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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Indian gas station chain run by buddhists free of terror oil(mukti petroleum)

A new gas station and convenience store chain has popped up all over the country mainly in New York called Mukti gas and petroleum. The gas station many allege is a muslim owned chain that like many other gas stations promote Islamic missions in America and fund the creation of mosques.

This is a different one however. The gas station is in reality run by Indians. Hindus and Buddhists mainly buddhists. Rather than promoting the building of mosques everytime you pay at the pump, you promote Buddhism either in the form of new pagodas, temples and zen meditation centers like the one I used to pass by on the road to Ellsworth Maine going through Brewer or those nice monks who walk around handing out tokens and amulets in major cities.

As a Christian i take a step back since I object slightly to promoting a non-christian faith but what gas company doesn't somehow? Buy from Citgo and you promote Venezuelan communism. Buy from Exxon Mobil you help the Saudis line their pockets and build mosques. Buy from BP and 7-11 its Hinduism buy from Mukti and expect to see more big fat buddha statues and pagodas and more meditation centers pop up all over America.

Then again not that they already are.

I'd prefer a secular or pro-christian approach but that isn't available. When it comes to choosing between nice plump bald men in red robes handing out amulets and meditating or jihadists Muslims I'd go for Mukti.

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