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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Vendee Massacre: Europe's forgotten Shoah

The Vendee is a taboo in France. It is nearly forgotten but thankfully isn't. In 1793, after the execution of Louis XVI, Catholic Farmers in the Vendee region of France revolted against the newly formed godless republic headed by Robbspierre. The response by the newly created republic was monstrous. Over Half a milllion people, men women children and elderly were put to death by the government for opposing it and for promoting Catholic faith. Very few acknowledged its existence, John Paul II spoke of the Vendee when visiting France to dedicate the anniversary of the baptism of France's King Clovis and Alexander Solzhtyn mentioned it in his works. The Vendee is a shining example of the dangers of trusting government. The term Democide was invented to describe it. The wiping out of entire peoples in the name of ideology.

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