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Monday, July 25, 2016

JEWISH CONSERVATIVE: Herbert Bowler's family proof that communism is a disease!

Conservative libertarian Reuben Ben Abraham back again to talk about Herbert Bowler and his abusive liberal family which proves the failure of the left.

My name is Reuben Ben Abraham. I live in Los angeles and work as a businessman and political activist. I am here today to talk about Herbert Bowler, his situation and his abusive family which shows the failure of socialism and liberalism et al.

For those of you who may not remember, Herbert Bowler who lived in Appleton Wisconsin and later Keene New Hampshire was ward of his family and the State of Wisconsin. Herbert was forced against his will to participate in programs and go to a psychiatrist and take medication intended for the incompetent and retarded. Meds that made him sick and prevented him from functioning as a normal human being.

Herbert was a ward of his abusive family and Wisconsin from when he was 16 to when he was 26. For over a decade, his family and the state had every chance to help him. They had every chance to give him a job, a place of his own, a chance to support him and they failed.

Instead Herbert's family verbally and mentally abused him and the state made false claims he was too stupid to be independent and work. They did this to make him the scapegoat for the government's failure to help him and provide for him.

Herbert Bowler was unfairly victimized by both the state and his family. Comments made in the articles about Herbert illustrate not only how abusive and evil this family is but also what a liberal is like and how evil and bad socialism is. Not only this it shows that government control never works.

You see, the government when in control isn't interested in helping those it depends on but is only interested in looking after number one. Its only interested in itself. The government exists not to help but to leech of the working and aids only those other parasites that depend on it and in turn promote its parasitism and failure.

To hide the government's failure, psychiatrists (all of whom are socialists) blamed people like Herbert by claiming they're mentally ill and stupid. For example, doctors claimed that Herbert was unlikely to work that he was incapable of taking care of himself and liberals including his abusive family lined up and agreed. Anyone who doesn't agree with the government according to all of them is a retard or is crazy.

To the socialist, the state is God. The state is never wrong and professionals are never wrong neither. They believe that any human being given a certificate of profession by the state or any apparatus of the state is now endowed with divine magic powers in that they can never error or never be dishonest. This is why Democrat states are corrupt, poor and crime-ridden wastelands.

Herbert's parents are also socialists. Socialist in the same stripes as Stalin and Hitler. They despise their son for being labeled with a disability even though the label is false, they believe that no one has the right to control their own life and do what they believe is right as long as it is done in a moral context, they believe that the state is a better decision maker, they believe that doctors are always right no matter what and that regardless of 10 years of failure and no progress government is still right.

Two plus Two always equals four but if liberals and their government say otherwise we must step back and nod our heads. If The state says 2 and 2 equal seven or one hundred or the meaning of life then they are correct regardless.

2 + 2 = 4. It does not equal anything else regardless what a doctor says or what a politician says. But liberals never agree.

So we shouldn't be surprised when Herbert after a decade of communist governent control and family control is unemployed, living in a nursing home, is suffering from obesity and other health problems related to forced medication and is distressed.

Herbert's family also show their abuse and their communism by agreeing with the state and siding with them against their son without  regard for their son's well being. Despite government failure they take out their frustration on their son the victim.

This also shows that socialists make lousy parents. They love their government more than their son and blame their son for why the state can't get them a job and why the family can't support him. Herbert Bowler suffers anguish, health problems and slowly dies on meds while all they do is kick him when he's down.

Herbert does not have a disability or a mental illness. Herbert has a problem with being controlled and abused. That's the problem. Period. 2 + 2 = 4. Not 5 not 100 not anything else. But Herbert's stupid and abusive family wont see reason.

Herbert's new living situation where he is working living in his own apartment is a major improvement and yet again proves the state is not always correct. It also proves again that socialism is a failure and that capitalism, despite whatever shortcomings are alleged works.

This also shows that psychiatry is flawed. The existence of mental illness should be taken with a grain of salt or less. 99 times out of 100 it is an invention by liberals to justify the failure of socialism.

 Congratulations Herbert on your independence and freedom! Welcome to the United States of America!


Robert Bowler said...

We are not communists. In this house our politics tend to be left of center but we're not flaming liberals, were not Marxists, were not left wing hippies, were not even liberals in hardly any sense. We are trying to help our son but he wont allow us to. Yes, I agree we made mistakes and I am also frustrated that Wisconsin couldn't get him a job but Herbert's got a mental problem. He was seen by over 10 professionals and the government even agreed so how can they be wrong? Also if you knew Herbert you'd know he has issues! Just knowing him you'd see he's got problems! Herbert's been acting up since he was a teenager doing this crap. That's why he can't find work. He's mental and autistic.

If you want to brand us all liberals, marxists, abusers ETC. fine. We've washed our hands of this. We tried to help but Herbert wont cooperate. Were fed up. We've had it. If Herbert wants to bang his head working for bosses and live in poverty fine. We wont stop him. He's no longer a ward so he can go about as he likes.

Anonymous said...

We should just let this go. he doesn't understand and the parents have been way to hard on him so he can't see. Its impaired his judgement.

Anonymous said...

This is all of Herbert's family's fault. They were too hard on him, he wanted to work, he wanted to be on his own so badly that without even knowing it he went against what was in his best interests. He got pushed into this without knowing whats good for him. Now he's in the rat race in a crappy apartment in the middle of Cow Hampshire with red neck free staters. They should've just let him go to Oklahoma and learn his lesson.

Gordon Bowler said...

Herbert! listen to me! We were trying to help you out! Do you have any idea what you got yourself into!? These people don't want to help you they want you to go against your best interests! They want you to be exploited by the bosses and by landlords! When the land lord sees how hard working you are he/she is gonna raise the rent on your apartment! Employers, landlords and their supporters like the people who run this stupid website all want to make profit and that means squeezing suckers like you until there's nothing left to squeeze, and then its over the hill into the streets just like what happened to your poor uncle Stephen. he had the same problems you had but there was no help available for him when he came of age. He had to go straight to work and they worked him into a bad state. He only got SSI recently because of mental illness he developed from being over worked by the bosses. HERBERT! These people are using you! These people want you to suffer! They don't care about you! We care! We might have been hard on you yes! We might have gone too far I agree but You've left a nice place where you still had money leftover to spend on whatever you wanted and now you've gone and got yourself into a bigger mess! WE EVEN WERE THERE TO GET YOU ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANTED TOO!!! Herbert! Listen! They're gonna use you up and chuck you out! If you want to come home anytime Herbert we'll let you come home! We can still get you a place in Minnesota too you don't have to live in Appleton or Wisconsin!

Robert Bowler said...

Herbert, do you remember Uncle Steven? I introduced you at the wedding last year remember? Uncle Steven was in the same situation you got yourself into. He grew up in the sixties and seventies and came of age at bad time just like you. He was also learning disabled and couldn't graduate from high school. He had to work menial jobs like you are now. He was worked almost to death HERBERT! He was even homeless 3 times in his life and one time for almost 5 years all because he got worked over by bosses and landlords! He would've loved to be on SSI and live in a residential care home and have all those nice things you once had! He never got that because back in the seventies and eighties people like Steven were seen as either lazy bums or just plain stupiid! they didn't believe in learning disabilities or the like! Uncle Steven had to work work work! And they worked him down to the nub! It made him crazy he had no money to spend on nice things after paying rent and he ended up with nothing! In the end they chucked him on the streets! HE EVEN WENT TO JAIL FOR BEING HOMELESS!! THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU HERBERT!! HERBERT!! COME HOME! WE MISS YOU! WERE SORRY WE WERE TO HARD! WERE SORRY WE COULDN'T GET YOU A JOB! BUT PLEASE COME HOME WE'LL GET YOU A PLACE EITHER IN WISCONSIN OR MINNESOTA OR SOMEWHERE AROUND THERE! PLEASE HERBERT! COME HOME!

mainestategop said...

Let me get this straight... You want Herbert to be Idle and not work so I have to pay for that? Why do you think this Uncle Steven person assuming he's real "worked down to the nub?" You think all that stuff is free? You want Herbert to be a parasite?

Steven Bowler said...

If anyone is a parasite its bosses like you who work us laborers to death so you can enjoy luxery and a good life!

Herbert! Listen to me! Im you're uncle Steven! I met you at the wedding! The reason your parents did what they did, trying to get you SSI and a residential care apartment was so you don't have to go through what I went through or what your father and Uncles Gordon and John went through!

I know they were rough on you and that was wrong! It just made you harder and made you more right wing but listen Herbert! They're right! That was for your own good and by refuseing it to go to work at a pizza joint in New Hampshire, a state with no programs and low wages you actually DID make your life hard and made life hard for everyone who cares about you! Everyone who loves you worries about you Herbert! What are you going to do when the landlord raises your rent or you get laid off? What if the pizza place goes out of business or if the pizza place fires you or decreases your wages and increases your hours!?

I was in your position back in the seventies! I can tell you right now I would've loved to get SSI and live in a residential care home! But you'd rathter live like I did! I came of age in the seventies during the worst possible time! There was inflation, there was high unemployment, there were no programs or services. It was also harder to get on SSI then it is now! I also had disabilities like you but I wasn't officially diagnosed! I too have Asperger's and ADHD I also have a bit of Dyslexia too!

You see, Asperger's syndrome, ADHD and things like dyslexia ETC were little known! They all wrote off people like us as lazy or just dumb but mostly they would accuse people with learning disabilities of being lazy! That's what they did to me! I didn't finish school! I dropped out and just lied about it! I had to work low wages and work very hard! They worked me down to the nub! I was even homeless 3 times for almost a decade because of all the probems going on!

I worked as a fast food worker, a janitor, a factory worker, a store associate, I picked up garbage I was worked and worked and worked to the nub! Working 50 to 60 hours a week for very very little and it was all gone when bills came due! You get to have $400 after rent for you apartment in Appleton! After I was all done paying bills and rent all I had was maybe $5 lousy dollars! I never got to do things like go to a movie, enjoy any simple pleasures or anything! I ALWAYS HAD TO WORK WORK WORK WORK! IT DROVE ME CRAZY AND WORKED ME TO THE NUB!

I became homeless during the late eighties because I couldn't work anymore. I was worked soo hard I went crazy and I didn't get SSI for years! Not until I was 47! And that's only because of mental illness from being overworked and abused by the system!

You have no idea how good you had it in Appleton Herbert! And they would've let you get a place to stay in Minnesota where I live! You have relatives there who can help you like they helped me!

That you would believe these right wing fascists like Brian Ball, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and would work in a nasty place like Oklahoma or New Hampshire demonstrates to me that you must be very uneducated or very mentally ill! You're parents will let you back homeand get you a place in Minnesota if you come home! I hope you wake up Herbert! Please!

mainestategop said...

@steven, where were you living at the time? I bet it was a Democrap area or some republican yet leftish area of the country. You didn't finish school so that's a problem, dropouts make 42% less or even less than that then graduates.

If you are as stupid as you claim you are you should have gotten SSI. But that's the price you pay for trusting government.


I know plenty of people who work work work work on minimum wage and they are doing better because one, they finished school, two, they lived in conservative areas and didn't have to pay much, third, they were dillegent and eventually got a raise and beat the min. wage.

If you are still on min. wage after a year, either you need to get a new job or your really stupid.

I became homeless during the late eighties because I couldn't work anymore.

There's the other problem. YOu stopped. You gave up or whatever else. What happened?

stephen bowler said...

I was living in both conservative and liberal places including west Texas which was the worst! It doesn't matter where you live its always work! work! work! work! I couldn't graduate because I was disabled! How dare you make fun of me for being disabled! I tried I really did! They didn't give me SSI because most people didn't believe ADD or Asperger's existed! They just wrote me off as lazy or just dumb! Not dumb enough to get on SSI! That's Wrong! I had to rely on government assistance checks instead! I even went to jail for being homeless!

Eventually I couldn't work anymore because I got injured and went crazy but they still wouldn't let me on SSI. It was only with help from relateives that I got back on my feet!

You really are ignorant and closed minded! Shame on you for putting down the disabled!

mainestategop said...

Where in Texas exactly? Because while Texas is cheap and a good place for someone like you to live in, not all of it is good and cheap.

I'm not making fun of you for being disabled. You're not disabled, you've been conditioned by the government, by pop culture, by commie pyschiatrists and by public school no doubt to believe you're dumb and disabled. You've been mentally neutered by the school system I bet. Tell me... Did you're teachers say you were stupid and worthless? Did they hit you? Insult you? Did your parents also insult you?

I know plenty of people like that and they were all that way because of public school and liberal parents!

What about this arrest that happened? Where did that happen?

And what reason did they give you for being turned down for SSI?

What about these government assistance checks?

Steven Bowler said...

I was in Lubbock and Amarillo! I only got paid $2 dollars an hour doing back breaking labor and working at McDonalds! Back in those days McDonalds was far worse! They have automatic machines now, then you had to do everything by hand and multi-task and the managers were all fascists! I had to work 40 to 50 hours a week doing hard work and sometimes I didn't even get a lunch break!! I got fired after I made too many mistakes and talked back at the manager! I got barely a hundred dollars a week and my rend was $350 a month! I had no money left for fun! California was the only place that paid me more but rent was costly because the conservatives got rid of rent controls and regulations against real estate so they could gouge me for more money! I was homeless in Merced California or Merciless Merced as we called it!

I was homeless there because my land lord raised my rent higher than I could afford so I had to leave! The shelters were full and one night I slept out in the wilderness on public land and the police found me and arrested me! The judge had no mercy on me! They all knew I was disabled and that I had trouble finding decent work and I told them about it and said they need to let me go! They didn't care, the judge told me I was irresponsible and and undesiirable! I was fined $250 dollars just because I couldn't afford a place to live! That's not fair! That was when california was conservative under President Reagan who they voted for! I couldn't pay the fine and almost went to jail for a month! The ACLU bailed me out and cleared the charge!

Its all because of you conservative nut jobs that happened! In Europe its only illegal for the cities to allow people to be down and out, they don't punish the down and out the way right conservatives like you do you nazi!


I had to drop out because my guidance counselor said I couldn't make it. He told me to join the service but I didn't want to because we were still fighting the unjust war in Vietnam then! I bet I wouldn't even qualify anyway.

My parents of course punished me whenever I flunked which was often. When I told them I wanted to do it but didn't understand they told me that I still deserved to be punished and have my privligges taken from me. They told me stupid people don't deserve prevligges. They never wanted to help me and told me it wasn't their job. So I dropped out and they kicked me out of the home all because I was disabled. My cousins Herbert's Father and uncle had the same problem but they managed to graduate. Our parents were always strict and hard.

Steven Bowler said...

I got turned down for SSI because despite seeing psychiatrists they didn't believe that ADD or Asperger's existed and back then it wasn't reason enough. I had to live on government assistance checks for the homeless that they had in California. I was homeless in the bay areas for 3 years after my arrest. I couldn't get a job because it didn't pay enough, because now they could find out that i Droppd out of school and didn't finish and because of my arrest. Also a lot of employers were bigots who wont hire homeless unless it's under the table for less then min. wage.

To make things worse the gov assistance checks were always being cut by republicans because they're all racist and selfish and don't care of we die. It was my family in Minnesota that reached out and help me. My big brother and big sister found me and helped me get my own place in St Paul and SSI checks. I recently became my own payee too! But it took a lot ofpushing to get through. I didn't even get my SSI checks until recently when I turned 47. I was only able to get it because I went crazy from all the hard work and all the suffering and poverty!

You republcians are to blame for all I went through!

mainestategop said...

NO! Your Democrat bosses and your parents are to blame! Ha! Homeless in California? What were the police doing going into the woods of Merced to find homeless? You end up homeless in Liberal land, you get screwed. They arrested you to take back the money they gave you and use it as an excuse to steal from you.

You got turned down because they wanted you to go to a lawyer who would rip off your retroactive that they owed you from previous months, and because they're worried you might become independent if you get SSI. Also the California workers get paid more to have you on EBT rather SSI.

The land lord raised your rent because California jacked up taxes especially property taxes. Also the influx of mexicans and other immigrants, raised the housing demand which in turn raises rents putting you out.

Listen to this, while you were homeless in California on the waiting list for housing, illegals and other sewage got put ahead of you. Teenagers who have children out of wedlock get ahead, immigrants get ahead too!

It is the Democrats who are to blame for what you went through. They cursed you with word curses at school and conditioned you to believe you were stupid when the rpoblem is the teachers were so damn lazy they didn't care and didn't teach you.


That is how a public school works. They get paid big bucks from us taxpayers, they didn't do their jobs!! And your parents are left wing sewage and commies for blaming you for why the school is too lazy to help you and why they were too lazy to help you!

Gordon Bowler said...

You have a snappy answer for everything dontcha? Are you sure you're not really Herbert running a crazy right wing blog? No, I know you aren't just kidding, we'd found out if that were so but you sound just like Herbert! CRAZY AND INSANE!!!!

The school did it to me too but its not because they're public school, its because our govenrment is run by special interests and by right wing crazies like you! Just like when I was a kid!

The thing that needs to happen is parents need to take an interest in their children. Our parents didn't and we had trouble. But we took an interest with Herbert. Herbert was failing High School and we helped him and we leaned on the teachers and told them they'd get sued to death for letting herbert be bullied if they did nothing. We could've too under the ADA and even if they got away we'd ruin their reputation and let them know how they let Herbert down.

Herbert graduated barely mostly because we leaned on him. He had trouble because of the bullying, because he had learning disabilities and because the school wasn't paying attention neither.

I also have ADHD. If you were to put a gun to my head I still wouldn't pay attention. Oh yes. It does exist.

Poor uncle Steven. Poor man, he was poor and destitute in slums and streets for over 30 to 40 years. That should not happen!

Steven Bowler said...

He's a closed minded bigot that's why! Its not because of public school! Its because the government is run by right wing bigots just like this blogger! he and the GOP even set up the system to fail just so they can say they failed! In Europe they don't do this! In Europe teachers aren't allowed to do what my teachers did! Merced California was very conservative! California still is conservative even though they have progressives in the majority! They support those fascist laws that punish the homeless! They even voted for Reagan Twice!

These right wingers can't be reached! I don't know what Herbert is thinking but he might be as closed minded. Herbert wont ever come back until he learns his leasson the hard way and and he loses everything because of the free staters and right wingers!

HERBERT! IF YOUR READING, LISTEN! You're parents are sorry and they'll take you back and get you aplace in Minnesota as soon as your back! They wont be hard on you anymore! They were wrong to do that!

mainestategop said...

Those laws were put there to force you into expensive failing housing including failed government housing.

In Britain Teachers abuse their students just like in America. Best thing to do was homeschool but its illegal in the UK and some of the us thanks to liberal deadbats like the Bowlers and the NEA teacher bum unions.

California conservatives aren't anywhere near conservative. They have a few values but they support government abuse and problems caused by government intervention.

Merced. HA! Surfers, bums, illegals pot heads and desert rats. Not very many genuine conservatives there. Even during the 80s. The only reason Reagan got elected twice is because his opposition was worse than Bernie Sanders!

They should sell California to China. Pay off all our debts for it.

God Steven you really have been ruined by the schools!

steven said...

I was ruined by government run by right wing republican a-holes like you! And now you're ruining Herbert by luring him to New Hampshire, a crappy so called "free state" Where they have hardly any social programs that could help him and others like him. Homeschooling doesn't work neither! The only reason it looks like it works is because America's education system is so terrible that even homeschooling is better. They'd never be able to match with Europeans who care about their kids!

California conservatives aren't anywhere near conservative. They have a few values but they support government abuse and problems caused by government intervention.

OH NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That's a lie! California is still conservative and very right wing and fascist! its true that the majority of people who live there are educated and liberal but most of them do not speak out or participate in government the way conservatives do! California is run by land owning business running republican nazis like you! The people maintaining the system are uneducated misinformed automatrons like the people who read your garbage! Many of them racists!

Merced was and still is conservative! I read recently that the mcDonalds there refuses to allow homeless people to eat there! That's discrimination at its worst!!! SHAME SHAME!!

The Democrats are the ones who oppose most of the government abuse! hillary Clinton used to help children with disabilities who were being abused by the state of Arkansas and the state of Missouri! Both bible belt states I might add! None of you rednecks did a thing to help! Hillary and the progressives came to their aid! They also made it illegal to discriminate against disabled children in schools and helpedset up special ed. Did the right thank her! NO! THEY DIDN'T! They branded her a communist and a traitor! ALL FOR HELPING PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES!

Herbert! I hope you're okay! Please come home!

Anonymous said...

Yeah now he lives in a redneck state full of Go pat Go! Nazi republican free staters! Why the hell does he want to live in Oklahoma or New Hampshire! Choose blue Herbert! Choose Massachusetts or Vermont! They have jobs and they have programs that could help you! You're getting nowhere working for the man in a pizza joint and sharing an apartment in a city full of winos and free state mental dregs!

mainestategop said...

yes Herbert come home! Live your life on retard pension and be a slob and a loser as you're parents intended. Or you can continue on the path you are, learn a skill and climb the ladder.

If California is right wing then New York must be a red state. I've been to Merced btw and I saw plenty of homeless and plenty of the usuall stoned out Dem voters. They must've been rinos.

mainestategop said...

Choose blue! Take the blue pill and stay on welfare as a loser.

Anonymous said...

I live in California and the people who you say are conservative are actually liberal. How do I know? They support the government and many of them are relatives of mine. Merced? I've been there. The city is loaded with homeless. They also got tons of illegals, mexicans, stoned out leftists ETC. Gimme a break! I doubt you've never been to Merced otherwise you must really be stupid as you say you are steven.

Also California abuses the disabled all the time. They shut down that one place they had up in Sonoma county where they had these retarded adults and children being raped and abused by the inmates. All the liberals came to who's side? THE GOVERNMENT's! NOT THE DISABLED! THE GOVERNMENT!

Liberals really are nazis. Cali proves this. Also I agree that we should sell the state to China. shut it down. I'd rather it go to the red chinks than to Mexico and the illegals or hippies.

Anonymous said...

Two possibilities, no three possibilities, Steven Bowler is a fiction made up by Herbert's family to get him to go back to being a slave of Wisconsin, Steven Bowler is a automatronic lazy piece of liberal scum who's been conditioned to be a welfare bum and drone who votes Democrat or 3 He really is stupid.

He says he loves to be a slave. Be on SSI welfare ETC. Live in a nursing home for retards. Either he is stupid or he is a lazy piece of excrement.

That's what they did to me! I didn't finish school! I dropped out and just lied about it! I had to work low wages and work very hard! They worked me down to the nub! I was even homeless 3 times for almost a decade because of all the problems going on!

There's your problem. Your parents sent you to a public school where they did nothing but put you down and didn't help you, then you dropped out and didn't get a GED or a diploma somewhere else and then you let yourself work at jobs you were not good at and got pushed down.

Look. I worked at McDonalds, I worked at a construction site it was hard but I got used to it because I'm used to working and I'm good with my hands. You OTOH are not. You said you got fired from McDonalds back then before they had machines and you did everything by hand and multi-task. Well I had no problem with that growing up. Yeah, I could do everything and multi-task some people can't do that. You couldn't.

You should've gone to look for a job you could do and not get "worked down to the nub and go crazy, you should've also gotten your GED or diploma and you should then go to adult ed and learn a marketable skill." And you aren't learning disabled. You just kept getting knocked down by your parents and teachers that you have no self-esteem or confidence so you couldn't do it! You were conditioned.

Get off your ass and get a job! Well your over hill now so that's probably not gonna work.

Anonymous said...

People or I should say excrement like Steven Bowler really do exist I'm Afraid. Its either they're born stupid or their parents and the public schools dumb them down to become stupid. They are excrement because that's what public schools do. They don't graduate our kids they excrete our kids. Even if they graduate the only future they have is fast food, ditch digging, janitorial work (or we'll now use the now politically correct term, sanitation technician) Grocery bagger or for the most part they're unemployed and shiftless. Illegal aliens do most of that work now.

I see people like Steven Bowler everyday. They sleep in doorways at night and in alleyways or on the pavement, they live in shelters they're out begging and panhandling because they can't get a job anywhere. Steven and others like him are the flotsam and jetsam of society. Its not that they don't want to its that they can't. They are unemployable.

Anonymous said...

The Bowlers are such simpletons. I feel sorry for Herbert. They claim to love him and want the best for him but they smoother him and keep him down and blame him for why they failed to help him and why the government is so stupid and corrupt!

Anonymous said...

The south back then was hardly conservative and neither was California. At best they were right of enter. These guys wanted the government to run our lives and take care of us. Governor Reagan BTW raised taxes twice in that city. The only conservative I know of in that state was John G Schmitz. Real conservatives don't want taxes and a big fat stinkin government butting in where it shouldn't go. Arkansas and Missouri had stupid laws that said a business wasn't allowed to serve black people. the way they tell it today, the people were allowed to discriminate no. You weren't allowed to and at best there were places where you could serve black folks but they had to be segregated a certain length and the segregated areas has to be a certain size and so on. Its ridiculous and they did the same for disabled people.

Herbert said...

THis is Herbert Bowler. I don't care what you all say anymore. I'm better now than I was before. In fact I don't give a shit if they raise my rent. I can always some other place to live. I have friends, I have a job, I have dignity. More than I ever did back in filthy nasty Wisconsin!

TO uncle Gordon, F**k you you fat piece of s**t. I haven't forgotten how you made pig noises about me and say I eat too much and yet claim that you were made fat by the meds.

To my parents, you can also go do the same and drop dead. You never wanted me to be independent and work and you never ever wanted me to hold down a job. I also know you got rid of the money. Spent it all on not needed treatment! You'll hear from my attorneys soon. You abandoned me when I was at school and rather than just leave me alone to myself and my money you held me captive in a poverty state like Wisconsin, controlled me than blamed me for all the stuff that went wrong.

To Uncle John, YOu're the worst of them all! I remember how you slapped me for getting agitated after you all called me names and said I would never ever work like I am now. I also remember you called the job sites and warned them about me claiming i was crazy!

TO Aunt Jill, I don't know why you were diagnosed but doctors are not always right. And Its not a temper tantrum to stand up for myself against abusive relatives and parents. I don't have to lay down and roll over and take it when I'm called terrible terrible names when they all failed to help me and failed to get me a job.

You wrote I was diagnosed with a mental illness too just like you Herbert. I have bipolar disorder... I didn't argue like you did about the diagnosis. I just accepted it and rolled with it. You should too... These people are profesionnals they're right. They wouldn't just rely on your parents word against yours.

You argue argue argue about everything Herbert. You argue about money, about jobs, about the government, about politics, about video games, about the economy, about your diagnosis, about school. ARGUE ARGUE ARGUE ARGUE ON AND ON AD NAUSEUM...

You were diagnosed so they could make money. Anyways this family argues all the time over me. They argue at me when I stand up for myself and try to make myself better but you give yourself and the F**ked up family a pass. I am the only one who doesn't get a pass.

I will not roll with something tht isn't true nor will I accept something that isn't true about me. I don't have to its my right. Neither should you. the doctors could be wrong. You need question them. Don't roll over. I'll never be like you!

Aunt Esther you're just as bad. You stood upt for the bad guys against me. You know its inappropriate to verbally abuse someone having a hard time but you allowed it to continue. i didn't need help and be better off if it weren't for this evil family.

The rest, you're all either socialists or abusers and sadomasichists. You don't care about me you care about helping the goernment get away with hurting me. I'm better now and will always do better. No thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

We should disregard the above comment. he's angry, he's puffed up, you know its not the first time he's been that way. That's not him talking, that's the mental illness he has talking.

He'll wise up in a year maybe two. He'll come crawling back to Appleton Wisconsin and come back to beg for more.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of hypocrites. Herbert Bowler needs to be responsible for himself and take care of himself. Friggin looney tunes. The Bowler family is the one that's mentally ill not Herbert.

Gerald said...

Herbert, I hope you're having a happy Thanksgiving! You're welcome back anytime your belief that no government is best doesn't work out and your homeless again

Anonymous said...

People like the Bowlers give Democrats a bad name.

And why didn't Voc Rehab give him a job if things were great there! I know he's a nut and a retard but that's not helping him!

Jeff gilman said...

Sorry Reuben but your arguments don't cut it.

I used the almost exact same argument word for word against my parents and the doctors when I argued about my condition.

I mean 2 + 2 = 4? That's one of the worst of them all. I tried it and Roger did too. "OH! 2 + 2 = I am right and your not! There's nothing wrong with me otherwise 2 + 2 isn't 4 anymore!!"

My dad said to me, son, Math has nothing to do with your mental problems and your conditions. 2 + 2 will always equal four no matter what. You are still mentally ill, you still need treatment!!!!

One of my psychiatrists pointed out and I quote, "How does your being mentally ill mean that 2 + 2 doesn't = 4?"

He also said this... "well Jeff, if your concept of reality and what's happening can't do basic math, your more mentally ill than I thought."

The psychiatrists I went to weren't mean, they weren't bad, they just spoke like it is and shot down every arguement I could make against my problems.

Roger and Herbert have problems as well.

I'm not anti-capitalist Reuben but I put it to you this way, if your concept of reality and the reality of Herbert Bowler and Roger Bauer's mental state can't do math, then your in trouble.