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Friday, August 5, 2016

Email attacking JTF and Chaim Ben Pesach from a 9/11 truther and nut

The following is an Email from a viewer claiming to be a conservative and a follower of Alex Jones

To whom it may concern:

You mentioned in your previous post that you were on vacation and would post Youtube videos, mostly videos from your "friend" Chaim ben Pesach who hosts a program called Jewish Task Froce or JTF for short.

I have to tell you that I have information that this person is not the scrupulous and conservative that he makes himself out to be.

Before going on let me point out for the record that I am not a nazi or white supremacist, I do not hate Jews I have many Jewish friends but I oppose Chiam Ben Pesach and so called zionist radicals like him in the Kahanist movement.

Chaim Ben Pesach's real name is Victor Vancier. In the 1980s he was president of the jewish Defense league of New York. The JDL is a terrorist organization that attacks anyone who criticizes Israel in any way. While president of JDL in NYC Chaim Ben Pesach (real name Victor Vancier) Committed acts of terrorism against Chase Manhattan bank and against the consulate of the USSR which endangered relations and heated the cold war in the name of fighting for soviet Jewry. This had no positive effect on helping Jews and only made matters worse. This animal almost caused a nuclear war between our two nations

Chaim went to prison for this and while in prison was anally raped by blacks which is why he is a racist. His programs on public access were loaded with racism against fellow Jews, blacks and hispanics. He is a white supremacist and wishes he was white.

Chaim also had involvment with the IDF in planning the 9/11 attacks. In 1986 in an article in the NY times he bragged that one day, Jews would fly planes into buildings. He even stated in an episode of JTF on september 11th 1994 exactly 7 years before 9/11 (7 being an important number to Jewish extremists) that the WTC would be bombed again. There is no doubt he had some involvment with planning this with the US governnment and Israel to improve sympathy for the state of Israel and villify the palestinians.

Chaim ben Pesach also called for 9/11 truthers like Ron Paul to be arrested by the government and executed. That is nazism in its purest form!

If you are serious Mr Ball in being a libertarian conservative like you claim you are please take these videos down. Chaim Ben Pesach and the Zionits are giving America a bad name. They want to destroy the constitution and destroy our nation!

Here is My response to this troll

Dear Sir or Madam

Regarding your Email everything you have said about chaim Ben Pesach is completely false, the invention of Arab controlled media outlets in the mid-east and white supremacists Not even Alex Jones says this kind of Garbage.

first of all, Chaim AKA victor Vancier attacked Chase Manhattan bank because they were violating a boycott of the USSR proposed by reagan and other patriots. They were doing business with the evil empire and enabling them to commit various human rights abuses including abuses against Jews in the USSR. Chaim Ben Pesach also attacks USSR targets such as a car belonging to a Russian diplomat and tear gassing a ballet in New York.

Chaim was the  put in prison but he was not raped. He had black friends in Prison including a Jamaican guy. Chaim was still tough back then. It was the Neo-Nazis who tried to kill him but failed.

On Chaim's Programs he has been falsely accused of racism. He merely criticizing black culture particularly hip-hop which is embraced more by whites and Asians than Blacks. He also attacks liberal Jews.

For the record, Alan Keyes, Manny Mclittle and Thomas Sowell support JTF. David Ben Moishe's personal physician is a black man who is a conservative and also supports JTF.

The idea that Chaim ben Pesach was behind 9/11 is completely false. The JTF episode you referenced was made in September 14th 1994 and in it Chaim warned that there would be another attack on the trade towers because terrorists are tenacious and will keep attacking until they accomplish their objectives or are wiped out first. At the time it was assumed that it would be done either by a suicide bomber or another truck bomb as in the first attack the previous year.

I am aware of the article in the NY Times you mentioned. Chaim was actually referring to plane hijackings which were very common in the 70s and 80s. The hijackings rather than involving kamikaze attacks were involving ransoms. In no way did Chaim suggest an attack like 9/11.

Chaim's attacks on 9/11 truthers are because 9/11 truth is crap. The theories are easily refuted and have been. For example the claim that 4000 Jews were told by Israel to stay at home. This was broadcast by a Lebanese media outlet loyal to anti-Israel Muslim Nazis. In truth over 180 Jews died in 9/11 including an Israeli Officer who was on one of the airplanes and was killed attempting to disarm the hijackers.

The death threats are not aimed at all truthers just those who are pro-nazi and pro-muslim. Sadly the majority of 9/11 truthers are Islamists and nazis. Many of whom also support Ron Paul.

Perhaps Chaim's remarks were a bit overboard but He has every reason to worry. 9/11 Truth is becoming very much similar to holocaust denial and are aiding and comforting our enemies.

As for JDL while their tactics tend to be over the top, JDL was originally founded to defend Jews who were attacked by nazis, black nationalists, Muslims and other anti-Jewish extremists. They have every right to defend their neighborhoods and fellow Jews as anyone has to defend themselves.

Even Alex Jones doesn't subscribe himself to the insane allegations you have made.

I have been Friends with Chaim and David since 2005. What you have said is false and lies broadcast by nazis, Islamists and others. Please check your facts.

The New England Alliance for Liberty and free markets is not affilated with Jewish Task force or JDL but Chaim is on good terms and is a member of our organization and a supporter. We also post his videos on the mainestategop blog because he is like us, a conservative and a constitutionalist.

Again, please do your homework before concluding against America's interests.

Brian Ball


Anonymous said...

Chaim ben Pesach is a bit nuts. He can make some interesting and good videos but this one is even further out there than Alex Jones. And that's up against some competition....

Anonymous said...

Okay, Seriously... I know Chiam ben Pesach is a crazy Jew boy from brooklyn who's angry at the whole world typical of a New Yorker but WTF?!?!? Chaim had nothing to do the 9/11 attacks. And he never tried to start a nuclear war for attacking Russians. I can't imagine even the most drunken frigging Russian going nuclear over what he did or any other anti-commie nut.

9/11 truthers are psychos and they're getting worse year by year.