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Monday, August 8, 2016

Communist oppression and murder in Greece 1946-1949


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother grew up in communist Russia. Her earliest memory she can remember is at the age of 5 being put into a cattle car on the way to Siberia with her mother. She escaped and thanks God for the miracles he sent to make the way to go to the united states of America, greatest nation of all and a beacon of freedom to all those behind the iron curtain and bamboo curtain.

People like my Granny God rest her soul fled a nation that promised free food free healthcare, that proclaimed that food and all this other stuff was a right and went to the United states of America. People in Cuba do the same thing they risk their lives on rickety rafts in shark infested waters to go to the US.

This is a testament of communism failing the people. If communism is so much better than capitalism why are so many people fleeing these countries to a nation that doesn't guarentee free food free healthcare ETC. ? What good are those things if you have no dignity or freedom??

Anonymous said...

The Greeks and the other Slavik countries probably suffered more than anyone in WW2. Not only did they have the Nazis murdering, starving and butchering everyone, you also have soviet commies and native insurgent commies come in and abuse everyone there! The Commies probably murdered more people in Greece than the nazis!