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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Liberals deny existence of crime by immigrants and refugees

So last week my youtube channel came under attack for posting "controversial" videos. Two of which were deleted and nearly netting me a two week suspension.

The videos were of riots in Europe. Mainly a riot in the Netherlands against police in a ghetto with African Muslim refugees. The other one was of a riot that took place in Liverpool England. Both are now banned and wont be coming back.

Google, who owns youtube decided to top things off by suspending my channel for two weeks. This usually is what happens every time you get two videos flagged. Its sort of a cooling down policy. A third flag ususally results in the channel being banned permanently. For that reason I have had to store backup copies of my videos to keep them from being lost forever if such a thing were to happen.

Believe me I've had some close calls... The last time when oldfartrants made up lies about me that all my friends channels were sock accounts that I ran, that my associates were ficticious and that the Bush administration and the GOP and other groups paid me to run my channel and blog. This is not true. Though I have had donations such as ALEC and Freedom works given to my organization, The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets, this is perfectly fine. Its free speech.

Also as you know by now, they were not fictional sock accounts. Machias Houlton, AKA minnesotastategop we now know didn't stay in prison in Gemany but was instead thrown out and has made a wide presence known on Youtube and elsewhere I wont go into.

Illinoislibertarian AKA Daniel Tucker who did all those goanimate cartoons that nearly got me in hot water and even got me in trouble with Google and Others, he's real. But he doesn't live in Illinois anymore. He now lives in LA and is a homeless registered sex offender. Turnofffox and oldfartrants later decided to run me over for that one along with a couple of traitors such as Calstategop who oldfartrants even admitted was real. More on that another time.

Recently, Europeans liberals have begun trolling my blog and my channel, taking offense to what I have written about socialism. Their latest outrage is my comments about their new Muslim jihadi neighbors who they love dearly despite all the havoc they've laid in recent months.

It has now gone from making it a no no and hate speech to criticize Islam and its false prophet Mohammed to posting videos of Muslims misbehaving, whether that includes protests in the streets calling for Sharia law or brawls and riots like my video of Muslim sunni and Shia refugees rioting in the Netherlands and beating each other up while police sit by in the back. That too is a no no according to EuroPEONs and liberals in Google.

Even more interesting is that liberals deny that riots are even happening despite wide coverage in American and Russian news networks and scant coverage in European media outlets. Its like everytime a riot takes place, there is usually only one article and its buried, hardly talked about, then some multi-culturalist or Muslim immigrant complains and it is removed for being "offensive."

Then they go to work blocking and flagging videos on Youtube and elsewhere on the internet because "They're offensive and racist! WHAAAAA!" And that they are fake. That its either staged by conservatives paying poor minorities to act or they are incidents in Africa, the middle east or South America.

REALLY?! I mean really!? Fake riots? Even the ridiculous conspiracy theories of the moon landings being faked or that 9/11 was done by our government are more believable than this theory that there are and were no riots in Europe ever!!!

They use several tactics to do this:

first and foremost, they say that Islam is a peaceful loving religion that is incapable of doing these things so its fake, or say things like the buildings in these neighborhoods aren't like my neighborhood in a Paris suburb or Bournemouth so  it must be fake.

First, to borrow a phrase from Don Fedder when talking about Islamic terrorism on the 700 club, "Saying Islam is peaceful is like saying Cornbeef sandwiches are health food."

Second, the third world immigrants who live in these slums are just like the ones we have here in America. They don't take care of their neighborhood and it deteriorates! They are either too lazy or whatever to pick up after themselves and expect  the state to do it for them!

Even citizens including whites are like this! I've been to Europe and its nothing but one big Ptomkin village. I don't have time to go into the details look it up on google Ptomkin village and Prince Ptomkin to know the story but this is what Europe basically is... Even the whites live like that.

Ptomkin village. That's Europe. That's what a liberal town/community/country always is...

Another arguement used by the multi-cultis is that in one of the videos I had or one of my associates had, the cars have license plates and tags that are from a country say, Africa, Turkey, Egypt or Asia. Well many of them DO bring their cars with them or buy and import their cars from their native countries. Thanks to big bucks from welfare these parasites get when they arrive it's possible.

Also, unlike white natives who are hit with heavy fines they can't pay if they don't have proper plates and tags on their car, third world refugees get special rights and privileges and the rules don't apply to them. Why? Because they're poor, because their special. And because Ahmed will cut off your bloody head if you cite him for having out of country tags.

One other argument they used was that the brawlers weren't speaking Dutch or German. Well no duh! You multi-cultis have made it so they don't have to! They don't want to learn Dutch, German or English! They have to motivation or incentive! GREAT JOB! And what a stinking argument! PHEW!

Well anyways to wrap it up, google caved into the demands by Nigel, Basil, Horst, Gunther, Jose, Pierre and Fifi to ban my videos for showing how things are in Godless Europe. They cite how it made them upset at their vegetarian breakfast with their immigrant "friends" and their commie meetings, that its offensive, racist and maybe even bullying to tell the truth about Europe and Islam.

Other videos on other channels I've noticed have also suffered a similar fate as mine. A few videos I wanted to post on my blog that showed attacks by Muslim immigrants including a convert who was a white supremacist attacking a black Christian got banned by pro-Islamic left wing Google.

I emailed google and showed them proof that they were in those countries and that they weren't made up and that the racism allegations were absurd so then, I got an email back from customer services. They told me that while they have agreed to lift my suspension they told me that my videos were still banned and asked me not to upload again. When I asked why they told me that people found them offensive.

The truth is offensive to European  leftists and to Google...

It was still fortunate that I had the strikes taken off and my suspension lifted. Normally Google doesn't do that. Normally they ignore you and allow you to suffer while the left and its Muslim allies raise havoc posting videos where they openly advocate death to the infidels and those who oppose Islam and immigration.

So the next time you see riot videos on youtube be sure to download and save them to your hard drive. Don't let Islam's threat to Europe and the failure of socialism in Europe go down the memory hole! You can download videos from youtube using sites such as which i highly recommend and also a few similar sites. Careful, sometimes they have adware but I say its worth the commercials to get the news out.

And to all you liberals who tell me I'm a racist just because I posted a video of a Muslim rioting, read the Koran or better still move to Paris, Even Better still, Syria if you want to see Islam for what it really is...


Anonymous said...

Europeans liberals are so stupid and yet fascistic. I don't know if they do this because they hate white people and are ashamed, if they do this because they want to become muslim and because its more compatible with socialism which they seem to prefer to ChristianityHitler supported Islam BTW or if they just want cheap labor.

Either way they do nothing but beat each other up.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t travel to Europe now for love nor money. Stationed in Germany in the 1980’s (I can’t donate blood now) & Europe was a much better place then.

Stay here & see America first. And have my guns with me. Who could ask for more?

If you really want the full European experience, one local restaurant will assign a rude Muslim waiter to your table at no extra charge.


Anonymous said...

I read about this. They say you can't donate blood in Germany because of contaminated beef from the UK. THAT IS BULLOCKS! TRUTH is its because Germany is a modern Sodom and Gomorah. Lord have mercy! You think Sanfran is crazy try Germany out!

Ilsa Bo said...

Please stop posting negative comments and videos about my country. I live in the Netherlands and Muslims are not at all like that. Only a few of them are extremists and they are put in jail under hate speech laws. Your blog is racist and an appalling disgrace that makes even Fox news look better. American Journalists are all liars and propagandists who should be jailed for spreading misinformation to ignorant masses!

mainestategop said...

Sure thing mutli-culti... That's what you always say when there's a terrorist attack...

Anonymous said...

I had a channel that showed Muslims rioting. Didn't say anything negative about their satanic cult or pedophile prophet but they did take it away anyway because it offended the filthy rag heads. WTF? We can't even post Muslims being racist and commting crime because THAT'S RACIST HATE SPEECH!!

Why is it not hate speech to post Jimmy Swagart saying that muslim students should have their visas taken? Why is it not hate speech to show A KKK member talking about Jesus and claiming that the Bible supports racism? Why is it not racist to post reverend Jeremiah Wright saying G,D, America? Why is it not racist to post Pat Robertson's more offensive and absurd quotes??

Its being done deliberately. They want Europe to be destroyed and Islamized, they want Western civ to go down the tubes. I don't know if its a communist plot to undermine the west and promote world revolution, I don't know if they want to be muslim, maybe their just crazy and want to commit suicide and take everyone with them.

Anonymous said...

It is now hate speech to even show Muslims being violent. If Ahmed or Abdullah scream death to America or were gonna convert everyone at gunpoint, that is now hate speech. Liberals are more evil and demented than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Will it be hate speech to say that the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Muslims?????????????????