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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

august hate mail from liberals

AND NOW: LIBERAL HATE MAIL! Here are some of the Email and comments on youtube and my blog  I got for this month. 


Kay B writes: I guess your butt hurt still losing the debate about Sarah Palin and communism with sammy Jeans. Racist nut.

Vampiressondaprowlq sez: Oh go away! Stay off my channel you fascist libertarian nut! Who's funding your blog! TELL ME! I'll FIND OUT!! TELL ME WHO YOUR RIGHT WING BACKER ARE AND WHO IS PAYING YOU TO LIE FASCIST RIGHT WING HYPOCRITE!!

Wez neck: That's not Holland! Stop posting fake videos making fun of Muslims you racist!

SAMMYJEANS1:I guess you think of your employees as simple tools to be worked and worn out at minimum profit to themselves and maximum profit to you, if they get sick fuck em. Call me crazy but I consider healthcare a basic human right. I don't know about the people in Mass but someone around here is definitely crazy. Are you a hundred years old? That would explain your total lack of a grasp on reality. Listen Pops, we'll take care of things, just relax in the woods, everything is going to be fine with Clinton in office. After all, she is basically a good moderate Republican. Trump is a reality show con man, the fact that he is your candidate just goes to show the sorrowful state your grand old party is in. Have fun being irrelevant, we'll take it from here.

Guzi1111: You filthy Capitalist SCUM! I regret subscribing to your channel I had no idea you were a reactionary! Maine is not communist! Filthy fascist! Long live The Proletariat! Long live the revolution!

Geoangle writes: Leave muslims alone stupid. You need to read the Koran and the bible. Christians like you can be just as bad. Leave them alone racist. YOu just don't like it that a lot of brown people are moving in and the place isn't as white as it was.

SiegHeilSweeden88: This whole weblog is Jewish! Its paid for by Jews and for Jews just like Donald Trump! I am ashamed of people comparing me to that buffoon!

Jeremywinters writes: I got done watching the video oldfartrants did about you again. Laughed out loud. I see you still havn't changed. So what happened to all those homeless people you paid to blog for you loser?

Khalidsheikblacklivesmatter666 America and Christianity is the white man fool! Were gonna burn down this whole nation and kill all you white people and your children. Black lives matter [lines of swearing] only black lives matter! This case in this M***** F****er gonna waste you all! White people will be extinct in 20 years and we'll be taking over in this b***ch! know what I say? Burn your town, your kulture your music we don't need white books white culture!


Proletariat Inc writes: I just want you to know that me, my friends and my cousin flagged your f****ing blog and channel. Spreading nothing but lies on youtube and hating on Muslims! Shame! And stop saying Maine is communist you pig! IT ISN'T Nothing is communist in America! Not yet!

Chuck-U Farly writes: schools should not be used for religious propaganda and especially at the expense of the tax payers! No one should be allowed to pray there! its for learning not talking to delusions of bearded dictators! writes: If you hate maine so much why don't you leave!? I'll even pay for your ticket! Scum like you are making us look bad! Yeah were poor but its not because of communism or whatever! Its because were a rural hick state run by the guy who founded that stupid store Mardens and by all these stupid hick bastards who vote like you! LEAVE! Hey you! The Jews are all gonna get theirs!!! You are a braindead brainwashed loser! Brainwashed by K**es! I sent you the info about their activity and you ignore it! Ha! Keep it up loser!

Stefan Filipovits Writes: Thanks circus ring master for the entertainment I've enjoyed on Youtube this summer! As my buddy Oldfartrants would say, Peace and love that's where its at!

Clydesight77 writes: You lost the debate big time right wing fascist! You can't argue for beans! You got nailed on Christianity by oldfartrants and MccainX No pun intended. Actually yes it is! HA! STUPID!

EricKinsley Writes: Religion; What the foolish believe , the wise ignore, and the politician see's as useful". Forget where I heard or read that years ago, but in your case its more than less true.

Irishshannontomato writes: You are a fascist because you oppose the IRS and support Trump. Libertarian Fascist nazi anti-gay homophobe bigots like you want to take money from the lower class and keep it and not have to pay just like in Hitler's conservative Nazi lunatic asylum.

Donahuerad Writes: Why don't YOU go live in China since you like banks so much you fascist racist homophobe wanker! writes: OH please! We all know the real reason things are bad is because taxes are too low! Its the government's job to take care of everyone and make sure that material needs are met! We are awash in wealth! I say jack the taxes higher!!

Montaguegrecco writes: Stop mouthing off about my home city of Chicago and leave  the police alone! I don't know  what the hell is wrong with you! Everyone is a communist everyone is a nazi what are you 7 years old? My kid is 6 and he can do a better channel than you can! STUPID FASCIST!!!

DarkDemionicphase writes: Satan wins and you lose! Your comments are proof of how stupid Christians are and that there is no way your God will succeed! SATAN WINS! WE WIN!! writes: G** D*** how stupid! the soviet union is dead you moron! You got what you wanted! The whole earth is run by corporations, the poor and the helpless are forced to help them selves, elections and governments in third world nations are rigged and run by Wall Street investors, The government is smaller than it was in my day and my fathers time and even the Democrats work for the establishment. In short, were far from communist were about as conservative as you can get! I wish to any god out there that they did bring back the USSR and fixed thing like we tried to do when I was a kid back in the sixties and seventies! Oh la dee dah! I got a reply from a stupid C*** conservative from Maine. You know what? I don't care. F*** YOU!

Herkrants: This is a misappropriate use of the Internet and public airwaves. Its our internet so broadcast should be privlige administered by the people. No right wing faggots allowed!

IanAttkinson: Your a Christian but you don't believe in what you preach? Thou shalt not bear false witness! That's all you do on your stupid blog and channel! LIE! LIE! LIE! Either that or your delusional and mentally ill!

That'slife98 Writes: F**K YOU AND DONALD TRUMP!! writes: Stupid white man! You make all the other white people look stupid with your videos! Donald Trump wants to make America his private estate and make all of us his B***hes! He wants to take away food stamps from people who work and aren't getting paid enough by the man and losing their stuff! I swear if we elect him were not gonna make it!

88Siegheilfromcanada writes: Leave Hitler alone Jew! Hitler was a great man! The greatest leader who ever lived! I support him, Franco, Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat! writes: You never saw Chiraq so why are you writing about!? What are you stupid! F**K YOU FASCIST!!! RACIST NAZI FASCIST HOMOPHOBE RACIST RETARD BURGERS!! Look, I used to live in Maine. Its not liberal, its not communist its not socilaist its backwards and stupid. So are you. So stop making my homestate look bad by lying about it being communist and saying your from there. K?

Trumpzombiehunter Writes: You and the other free staters are what's wrong with New Hampshire! We have no income tax, no sales tax and teeming masses of poverty. Maine is sort of like that too. You hicks need to go find another place to terrorize.

Marxistrevolutions Writes: I just learned that conservativism is a  mental illness just by reading your comments on my channel. HA!

Gistforgeist writes (Oh did he?)

The reason the world is dark is because Reagan took away the t-bird, the barberques, the fruit loops, he took away my everything even my pension!!! My father fought for this country in Korea and Vietnam and reagan dumped him on the streets for what? FOR WHAT FOOLS!? The GOP is the party of the nazi brigaders and penguin jelly sponges! They want to throw me out of my lotadila onto my skevit once the pensions dry up for nothing! Nothing! While I sit and starve and reep! Gop fascists sitting in drooperchairs, contemplating tax cuts for the fat cats, tax cutting for the rich people while we starve for want of an eggnode, while starbucks frapacuinos are only the best with robitusen. Sprites on my pc collide with the night while Bush and Trump file suit to stop the legal proceedings of social security and chucknology!! Its the end of america if you fascists elect trump! Take away our food and our jobs overseas to china on a radish pickle Yoda cloud!! I will come for you first republican fascist snotrag! I'll radish you with my concealed carried yam and bang you all over the side of the sinpad! YAM! YAM! YAM! Repent wicked sinners! Trump will fistilige and pillage and Trumpet the skaxis and the Trumpeting republican Trumpeters are gonna jax the skillet dry with klingon volkswagons making my day! F**K OFF REPUBLICAN FASCISTS!! NAZIS! HEIL DONALD TRUMP MAYNARD REPUBLICANS!!

And finally: OLDFARTRANTS:

Still at it again I see. Really Brian! You must really be more stupid than I thought. I asked you a simple question, prove the bible is real using evidence outside the bible AND YOU CANT!! Religion is BS and a mental illness! Until you or anyone else does so, no one should be allowed to read the bible, no one should  be allowed to vote if they are Christian and any other religion member who can't prove his or her beliefs should also have their right to vote revoked and be put in a mental asylum. And what's this I hear about you finding out where I live? You want to come find me BRING IT ON YOU D**K!!


Anonymous said...

WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!? And I'm not just inquiring about farty and the crazy nut with the loaded yams who says Trump and Reagan took his pension either, these damn kids are all a shining example of public school failing. In my home state (Massachusetts) they want to tear down the charter schools and force my kid into these damn indoctrination centers to be dumbed down. We even have a ballot measure.

This post alone shows why we need to ditch public schools and privatize the education system in America. Thank you sir for posting this. You've done your country a service I would think Thank you very so much!

Unbelievable! These people actually exist!

Vladimir Tepes said...

Lucifer is a fictitious Roman god that was dreamt up long after the Hebrews worshipped Satan... Lucifer doesn't even belong in a Bible that was originally written in Hebrew and Greek.

The satanic Vatican purposely mistranslated the Bible, just like they have a policy to "spread the other cheek" of their altar boys...

Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness

Besides these sovereign powers, divine and human, of which I have hitherto discoursed, there is mention in Scripture of another power, namely, that of "the rulers of the darkness of this world," [Ephesians, 6. 12] "the kingdom of Satan," [Matthew, 12. 26] and "the principality of Beelzebub over demons," [Ibid., 9. 34] that is to say, over phantasms that appear in the air: for which cause Satan is also called "the prince of the power of the air";[Ephesians, 2. 2] and, because he ruleth in the darkness of this world, "the prince of this world":[John, 16. 11] and in consequence hereunto, they who are under his dominion, in opposition to the faithful, who are the "children of the light," are called the "children of darkness." For seeing Beelzebub is prince of phantasms, inhabitants of his dominion of air and darkness, the children of darkness, and these demons, phantasms, or spirits of illusion, signify allegorically the same thing. This considered, the kingdom of darkness, as it is set forth in these and other places of the Scripture, is nothing else but a confederacy of deceivers that, to obtain dominion over men in this present world, endeavour, by dark and erroneous doctrines, to extinguish in them the light, both of nature and of the gospel; and so to disprepare them for the kingdom of God to come.

(Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.)

Bolshevism and Mammonism are Jewish stepsisters... Luciferianism is a Catholic cult... Satanism is the Jewish cult...

The Vatican bank and Westminster (the British government bureaucracy, including the Church of England) are invested heavily in heroine smuggling, child trafficking... laundering money for Afghani and Latin American opium cartels, international kidnapping rings, and Chief Justice Roberts (who was photographed entering the bank in Malta immediately after the Obamacare decision).

Obama's visit to the Vatican was to provide secret NSA computer input to wipe out secret accounts held by Clinton's Latin America Working Group, Goldman Sachs and the Jewish sex slavery ring owned by Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein...

AIDS is a hybrid of bovine leukemia and visna virus from sheep... like ebola, it was developed in Uganda during the reign of Idi Amin... by a company that was also manufacturing hepatitis B vaccines for the World Health Organization, a company that still maintains a facility at Ft, Detrick today... Gives a new wrinkle to the infamous "Raid on Entebbe" by the Israelis rescuing their weapon makers.

On the History tab of the Zika virus product page, it states, Source: "Blood from experimental forest sentinel Rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947." Name of Depositer: J Casals, Rockefeller Foundation

Eli Hvastkovs East Carolina University bans student from mentioning God in graduation ceremonies...

Eli Hvastkovs is a Jewish eugenicist for his Zíonist bedfellows at Monsanto.

Search... Biochemical applications of ultrathin films of enzymes, polyions and DNA...

Genetically modified organisms and the weaponization of agriculture?

The same dipshíts telling us global warming is solid science are the same ones telling us GMOs are perfectly safe.

jewish mammonism = baphomet = mahomet = muslim brotherhood

israelislam = islamisrael = same two faced hermaphrodite devil

Anonymous said...

THey're all angry because they can't find a job. No wonder. I wouldn't hire them. Probably haven't bathed in weeks

Anonymous said...

Great job! Expect to see more of this as Hillary loses to Trump. The left is having a meltdown bigtime. Keep showing us more. I absolutely loved the nut job screaming about Chuckology and Yoda clouds. HA!

Anonymous said...

I am a liberal and i detest these emails. They are either immature young men who got their egos inflated or they are conservatives pretending to be liberal to attack liberals.

Most of them I am willing to bet are the later. I mean Guzi111 GistforGeist, and clydesight77 all sound silly and 88siegheilfromcanada, trumpzombiehunter and Proletariat inc all sound too obvious.

These people are all crazy. I can think of so many things wrong with this blog for starters the constant attacks on communism and liberals that are ad hominem, equating social security with asset theft from banks, the attacks on psychiatry and Hillary and all the rumour mongering and so on.

mainestategop said...

@vlad tepes

So... Got any data to back tall his up? websites? Books?


Actually you can see these on YT. Some of them I found out are oldfartrants fans. GistforGeist? Gist is a word meaning geist is German for spirit. Or what they like to call beer.

They act this way because they are stupid and can't argue so they attack and name call like children. Also Marx said violence is the only acceptable way to start the revolution. Hence, purges, genocide and other attrocities in places like Russia, China, Guatemala, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Bolivia, Venezuela ad nauseum.

Vladimir Tepes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mainestategop said...

@vlad Tepes AKA Gistforgeist et al Comment moderation exists so retarded white trash like you stop posting spam on my blog while making an ass of yourselves. Also Google, which is retarded like you are and also blames the Jews for why they have to work instead of live off the welfare rolls the way most of the people in this article do block articles that have swearing and bad language AKA liberal debate speech.

I never saw your ugly face on FR before. You probably got zotted by Jimrob and for good reason.

Get lost frog. This blog is for serious adults who speak a modicum of English not public school excrement like you.

Here's what this loser posted:
Mammon et le bolchevisme sont juifs demi-sœurs. banquiers juifs ont inondé l'Europe avec les musulmans et l'Amérique avec la troisième poubelle du monde.

Мамоне и большевизм являются еврейские сводные сестры. Еврейские банкиры наводнили Европу с мусульманами и Америку с третьего мира мусора.

Mammona e del bolscevismo sono ebrei sorellastre. banchieri ebrei hanno allagato l'Europa con i musulmani e l'America con il terzo spazzatura.

Mammon y el bolchevismo son judíos hermanastras. Judíos banqueros han inundado Europa con los musulmanes y América con el tercer mundo basura.

Mammon und Bolschewismus sind jüdischen Stiefschwestern. Jüdischen Bankiers überschwemmt Europa mit den Muslimen und Amerika mit der Dritten Welt Müll.

You people don't speak English... so no matter how many languages I use, you people will never get a clue, even if you change your names to Colonel Mustard on Free Republic...



If you're so brave come to my house I'll show you how we treat socialists in my neighborhood near Pease NH.

mainestategop said...

One more thing, the next time you come to my blog and throw a tantrum, Type in English. This Blog is based in America and unlike in backwards Europe we expect the native language to be spoken in public.

Vladimir Tepes said...

1.The Native language doesn't exist at all anymore... extinct... because "natives" are inferior mud people.

2. English is a European language like German, Polish, French, Russian, Italian, etc.,.. you dipshít.

3. I registered Republican just so I could vote for Trump, I couldn't give a rat's rear about the rest of the GOP.

4. Satanism is a Jewish cult... Jewish bankers are flooding Europe with Muslims and America with 3rd world trash.

5. You people don't speak English... so no matter how many languages I use, you people will never get a clue, even if you change your names to Professor Plum on Free Republic...

6. All the Jews in the US government want open borders and gun control... Hitler was right...

mainestategop said...



And don't kid yourself you like open borders and gun control. Hitler banned guns and you want open borders so you can hire people for a few cents instead of paying an American. You're not an American btw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian. Thanks for leaving those comments by Dracula up. I really love that how conservative blogs post opposing viewpoints like in your article. Every time liberals open their mouths they put their feet in them!

And look at Vlad Tepes Google page. The animal is taking the name of a Slavik king, an orthodox Christian yet supports an atheist dictator and an socialist ideology that regarded Slavs as inferior. As untermenchen.

If he is Slavik then he must be sick. It's a damn shame when they do that.

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic of Polish (Slav) descent I am offended and outraged that this fascist, this low-life took the name of one of Christianity's most important rulers. If he were around then he'd be in the same ship as the Boyars who murdered his father and grandfather.

Anonymous said...

1. A lot of languages don't exist no more. You wanna speak original language, wear a bear skin, put a bone in your hair and yell, UNGA!! WUNGA! WUNGA! WUNGA!!!

2. English is America's language! We aren't in Europe!

3. Trump is a fraud. Just using the soap box to promote his business.

4. Satanism is against Judaism.

5. Taking your meds?

6. Hitler supported gun control. He also supported open borders, with his neighbors.

Anonymous said...

SPEAK ENGLISH MORON! You wanna make an Ass of yourself at least use English so we can at least try to understand your insane blithering.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the laughs Brian! Keep up the good work! I hope you show us more next month!!

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Tepes = old fart rants

Either that or another freeper troll

Anonymous said...

I love watching liberals wreath and agonize over the truth!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I want to leave some mail to this dick head who runs this blog, where's the email if I want to tell him what I think of his stupid articles and his logo?

mainestategop said...

If you want to send me hate mail, send it with your full name, address, phone number social security and medicare number to We get a lot of mail so don't expect a response.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I hope he does!

Anonymous said...

Never really like the month of August. Liberals having their summer of love causing trouble....