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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seattle council Woman Sera Day on Share Wheel bum protests

Thank you for writing in to Councilmember Burgess regarding SHARE/WHEEL. We are well aware of the funding stoppage from United Way and King County. Currently SHARE receives city funding on a reimbursement basis, so is not receiving funds if they are not providing shelter services as they are contracted to do so.

In the coming months, the City and County will be working to enact some new approaches to homelessness services that are based in national best practices, namely with coordinated entry, lower barriers to access, and funding based on data and outcomes. We are following in the footsteps of other local governments like Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Hennepin County, and Houston, which have all found drastic drops in homelessness when they have established targeted goals and implemented Housing First, data driven approaches. They only fund programs and organizations that are aligned with their best practice models.

Thank you for your advocacy on this issue!


Sera Day

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