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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

mainestategop policies on Trump and JTF

I have gotten more and more complaints from Trump supporters because I allow dissenting views on Trump especially from Chaim Ben Pesach. LET ME REMIND EVERYONE THE FOLLOWING!!

  • The New England Alliance for liberty and Free markets supports Donald Trump officially
  • Mainestategop blog is somewhat independent from NEALFM. It is a free blog run by NEALFM members to communicate pro-capitalist pro-American views
  • Dissenting viewpoints on Trump are permitted on mainestategop
  • Those who object are free to write an article as long as it is peaceful and meets standards.
  • Chaim Ben Pesach is an honorary member or NEALFM but he does not effect our policies. 
  • JTF is an independent Jewish conservative organization not related to NEALFM. This holds True to affiliates, JewsagainstObama, JewsagainstHillary and JewsforPalin. It is based in New York city and run totally by Chaim Ben Pesach AKA Victor Vancier and his accomplice David Ben Moshe. The organization was founded in the early 90s and predates NEALFM and Mainestategop by nearly 2 decades
  • JTF is allowed to be broadcast on Mainestategop but does not really reflect the views of Mainestategop or NEALFM
  • Dissenting video and articles do not neccessarily reflect the views of Brian Ball, or NEALFM or its members
  • This goes true for all its posts and articles
  • NEALFM is also not in any way affiliated with the Roman Catholic church, St Michaels, Media, Citadel Catholic Media, Michael Voris Alex Jones or Ray Allerman. We  do post their videos.
  • DITTO For all non affiliated organizations who's videos are on our website
  • While NEALFM does not fully agree with Trump, We officially support him against Hillary Clinton who is a communist, a constitution shredder and a disaster for America and civil liberties if she is elected president.
There... Please for God sakes, stop spamming my Email box with whining complaints that were against Trump. Were not. We allow dissenting voices against him. Mainestategop is not completely part of NEALFM and is free to post.


Trump2016 said...

Whatever... Hillary would never permit dissent of any kind. In fact if she becomes president she'll ban it and ban any blog or website that was ever critical of her. More than ever we need Donald Trump as president no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I respect that it's you're blog, you're rules ETC. But WTF!??!? Do you want Hillary instead? Because that B- I mean witch is worse. If its not Trump its gonna be her and she stated she's gonna ban all conservative blogs including this one! She's already bragged about shutting down as well!

DonaldTrump2016 said...

As Long as you vote for Trump instead of Hillary in November I don't care.

mainestategop said...

I know. Make no mistake, Hillary will be a disaster for this nation. Trump, we can control him if he tries to turn on us and make problems.