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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another email by a JTF opponent

Dear Brian, Are you guys for or against Donald Trump? While I agree with a lot what Chaim Ben Pesach says, I find him divisive and extreme. I am very uncomfortable with his attacks on Donald Trump and Mike Pence. I am also very uncomfortable with the way he attacks black liberals. He sounds like he's attacking all blacks in general. Also even though he's Jewish I don't like how he uses words like kike or hymie to describe left wing Jews like Steven Speilberg, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg. Does the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets give money to JTF? Are you guys a zionist organization? What about Trump?

To whom it may concern:

The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets officially supports Trump. Trump will be easy to control. Hillary Clinton would be a deadly disaster for this country. She would lead this country into full blown communism.  

Despite this we allow dissent against Trump. Our vote to support him was tedious. But Hillary will be a greater disaster for this country than even Obama.

As I mentioned in my previous Emails, Chaim is not a racist or as extreme as he seems. He is made to appear this way by anti-semites, arab media and by liberals including liberal Jews.

Allowing this kind of criticism will light the fire under Trump and Pence's Feet. The American people are fed up with their government and if Trump betrays us, out he goes! Impeachment or death will be the result for Trump. The American people do not want communism, the American majority does not want to be like Europe anymore than it already is made. Obama has ruined lives, many of us have nothing else to lose if Trump becomes like Obama or Hillary God forbid.

Trump and his supporters had better get the job done, anyway our blog shows both sides. There is no official exclusion. All that matters is the protection of American Judeo-Christian values, free market capitalism and the right to own property, be independent and make independent decisions by business and individuals without government interference or intervention.

Chaim Ben Pesach and his program though controversial is thought provking and prophetic. JTF predicts many of these problems that have come up as a result of RINOS and Liberals.

Donald Trump And Mike Pence will also learn that if they double cross the American people the way other Republicans have done in the past, there will be a price to pay for their betrayal of GOP values. Nuff said on that.

Anyway we don't fund JTF Chaim is a minor member, I don't know if David Ben Moshe is but neither dictate our policies or platforms.

Thank you for your concerns



Anonymous said...

I thought you said you donate to JTF?

mainestategop said...

Well old Chiam is always looking for donations but we don't fund him. There may be people who give him money in my organization but that's their money their desire.

Benyamin Solomon said...

Chaim Ben Pesach is a racist liar. His followers are dummies who believe that everything he says is true. He says stuff like black people climb on trees (i n his videos on Black History Month). He is praised by Stormfront (, the notorious neo-Nazi white supremacist anti-Semitic site while he has the gall to call anyone who disagrees with him one iota in the Jewish community "kapos." He is not good for right-wing Conservatism. All he does it boost the ammo of the left by fitting into their false stereotypes of Conservatives being racist. He is vile and divisive. He does not belong anywhere in the mainstream.

mainestategop said...

Well like I was saying. We don't fully support everything he says and does but most of my friends do. If you want you may write an article about him on my blog.