texas BTW) we closed down all our institutions and the patients who didn't have a place to go received greyhound and even plane tickets to California where it was warmer and where they liked socialism and being taxed to death. With all these rich bleeding hearts there, why don't they pay fare for theses idiots to go to SF and LA?