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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Its time to Ban government worker unions!

The other day while at the mall I got a good look at what my taxes pay for. Public service unions. Groups like the SEIU the NEA and so on that defend lazy moochers who though are bums are not unemployed. They are much like their kissing cousins the homeless but lazier filthier and meaner.

The majority of homeless are not by choice but by failing government. Government workers on the other hand are lazy bums by choice. they have their own homes and they supposedly have a job but it is not a job. Government employment with few exceptions such as police fire military ETC. is a farm of welfare for the lazy and the worthless. Food stamp workers, case workers, bureaucrats, ETC are louse. Bums.

They do nothing but abuse and neglect the people they are supposed to help. Unions most notoriously the SEIU or service employees union run these places and help bum government leeches abuse those they are to care for and even help those who are able to avoid work and leech from the government.

Of course as I mentioned before in a past article, Homeless can be lazy, they are made so by dependency which can potentially take away one's work ethic and desire to strive. This compounded with low self-esteem, stigmatization of the homeless in some places along with addictions and dysfunctions makes the situation worse.

Public school teachers perhaps are the lowest of these filthy parasites. The government pays these people who abuse students forced out of their homes to be indoctrinated communists. The NEA The national education association is the largest union for teachers. They also attack homeschoolers and charter schools and supported the Soviet Union.

Public service unions are a bane upon America and taxpayers. The Public service sector is mostly a parasite upon the American people. The unions are the means from which the government bums agitate and demand more and more of other people's money. They use violence, rioting, blackmail and even threaten the lives of dependents many with disabilities with starvation, homelessness and death by exposure.

The Democrats give aid and support to these filth as well in exchange for votes. The dependent who support the government bums and the welfare state are also encouraged to vote democrat for more benefits and more opportunities to avoid work. Its a form of bribery.

Friends, the public service unions are the source of the problem. Its time for public service unions to be outlawed. NOTE TO ALL LEFTISTS WHO MONITOR MY BLOG (OLDFARTRANTS AND HIS VIEWERS ESPECIALLY) I AM NOT ADVOCATING BANNING PRIVATE UNIONS. REASON: Under a real capitalist system, workers have a right to collectively bargain for wages and benefits. Of course that does not mean that they can practice extortion. The business owners have a right to say no and the workers can either find another job or shut up and go back to work.

But public service unions have too much clout. They are backed by the government and are part of the government which equals force. They're not getting paid by the wealthy, they are getting paid by the taxpayers, many of them struggling lower and middle class earners who can't afford it. But the heartless scum who make up the left really don't care. No they do not and the debacle we witnessed in Wisconsin years ago when poor struggling Americans pleaded that the unions stop squeezing them were denounced by the liberal media as tea party fascists, racists sexists and just about every other ist. They were also the victims of violence by these unions thugs. This is an abomination and is un-American. This is not bargaining for wages this is fascism. They are using force, violence and intimidation to rob the poor and keep the money for themselves while being lazy scum which is what all government social workers are.

Its time to ban public service unions and give the taxpayers of America the break they finally deserve. Make the public sector accountable to we the American people again. If they want a raise, they need to shut up and work. Right now other people's money are running out so we don't need more taxes for lazy bum workers that are evil and abusive. Enough is enough. Amen.

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