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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Seattle's homeless crisis 12: Rape at Share

In our last 11 episodes we chronicled the homeless crisis in Seattle Washington created by liberals and a particular nasty group of homeless who have started their own mafia of sorts. Share Wheel. In this episde we'll look at a devastating rape that took place at a tent city under Morrow's protection.

 rape at share

Imagine you're a single mother of four, pregnant, and looking for work. Your husband dumps you and You lose your apartment and end up living in a tent encampment. The camp is far from social services. Going to job interviews means leaving your teenage children to care for the younger kids in a cold wet rat infested environment devoid of constructive pastimes. An encampment full of strangers some of whom may be and are sex offenders. Your sixteen year old daughter is the target of attention from older men. One day you come home to find that she has made the mistake of leaving the camp with some of them. They befriend her, gain her trust and the boys get her drunk and because of one mistake She is intoxicated and she has been sexually assaulted.

Sounds like a nightmare? Nah, just the beginning: the nightmare is when the camp kicks the kid to the curb for violating the zero tolerance policy on alcohol and creates such an uproar that she runs away to keep her family from being evicted with her. Where does she run? To her thirty year old ex-boyfriend. This man, who gets her hooked on heroin, gets her pregnant then pumps her out. Bonus points: the boyfriend used to work for SHARE. He told coworkers about his ideas on teen-age girls, their vulnerability to experimentation with substances, and how easily manipulated they are once addicted...

Seattle police were unable to apprehend the rapist because one of the ECs tipped him off and he ran like the wind. This kind of thing is common in Share. Women who are raped are often blamed even when alcohol or narcotics are not involved.

Nearly a year before any of this occurred. One of Murrows coworkers was terminated from SHARE, for, among other things, voicing concerns about this kind of disclosure. Sure enough, it wasn't just idle talk. And this is just of so very many untold stories of Scott Morrow's little fifedom.

One other incident was of a man wanted for child molestation in Tacoma who stayed at the encampments and was never checked for warrants or sex offenses.

And that's just for starts, it turns out that many at the tent cities object to sex offender checks and these same people sympathized with the young rapist. Seattle tent cities are a safe haven for the worst kind of criminals. The encampment cited "invasion of privacy." Puhlease! If you're so concerned about privacy why not respect young girls and their space!

Just another typical episode of liberal filth in Seattle, one of the liberal cesspits of America.


Anonymous said...

Anymore about Share Wheel and this crap going on? Has Seattle fessed up and thrown them off city hall yet??

Anonymous said...

They're still there. I was in Seattle two days ago. Its actually the county Administration building not city hall but it doesn't matter, they wont do anything about it. They benefit from these bums and the taxees doled out to the govrenment on their behalf. Its just like with the illegal aliens. They want a handout and the government gets a cut. Also they're all Democrap voters so more the marryer. The state, the fed, the county, the city, they're all in on it. So is the people. Seattle is the most liberal city in the country so it's not surprising that its happening.

LG said...

I used to stay at Share. They do this all the time. I was attacked while staying at Bethany Lutheran. I became homeless after I was laid off from my job in California and went north because I heard things were better. I stayed at Bethany and was told it was the best place they had. I guess not because was assaulted at night by another guest who wanted my money, I told him that all I had was 5 dollars that I needed for commuting to Auburn and he began beating me, grabbed my wallet and my cell phone and took my money and social security card from it. He broke my nose. When I tried to use the phone in the kitchen I was told by our EC Ron that I was not allowed to call the police and that we were gonna let it go after he gave me back my money, SS and ID. I told him I wanted to file charges for assault he then told me that if I did was was evicted. I picked up the phone, dialed 911 and asked for a squad car and ambulance. The guy who hit me came at me with a knife, demanded that I put down the phone or die which I did. I hung up. He then beat me again. Ron the EC told me that I had to leave tomorrow morning because I dialed 911 without EC permission. He never even said a word to the other guy for punching me. When I argued with him Ron called for an emergency meeting in the kitchen and he told everyone that Share policy forbade calling 911 unless the EC gave permission no matter what. When I spoke up about violence not being allowed he shouted at me to sit down and shut up. I spoke up again and everyone in the shelter yelled at me to go to hell and shut up and that I was a faggot which I'm not, I just wanted an ambulance, I was then told by Ron to get my stuff and go which I did. I walked down the road to a restaurant where I called 911 on my cell phone. The police went to the church to arrest but The guy who hit me and robbed me left the shelter sometime later in the other direction and I was taken to the hospital. He got arrested later on in Spokane for robbing another guy again. Share basically shielded and protected a criminal. When I got out of the hospital I tried to screen back into share but all the indoor shelter screeners refused to let me in because the guy who robbed me was popular with everyone in SHARE. One of the screeners told me this and said that his EC had told him not to let me back in. The other screeners either told me I was a faggot for talking to the police and wanting to file charges or that they had instructions not to let me back in. I screened into Tent city 3 instead and stayed there for a month and then left to go back to California. It was pretty intense. I told Scott Morrow about it and i found out that all he did to the bastards in bethany Lutheran was to order them to permanently bar the guy who hit me and to have the Ron the EC step down. That's all that happened. They didn't close the shelter, they didn't punish the screeners they just gave them a slap on the wrist with a sponge ruler. i was crushed.