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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Predatory Socialism

Time and again I hear the term, predatory capitalism. All the liberals love to whine about it, in their conversations they talk of how the little guy is being devoured and chewed up by the rich and the high and mighty and how those nasty republicans, (that's us!) are responsible in taking from the poor and giving it away to rich mostly white folks. They compare us to Hitler and say he was a capitalist, they say things are bad now all because of the GOP and not for Obama and the left.

Meanwhile, these same leftists and nit pickers consider anyone who disagrees with them to be evil and attacks them relentlessly through slander or physical violence. When it comes to those who have suffered under Obama, these people to liberals are all worthless pieces of drek. They did something wrong or they are stupid is the response these compassionate liberals love to give the less fortunate.

Consider for instance Herbert Bowler. Those of you following since Last year remember the story of Herbert, a former resident of Appleton Wisconsin who was made a ward of the state of Wisconsin and falsely and unjustly labeled mentally ill because he couldn't find a job there. This took place at a time before Scott Walker fixed things up and when union bums ran the state into the ground.

To liberals, government is too big to fail. Government is always right and professionals in the public sector are bestowed with Godlike divine infallible wisdom and are always correct. The government can't be wrong because it says so but unemployed and weak defenseless victims like Herbert are just the right bite size for the fangs of socialism to devour.

One only needs to examine the comments made by his relatives to see how abusive and cruel liberals and loyal worshipers of the government really are. Comment after comment of put downs, verbal abuse and slander attacking poor Herbert. Making Herbert look bad just because the state of Wisconsin and his family who are his guardian have failed to provide him a job and full independence. Proof again in itself the evil of the government and the evil of liberalism.

Stodie Carmichael and Mary Howe are also prime examples of how evil and predatory socialism is. Stodie was the victim of racism and property grabbing by the city of Miami in conjunction with the State of New Jersey. Stodie's apartment was taken away through eminent domain and with help from abusive psychiatrists who used the baker act, made him ward of his abusive mother in New Jersey. Stodie is currently homeless in New York and is forced to live off a meager SSI pension he was forced on. His bank account was stolen by his mother.

Mary Howe of San Luis Obispo California also had her rights taken away from her by socialists. Her legal guardian stole her funds and had her taken to a mental hospital. As soon as the money was spent, she was dumped on the streets of skid row with only the clothing on her back.

But to all liberals this is a good thing! Liberals all support stealing and all support taken funds away from the poor and the weak. Liberals and the government they worship would rather be in charge and would be the ones to control us and make us their puppets while they leech.

Donald Trump is yet another shining example of predatory socialism. Liberals have attacked him for his business filling bankruptcy. Many have suffered with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, probably the worst president we've ever had in this nation's brief history. The Obama administration has gutted our military, raped the poor, gutted the economy and made our nation a haven for illegal aliens, criminals and anarchists.

But according to liberals, Donald Trump is stupid. Anyone who can't find work in a liberal administration or who has financial trouble during one is stupid and incompetent. I too as a businessman have suffered under Obama and his socialist reich and I too have had liberals tell me that I am the one to blame.

As for Trump, for so much as speaking out against the injustice of socialism and the injustices of allowing law breaking job stealing immigrants to ruin America, the left opens the gates of hell and unleashes riots in our communities, riots caused by the flotsam and jetsam of society, the ones at Obama's breast who live off our backs and don't want to work.

And as if that were bad enough, they blame the whole thing on Trump! YES! Liberal excrement rioting murdering and killing are the victims and yet Donald Trump is to blame

This liberal blame game is yet further proof that socialism is evil and that there is no difference between liberals and Nazis. One must only look back to Krystalnacht when liberals there burned down synagogues and Jewish business then blamed the Jews to see the similarity.

The election of Donald Trump is necessary to save America from the liberal Nazis and the fangs of predatory socialism. We need to elect him then go after every liberal every socialist and have them all thrown out of America. We then need to crack down on the unions.

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