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Friday, July 15, 2016

What if 'Red Dawn' Had Actually Occurred?


Anonymous said...

They had a similar scenario with World in conflict. Set in 1989, the Ruskies invade via Seattle and NYC. Jetfighter 1 and 2 also had a red dawn scenario with a communist coup in Mexico and an invasion of california by the LARA The latin American Rebel alliance. I think Jet fighter 4 also had it as well. The soviets provided support for the invasion.

It would be a bold gambit and I believe it would be possible if we rediuced our defensive spending and disarmed everyone and if they had support from Latin America.

Kyle said...

Two things, one, N. america is of strategic importance to Russia. The great plains is the continent's bread basket and the state of California also at this time had strong agriculture. It was known as the salad state and the granola state. Also you have large oil deposits (albeit, hale oil but still valuable.)

The problem is, having the strength to invade, the stamina to keep invading and the possibility of being nuked.

World In conflict, the soviets invade Norway and the pacific NW and I think NYC. They do this with the intention of checking the US military in Europe. The main goal however is the penetration of Washington state to reach the American base at the cascade mountains where the star wars program is so as to disable America's anti-nuclear defense. In this timeline, star wars isn't a bunch of crap and everyone knows it.

In the Jetfighter series, America invaded by Latin american communists after Mexico's government collapses. The Lara or Latin-American rebel alliance takes over Baja Mexico, kills the governor and stages and invasion in LA and SF with Soviet help. (trump sweats nervously) LARA fights multiple battles against the American army.

The scenerios are unrealistic. In order for the USSR to succeed in invading the US, it would need support from subversives within, the US would need to be in turmoil domestically and militarily with its military either depleted through spending cuts or over extended in various parts of the world. Latin America would also be a neccessary alliance which is why Kissinger and Nixon constantly worked to thwart Socialist uprisings in that part of the world.

If it came to war it would likely be in Europe with some nuclear weapon usage.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, no, no, no, There would never be a war in America especially one involving Latinos. If there ever was, it would fail. The ruskies would be chucked out, any leftists whether or not they participated in any revolt along with hispanics would be lynched or hanged by the people.

The wolverine scenario is also unrealistic. I get so sick of right wing hillbillies thinking that they can take on the US with some weapons and they could work magic just like that. BALONEY! America's military is too strong for an invasion or revolt! The militia movement would be driven into the foot hills. Wolverines would have been wiped out. There's no possibility of any of those things happening here. Not one.

In the event of an invasion, citizen militias would only be good for recon, surveying, maybe harrassing smaller enemy units but they'd never stand a chance in battle like in Red Dawn. They could never do things like liberate a gulag, take out an army or even stand up to one in the woods of Colorado. They'd get knocked out in no time.