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Friday, August 19, 2016

1969 film of Bernie sanders aiding the North Vietnamese in New York (TREASON!)

In this 1969 of a seditious meeting with the notorious communist and terrorist Walter Teague CCCP of New York City, we see Bernie Sanders attending a meeting and a filming of a North Vietnamese communist film that portrays the communist viet cong as freedom fighters and the Americans as torturers and barbarians.

This and other films were shown by student radicals and marxists as Americans were being killed by the North Vietnamese army and the VietCong and as Vietnamese civilians were being murdered, tortured, buried alive and extorted by the communists and their gangster protection schemes of uncle Ho. Before he died, Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Van Hieu, leader of the VC admitted that the mafia protection rackets formed the basis of the vietcong which mercilessly exploited the peasants of rural SVN and killed those they did not like, sometimes for no reason whatsoever.

Even after the end of the war and the annexation of the south and the victory of the communists, loyal communists found themselves murdered by the government in Hanoi. Nearly all of them were killed off in a purge, few survived and lived in exile in Laos, Cambodia and Australia.

The communists enjoyed abusing freedom of the press and freedom of the speech, the result of capitalism while in communist regimes to speak out or even be suspected of dissent would result in one's imprisonment or death. Throughout the Vietnam war and the war on terror, communists and their allies Muslim radicals and other evil groups enjoy protection under the 1st amendment of the US constitution.

Bernie Sanders now lives the life of a 1%er while condemning the very system that allowed him to prosper.

CORRECTIONS: The man in the film is not Walter T Howard but Walter Teague, Former Vietnam war soldier turned traitor and communist just like John Kerry. Yes this is New York City not Downtown Los Angeles. We have updated the article as such


FloridaconservativeforTrump said...

Um... This wasn't very good for a couple of reasons...

First and foremost, we already know its a fact that Bernie Sanders was a commie as a youth. There's nothing new and surprising if he helps Walter distribute enemy propaganda during wartime. (of course we weren't legally in a war so there's nothing we could've done)

Second, That's not Walter T Howard that's Walter Teague III. He was a vietnam veteran like Kerry who went and turned traitor against his own country. He's still alive and has various webpages attacking America and our involvement in Vietnam.

Infowarrior/prisonplanet said...

NO! NO! That's not bernie Sanders! That's just some dumb kid in glasses and that's not New York that's Downtown Los Angeles. I know because I've lived in LA in Santa Monica and Culver city since I was a kid. Look, the signs are in Spanish you don't have that in NYC except in El Bario where they hate commies. Also the Hardhats and the Italians were very anti-hippie. They'd take them down in no time.

I remember Walter Teague and the Hippies were very very active in LA. I saw them a lot when I was in High school (GO VIKINGS!) and they were everywhere. The only people active in opposing them were the neo-nazis under George lincoln Rockwell. Another socialist. Sad.

I also was a leftist until I got older. I guess it was around the 90s when I went into business that I woke up. I can't believe we had that.

Kyle said...

No, You're wrong. That is New York city. You'll note that the people are bundled up in jackets and hats. They normally didn't do that in LA even in winter. I know because I've lived in both LA and NYC. Walter Teague III was active mainly in NYC which WAS communist and still is. Also, a lot of shops have Spanish, Chinese or some other language because the city is multi-cultural. Also the Barios had plenty of marxists then and now. Their only main opposition was Italian construction workers, many of whom had been or had relatives who served in Nam and the Cuban exiles.

Walter Teague III is still alive and has alot of websites about the Vietnam war, all of which attack America as the sole aggressor. I mean he even has something going back to the 19th century when an American navy vessel attacked Hue for whatever reason. No mention whatsoever about Uncle Ho or uncle Chin massacring South Vietnamese villagers or of how they used the American gangster protection racket as the basis for controlling and terrorizing the populace. I remember even watching a documentary where a Viet Cong veteran who survived openly bragged about using terrorism on civilians there. But all I ever heard about going to public school or in the media is that we're the bad guys. Mistakes were made and The south Vietnamese were corrupt and terrible but the N. Vietnamese were even worse!

Ho chi minh and his successors massacred innocent civilians in both the north and the south. When the war was over, all the South Vietnamese who were in the Viet Cong and who supported the communists were rounded up and were either killed or sent to reeducation camps where they died or later were exiled to America and Australia. The viet cong who did survive were northerners who volunteered or were conscripted and went to go fight in the south and even some of them were purged.

Its just like in that tract by Jack Chick the poor revolutionist which he made in 1972 and published again a few years back when Occupy Wall street came up.

If the reds had won, Walter Teague, John Kerry and the rest would've been shot and killed. They were revolutionaries who betrayed their country. They couldn't be trusted. They were nothing but useful idiots. At the most only a few of the really stupid idiotic ones, the sycophants would be spared. That's what Stalin did to the German communists in the 30s and 40s. Walter Ulbrecht and few others were the ones last to live only because Stalin thought they were stooges who could be easily manipulated and controlled by Moscow.

This if anything shows why communism is a failure. Only the ignorant or very weak minded or the very evil could follow it.

Anonymous said...

This is New York city 1969. That's not Walter T Howard that's Walter Teague, he was a vietnam vet who turned turncoat and traitor for Ho Chi Minh. He was active then.

New York City as I remember it then was a commie paradise in some places. In fact in the early part of the last century there was a lot of liberalism and communism even more than California which then was still conservative.