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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Rhode Island escapee's abusive communist family and shrink respond

About 2 months ago, we presented the story of Roger Bauer, a victim of communism in the state of Rhode Island. The Democrats who control that state and support communism along with his liberal family abused him, denigrated him and forcibly held him captive in Rhode Island. He was unable to find work, be independent or take care of himself because of the bad treatment he received.

Roger was accused of having Asperger's syndrome, a very terrible disease of the brain that is believed to exist by liberals and those sympathetic to them and to government. Also they say those with Asperger's are said to be retarded, mentally ill, unable to take care of themselves and manage money. According to liberals they require systems to keep them under control and usually many with asperger either wind up homeless and destitute or in mental asylums for the stupid and insane. 

What is even more disturbing is that this disease is diagnosed for reasons that are ludicrous: Victims of bullying and sexual abuse, victims of society, those with beliefs that are considered unpopular, those who have been unemployed for long periods at any time in their life, those who disagree with the government, others are diagnosed simply for being eccentric.

Often times the diagnosis is done deliberately to maligning or victimize the poor victim, confiiscating bank accounts, property and any assets, holding them captive in liberal Democrat dominated states and cities, opening them to abuse or making them miserable to abuse them. This is what happened to Roger Bauer under his liberal family, doctors and the Democrat controlled state of Rhode Island.

To make matters worse, Rhode Island is among the most corrupt and evil states in the country and an economic wasteland. It is also had the distinction for two years in a row for being named the worst state for business and jobs by Forbes magazine and other years was among the top ten worst. It is also the state with the highest concentration of mentally ill. According to liberals this is caused by low incomes and brutal winters but it is likely that many of them have been diagnosed to silence them for  being abused and to make money of insurance, tax payers and kick backs from Pharmaceutical companies.

With help from a good Samaritan, Roger fled the state and eventually with help from Christian ministries and the Mormon church was able to flee out west and find a home and a job. Today, Roger is independent. He works full time, lives in an apartment in Orem Utah outside of Salt Lake City and is married to his sweetheart Rebecca Ann Bauer. They are also expecting their first child in May.

However, his family is not very happy that their son is independent. In fact, they have expressed a combination of bitterness, anger and dismay and claim to worry that their son Roger will lose everything because as they have stated time again, he is retarded and mentally ill and will have another psychotic episode. they have failed to demonstrate this in any way.

We present several responses. From Roger's brother Martin, Roger's former group counselor Jeff Gilmann, from another former victim of Rhode Island mental health, Regina Immersio AKA Regina Clayton, and from a liberal and red resident of Rhode Island, then there's another who knew Roger from group therapy from Jewish Conservative and Austrian school economist and activist Reuben Ben Abraham, from myself and from Rebbeca Ann bauer, the wife of Roger Bauer. In Addition We will also have Roger's response and a response from Michael O'Sullivan, a member of the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets who resides with his family in New Hampshire.

FIRST: Martin Bauer, older brother of Roger

This is a response to allegations made by my Brother Roger Bauer. I have known him my entire life I can attest that Roger Bauer is mentally ill, I have witnessed his actions and his behavior to be unusual and insane, he was diagnosed by several doctors who are in good standing and are licensed professionals in Rhode Island and Connecticut and I believe in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Washington. and that his mental illness is the result of his failure to be employed with a job, to be able to take care of himself and behave like an adult.

Roger's mental condition was apparent when he was probably 3 or 4 years old. What we thought of at first as rambunctious and playful behavior turned out to be signs of mental stress and illness. He would talk to himself and mumble, he would often wake up at night and jump on his bed and sing and mother read that this was a warning sign of conditions like ADHD or Autism. Also he would spin himself around and keep his toys organized a certain way and demand that they always be left in that state.

We took him to see three professionals. One argued that he would outgrow it, the other two partially agreed with the first but still expressed grave concerns he might have Asperger's syndrome or savant autism. Some of this behavior he outgrew but continued to perform such as spinning, waving his hands and organizing his toys and things certain way. One example, we had computer game where you designed your own battle field and game style like it could be war or fantasy or something else and Roger when it was his turn always demanded that it be designed exactly the way he wanted it to be.

It didn't matter if it was a medieval battle, world war 2 or fantasy, all the pieces, all the terrain had to be exactly a certain pattern, a certain way the same way just about every time. He was reluctant to play other maps or scenarios the way other people liked it or if the computer designed one for him. One time dad and I decided to make him play a different map and offered to reward him if he did, he refused and almost had a tantrum. We stopped. It was no fun playing with him.

His toys, his books, everything had to be organized exactly the way he wants it. No one but him was allowed to clean his room. He wouldn't allow it. We didn't know if we should be happy that he was willing to do it himself or worried.

When Roger was 7 or 8 we moved to Rhode Island and people began to pick on him. When Roger went to school in East Haven, Roger went to a private school from the time he was in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. We couldn't afford it any longer when we got to RI. Roger began to go to Silver Spring Elementary school. His first two days were alright but then on the third day he was attacked before school. We also heard that he cried a lot there and had crying spells in class and on the playground.

Roger had no friends while he was there. We found out that he got targeted from the get go. He was asked by the teacher about his school on the first day and another student claimed it was a school for special students. Roger didn't know what that meant and said it was because he liked going there. They set a trap for him and set him up. Unfortunately the teachers could only do so much since there was a large class. They weren't always able to stop it.

Now, Roger says that he went to school in New London. That's not true. We were only there briefly to visit relatives. I don't know where he got that idea from. But Roger brought a lot of this on himself and made himself a target. His teachers did not do nothing about it as he alleges, they did when necessary and told him he needed to ignore them, stop tatletaling and shape up. He didn't. He continued to cry, continued to act up and throw fits. On a couple of occasions he fought back and got in trouble which he shouldn't have done.

Now, Roger claims he was the butt of sex jokes and quote: "When Roger got back from the hospital the boy's friends spread rumors claiming that Roger had wet himself after being socked unconscious and that while at the hospital, the doctor touched him in his special place and made jokes making fun of sexual harassment infomercials. In a normal school, this boy would have been expelled and the other boys suspended. This did not happen. Roger's teacher instead told him to stop tattle-tailing despite the disgusting degrading and sexual nature of the taunts."

Roger was only in the hospital for the afternoon. The boy did get suspended and the family even paid for his medical bills. We were also informed he was severely punished and was grounded for a long period for hitting him. I know nothing of the sexual jokes and we did do something about it when it got out of hand but we told roger to ignore them and stop letting them make him a target. He still reacted and had fits. He had to toughen up.

My parents and teachers did the same for me by the way and whenever I ignored these people it went away. But Roger kept on feeding them. I should also point out that Roger tends to over exagerate alot of what has happened to him. This is a common symptom of Asperger's syndrome and other forms of mental illness.

It says here quoting Roger's allegations again, "At a parent teacher conference, Roger's mother only mildly rebuked the principal and teachers for not disciplining the bullies and for not doing enough to protect Roger. For the most par, they acted as though Roger brought it on himself."

That is because he did bring it on himself. His behavior was out of line, he cries all the time and the school did do what they could. Roger was also allowed to come indoors from recess if things got overwhelming.

That we couldn't afford to take Roger to a psychiatrist to learn more about his problems and have him officially diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome to help him out is a shame. America needs better  healthcare to help people like Roger including for those who can't afford it. We had to wait for things to build up to a pitched crisis before the government was able to offer a way to provide healthcare particularly mental healthcare for my brother that we could afford.

The doctors were very helpful, very good and very nice but Roger really resisted a lot of the help they tried to give him. He constantly tried to get out of taking his meds, he would rebel and mom and dad would have to set up guidelines sort of a contract, if Roger wanted to have any privileges for the day, he had to be medicated or he would not be allowed to play or go outside or do anything. Roger would still find ways to avoid taking his meds. On some occasions he would make himself sick and throw it up or hide it under his gums or in the back of his mouth and we constantly had to make sure it all went down and stayed down.

It is true that there were some adverse side affects but the meds did help him out. Okay, there were times were we'd trade one set of problems for other problems but for the most part, we took one step back and up to 3 or 5 steps forward. The only real problem was he was tired out from the meds and his grades slipped but for the most part, Roger wasn't taking a vested interest in his school work and putting himself ahead. Most of the ADD and slipping had more to do with apathy and because school didn't interest him. Not because of his meds.

We did later moved to Cranston but around that time my father was unable too get help for Roger. Our insurance wouldn't cover him anymore and the state was making cut backs on mental health services and Roger fell under that cut. As a result, Roger became more and more lost and more and more agitated and misbehaved more. It was a terrible set back.

Now these problems he listed had nothing to do with the meds. Eyesight, well he was nearsighted just like me. Some people get that. That had nothing to do with the meds. The hygiene weight problem is the result of two things, one, puberty and two, his poor eating habits and poor hygienic habits. Roger ate like a pig even when he was not on his meds. He also ate food that wasn't good for you to begin with. Most of the fault is with the school though since they didn't have healthy choices and we didn't do enough.

Roger was not able to go to a psychiatrist again until we signed him up for welfare, SSI and healthcare subsidies. We had to wait for SSI but Roger was given the opportunity to go to doctor Dizio who was very good with handling Roger. Roger says he was mean to him but that's because Roger disliked what he had to say to him. Dizio would call him out for denial of his condition and his behavior and he would go beserk and accuse him of abuse. One time he stormed out of the office and threatened to sue us and never go back. Dad had to really come down hard on Roger to get him to go back. Roger you see was still living with my parents and lived off our charity and we all threatened to cut it off and leave him on the streets if he didn't shape up and take care of himself by seeing a doctor and getting treatment for his condition.

Roger denied having Asperger's or any disorder, that his problems were all related to not having a job and independence. He couldn't find a job because of his poor social skills. Its true the economy wasn't good but his poor social skills were a major factor in his unemployment. The economy got better by the way and Roger still couldn't find a job. So yes its really his fault. We did get him to resume going to Dizio.

Dizio by the way did not ever tell us Roger would never  be independent or work. He told us that in the condition he was in at the time, his behavior and the mindset he had made it impossible for him to be employed or work at a job. Again, roger exacerbates the problem and takes it out of context. Either he is lying or his condition is warping his mind to the point where he cannot comprehend people's speech in a coherent fashion.

Dizio recommended Roger be put in a group home either in Rhode Island or Massachusetts or a residential treatment apartment so he could get better help. We were going to have him stay in a group home in Franklin Mass when he refused and ran away from home. Roger it turned out had saved some money from lunch when he was in high school to buy a bus ticket out of state.

We found out because his uncle saw him get on a greyhound bus that was going to Boston. He didn't know that he was not allowed to leave RI without our permission and thought Roger was just going for awhile. After he failed to show up at home we searched his room and found receipts on his computer for bus fare to Seattle. We called the police who then contacted the police in Seattle.

I would just like to say in response to the stuff Roger says, we did lie to the cops in Seattle that he was suicidal, well not exactly a lie, he had in the past threaten to kill himself if we didn't do what we wanted but we did play it up a bit in hopes that we could steer him into mental health services that would either bring him home or at least make sure he was taken care of. I don't know where he got this idea that the clerk told us, they weren't allowed to. I know because the second time Roger fled west, they refused to help us even with the police accompanying us.

Also Roger was found mentally incompetent by Rhode Island not Connecticut. Unfortunately there wasn't much we could do with it. We couldn't get guardianship or involuntary commit him because the laws at the time. The ACLU would probably just bail him out anyway. All we could do was bribe him and provide incentives to stay in Rhode Island but after he ran away the first time, we couldn't trust him with money.

We had him go to Dr Gabor Keitner who we have been told is a great expert on Asperger's and emotional disorders. I can attest he is a good professional and this allegation that he's a communist and abusive is just lies by anti-psychiatry propagandists who deny their illnesses. Keitner is also a professor of psychiatry at Brown University. This is not the kind of person you'd expect to fudge up Roger's diagnosis. Also, I want to point out AGAIN, no one said Roger was too stupid to be independent and work. They said it was difficult because of his condition. Okay?

Again, he and Keitner didn't get along, he accused him of things and he also went to see Jeff who is a peer counsilor who also had Asperger's and who had the same sort of childhood as Roger did. We had him go to Jeff and two other therapists. It was a peer to peer therapy meeting with other physicians and patients with Aspergers and other disorders. Roger was uncooperative during the meetings and would always demand to have the last word and shout down anyone who made suggestions to him. Jeff can tell you more but again its the same thing with Roger. He's always right, everyone is mean to him and wants to hurt him ETC. ETC.

We knew that Roger would run away again when the big flood hit the state in 2010. Roger complained that he couldn't get a job because "employers discriminated against him for being on welfare and SSI" He also said that "the economy is bad and rotten." He would call Rhode Island, "Rotten Rhode Island", "red Rhode Island," all these names because he couldn't find a job.

In reality Roger just has never been a likable person. His attitude, his outlook on life was just toxic. He never got along with anyone at home, at the therapy meetings or anywhere. He was always right. He was perfect, he had no disorder and then he'd do things like flap his hands, open and close his mouth maybe chew his nails, his fingers or sleeves or the collar of his shirt. Sometimes Roger would raise his voice and whenever anyone offered criticism no matter how friendly, Roger interpreted it as hostility against him.

Roger really did not get along at all with anyone. His social skills as demonstrated by his doctors and as we've seen ourselves were just a terrible disgrace. We knew that that was the real reason not Rhode Island's economy. In fact whenever I showed him the lighter side of Rhode Island like how we gained thousands of medical jobs thanks to Obama and how we gained back some of what we lost after the flood he'd fly off the handle and say we're mean, we wont admit Rhode Island is bad because we don't want him to be successful.

Roger also went off whenever we argued about jobs. He always demanded to be allowed to move someplace better like Seattle or Texas to work, we would tell him no, its not Rhode Island its you Roger. You can get a job if you actually try hard enough and stick to your meds. That would make him angry and he accused us of being communists and socialists, that we were mean to him for not allowing him to move. We let him go to Massachusetts or Connecticut but he refused.

Roger was just terrible. I think I should point out, as he began to get more frustrated, he began getting his info from Fox, from Infowarrior, from Glenn Beck ETC and would repeat their propaganda that its not his fault its Obama and the Democrats fault. At his doctors advise we just shut up about it and just put up. We told him yeah sure whatever Roger but you're not leaving New England again.

Eventually he did run away as we knew he would, when he didn't show up for supper we called the police and the next morning I knew he had run away. Dad put out a missing person report and Mom got a hold of police in Washington and elsewhere to see if they could look for him. Again we exaggerated the problem he had in hopes of getting him treatment. This time we had nothing to go on except a hunch he had gone to the mid-west either Texas or some other state.

One of mom's relatives down in Houston contacted Texas MHMR and she handed out flyers in case he was down there. We also contacted NAMI and they had some sympathetic volunteers in a few of the big cities in Texas hand out missing person flyers with Roger's picture on it. We learned later from missing person report that Roger was homeless in Spokane. His therapist Jeff and I went down there to coax him into coming back but he was gone. We didn't know until about last Christmas that Roger was in Utah.

Roger spoke to mom and dad and it didn't go well. As I mentioned to Brian, our parents were not very comfortable with religion. They were raised in strict households, Dad, Catholic and mom protestant. I think that was their upbringing and they hated religion and never saw religion in a positive light so when Roger called dad and told him he was a Mormon, they were very angry. They reacted the wrong way but they're sorry.

We are actually glad that Roger is safe and is productive but we are very very worried about him especially now that he is getting married and starting a family. Doctors are concerned that if Roger snaps, he could lose it all. Roger is mentally ill. He has Asperger's he might have other disorders he also has anxiety, mood swings ETC. One stressful incident, a mishap at work or anything else could cause him to lose everything he gained and that is our fear.

Roger, if you're reading this, we don't hate you. Were sorry the programs didn't do enough to help you but you needed to stay close to home in case something happens. Were here to help you Roger. If anything happens to you you're free to come home with your wife and kids. The only thing we require of you is you go back ot seeing doctors. You don't have to take medication anymore just to go to therapists and doctors and be cooperative. That's all. I'm sorry mom and dad reacted that way they are too but they came from a bad background. YOU ALSO CAME FROM A BAD TIME AND YOU'VE DONE WORSE WHEN YOU WERE UPSET! Please come home

and please PLEASE seek treatment! If you have a breakdown you'll lose everything! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR!! ITS NOT A BAD THING!! MAN UP!! DO IT FOR YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN ROGER!! PLEASE! WE LOVE YOU!!

That was Martin bauer, Roger's older brother.

Next up, Jeff Gilmann, another red who claims to be stupid with Asperger's syndrome as is alleged Roger. He is also Roger's therapist and counselor.

Hi, My name is Jeff Gilmann, I am a peer-to-peer counselor from Providence Rhode Island. I have Asperger's syndrome and I am developmentally disabled. I can't really tell you much about Roger due to privacy laws we have but I can tell you that his life is very, similar to mine quite quite. I can also attest to Roger's brother's testimony that he is a handful and acts similarly in group meetings.

I too, like Roger didn't want to face facts and come to terms with my condition. I also lived in denial, acted up, blamed everyone but myself and did all I could to avoid taking my meds and seeing a doctor. I see also on this website a lot of examples of people with Asperger's and other disorders getting angry and having outbursts because they did not want to go to programs or go on SSI. I was a lot like them.

You see, the problem Roger has, that they all have and that I have is that they always want everything to be their way. They need to wake up and learn that life is not Burger King. You can't have it your way!! I, like Roger had a condition, Asperger's syndrome. I didn't believe it, I didn't want to neither because  that would get in the way of living my life like I want to. I wanted to go to UMass, get a degree, live on my own and do everything my way. No, said my parents, you go a problem, you need to put that on hold and let the government help you out. You have a condition you need treatment.

So my dreams an my life were interrupted and I had to enroll in programs, see doctors, take strong meds that had side effects that wouldn't allow me to do the things I was accustomed to doing. By the way, patients with Asperger's syndrome are stubborn as a mule and refuse to deviate from any plans they set and have repetitive behavior they wont change. I was like that to so you can imagine how difficult it was. I couldn't drive a car anymore, I couldn't stay up at night anymore, I was supposed to inherit money but mom and dad put it aside in a trust fund so I could be eligible for SSI and Medicare.

I didn't like it, I fought it, I resisted, I denied having Asperger's, I denied that I had a problem but luckily I had a loving family that wouldn't give in or back down. There was tears, there was scuffles, there was shouting and arguing but they had my best interests at heart.I had to make compromises but life isn't fair. Life is about compromises.

Anyway my parents enrolled me in programs like Voc Rehab, Food stamps, Cash assitance, medical subsidies and arranged an appointment for me at a local clinic to see a doctor and be proscribed medication for my mental illness. I also enrolled in behavioral and counseling services.

The doctors and counselors were very helpful, very professional, very direct, they were also patient with impatient patients like me and convinced me of my need to take meds and get help. It took awhile, it took time, I did have to wait but it was all worth it. 3 years after enrolling I was able to get an apartment and a career as a peer counselor.

These things are all made possible by the very government that Roger and others like him eschew and it was all done in Rhode Island. Not Utah, not Montana, not Washington, Rhode Island. So see, its not Rhode Island's fault that Roger can't get a job its him.

The problem with people with Aspergers is that they demand everything their way. They are repetitive in their behavior and their desires. They always want everything organized exactly a certain way exactly at  every time. They also have these grandiose plans that they believe is the only plan workable when in fact they usually are the least workable.

They tend to not be flexible, they can be stubborn, rigid and inflexible. This is how I was, this is how Roger was. Roger wants to be employed, independent right now! But he has to wait, he has to go to treatment, he has to learn how to work, he had to take a job skills course, social skills coaching ETC.

He did alright with the job skills course but social skills training ETC. were hard. He wouldn't cooperate, he was boastful, loud and said he didn't need to be there. Also he was not cooperative during group therapy sessions that I and other counselors conducted.

Roger simply did not want to change, everything is everyone's fault but his. Its never his fault, he doesn't have to change we all do. This is the sick mentality Roger had and it shows Roger is a sick sick person who needs help. Again, I am not permitted by law to reveal everything about Roger at the meetings and what we learned about him. Roger's family and one of the patients at group can explain.

But I can tell you as Martin has told you, Roger is mentally ill. He was declared mentally unfit by the state of Rhode Island just before he ran away, he has documentations from psychiatrists in Connecticut, massachusetts and Washington that diagnose him as having Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant syndrome, possibly PTSD, Anxiety, panic disorder and bipolar disorder. His diagnoses have been confirmed by certified professionals who are licensed in their respective states. Not a one of them are wrong.

Roger may be independent and working now but it wont last. Roger is vulnerable to having a break down or an episode which he is documented as having. All it takes is one problem, one break and he can lose everything. Rebecca Ann, whoever she is is gonna leave him and find another man who wont have his problems.

I know what you're saying, Rebecca will never leave him and I don't doubt she loves him BUT... I can tell you from experience, I've seen it before many times, once this happens, she's gonna be stuck homeless with a handful of children, nothing but the clothes on their back and a man who isn't manly and who can't and wont provide her needs or children's needs. The first thing she'll be doing is looking for another man to take care of her and the kids. Doesn't matter if they're religious, doesn't matter if she has feelings for Roger, she's gonna up and leave him and take the kids with him and Roger is stuck, homeless, no money, no home, he doesn't even get SSI anymore.

This is the situation that will happen unless Roger shapes up, gets help and resumes treatment. He needs to take responsibility for his condition, admit he has a condition, stop this senseless denial and get responsible and get treatment. Roger, If you're reading this, don't bother with denial, its gonna happen. Believe me. When Rebecca Ann and your children are left in the cold and you can't find work, when the chips it the fan, denying and lying and creating these intellectual and libertarian smoke bombs are not going to help you out. It'll become apparent to all around you that you have a problem.

Doesn't matter how much she loves you or God or Joseph Smith. A hungry belly and crying children will always trump belief, morality, restraint, everything. I've seen it happen before Roger, please get help.

And this was from Roger's peer counselor, Dr. Jeff Gilmann, who also claims to be retarded with Asperger's and another lemming who worships the government. And here's another government worshiping lemming, Kenny, Mcwilliams, who claims to be part of Roger's peer to peer group and who claims to know him.

 Hi, my name is Kenny McWilliams, I live in East Greenwich Rhode Island and I suffer from a dual diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, Forward impulse  control syndrome, panic disorder, generalized anxiety and clinical depression. I am also a recovered alcoholic and a recovered addict of video games and TV.

I started going to Group counseling when I was 17. By this time I was already on SSI and getting free healthcare, food stamps and I was enrolled in housing. Since i was disabled I was on the top of  the list and in less than a year I got my own apartment first in East Providence then in East Greenwich.

Group counseling with Jeff Gilmann has been wonderful. We have lots of fun especially on holidays like Halloween or on birthdays. Whenever its someone's birthday we have cake and pizza. The only dark spots at group are when we have people like Roger come in who are in denial of their condition and are loud and always obnoxious. Usually these people leave cause they dont want to face up to their condition. Roger was there with us for awhile because his parents forced him to go.

The other people are those who show up with no self esteem and are just miserable all the time. This lady who was in our group for people with Asperger's was there. She was homeless and lonely and suffered weight problem. She also had no family. She later killed herself and we were all sad.

Roger was the only other dark cloud our group ever had to put up with. he was always denying his condition, he said that he was to smart to have Asperger's syndrome, he didn't want to be there, he didn't have a problem, nothing was ever his fault ETC. Whenever one of us pointed out that maybe the reason he can't find a job is because he did something wrong, he'd flip out.

Roger when he showed up sometimes he wore raggedy clothing, sometimes he didn't bathe, sometimes he didn't shave, he'd be all angry and screaming and yelling. He was very hypersensitive to criticism. This guy was always yelling and hollering whenever we pointed out his short comings, he'd even knock down the table and storm out crying. This guy certainly had mental problems. no doubt. He denied it and yet showed it every time

One of our members for instance had recently been hired someplace so obviously its not Rhode Island's fault or the economy its him doing it. When he heard that he claimed he was just lucky and that his chances of being hired are too small. Well he had Asperger's too and no experience so he got hired because he was doing something right and Roger was screwing around. He then flipepd and said we were never at any job interviews and that we were all mean to him and were all socialists who worshiped the government.

Well I don't believe in worshiping anything but I do know that Obama is doing a terrific job and that Rhode Island is doing a good job. The problem is Roger doesn't want to admit that he's mentally ill because if he wasn't, he'd be employed at a job. Its his fault not Obama and the Democrats that he's unemployed. The economy is doing good, were out of the recession, its no one's fault but yours if you can't get a job. You don't need to move far away or do all this stupid stuff. Wise up, face facts, admit you have a problem.

Roger would get so out of control he would pound the table, curse, swear, storm out, the last time he was there he said nothing. His parents forced him to go back and threatened to punish him if he stormed out again. He said he had nothing to talk about to us and that his parents were hurting him at home and would hurt him again if he spoke up because it would lead to an irrational argument in favor of socialism. thats kinda what he said. I don't exactly remember everything he did say.

Well anyway, Jeff and the other counselors tried to get him to talk, he'd give us this look. His mindset was totally distorted and he was closed minded. There was no way he was going to make progress unless something happened to him. This guy was resistant to any treatment and was just miserable  and being hard on himself. I don't know what else to say but things were quiet after he ran away out to Utah.

One more thing I want to bring up, I was watching the miracle worker on Youtube last month and that whole story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, it reminded me of Roger and his parents having to put up with his behavior. Helen Keller was deaf blind and dumb, didn't know how to communicate and was out of control. She always got things her way. At breakfast for instance she always helped herself to other people's meals, she ate with her hands, she would throw fits and tantrums, she was just out of control.

This is what people like Roger are like. This is what our mindset is what these teabag conservatives are who think the government should live and let live. NO! It doesn't work that way! Anne Sullivan the Miracle worker, she had to really get tough on Helen to get her to behave and use a fork and spoon like everyone else. I mean watch the movie you'll see, she had to really get tough and I think it was very hard to watch and I wonder it must've been painful for Helen's parents but she had to go through that to learn how to function normally.

This is what Roger has to go through this is what Dr Jeff had to go through when he was younger. I like what our founding fathers said but its time to evolve. Those rights and things we had back then most of them are not relevant anymore. Its not 1776 its 2016. We live in a country that now has 300 million people living in it and we have to share it. Yeah everyone has rights but when you have a condition that's been diagnosed by umteen certified professionals with good standing in the state, when you've been declared mentally incompitent by the courts then you shouldn't have that many rights as anyone else, you need to be taken care of. If that means you have to sit and wait while you have no job or live someplace you don't like that's too bad.

I didn't like it either when I couldn't move out of my parents house, when I was told that I couldn't move out of Rhode Island or Massachusetts, I didn't like having the government come into my life and tell me that their gonna do everything for me but the state is good for us. It knows how to take care of us better than we do. If you can't get a job, if you're homeless in this country in a place that has an effective government like Massachusetts or Rhode Island its you're own fault not the government's fault. That's all I have to say about that.

Thus spoke another communist lemming and useful idiot who thinks its always the victim's fault and never Obama and the government's fault.

Next here's Regina Immersio who you may remember from a pervious article, drugged and sterilized against her will by abusive parents 

Having read the responses by Jeff, Kenny and Martin I can only conclude that if mental illness does exist it would have to be liberalism. Rhode Island hasn't changed since I've been there. Still they're communists.

I don't really have anything to add except that if Rhode Island really was a good place and if Obama was doing a good job, it would not have been necessary to restrict Roger or myself to keep us in one place while being in captivity. We should have been allowed to live our own lives on our own terms not the terms of stupid parents and stupid politicians. That Rhode Island would blame the unemployed for their failure to create jobs shows that Rhode Island has failed and that socialism has failed. Blaming the victim is cowardice. Blaming the victim is admision of failure.

If Democrats were right, if government was always right, there would never have been a need to blame me or Roger. Now I never met Gilmann but I did have to deal with Dr Keitner for awhile. Gilmann says he's a peer counselor. He says the government is good to him. Then why is he a peer counselor instead of working at a normal job?

Because no one wants to hire a bum on SSI or welfare that's why. By letting the government bully him and tell him how to run his life, he made himself unemployable. He became a peer counselor because its really a form of bribery. He's in a position now where he can't be employed so they offer him this stupid job as a peer counselor. He gets the job and he's suitable because he's what Vladimir Lenin calls a useful idiot.

Useful idiots were these liberals who were gullible and who believed the party line. Just like Jeff, Kenny and these other halfwits who love the government. Jeff as a bonus gets a job. Its not even a real job.

One more thing, this saying that Roger brought it on himself is disgusting! Martin, if he loved his brother should be apologizing for how they treated him, instead he repeats everything his parents and teachers say that roger brought it on himself. THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR THAT! Bullying is unacceptable!

that's all I have to say. Oh and that they'd ridicule him for being Mormon is also low and disgusting.

That was from Regina Immersio of Fort Collins Colorado

Next up, Reuben Ben Abraham, Jewish conservative, businessman and Austrian Economist

Well, it looks as though Regina and Roger spoke well for themselves. Also the original article speaks it eloquently. Here's the thing. To be mentally incompitent in a real sense is to be ignorant and blind to the consequences of negative actions. In all these cases documented on Mainestategop blog, the victims here all have the ability to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil whats good for them and whats not good for them.

Roger is aware that SSI, government programs ETC are not beneficial, Roger wants to move out on his own because Rhode Island just doesn't have what he needs. It doesn't have what he wants and he wants a job, independence and a decent living. Most of all a job because mental health teaches that all unemployed are basically mentally ill and use it as a symptom of mental illness no matter how long or recent. If Roger gets a job, the diagnosis is no longer relevant. But even being in skilled employment, they still want to rock the boat and label Roger as a mental defect.

The thing about why freedom of choice is necessary and why it is needed in a free society is because we don't want the government to force someone to take risks they feel is unnecessary and dangerous. Roger for instance and Regina as well is forced to take the risk that the government will never help them. That they should forgo independent responsible adult living and wait and see if the government can help.

On this blog it has been documented that this never has worked! People are waiting years and years for a job that never shows up!!! Why? Because government is lazy! Its a time waster! These people don't care what happens they'll still get paid with our taxes. IN FACT they get paid more for having poor people remain poor and in that condition!

Here we see a prime example of why socialism is failed. First they force Roger and Regina to become consumers of government medical services against their will. They also force them to become consumers and participants in other services that are connected to government. Second, they are forced to take risks and blunders that they know are harmful and their cautious attitude is labeled as denial. Third, the government fails and they blame Roger for it.

I think this idea that its the unemployed victim's fault, well what is there to say? If they're trying and unless they were present at all their interviews they have no right to condemn him. To say that its Roger's fault well its as Regina said, cowardly. Blaming the victim is a sign of weakness. It shows that Rhode Island's government is corrupt and ineffective.

The Democrats clearly are of less moral ground than even the most miserly of republicans. Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh and that other guy from Georgia I believe it was Neal Boortz, they may be heartless and at times selfish (which coming from a conservative like me is says something) but at least to my knowledge, Newt, Rush or the mouth from the south aren't going to ban you from relocating to a place that has a better chance of finding work and a place to live, neither will they use the government to make that chance lower the way Roger's parents, doctors and "caretakers" have done.

At least I would hope not, The Grand Old Party should not embrace this kind marxism at all the way the Democrats have. The Democratic party is the party of heartlessness and abuse. Not the Republicans despite all the allegations by liberal, corporate news media.

But unfortunately Rhode Island as one of the most liberal states in America, I dare say even more so than California or New York, they would rather force innocent people like Roger to take risks that they see has being incredibly high and not necessary.

This brings to mind the banking crisis that we've had in the past decade and how liberals especially the radical ones in the Clinton Sanders camp at Occupy Wall street blame the banks. No its really the fault of the government primarily the Democrats that this happened and that we've had to bail out these banks to avoid making things worse.

This whole problem started with Bill Clinton creating the CRA, the Community Reinvestment act which forced privately owned banks to make risky loans to people who were risky. What I mean is that these people they loaned money to either had no education, no experience in owning or maintaining a home or business and most of the time they had a behavior or mindset that made them unable to manage a home or business.

I'm talking about these thugs and welfare bums who live in South central LA and in the Bronx and the hood as well as these cross burning hillbilly white trash in the boondocks, the sort of people who'd follow David Duke whenever he drags a dollar bill through a trailer park in Mississippi. No offense intended to people from Mississippi or rural American BTW. Most people in these areas are decent people as there are wonderful people trapped in the ghettos of urban America who struggle to get out. I should know because I employ two such individuals from Compton who receive white collar wages now. They tell me all the stories and dramas that take place there when they were growing up. Stuff not suitable I'd say for this article.

Anyways, before I jump off track here, these banks are being forced to make loans to poor people in blighted urban areas to own their own home or start a small business and yet they can't do it! They don't have the training or the mindset necessary to do it!! It's not that easy believe me! When I was young and getting into the business world, I had to try and try again and their were failures and set backs! Its not easy!

So these banks make these loans that they know mostly they'll never get back again so no wonder they start to collapse and fail!!So we had to bail them out! And what of the Democrats? They blamed the banks! They and George Soros paid lazy loser bums to camp out in city parks and smoke weed and get drunk to protest against the banks rather than their Democratic masters who made this happen!!

So they're scapegoating the banks and big business for the failure of the Democrats not to mention that most of these bums don't want to work and have been laying about on the street since the presidency of Bill Clinton!

So we see here that Roger Bauer is to blame for why Democrats in Rhode Island can't take care of him and why they can't help him. Democrats in other blue states do the same thing to victims of their help.

This is why Ronald Reagan stated that the worst thing that an American can hear is, "Hi! I'm from the government, I'm here to help!"

One more thing, Jeff Gilmann and these other people like him have no critical thinking skills. They are unable to comprehend that man and government is falible.

I plan to write more of this in a future article concerning freedom of choice and government failure. In the mean time I wish the happy couple, Roger and Rebecca the best.

That was conservative and Austrian economist Reuben Ben Abraham's response.

This response comes from Michael O'sullivan of Lebannon New Hampshire

Yeah I gotta say this as a parent and as a conservative who by the way having also escaped from communist Democrats in this case, from New York, the big rotten apple, these parents of Roger's and I want to also add any other parent like this like say Herbert Bowler or Regina's these are irresponsible, lazy worthless scum who should've kept their legs closed for everyone's sake especially their kids.

I can't really find the words to describe this kind of excrement, these left wing communist low life pieces of something brown that begins with s they are lower than that! These lefties, they have kids, they let their kids go to a public school run by a corrupt and sinful government that just doesn't care where they are bullied and harassed and they're told to shut up and deal with it, they then get told that just because they're being pushed around they're now mentally ill with some funny named disorder named after a guy by the way who was a godless Nazi war criminal! They let this happen and they're mad at the kid!

I mean these dumb stupid twats took their kid, put him in harms way, force him on these stupid programs that help no one but the idiots who work there, the kid is unemployed, miserable, wants to leave, the parents blame him tell him no! Then they wonder why he's got problems!

Now, I am a conservative Catholic, I oppose and deplore abortion, eugenics, birth control ETC. but these damn liberals should've done their kid a favor and aborted him or prevented him from being born. I know that sounds terrible but its a mercy compared to what they did to their poor kids and what they do to poor kids like Roger bauer!!! IF YOU HAVE KIDS THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH! OTHERWISE USE A DILDO!! DON'T HAVE KIDS!!!

If my kids screw up well, its my fault. I failed. I have to take responsibility for that and Roger's parents should to. I'd get my kids to shape up, go move someplace nicer like Utah or Nebraska or Kansas where there's jobs and stuff!!! Pick yourself up and get a job!! I'm not gonna make them sit and wait it out while on the back burner in home or some stupid shelter someplace!

These parents are irresponsible. Its not Roger who needs to be responsible. He wanted to be responsible! He wants to take responsibility! YOU WONT LET HIM!! HE CAN'T WORK AND LIVE!!! STOP KEEPING HIM DOWN!!


Jeff Gilmann, they made him a peer counselor because they cant find work for him. No one wants to hire someone who has a label on his head that says he's got a mental disorder, that turns off employers and yes they have ways of finding out! Privacy laws are the worst they've ever been! So this guy, Jeff is conditioned by the government to think its his fault he can't get a job, its his fault he has a problem, he believes the government and everything they say!!!!

I have trouble wanting to either feel sorry for this kid that he's been brainwashed to love the government or if he's a willful idiot. Listen to what he says and I quote: I didn't like it, I fought it, I resisted, I denied having Asperger's, I denied that I had a problem but luckily I had a loving family that wouldn't give in or back down. There was tears, there was scuffles, there was shouting and arguing but they had my best interests at heart.I had to make compromises but life isn't fair. Life is about compromises."

COMPROMISES!? NOT BEING ALLOWED TO DRIVE A CAR ANYMORE, WORK AT A JOB, BE INDEPENDENT!? ARE YOU MAD?! I know that there are compromises but there are unreasonable compromises too!!! You let your parents take away your rights and your happy for it!? I'd have run away from home if that were me. The professionals, they're lying POS!!! They duped you. You have no critical thinking skills, you have no knowledge of how the world works!

This guy has been brainwashed and conditioned to worship the government as divine and infalible! The government is God and the government is good for you. He's been taught to close his  mind and this arguement that everything a professional says is true, politicians are always right, that is ridiculous! This is not what our founding fathers intended!!

As I've heard it said, the constitution is not the clapper. You can't turn it on and off whenever you want to. If we allow the government to do that, our rights cease to exist for all time. Our rights are gone forever. As I have heard it said, we have no rights if they become like a light switch. Yet these damn Democrats including this marxist pig, Jeff Gilmann see nothing wrong with allowing the government to interfere with someones life and destroy their life's work. What makes this story more outrageous is that Jeff and it happen to him and enjoys it and supports it.

This kind of person is almost lost to us. Its willful idiocy or its conditioning. Its very sad as much as it is outrageous.

This other kid, Kenny, he's also brainwashed and conditioned. Its sad as well.

These stories I read are just sad. And they're all true. I have seen it. I saw it myself, innocent people who have their life's work taken away from them and these damn Democrats complain about problems with society and either blame the victim or blame the Republicans. Blame yourselves liberals! YOU WANTED COMMUNISM! YOU GOT COMMUNISM!!!

That was Michael O'sullivan, member of New England Alliance for liberty and free markets and a former liberal and former resident of New York city New York.

Now, here's Rebecca Anne, wife  of Roger Bauer

I have worked my whole life in charity and social work. It is a requirement of my Mormon faith. Since I was 16 I have worked at shelters, hospitals, battered women's shelters ETC. As a student of BYU Brigham Young University I was required to travel and do work out of state. Most of my work was in California where I saw first hand the ugliness and failure of liberal thought and the failure of socialism.

Our Mission group first went to work in Modesto. We saw that the area was teeming with homeless people. It turns out they're homeless because apartments cost too much. They were at least a thousand dollars in stark contrast to Utah where rent was Three hundred dollars. The reason for this was because there was not enough and you also had all this immigration and property taxes. The demand was higher than the supply so there simply wasn't enough.

But the people there held the homeless in contempt and didn't want to help them. I was told that they already paid with taxes so it wasn't necessary, we were told that they were all addicts, criminals, mentally ill, they put themselves there, they were there voluntarily Etc. But I didn't see that. I saw people who couldn't get jobs because they were too old to work but not old enough to qualify for social security and you had people who  were addicted to alcohol and drugs and who and mental illness but still they were blamed on for their plight.

What really bothered me was that they felt that since there was already welfare in California, charity and caring was not necessary. I asked about what about God's word, they told me either that they didn't believe in any religion or God or that it doesn't matter. Well if the state is a substitute then why are they not helping them? Why is there still a homeless problem? A problem with rent? Unemployment? These people had this mindset that it was no longer their jobs but government's job. And the government failed.

I saw the same thing in Los Angeles. I went to skid row and it broke my heart. I saw people who some had no money, no food or clothes, one women wore only a xxl shirt which she wore as a shift and another woman who wore a garbage bag as a shirt and a pair of torn shorts. We bought the two some new clothes. We asked why nothing was done, we were informed that they didn't care. There was not enough clothing and they had to save it for emergencies like someone who is found naked or has damaged clothes. One woman, a prostitute had been beaten by her pimp and thrown out into the streets naked and she had nothing. The Union Rescue Mission got her clothes.

Unfortunately the needs are so so great and the government wont do enough. But they still think Obama and the Democrats are great people and its either, the government will provide or, these people put themselves in this situation these people did it to themselves, they're worthless, they're mentally ill, they're a burden, they should die ETC. One person who used to live in  Skid Row told me in an email that sometimes police and even pastors tell them to commit suicide because they were a burden and that they'd go to heaven if they did.

What was the most disturbing is how a lot of these people got there. I said that these people think government did good well that's not true. It did no good. The government failed. What's even worse is that many of these people became homeless because of government.

I saw people who had been foster children from broken families, they had no one to turn to, when they turned 18 they were thrown out into the streets with no supports, unable to finish school, unable to find jobs, many of them become criminals and wind up in jail or prison, its also illegal in most places to be homeless and these poor people find themselves in jail simply for being poor and having no skill or job. It broke my heart.

Also there were people who had their property and homes taken by the state and yet the state is the only one who can take care of them and they're all worthless and its all their fault. This is proof that socialism is a catastrophic failure. Also, as a Mormon, I felt more close to my Mormon beliefs. Catholics and protestants are teaching this that they should be left to fend for themselves and that God helps those who helps themselves. Its tragic.

When I met Roger he was like that too. He was homeless and cast out by family members. He had been abused by family members who didn't care. He had no where to go and no one to turn to. We helped him and the ministry he was with helped him too. The government gave him no help.

The government not only never helped Roger, they abused him. Yet I hear from everywhere I've been that its the governments job, the government has somehow usurped the church as caretaker and provider for the needy. Its very sad.

The only thing that's as disturbing is seeing how his parents and how these what I believe are called useful and willful idiots are willing to believe everything the government says and even stand up for the government whenever they fail and mess up! Its not Roger's fault he was in the condition he was in, its his parents and the state of Rhode Island!

I have seen what it does to people. They report all these bad things about Roger and his behavior, well maybe you shouldn't be restricting him and abusing him and not letting him live a normal life. LET HIM LIVE A NORMAL LIFE! He'll get better and he has gotten better!

I was very shocked that they still accuse Roger of being a bad person. They also claimed that I was a gold digger which I find shocking! Believe me if that were true, I would've found someone with money. I wanted someone who is a good Christian, a devout Mormon like I am, I wanted someone who could spend eternity with me and give me children. I wanted love not money, I wanted Roger.

I would not leave Roger even if we were hungry or poor. I've been in that situation before by the way. So have my grandparents during the great depression. They did not leave each other. Our marriage is fire proof, its one of love not material, physical or temporal need. That these people would say those things tells me how evil they are and what kind of people liberals are.

Roger is not a bum. He is not mentally ill and he does not need treatment. In fact medication and treatment often makes these problems people have worse. I would never let my children go to a doctor like that.

There really isn't any such thing as mental illness. Its just make believe, they want you to think that you're stupid and worthless. In reality, the problems people we associate with mental illness have are really a spiritual problem not a mental problem. Other times they are caused by grief, emotional stress, perhaps some traumatic injury to the head, most diagnosis are fake. The Rosenhan Experiment proves that mental illness is non-existant.

Jeff Gilmann and Roger's parents come across as mean people and just by saying these terrible things about my husband show that they are mean people. Its unacceptable and its simply inappropriate. But we are told that just because they're parents and Jeff has some certificate from a corrupt state government, they're always right. The state is not God.

I want to thank Brian for showing this on his blog on the internet. This really shows and proves that psychiatry, liberalism, socialism and trusting the government is futile. It has really given me insight into politics and the sinful nature of government and has increased my faith in Mormonism.

Roger Bauer's Response

Thank you Brian for publishing my story and publishing my response and letting these liberal fascists have a chance to respond. Normally my parents and Dr Jeff would never let me have my side told. Mom and Dad would tell me to shut up, Jeff would also shout me down and so would my parents, I am wrong, they are always right, they haven't really changed.

I pay rent, I work at a job, I cook my own food, I have a wife and soon a child, I have friends but they want to go all the way back to when I was a child, dig up long dead bones and use THAT to diagnose me with a worthless stupid retarded disorder that doesn't even exist. Just because I had no friends in Rhode Island its my fault not Rhode Island's fault for being racist and mean. Its my fault not Rhode Island's fault that there were no jobs. They even lie and say there were jobs!

My Brother Martin is a liar and a lowlife. He says its my fault I'm picked on, I'm a social retard not the bullies. I'm surprised they didn't lie like they did with Dr Dizio and Dr Keitner. Martin and Mom said I wet the bed. BALONEY! I never wet the bed since I was 4! They also told Dr Dizio that I crapped my pants in class which never never NEVER happened. They can't even prove it!!!

It surprises me they didn't do that but I'm not surprised they'd admit lying to get me in trouble in Seattle! If I had made it I would have been free from abuse, no more meds, no more being overweight, no more unemployed, no more homelessness. No. I have to live in nasty nasty no jobs Rhode Island, with all the crime, poverty and despair, I have to live in a bad place I don't want to live in, I have to live in a bad place full of unemployment and poverty and its always my fault that I'm poor!

Dr Gilmann was very very mean to me and so were everyone in the group. They made me feel worthless, they made me feel terrible, everything is my fault, everything bad that people do to me from childhood on, its my fault not theirs, the bullies who hurt me in school do not have Asperger's or any other make believe disorder, only I do for being their victim. They can live anywhere they want, they can work wherever they want, they can do anything they want. I CAN'T

I Can't, I have to go on stupid worthless programs. I have to sit and wait, I have to go to some quack who doesn't really give a damn about me, I have to take strong meds that make my head hurt, make me agitated and make me fat. I have to wait and sit and wait and be unemployed, poor and miserable.

I have no family except for my wife and children and her family. My Mormon church. They are my family not these evil people who never helped me at all.

The moral to the story if there is one is that the government isn't always right, the government isn't always reliable, the government isn't kind or nice at all. The government cares only for looking out for itself. It cares only for eating our taxes. They get paid more if we suffer.

I want to thank everyone for your prayers, I thank also Brian Ball and I thank the New England Alliance for Liberty and free markets for giving me a voice and for all your prayers and support. Thank you all very much.

And now my response...

Well... What can I say? We knew what to expect. Liberalism Socialism, communism, fascism (national Socialism) call it what you like, there's hardly any difference... 

The government certainly isn't  always right. Not even nice either. Not at all. Its evil, its filthy... Its wicked and corrupt. The government couldn't really care. Government is only looking after one person's interest. Government. It helps no  one but itself.

As for the people who support it and enable it either by being silent and looking on or by voting Democrat or supporting the government against its victims, they are just as much to blame for letting this evil happen. Apathy and liberalism are the fuel of our evil failing government.

Whenever our government is allowed to turn on or off our rights, we no longer have any rights. We have mere extended privilege, a foundation of socialism. When government extends privilege to whoever it wants, picks and chooses losers, is allowed to control any segment of our lives, we all become losers and we cease to have any kind of life.

A free society cannot be free unless its freedoms are made absolute and rock solid. Our constitution, our bill of rights stands on firm foundations in faith in the Judeo-Christian God of the pilgrims and our founding fathers. Other nations boast of basing their so called rights and constitutions on our own but these nations lack the foundations of biblical morals and values. They are founded on love of state and rulership than of God and freedom, they are founded on false philosophies and paradigms that contradict the loving God of America that has guided our nation our country and so the foundations they base on are unstable as shifting sands (MATTHEW 7:26)

Hence, the rights that are claimed to been had in Europe and pseudo democracies in Latin America and Asia are not rights but worthless privilege enjoyed only by a small minority yet maintained through tyrannies of politicians or ignorant brute majorities. The people are enslaved and oppressed as the people we have discussed in our article and others. Yet despite all this, liberals claim to be more enlightened than us and that our ways are old fashioned.

The US constitution is oft compared to a horse and buggy whip while socialist tyrannies in Europe such as Denmark, Belarus, Britain, China and North Korea are more advanced and more modern. But it is really the opposite. Our foundations may be over two centuries old but they are two millenia ahead of the times. It is the liberals and their godless governments that are old fashioned and outdated. They deprive human beings of their right to control their destiny instead putting ahead what they call "the greater good" Or earth worship.

What comes to mind is a quote from Rod Sterling back in 1961 regarding the political climate in his Twilight Zone story, the obsolete man. It takes place in the distant future perhaps one not to far away should Hillary Clinton win the elections. A totalitarian state exists where God is declared dead, where books and libraries are illegal and where the state is all powerful all knowing. Very much like Rhode Island and any other state or municipality that is Democrat ruled.... Here is what he said:

This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super-states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.

Note that its not just talking about the evil rulers of the 20th century, perhaps the bloodiest and deadliest in mankinds history but since time in the beginning, Tyrants, despots such as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France, King George the 3rd of England, Alexander the 3rd of Russia, Oliver Cromwell, Queen Bloody Mary Tudor, Lorenzo Medici, Genghis Khan, King Edward Longshanks, Saladin, Attilla, Thor Blue tooth, King Guthrum of Denmark, The Caesars Caligula or Nero, or perhaps Pharaoh Akhenaton or Ahab and Jezabel. On every government that patterns itself on modern day socialist godless liberalism, they end up patterning themselves on every tyrant in history from the days of Adam to the closing days of Obama.

It is liberalism and its lack of respect for human worth, human rights and human dignity that every liberal country enshirnes, it is these governments that Liberals embrace that are truly obsolete and old fashioned. Ours may not be perfect but when the values of the founding fathers were used, they worked. As Rod Sterling says in closing with regards to Democrats like Jeff Gilmann and the Bauer family or the Immersio family or for that matter any like minded family and the government in Rhode Island...

He was obsolete. But so is the State, the entity he worshiped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of Man, that state is obsolete. A case to be filed under "M" for Mankind—in The Twilight Zone.

Praise for Lee Doren AKA howtheworldworks

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why welfare recipients and bums vote Democrat?


Red Rhode Island: A Former welfare slave testifies

My name is Regina Immersio, I'm 34 years old, I live in Fort Collins Colorado. I am originally from Cranston Rhode island. My story is sad to tell because my government took away my rights and my dignity and took away from me my right to have children and live a normal life.

I was born in 1982. My father was Aaron Immersio a former factory worker and small businessman who ran a shoe store called Off court solemates. He later became the co-owner of a Payless Franchise out of state. My mother was a waitress. Both my parents by the way are flaming liberal and loyal Democrats. When I was a child, my childhood seemed to be normal. Everything was fine until I started going to middle school when I was 13. I had problems with developing, I became very tall and very fat at the same time flat chested. I lost my friends and became the butt of fat jokes and other taunts.

I also have an older brother BTW. He is a drunk and a racist. He used to pick on me relentlessly. He also told me I should be locked up forever and that I was a disgrace to humanity. Meanwhile he would drink and get in trouble and get fired from every job he had. He once held 9 jobs in a span of 2 months. he got fired from everyone of them for showin up intoxicated, attacking employees and employers or even threatening to or he would walk off the job to get drunk. Mom and Dad loved him more than me especially my dad despite his bad behavior whilst I was the stupid and worthless one in the family.

My social life went downhill and my parents acted like it was all my fault. They told me to stop letting everyone run me down and make some friends. Things got worse when I hit High school. I was ridiculed even  more for my weight and two things that happened made it even worse. First, my teacher demanded that I wear a maternity dress because my weight distracted the students, second, other classmates distributed a pornographic video of a fat woman having sex with a black guy and they all claimed the fat actress was me. Everyone believed it.

I wanted to sue the school and sue the class for spreading it around. The school did nothing even though it was sexual harassment. The boy who started the whole thing was moving out of town and the principal told me he could do nothing, the other boys who spread the tape and spread the rumor got a slap on the wrist. I wanted to sue the school but in Rhode island minors couldn't access the justice system without parental consent and my Parents, the government worshiping liberals they are told me no.

I was not allowed to sue. My mother told me that if I wanted people to stop making fun of me I should stop eating so much and lose weight and my father threatened to beat me up if I ever contacted any lawyers. I couldn't stop eating because of my stress and emotions and because of medication I was taking. My mother and father was forcing me to go to a psychiatrist since 8th grade because as my mom told me she was sick and tired of hearing me have problems in school and that I was probably a retard who needed help.

The doctor didn't really give a damn about my problems all he did was push the pill to give my bastard parents quiet. He gave me seroquel, a medication for anxiety and depression and lexipro. It didn't help me. It just made me tired and made me want to eat more. He also claimed that I had panic disorder and Asperger's syndrome which was supposed to be a form of autism like Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman. I was given a poor prognosis and I was told that I had failed to socialize with my peers. In other words its all my fault I was bullied and abused.

After the porn tape incident, I became more worse off and became buliemic and vomited often. I would make myself puke after large meals and usually after taking the stupid meds. In addition to losing weight it took away from the stress that the meds were causing. The Seroquel really messed me up in the head and made me have worse panic attacks.

After months of barfing and puking I began to lose weight and the ridicule stopped but they still circulated the porn tapes of fat women and claimed it was me. They even circulated it on the internet. The school did nothing and my parents didn't care. My parents didn't care until I graduated...

At graduation, my guidance counselor introduced me to several great programs that would let me go to learn a new skill and even land me a job. But my parents broke that up. I couldn't qualify because I had been seeing a psychiatrist and was taking meds. And they had signed me up for SSI. Because of this i did not qualify for the program.

I have been told time and time again that Asperger's syndrome is not retardation, I have been told time and time again, Asperger's is not bad, it's high funtioning and that people who are mentally ill/retarded can live full and normal lives with dignity. Well, what happened then and what happened next is proof that this is not so.

After being told by my guidance counselor I no longer qualified for the program since I was taking retard meds for psychos, my parents applauded. Even though I was 18 now I still didn't have any rights. I told my guidance counselor that I would discard the meds if I was allowed in the program but i was not allowed to. Even if I did get off the meds I'd still not be allowed in. My parents wouldn't let me. When I tried to to protest the bad treatment I got they called the police and the Cranston Police threatened to have me incarcerated in a mental hospital if I didn't resume the meds for stupid psychos. This despite not being a threat to myself or others...

The police in Rhode Island BTW are very crooked and corrupt and very very intolerant. They are also very liberal just like my parents school and government. I had no choice. I was forced to keep taking meds and stay with them.

I wanted to move out and live on my own but I had no money and my mother and father wouldn't allow me to work. At 18,  they told me that I was not allowed to look for a job because it would jeopardize my chances of getting SSI and section 8 which they said I needed because it was "For my own good." I wanted to know why I had to go on SSI, they told me because I was a worthless and stupid. They told me that I would have no chance at making it and that I should accept being on welfare and not having a career or a life. I didn't.

My psychiatrist was doctor Pamela Bochiechio. She always took my parents side against me and didn't really care about my problems at all. She told me that I had to listen to my parents and let them and the government provide for me. Which they didn't but she always said it was good.

To make things worse my parents dumped me into a homeless shelter for women in North Kingstown that was nasty and disgusting. I was informed that the reason for being there was to help me qualify for SSI and section 8 housing a lot more and help the psychiatrist see what a crazy b**ch I was. since dad said homeless people are mentally ill and stupid. So said my mom and my dad. When Dad dropped me off at the shelter he even told the case worker right in front of people outside nearby watching that I was a nut job and that I should be kept watch on.

That year when this happened 2002 was the most miserable year of my life. And let me tell you that is quite something considering all that I've been through... It was also the year that doctor Bochiechio began giving me more and more drugs including Benzos such as Klonopin which would have serious problems for me later on. More on that in awhile...

So 2002 and 2003 were rotten years. I tried looking for work but no one was hiring. The local newspapers and web listings all had classified ads that were over a month old. Add to this, people in Rhode Island are just the most awful people you could ever meet. To even call them people just makes you want to gag. I'd also say most people in New England are like that too.

So anyway, I spent my free time at the public library. I was mostly reading books and was on the internet. My desire was to find out more about the world and why I, as an American am not allowed in what is supposed to be the freest country there is, why I cannot go out and look for work and why Rhode Island is such a miserable hell hole. I looked also for legal and civil rights advocates. No one was able to help me with my situation BTW. All I had on my side were mental health advocates who's only function was to either assist me in getting housing or SSI. None of them wanted  to help me leave Rhode Island or get a job or anything meaningful.

To make matters worse, my parents took away my EBT card. I was not allowed to use it without their permission. My dad held on to it because according to mom, I was mentally incapable of being responsible for anything. So most of the time I had little to eat and no money to spend. I only used it when my dad was around or my mom was around and I was with them to go to the doctor or something else like that. It was used mainly to pay for my "crazy meds" as dad called them or for clothes or something else like hygiene. But that was rare.

My parents always accompanied me to the doctors to make sure I went there and where Pamela found out how I was doing and then talked down to me like a cockroach then write more prescriptions for more useless meds. I later found out she only did it to get kickbacks from the Pharma companies.

The shelter was hell. The women who stayed there were mostly junkies or whores or has been whores who were all nasty and used up. Many of them were not nice at all. The only person there I liked was Angela, she was this sweet girl from Brooklyn who's parents were nasty people. She ran away and spent her time in the youth shelter then our shelter when she turned 18. She introduced me to things like make-up, boys and of course faith in God.

I went to Faith baptist church up in Warwick. They introduced me to all kinds of things up there. They introduced me to America's founding values, our christian foundations and told me about my rights. I also began to read books by David Barton of who introduced me to all these things. I realized that I was a person and that I had rights.

My parents however were not happy with my new life and were determined to bring me back down. For instance they chided me about my friends, Angela and my other friend Julia who was black. I was driving down to the doctors with my parents from the shelter and they saw them and when I told them about it they weren't happy. Mom told me that I was even more mentally ill than she imagined because my friend was black and called her a racial slur. Dad told me that Angela looked like a whore and told me that I need to start making some better friends than that.

When I told Dr. Bochiechio about this, she told me that as someone with Asperger's syndrome it is not uncommon that I should make friends with people who were undesirable. She also said that people in homeless shelters including those who were domestic violence survivors were the sort of people who do not fit in like me.

In late 2003 I turned 21. It was that year I ran away because I just couldn't take it anymore. I did this by panhandling for bus money. I ran away first to Exeter New Hampshire, then to New York. I wanted to get an attorney to help me out with my problems with my parents. While in new York they found me and I was arrested. My legal sources were not able to do much to give help for me. They told me that psychiatrists in Rhode Island were protected from immunity and that a lawsuit against hospitals took 2 years to form which was the statutory limit for patient abuse.

The NYPD arrested me because according to my parents I was nuts and suicidal. I told the officer that they were abusive and that I had legal protection. They refused to listen instead pointing out that my shoes and clothes were worn out and shabby. I informed them that this is because I had no money and my parents stole my EBT card. that if they left me alone to get cash assistance in NYC and food stamps I'd get better but not if they sent me back to Rhode Island or locked me up in a hospital. Let me stay at the shelter, let me get my affairs in order, I WILL GET BETTER! I told them.

They didnt' believe me. The officers, George Croake and Mcpole I think the other one was were crooked officers and I later heard that they were always making trouble for other people. They told me they didn't believe me and thought I was crazy. They told me that I came across to them as someone who was not respectful to authority figures and not grateful to my parents. When I tried to refute their false and baseless allegations as false, Croake shouted at me that I was a liar! He then began to shout at me that I was a psychotic and that I needed to take responsibility for my behavior and my condition. I was distraught by this and told them I will never take responsibility for a condition I do not have and that it was not my fault my parents were abusive.

Croake than told me that if I raised my voice at him again, he would take me to jail instead of the hospital. I apologized and told him that the lies and accusations he made made me stressed out and that I had rights. Croake then told me that I didn't have any rights and that  "I don't give a sh*t if you had a good lawyer! You better start getting responsible for yourself missy. You're parents want to help you and are worried about you. They're giving you a chance and you need to show some gratitude!"

I told him that I was responsible for myself and that my parents have never helped me and are only worried that I will expose their abuse and succeed in taking care of myself. I will get out of this situation, I will get a job, I will be as good as everyone else I told him. It took a lot to keep from shouting at this pig. Croake then told me, "You really are crazy. I should haul your butt to Bellevue maybe I'll take your stuff away and dispose of it while I'm at it." "That wont be necessary officer, I will be responsible, I will take care of myself, I will get my EBT card and I will succeed."

Croake then told me I had two choices, I could either go back to Rhode Island and have him take me to the station to contact my mom and dad or I could go to jail for disorderly conduct. I asked what disorderly conduct I commited, he told me that i raised my voice to him. I told him that was only because he raised his to me and began making false and offensive insinuations against me. I told him that my Lawyer would back me up. I then requested to speak to his supervising sergeant. He instead arrested me and took me to jail. My back pack with all my clothes was taken from me and thrown away in the garbage.

I was then booked on disorderly conduct and at my arraignment granted preliminary bail. I then informed my attorney who was able to get the charges dropped but nothing happened to Croake. He was not disciplined for his actions against me. I was later told by my attorney that usually the most they'd get was a reprimand. After that my older brother came to see me and demanded I come with him. I told him I'd have him arrested for harassment. he then threatened to have me locked up and committed and sent back to RI in F'ing chains if necessary.

I had to run away again. I got my EBT card and I bought new clothes and ran away again this time to a women's shelter in Princeton New Jersey recommended to me by a friend. It was at this time that I discovered with horror what the meds had done to my body...

I had discovered that the Benzos and drugs had caused me to have seizures and that although they were for anxiety so I was told, they were in fact Anti-psychotics. The meds not only made my anxiety worse, I developed seizures, I had vomited a lot, I was told It left so many free radicals in my system that I would probably get cancer very soon but worse, the drug Klonopin left me sterile.

The first warning I had about this came from a documentary I saw on TV at the women's shelter in Rhode Island, it said that the Singer Stevie Nicks had been taking Klonopin during drug treatment at the Betty ford center that the psychiatrist was this evil woman kinda like Dr Bochiochio who I saw. It scared me and made me freak that they would proscribe this kind of garbage to innocent people!

I had always wanted to have kids, I wanted a family, a boyfriend ETC but I found out that I had been sterilized. The doctors told me it was likely I would never have children due to my screwed up hormonal levels. I was distraught and I could no longer feel love, or have the will to live. I guess two things stopped me from killing myself then and there, first, I was gonna die young from the cancerous free radicals in my system, then there was this desire to warn others about the dangers of Klonipin and psychiatry. I knew very little about the anti-psychiatry movement and thought I was like the only one at the time against psychiatry.

My only desire at that point was to get out of the east coast. There was no one who could help me so I needed to go someplace else. I wanted to go to Los Angeles where CCHR, the Citizens Commision for Human Rights was, that and because Winter was coming and it was getting cold, but I didn't know at the time that California was full of abuse by psychiatrists. I mainly went to avoid winter but I didn't have enough money for the bus fare to get to California so I took drastic and terrible measures that I sometimes regret doing.

See, I had been a Christian for sometime but I had lost faith because of the trauma I went through. I didn't think God was looking after me. I decided to try and become a prostitute. Several of the girls at the shelter had been involved in prostituting so that was a start. I went to a truck stop outside Trenton and asked if any of the drivers there were going to California. I offered them what little cash I had and even my body if they got me to Cali. I had lost weight and wore makeup so it helped me out a bit.

I asked three people, two drivers, one said he was going to Chicago the other was going to Oakland but refused to take me and he wasn't polite neither. The owner even threatened to call the police on me just for asking. I left and as I walked out of the area a man ran up to me and offered to take me in his truck to California. We'd have to stop at a couple of places on the way though but I didn't mind. There was one condition, I had to be his whore.

So, I got into his truck and we rode off west. He took us to Indiana, Tennessee and a few places I don't recollect. I don't want to. I rode with him for 2 weeks all over the mid-west. He was disgusting. He even had me dress up in slutty clothing even when we were in public. I said nothing. All I wanted was to get away from The east coast and go somewhere warm. It was in Falfurrias Texas that he dumped me off and even took my back pack and suitcase with him. He left me in a truck stop there and drove off with all my stuff. I was told to wait there and he left. Even my papers and ID was taken. My ID card, My social security card, everything I had was in there. GONE...

There i was, in a slutty outfit with no money or ID or anything. In the middle of some small town in Texas all alone. I was afraid to report him too the authorities because then they'd blame me for it. Say I brought it on myself and I was even dressed up in a nasty slut outfit.

So, I went to the police station and told them my boyfriend (I gave a fake name BTW) ditched me in the middle of nowhere and was lost and needed help. They agreed to take me to a battered women's shelter in Hebbronville in the next county over. They couldn't help me much. I had no ID. Again I had to whore myself to a truck driver who then took me instead of California to Chicago! I begged him to take me anwhere in Southern California. No he said to me... I left.

Again, I was stuck, worse still in Chicago in Winter 2003. I had no ID card, No money. I went to the police, gave them the same story, boyfriend dumped me, I then got sent to a women's shelter but I had no ID so I couldn't get in. I was desperate. The police said they could help but I had to be booked for a crime. So, given that I already had a criminal history as well as a psychiatric one, I agreed.

I was booked for trespassing. the charges were later cleared but it was neccesary to get some kind of paper work. CPD then dumped me off in a filthy women's shelter in the West side of town.That was where my brother found me. He came with CPD and claimed that my mother and father had obtained legal guardianship over me from a judge. They had me arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward at NorthWest memorial. I found out that the guardianship was fake. At the time I didn't know everything going on. I was told by my parents that I had a choice, go back to Rhode Island and apply for SSI and let them take care of me or be trapped in Chicago and be ward of Illinois which I knew and was told was terrible. I had no choice, I went back to Rhode Island.

My parents found me because of a missing persons report they filed with police. They tracked me down thanks to the trumped charges that were needed to get the ball rolling so I could get my ID card and Social security card.

I found out that the papers they used were faked. Dad claimed he had a friend who was a judge who signed them and informed me that should I run away again, in reality they were forged. He later told me that it was costly and time consuming to do it for real. Also, I didn't know at the time he would come down on me and obtain Emergency then Plenial guardianship no matter the cost. I didn't know what to expect from mon and dad anymore they were so mean.

When I got back they took me to see a neuropsychiatrist Dr. Hallard to be enrolled in SSI. I was also forced again to go see another doctor regularly, this time it was Gabor Keitner who was not nice to me at all. After two months of testing I qualified for SSI. In other words, both doctor Hallard and Dr Keitner said I was stupid. I had lied on the tests about where I had been, I also exaggerated here and there, I said I was working at some jobs, I lied through my teeth but even though they believed me, I was still worthless and stupid.

According to Dr Keitner who probably did most of the damages,My vocational history was meaningless. In other words, he didn't care.It didn't matter... According to Gabor Keitner, I had Asperger's syndrome, Bipolar, Panic disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, Borderline Personality disorder, Major depression, mood imbalance disorder and possibly a host of other disorders that stupid retards who never get to work get. It shouldn't have happened. Each label put on me felt like a hot serated knife in my guts.

Keitner along with another doctor made up all these false diagnosis' just so he could get kickbacks from big pharma. He proscribed me 8 different meds. The combination made me sick. I could barely walk, talk or do anything. When I informed the doctors that the meds made me sick and that I could not complete tasks I was told it did not matter. I was mentally ill with Aspergers, I was stupid, I would never become an independent adult. According to Keitner, the fact that I had Asperger's shows that I wont need to do anything.

His words, "You wont be making any accomplishments in your lifetime with Asperger's or Borderline personality. You need to learn to accept your limitations and that you have limited abilities. From now on, your parents and the government will take care of you and do everything for you." But what limitations?

The only limitations I have are those being set by Dr Keitner, Dr. Bochichio and by my abusive parents not to mention the failing abusive run by communists in Providence state legislature. That, and the limitations forced on me by the meds.

I was forced again to see dr Bochiochio and another psychiatrist. They all talked down to me and were only concerned about drugging me up.

My brother would often make fun of me for being on the meds. Whenever I felt sluggish, or agitated, whenever I was so worn out I drooled and mumbled or tripped or if the meds made me feel like I was in a rush or anything like that, my brother and sometimes my parents would ridicule me. I felt worse. Whenever I told my mom or dad to stop making fun of me and saying mean things, they would say, "Well that's the way things are stupid! Get used to it!"

In 2005, a little under a year after I was dragged back to nasty lousy Rhode Island I was put in a section 8 apartment in the south side of Providence. It was a filthy run down apartment with no heat and full of ants and roaches. The people were the worst part. Most of the people were mentally ill, psychotic and alcoholic. Many of them criminals. I was scared of being there but I was not allowed to go anywhere else and I had no money. I was also forced to be medicated by my brother and father who watched me to make sure I took the meds. ALL THE MEDS

My Mother, father and brother were joint payees. Later when they refused to help me I tried a state run Payee service but they were just as awful. I got only $5 a week in allowence. I had to do laundry at Crossroads, which is a day center for transients and poor people. I hated Rhode island and everything about, living there especially at the apartment. I wanted to live elsewhere but it was not allowed. My parents threatened me and threatened to have me locked up in a mental ward if I even thought of leaving the state. I was there from Autumn till Spring. It was hell. My parents BTW refused to help me or provide things for me at times. They argued that I was the government's  responsibility and that they didn't want to hear about it.

For example, I needed new clothes and some blankets because of the cold weather. I asked mom and dad and they told me no. The government can take care of you. I told them they weren't Dad replied. I DON'T CARE! You're a nut! It'd save us money if you DID freeze to death! STUPID!

I later asked why they would have me if they would just dump me on the lap of the government? They replied that they didn't know and that when I was at school it was all my fault I was fat and that I was picked on. They also told me that when doctors say your stupid with mental illness, they never lie. Doctors are always right. Just like the government.

On New Years eve 2005 I was attacked and nearly raped outside my apartment building by another tenant who was drunk. One of the neighbors saw it and stopped it from happening. the drunk fled and is still a fugitive. I was taken to the hospital with minor cuts and injuries. My parents were indifferent. My brother asked what the hell I was doing to make him want to rape him and what I was wearing. You must've done something. I had two goals on my mind, get out of Rhode Island or kill my parents and brother.

I had gotten back together with Angela who lived in a similar apartment in Woonsocket. She said she was tired of Rhode Island and just hated the place. It had gone to hell. She was working part time folding sheets at a Motel in East Providence and we thought of leaving the state and going out west. Her friend Katherine also wanted to move. She found a good place out near Denver Colorado. We planned to go there in the Spring. I couldn't get a job so I had to rely on SSI. I needed to become my own payee.

I had tried to but my parents were in the way. They told me that the disabled and mentally ill should never have any freedom or rights whatsoever especially money management. Again, jobs were scarce and even labor ready had no hiring.

I also tried to donate blood but because I lived in section 8 I was not eligable. I had to panhandle all over again. It was hard because people in Rhode Island are very very selfish and mean. When I got a little money it all went to my needs such as clothing.

It became apparent that there was a small possibility that I would have to go back into whoring again just to get a ride out of town to go west.

But my good social skills that I had been told I would never have saved me. My friends helped me out. Katherine and Angela agreed to help pay for my bus ticket to Denver in march. In march 2006 I left for Denver with Angela and Katherine. We abandoned the nasty section 8 apartment, we abandoned Rhode Island, we abandoned socialism and the failed welfare plantation we were living on. Katherine also had her brother leave a threatening message for my family that there would be reprocussions if they pursued me or tried to find me.

We stayed at a nicer place, a women's transitional housing apartment run by a ministry for women that was in Boulder Colorado. They took care of us and loved us dearly. They worked on getting me to manage my money by arranging for me to go to a money management evaluation which gave me good reviews. I WAS however forced to go to mental health as  it was a requirement. Fortunately the doctors who ran private practices were nice to me! I got a far better prognosis than I got from Bochiochio and Gabor Keitner.

It was wonderful there! It was like Christmas everyday. I was safe, I was happy. The only sadness I felt  is that I will never be able to have my own children.

To become my own payee and finish with hopefully getting of SSI forever, I had to let my doctor contact my parents. My father, on condition of letting me be my payee and giving me my retroactive funds in the mail had two conditions, the first he speak to me on the phone where he demanded to know what right i had to leave Rhode island? I told him as I said before, I don't want to live there and that forcing someone to get section 8 and go on welfare doesn't make any sense.

He told me that I had no right to live where I want to and that there was nothing wrong with Rhode Island, the economy he said was great, people were wonderful, I was the only thing wrong. This despite overwhelming evidence our economy had failed, our government was corrupt, our rights were being lost ETC. and that people there the majority of them like my father were society dregs.

I told him this BTW and he lashed out at me, cursing, swearing and saying I was a b**ch and a traitor and that I should burn in hell. He then told me the one and only condition left he had. I was never to have contact with anyone in the family ever again through any medium whatsoever, he told me never to come back to Rhode Island if I hate it so much. he also said that if I ever came anywhere near him, he'd have me raped and killed.

I asked why he hated me so much? He told me that I was an accident, that he hated the mentally ill and disabled, he told me that growing up he was taught by my grandparents and by his teachers and his priest that those with mental or physical defects were an anathema to the church and the state, they vote republican, they don't respect authority figures, they contribute nothing,  they do not conform.

I should tell you now that my father in addition to being flaming liberal and a Democrat worshiped our Democratic leaders and government, he was also a union organizer in the 70s as was my Grandfather. Dad also taught us that people in places of authority were always right, that the government never does anything wrong when Democrats were in control and that people who criticized the government like you see on the internet a lot of these days were either psychotics or traitors who needed to be prosecuted or locked up in institutions.

So, my dad told me this and added that he was angry at me for being diagnosed with a mental illness and even more angry for questioning the government. I told him they were wrong and that the reason I am not a democrat like you is because you failed to protect me and take care of me and so did the government. he then lashed out at me it was all my fault I was poor and that I should kill myself and again told me never to speak to him again. He slammed the phone down and so my family disappeared from my life.

Since then I have considered myself to be a libertarian and conservative. I am also a committed Christian working in women's ministries I also work as a human rights advocate warning of the dangers of mental health. I live in Fort Collins Colorado now. I work part time. I have been unable to get off SSI and being on it keeps me from getting a good job but I have been working. I also have made many many friends. Something that never would've happened in Rhode Island.

I thank God for all he has done for me in getting out of welfare which is slavery and improving my life. I also thank him for giving me a reason to live. It is my hope that someday I will be able to have children and marry.

This was the testimony of Regina Immersio, formerly a resident of the dangerous and failed state of Rhode Island and now free and living a full and godly life. Psychiatry is dangerous. There is no such thing as mental disorders or Asperger's. It is all make believe and communism. Psychotropic meds exist to restrain and control innocent people and ruin their health and lives. For more information on the dangers of Klonopin and other drugs visit the sites below

Views expressed by Aaron Immersio and his wife and son are those of Hillary Clinton and all her supporters, especially those in Rhode island.