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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton's plan to tax the middle class to Death!


Anonymous said...

WRONG AGAIN NUT JOB!! It was a gaffe. You know what that means? It means it was a mistake during a speech! Ronald Reagan did the same thing! He said that he wanted raise unemployment!

Not only does this video attack Hillary it attacks poor people mostly black and hispanic poor and makes them scapegoats for the nations problems cause by the rich. SHAME ON YOU FASCIST!

Oh btw nice try trying to hide your racism towards blacks on food stamps and hispanics who are poor by putting crazy ugly white people in there. We all know you really hate black people on welfare and that these are the target of the attacks. YEAH! AH IS HUNGRY! I GONNA KILL DA WHITE MAN IF MAH FOOD STAMPS BE TAKUN FROM ME MMMMM!MMMM!!!MMMM! DAT RIGHT!

Good try racist but We know its minority poor you hate! You hate poor whites but you also hate blacks too!

mainestategop said...

Everything is racist to hippie bums like you. Is that you oldfartrants? Are you still alive? Obama hasn't killed your useless old ass with death panels yet?

Hillary said what she said. She'll no doubt back track but whatever happens the middle class and the working poor are gonna be taxed to death to pay for her spending. There's no way around it. Governor Baldacci did the same thing when he ran Maine to the ground and so did nit wit Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Before Clinton's term is up there will be no more middle class to tax in America and everyone will be starving and on welfare at the mercy of idiot workers and their unions who will abuse them at every turn.

BTW the majority of non-working welfare recipients are white. I always try to illustrate that so ass hats like you have trouble trying to pin me down as a racist. That and because google will shut my video down if I have just one race group on welfare instead of being "diverse" Isn't that what you leftys want? Diversity?

One more thing, two of my employees are black. One of them makes about 50k a year the other 70k a year. They've been on that long dark road of welfare and living in the hood and it has made them conservatives like me. NICE TRY!

Anonymous said...

That's why americans can't find work! Our businesses are being taxed into oblivion to support hunchbacked illegal alien psychos, rednecks, trailer trash, and homeless POS who don't want to work. Its their fault this is happening.

Anonymous said...

This is how it ends everytime liberals raise taxes. It destroys wealth.