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Friday, June 3, 2016

Guardian abuse victim Herbert Bowler now Free and even WORKING!

Last couple months ago you may remember hearing about Herbert Bowler and a series of articles we did on him and his abusive family. Herbert Bowler was made a ward of his family and the state of Wisconsin simply because he couldn't find work in that state and because he was abused while at school. He was also forced on SSI and forced to live in a home for the retarded.

You may also recall the family posting garbage much of which is false and baseless about poor Herbert and how they called him names and made derogatory remarks about him on the blog comment section,

Well Herbert later on got off the guardianship and while he was unable to get back the money that was stolen but he became his own payee and got his dignity back! He moved  out of Appleton Wisconsin and came to New Hampshire where he found work as a chef at a pizzaria in Keene NH.

We cannot tell you the name of the place for the safety of Herbert but the Pizza place owners are good people, the family that owns the pizzeria are members of the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets for many years. They had been looking for an experienced pizza chef since their son left home to go to University and their other chefs were there temporarily. Other chefs have either been inexperienced or unreliable.

Herbert however has a work history of working at Sbarro's at Brooklyn and his experience was an asset. Despite allegations by abusive relatives and other socialists, the work IS an accomplishment and enables Herbert to gain experience to climb the ladder.

Herbert works part time at the pizzaria and also part time at a local department store. He currently resides in an apartment that he shares with another young person who is going out on his own and saving money. Herbert is also taking night school classes to learn a new skill!

All this! NEVER HAPPENED IN WISCONSIN! This never happened while sitting on the sidelines letting Voc Rehab and other failed communist programs do nothing! This never happened while a ward of his abusive parents! HERBERT BOWLER GOT TO THIS POINT WITH ONLY A LITTLE BIT OF HELP FROM OTHERS BUT FOR THE MOST PART DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF! NO THANKS TO FAILING GOVERNMENT! NO THANKS TO DO NOTHING PROGRAMS SUPPORTED BY COMMIE DEMOCRATS AND HIS ABUSIVE FAMILY!!!

Herbert is also losing weight now that he is off his meds! His anxiety and depression, caused by abuse and unemployment rather than a mythical mental illness has gone down signifigantly now that he is no longer medicated! He is also losing weight and feeling better about himself.

Psychiatry is a conspiracy by liberals and other communist minded haters of freedom and jobs to ruin an innocent persons life and cause him or her to deteriorate. Psych meds do not help ever. They only create more and more problems and enable worthless government workers to get paid off our backs and get kickbacks from big pharma companies. All while we pay more insurance!

Herbert's family no doubt are also enraged that their son is working and succeeding in life, something he never did while under the foot of the Democrat state of Wisconsin and his stupid Democrat liberal parents!



Gordon Bowler said...

BS! BS! BS! BS!! I don't believe it! He's probably working at labor ready and living in a homeless shelter!

If not that then he's working at Dominos or Sbarro making chump change!

And Herbert needs to be back on his meds! He ran away weeks ago because he didn't want to live in a nice apartment in St Paul and get help. Instead he said no and ran away without even telling us!

Herbert! Where are you really? You know your dad put out a missing persons report on you so we'll find out! Are you living in an apartment? A trailer? A Mission? Are you living at the Pizza place! What is your situation?


Anonymous said...

This is not an accomplishment. For an adult with Asperger's syndrome and accompanying mental illness this may be but its not a big leap forward for Herbert. I agree with Gordon this is probably some greasy imitation Italian bistro or a corporate pizza place like Pizza Hut, Domino's, Sbarro's ETC. its nothing real big. I'd like to know what Herbert's living conditions are since its unlikely he is maintaining the lifestyle he's accustomed to. My guess he's either living off someone or is in a homeless shelter. Even if this was some nice family owned restaurant by some nice Italians its still no accomplishment. Herbert is probably getting minimum wage and not enough to support himself. Adult education? I doubt it. Herbert even if he does pass will not be able to find work to apply his acquired skills. He will probably be stuck spending his whole life living off SSI and doing menial dead end jobs befitting of people like him. He's mentally ill and disabled. He can't compete! That's why he couldn't find work in Wisconsin and why he was stuck at Sbarros or Labor ready because he can't compete with others who do not have the sane problems Herbert has. One more thing, Herbert needs to be on medication. it is not good that he is off his meds. He was more stable when medicated even though he was slow. He's suseptable to a relapse or to a breakdown requiring hospitalization. He may have been slower and tired but it kept him planted on the ground. he also needs to see a proofessional and a therapist. Its gotta come from within himself as well as the meds. he needs to learn to handle his stress and handle his emotions. All in all, Herbert is on a bad road. He thinks he's doing better but in the end he's gonna be back where he started from.

Anonymous said...

Herbert is also losing weight now that he is off his meds! His anxiety and depression, caused by abuse and unemployment rather than a mythical mental illness has gone down signifigantly now that he is no longer medicated! He is also losing weight and feeling better about himself.

Oh dear... When he was on his meds he was far more stable. He was tired and cranky at times but he wasn't as anxious and he didn't make funny faces or pinch himself or all those other things he used to do a lot of when he was off his meds. The weight problem is because he eats too damn much! I am on meds too I watch what I eat. I mostly drink water or eat heavy solid foods like vegetables instead of things with empty calories.

Herbert is probably just as fat if not more so. He is off his meds and more crazy. He probably guzzles his SSI and pay check on food, junk food and fast food. He is probably fatter than ever!

Herbert Bowler said...

LEAVE ME ALONE! All of you! I live in an apartment with another person and we share rent. I get money from my two part time jobs and from SSI. I am not mentally ill, I am not worthless and stupid, I am doing better than when I was being abused! I AM MAKING BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

Tell dad to stop the search for me! I don't want people following me around like a police state! I have a right to be independent and I have a right to privacy! I don't want to be followed! Leave me alone!

And yes I am losing weight! The meds only made me tired and fat, they did not help me be better they made me worse! I'm doing better now everyone around me agrees my behavior is better.

Robert Bowler said...

I'm you're father Herbert. I have every right to keep an eye on you and make sure you're safe. I filed the missing person's report after you ran off without telling us. This three days after you had a screaming fit at Uncle John and Uncle Gordon about you're application for work at J&J's being cancelled because "they were all filled with experienced workers." BALONEY! We went to J&J's afterwards and we found that the people working there were all young and didn't come across as experienced. Based on this, we concluded that you probably turned the employer off from hiring you. Aunt Jill even spoke to the associate manager and looked into it and the manager admitted that he didn't hire you because you came across to him as never having worked before. In other words, just by your demeanor alone he could tell that you were not normal. You gave yourself away and when John told you this you flipped out flew off the handle and yelled at him in your big booming loud voice over it.

Then Gordon got involved and told you to lower your voice and take responsibility for your inability to find a job and keep it but you kept on going, claiming that we lied and that the only reason you didn't get hired was because you were inexperienced and that it was all our fault because we wont let you leave Wisconsin to move to the lower mid-west and work at some shovel ready job. Then after yelling and raving for 20 minutes about how unfortunate you were you stormed out of the room saying we were all persecuting you and abusing you just because you couldn't find work in Appleton.

Herbert, I looked at some info from Bureau of Labor and lo and behold the economy is doing fine.

The unemployment rate went down from last winter.

OH! And future job output for the next 10 years was 35%!!!!

OH! And it also shows only 17% of the population worked below or near the poverty line as well!

So you see Herbert! The economy in Appleton is fine. You're the one who's at fault as you always have been!

So you live in Keene NH? Failed New England mill town, no sales or income tax to support programs that could help you, one of the worst states for charity and welfare, Lo and behold a crap state!

#47 in Business Costs
#22 in Labor Supply
#33 in Regulatory Environment
#31 in Economic Climate
#31 in Growth Prospects
#22 in Quality of Life

And 37th for business!

Gross state product: 72 billion

WISCONSIN: #31 Best States for Business

#36 in Business Costs
#39 in Labor Supply
#25 in Regulatory Environment
#23 in Economic Climate
#28 in Growth Prospects
#8 in Quality of Life


So Herbert, this theory you have that Wisconsin is all bad news and not all that
cracked up to be is a lie. You didn't get a job there because people know you. They know you're a crackpot, a looney, a walking social disaster and have a lousy demeanor. Its you're fault.

I should've showed this to you when you were still here screaming about how horrible Wisconsin is. I would love to hear you're excuses then.

When you're ready to come to terms with yourself, your disability and your short comings and when you're ready to get help, you can come back and well get you you're old apartment back.

Anonymous said...

LEAVE THIS KID ALONE!! He hasn't done anything wrong! How come he has a job now and never got one in Wisconsin? How come you idiot parents didn't do anything to help him and put him down?

Asperger’s - quiet, ADHD - loud, but what do they have in common? They disobey.

State must medicate.

You just want to dope him up and yell at him because you don't want to admit you're a failure as a family. I don't want my taxes paying to keep someone unemployed!

Anonymous said...

I would tell this family that they have only themselves to blame for why Herbert didn't have a job. He was ward of the state, he was hindered and abused and also whether or not he is mentally ill, abusing him will only have a negative effect of making him crazy. The bullying he went through is the fault of the school and the family. When they said he had Asperger's and needed to be medicated and be ward of Cheeseland, They needed to do tell the school officials to kiss her @%% and home school!

When my son was 6, the school wanted him tested for mental illness and learning disabilities. I didn't just say, "No," I said, "Hell, no! You are not doping up my son."

I pulled him out and home schooled him. It meant that I had to work part-time. None of the material stuff mattered; God gave me my son, and it was MY job as HIS parent to give him the best life possible. A life all doped out on some crap the big fat failing government and the public schools were pushing was NOT the life God intended for him.

A few years later, he returned to public school (his choice) a super-smart badass with loads of confidence. No more bullying, no more ticks, no more behavior problems. Because of his socializing and what he learned school was super easy, he excelled at everything (including taking bullies down). He's a true Renaissance child. He's got trophies and academic medals to spare.

And the ADHD? Nothing but bullshit. Just part of growing up! It was just like that with me, built up energy maybe too much sugar or energy and all that stress from school.

Did the same thing for my daughter, during times when she was having trouble in school. She was failing, she's now a straight-A honor student, accomplished artist, talented singer, with a group of close friends.

Do I feel bad? Of course I do. The family is frustrated and they take it out on their son/nephew for it. But I feel worse for her son! Like the mom who lets the abusive boyfriend beat on her kids, she is just as much to blame for her son's fate. They screwed up and could have stopped it at any time by being what they needed to be: selfless and fearless. They should have told the government NO! Instead they told their son NO! and he suffered for it.

If they had any backbone, they'd do something about it! Change schools, move, homeschool, do SOMETHING instead of sitting there watching your son die a slow death.

That would only happen to my kids over my dead body.


Anonymous said...

This makes me so mad! The family are all nothing but bullies! They force their kid into a school full of bullies and teachers who don't give a damn, they force him to trust the state as his parent into adulthood, they verbally abuse him, put him down, yell at him, make him live in a state run by corrupt unions that has no jobs and when things go wrong do they just man up? NO! They throw their hands in the air and take it out on their son and nephew for the state's failures!

Why do you make your son take meds? Why wont you let him be an adult! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH????????? Do you want Herbert to get a job? How about letting him live in another state! Why make him live in Minnesota or Wisconsin!

DO YOU WANT HERBERT TO BE INDEPENDENT!? How come Wisconsin is doing nothing? Why does he have to live in a nursing home? Why can't he have an apartment and why don't you help him maintain it?

Do you want Herbert to fly with the eagles and be happy? He doesn't seem happy if he's running away and head butting. That means something is wrong! Wisconsin isn't helping him neither are the meds or the programs.

Why do you want him to be on these vile evil drugs? What is the purpose if he's still off the wall? It doesn't look like its helping if he's making screwed up faces at McDonalds and yelling at him and knocking him down certainly isn't helping him neither.

I don't understand what you want for your son? What is the benefit of saying these mean things about him and making him live in a crappy state like Wisconsin? And the meds? He's overweight, unemployed, agitated, worked up and you still medicate him. Maybe the problem is you and the "professionals" you rely upon? Maybe its time you look yourselves in the mirror and look at these pros and admit you're doing something wrong and that these pros are wrong too! Admit that the government isn't always right!

What do you want for Herbert? Honestly....

Leslie W said...

I live in Appleton and have lived here since 2003 when I moved here from the Chicago Metro area. I can tell you that the economy wasn't always that good. The only reason things have improved is because Scott walker took down the union bums that were wasting our money and raising taxes. Cutting taxes and reducing spending has had a drastic benefit for the economy. There are still problems but things are better. The union bums have either accepted the fact they have to make sacrifices like we had to and do work at a reasonable wage or they've left to go leech elsewhere.

That said, verbally abusing Herbert just because he can't find work isn't the answer. He can't find work then let him leave. Probably people don't like him very much in that town if he was bullied. Yes I would consider any kind of work to be an accomplishment whether or not Herbert has Asperger's. I personally don't think he does. I think its just BS invented by the doctor so they can get kickbacks from drug companies.

I am now a conservative thanks to Scott walker and the union bums and after reading your diatribe against Herbert even more so. liberals like you make lousy parents!

Gordon Bowler said...

Herbert will lose the job in the end whatever it is. He'll get unstable start messing up and get fired and then he'll be told that its a temporary position and in his screwed up head he'll say that he's okay when he isn't just like when he got fired from Sbarros for doing things the wrong way.

Herbert if he isn't homeless now will be homeless again very soon. Sooner if he doesn't get back on his meds. I can't wait to see what that missing person report says. I am willing to bet he's in a homeless shelter or some really nasty slum full of free stater white trash.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Herbert got this job is because his right wing friends pitched in just to make us look bad. Look it even says that the family that runs the Pizzaria is connected to the blogger's organization and the Free state movement so they're only hiring him just so they can say they're working and that were all stupid.

If Herbert really was a good worker and if Herbert really was a normal person, he would've gotten a real job somewhere that paid a bit more and that was more respectable. Herbert is being given a leg up. Once this article becomes irrelevant, Herbert is out on a limb again. Unemployed, homeless and with only his SSI check to help him out.

If Herbert were normal he would've stayed in Wisconsin or at least close by Wisconsin and gotten a job there instead of running away out east. He would've gotten a job, he would've gotten his own place, we wouldn't have to worry about this. No, instead he has to be given a leg up because he's not normal and he's not a good worker.

mainestategop said...

No, Herbert got the job by himself. Herbert paid for his own transportation out here, he asked if he knew anyone was hiring and I said I'd check to see if anyone I knew was hiring. Sure enough A friend of mine who's uncle runs a pizza place over In Keene said they were looking for experienced Pizza cooks. Herbert had tons of experience left over from when he worked at Sbarros in Brooklyn New York about a year ago. I emailed Herbert back and then I gave him some ads for apartments for rent. Herbert had told me he already gotten a place from a website called roomatefinder I think it was or something like that.

We all need help now and again. The fact that Herbert has good people who are willing to lead him in the right direction and that he utilized those conecections to become employed and that he is working just further proves that he does has social skills and is not a mentally ill bum. That, and he is working at a department store (Not Wal-mart BTW) is further proof that he has good social skills. Otherwise they'd never hire him. OH AND ALSO BTW, Its not illegal to tell people that they aren't gonna be hired because of that reason. So once again you Bowlers, you left wing fascists lose again.

And Robert, If you try to post Herbert's address I will delete it and if you post it elsewhere, I will give Herbert references to a good attorney for Defamation. Don't even try it. You're a failed parent, leave herbert alone.

Congratulations Herbert! Keep up the good work!

Gordon Bowler said...

We're not going to post his address for all the world to see. If he's living in a shelter or is on the streets we will just say that he is. We'd never do that to Herbert. But he needs to understand that it takes adult responsibility and maturity to make it out there. If he is homeless its not our fault its because he's irresponsible and immature.

Aunt Esther said...

I don't think we need to bring this up anymore. Its likely true. Let it go. If herbert wants to make peanuts rolling pizza dough and stocking shelves at some small department store and make so little he has to share his apartment with other people and not enjoy the lifestyle he was accustomed to that's okay let him. Herbert wants to be poor let him be poor. He'll spend his whole life that way and he'll look back and regret all the times he could've been doing better if he only took responsibility for this condition and let the good people in the government help him out. What is he thinking moving to some crappy hell hole like New Hampshire instead of living in a nice decent residential care apartment in St Paul? His psychiatrists were right about him having no judgement and being a poor decision maker but this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I think they're lying. He's got herbert someplace where he's renting a room with a fakd address and a fake job that he can pay for with his SSI. As soon as this whole situation becomes irrelevant he'll let Herbert go and Herbert will wind up in a homeless situation either on the streets or a shelter with nothing but SSI to back him up.

I also wouldn't be surprised if he's got a drinking problem. Now that he's off his meds and off guardianship he can do what he wants including drink. I remember on a few occasions he wanted beer and Gordon told him no way jose;! You're in your meds! I think he was even caught drunk once or twice and bought some behind our back.

Gerald said...

Herbert I hope youre doing well in New Hampshire. I hope you'll come back soon if things don't work out.

Anonymous said...

HEY BOWLER FAMILY! Why didn't WIsconsin give him a job and help him when he was still a ward of the state? If the programs were helpiing him why was he in a retard home and why was he unemployed? Why not be hard on the state that controls him and not be hard on Herbert?! Liberals are such abusers!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hate filled POS! No wonder Herbert had trouble! That's not how you talk to people like that! NO! You had your chance you never got him a job, the state of Wisconsin never got him a job, YOU FAILED ALL OF YOU AND THE LIBERALS FAILED!!!!

Robert Bower said...

We love Herbert, we are sad that Wisconsin Human services didn't help him get a job but we had to push him. It was like that for me and my brother Gordon when we grew up. Our father let us know that if we misbehaved and acted stupid we would be stupid. We didn't call him names we pointed out to Herbert that there is no excuse for being unemployed. It doesn't matter how bad the economy is in Wisconsin. There is no excuse. If there is one or two openings and you didn't get the job, its your fault, you did something wrong. End of story. Especially if its these kinds of jobs at fast food or starbucks or other places Herbert applied for. They don't need experience he's to blame for not getting the job. End of story.

I know some people object but Herbert needs to grow skin. The other thing people don't get is that he tends to be resistant. Its destructive. He is offered by Voc Rehab the chance to go to a residential care home and he says "NO! I'm Too NORMAL TO HAVE MENTAL ILLNESS I DON'T NEED A RETARD HOME!" Its not a retard home, not a nursing home either. Its a residential care home that has people with physical and mental disabilities and mental illness like Herbert live there. Its assisted living is what it is. We had to force him in the end to live there. His mindset is just destructive. Whenever Voc Rehab makes a suggestion on how to help him he slaps it down and yells about how it wont work because it'll make him look bad (Hmph! moot point!) he says that its already been tried so then we have to make him go for it. Sometimes we couldn't.

His attitude sucks! He wont be positive even when he was on medication and he still is morbid!

There are 3 major reasons Herbert can't get a job in Wisconsin. These came from a meeting with his Voc Rehab counclrs.

1. Bad attitude and depressing outlook. Herbert is always negative about everything. He will not let go. He just says its everyone's fault but him all the time. Everything bad happens to him, he says that nothing good ever happens to him, he says that its all our fault and Wisconsin's fault.

2. unwillingness to participate in programs and classes. Good example: Social skills classes. Herbert went there to learn social skills and acted arrogant and puffed up. At the class the social workers told everyone about how to engage people in everyday situations and Herbert would sit there cross armed and frumpy and even muttered how this class "is a waste of my time." He would argue with the teachers and one time even stormed out. Herbert also avoids seeing his psychiatrist, his counselor at voc rehab and ducks out of meetings and we always have to force him

3. refusal to take responsibility for his problem. He blames everyone but himself. The libertarian everything is better in Oklahoma and Texas than Minnesota and Wisconsin is really Herbert blaming Wisconsin and Minnesota's economy for his failure to get a job.

But all in all, its his attitude that's keeping him out of work. He wont change. He's either angry or depressed and puffed up. That kind of thinking pattern isn't going to help. That is why me and my brother and brothers in law are on his case, because he knocks himself down and knocks everyone else down when he messes up. He could've lived in Minnesota or Illinois instead he wants to live in New Hampshire with free state nuts.

Robert Bower said...

He didn't try to get a job, he floundered. He also has a negative attitude. Its because of this pouting and stiff lip and his attitude that we get on him. If he goes out, puts his best foot forwards and keeps his emotions inside we wont yell at him. If he comes back all depressed and saying that its not his fault its someone else or everyone else to blame or because the government is to blame or because the left is out to get him and la la la la then we pounce on him. Its a defeatist attitude and its an attitude of blaming everyone. If he didn't get the job its because he failed he did something wrong there's no excuse. There could be 1000 other workers trying to get the one job available. 999 of them did something they shouldn't have done. Herbert needs to get his head out of his butt and get with it.

If Herbert wants to live in a crappy state and work a crappy job fine. We tried our best to help him, we did our best to get him a real job but if he wants to work at some pizza joint fine.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Bowler didn't get the job because Wisconsin had a S**t economy. No jobs. That, he's being knocked down and he's not allowed to move out of that crap state. He's preyed upon by his family and the government.

You stupid liberals are not helping him, you're part of the problem! What a stupid family! What a stupid state!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Why don't you leave Herbert alone stupiid family! You make everyone look bad and make this GOPer look good! If Herbert isn't happy in Wisconsin let him go to some other state.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that economic data Robert. It shows us that Scott Walker has made everything in our state better. Listening to your comments also reminds me that liberals are POS and abusive. If you really were serious about Herbert getting a job you should have let him go.

I have two sons. I expect them to be self reliant. They inherited from their Grand Uncle. I let them go. I expected them to be responsible. They left the state with it to set up. One of them is an electrician in Kansas, lower middle class two kids the other is a law student and part time paralegal in Santa Barbara California. He struggles but he's on his way up and if he graduates I know he'll hit the bricks!

They are responsible. Herbert Bowler was under your thumb for years. Since if I read this right since he was 17 or 16. But he's been your responsibility for almost a decade. At that time there was no accomplishsment made It was your responsibility to take care of him. Guess what? You blew it! YOUR FAULT! MOVE ON! LET HIM GROW UP!

People like you alone prove that liberalism and socialism is a failure.

Robert Bowler said...

Things weren't that bad before Walker became governor. As we've explained Herbert's negative attitude played a major part. Herbert also had poor social skills and was not a willing participant in programs. As he Voc Rehab counsellors pointed out at different meetings and at the Guardian hearing last winter, All things aside, Herbert's negative attitude and lack of social skills was a major factor in his unemployment. Herbert was tested by several psychiatrists and persons from Voc Rehab and based on interviews with him, apptitude tests and interviews conducted with me and his other relatives they concluded that Herbert had poor social skills. At his classes on social skills he was puffed up and arrogant said it was a waste of time always came in and out with a hostile and arrogant attitude towards the people in charge and paid little attention. There were improvements thankfully and I am sure that that is one reason he is employed in Keene or wherever he is now.

Aside from that Herbert has only had two verified employment places. Labor ready and Sbarros. The sbarros job was temporary so they didn't want to put up with him for a whole year and just kept him on for a season. Temp jobs are tryouts. They want to see if Herbert is good enough he wasn't so they let him go and when summer comes and things get busy and they need the extra man power they can let him in. He's not good enough for year round employment however. He didn't get year round so he is to blame.

Labor ready is just a crappy job. Its not even a job, its just chores for bums who can't work because they have criminal records or are incompitint.

We only push Herbert hard because he makes it hard. He wont own up that he is mentally ill and autistic and he wont give up his complaining and whining that he is just as good which is nonsense, Herbert is never happy that he has a place to stay, a residential care apartment that takes care of him and provides for him and uncles and parents who spoil him, love him dote on him and keep their eyes on him. But he wont appreciate it. He wants to live on his own even if its on a limb, he wants to be in control and doesn't want anyone to be the boss over him.

Jill Bowler said...

The economy if I recall was bad throughout the nation. It could be that race to the bottom thing. Its just that other places have gotten worse faster.

No one is saying things were tough economically but Herbert himself is also part of the problem. THere's an elephant in the room were ignoring. Its Herbert's mental state. If you all met him you'd know. Herbert has no social skills, he's arrogant, he has a very bad attitude ETC. He is the problem

Yes I agree that at times Gordon and his dad can exaserbate the situation by yelling at him and As I told them many times, it enforces negative behavior, but he has a problem. A lot of problems. If you saw him in real life you'd see it.

I hope that Herbert is happy wherever he is and we are all hoping that this is true that he has some kind of job and is supporting himself. Gordon, John, Robert and everyone. If anything we'd like for the outcome to be that he has a good place to stay.

Anonymous said...

How about we just let this shit go? I mean Herbert was unhappy, he's free now, finally! I might add and he's hopefully working. We'll wait and see what the missing persons report says where he is. Hopefully he is independent at least marginally so he wont be making a ruckus but if not, let it go. If he's homeless he's homeless well let him sulk on the streets and then we can help him.

Anonymous said...

WTF FAMILY!? Why don't you leave this kid alone!? The government had its chance, you had you're chance too! You failed to get him a job! It was your responsibility to help this poor kid and you F***ED it up! Now its his turn! Let him be in control! AND GIVE HIM BACK HIS MONEY!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin wasn't always sunshine and roses. It was a very bad state to work in a bad state for jobs.

Things are improving but they weren't always this good.

Herbert couldn't get a job because he has no experience and because at the time the economy is bad.

How do you expect Herbert to accomplish anything being abused and being controlled by the government????????

Herbert Bowler said...

LEAVE ME ALONE! You all had your chance! You had years to get me a job and a place of my own, all you did was get in the way and make me live in a nursing home! It was terrible! For the first time in my life I'm happy! I have an apartment, I have a job, I have friends, I have a life! You never gave me those things and when I tried to provide myself those things and care for myself you tripped me over and made my life a living hell! YOU FAILED! WISCONSIN FAILED AND SOCIALISM AND LIBERALISM HAVE FAILED! I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! YES I CAN! YOU ARE ALL BULLIES! I DON'T HAVE A FAMILY! I AM NOT MENTALLY ILL I AM NOT STUPID AND I DONT NEED RETARD MEDS! THOSE MEDS DID NOTHING BUT HURT ME AND KEEP ME DOWN! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE ON THEM!


Anonymous said...

YOU are not better HErBERT!! You're worse off! What's going to happen when the landlord jacks you're rent? what if you get laid off? What if you get a pay cut? When you were in WIsconsin you were sittin pretty! You had an apartment that charged only 40% of their rent but if the land lord wants you can be charged almost all of it! And you got free food and free healthcare. What have you got in New Hampshire!? What will you get in New Hampshire!?

Anonymous said...

Man you really must be stupid or mentally ill Herbert. I would consider it a God send to live like you did in Wisconsin.

I work 40 to 50hrs a week for the man at a dead end job, I live in a shit apartment, rent is $700 I only get a little bit left to spend on leesurly activity, maybe a movie a month orsomething like that. I can't afford anything and usually I gotta go to the food bank or soup kitchen. I'd love to get SSI and all those bucks for not having to work for the man and live in a nice reisdental care apartment and have to spend only half on rent while I get to have relatives who despite being rude and loud are probably generous.

You gotta be crazy. In about a year you'll remember this.

Gordon Bowler said...

Herbert did you read the comment above? You really must be mentally ill if you want to spend your life banging your brains out for bosses at minimum wage rather than getting a pension, a place to stay, plus you have a family that will give you anything you want and help you. Instead you want to live in a crap apartment in Keene or whereever and not be getting help and instead work two jobs.

That's why we wanted you on those programs Herbert! So you wouldn't end up like your uncle Steven and wind up dirt poor working your tail to a nub. He had learning disabilities too but he grew up in the seventies and people like him were treated worse than anything. Its not healthy what your going through. These bosses they just work you to death and wear you out. They're gonna run you down to the numb and you'll end up mentally ill and maybe go to jail like Uncle Steven did. You'll be dirt poor forever. Uncle steven only was able to get on SSi when he was almost 50 and that was because he was metnally ill from all the hard work.

You'll regret it Herbert I promise. These people are gonna use you and throw you away. That's why we did what we did for you Herbert.

Anonymous said...

I have worked as a mental health professional in California and I have seen cases like this before. The patient is let down by the programs and usually have parents who are abusive or push them too hard and they conclude that the Democrats and the programs are the problem and become libertarians. Add to this the problem that people with Asperger's syndrome are credulous and believe a lot of libertarian conspiracy theories and that the government is the enemy!

You know what? Its all your damn fault herbert is the way he is. You all knocked him about and denegrated him just because of his unemployment and because of other things and you pushed him over the edge! Now he thinks he's doing better but he's actually doing worse now because now he doesn't have anyone to help him!

Whenever paremnts like you act stupid this always happens! DAMNIT! Parents are so stupid! They always do things to make their child or grown up child worse!

Yes Herbert has problems! I can see that clearly but what you're doing is making him far far far worse!!!!

Now he's gonna be stuck in a poverty situation in a state with no prgrams and a state that is run by lunatics!

Who knows what will happen! You all need to apologize and open the door for him to come back to Wisconsin and get that place in Minnesota! It will be better for him there BTW! I know people who worked in MN and they are good with helping the needy!

mainestategop said...

Lets see, you'd rather Herbert be unemployed and get free handouts from a program paid for by forcing people who work to pay and thereby work harder?

And to the shrink from Commiefornia, being against failing leftist programs isn't a mental illness. Its smart. You're just branding people retards because you want to deny the failing of socialism.

Herbert's problems stem from the following

1. Being forced to go to a dangerous public school full of bullies and teachers who just don't give a danmn

2 having abusive parents who also don't give a damn except when they have too

3 being labeled and forcibly doped up to punish him for why the school and the parents suck at raising kids.

4 being forcibly held captive in a geographical part of the country that is an economic cesspit of union bums and unemployment.

5 being forced on programs that fail and being forced to stay while they continue to fail

6 not being allowed to be responsible for himself and instead having irresponsible parents and government in charge.

7 being unemployed and dependent for many years while his peers get to live the good life


clearly, the parents have failed. And so have you liberals.

Robert bowler said...

Herbert would never be able hold down any job other than minimum wage. His psychiatrist said that it is unlikely he would hold down a job except probably menial jobs. All he has ever worked in is Italian bistros, pizzarias, labor ready ETC. So his doctors ARE RIGHT

We may have been hard on Herbert but we had to because he kept acting up while working with the programs. He constantly talked back and was rebellious. The whole purpose of our putting him on there was so he would be more comfortable and not be stuck beating his head in on the menial wage rutt like his uncle Steven did. Herbert had it good. He had over $650 a month in SSI which soon became If I remember around $745 a month, he had an apartment that cost him 60% providing free room and board and 60 percentof his income leaving him with over $300 to spend on whatever he wanted. Most people like his uncle had only $10 a month to spend on whatever they wanted after paying rent and bills.

The purpose of getting him SSI was so he could live easily and not be in that situation. Yes we were a bit hard on him but Hopefully he'll learn his lesson in about a year.

Herbert, the doors are still open we'll leave the light on. When you get tired of being poor and loney, come on home we'll get you set up either in Appleton or in St Paul.

Anonymous said...

Herbert's "allies" are at it again.

The guy who wrote it is some Jew from Los Angeles who says we're all communists and Herbert's fine and that all the doctors and workers are communists and nazis and are all evil.

Innez Santos said...

It looks like everything turned out for Herbert in the end. I am glad for him! You parents need to let up and apologize

Anonymous said...

Yeah so just because he's working at a pizza place in New Hampshire now were supposed to believe he's not mental?

How come Herbert isn't working at a decent job like at an office or as an mechanic or any job that requires a skill you learn in High school college or Tradeschool?

Me? I work as a professional chef. I get paid $35 an hour and hope to open my own restaurant either in 2017 or 2018. All I got for an education background is a GED yet Herbert the bum can't work anywhere but Labor Ready.

Why can't Herbert get a real job instead of one that pays minimum wage if he's okay?

mainestategop said...

What's wrong with that? Herbert doesn't have job experience! He needs to start somewhere.

Typical Liberal Elitist turning their noses down on the ones they claim to want to help. Yeah like you ever helped Herbert!

Jeff Gilman said...

In his mind he's free but in reality he's in a worse predicament than ever. He lives in a state with almost no services and programs, a state that is also selfish and racist and right wing (they voted for Pat Buchanan in 1992 and Ron paul in 08) this is a state that has been going downhill economically because the state isn't able to raise taxes and spend more on infrasturcture and programs thanks to right wing free staters like this blog owner.

Herbert Bowler lived in a loving household where he was provided for! He had everything and more than I had when I was at his level! The reason he had trouble in Wisconsin is mainly because he was resistant and negative. Frumpy dumpy Wisconin is not the problem. Its a frumpy dumpy attitude Herbert has.

Herbert, get help! You'll never get any higher than you are now!

Anonymous said...

So what do you intend to accomplish What's the point of forcing him to live in a part of the country he does not want to live in????

That's really just self defeating! If he is soooo miserable that he hates it there. HE WILL LEAVE.

Nothing you can do.

If he can't get a bus ticket he'll either ride rails or hitchhike. You may as well as let him go and learn to be KIND TO HIM!!