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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

mainestategop policies on Trump and JTF

I have gotten more and more complaints from Trump supporters because I allow dissenting views on Trump especially from Chaim Ben Pesach. LET ME REMIND EVERYONE THE FOLLOWING!!

  • The New England Alliance for liberty and Free markets supports Donald Trump officially
  • Mainestategop blog is somewhat independent from NEALFM. It is a free blog run by NEALFM members to communicate pro-capitalist pro-American views
  • Dissenting viewpoints on Trump are permitted on mainestategop
  • Those who object are free to write an article as long as it is peaceful and meets standards.
  • Chaim Ben Pesach is an honorary member or NEALFM but he does not effect our policies. 
  • JTF is an independent Jewish conservative organization not related to NEALFM. This holds True to affiliates, JewsagainstObama, JewsagainstHillary and JewsforPalin. It is based in New York city and run totally by Chaim Ben Pesach AKA Victor Vancier and his accomplice David Ben Moshe. The organization was founded in the early 90s and predates NEALFM and Mainestategop by nearly 2 decades
  • JTF is allowed to be broadcast on Mainestategop but does not really reflect the views of Mainestategop or NEALFM
  • Dissenting video and articles do not neccessarily reflect the views of Brian Ball, or NEALFM or its members
  • This goes true for all its posts and articles
  • NEALFM is also not in any way affiliated with the Roman Catholic church, St Michaels, Media, Citadel Catholic Media, Michael Voris Alex Jones or Ray Allerman. We  do post their videos.
  • DITTO For all non affiliated organizations who's videos are on our website
  • While NEALFM does not fully agree with Trump, We officially support him against Hillary Clinton who is a communist, a constitution shredder and a disaster for America and civil liberties if she is elected president.
There... Please for God sakes, stop spamming my Email box with whining complaints that were against Trump. Were not. We allow dissenting voices against him. Mainestategop is not completely part of NEALFM and is free to post.

Reagan at his best in the 1984 debates!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

august hate mail from liberals

AND NOW: LIBERAL HATE MAIL! Here are some of the Email and comments on youtube and my blog  I got for this month. 


Kay B writes: I guess your butt hurt still losing the debate about Sarah Palin and communism with sammy Jeans. Racist nut.

Vampiressondaprowlq sez: Oh go away! Stay off my channel you fascist libertarian nut! Who's funding your blog! TELL ME! I'll FIND OUT!! TELL ME WHO YOUR RIGHT WING BACKER ARE AND WHO IS PAYING YOU TO LIE FASCIST RIGHT WING HYPOCRITE!!

Wez neck: That's not Holland! Stop posting fake videos making fun of Muslims you racist!

SAMMYJEANS1:I guess you think of your employees as simple tools to be worked and worn out at minimum profit to themselves and maximum profit to you, if they get sick fuck em. Call me crazy but I consider healthcare a basic human right. I don't know about the people in Mass but someone around here is definitely crazy. Are you a hundred years old? That would explain your total lack of a grasp on reality. Listen Pops, we'll take care of things, just relax in the woods, everything is going to be fine with Clinton in office. After all, she is basically a good moderate Republican. Trump is a reality show con man, the fact that he is your candidate just goes to show the sorrowful state your grand old party is in. Have fun being irrelevant, we'll take it from here.

Guzi1111: You filthy Capitalist SCUM! I regret subscribing to your channel I had no idea you were a reactionary! Maine is not communist! Filthy fascist! Long live The Proletariat! Long live the revolution!

Geoangle writes: Leave muslims alone stupid. You need to read the Koran and the bible. Christians like you can be just as bad. Leave them alone racist. YOu just don't like it that a lot of brown people are moving in and the place isn't as white as it was.

SiegHeilSweeden88: This whole weblog is Jewish! Its paid for by Jews and for Jews just like Donald Trump! I am ashamed of people comparing me to that buffoon!

Jeremywinters writes: I got done watching the video oldfartrants did about you again. Laughed out loud. I see you still havn't changed. So what happened to all those homeless people you paid to blog for you loser?

Khalidsheikblacklivesmatter666 America and Christianity is the white man fool! Were gonna burn down this whole nation and kill all you white people and your children. Black lives matter [lines of swearing] only black lives matter! This case in this M***** F****er gonna waste you all! White people will be extinct in 20 years and we'll be taking over in this b***ch! know what I say? Burn your town, your kulture your music we don't need white books white culture!


Proletariat Inc writes: I just want you to know that me, my friends and my cousin flagged your f****ing blog and channel. Spreading nothing but lies on youtube and hating on Muslims! Shame! And stop saying Maine is communist you pig! IT ISN'T Nothing is communist in America! Not yet!

Chuck-U Farly writes: schools should not be used for religious propaganda and especially at the expense of the tax payers! No one should be allowed to pray there! its for learning not talking to delusions of bearded dictators! writes: If you hate maine so much why don't you leave!? I'll even pay for your ticket! Scum like you are making us look bad! Yeah were poor but its not because of communism or whatever! Its because were a rural hick state run by the guy who founded that stupid store Mardens and by all these stupid hick bastards who vote like you! LEAVE! Hey you! The Jews are all gonna get theirs!!! You are a braindead brainwashed loser! Brainwashed by K**es! I sent you the info about their activity and you ignore it! Ha! Keep it up loser!

Stefan Filipovits Writes: Thanks circus ring master for the entertainment I've enjoyed on Youtube this summer! As my buddy Oldfartrants would say, Peace and love that's where its at!

Clydesight77 writes: You lost the debate big time right wing fascist! You can't argue for beans! You got nailed on Christianity by oldfartrants and MccainX No pun intended. Actually yes it is! HA! STUPID!

EricKinsley Writes: Religion; What the foolish believe , the wise ignore, and the politician see's as useful". Forget where I heard or read that years ago, but in your case its more than less true.

Irishshannontomato writes: You are a fascist because you oppose the IRS and support Trump. Libertarian Fascist nazi anti-gay homophobe bigots like you want to take money from the lower class and keep it and not have to pay just like in Hitler's conservative Nazi lunatic asylum.

Donahuerad Writes: Why don't YOU go live in China since you like banks so much you fascist racist homophobe wanker! writes: OH please! We all know the real reason things are bad is because taxes are too low! Its the government's job to take care of everyone and make sure that material needs are met! We are awash in wealth! I say jack the taxes higher!!

Montaguegrecco writes: Stop mouthing off about my home city of Chicago and leave  the police alone! I don't know  what the hell is wrong with you! Everyone is a communist everyone is a nazi what are you 7 years old? My kid is 6 and he can do a better channel than you can! STUPID FASCIST!!!

DarkDemionicphase writes: Satan wins and you lose! Your comments are proof of how stupid Christians are and that there is no way your God will succeed! SATAN WINS! WE WIN!! writes: G** D*** how stupid! the soviet union is dead you moron! You got what you wanted! The whole earth is run by corporations, the poor and the helpless are forced to help them selves, elections and governments in third world nations are rigged and run by Wall Street investors, The government is smaller than it was in my day and my fathers time and even the Democrats work for the establishment. In short, were far from communist were about as conservative as you can get! I wish to any god out there that they did bring back the USSR and fixed thing like we tried to do when I was a kid back in the sixties and seventies! Oh la dee dah! I got a reply from a stupid C*** conservative from Maine. You know what? I don't care. F*** YOU!

Herkrants: This is a misappropriate use of the Internet and public airwaves. Its our internet so broadcast should be privlige administered by the people. No right wing faggots allowed!

IanAttkinson: Your a Christian but you don't believe in what you preach? Thou shalt not bear false witness! That's all you do on your stupid blog and channel! LIE! LIE! LIE! Either that or your delusional and mentally ill!

That'slife98 Writes: F**K YOU AND DONALD TRUMP!! writes: Stupid white man! You make all the other white people look stupid with your videos! Donald Trump wants to make America his private estate and make all of us his B***hes! He wants to take away food stamps from people who work and aren't getting paid enough by the man and losing their stuff! I swear if we elect him were not gonna make it!

88Siegheilfromcanada writes: Leave Hitler alone Jew! Hitler was a great man! The greatest leader who ever lived! I support him, Franco, Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat! writes: You never saw Chiraq so why are you writing about!? What are you stupid! F**K YOU FASCIST!!! RACIST NAZI FASCIST HOMOPHOBE RACIST RETARD BURGERS!! Look, I used to live in Maine. Its not liberal, its not communist its not socilaist its backwards and stupid. So are you. So stop making my homestate look bad by lying about it being communist and saying your from there. K?

Trumpzombiehunter Writes: You and the other free staters are what's wrong with New Hampshire! We have no income tax, no sales tax and teeming masses of poverty. Maine is sort of like that too. You hicks need to go find another place to terrorize.

Marxistrevolutions Writes: I just learned that conservativism is a  mental illness just by reading your comments on my channel. HA!

Gistforgeist writes (Oh did he?)

The reason the world is dark is because Reagan took away the t-bird, the barberques, the fruit loops, he took away my everything even my pension!!! My father fought for this country in Korea and Vietnam and reagan dumped him on the streets for what? FOR WHAT FOOLS!? The GOP is the party of the nazi brigaders and penguin jelly sponges! They want to throw me out of my lotadila onto my skevit once the pensions dry up for nothing! Nothing! While I sit and starve and reep! Gop fascists sitting in drooperchairs, contemplating tax cuts for the fat cats, tax cutting for the rich people while we starve for want of an eggnode, while starbucks frapacuinos are only the best with robitusen. Sprites on my pc collide with the night while Bush and Trump file suit to stop the legal proceedings of social security and chucknology!! Its the end of america if you fascists elect trump! Take away our food and our jobs overseas to china on a radish pickle Yoda cloud!! I will come for you first republican fascist snotrag! I'll radish you with my concealed carried yam and bang you all over the side of the sinpad! YAM! YAM! YAM! Repent wicked sinners! Trump will fistilige and pillage and Trumpet the skaxis and the Trumpeting republican Trumpeters are gonna jax the skillet dry with klingon volkswagons making my day! F**K OFF REPUBLICAN FASCISTS!! NAZIS! HEIL DONALD TRUMP MAYNARD REPUBLICANS!!

And finally: OLDFARTRANTS:

Still at it again I see. Really Brian! You must really be more stupid than I thought. I asked you a simple question, prove the bible is real using evidence outside the bible AND YOU CANT!! Religion is BS and a mental illness! Until you or anyone else does so, no one should be allowed to read the bible, no one should  be allowed to vote if they are Christian and any other religion member who can't prove his or her beliefs should also have their right to vote revoked and be put in a mental asylum. And what's this I hear about you finding out where I live? You want to come find me BRING IT ON YOU D**K!!

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton wants to be America's Angela Merkel - ...

Merkel and Clinton: Matchy-matchy

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Liberals deny existence of crime by immigrants and refugees

So last week my youtube channel came under attack for posting "controversial" videos. Two of which were deleted and nearly netting me a two week suspension.

The videos were of riots in Europe. Mainly a riot in the Netherlands against police in a ghetto with African Muslim refugees. The other one was of a riot that took place in Liverpool England. Both are now banned and wont be coming back.

Google, who owns youtube decided to top things off by suspending my channel for two weeks. This usually is what happens every time you get two videos flagged. Its sort of a cooling down policy. A third flag ususally results in the channel being banned permanently. For that reason I have had to store backup copies of my videos to keep them from being lost forever if such a thing were to happen.

Believe me I've had some close calls... The last time when oldfartrants made up lies about me that all my friends channels were sock accounts that I ran, that my associates were ficticious and that the Bush administration and the GOP and other groups paid me to run my channel and blog. This is not true. Though I have had donations such as ALEC and Freedom works given to my organization, The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets, this is perfectly fine. Its free speech.

Also as you know by now, they were not fictional sock accounts. Machias Houlton, AKA minnesotastategop we now know didn't stay in prison in Gemany but was instead thrown out and has made a wide presence known on Youtube and elsewhere I wont go into.

Illinoislibertarian AKA Daniel Tucker who did all those goanimate cartoons that nearly got me in hot water and even got me in trouble with Google and Others, he's real. But he doesn't live in Illinois anymore. He now lives in LA and is a homeless registered sex offender. Turnofffox and oldfartrants later decided to run me over for that one along with a couple of traitors such as Calstategop who oldfartrants even admitted was real. More on that another time.

Recently, Europeans liberals have begun trolling my blog and my channel, taking offense to what I have written about socialism. Their latest outrage is my comments about their new Muslim jihadi neighbors who they love dearly despite all the havoc they've laid in recent months.

It has now gone from making it a no no and hate speech to criticize Islam and its false prophet Mohammed to posting videos of Muslims misbehaving, whether that includes protests in the streets calling for Sharia law or brawls and riots like my video of Muslim sunni and Shia refugees rioting in the Netherlands and beating each other up while police sit by in the back. That too is a no no according to EuroPEONs and liberals in Google.

Even more interesting is that liberals deny that riots are even happening despite wide coverage in American and Russian news networks and scant coverage in European media outlets. Its like everytime a riot takes place, there is usually only one article and its buried, hardly talked about, then some multi-culturalist or Muslim immigrant complains and it is removed for being "offensive."

Then they go to work blocking and flagging videos on Youtube and elsewhere on the internet because "They're offensive and racist! WHAAAAA!" And that they are fake. That its either staged by conservatives paying poor minorities to act or they are incidents in Africa, the middle east or South America.

REALLY?! I mean really!? Fake riots? Even the ridiculous conspiracy theories of the moon landings being faked or that 9/11 was done by our government are more believable than this theory that there are and were no riots in Europe ever!!!

They use several tactics to do this:

first and foremost, they say that Islam is a peaceful loving religion that is incapable of doing these things so its fake, or say things like the buildings in these neighborhoods aren't like my neighborhood in a Paris suburb or Bournemouth so  it must be fake.

First, to borrow a phrase from Don Fedder when talking about Islamic terrorism on the 700 club, "Saying Islam is peaceful is like saying Cornbeef sandwiches are health food."

Second, the third world immigrants who live in these slums are just like the ones we have here in America. They don't take care of their neighborhood and it deteriorates! They are either too lazy or whatever to pick up after themselves and expect  the state to do it for them!

Even citizens including whites are like this! I've been to Europe and its nothing but one big Ptomkin village. I don't have time to go into the details look it up on google Ptomkin village and Prince Ptomkin to know the story but this is what Europe basically is... Even the whites live like that.

Ptomkin village. That's Europe. That's what a liberal town/community/country always is...

Another arguement used by the multi-cultis is that in one of the videos I had or one of my associates had, the cars have license plates and tags that are from a country say, Africa, Turkey, Egypt or Asia. Well many of them DO bring their cars with them or buy and import their cars from their native countries. Thanks to big bucks from welfare these parasites get when they arrive it's possible.

Also, unlike white natives who are hit with heavy fines they can't pay if they don't have proper plates and tags on their car, third world refugees get special rights and privileges and the rules don't apply to them. Why? Because they're poor, because their special. And because Ahmed will cut off your bloody head if you cite him for having out of country tags.

One other argument they used was that the brawlers weren't speaking Dutch or German. Well no duh! You multi-cultis have made it so they don't have to! They don't want to learn Dutch, German or English! They have to motivation or incentive! GREAT JOB! And what a stinking argument! PHEW!

Well anyways to wrap it up, google caved into the demands by Nigel, Basil, Horst, Gunther, Jose, Pierre and Fifi to ban my videos for showing how things are in Godless Europe. They cite how it made them upset at their vegetarian breakfast with their immigrant "friends" and their commie meetings, that its offensive, racist and maybe even bullying to tell the truth about Europe and Islam.

Other videos on other channels I've noticed have also suffered a similar fate as mine. A few videos I wanted to post on my blog that showed attacks by Muslim immigrants including a convert who was a white supremacist attacking a black Christian got banned by pro-Islamic left wing Google.

I emailed google and showed them proof that they were in those countries and that they weren't made up and that the racism allegations were absurd so then, I got an email back from customer services. They told me that while they have agreed to lift my suspension they told me that my videos were still banned and asked me not to upload again. When I asked why they told me that people found them offensive.

The truth is offensive to European  leftists and to Google...

It was still fortunate that I had the strikes taken off and my suspension lifted. Normally Google doesn't do that. Normally they ignore you and allow you to suffer while the left and its Muslim allies raise havoc posting videos where they openly advocate death to the infidels and those who oppose Islam and immigration.

So the next time you see riot videos on youtube be sure to download and save them to your hard drive. Don't let Islam's threat to Europe and the failure of socialism in Europe go down the memory hole! You can download videos from youtube using sites such as which i highly recommend and also a few similar sites. Careful, sometimes they have adware but I say its worth the commercials to get the news out.

And to all you liberals who tell me I'm a racist just because I posted a video of a Muslim rioting, read the Koran or better still move to Paris, Even Better still, Syria if you want to see Islam for what it really is...

New Jersey Gun control kills a defenseless victim again. (government fails again)

Freedom's Safest Place | The Truth About Benghazi

Friday, August 19, 2016

1969 film of Bernie sanders aiding the North Vietnamese in New York (TREASON!)

In this 1969 of a seditious meeting with the notorious communist and terrorist Walter Teague CCCP of New York City, we see Bernie Sanders attending a meeting and a filming of a North Vietnamese communist film that portrays the communist viet cong as freedom fighters and the Americans as torturers and barbarians.

This and other films were shown by student radicals and marxists as Americans were being killed by the North Vietnamese army and the VietCong and as Vietnamese civilians were being murdered, tortured, buried alive and extorted by the communists and their gangster protection schemes of uncle Ho. Before he died, Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Van Hieu, leader of the VC admitted that the mafia protection rackets formed the basis of the vietcong which mercilessly exploited the peasants of rural SVN and killed those they did not like, sometimes for no reason whatsoever.

Even after the end of the war and the annexation of the south and the victory of the communists, loyal communists found themselves murdered by the government in Hanoi. Nearly all of them were killed off in a purge, few survived and lived in exile in Laos, Cambodia and Australia.

The communists enjoyed abusing freedom of the press and freedom of the speech, the result of capitalism while in communist regimes to speak out or even be suspected of dissent would result in one's imprisonment or death. Throughout the Vietnam war and the war on terror, communists and their allies Muslim radicals and other evil groups enjoy protection under the 1st amendment of the US constitution.

Bernie Sanders now lives the life of a 1%er while condemning the very system that allowed him to prosper.

CORRECTIONS: The man in the film is not Walter T Howard but Walter Teague, Former Vietnam war soldier turned traitor and communist just like John Kerry. Yes this is New York City not Downtown Los Angeles. We have updated the article as such

Watch Trump Destroy Clueless Protesters

Black Trump Patriot Destroys Violent Communists

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another email by a JTF opponent

Dear Brian, Are you guys for or against Donald Trump? While I agree with a lot what Chaim Ben Pesach says, I find him divisive and extreme. I am very uncomfortable with his attacks on Donald Trump and Mike Pence. I am also very uncomfortable with the way he attacks black liberals. He sounds like he's attacking all blacks in general. Also even though he's Jewish I don't like how he uses words like kike or hymie to describe left wing Jews like Steven Speilberg, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg. Does the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets give money to JTF? Are you guys a zionist organization? What about Trump?

To whom it may concern:

The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets officially supports Trump. Trump will be easy to control. Hillary Clinton would be a deadly disaster for this country. She would lead this country into full blown communism.  

Despite this we allow dissent against Trump. Our vote to support him was tedious. But Hillary will be a greater disaster for this country than even Obama.

As I mentioned in my previous Emails, Chaim is not a racist or as extreme as he seems. He is made to appear this way by anti-semites, arab media and by liberals including liberal Jews.

Allowing this kind of criticism will light the fire under Trump and Pence's Feet. The American people are fed up with their government and if Trump betrays us, out he goes! Impeachment or death will be the result for Trump. The American people do not want communism, the American majority does not want to be like Europe anymore than it already is made. Obama has ruined lives, many of us have nothing else to lose if Trump becomes like Obama or Hillary God forbid.

Trump and his supporters had better get the job done, anyway our blog shows both sides. There is no official exclusion. All that matters is the protection of American Judeo-Christian values, free market capitalism and the right to own property, be independent and make independent decisions by business and individuals without government interference or intervention.

Chaim Ben Pesach and his program though controversial is thought provking and prophetic. JTF predicts many of these problems that have come up as a result of RINOS and Liberals.

Donald Trump And Mike Pence will also learn that if they double cross the American people the way other Republicans have done in the past, there will be a price to pay for their betrayal of GOP values. Nuff said on that.

Anyway we don't fund JTF Chaim is a minor member, I don't know if David Ben Moshe is but neither dictate our policies or platforms.

Thank you for your concerns


Death by Democide: Blueprint of Mad Men (full film)

Police State 3 -Total Enslavement (2003) Edited for USA

Friday, August 5, 2016

Email attacking JTF and Chaim Ben Pesach from a 9/11 truther and nut

The following is an Email from a viewer claiming to be a conservative and a follower of Alex Jones

To whom it may concern:

You mentioned in your previous post that you were on vacation and would post Youtube videos, mostly videos from your "friend" Chaim ben Pesach who hosts a program called Jewish Task Froce or JTF for short.

I have to tell you that I have information that this person is not the scrupulous and conservative that he makes himself out to be.

Before going on let me point out for the record that I am not a nazi or white supremacist, I do not hate Jews I have many Jewish friends but I oppose Chiam Ben Pesach and so called zionist radicals like him in the Kahanist movement.

Chaim Ben Pesach's real name is Victor Vancier. In the 1980s he was president of the jewish Defense league of New York. The JDL is a terrorist organization that attacks anyone who criticizes Israel in any way. While president of JDL in NYC Chaim Ben Pesach (real name Victor Vancier) Committed acts of terrorism against Chase Manhattan bank and against the consulate of the USSR which endangered relations and heated the cold war in the name of fighting for soviet Jewry. This had no positive effect on helping Jews and only made matters worse. This animal almost caused a nuclear war between our two nations

Chaim went to prison for this and while in prison was anally raped by blacks which is why he is a racist. His programs on public access were loaded with racism against fellow Jews, blacks and hispanics. He is a white supremacist and wishes he was white.

Chaim also had involvment with the IDF in planning the 9/11 attacks. In 1986 in an article in the NY times he bragged that one day, Jews would fly planes into buildings. He even stated in an episode of JTF on september 11th 1994 exactly 7 years before 9/11 (7 being an important number to Jewish extremists) that the WTC would be bombed again. There is no doubt he had some involvment with planning this with the US governnment and Israel to improve sympathy for the state of Israel and villify the palestinians.

Chaim ben Pesach also called for 9/11 truthers like Ron Paul to be arrested by the government and executed. That is nazism in its purest form!

If you are serious Mr Ball in being a libertarian conservative like you claim you are please take these videos down. Chaim Ben Pesach and the Zionits are giving America a bad name. They want to destroy the constitution and destroy our nation!

Here is My response to this troll

Dear Sir or Madam

Regarding your Email everything you have said about chaim Ben Pesach is completely false, the invention of Arab controlled media outlets in the mid-east and white supremacists Not even Alex Jones says this kind of Garbage.

first of all, Chaim AKA victor Vancier attacked Chase Manhattan bank because they were violating a boycott of the USSR proposed by reagan and other patriots. They were doing business with the evil empire and enabling them to commit various human rights abuses including abuses against Jews in the USSR. Chaim Ben Pesach also attacks USSR targets such as a car belonging to a Russian diplomat and tear gassing a ballet in New York.

Chaim was the  put in prison but he was not raped. He had black friends in Prison including a Jamaican guy. Chaim was still tough back then. It was the Neo-Nazis who tried to kill him but failed.

On Chaim's Programs he has been falsely accused of racism. He merely criticizing black culture particularly hip-hop which is embraced more by whites and Asians than Blacks. He also attacks liberal Jews.

For the record, Alan Keyes, Manny Mclittle and Thomas Sowell support JTF. David Ben Moishe's personal physician is a black man who is a conservative and also supports JTF.

The idea that Chaim ben Pesach was behind 9/11 is completely false. The JTF episode you referenced was made in September 14th 1994 and in it Chaim warned that there would be another attack on the trade towers because terrorists are tenacious and will keep attacking until they accomplish their objectives or are wiped out first. At the time it was assumed that it would be done either by a suicide bomber or another truck bomb as in the first attack the previous year.

I am aware of the article in the NY Times you mentioned. Chaim was actually referring to plane hijackings which were very common in the 70s and 80s. The hijackings rather than involving kamikaze attacks were involving ransoms. In no way did Chaim suggest an attack like 9/11.

Chaim's attacks on 9/11 truthers are because 9/11 truth is crap. The theories are easily refuted and have been. For example the claim that 4000 Jews were told by Israel to stay at home. This was broadcast by a Lebanese media outlet loyal to anti-Israel Muslim Nazis. In truth over 180 Jews died in 9/11 including an Israeli Officer who was on one of the airplanes and was killed attempting to disarm the hijackers.

The death threats are not aimed at all truthers just those who are pro-nazi and pro-muslim. Sadly the majority of 9/11 truthers are Islamists and nazis. Many of whom also support Ron Paul.

Perhaps Chaim's remarks were a bit overboard but He has every reason to worry. 9/11 Truth is becoming very much similar to holocaust denial and are aiding and comforting our enemies.

As for JDL while their tactics tend to be over the top, JDL was originally founded to defend Jews who were attacked by nazis, black nationalists, Muslims and other anti-Jewish extremists. They have every right to defend their neighborhoods and fellow Jews as anyone has to defend themselves.

Even Alex Jones doesn't subscribe himself to the insane allegations you have made.

I have been Friends with Chaim and David since 2005. What you have said is false and lies broadcast by nazis, Islamists and others. Please check your facts.

The New England Alliance for Liberty and free markets is not affilated with Jewish Task force or JDL but Chaim is on good terms and is a member of our organization and a supporter. We also post his videos on the mainestategop blog because he is like us, a conservative and a constitutionalist.

Again, please do your homework before concluding against America's interests.

Brian Ball

Massive voter fraud thanks to Obama, Holder, the Democrats and ACORN