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Friday, May 20, 2016

The following is an excerpt from a great conservative website, Flopping Aces. Dr John Here writes about new reasons to vote for Obama by the left.

 trump shrug
Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton in the nationwide Presidential race. It is true that a lot of people tell you not to support Donald Trump, but the left keeps giving us reason after reason to vote for him and it is becoming quite amusing. Let's have a look.
Treatment of women by Trump
The NY Times took a shot at Trump on this and missed big time. One of the authors is recognized as biased against Trump.
The story did wind up shining a positive light on Trump:
Ms. Sunshine worked for Mr. Trump for 15 years, becoming a major New York real estate figure in her own right. Ms. Res remained at the company for 12 years, left after a disagreement over a project and then returned as a consultant for six more years. Both expressed gratitude for the chances Mr. Trump had taken on them.
The authors had part of their story blow up in their faces. Alleged victim Rowanne Brewer said of Trump:
“I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump”
Temple Taggart claims that Trump once kissed her on the lips. Trump denies it, but even if he had, one would hope that Gloria Steinem would say that Trump was entitled to a "freebie" as she said of Clinton's groping Kathleen Willey. Any attempt at shaming Trump for his alleged actions toward women will automatically trigger comparisons to Bill Clinton's abuse of women- and Hillary's defense of her husband's actions. Nothing Trump has done compares to the allegation that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick.
Now we learn that Bill Clinton was more of a frequent flier on the Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express - 26 times- than was previously known. That has yet to be explained.
We have yet to hear Trump or his staff refer to any women as "trailer park trash" as did the Clinton spokespersons. We have not heard these woman described as "bimbo eruptions."
"Trump has all the answers"
Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates recently said that Trump thinks he has all the answers:
“He seems to think that he has all the answers and that he doesn’t need any advice from staff or anybody else,” Gates said on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “And that he knows more about these things than anybody else and doesn’t really feel the need to surround himself with informed advisers.”
How is that different from obama? It's not.
Former Defense Secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta have joined in accusing President Obama and the White House National Security Council staff (NSC) of micromanaging the military to the point of attempting to set up direct lines of communication to combatant commanders. "It was micromanagement that drove me crazy," Gates said at the Reagan National Defense Forum at President Ronald Reagan's library in California over the weekend.
Gates said he had to deal with members of the NSC staff who directly called four-star generals on matters of strategy and tactics. The White House also attempted to make direct contact with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Gates said.
"I told JSOC if they got a call from the White House you tell them to go to hell and call me," Gates said to a round of applause from the audience.
Gates said the Obama White House too often let politics influence the policy when it came to the Defense Department.
"Trump will act like a dictator" We already have a dictator.25 Violations of Law By President Obama and His Administration
Obama ignores constitutional limits of presidential power
President Obama's Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013
And let us not forget his threatening of children
obama bathrooms
"Trump is a liar." America apparently likes a liar.
Obama LIED Repeatedly In His State of The Union. Here Are His Top 10.
1,063 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.
Trump changes his mind
Trump's positions change? Remember Hillary being "adamantly" against illegal immigrants?
We’ve got to do several things and I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants. I made this exception basically on humanitarian grounds because of the individual story but certainly we’ve got to do more at our borders. And people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. Come up to Westchester, go to Suffolk and Nassau counties, stand in the street corners in Brooklyn or the Bronx – you’re going to see loads of people waiting to get picked up to go do yard work and construction work and domestic work.”
Want more Hillary flip flops? GO TO FLOPPING ACES TO SEE MORE!

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