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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VA-11 Hall-A (Vallhalla) a cyberpunk adventure about surviving socialism


Check out this new game from independent developers Sukeban and YSBRYD Games. Vallhalla or VA-11 Hall-a as it is called is the latest popular indie game to come out. Like many indie games to come out lately they are geared  more and more toward a libertarian view rather than a socialst one. Any socialism is lite but the games are dedicated more and more to individual liberty. This as evidenced by dystopic releases such as Papers Please about immigration and corrupt communism an alternate world and timeline where the communists win the cold war. Then there is West port independent about selling newspapers in another alternate world in an environment of censorship.

Indie games lately have gotten bolder and better and no wonder that the big software companies and liberals want to regulate and censor them to keep them down. More on that another time Lets talk abiout Vallhalla or VA11 HALL-a if you will...

The game is futuristic and takes place in a downtrodden totalitarian society run by nanotechnology and secret police not to mention croonism. You play as a bartender named Jill who meets fascinating people and learns about their lives. Your actions in this game can have effects on how the storyline develops. Will you be free from government control or will evil triumph?

The game itself is interesting and has a lot of that Willy Gibson Neuromancer environment not to mention aspects of Johnny Mneumonic. Highly recommended.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dangers of a federal gun database

click here to read an awesome yet frightning report by American liberty report on the dangers of gun databases. Ready to have your name and address posted on the internet for all to see? Ready for job applications requiring number of fire arms owned?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Seattle Homeless crisis episode 11: Scott Murrow share Wheel Bum Boss

Scott Morrow circa 2010s at the founding of the nickelsville homeless encampment then known as Tent city 1

 Although SHARE is run by the homeless guests themselves, the administration of tasks and spending of annual expenditures comes from the staff. In this case Share coordinator Scott Murrow who is one of the founding fathers of SHARE WHEEL. But it would seem that his tenure is not without controversy...

Ever since Scott Morrow who also once ran the Nickelsville homeless encampment has used intimidation tactics to badger SHARE residents of indoor shelters and tent cities to participate in left wing protests under the threat that they will lose their beds if Share doesn't participate. Also share participants who are unable to fill their chore quotas are forced or be kicked out.

Groups that SHARE has worked with include the Transit Riders union, a corrupt union of bus drivers and riders but is mostly for the drivers, the Socialist workers party, Occupy Seattle and various other left wing radial groups.

SHARE’s co-founder Scott Morrow some say has crossed the line by forcing homeless people who stay in the taxpayer-funded shelters his program operates to participate in political protests and organizational activities orchestrated by Morrow and the Seattle Housing and Resource Effort they don't agree with.

Seattle Councilmember Jean Godden agreed. “Yes, it probably is time that we have an investigation. let the contracts on those homeless programs go, so they should investigate.” Licata said an audit by HSD would be sufficient, as it would “get us to the same place.” The audit turned up nothing new but Seattle police spokesman Sean Whitcomb told the Weekly, “We recently asked the FBI to look into the accusations.” Whitcomb declined to elaborate further, other than to say the request was made well before The Times story appeared and that Seattle PD is also participating in the probe.
At issue is an explosive story that appeared in The Seattle Times on Monday. Written by Emily Heffter, the lengthy piece, relying on accounts from a few of the homeless residents who reside in SHARE’s programs, offered up a series of anecdotes which suggested that Morrow was running the place like a general – and that the homeless were his foot soldiers.
Some of the allegations raised:

-- At an packed April meeting of the King County Committee to End Homelessness at City Hall, Morrow told his homeless congregants to sign up to speak or risk being kicked out of their encampment for a week. 

-- The people whom SHARE serves say they are under constant threat of losing shelter or transportation. 

-- “In the fall of 2012, SHARE said it needed more bus tickets to get through the winter, but the city and county refused. So SHARE closed down its shelters and set up a camp at the King County Administration Building. Residents said in letters to City Council members that they were told they would be denied shelter after the camp-out if they didn’t participate.” 

-- One homeless resident, Mike Messer, wrote that Morrow “blackmailed us into doing his forced advocacy by threatening us with loss of bus tickets if we didn’t ‘volunteer’ to sleep at the courthouse.”About two weeks later, SHARE got the bus tickets and reopened its shelters.

-- “Camp residents also say they risk losing shelter if they don’t come up with gift cards or other donated items for the organization’s annual fund-raising auction. “ 

-- Earlier this year, Councilmember Richard Conlin learned by e-mail that Morrow had removed portable toilets from the Nickelsville encampment to punish campers. Conlin replied “This is very disturbing.” (Conlin declined to comment to Seattle Weekly.)
HSD’s deputy director Catherine Lester had this to say in a statement sent to the Weekly:

“We will be working closely with law enforcement – Seattle Police Department and the FBI – on their investigations into these allegations. We’re going to coordinate with law enforcement on the results of those investigations and determine what the next steps will be. We will take appropriate steps as necessary. We take very seriously our responsibility to monitor and account for how public money is spent – related to SHARE and all of the agencies that we contract with.”

SHARE and its partner WHEEL, which describes itself as a self-help group, and not a social-service organization, charges the city $5.60 per bed, per night, to keep its shelters running, or about half what the next-cheapest city-funded shelter costs. The city paid until recently the organization $403,000 to provide up to 300 beds a night. SHARE runs two other encampments, in Kirkland and Shoreline, and indoor shelters which are now closed. The Times story is not the first to suggest that SHARE has a times colored outside the lines – perhaps the result of a unique management style. Shelters are run by residents and a small group of staffers who live in SHARE housing earn $15,000 a year. KING 5 News offered a similar take last November and, more than a dozen years ago, Seattle Weekly’s Nina Shapiro wrote about city balking to give SHARE an additional $55,000 in funds, largely in part because of its concern that the organization was spending too much money on political activities.
Morrow, 55, could not be reached for comment. An extremely secretive individual, the Everett native and homeless advocate his entire life rarely speaks, said Licata, adding that he can’t ever recall Morrow addressing the council himself. His business card says he is a SHARE consultant. Three times a week the man who helped create the non-profit organization in 1990, passes out coffee in the early-morning hours at Victor Steinbrueck Park. 

“I’ve hear a lot of ugly rumors through the years, but this a guy who is utterly committed,” said Tim Harris, executive director of Real Change. “This [SHARE] is based on an empowerment model – that you are part of a community and that you gotta give something back. It’s not as simple as it seems.”

Next time well talk about other atrocities including an incident where a woman was raped and evicted from Share for being raped along with her entire family by Scott Murrow.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

An application to serve a civil subpoena upon a court of justice

My name is Ian Leipper. I am self Employed and live in Tiburon California. For a complete record from the government and our international community, you can serve a civil subpoena duces tecum upon a court of justice in accordance with the instructions provided on my facebook profile, starting at the top of the wall and working through each post and reply. Help hold the politicians accountable with discovery and make some money as reparations for civil violations against you and your communities: Thank you! GB!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seattle council Woman Sera Day on Share Wheel bum protests

Thank you for writing in to Councilmember Burgess regarding SHARE/WHEEL. We are well aware of the funding stoppage from United Way and King County. Currently SHARE receives city funding on a reimbursement basis, so is not receiving funds if they are not providing shelter services as they are contracted to do so.

In the coming months, the City and County will be working to enact some new approaches to homelessness services that are based in national best practices, namely with coordinated entry, lower barriers to access, and funding based on data and outcomes. We are following in the footsteps of other local governments like Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Hennepin County, and Houston, which have all found drastic drops in homelessness when they have established targeted goals and implemented Housing First, data driven approaches. They only fund programs and organizations that are aligned with their best practice models.

Thank you for your advocacy on this issue!


Sera Day

“Private Property? Who Are You To Own Something?!” Sanders Fan Tells Former Soviet Citizen

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Vendee Massacre: Europe's forgotten Shoah

The Vendee is a taboo in France. It is nearly forgotten but thankfully isn't. In 1793, after the execution of Louis XVI, Catholic Farmers in the Vendee region of France revolted against the newly formed godless republic headed by Robbspierre. The response by the newly created republic was monstrous. Over Half a milllion people, men women children and elderly were put to death by the government for opposing it and for promoting Catholic faith. Very few acknowledged its existence, John Paul II spoke of the Vendee when visiting France to dedicate the anniversary of the baptism of France's King Clovis and Alexander Solzhtyn mentioned it in his works. The Vendee is a shining example of the dangers of trusting government. The term Democide was invented to describe it. The wiping out of entire peoples in the name of ideology.

No copyright infringement inteded, this video is protected under the fair use act

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Its time to Ban government worker unions!

The other day while at the mall I got a good look at what my taxes pay for. Public service unions. Groups like the SEIU the NEA and so on that defend lazy moochers who though are bums are not unemployed. They are much like their kissing cousins the homeless but lazier filthier and meaner.

The majority of homeless are not by choice but by failing government. Government workers on the other hand are lazy bums by choice. they have their own homes and they supposedly have a job but it is not a job. Government employment with few exceptions such as police fire military ETC. is a farm of welfare for the lazy and the worthless. Food stamp workers, case workers, bureaucrats, ETC are louse. Bums.

They do nothing but abuse and neglect the people they are supposed to help. Unions most notoriously the SEIU or service employees union run these places and help bum government leeches abuse those they are to care for and even help those who are able to avoid work and leech from the government.

Of course as I mentioned before in a past article, Homeless can be lazy, they are made so by dependency which can potentially take away one's work ethic and desire to strive. This compounded with low self-esteem, stigmatization of the homeless in some places along with addictions and dysfunctions makes the situation worse.

Public school teachers perhaps are the lowest of these filthy parasites. The government pays these people who abuse students forced out of their homes to be indoctrinated communists. The NEA The national education association is the largest union for teachers. They also attack homeschoolers and charter schools and supported the Soviet Union.

Public service unions are a bane upon America and taxpayers. The Public service sector is mostly a parasite upon the American people. The unions are the means from which the government bums agitate and demand more and more of other people's money. They use violence, rioting, blackmail and even threaten the lives of dependents many with disabilities with starvation, homelessness and death by exposure.

The Democrats give aid and support to these filth as well in exchange for votes. The dependent who support the government bums and the welfare state are also encouraged to vote democrat for more benefits and more opportunities to avoid work. Its a form of bribery.

Friends, the public service unions are the source of the problem. Its time for public service unions to be outlawed. NOTE TO ALL LEFTISTS WHO MONITOR MY BLOG (OLDFARTRANTS AND HIS VIEWERS ESPECIALLY) I AM NOT ADVOCATING BANNING PRIVATE UNIONS. REASON: Under a real capitalist system, workers have a right to collectively bargain for wages and benefits. Of course that does not mean that they can practice extortion. The business owners have a right to say no and the workers can either find another job or shut up and go back to work.

But public service unions have too much clout. They are backed by the government and are part of the government which equals force. They're not getting paid by the wealthy, they are getting paid by the taxpayers, many of them struggling lower and middle class earners who can't afford it. But the heartless scum who make up the left really don't care. No they do not and the debacle we witnessed in Wisconsin years ago when poor struggling Americans pleaded that the unions stop squeezing them were denounced by the liberal media as tea party fascists, racists sexists and just about every other ist. They were also the victims of violence by these unions thugs. This is an abomination and is un-American. This is not bargaining for wages this is fascism. They are using force, violence and intimidation to rob the poor and keep the money for themselves while being lazy scum which is what all government social workers are.

Its time to ban public service unions and give the taxpayers of America the break they finally deserve. Make the public sector accountable to we the American people again. If they want a raise, they need to shut up and work. Right now other people's money are running out so we don't need more taxes for lazy bum workers that are evil and abusive. Enough is enough. Amen.

Michael Voris freed from his gay past

Michael Voris, the ceo of St Michael's Media and Church Militant TV and host of the popular internet show the Vortex (where lies and falsehoods are sucked up trapped and exposed) has recently come out about his past before he returned to the Catholic faith after leading what he claimed was a sinful and bad life.

Michael Voris revealed recently the full blown truth about it. Michael it turns out was gay. According to Voris, he despised his past so much that he did not ever mention what happened. That was until the Archdiocese of New York which had allowed openly gay priests and which was a big target of attack by Voris and CCMTV began to collect information about Voris, attacking him for his views against gays, birth control, so called social justice movements and other things.

 After taking a weeklong hiatus, Voris came back and opened up about his former lifestyle before repenting and coming back to the Catholic faith.

Voris is a consecrated celebate who in the past has claimed that his refusal to marry and start a family is related to his work and did not have the time. This it turns out is half the truth. Voris' consecration was rooted in his gay past and his desire to abandon and leave it.

According to Michael, he's not born that way, but says it is a learned behavior and that freedom is possible to conform to God's way which is true love and to family and marriage as well as  being conformed to laws of nature and natures God. Michael Voris reveals he was freed from homosexual lifestyle by Jesus Christ.

The internet sensation who has been zealous in exposing error and falsehood even where bishops are concerned, has long admitted he was a revert from a sinful sexual lifestyle, but never before revealed its specific nature.

“I have said many times in public that I was in a state of mortal sin, and had I died, I would have been damned,” said Voris in a Vortex episode released Thursday. “I will now reveal that for most of my years in my thirties, confused about my own sexuality, I lived a life of live-in relationships with homosexual men,” he said. Voris stressed that those grave sins took place before his “reversion to the Faith.”

“Since my reversion, I abhor all these sins, especially in the world of the many, many other sins I have committed having nothing to do with sexuality,” added Voris.

Voris said he decided to reveal the details of his past on the basis of his receipt of information suggesting that “the New York archdiocese is collecting and preparing to quietly filter out details of my past life with the aim of publicly discrediting me, this apostolate and the work here.” But beyond that impetus, Voris says he regrets not revealing the nature of his sins before because it was “limiting God” and perhaps not letting his example inspire others in homosexual lifestyles to turn to God for help.

“From the time of my return to the Faith, I have wanted nothing than for others to experience the joy and life-giving truth of the Catholic Church,” said Voris, “to know that the dead can be raised, to deeply consider what is truly meant by ‘With God all things are possible.’"

“He can even restore your formerly shattered, confused sexuality,” added Voris. “It does not matter whatever the issue, whatever the sin, whatever the depth of the deepest darkness, there is nowhere God can not come to you and rescue you.”

During the Vortex special, Voris said that he "apologizes to anyone who is wounded” by the revelations, noting that he “did not intend to deceive” but only “didn't see the need to provide up-close detail of past sins.”

The revelation of Voris' past by Voris has been met with a mainly positive view. Catholics and Protestants including your's truly who have viewed Voris' programs for some time now are ecstatic about it and find it a blessing. Meanwhile gays particularly so called gay catholics especially those in New York who have borne the brunt of Voris' criticism have revamped their attacks on Voris. All of which thankfully have been in vain.

In the author's opinion, the timing of this revelation is best. Waiting to reveal this truth has given Church militant and St Michael's media the time and the fan base to counter any attacks by the gay community against him. The Archdiocese of NY is already reeling and rumor has it that Cardinal Timothy Dolar, Arch bishop may be closer to resigning.

Congratulations and best of luck to Michael Voris from all of us here at New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets, best of luck and hope for future broadcasts that will deal a telling blow to the gates of hell.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 10: A former Share resident responds

The following is the testimony of one David Campos, a former member of Share Wheel who witnessed first hand, discrimination, theft, fraud and other problems in SHARE

My name is David Campos, I am a former member of SHARE. I was in Share from 2010 to 2012. I became homeless after I was laid off from work and my job got outsourced to China. I was able to get a part time job to help myself but it wasn't enough.

I joined Share in 2010. I liked the place, it was laid back, everyone kept to themselves there were just a few rules to follow and it was all good. Overtime you had people come in who were jerks, who were addicts, who were psycho, who were just mean people.

I first stayed at All saints cathedral which was a Lutheran church I think, it was near Rainier Beach which is the hood in Seattle. The church itself was actually more in Columbia City I think which isn't as bad. The people at our church weren't bad either at first but more and more people who were hardcore bums came in.

The shelters are run by an EC. I don't remember what that means but its a member of the shelter who is chosen to run the place in elections. Our EC was a crazy old guy who always wanted to have the last word. He would have fits and yell at people for whatever reason no matter how stupid or trivial. To make things worse he wouldn't take responsibility for his own actions.

Our shelter had to be closed on some occasions because people didn't want to do chores or because the EC, the old guy or another idiot wouldn't do his or her job right and got the supervisors on us. All Saints got shut down completely because of a 5 person brawl that the pastor had to break up, it was started by two couples, all of them mentally ill, all of them addicts and they were always provoking incidents at the shelter. Eventually All Saints kicked the homeless out after one of the residents broke into the church to rob it.

The church cancelled its contract with Share. Why they didn't do this sooner I don't know. By this time I was in another church shelter run by Share, Woodland Park. The shelter was run by these three idiots named Tim, John and Scott. Tim, the EC was a skin head who always acted like a dick. He would make fun of everyone and call them names and then tell them to go to hell. He always tried to provoke fights with other shelter guests and egg them on to attack him so he would permanently bar them.

On a couple of occasions I saw it happen. Tim made fun of one of the guests, calling him names like a wuss, a pussy and a crybaby and he would talk about people's mothers. This guy he made fun got wound up and smashed a plate in the kitchen then broke a window and shouted something at Tim then walked out of the shelter with his stuff. The second time it happened he provoked a man outside at night and he took a swing at him He got a shiner. To make things worse the man who hit him was drunk but he seemed to enjoy it.

Scott alternated with Tim as EC or AC. He was a redneck who hated minorities and gays. One time we had a man who was kinda gay with a lisp and all, we said nothing at first but then Scott would ridicule him and say anti-gay slurs while he was in the same room. He later outed him and had him banned from the shelter just for being gay. I said nothing because I was a afraid of losing my bed. I should have.

John is another person who usually helps out as EC or AC. He's a veteran I think. I know he was in the military and he's old and cranky. He's also strict.  Mess up once in the smallest way and you lose your bed. Miss a chore that didn't matter, you were barred for good.  Forget to pick up after yourself and leave so much as a couple of crumbs, OUT! If you have alcohol in your breath or if he thinks its alcohol you're out!

I later got kicked out for missing a chore and showing up with beer in my breath then getting into it with Tim and Scott. I got permanently bared from there I think. But I'm not an alcoholic. I just on occasion have a beer with my friends. See, I sometimes drink with friends when were together. I'm not an alcoholic I'm more of a social drinker but I guess peer pressure is a weakness for me so I let myself go and showed up drunk, pissed and fed up with both their bulls**t. Its my fault yes but it was worth it.

I went to Maple Leaf shelter next which was a big mistake. Maple leaf is at Maple Leaf baptist church in North Seattle. The shelter was on hinges and the shelter was closed several times because either they didn't do their chores or they found booze bottles on the street or in the dumpster or somewhere else. The ECs either didn't give a damn or didn't know what they were doing.

Well I stayed there for awhile and things seemed to get better but then I got into a fight on the bus with this crazy dude when we were on the way there. To make things worse I had two or three beers with friends an hour before so that made me a target for the EC. It was this nut job on our bus, not from our shelter just some jerk, he got physical so I hit him with my umbrella. I got kicked off the bus for it and they all went on this guys side even though he started it, was psycho and violent and just because i had alcohol in my breath.

When I got to the shelter on the next bus, they blamed me for the fight and said I made the shelter look bad because of it. They also ran me down for being under the influence. The shelter voted to evict me and I spent the night outside. Again, I admit its all my fault in some ways for drinking but I'm sure if I had been completely sober the bastards would've still sided against me.

Before getting my place I went to St John's lutheran church. They had a share shelter unfortunately one week after I arrived John screened in from Woodland park after they had enough of his BS and he later became EC. He announced that SHARE had permanently bared me for the fight on the bus and for being intoxicated even though I only had three beers and the other guy started it. He had me evicted that night and I was out on the streets again. I didn't even know I had been barred from all the shelters.

That was my last time in SHARE/WHEEL. I later got a full time job and a place of my own outside Seattle where I still am and happy. Now and again I have a beer with my buddies but I try to cut back so it doesn't become a problem. I'd say if there's anything positive SHARE did for me it was that I don't drink as often out of fear that having beer breath would make me a target but I don't think they should get any money from the city. They're racist, homophobic, the people in charge are all jerks and if you so much as sneeze the wrong way you're in trouble. I don't think our taxes should go to that.

Well that's it. I just want to also add that there are other shelters in Seattle, I think they should get the taxes not these morons.

This has been a testimony from David Campos, former Share member and formerly homeless in Seattle.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Swedish family's eviction nightmare shows dangers of Public housing & diversity!

Uffe Rustan and his two teenage sons live in a public housing project in the Swedish city of Lidingo in Sweden. It seemed they were living the good life of a Swedish family in a socialist country that is highly tolerant and highly leftish.

That tolerance and leftism came calling at their home one day in the form of a voicemail from human services. It told Uffe that he and his family were to be evicted in August to make room for a family of Arab refugees.

Uffe called and asked why and the caller told him "Because people from other countries come here and need a place too." Uffe demanded to know where he and his sons would go for housing. The government worker simply told him to have a nice day and hung up. Typical liberal government worker bums. Just like in America.

"We have quite recently moved here and just when it starts to feel like home we are evicted. You cannot put a family on the streets just to make way for another family!" Uffe says. "It feels like I'm worth less, even though I pay taxes and my kids go to school here. If only it had been a kindergarten or something, but you can not put a family on the streets for another family."

The ordeal of the Rustans is nothing new really. The family faces an ordeal that many Swedish and other native europeans face when living in Public housing. Immigrants, many of whom the dregs dumped on Europe and America from other lands, dirty, poor, illiterate, Islamist and violent get special rights just because they're immigrants. Not only are they free to rape and rob native Europeans they get the first choice of everything.

The Rustans and others have nothing but the bad end of it. When Uffe's story broke European media quickly shelved it and removed references from it. The guardian newspaper for instance made it known but then pulled the story from its websites after complaints from pro-diversity activists and multi-cultists. Attempts have also been made to suppress it on European blogs.

Fortunately Alex Jones Info Wars, Worldnetdaily and others saved the articles and exposed the incident and blew the lid off of it. They blew the lid off another factor of Europe's immigrant nightmare sparking protests and severe criticisms around the world mainly in the US.

No doubt after awhile the Swedish government will respond claiming they have found Uffe and his sons a place to live, mainly because of public preasure but as of the writing of this article, Uffe and his family have nowhere to go and the Swedish government refuses to help them.

This scenario is common throughout Europe, Canada and surprisingly even in the United States. Consider the following incidents that have taken place in the last decade...

  • Somali Immigrants moving to Lewiston maine displaced poor white and black American citizens living in public housing in Lewiston and Auburn as well as Portland.
  • In South Central Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Mexican immigrants displaced black citizens in Commercial city and Compton. These once majority black neighborhoods became replaced with mexicans, many of whom are racist towards black people. Hate crime violence against blacks by wet backs are routine and are usually never reported
  • In Detroit and Deerborn, Arab immigrants have replaced residents of public housing, black and white to make way for massive immigration from the Mid-east. Many were made homeless as a result.
  • Atlanta Georgia also features immigrants many of the Somalis and Ethiopians replacing public housing residents in Atlanta. These families have no where to go and are made homeless.
  • Los Angeles, the homeless capitol of the US and a third world city has increased its homelessness just by bringing in massive amounts of foreigners.
And on and on. Clearly, the socialist utopia promised by liberals isn't going very well. Clearly, liberals are not very keen about poor black people as well as white people or even hispanic citizens being displaced by the government.

Third world immigration is bad for our economy and national security but it is profitable for big business and big government alike. Illiterate peasants work for almost nothing and government workers get paid big bucks from us the taxpayers at gun point every april 15th the more immigrants they bring in and put on the welfare rolls.

Poor US citizens speak English when they're born and have access to education, a chance to better themselves and to improve their lot in life. They may have come from the projects or the boondocks but many, black and white find themselves living the American dream. Good news for all Americans but bad news for the government and Bolshevik minded business leaders.

You see, an American who is moral, intelligent, wise, godly and virtuous is a danger to the CEOS because they are competitors. They are also a danger to big government because they will usually call them out and influence public will to vote out Democrat backers and have their salaries axed for their ineptitude.

Turd world immigrants on the other hand have a tougher time of climbing the ladder. They do not know any English or hardly enough, they have no education, no morals, they believe more likely that they are victims and will use that enforce their entitlement to our money, they cannot compete for jobs, they are influenced easily by those in power and will do anything and everything to get one over on us.

These people are more desirable to the Swedish government or any liberal government because they are easy to control, easy to exploit, easy to manipulate and mean big bucks for them at our expense. Uffe and his two sons on the other hand are a threat. They are proud, patriotic, moral decent and intelligent. They do not desire Sweden to go beneath the feet of Islamic conquerors. Liberals, to squeeze a dime and not have to work would gladly submit to dhimitude or any other totalitarian system of government.

Public housing is a disaster on steroids!

This unfortunate incident also shows that government housing like all government programs and perks are a disaster for the working poor and ordinary American alike. We are told my liberals that public housing is good for America,  that it provides the poor and infirm their own homes, usually with no strings attached. This in itself is flawed. No strings, no responsibility no dignity. The recipient is free to let his home become a cesspit, a garbage dump and in the end public housing goes to hell.

What's more the home does not belong to the welfare recipient. It belongs to the state, thus proves to show that anytime the government can give us anything it can take away everything. Any government can give you a home and just as easily take it away from you. Its perfectly legal! It belongs to the government! That said, government can pick and choose winners and losers. Whoever it wants. If it wants to favor refugees who cannot work and who are prone to terrorism and crime, so be it! Felons, sex offenders and urban thugs, oh yes! They can. If they want to displace whites, blacks and replace them with Mexican illegals they can and do that in California and parts of Arizona.

 Public housing is a disaster because government owns the land and can do whatever it pleases with it with no recourse available whatsoever. The fact that the over privileged bums who live there and the government workers vote frequently and cancel our informed votes out further shows this to be true.

This tragedy is a good way to show our children the lesson of tolerating the evils of diversity and unchecked immigration and welfare. Warn them that if they ask the government for a handout you'll end up just like Uffe and others like his family. For those who are stuck in poverty and live in public housing, whether because of a poor upbringing, irresponsible choices or socialist governement out of control (as is usually the case with poverty in America)it is a lesson they must learn. Get out of this mess as fast as possible or else!

If you dear reader live in public housing, hear me very carefully, you are in danger of losing your home to immigrants. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made it clear that they plan to adopt the same policies that they have in Europe. As Hillary once said, "Were gonna take things away from you for the greater good!" That goes especially for poor Americans stuck in public housing.

It is important that you get a job if you don't have one. If you do, work hard to show your diligence, save for an education to learn an important skill that is in demand and apply for a job with the skill and save money to get out of public housing into a home of your own.

The unfortunate failure of communism in Eastern Europe and the failure of Democratic socialism in the western half and in the coastal United States should serve as a sobering wake up call for Americans of all backgrounds, multiculturalism causes homelessness and public housing is a socialist gyp.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Michael Savage vs Indian Doctor, heated debate over Diseased Immigrants

Guardian abuse victim Herbert Bowler now Free and even WORKING!

Last couple months ago you may remember hearing about Herbert Bowler and a series of articles we did on him and his abusive family. Herbert Bowler was made a ward of his family and the state of Wisconsin simply because he couldn't find work in that state and because he was abused while at school. He was also forced on SSI and forced to live in a home for the retarded.

You may also recall the family posting garbage much of which is false and baseless about poor Herbert and how they called him names and made derogatory remarks about him on the blog comment section,

Well Herbert later on got off the guardianship and while he was unable to get back the money that was stolen but he became his own payee and got his dignity back! He moved  out of Appleton Wisconsin and came to New Hampshire where he found work as a chef at a pizzaria in Keene NH.

We cannot tell you the name of the place for the safety of Herbert but the Pizza place owners are good people, the family that owns the pizzeria are members of the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets for many years. They had been looking for an experienced pizza chef since their son left home to go to University and their other chefs were there temporarily. Other chefs have either been inexperienced or unreliable.

Herbert however has a work history of working at Sbarro's at Brooklyn and his experience was an asset. Despite allegations by abusive relatives and other socialists, the work IS an accomplishment and enables Herbert to gain experience to climb the ladder.

Herbert works part time at the pizzaria and also part time at a local department store. He currently resides in an apartment that he shares with another young person who is going out on his own and saving money. Herbert is also taking night school classes to learn a new skill!

All this! NEVER HAPPENED IN WISCONSIN! This never happened while sitting on the sidelines letting Voc Rehab and other failed communist programs do nothing! This never happened while a ward of his abusive parents! HERBERT BOWLER GOT TO THIS POINT WITH ONLY A LITTLE BIT OF HELP FROM OTHERS BUT FOR THE MOST PART DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF! NO THANKS TO FAILING GOVERNMENT! NO THANKS TO DO NOTHING PROGRAMS SUPPORTED BY COMMIE DEMOCRATS AND HIS ABUSIVE FAMILY!!!

Herbert is also losing weight now that he is off his meds! His anxiety and depression, caused by abuse and unemployment rather than a mythical mental illness has gone down signifigantly now that he is no longer medicated! He is also losing weight and feeling better about himself.

Psychiatry is a conspiracy by liberals and other communist minded haters of freedom and jobs to ruin an innocent persons life and cause him or her to deteriorate. Psych meds do not help ever. They only create more and more problems and enable worthless government workers to get paid off our backs and get kickbacks from big pharma companies. All while we pay more insurance!

Herbert's family no doubt are also enraged that their son is working and succeeding in life, something he never did while under the foot of the Democrat state of Wisconsin and his stupid Democrat liberal parents!