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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 9: The response from the city

Here is a response I got from the mayor's office from Seattle concerning the homeless problem and concerning SHARE WHEEL:

We are very sensitive to the impact that the SHARE/WHEEL shelter closure is having in our community.  However, the City does not have any additional funding for shelter operations.  The City’s primary interest is ensuring that the beds we have contracted with SHARE to operate are brought back into operation so that those who are experiencing homelessness in our community are able to access shelter.  This interest has been clearly expressed to the men and women of SHARE/WHEEL.

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with the City of Seattle.

I also received a reply from the city council which said the same Thing that city hall has said. The city is out of money. Well... That's what happens when you spend other people's money.

In addition they will not speak with Scott Murrow, share consultant or anyone from SHARE since he will not agree to follow any of their demands to allow scrutiny from third parties or track outcomes to ensure that homeless are removed from homelessness and placed into housing! In other words, they expect to get our money, with no strings attached!

As for our ultimatum, we were informed that they have looked it over and have decided to do nothing since Scott Murrow, SHARE consultant and his crew will not even agree to the one or two terms by city hall!

Well, Scott Murrow and the rest of Share who claim to care about the homeless and the poor will not comply with even one demand. They will not even allow the city to observe that people in Share are not laying about for years and years in hell but are being liberated, placed into housing getting clean and sober, instead they continue to demand more wonder bread. Demand more of our money and expect no accountability.

They will not even allow us to track results or even be transparent! And they claim to love the poor and the needy.

That's not all, the city is getting fed up with Scott doing nothing and not being willing to sit down and follow the rules and the time is coming this summer to clear out the rabble and have the Salvation Army administer SHARE WHEEL. They'll do a better job.

First the Jungle, then King county administration. Its gonna be a hell of a summer!


Anonymous said...

But they have money to fund a clear out of the junge? The 3rd or 4th in 30 years!

Just a fraction of the money they're spending to tear down the Jungle could rebuild Share and put them back indoors!

Anonymous said...

The jungle is nothing but a cesspit of crime and drug use. These people need to be getting help not sitting in tents abusing drugs. They are getting help through Union Gospel Mission and DESC and some of them will be relocated to other cities with resources to help them. But while I agree they should have also had a shelter for SHARE, at the same time we can't let these bums run loose. As for Share they need to get responsible if they want the government to pay them!

Anonymous said...

BULLS**T!!! BULLS**T!!! BULLS**T!!!!!!

The city council isn't sensetive about the homeless, they're just sensetive about getting paid big bucks from the taxpayer!