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Monday, June 6, 2016

Swedish family's eviction nightmare shows dangers of Public housing & diversity!

Uffe Rustan and his two teenage sons live in a public housing project in the Swedish city of Lidingo in Sweden. It seemed they were living the good life of a Swedish family in a socialist country that is highly tolerant and highly leftish.

That tolerance and leftism came calling at their home one day in the form of a voicemail from human services. It told Uffe that he and his family were to be evicted in August to make room for a family of Arab refugees.

Uffe called and asked why and the caller told him "Because people from other countries come here and need a place too." Uffe demanded to know where he and his sons would go for housing. The government worker simply told him to have a nice day and hung up. Typical liberal government worker bums. Just like in America.

"We have quite recently moved here and just when it starts to feel like home we are evicted. You cannot put a family on the streets just to make way for another family!" Uffe says. "It feels like I'm worth less, even though I pay taxes and my kids go to school here. If only it had been a kindergarten or something, but you can not put a family on the streets for another family."

The ordeal of the Rustans is nothing new really. The family faces an ordeal that many Swedish and other native europeans face when living in Public housing. Immigrants, many of whom the dregs dumped on Europe and America from other lands, dirty, poor, illiterate, Islamist and violent get special rights just because they're immigrants. Not only are they free to rape and rob native Europeans they get the first choice of everything.

The Rustans and others have nothing but the bad end of it. When Uffe's story broke European media quickly shelved it and removed references from it. The guardian newspaper for instance made it known but then pulled the story from its websites after complaints from pro-diversity activists and multi-cultists. Attempts have also been made to suppress it on European blogs.

Fortunately Alex Jones Info Wars, Worldnetdaily and others saved the articles and exposed the incident and blew the lid off of it. They blew the lid off another factor of Europe's immigrant nightmare sparking protests and severe criticisms around the world mainly in the US.

No doubt after awhile the Swedish government will respond claiming they have found Uffe and his sons a place to live, mainly because of public preasure but as of the writing of this article, Uffe and his family have nowhere to go and the Swedish government refuses to help them.

This scenario is common throughout Europe, Canada and surprisingly even in the United States. Consider the following incidents that have taken place in the last decade...

  • Somali Immigrants moving to Lewiston maine displaced poor white and black American citizens living in public housing in Lewiston and Auburn as well as Portland.
  • In South Central Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Mexican immigrants displaced black citizens in Commercial city and Compton. These once majority black neighborhoods became replaced with mexicans, many of whom are racist towards black people. Hate crime violence against blacks by wet backs are routine and are usually never reported
  • In Detroit and Deerborn, Arab immigrants have replaced residents of public housing, black and white to make way for massive immigration from the Mid-east. Many were made homeless as a result.
  • Atlanta Georgia also features immigrants many of the Somalis and Ethiopians replacing public housing residents in Atlanta. These families have no where to go and are made homeless.
  • Los Angeles, the homeless capitol of the US and a third world city has increased its homelessness just by bringing in massive amounts of foreigners.
And on and on. Clearly, the socialist utopia promised by liberals isn't going very well. Clearly, liberals are not very keen about poor black people as well as white people or even hispanic citizens being displaced by the government.

Third world immigration is bad for our economy and national security but it is profitable for big business and big government alike. Illiterate peasants work for almost nothing and government workers get paid big bucks from us the taxpayers at gun point every april 15th the more immigrants they bring in and put on the welfare rolls.

Poor US citizens speak English when they're born and have access to education, a chance to better themselves and to improve their lot in life. They may have come from the projects or the boondocks but many, black and white find themselves living the American dream. Good news for all Americans but bad news for the government and Bolshevik minded business leaders.

You see, an American who is moral, intelligent, wise, godly and virtuous is a danger to the CEOS because they are competitors. They are also a danger to big government because they will usually call them out and influence public will to vote out Democrat backers and have their salaries axed for their ineptitude.

Turd world immigrants on the other hand have a tougher time of climbing the ladder. They do not know any English or hardly enough, they have no education, no morals, they believe more likely that they are victims and will use that enforce their entitlement to our money, they cannot compete for jobs, they are influenced easily by those in power and will do anything and everything to get one over on us.

These people are more desirable to the Swedish government or any liberal government because they are easy to control, easy to exploit, easy to manipulate and mean big bucks for them at our expense. Uffe and his two sons on the other hand are a threat. They are proud, patriotic, moral decent and intelligent. They do not desire Sweden to go beneath the feet of Islamic conquerors. Liberals, to squeeze a dime and not have to work would gladly submit to dhimitude or any other totalitarian system of government.

Public housing is a disaster on steroids!

This unfortunate incident also shows that government housing like all government programs and perks are a disaster for the working poor and ordinary American alike. We are told my liberals that public housing is good for America,  that it provides the poor and infirm their own homes, usually with no strings attached. This in itself is flawed. No strings, no responsibility no dignity. The recipient is free to let his home become a cesspit, a garbage dump and in the end public housing goes to hell.

What's more the home does not belong to the welfare recipient. It belongs to the state, thus proves to show that anytime the government can give us anything it can take away everything. Any government can give you a home and just as easily take it away from you. Its perfectly legal! It belongs to the government! That said, government can pick and choose winners and losers. Whoever it wants. If it wants to favor refugees who cannot work and who are prone to terrorism and crime, so be it! Felons, sex offenders and urban thugs, oh yes! They can. If they want to displace whites, blacks and replace them with Mexican illegals they can and do that in California and parts of Arizona.

 Public housing is a disaster because government owns the land and can do whatever it pleases with it with no recourse available whatsoever. The fact that the over privileged bums who live there and the government workers vote frequently and cancel our informed votes out further shows this to be true.

This tragedy is a good way to show our children the lesson of tolerating the evils of diversity and unchecked immigration and welfare. Warn them that if they ask the government for a handout you'll end up just like Uffe and others like his family. For those who are stuck in poverty and live in public housing, whether because of a poor upbringing, irresponsible choices or socialist governement out of control (as is usually the case with poverty in America)it is a lesson they must learn. Get out of this mess as fast as possible or else!

If you dear reader live in public housing, hear me very carefully, you are in danger of losing your home to immigrants. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made it clear that they plan to adopt the same policies that they have in Europe. As Hillary once said, "Were gonna take things away from you for the greater good!" That goes especially for poor Americans stuck in public housing.

It is important that you get a job if you don't have one. If you do, work hard to show your diligence, save for an education to learn an important skill that is in demand and apply for a job with the skill and save money to get out of public housing into a home of your own.

The unfortunate failure of communism in Eastern Europe and the failure of Democratic socialism in the western half and in the coastal United States should serve as a sobering wake up call for Americans of all backgrounds, multiculturalism causes homelessness and public housing is a socialist gyp.

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