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Monday, July 11, 2016

liberals are hyenas

Liberals have hyenas and jackals for animal role models, Conservatives have Lions and Tigers. If a Lion fights a Lion, he roars his challenge and they duel one on one for the territory. If a Lion roars his challenge to a hyena, the hyena accepts, and the Lion finds himself surrounded by the whole Hyena clan.

With a Firestone tire and lighter fluid. Lions know this, so their medicine for hyenas is simply to wander around in the dark until their night vision gets extremely acute, and at 2am when laughing hyenas are wandering between watering holes and scavengers’ hotspots, to come up on individual hyenas in the dark seperated from their by one closing in on their blind spot while saying nothing. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Most lions when they get weak are eaten alive by hyenas that rip their bellies open and laugh eating their innards while lions painfully die. Lions seem to know this.

They really hate hyenas. Check it out. Long distance mobility on foot plus going lethal quickly and quietly in the dark, is the formula. Problem is, we have morals and like to sleep easier at night. If the hyenas that are NAMBLA pedophiles had little flags to tell them apart, you could break into the pest control business with a happier heart.

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