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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Right to work law saving the day in Michigan but a long way to go

The right to work law enacted in 2012 is bringing back jobs as well as hope to the people of Michigan. Michigan is among the worst states to live in the country. Granted the upsurge in jobs is thanks to the fact that so many people have fled the state's high poverty and crime as well as the new low taxes and the removal of union power.

It was because of the unions both the private and public sector ones that Michigan suffers as it does now. The unions bankrupted the auto industry forcing them to either shut down or outsource their jobs and the public sector unions which bleed businesses dry of taxes and demand higher and higher taxes still while catering to welfare bums, gang bangers and illegal aliens.

As capcon magazine reports the right to work law, incomes in Michigan grew faster than all but two other states during the first three months of 2016 according to a new report from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Its not all sun nd roses. Nationwide, state incomes grew 1.0 percent on average during the period, ranging from a loss of 1.3 percent to Washington’s 1.5 percent gain. Personal income grew in every state except Wyoming and North Dakota.
Higher incomes are good news for individuals and the state economy. But they are a challenge for unions struggling to sustain the narrative, which they promoted before and since Michigan enacted its right-to-work law in 2012, that the measure leads to lower worker pay and family incomes. Unions coined the phrase “right-to-work-for-less” to advance their argument.

Michigan's right to work law is based on a similar measure in Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the cheapest places to live, like Michigan. Which is directly related to number of union members.
Michigan union membership is at 15%, Kentucky is at 11%. One wouldn't want to be in New York (highest percentage of Unions) or Connecticut/New Jersey (Horrible tax rates).

Right to work hurts nobody but the Union boss's wages. Not to mention liberal influence. Families that do not struggle are less likely to believe the lies and falsehoods and false promises of liberals. Not to mention that many have been fed up by failed government and failed programs.

Michigan is still a bad place to live due to crime, poverty and the economy still slugs but things are getting better gradually.

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