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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Coffee with communists 4

BB:Lets talk about 9/11. What about that?

Koba: What?

BB: What are your thoughts? Do you think it was an insider job? Do you think its america's fault?

Koba: Heh! Yeah you'd like me to say it was a good thing?

BB: Say whatever you'd like.

Koba: 9/11 was the result of 19 crazy people like the people in my family and in my hometown who thought God wanted them to fly planes into buildings cause then they'd get 72 virgins. I mean the people in middle America are no different than these jihadi middle easterners. I mean... I think it was terrible that we allow people like that in here and that people are allowed to think that if you do this and you know what they're saying this is like the worst terror attack in history. I mean in terms of how it affected our lives and world wide what consequences it had like, yeah, all airline traffic around the world stopped, all the TV stations around the world talked about 9/11 and what happened. I remember it was terrible. So yeah of course it was bad but does that mean America is now special? I mean America kills more than that everyday with markets and capitalism. That all happened because some whackos were taught that some skydaddy is real and... It happened. It was terrible.

JR: 9/11 happened all because as Jeremiah Wright said... America's chickens are coming home to roost. 

BB: Just a second I need to ask, have any of you been to churches like Jeremiah Wright's?

Koba: Yes we have

JR: We don't normally go to church unless they serve food or give away stuff. Trinity Church of Christ has bible studies and men's groups that have food, snacks during their meetings. You have to sit and listen to a sermon by a preacher and people talk about the bible but its worth it. Also, St Sabina has food. 

Koba: I don't go to church regularly, I don't like religion but I do like Jeremiah Wright and I guess the other guy, Reverend Otis a little. I like how he preached against America I fully support him.

JR: I don't really like Otis moss too much but I did like Jeremiah Wright and I like Father Mike Pfleger and when they serve food to the homeless at St Sabina. Its a good church and they're more tolerant of Gay LGBT than Trinity church.

BB: St Sabina the catholic church with Father Pfleger?


Koba: He's cool. Every other week food gets served there, there's give aways of clothes, hygene kits and stuff. Pfleger is a very cool guy. He knows what's wrong with the world he's kinda like Pope Francis and I support these people who help the poor and know that the capitalists are on their side. I'd rather go to a church where they serve food and where revolutionary stuff is preached than eat at some church where we gotta turn the other cheek and let these rich people own the air we breathe and pollute it.

JR: I like Francis a lot. I hope he helps topple the system.

BB: Do you believe the pope is a marxist?

JR: No, but he does preach about the poor and some of what he says I can relate to, so he's okay for that.

BB: So if a religious person a clergyman preaches about the needy, social justice than their on your side.

Koba: Not really but if they're supporting poverty, people in need and preaching against the capitalists than their okay. When the revolution starts we wont kill them just these preachers who stand up for big business and fascism.

BB: But you don't attend church services

Koba: No. I rarely go to church. If I'm hungry and I need food and I have no money or if my EBT card is maxed out then I'll like rob some rich guy like a veteran and steal from him or if I'm desperate eat from the garbage. But I don't like religion. My upbringing in middle F**king america has made me into an intolerant agnostic. I'm sorry but I wont touch it. I got nothing against church people like Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Pope Francis, Jesse Jackson and so on, I like them. Their okay and they can do what they need to do as long as they don't compromise the revolution.

BB: So religion wont be outlawed.

Koba: Not completely

JR: You'll have a little religious freedom but its gonna be controlled by the party and the people. The churches synagogues and mosques will have to register, they have to be loyal to the party but were not gonna have all these preachers rabbis or imams running around making hateful remarks and dividing the country.

Koba: In communism, True communism you can believe whatever you want. You can worship a pile of S**t if you want but don't conflict with the revolution or else.

BB: so there are limits

JR: Yeah well we all share the same world! You can't...

Koba: Yeah uh-  sure I mean yeah. You can't just worship any way you want! I mean 9/11, we were talking about that! These people should never have been alive much less in this country. The US government is willing to kill anyone that gets in the way of big business and wall street but they wont put down a bunch of violent lethal religious fanatics like Islamic jihad, the Ku Klux Klan, the militia movements, the neo-confederates, falun gong, they do nothing.

JR: Yeah! I want to bring that up to. Falun Gong. China had good reason to go after these people. Falun Gong is evil. They are as bad as Al-qaeda! Their terrorizing China, murdering innocent people and the west is helping them do that. Their sabotaging China and when they crack down all the western, capitalist controlled media cry out that China, Oh look! China is murdering people, those damn commies! They hate religious freedom but no! China allows religious freedom to an extent that there are some limitations. Every religious group that is registered with the government agrees that these people are evil. Even underground groups not approved by the party are condemning Falun Gong but we hear only what the capitalists say.

Koba: I want to say this by the way, China isn't even communist. They haven't been that way since Mao died. He even warned the state was being taken over just like it is with Russia. I mean they enslave the population and work for the big businesses in America, they demolish public housing, I am so sick of hearing that they're communist when they haven't been communist in over 40 years!

JR: So bottom line, you don't have a right to do whatever you want to. You have to respect the party and the people and those around you. You can't be racist use racist speech because that hurts people emotionally and creates hostility and discrimination, you can't own guns because you might kill someone by mistake or go off. You can't pollute the air and water because everyone drinks and breathes it, you can't litter because its messy and no one wants to clean up after you.

BB: Lets get back to 9/11. How do you think that turned out? do you think America did it or that it was America's fault?

Koba: well... Um... I don't know. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was revealed the capitalists had Bush and Washington blow up their own towers. Ever since then they've profited greatly from it, they've used it as an excuse to do whatever they want, invade other countries, invade and steal oil, murder people who aren't white and who aren't Christian and create more problems for everybody.

JR: Not to mention losing our civil liberties with the patriot act, I told you and Koba told you, the constitution is nothing but a worthless piece of paper that only protects the elite. It doesn't protect workers. Just the elite.

Koba: I believe what Jeremiah Wright said. He put it best, 9/11 is America's fault. America's chickens came home to roost. For over a hundred years, America has gone all over the world, destroying democracies, undermining social justice, promoting dictators and religious radicals, killing innocent men women and children and promoting racism all over the world. America lost her independence we never had independence we just traded one set of elite rulers for another set. America did this to herself.

BB: Why is it Amereica's fault we were attacked.

Koba: Easy, you went around bombing other countries, forcing the people into misery and squalor, it was only a matter of time before they got sick of being pushed around and did something. The 19 hijackers and these other terrorists are really rebels. Its not terrorism its rebellion against terrorism. Listen... Terrorism has been defined as attacks on the civil population to advance an ideology. Well based on that America is guilty because America terrorizes other countries that only want to have a say in their own government and in the economy, America terrorizes homeless people, blacks, minorities, they murder people and ruin innocent lives everyday. This one brother I met a few years ago in Sacramento, he was put in prison for 15 years for a crime he never did when there was no evidence. Why? Because this guy he worked with was arrested and tortured by the police and forced to give names and he named this guy just to get out of torture and to avoid prosecution he said things that weren't true. He got arrested, went to jail and was prosecuted with nothing but this guys word that he had drugs on him. The jury and judge were white elitists. They all found him guilty all because of one man's word against his. He was sent to pelican bay, the worst of California's prison and got stabbed 4 times while he was there. He lost all his appeals, they never helped him out he was forced to rot there all because of one person's word. This goes on everyday in America. U S of KKK man! Jeremiah Wright is right. What kind of just God would bless a country that allows that? Even the bible says so. So take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it!

JR: Yeah you know these hijackers and suicide bombers, try and look at things from their angle okay? They have no life, no hope, they're forced to live under oppressive regimes, there's nothing to eat, no hygiene, no clothes, living in slums and the only way out is to kill yourself by blowing yourself up in a night club or flying a plane into a building. You get 72 virgins in paradise for all eternity and as a bonus, your oppressors go down with you but they go to hell. Its no wonder were not making any progress. These people have no hope. They'll keep on coming until either they wipe out all life there or the capitalists are wiped out.

Koba: Then they'll be others. These guys are angry and want revenge. We need to be persistent and determined like they are to win.

The old, its not our fault we murder women and children America is murderer of women and children argument. Communism at its finest...

JR: People become terrorists because their hopeless. Give them a carrot to dangle in front of them they'll do anything you ask for.

Koba: Its not terrorism, its a rebellion against capitalism and American fascism. I'm all for it.

BB: You support Al-qaeda, Iraq and the others

Koba: No, no man no we don't

JR: were for the people not these guys. Osama and Saddam, they are just US puppets. All religious fanatics. Forget about them.

Koba: But they weren't terrorists. They;re rebels. The US government is the terrorist.

BB: I thought it was a movement to bring about global Jihad and Islamic world conquest

Koba: well yeah but their misguided.

JR: Its like Sun Tzu said... The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But Islamic jihad is not in line with party doctrine. Were not worried about it too much. They wont last. Even if they succeed in taking over Europe and turning it into a caliphate they wont last. They'll fall apart just like Christianity in Europe.

Koba: Were rooting for them but we don't agree with Islam being the answer. The answer is communism and world revolution. Their not gonna last. Not with revolution stirring in other couuntries.

BB: So You're all for Islamic jihad taking over Europe.

Koba: no. NO!

JR: Were against that but we are glad that they are fighting back against capitalist America. Hopefully they'll last long enough to undermine the establishment from without.

Koba: You need to remember that the USA used to support these jihadists. The CIA armed them. Al-qaeda, Isis Et al is all the creation of the CIA and capitalism. 

Jr: Its misguided. They're all on the right track but they have the wrong train. They need to get rid of Islamic theocracy and eventually as Isis and the Ayatollahs tear themselves apart we'll grow strong.

Koba: Correct. Its just like in the United states and Europe with Christianity. For over a thousand years, Christianity murdered and oppressed the workers and the masses rose up and toppled the church after centuries of uprising and rebellion removed the church. It wasn't easy, millions had to sacrifice their lives to be rid of this stupid fairy tale that enslaved Europe. The same thing is happening to fundamentalist Islam and even though Muslims are immigrating to Europe, most of them are leaving Islam or following a nominal version of Islam. The Europeans don't want to go through that again and they wont last. Even the far right in Europe is against it.

BB: But its all America's fault its happening?

JR: Yeah, The US armed and enabled Islamic jihad, the US funds overseas despots, the US oppresses the masses under global markets and free trade, the US provokes people who've had their lives ruined and are miserable into becoming terrorists.

Koba: Its just like with crime. You've got all this crime everywhere because people are being oppressed and are poor. They're gonna lash out. The poor are being oppressed. That's why all the crime ridden areas of America are also high poverty cities with little or no resources. There are no jobs, people are out of work and can't find work, they got kids to feed, face it, prayer and all these touchy feelly good lectures from Sean Hannity and Lee Doren aren't gonna feed an empty stomach. You're gonna have to rob and maybe kill someone to live and you're gonna probably either be killed or wind up in the penitentiary like I did.

BB: So Koba I never got to that how often have you been in trouble and maybe you two could tell me what kind of living arrangements you have going?

Koba: Well me and Jackrabbit like most ARA members either live in a communal home or are homeless. We got some places where we live where we split the rent some of us are homeless. We sleep outside or in the missions which are really really bad especially in the winter when its crowded so we go to California or Florida.

JR: Yeah, I mean places like Pacific Garden, Lincoln park are heinous. The people who run it are worse than most of the people who stay there. I mean i'd rather be outside its safer.

BB: What do you do for income?

Koba: I get SSI. I got it since I was 20 I think. I told them I was traumatized and heard voices and they believed me and gave it to me. In a way I was traumatized from what I saw and heard as a child and I do hear voices sometimes. I got mental illness in my family you know. I think the fact that people in my family were twisted helped more. Also I get food stamps but not a whole lot. It sucks.

JR: I used to have a bank account with about fifteen thousand dollars but I went through it in 3 years. i get GR from California and food stamps, also from California. I'm trying to get on SSI.

BB: Isn't that illegal to get GR from California while in Illinois

JR: Confidentially yeah but they don't care.

BB: Koba, what did you do in prison? What's your record?

Koba: Well, I went to prison when I was 24. Before that I had visited county jail on occasion, open container, loitering, stealing fighting but I ended up in prison for mugging someone in Seattle, I got a plea bargain, 5 years in Walla Walla and time off for good behavior. I spent 3 years there, kept my head down and being in prison really opened my mind to the world and made me more of a communist because the world system of capitalism is just like in Prison, everyone's locked up, being pushed around and they push back and you gotta either get with a group of other guys or be strong enough to look after yourself. I got with a group, I didn't like it because everyone segregated racially, you couldn't associate with inmates of another race. I got into a couple of fights here and there but did alright.

BB: Have you ever been in Cook county

Koba: A couple of times, it was heinous. worse than state pen. Most of the time I was in Marion county or LA county or some other place, I would never dream of otherwise. Cook county is insane. I did make a few friends even with one of the guards there who is also anti-racist and marxist like I am though he's not marxist like me.

BB: How did that happen?

Koba: They got a block called Wimps, weapons in my possession. In prison I had a shiv, cause the saying wanna live get a shiv came to my mind. Well I got caught and they put me there. And they call it wimps because really they want to get it into you you must be a wimp to need a weapon. Real men use their fists. And that's what I learned. I met the guard he told me about it and said if I were a real man I wouldn't need to worry about it so don't. He gave me  references to some fight clubs and places for training. It was good. Since then I've really had no need for weapons unless I really really need to. Other than that I prefer my fists. I'm a master with my hands.

JR: Its really that bad?

koba: aw dude... You sleep with one eye opened there. When I was there an inmate got killed.

BB: When you were prison did you ever have someone try and rape you or did you ever do anything like that?

Koba: well no. I was looked after, I belonged to a group we kept an eye on each other but when you're there for a long time men there get really hard because they have no woman. You have to rely on something else and a lot of guys dress up like girls and give it up for food or cigarettes. You can't help it. They had a gang of gay inmates that almost looked like women. One time I did do it with one of them. I didn't like it but I needed to let off steam.

JR: Did you ever have a punk there bro? Like was there someone who looked like a hottie?

Koba: Yeah matter of fact there was. This punk bitch, I remember him clearly. He looked like a she the minute he came in.  I coulda swore he was a girl. He was all feminine. I mean when I saw him I knew this guy wouldn't last unless someone looked after him. He was in for breaking into burglar alarms, he was a computer nerd and he was a nerd. This guy like had the word b**ch on his head the minute he arrived. At breakfast when everyone went to get chow, I went in, followed him, eyed him, everyone did. I made my move, my friend and I sat at the same table, said hi introduced ourselves were like, "Hey you know a lot of people here lift weights and stuff, we noticed you don't do that, how about we look after you. You could use some protection and we have a vacancy. Interested?" This guy was scared and it was so easy. He looked shaken and like he was gonna cry and he took up the offer. Eventually he joined our group as our punk. He gave it up for protection and it was easy. Turned out he was bisexual like my comrade here.

JR: Was he good looking?

Koba: I wouldn't know but when we gave him a make over it was like, he was I mean she was hot! It's like being free again!

JR: So he became a girl?

Koba: He was already a girl in a way. He was a real blow up doll. He was still there when I was let out and paroled. 

JR: When you were in prison or jail do they still give you SSI?

Koba: If you don't tell them yeah, if they don't find out. When I got out of Walla Walla and went back to Seattle, the guy at the house I stayed at held on to my mail including all the stuff from Social security. They had no idea I was in prison. Kept depositing money in my bank account through direct deposit and I was thrilled. I had like almost twenty grand in my account.

BB: What happened to it?

Koba: I blew it all I mean almost all of it at the casino. Seattle has lots of indian casinos. I wasn't allowed while on parole but I didn't give a S**t. the rest I drank. I basically compensated for two to three years of sobriety.

JR: Didn't you have like Pruno in the prison?

Koba: Oh god hell no! It tastes like piss and vomit! I rarely drank that. Gross! Anyway it was hard to get. The guards always knew if it was being made and you could go to the hole for a long time. I was glad to enjoy whisky and beer

BB: What about other jail sentences

Koba: Here there, drinking in public, possessing a knife, stealing, vandalism, I never got caught for the serious stuff bro. The killings and arson. If they caught me I'd do federal time and I'd probably get the chair or life without parole. Probably end up in Colorado super duper max doing real hard time for life like those other guys.

JR: They'd kill us. For sure.

Koba: Yeah... not pretty too. So I think really that's it. I don't know if I want to go into this anymore because you know. I mean... The food court is getting full and I'm getting worried that the police if they saw this and heard more, they would really give us a hard time. If not us they'd go after ARA like crazy. There is so much I could tell you but there isn't enough time. Comrade, I think we've said enough.

JR: yeah I think we said too much.

BB: Can I at least get you to make a statement to the people who read this? What you want to see accomplished?

Koba: Yeah, basically we are fighting on behalf of the people of not just America but the whole world. We are fighting to liberate them and help them, were not out to kill them. We just want to kill those who are against us.

JR: I just want to say that people should wake up and stop listening to what the news and everyone is saying, stop listening to Fox to CNN the Democrats and Republicans, they're not for you they work for the profiters at wall street. We are the only ones who stand for you and you should join us.

Koba: Also, you shouldn't be thankful for what little you have. You have nothing to lose except your chains. There's a better world possible and the working masses need to unite and stop bickering about race religion and so on. Its just the matrix created by the capitalists to keep you down and enslave you. You will never be free unless you join us and bring about one world communism

JR: Yeah, the new World order is good for you! Don't listen to Alex Jones, the New World order is real freedom and utopia. And Alex, you your listening, F**k you and your viewers, we'll get you one day. You and your bosses are going down you lugoon! The workers are gonna take over the world and eventually you, the preppers, the gun owners they're all gonna be wiped out and all that they'll remember is some mentally ill fascists were hiding in the woods with all... they're causing trouble. We will be remembered as heroes and liberators  you'll only be remembered for cowardice and stupidity and soon or years from now I promise, you'll die with your rifle in your cold dead hands. Its over Alex, the workers are uniting to destroy America and bring about the new world order. LONG LIVE THE NEW WORLD ORDER! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION

Koba: Yeah what My buddy said. Anyway I just want to say were gonna win. That's all. Thank you.

I gave the two young hooligans the money I said  I'd give  them even though they didn't want to finish. I did it because in my mind I worried that Koba and JR wanted to drink heavily after spilling their guts and I worried that they would rob and maybe kill someone if I didn't. I know it was wrong, most reading this will agree but in my state of mind at the time all I wanted was to get away. The boys left the mall and I sat there in food court pondering what I had heard. I cleaned up the mess they left as we all do for Marxist hooligans whatever reason. I then went to my hotel room and took the first plane out of Chicago.

I was relieved to be out of Chicago, a city run by evil government and inhabited by worse. A hub of communism in the mid-west polluting the once wholesome and godly heartland of America that is now as I am typing falling under the spell of government rule and socialism as all of America is gradually under Obama and the Democrats.

What am I to make of the events that transpired? There are no words to describe it. They are all laid out there but what can be said of this interview with two men who openly brag of killing and destroying innocent people?

I guess I can only lay out a few thoughts with the time I have. Koba no doubt was the big ideologue, he was the most experienced. He was also the hardest. He has been tainted and corrupted perhaps beyond hope by an abusive father and thanks to a church that is limp wristed and ungodly. Most communities in the mid-west where he grew up are decent bastions of good and love. I've been there and many who I know live there and can attest but there are portions of say Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas that resemble rural Maine and Vermont.

Koba is the kind of communist that is dangerous. He does not value life for in communism, a single life is irrelevant. These kinds cannot be turned and will serve their party bosses followed by their insatiable appetites for cruelty, drugs, alcohol or hedonistic pleasure. There is only one cure for these kind of people, a bullet. In Guatemala that's how elected president Effrain Rios Monte saw it. For decades Guatemala was terrorized by communist guerrillas many which had occupied villages on the fringes, killing all who they oppose and killing for no reason.

Monte saw one solution. Extermination. Villages under communist occupation were marked out for eradication. It was deemed criminal and in fact Monte almost faced war crimes charges like Pinochet did and escaped only because of age and senility. But there was no alternative. These villages were in the hands of the communists. The people were as bad as Koba and Jackrabbit. Those who were not were already dead and their children deported to Cuba to be raised in the squalor of Castro's dictatorship. Guatemala is almost free of communism thanks to Monte's determination.

Pinochet also faced this crisis. 5000 of the worst kinds of leftists were killed by Pinochet. These were not peaceful activists singing camp songs or wishing for peace and love, these were bloodthirsty, evil shining path wannabes who would kill millions if Chile had fallen into communist hands.

The Contras of Nicaragua, their lives and homes destroyed by the communist Sandinista dictatorship practiced brutality equal to that of the Sandinistas and even President Reagan raised objections to some of their practices but even so, the surviving members of the Recontra Frente will tell you it was necessary. I sat down with one years ago and he told me of how the communist Sandinista front was far worse than the previous dictatorship under Alonzo that they had overthrown. Their homes were destroyed, their friends and loved ones imprisoned or killed, their children taken away to live in communist orphanages or sent overseas to Russia or Cuba, yet they were the bad guys.

The media and our government, dominated by liberals with dangerous sympathies to socialist butchers sides against them. Pinochet faced criminal charges and imprisonment, the same court condemned America for supporting the contras all while praising butchers like Castro, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jun, and others. 

They will never condemn the USSR or China but not hesitate to blame America for defending human life from those who hold no value to it. The never ending lists of outrageous and alleged atrocities committed by the Contras ranging from kidnapping, rape, burning civilian homes, torture and outright murder will never be laid at communists who practiced these indiscriminately in Nicaragua, Greece, the balkans, Hungary, Poland, the Baltic region or Southeast Asia and even here in our own shores.

It just proves how far we've come. It also proves that our media is biased in favor of the left in general and the butchers communism. So is our government and the Democrats. One look at Koba's words proves that in most occasions there is no other way but to fight fire with fire. Death for death. As Joseph Stalin, who also called himself Koba once said, death is the best solution to all problems and a million deaths is not a tragedy but a mere statistic.

There are others like Jackrabbit who may be turned to our side and turned back to love and reason. Jack Rabbit, how did he come to the conclusion that the solution to the worlds problems is to renounce the prosperity under his family and seek a murderous ideology as a solution is hard to say. I believe perhaps his parents just didn't have time to provide moral guidance.

In the case of the majority who joined evil left wing movements, the beatniks, the hippies, Occupy Wall street, the Communist party, Neo-Nazis, skinheads, Nation of Islam or other groups, they came from privileged and prosperous upbringings where they were simply given all they wanted and the parents were preoccupied with maintaining and enjoying this lifestyle rather than preoccupying themselves with raising their children to be moral and upright citizens. Their only moral compass came from television, pop-culture, what seems cool and peer pressure.

Religion is devoid and non-existent in many of their upbringings as it was with Jack Rabbit's. Either that or it was an corrupted and perverted as in the case of Koba. I said in a previous article that our grandparents are mostly to blame for why our parents were hippies rather than Benjamin Spock or Madelyn Murray O'hair. Nonetheless, Madelyn Murray O'hair, in ejecting God and his teachings from our school system and other attacks by the so called American Atheists are largely to blame for the hippie movement, Juvenile crime, Columbine High school,  and the lack of morals in our youth. To their doorstep much blame must be laid.

Good news, their life isn't entirely devoid of religion, they go to church to eat and possibly hear the word of God, the bad news, nearly all of it comes from places like Barack Hussein Obama's church, Trinity Christian church and St Sabina. Reverend Wright and Reverend Otis along with Father Pfleger also must share the blame for corrupting these youths with radical liberation theology when they should be taught responsibility and most of all loving kindness.

What is even more disturbing is the proclamation made by ARA antifa, a group that violently opposes the Nazis or National Socialists, is that they will practice the same techniques and same things that their nemesis did. They have proclaimed that they will hunt down and kill veterans and most of their victims it seems are the weakest and most defenseless among them, those that are elderly and infirm and those who are homeless. It looks as though it is open season on vets and those who love America.

Equally disturbing is their equation of America as an evil country that is a burden on the world. At its doorstep, that it is disturbing. They even go as far to say that America is deserving of 9/11 for all of the unfounded crimes they allege. This is a typical Marxist tactic on its enemies. Its called projection. National Socialists and other leftist practice it against Israel as well as the US, but Marxists like the ARA are masters at this deception. As Michael Savage once jokingly put it, masters at masterfully manipulating with manipulation. But the communists don't consider it a joke.

I guess what I find also sickening is how they see the future in 100 years that America is remembered the way we remember other violent and evil empires, Rome, Babylon, the Aztecs, England during the 100 years war or during the 17th and 18th century, the Ottomans, The Third Reich, the USSR, Japan under the Showa emperor, and a host of others.

Before I talk about the future of America lets talk about the future of Koba and Jackrabbit and other radicals and what awaits them should their glorious revolution succeed. Back in 1975 when Communist North Vietnam marched in triumph over the south, a purge took place. All of the Viet Cong from the south and many from the north were murdered or sent to re-education camps which were nothing more than gulags. Most died the few that were exiled lived out their miserable existence in Australia and elsewhere.

In Germany under Hitler, the night of long knives took place. Ernst Rohm and many of the men who brought Hitler into power were executed. In Russia, Lenin and Stalin murdered the Menshevik party and members of the Bolsheviks. Ten years later, Stalin killed the rest. The same thing happened every other place communism took over. Why? Because the revolutionists who betrayed their country couldn't be trusted. They might turn on them. They had to go.

Back in 1972 Christian minister and cartoonist Jack T Chick, the man who wrote all those nice bible tracts BTW, he put out a tract called The Poor Revolutionist. The Tract went back into publication forty years later in light of Occupy Wall street and other radicals. The Tract tells the story of "Comrade Paul" and the glorious revolution that takes place. In the end he and his fellow revolutionaries are sentenced to death and executed.

This fate, either prison, death or exile are all that await revolutionists like Koba and Jack Rabbit. Whoever wins, the revolutionaries of Occupy, ARA and others are the losers. They always will be.

Now what of America in 100 years? If we remember the lessons from this interview and take them to heart, it wont need to be that way. In 100 Years America will hopefully still exist as the free nation it was meant to be. It will be known not remembered, known, as a strong bulwark against tyrants that may have crumbled a bit in the last century but remains strong and will continue to be so till the end of time.

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