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Friday, September 16, 2016

CNN Liberal Bias revealed concerning tranny restrooms

The following is an email from an associate and friend over in California I received last week concerning bias on CNN with regards to the Tranny bathrooms in schools...

Hi Brian! I thought you should know that CNN recently did some stories about tranny restrooms and I think you should write more about them. See, the whole news network CNN nazi news, they just don't want to hide their bias anymore! They are openly out and out liberal!

Just google the headline... WE NEED A RESTROOM REVOLUTION!! Can you believe that!? A Rest Room Revolution!

True Unemployment in this country is around 20-30 percent, illegal immigrants as well as legal ones, flood in stealing jobs stealing welfare money and make nothing but trouble, we have terrorists who want to kill us, we have a failing evil government, a failing system, homelessness, disease, OH! BTW, look this up, Leprosy epidemic in Texas!! We have all these big big big big super problems that are getting worse and what does Obama and the government want to do!? Allow disgusting queers into the girls room with our daughters!!

Meanwhile they call for tearing the confederate flag down and offer no word from the other side. You'd think they hung a swastika over SC government building or something! They even have the nerve the F'ing nerve to paraphrase Ronald Reagan saying "tear down this wall." Instead its, "Take down this flag!" Why? The confederates were Democrats idiot! Why do you wanna take it down for? All the segregationists and racists were Democrats dummie!

My how we've changed! When my father went to school in the fifties and sixties they had prayer and bible study. My pop told me about how they had it breakfast and stuff too! They would never ever have dreamed of any of them ANY OF THEM! Being in drag or going queer. This was a public school in a Los Angeles Suburb near Diamond bar, conservative, clean, no psychos or any of that.

Today we now have these creatures including a guy in a dress who want to use a girls room. So why don't they get their junk removed eh?

BTW, the  area is now infested with Chinese and mexicans, mostly illegals, nobody speaks english anymore, the school dad went to is now a failing school full of wet backs greasers and gangs. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Now I'm not a racist as you know but back when we were still white and whites ran everything this was unheard of and we were better off. Even black folks will tell you they'd rather have it like then instead of now pretty much. If you had a prophet back then say that in 2010, the government was preoccupied with letting transexuals use the opposite gender restrooms they were born with, they'd never believe it!!!

 I think that's why I'm a conservative. So much has happened since the 80s and 90s when I was growing up and coming of age. Its amazing...

 No one could've ever surmised that the liberals would actually go this far... I mean, its not surprising to me or my pop and Grandpa that they'd remove prayer and God from our schools, but this... removing the pledge of allegiance, allowing turd worlders in who hate America to come in and give them benefits, letting illegal alien criminals and gangsters in and giving them welfare, food stamps and free healthcare while they form gangs and demand that the Southwest be taken over, homosexuality as acceptable, open transvestitism and tranny restrooms, making treason and kneeling during the national anthem acceptable, the national endowment for the arts funding pornographic art and those stupid shapeless meaningless art, taking guns away from law abiding citizens, outlawing the death penalty ETC.

Its shocking to me that we'd permit this sort of thing happening. In the seventies and eighties I remember the liberals back then even wouldn't even go this far. At the most when you talk about drag queens like Bruce Jenner or these other creatures, They were just for letting them do their sick stuff while indoors. They're like, "Aw! let em go! They're  faggots they can't help it! As long as they do it indoors, none of our business!" Now, they want it out in the open!!!!

Anyways, Before I go there's a couple other things I want to share with you from CNN I found revolting... First, they cut off a reporter who spoke against Hillary AND ADMITTED THEY DID IT WITHOUT SHAME!! Also, they had Black lives matter on their show. Promoted it out in the open they did!

They never talk about black on white crime on CNN. They never ever do. Fox does and so do a couple other people but never CNN.  And they have Jeremiah Wright on most of the time

I could go on. I'm just really angry. I wanted to share this after reading about how their polishing these tranny restroom story up. It makes me sick! God will judge America and possibly destroy America if this is continued to be tolerated!

well that's all. Good night Brian. Good luck.


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