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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Benjamin Spock and Amy Chua: Two Disaster for our children

Hey everyone I'm having fun on my vacation with my family, we've done a lot this summer and I know many of you wanted some good articles and I felt compelled to do this particular article about Amy Chua for a while. In fact I've meant to do this several months ago but for whatever reason I never did. That changed while in California.

California has the tenth worst education system in the country. Public school teachers especially in California really don't give a damn about our kids... They take our money, raise our kids to be commies, illiterates and fast food workers and take no responsibility for failing.

Before continuing I just want point out some things about Amy Chua, she is an author and lawyer and a socialist. Her parents fled here from Communist china but the communism unfortunately didn't flee them. Amy was abused by her parents who pushed her to breaking point to be an achiever. She actually thinks that this is good and is now teaching Americans do to the same thing. A friend of mine who fled from communist China told me that this is very common in Asia to push kids to breaking point and to threaten them with the most severe punishments just for some small error or for not being right all the time.

In fact I spoke to people I know from communist countries and this actually is not only common in Asia and communist countries its very common in communism where the state or the communist parents will abuse their children to push them to reach their full potential using means and ways that one would find abusive.

One thing that shocked me was that many parents including conservatives agree with her even citing her as a cure for the problems caused by another socialist that ruined our children, the notorious Doctor Benjamin Spock who was very popular back in the 50s and opposed spanking and advocated over indulging our children and that this caused the hippie movement the Beatnik movement and all these other problems. This by the way is mostly false and I'll tell you why in a moment. Asia and communist countries its very common in communism where the state or the communist parents will abuse their children to push them to reach their full potential using means and ways that one would find abusive.

Anyway I wanted to do this article on her because her parenting is common practice in Asia and the communist world and I also know people who came from strict households just like that. They were beat up and pushed so hard that they broke. Many of them wound up a nervous wreck, others became homeless and some did overcome this but were dragged down by their past.

I never go around to writing about this evil woman and her abusive policies until what happened while vacationing in California 2 weeks ago...

My family and I have spent summer travelling the country. Mostly we've been in the local area, we are currently in Rockport Massachusetts. We were just in California 2 weeks ago in the Los Angeles area. We were up in Santa Barbara and Ventura Beach when we stopped at a homestyle buffet restaurant near Ventura. While there we saw this Asian family two tables down and the father was goading his sons. He had  about 4 of them.

He told his sons that he expected all of them to get good grades and that he wasn't interested in excuses and even mentioned that he was disappointed at his son for getting a C+ instead of an A and that he only wanted As or else.

The father was very loud loud enough to be heard and by the way his English was mainly broken and he mispronounced words. But what really struck me was that he told his sons that when school started in a few weeks he expected them to get only As and no Cs. He even went as far as telling them that if any of them got a C+ or lower in any subject he would take their video game console and chuck it in the garbage thereby punishing all of them for the actions of one.

He told them he had enough of seeing Cs and Bs and that even an A- was cause for alarm. He raised his voice saying "I don't runt excooses! You rill bring home As I don't allow lazy children into my home! You understand!" They all said yes father. One then said okay we'll try our very best. He then hit the table and everyone started looking at him. He said "I dont runt you to try Darn it! I want you to do it! There's no excuses!"

Don't blame your children for why they flunked, blame yourself for letting  them go to a communist public school instead of a private or Charter school, most of all blame the public school and the liberals in government that funded and tolerated it for failing.

Things later quieted down. My wife and I looked at each other, I wanted to go over and tell this person that if his kids can't get A's then its his fault and the schools fault and that for someone who wants his children to be right all the time he could learn to speak better English but I knew there was no point in reaching him and we didn't want to stir things up again. All we were doing was saying a prayer for these poor boys who now had faced the prospect of having their video game console lost forever if one of them didn't bring home an A.

My wife told me in the car, "I hope none of them have a learning disability." "Neither do I. Other wise heaven help them."

To make things worse, California has the tenth worst education system in the country. Public school teachers especially in California really don't give a damn about our kids. Having heard so many horror stories of public school and the effect it has on children, I can only conclude that public school teachers are the lowest pieces of sewage in America. They are nearly all excrement. They take our money, raise our kids to be commies, illiterates and fast food workers and take no responsibility for failing.

What's even worse is they form unions like the NEA to stop us from bringing our children to better schools like Charter schools or parochial schools or homeschooling them. They invade our households they tell us our children our not our children but the states children and their children. Then when they fail its their fault or our fault not theirs.

That's the real reason our kids can't learn and why his kids are bringing home Cs instead of As but Papa Mao no doubt worships the government and hasn't learned anything since living in this once great nation. Don't blame your children for why they flunked, blame yourself for letting  them go to public school instead of a private or Charter school, most of all blame the public school and the government that funded and tolerated it for failing.

Amy Chua doesn't blame the public school or herself for why her kids can't get As and Bs. She instead does the next worse thing, blame her children.

If her children actually make an effort to learn, there is no reason for this. My father who was not a conservative as I am but not liberal knew this so. That doesn't mean he was liberal. My parents did it the right way. The Christian way. The American way.

They didn't say that I was a bum or a putz or stupid if I slouched or didn't stand up straight or mind my manners, they said people will THINK you're those things. 

Our parents I thank God did not follow neither the advice of Benjamin Spock our Amy Chua. When we were little if I or my Brothers were bad we got spanked. Later on they didn't do this but we knew that if we deliberately went out of line we would lose our privileges. We were also told not to behave a certain way and that people would think we were bums or stupid if we did.

Amy Chua, if her kid does something wrong whether deliberately or unintentionally she calls them stupid and other bad words. These as I will demonstrate later on are word curses the bible warns us about. Curses that can actually cause your kids to be stupid or bad.

The bible says in proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Amy Chua and 

Hagee's words and the warnings of Pastor Hagee are very very 


Before going on let me share with you what Michael Savage said on a broadcast he did on the myth of Asperger's syndrome. You may remember that was one of my first articles but here's what he said about his childhood that is interesting; his parents would scold him for not behaving right. "Stand up straight! Stop slouching! People will think your a putz! Don't do that! Don't do this! people will think your a bum, do you want everyone to think you're stupid?"

It was like that with my parents too but note this: They didn't say that I was a bum or a putz or stupid if I slouched or didn't stand up straight or mind my manners, they said people will THINK you're those things. That is what I tell my kids too. My parents were right thank God for them. Mom and Dad let it be known that the casual viewer will not take me seriously and think that I am a disturbed person if I did this or that.

Amy Chua doesn't. Instead she tells her kids straight away that they're worthless, they're stupid they're failures and that they're terrible. Fail once and you've failed at everything for all time. She told her daughter during piano practice that if she did not get a certain song done perfectly by the end of the day she would sell her doll house. Often it is verbal and sometimes physical abuse. This negative message prevents children from taking risks that are necessary for development, it discourages them from trying new activities, it causes them to walk on broken egg shells and become nervous wrecks.

In communism its even worse. People are viewed as commodities, assets that are expendable. A man who fails once fails his country and the party for all time and is worthy of death. They either are forced to commit suicide or are executed by the state.

Think of Craig Toomey from The Langoliers. What that did to him to the point where he loses 30 million dollars on purpose. Of course this is all fiction but I have known people just like that and it causes to them to breakdown and become a wreck for all their lives.

One good example is a story one of my employees told me about. She had a friend at school who was deathly afraid of being fat. Her father when she was small had her watch the movie The Silence of the Lambs and told her that Buffalo Bill AKA Jame Gumb was based on a group of real life serial killers that abduct fat women especially girls and skin them alive. He would also ridicule her if she ate too much.

Her father was fat growing up and wanted to stop his children becoming fat by telling this story. This woman grew up scared of eating because some guy would kidnap her hold her hostage and skin her to make a woman suit. She later became anorexic and bulimic and killed herself. He father only accomplished one thing besides keeping his daughter thin, he killed her.

With that in mind I should point out that suicide rates in Asia and communists countries are very very high and that as our own school system gets more and more left wing and much worse we have now begun to have young people filling psychiatric wards because of breakdowns at school.

Why? In Asian countries they have something in many Asian cultures called People are expected to be perfect, to be honorable, trustworthy at all times. If someone does something wrong even something we would consider trivial he has lost face. His family shuns him he is worthless and he is obliged to kill himself.

In communism its even worse. People are viewed as commodities, assets that are expendable. A man who fails once fails his country and the party for all time and is worthy of death. They either are forced to commit suicide or are executed by the state. In the 1930s in Russia, a common crime workers were punished with was wrecking. What happens is there's an accident, there is a loss of material and production and since this factory like all business and industry is run by the state the state suffers a loss.

The state would take it out on the worker or workers responsible by putting him or her(Women also were forced to work hard)on trial for wrecking and that they deliberately were sabotaging the people's state, they were collaborating with capitalists in doing this. They could just as well as punish him for carelessness which sometimes they also did but communists, they love to make a show of the most menial and trivial of things especially if it costs them something they value more than a human life.

In Communist countries the economies are disasters but they wont admit this. Nonetheless, opportunities were rare and parents were compelled to push their children hard to move up the ladder... Verbal abuse and severe punishments for minor offenses are common therefore in communist households.

During World war 2 and the war in Afghanistan, Russian soldiers who retreated or were captured were punished as traitors or derelicts. One instance after Russia lost a battle to the Germans a colonel had all the men and women(again women also fought as well as worked)lined up and he would shoot every tenth man or woman in line for losing the battle. he would then tell them they had betrayed the motherland by not fighting hard enough.

In Afghanistan one of the most dangerous jobs for the soviets was piloting Mi-24 Hind Helicopters. Think Red Dawn and the helicopter scene when the Hind Helicopters attack them. It was like that for rebels in Afghanistan though much worse. Then again they had the benefit of being armed by the CIA.

Anyway, Hind Pilots were expected to go out usually at the break of dawn to go look for rebel insurgents. The soviets had poor infrared systems so night fighting was difficult especially for the Hind pilots but they had to go out and the commander would set a quota for these pilots. If they go out and dawn and find nothing to attack they were usually punished for dereliction of duty. Other times pilots could be punished for returning with damaged equipment and if they took heat. Some were court martialed and executed by firing squad or hanging all because they were attacked and the helicopter or something in it was damaged in the fight.

There is no such thing as  a learning disability. There is no such thing as a stupid child. Show me a child who has ADD or is bad in school, I will show you a school and parents who are irrespnsible and who have failed their children. Our schools are conditioning our  children to be illiterate and stupid so they can serve the state and help it profit at our expense.

World war 2 it was the same thing. Pilots who got shot down and survived and made it back or who returned with damaged planes faced a court martial and execution because they damaged the plane while fighting or lost it. As Stalin the boss once said the IL-2 Sturmovik, one of the USSR's most famous air attack planes were more valuable than bread. And to communists, bread itself was more valuable than a human life. Think about it...

In Communist countries the economies are disasters but they wont admit this. Nonetheless, opportunities were rare and parents were compelled to push their children hard to move up the ladder and find niches in high positions in the military the state or elsewhere rather than remain peasant farmers or laborers. It was not easy and one slip up even in childhood could condemn a youngster for life. Verbal abuse and severe punishments for minor offenses are common therefore in communist households.

 Children who are told by their parents that they are stupid, worthless, failures, losers, sissies and so on usually wind up as such. Why? The bible in proverbs 18:21 speaks of the power of the tongue. It has the power of life and death. In biblical times, parents would bless their children when they came of age to do good and follow the lord.

In capitalist countries, failures are just treated as set backs. One has the opportunity to pick himself or herself up and try again be they workers, businessmen or inventors. James Cash Penney founder of JCPenney had his share of ups and downs, mostly downs. It didn't stop him from becoming a successful businessman, one of the best in the nation. He failed often in business, in investment, in marriage and in other things. In Asia he would be obliged to kill himself. In communist countries he would have been branded a wrecker or a social parasite. Amy Chua would have branded him as being stupid, worthless and never amounting to anything.

Many other people had set backs. Michael Jordan failed his first basketball tryout. Horatio Nelson, the admiral who lead Britain to victory in Trafalgar, started his navy career as a midshipman with little potential. He was even sea sick no sooner had he been aboard. Mozart and Beethoven weren't viewed as having potential as musicians.

Amy Chua's parenting not only has disastrous psychological potentials for our children but spiritual ones as well. Children who are told by their parents that they are stupid, worthless, failures, losers, sissies and so on usually wind up as such. Why? The bible speaks of the power of the tongue. In biblical times, parents would bless their children when they came of age to do good and follow the lord. They did not curse them or knock them down as Amy would have us do but blessed them.

Pastor John Hagee brought this up in his sermon series Diamonds for daily life. Working in the prison ministry in Texas' notorious prisons, he found that many of the inmates were cursed by their parents and teachers. They were told that they were stupid and worthless and would amount to nothing. It came true... Many of these people never finished school because they felt they were stupid, they decided to become bad to hide their shame. Hagee would bless the inmates and remove these curses from them and many he blessed when they got out of prison became better people.

John Hagee admonished the parents in his church that if they had said anything negative about their children to ask God to forgive them and remove it and to bless their children in all things in school and coming of age to remove word curses.

The bible says in proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Amy Chua and Hagee's words and the warnings of Pastor Hagee are very very true...

There is no such thing as  a learning disability. There is no such thing as a stupid child. Show me a child who has ADD or is bad in school, I will show you a school and parents who are irrespnsible and who have failed their children. Our schools are conditioning our  children to be illiterate and stupid so they can serve the state and help it profit at our expense. This is the goal of public school as taught by Marx and Dewey. More on that in a future article.

It wasn't because of Benjamin Spock that the children became rebellious socialist outcasts that turned the nation upside down, it wasn't even because of Madalyn Murray O'hair but because of parents who failed to teach a new generation the meaning of work, thrift and discipline.


Before finishing I wish to bring up Benjamin Spock. I do this because many of Amy Chua's supporters or lemmings I should say cite Spock's phoney and evil teachings as a reason to support Chua's abusive whip and bridle communist parenting technique.

Benjamin Spock is the opposite extreme of Amy Chua who advocates no discipline and overindulgence to promote creativity in children. Spock was blamed on for starting the hippie movement and the Beatnik movement. Spock as it turns out was himself a radical leftist and before he died admitted he was wrong.

While it is true that many of Spock's teachings were a minor contributing factor to the radicalization of the baby boomers in the 60s and 70s this is not entirely true. First of all, the Beatnik movement had begun in the early 50s at the same time as Spock's teachings were being accepted. The generation before Spock made up this group. The same for many of the hippies in the 60s and the anti-war radicals.

The two big contributing factors of the hippie movement were godlessness and materialism. Since the end of world war 2, communism had enroached into our public schools. Teachers began teaching along a more radical path that if it felt good do it and though prayer and bible reading were common, the bible was not taken seriously. Gradually God was phased out until Madalyn Murray O'hair came on the scene and banned prayers and the bible out altogether.

Worse still was the home situation. The kids who formed the Hippie movement and lead the way to welfare had lived an easy life. They were spoiled, bored, shiftless and uneducated about work ethics and the ways of the world. Communism to them sounded like a good idea rather than the disaster that had affected many before. They thought of making the state as the generous parent they knew as youngsters that offered them handouts and gave them the easy living their parents never had.

What comes immediately to mind is scripture. After Israel's trials and tribulations from the wandering in the desert to the end of captivity by other nations, Israel experienced prosperity then slipped back into sin and chaos and back into bondage. Why? the parents failed to teach the future generations somewhere along the road...

So it was in Post-war America. The so called greatest generation that lived in the great depresion in a time of rationing and work and fought in the second world war failed to hand down the moral fiber and disciplines they had to master in order to gain prosperity. That and this great generation themselves expected a handout from President Roosevelt and the bad socialist deal that gave to america the entitlement mentality that holds us hostage to this day and ended forever the puritan work-ethic of our forefathers.

It wasn't because of Benjamin Spock that the children became rebellious socialist outcasts that turned the nation upside down, it wasn't even because of Madalyn Murray O'hair but because of parents who failed to teach a new generation the meaning of work, thrift and discipline.

How do I know? think about it, there were only two areas of the nation where any trace of the hippie movement failed to take hold, the Bible Belt and Middle America, the American heartland. This is because they did what their peers did not, teach them the values of hard work and discipline as well as the Bible.

The children were taught that they had to earn their way in life and get a job. They were told if they want something they had to go out and earn it through honest work instead of expecting a handout. Children were taught that the meaning of life was not to own the biggest house the best car or to have the best things in life. They were to cherish the simple pleasures and that to be happy one needed not to be prosperous.

To be a good mother or father, one does not need to over indulge their children like Benjamin Spock or to use the whip and bridle and chide them to the breaking point like Amy Chua does with her kids. One need only bless their children and teach them to do what is right, to always put in an effort, to be explorers and to pick them selves up if they fall down. Responsibility, faith, discipline and work and more important, lots of love are all the children must have

Whether they were growing up in the vast open prairies and fields of Kansas or Oklahoma, in the suburbs of Dallas or Atlanta, boondocks of Alabama or Tennessee, the swamps and bayous of Georgia, Florida or Louisiana or in a segregated slum in Charlotte or Birmingham under the evils of Jim Crow and lynchings, they were able to learn to be content and happy with what they had.

The hippie movement as a result failed to take hold in these areas and if there were flower children or beatniks they were encouraged to keep going and take their phoney baloney elsewhere. They usually just passed through.

Fortunately the kids, most of them anyway grew up, learned responsibility and learned that they had to be responsible for themselves and didn't have to responsible for someone else. The Yippies and hippies of the baby boomer generation became the Yuppies of the Me Generation and settled into a life of property, parenthood and occupation. The Yuppies were not that conservative, most were just left of center others just right of center, both preferring the Gipper to an incompetent peanut farmer or later to a socialist that made Bernie Sanders look like Trent Lott. There was still that streak of liberalism in the yuppies that would infect the millennials, now just being born later on but for now the nation was settling down again.

To be a good mother or father, one does not need to over indulge their children like Benjamin Spock or to use the whip and bridle and chide them to the breaking point like Amy Chua does with her kids. One need only bless their children and teach them to do what is right, to always put in an effort, to be explorers and to pick them selves up if they fall down. Responsibility, faith, discipline and work and more important, lots of love are all the children must have.

You don't need your kids to be perfect, they only need to be good. Take it from one who is a father and who once was a child.


Lars said...

Brian this is not one of your best. Full of rambling and errors. Even the version on freerepublic isn't as good. You should wait till your vacation is over before posting new articles. And think it through.

Also, Tiger mamas like Amy are a rarity. The issue isn't child abuse as practiced in China the issue is whether you should push your children to reach their full potentials. Of course threatening to sell off a doll house and threatening to throw out the video game console just because you got an A- or a B instead of an A+ or just because you can't play a certain song on the piano right isn't really a good thing. No. But its about getting your kid to be succesful.

Anyway, good effort. Hope to see some niceer articles soon. hey! How about getting Reuben to write or that history buff who wrote the good article about lepanto?

Anonymous said...

I've been coming to this website from Freerepublic for about 8 years. This is one of the worst Brian has published.

The author, whoever wrote this rambling tirade doesn't seem to understand what Amy Chua and her supporters say. The issue is pushing your child to meet their full potentials. Of course any parent who throws out their console just because they got a B+ or an A- isn't fit to parenting and yes any parent who pressures their children with stories of the Langoliers eating lazy children or Jame Gumb AKA Buffalo Bill skinning them alive if they don't get good grades is not only abusive I deem any parent who tells those stories to their kids as psychotic.

Listen. I home school my children. They're allowed only one hour of television an video games and internet surfing per day (except for school work) and usually I don't let them if its beautiful outside. I kick them out to go play and get some fresh air and sunshine. The only time I ever let my kids play 2 hours or 3 hours is on a very rainy weekend or snowy day.

Also, they gotta read books for 3 hours a day including the bible. I teach my children the bible in both English, Latin and Greek. They gotta learn the book of psalms and proverbs by heart in all three languages. We also teach the piano and sports.

If they step out of line, they're forced to pay the piper. Punishments can include being made to do extra chores, denial of nice things like video games and the internet(except for study) and make them do other things. They have to learn that actions have consequences and there's more to life than the TV or radio.

I don't let my kids have a radio BTW. Neither do I let them go on YouTube without supervision they are not allowed to have accounts on twitter or Facebook neither. Social media is forbidden without supervision and is usually restricted

Their social lives are done in real life with real people not some chat room. Their whole lives are built on work, study, socializing, sports, religion and church.

People say I'm strict but proud of it. That's how it is in our house because growing up in the 50s and 60s my parents weren't like that. They were very liberal and I had no restraints. I was fortunate I didn't end up like my brother, a tv watching maniac who wasted his youth in front of the idiot box with no friends and no morals. He got in trouble so many time imitating the TV and movies. Later he wound in jail for 3 months.

Anonymous said...

WTF!?!?! How did we go from Amy Chua advocating "child abuse" to Soviet Helicopter pilots in Afghanistan getting shot for not killing enough terrorists? And what the hell does Amy Chua have to do with the USSR, Silence of the lambs, anorexics, Public schools, communism, the Langoliers and world war 2? This article is just messed up and goes here, there it has nothing to do with Amy Chua?!

Look, Amy Chua is telling parents that their kids need to reach their full potentials and that they should be punished if they don't meet those potentials. I agree with that. I don't tell my kids they're worthless and stupid. I tell them if they don't bring home As and bring home BS instead they're doing something wrong and until they make it up they aren't gonna have privileges like they used too.

The only thing right about this article is learning disabilities mainly being a myth. The problem is lethargy and apathy in the kid. These kids aren't disciplined. If they aren't paying attention then you get their attention. HEY! WAKE UP AND FOCUS! EYES FRONT!

And public schools are a farce! That's the only other thing right about this article! I will never allow my kids to go to a public school over my dead body. All our kids go to a Christian private school that we pay for by working extra hard. And we expect our kids to also work hard so they can become good citizens!

If my son comes home with 3 Bs and 2 As and one C+ There's something wrong. Parents they just have a minimum standard like OH well if they get a passing grade so what. PHOOEY! That's why our kids aren't doing as well as other countries. In my house that aint allowed. I work, My wife works I expect my kids to work. Their work is school. If there's something they don't understand we go over it till they do. If they need help, we help, if they come home with a B or a C on their report card its cause for worry. They've slouched, they've tripped they aren't up to par for some reason and we got to the bottom of it.

The Asians are beating us because they do this why can't we have it? Again. Not saying use brutality but you should light the fire under their feet to get them going.

Anonymous said...

In my house, I expect my kids to have As. An A- isn't neccesary cause for alarm but if my kid has 2 Bs on his report card, something's wrong and there's gonna be hell to pay.

In my home, we all work. The kids work, is school. Their only job is to study. If they can't, we help them. If they wont, we force them. If they bring home nothing but Bs and one A then they're grounded until they improve their grades. I expect my kids to put in 200%. No more no less.

I worked myself into a stupor to get where I am. Bootstraps were a luxury. I didn't even have that. I paid for everything. The house, the car, the lifestyle my kids are accustomed to, my wife works but not like I do. I pay for my kids education. I give them the best I expect NOTHING but the best. Otherwise, they lose their privileges.

People who graduate with Cs and Ds don't make it like I did. These people become fast food workers, ditch diggers, associates at Big Box Mart, and janitors. They don't have the salary to enjoy Xbox or computer games or fancy electronic toys. They don't have the kind of privleges that I have or my kids have. That is the message they need to get clear.

Anonymous said...

I support this woman Amy Chua. I don't agree with everything she does but I believe in strict parenting. I came from that kind of house as did my husband and that's how our house is run,

In my household, we don't allow video games or TV. The internet is in our house but its only for educational purposes and for news and so on.

Our kids went to Catholic school then they went to military school. My sons and daughters are military school kids. Before they went there they were pushed hard. We expected As and few Bs. We rode them and made sure they got it right. If there was a mistake on their homework or school work, we went over it when they got home. We looked it over and corrected whatever was wrong. We took interests in our kids education and with love and firmness got them through.

My oldest sons and daughter are grown and are white collar workers, my second eldest son is a navy officer. My other kids will be graduating from the academy as well next year.

mainestategop said...

I got nothing against strict parents. My issue is, punishing children severely for the most trivial of things and loading them down with pressure. They're just kids. Keep that in mind.

My real beef is At the same time, many of these parents send their kids to public schools that are failing, run by staff and faculty that don't give a rat's tuchus about these kids.

This one guy I know, (I'm planning an article on him BTW) His parents would beat him for failing at school. His school was a failing school. His teachers refused to help him. He was told that he had a learning disability, that he was stupid or lazy but mostly stupid. He flunked, was told he was gonna be left back in 10th grade and fearing that he'd be back there, ran away from home and dropped out.

A christian family that home schooled took pity and helped him get his diploma. With love, guidance and effort, he went from being a high school dropout with straight Fs to a genius with almost a college level education. IT TOOK THEM ONE YEAR TO DO THIS! ONE YEAR VERSUS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND 15 YEARS OF PUBLIC EDUCATION TO DO THIS!

And yet there are so many Amy Chuas who expect everything from their kids and nothing from the government and the government run public schools that have failed failed failed!

No one has any right to blame their kids for failing school if they aren't speaking up at their teachers or principals and not taking an interest.

I see these parents do but Amy and most of her followers don't they worship the government like commies!

Anonymous said...

Well I tell ya, I send my kids to an expensive private school that costs a ton of money. I have every reason to ride my kid. If my son brings home two B+s, they're grounded. I paid big for that school I expect results... In my house, A B+ means, "B + Your grounded until it becomes an A." Not an A-, an A. If I see an A- I get worried. I make sure my kids do their work, they get everything right, they don't go out that door until its done and I check every answer to make sure its totally correct!

I don't know if Amy is a communist just because she treats her children worse but if she doesn't think there's anything wrong with our schools or our teachers then maybe she is.

Anonymous said...

I've been coming to this website from Freerepublic for about 8 years. This is one of the worst Brian has published.

Me too. I have been coming here since it got started in 2008. This is not his best. In fact its worse than when he had those GOANIMATE cartoons that guy from illinois posted where all the characters yelled heil Obama! I especially hated the voices. It was like robotic chalkboard scratching. YECH!

Amy Chua isn't a socialist BTW Brian. She's just a strict parent who has high expectations for her children. They have stated that they would raise their kids the same way only with more allowance.

Here's a quote from another website: Chua also reported that in one study of 48 Chinese immigrant mothers, the vast majority "said that they believe their children can be 'the best' students, that 'academic achievement reflects successful parenting', and that if children did not excel at school then there was 'a problem' and parents 'were not doing their job'"

Amy essentially blamed the parents. Not the kids. She wasn't really going to sell her daughter's doll house she was just using fear as a motivational tool. She worked with her daughter until she got it BTW. They worked through dinner. Not letting up until she got it. THERE! DONE! DID IT! It might have seemed harsh but it worked!

The Wall Street Journal article generated a huge response, both positive and negative. Charles Murray argued that “large numbers of talented children everywhere would profit from Chua’s approach, and instead are frittering away their gifts — they’re nice kids, not brats, but they are also self-indulgent and inclined to make excuses for themselves”. In a poll on the Wall Street Journal website regarding Chua’s response to readers, two-thirds of respondents voted that the “Demanding Eastern” parenting model is better than the “Permissive Western” model. Allison Pearson wondered the following in The Daily Telegraph: “Amy Chua’s philosophy of child-rearing may be harsh and not for the fainthearted, but ask yourself this: is it really more cruel than the laissez-faire indifference and babysitting-by-TV which too often passes for parenting these days?”

I think you should actually read Tiger Mom before doing anything about her Brian. You misunderstood it. I don't think Amy would approve of anyone who sends their kids to a failing school and beats them for getting a bad grade or who tells their kids that the Langoliers and Jame Gumb are gonna get them if they get a B. You'll note Amy doesn't just leave it to the school. She gets in their rolls up her sleeves and teaches her kids. The only part I didn't like was her telling her daughter she was garbage and cowardly and lazy. But she did well.

Again, read the book.

Gino M said...

I send my kids to public school and i don't have that problem. I expect my kids to get As. If they get a B their grounded till that improves. I also require them to have extra curriculum activities such as band practice. BAND is mandatory each year. I expect my kids to learn the songs and if they don't they're punished until they learn. I take great interest in my children. My wife and I support Amy Chua and we are Tiger parents.

The western way which emphasizes self esteem doesn't work. The Eastern Chinese way which Amy and Chinese use works well. They push their kids to meet their potentials with rigid boundaries and reliance on themselves and individualism.

Lang said...

Brian, Amy does not advocate cruelty. I plan to be a Tiger Mom when I get married and have children. My kids will be going to private school and from their Ivy league like me. I had a similar upbringing. Not as strict as Amy or some of the people mentioned but they weren't stupid liberal parents who want to abuse their kids with help from the government. You need to read Amy's book. She doesn't just leave the kids alone to fend for themselves while accomplishing an impossible task. She takes vested interest. When she taught her daughter to play piano for instance they worked with it all through the day even through dinner. That's how it was with my school work and my parents. They worked me through and told me to not be a quitter or be lazy or to throw in the towel if something looked hard. We worked together.

As for this kid you mentioned who got beaten by his parents for getting bad grades while going to a failing school I'd never do that. I will never even let them go to public school. Over my dead body. they will go to the best private school my future husband and I can pay for.

Anonymous said...

So it took these homeschool parents one year to teach him all the subjects a kid gets from k-12? BS! Homeschool families are social and mental retards. They only do better because our education system is so Fucked up our kids can't even keep up with them. Finland has a better education system then us and they don't allow that crap.

Oh wait, was this in Mississippi? Then okay its believable.

Kyle said...

Gino probably one of those New Yorkers who pretend to be conservative but are still liberal. He sends his kids to PS 187 in South Bronx, the teacher is drunk or the substitute teacher if they have one is too. Yet he loves the school and the government and if they come home with a B, WHAM! A lefter and black eye!

That's why are kids are F'ed up. Bad schools, no Jesus, no freedom just angry liberal parents who blame their kids for why the government can't teach their kids to read. They love the state more than their kids and happily send them off to be brainwashed into being broken vessels or being commies.

That's why I hate new York. They wave the flag there have it on the subways and their hardhat helmets yet don't even know why it was founded. You have to respect authority from the teachers up to the police even up to the point when they literally rape you. And Black women are often raped in NY by the police and only they get punished. They didn't respect authority or didn't button up enough.

I went to a school just like that. I didn't understand something, asked the teacher, he said, "OH! I already explained it why should I do so again you idiot!" I'm not kidding!

I learned nothing from public school. I learned on my own. I'm surprised sometimes that I graduated. Ever since then I have hated the government and its worshipers like this wop who sends his kids off to die slowly and then punishes them when the school fails to teach them.

That's why I;m a conservative and why I hate liberalism. I hope Gino's kids don't wind up like some of the people I saw in NYC or in other big cities who came from those households.

mainestategop said...

I wouldn't be quick to judge but I'd imagine the school he sends his kids too is still as messed up as any other public school in America. At the least the Teachers show up sober but don't give a F**K. And Gino probably doesn't either unless his kids come home with a B or an A- then there's hell to pay. Its all their fault not the schools.

That's basically the gist of my article right there. And these communists they are so incompetent. The only reason China is getting over us is because they're wising up and learning capitalism and because were getting worser and worser thanks to New Yorkers and leftists like Gino wherever he may live.

I plan to homeschool my children or put them in parochial school. If they get nothing but Cs Father or Reverend is gonna hear from me and were gonna sit down together and figure out where things went wrong and make them right like my dad did for me.

socialism didn't work then, socialism doesn't work now, socialism never will work anywhere anytime no matter what kind it is whether its the kind they have in Europe right now, in China, the Soviet Union, Germany under Hitler, France during the revolution, Cuba, Grenada, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, California, New York, Massachusetts, and the kind of socialism now croping up in other parts of the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and India. Never has never will.

Gino M said...

Okay then, first to the wise ass who thinks I'm a new yorkers. I'm not from New York I'm from Chicago. We live in Haverhill Massachusetts. School there isn't the best but its just fine. I trust the teachers and the principal.

If my kids brings home a B i don't slug them I just take away their privileges until their caught up. I help but they need to do this themselves too. There's no excuses. They should have explained it to you but they should also tell you that you need pay attention better so they don't have to explain more than once!!

And let me tell you! In Chicago you run your mouth like you do we'd blast your ass! You don't respect authority is why you hate government and public schools. Kyle probably had to be sent to the principals office over and over again and be dragged there screaming by a security guard by his shirt collar. He probably didn't really finish but get expelled. You claim to be a conservative like Alex Jones and this idiot who runs this blog but you aren't. Your disrespectful to authority figures. Just because things didn't work out at the school you went to don't blame everything on our government. some of it was probably your fault Its life. Grow up! Move on!

As for the blogger, this guy also disrespects authority. Every single article attacks the government attacks poilice, teachers, strict parents, basically any authority figure who he doesn't agree with is a communist, a socialist, a nazi, a liberal a this a that blah blah blah and on and on. This isn't the only article that is poorly written and filled with rants, a lot of articles are loaded with this rambling horseshit about marx, hitler, the government, Obama, Trump, Hillary, everything.

I'm a conservative. I don't like a lot what the government does, I don't agree with everything they do, I don't like it to get big and bloated neither but we need safety and authority and a guiding hand to keep society from falling apart!

If my kids are getting messed up at school I don't sit on the sidelines but I enforce a hard hand and expect they make an effort! Its up to them if they want to be succesful or not. Not the government, not Obama, not the Democrats or anyone!

mainestategop said...

I looked up statistics and both government and private sources agree, Havrhill's school district is in the bottom rung of failing school districts. For Massachusetts that's quite a lot. Lets see... Also found some interesting articles on bomb threats, shooting threats, gangstas dealing drugs and beating up students and guns found on property. HA! everything is fine... Sure Gino! Just your typical Chicago leftist standing up for a failed system and blaming the victims.

And FYI I respect authority but they need to do unto others as they would have done to them. I owe no respect for an authority figure who fails to respect the people who pay their salary and put them in charge.

I may not be perfect but I got almost a million viewers since 2008. I receive emails, suggestions on how to make things better what to add to the blog and articles and my opinions on issues. I base much of my opinions BTW on the Bible, the founding fathers and Ronald Reagan among other things. Not on this belief that government is always always right no matter what.

You sir, are a stooge for socialists. they have a name for guys like you, USEFUL IDIOTS. The reason your kids came home with a B is because of the school and you not your kids. Stop kicking their ass and tell city hall and the school board to shape up or slip up.

And stop blaming watchdogs and patriots like me!

Gino said...

I didn't say the government and the schools were perfect but you need to respect authority no matter what. We need safety and government. And there's really nothing wrong with my kids school.

mainestategop said...

We need safety and government, Excuse of every bloodthirsty socialist tyrant from Hitler to Mao.

If authority wants our respect it first must be given to the people who pay its salary and give its consent for power.

Christine said...

Amy and Spock are both wrong. Overindulgence and lackadaisical parenting are the problem but children still need to have self-esteem. Its very very important in their development. If they have none they wont be able to perform tasks. Also it isn't fair that they lose nearly all or all of their privileges just because of a minor short coming like a B instead of an A. Especially if their going to a crappy school.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching Good times last week and they had an episode about public school. Jimmy Walker was getting All Cs and yet he was dumb as a rock. His parents wanted him to be left back in the 11th grade because though he had Cs he talked like he was getting all Fs. The principal said no because they don't get enough funding to provide a good education for kids like Walker and if he doesn't graduate a certain amount his funding will be cut and then they'll be worse off.

This still goes on today. Bottom line, if your kid isn't performing well, grounding them isn't the answer. Go after the school. Better still home school your kid. You'll have full control and if he screws around then you can punish them.

But punishing them when their doing their best under the disadvantagous situation they're in will only discourage them and make them worse.

You should only punish when they aren't trying. I mean, grounding your kids for getting one B is ridiculous and only makes them frustrated. It doesn't work no matter what the so called experts say. Amy Chua's kids only succeeded because they were privileged and had access to private education while the rest of us are forced into government indoctrination centers.

Anonymous said...

A lot of problem's I'm having with this...

First, The Yuppies were very, Very conservative. They weren't conservative libertarian that is like most people like Alex Jones, the author of this blog or Rush Limbaugh but they were for the most part a bit conservative. They voted straight GOP, the elected Reagan twice, they were materialists, they were against taxes, it was all about the money. I was raised by yuppies so I know.

second, Amy never advocated abusing children she advocated that they should be pushed to meet their maximum potentials and that the problem with western childhood upbringing was overindulgence and too much an emphasis on self esteem.

Third, communism and capitalism is irrelevant. In fact incompetence is very common in communist countries due to the state taking away personal responsibility. That's a trait BTW a lot of communists and supporters of communism in occupy wall st. ETC. have. They have personal responsibility and wand the state to take care of them. So they become automotrons and have no concept of looking out for their interests.

Fourth, Amy does not advocate whips or bridles and neither does she advocate fear like teaching your children that the Langoliers will eat them if they get a B or that Buffalo Bill will get them and skin them alive if they goof around. These "psychotics" you mention did not have Tiger Moms and Dads, they had psychotics for parents who were also abusive.

Fifth, Hind pilots were not executed en masse as you claim the way Stalin did during the great patriotic wars. In Afghanistan the only executions that took place were for serious acts of incompetence. I mean very serious. Matter of fact most Helicopter pilots shot down didn't survive

sixth,in the book Half Past midnight which had the Langoliers, Craig Toomey was abused mostly by his mother. She used to light matches under his feet and ridicule him. It was her that did it.

The only thing that is accurate is that calling your child garbage or saying their stupid just because they get a B or an A- instead of straight As is stupid.

mainestategop said...

Well my parents were Yuppies too. Depends on what you consider conservative now and then. In the 80s, the Yuppies were not all conservative. The majority slightly right of center but not as conservative as I am or Reagan was even by today's standards. Reagan won twice because Carter was a total failure and Mondale was an extreme left-wing socialist that Made Bernie Sanders look like Pat Robertson.

Anyways, for the rest, I'm just concerned about parents who push their children too far and yet send them to shitty government schools.

Any parent like Gino who demands so much of their children while not enabling them to succeed by trusting their government no matter what bad the government does I brand a hypocrite and a socialist. End of story.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I think the author doesn't seem to understand the problems.

First off, in communist countries there is no personal responsibility. In fact the reason so many of these bums at the anti-war movement, Occupy and similar marxist movements have never been taught personal responsibility so no they don't have it. they want the government to care for them hand and foot.

Second, Amy Chua is merely telling parents to stop screwing around with their kids and tell their kids to stop screwing around neither. She does use preasure to get her kids to meet potential but she's not like this stupid wop that commented Gino or whatever who expects the most out of his kids while shortchanging and chumping them by sending them to a shitty failing public school in Haverhill Massachusetts and not doing a damn thing about it except to blame their kids for why the school failed. She does all she can to get her kids to do a good job.

Third, the hippie generation didn't come about from neither Benjamin Spock or Madelyn Murray O'hair. The hippie generation came about because their parents didn't teach them personal responsibility or that money didn't grow on trees.

The parents of the baby boomer generation which went through the great depression and world war 2 were very successful and prosperous so when the post war boom started they failed to hand down morals like, godliness, being thrifty, honest, working for what you need and want, rationing, morals, these are the things that they learned from the hardships they had and made them successful.

But the new generation had it easy and lived off the parents shirt tails and ended up believing that everyone owed them everything and that made marxism sound good to them.

Fourth, by the time the hippie gen got started Spock and O'hair had already done what they did. This generation actually came up before Spock began advocating his brand of child psychology and had prayer and the bible still in school. So no, They had nothing to do with it

Fifth, Amy never advocated violence or starvation. There were threats of loss of priveleges and at worst she called her children stupid and garbage. That's it.

Sixth, strict parenting is usually from capitalist countries because there is a great need to meet potentials.

seventh, the Yuppies were conservatives. Very conservative. Even more conservative than Ronald Reagan who they all voted for...

Anonymous said...

Amy Chua never advocated abuse! I would love to have a mom like her! My parents abused me! They hated me and beat me for no reason! I ended up in foster care when I was 14 and the foster parents were A** H***s too! Amy Chua is saying parents should stop being permissive and over indulgent!

Also American kids are way too stimulated! They spend too much time infront of computers, TV, IPhone, radio ETC. Way too much!

Anonymous said...

The problem is American children are way to spoiled and indulged, they are pampered, over stimulated, ETC. they are apathetic. There is no motivation to learn or study. I grew up in Nigeria where poverty is very high and lived in South Africa, then came to America as a child. I lived in poverty until I was 15. I went to a school run by missionaries. I studied hard because I knew that education was the only way out of the slums and out of poverty. When I came to America to New York, I was very motivated. I went to a nice Christian school in Long Island and worked hard and got straight As. I noticed that other students weren't as motivated as I was. They were more affluent, they had all these nice things, TV, computer games ETC and they got c's while I had Bs. They aren't motivated. They're apathetic. THey don't know how important education is. I agree with everything Amy Chua says except for the part where she calls her child names. You shouldn't do that and you shouldn't send your kid to a public school. WHen I have children they will go to a private school or home school. No more public school no bad places.

Anonymous said...

As a parent and a conservative Christian I agree with the angle your trying to pitch, Amy and Spock are both wrong but you're article is written poorly. You're not on topic, you talk about things that are not relevant and Hind pilots weren't really killed a lot by firing squad back then. Most died in combat and if they did screw up they got sent to some base in siberia or thereabouts.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous I do remember those Goanmiate cartoons well. The man was named Illinoislibertarian AKA Daniel Tucker. He isn't from Illinois he's from Gulfport Mississippi and he's a registered sex offender who became homeless in the LA area after he got caught asking for sex from a 13 year old boy on a chat room who turned out to be an FBI agent.

The cartoons were shit. Mechanical voices that sounded terrible, dialogue that was even worse (the characters always said things like F America, F Jesus, F white people, long live communism, death to America, heil Obama ETC. There were even cartoon Obamas which were racist minstrel characters.)

Anonymous said...

One other thing, this article is just pure BS. My wife and I are Tiger parents and we don't raise our kids the way you say people like us do. Also we send our kids to a public school in Palo Alto Henry M Gunn HS. One of the best in the country. We expect good grades and only the best. We don't accept from our kids the excuse that they did their best or that it was too hard. We sit with them and get them straight! Its mostly helicopter parenting. I wouldn't say were helicopter parents but were involved in our children's education. We also had extracurricular activity. We expect the best. If they don't perform above par they're grounded until they do. We work with them to make sure. We also do not allow video games or TV. We only have the internet for school and education. My wife and I just aren't gonna take chances. No video games or TV. Wait till you turn 18 and get a job!

People need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions! We need to also be that way to our children!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with being a strict parent. I'm not a strict parent but I agree with Amy Chua whole heartily. Our kids have rules they need to follow. They are expected to get good grades or else. What Amy is driving home is that too many parents over indulge their children and do not push them to strive. They go to school, do the minimum required work and its alright. That's why our kids are not entering the workforce getting the best jobs anymore and why they're hiring out immigrants mostly from Asia. Because they push them to work hard.

Anonymous said...

Amy Chua never abused her children. What she did was harsh, for instance no sleepovers, no making your own decisions, no getting to choose your extra-curriculum, no computer games ETC. But what she did was out of love. Tiger moms are strict but they are loving. Very, very loving. As well as supporting. Amy Chua was harsh but she is right.

I am a parent. I consider my self a tiger father. My wife and I don't go as far as Amy, we don't call our kids garbage, on rare occasions they'll have a sleepover but we don't allow computer games or TV. We just don't want to take that chance. The rating system is unreliable and there's too many subliminal messages. We don't allow them to make too many friends and we force them to take extra-curricular activities. Band is also mandatory just like in Amy's home.

My parents were not strict. They were liberal. Very very liberal and loose and it affected my upbringing poorly. My siblings as well. I have 3 siblings all of them with criminal records. One is a stripper, the other a career welfare bum, one a Walmart associate, the other a fast food worker. I'm not saying those are bad, all work is good I've worked those jobs but that's all they can get because of their negative upbringing and criminal rap sheets.

I don't allow games and TV, we allow board games that's all. I drill my kids on homework and band practice. When they come home my wife or myself or both of us do the homework with them. They don't walk out that door until we've gone over it to make sure that everything they did is perfect or at least close to being perfect. We check the answers. If they're wrong we correct it. We also don't stop there, we drill them on subjects they don't talk about at school like the bible, history, ETC.

We send our kids to public school. We can't afford to home school them but the school is fine. We talk with the teachers and we make sure our kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing and that the teachers aren't screwing around as well.

These other so called tiger parents you're talking about are not tiger parents, they're irresponsible and psychotic. Its their fault their kids didn't make it. Its my fault if my kids don't make it. You don't beat your child just because he got a failing grade. You help them out. You find out what's going on and correct it.

You've got it all wrong Brian. You need to read about Amy Chua and Read her book. Its not a parenting guide by the way, its a memoir. A MEMOIR. NOT A PARENTING GUIDE

Anonymous said...

*SIGH* Almost Everything in this article is wrong. I am an Asian American college Grad, I work in Aurora California. My parents are Japanese. First, California schools aren't that bad despite what you've heard. I went to a nice school outside Sacramento and it wasn't perfect but the teachers and the people there were the best! Also, this Chinese father you talked about probably shouldn't have bought them a video game system in the first place if their grades were abysmal. You were right not to say anything. Its none of your business neither is it mine the way they want to raise their kids or screw them up.

Also Asian American suicides are very very low. Wherever you got this idea that were banzai fanatics who got smacked for the littlest thing I don't really know! It sounds more like a stereotype.

Also, you should not only blame the child for flunking but also the school and yourself. But the child needs to try harder and take interest.

Craig Toomey is a fictional character. Also in the book his father died when he was still a child. Most of his abuse came from his mother. The people you mentioned who were abused were not tiger parents they were psychotics. Amy Chua never ever advocated any of the things you did.

Also, Its hard to compare Spock to Chua. Benjamin Spock advocated indulgence and letting go just letting their kids cutting them loose to do whatever they wanted if it felt good. Children should never make their own choices! When they become 18 then they can.

When Amy Chua called her daughter garbage she didn't mean that as a curse or as any kind of label, she was saying that by not taking interest in Band, in violin or piano practice she was letting herself become garbage. She wasn't necessarily calling them garbage. She was saying that by not studying, not taking an interest in Piano they were garbage and she's right! I wont let my children end up like that and I want them to know there are consequences for leading a dissolute and wayward life.

Anonymous said...

Please read the book Tiger mom Brian. YOu need to do some better research on this.

Also to say that Spock and Amy are opposite extremes is not even enough! What Spock advocated was just total anarchy!

Anonymous said...

That was just stupid. Amy never advocated child abuse. She simply said Children should obey authority and instead of being spoiled playing nintendo all day and watching a convicted felon put a ball in a basket or score a touch down pass to a rapist.

Also, My grandfather was a soldier in Russia during the Afghan war. They never executed people like you say they did whether they were Hind pilots or soldiers. You'd have to really really really really be bad or do something beyond stupid to get in trouble. Worst case scenerio you'd be sent to Siberia. If you were really dumb you'd probably get sent to an looney asylum.

Then again you didn't have to worry. You mess up you'd get 86'd by A Mujahadeen.

My kids, they know not to screw up and be disobedient. You want nice things you gotta work for it. Your job till you turn 18 is to go to school. You want to work part time in the summer or have a big screen in your room, you have to earn that privilege. I expect at least half the grades my kids get to be As. The rest Bs. If they can't do it, well help them. If they wont do it, they'll be punished. There are no medals or ribbons for trying.

Please read the book and pleas stay on topic next time.

Anonymous said...

I think a good example of this problem is in Amy Chua's book when she taught her daughter how to play piano. They were working on songs to learn and they worked on it all through dinner. Amy's daughter I forget her name was having trouble and like many children and for that matter adults they felt like giving up. She chastised her and said that she was stupid and garbage NOT BECAUSE SHE COULDN'T PLAY THE SONG BUT BECAUSE SHE GAVE UP TRYING TO LEARN!! She also castigated her for being overindulgent and lazy. Which she was by being a quitter.

My parents did the same thing with me. They demanded that I take elective courses in High School that I did not need and did not want to take. They insisted I did so. I took an auto repair course. I knew nothing about automobile repair I didn't want to be a mechanic. Dad told me that it would be beneficial later on even if I chose not to be a mechanic.

At first it was hard and I wanted out but they pounced on me and told me that I was a quitter, they chastised and scolded me for not trying and for giving up.

They worked with me, they read the books with me and we did it together. My parents learned a lot too. I passed at the end of final semester with a B+. My parents told me I could've done better but they weren't as hard on me for it because I missed school due to illness.

It worked out! I saved money on mechanical bills, I do self repairs, my dad even learned a lot and it saved him from being ripped off by a mechanic in Oxnard who wanted to overcharge him for a repair that wasn't that neccessary!

So you see what I'm getting at is Amy Chua is pointint out that we and especially our youth are over indulgent and cut to many corners. They don't meet their full potentials.

Anonymous said...

Hind helicopter pilots in Afghanistan who mad mistakes generally didn't live long enough to regret them... What the Russkies went through in Afghanistan is worse than what we went through in Nam. I know because in my past life I was a Hind Pilot Near Kabul. In 1986 I got slammed by a stinger missile armed by some Arab. Didn't see it coming till it was too late. Then everything went black. Before I knew it I was born on the west side and now I'm running a helicopter flight school.

Anonymous said...

Reincarnation is BS. Just like this article. Hebrews 9:27 states it is appointed once to die then the judgement. You either grew up fascinated by helicopters and had dreams about it or the hypnotist put that BS in your brain after watching Red Dawn. Either that or a demon gave you that idea so you wont accept Christ and his teachings.

Anonymous said...

Amy Chua is right! The reason Asians are successful and that they are better than we are is because they are forced to meet their full potentials!

Our children grow up over stimulated and pampered and have it WAAAAYYY too easy!! In Amy's house as in most Asian households, TV is not allowed, there is regimentation and discipline, in addition, Amy emphasizes band practice on musical instruments.

Amy's children had no rights. They couldn't be in control of anything or make their own decisions.

No child should ever have that level of freedom. I dare say neither should Teenagers.

And to compare someone like Spock with Chua is like Apples to peanuts! WTF? Benjamin Spock had it all wrong! HE ADVOCATED SPARING THE ROD AND SPOILING THE CHILD!! His policies lead to the disaster we had with the baby boomers! Spoiled rotten kids who grew up to become marxists, draft dodgers and commies! The very people are running us into the ground today!!

I am 20 years old. I will never get to enjoy the measure of freedom my Great Grandparents once had. My grandparents who were baby boomers and My parents who were Generation X'ers and who I might add were all far left ruined it for me. All because of Peoplelike Benjamin Spock

Also don't forget others, Madelyn Murray O'hair, Gloria Steinham, Herbert Aptheker, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, all these people are the reason were falling apart today!

mainestategop said...

Well look... I agree that maybe I went overboard but threatening to sell your kids doll house or burn their stuffed animals just because they can't learn a certain song isn't the answer. That's going WAAAAYYY overboard.

Also I was just reading how her daughters showed signs of stress and some say mental illness. Its a miracle they didn't become psychotic killers.

Anonymous said...

Amy's children didn't become psychotic killers. They became successful well mannered young women.

We don't treat our kids that way and our kids still become psychos! look at Occupy Wall Street!