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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Coffee with communists part 2

BB: Have any of you been in touch with family?

Koba: After I ran away I burned that bridge. I never spoke to my family until I read on the internet that my father died. I read my local paper and subscribe by email. I saw him in the obit. I called my mom and spoke to her. She was devastated. Told me he died in a drunk driving accident. His fault. So in the end as I thought his drinking was his downfall. I imagined he'd die in a brawl or cirrosis of the liver but I should've known that would do it. 

BB: When was this?

Koba: about 2011.   

BB:Do they know your a communist.

Koba: Yeah. They told me the funeral was gonna be next week, I told my mom, my aunt and uncle and they were pissed. My mom cried on the phone when I told her that I was a communist and an anti-racist. My family didn't like blacks very much they thought they should be left to themselves. Mom cried and told me not to come back and my aunt was, "oh... I'm sorry to hear that. I hope the N***ers don't turn on you and knife you in the back." My uncle told me that I was not welcome back and the family was disappointed in me for helping the blacks and for being a communist. He then hung up on me and that was it.

BB: They were racist

Koba: Yeah. Not hardcore but they believed that it was wrong to have anything to do with them. My father and mother just believed in limited interaction while my uncles some of them believed that it was a sin for whites and blacks to mingle in any way.

This I found to be unfortunate. By disowning their son, all hope of Koba being brought back into reality and reformed was lost. Family support is the best way to fight communism. By reaching out and having a loving family, the communist is forced to question his beliefs and that of his party bosses. Having a choice between party loyalty and family is also good for undermining the structure. Many communists faced being executed in a purge for siding with family. By being torn between the party and family there is a good chance for saving them

JR: My parents, they don't know what I do. When I dropped out I broke off contact. Later my mom and sister got a hold of me and asked where I've been and what I've been doing they said they were worried. I told them I dropped out of university because I couldn't do it which is true but I told them I was working in Peoria and Chicago in Sales and that I'd settled down. I never told them what I really did. I didn't speak to them after. I'm afraid of what they'll say. I am worried about like what happened to Koba so I just burn the bridge and say nothing.

BB:What possessed someone like you, a son of a millinaire? right?

JR: No, my dad made like about a little more than half a million a year. We weren't millionaires. We were very rich.

BB:And why leave that?

JR: Because it seemed like the right thing to do. It is the right thing to do. I mean, I studied business to be like my father and the more and more I looked into it the more  and you find that your lifestyle is at the expense of so many millions of poor starving people including children. The computer you use, the laptop, bluetooth, IPhone, cellphone, TV, the shoes you wear, the car you drive, all this came at the expense of some wage slave in South America and Africa who mined or manufactured your whatever. They make lesss than a dollar a day and its the only work avaliable. They can't change the system neither because our businessman control their government with bribery. In some places they can be killed for just speaking out. Yet were the bad guys.

Koba: Yeah before this interview is over, over 5,000 children many of them babies will be dead from malnutrition, preventable disease, war, pollution, overpopulation whatever. Just now, right now, hundreds of them have already died yet you call us the bad guys.

This is absurd. The truth is many of these governments hold to some kind of socialistic principle that is killing these children. And BTW these same countries have free healthcare. Explain that! 

BB:What about universal healthcare coverage in these countires?

Koba:A joke. The money that should be going to them is being taken by the corrupt fascists in the government. Our country is just like that.

BB: What are your thoughts on Obamacare.

Koba:Its third world care if you want my view. Not enough money goes into it. Its not even really free universal healthcare. Its a mandate!

JR: Yeah! The republicans, love it when they claim its socialist yet they force you to pay for a stupid health plan by a private company run by someone like my dad and then they go on about rationing and death panels. HEY! News flash! If they want you to be forced to pay for it, its not universal healthcare. Its forced capitalism! Newt Gingrich even supported it and so did Mitt Romney.

KOBA:Mitt Romney, yeah, Mitt Romney is a conservative and he supported that crap. He was the one who got that started.

BB:Mitt Romney conservative?

Koba: Yeah!

OH SURE! Newt and Mitt! So was Robert Byrd 20 years ago.

BB: What about orin Hatch?

Betcha you didn't see that one coming!

Koba: I don't know who he is.

BB: Republican senator from Utah.

 Okay so he's a fascist           

BB:What about Senator Susan Collins?

Koba: I think I heard a little about her um... (Looks to Jackrabbit)

JR: Shes right wing. Trust me. People in Maine are rednecks 

OH BOY! Ignorance is bliss! If these brats lived in Maine for about a couple of years they'd be rednecks for sure! They'd be so conservative even Rush Limbaugh would be out of a job.

Koba:Is that right?

JR: Yeah, I read about it. the Klan was big there.


BB: So how would your family react you think Jackrabbit if they found out. 
JR: Probably not good. They'd think I was crazy

 BB: do you see yourself fighting against them in the future?

JR: Yeah. When you become a communist, you have to leave your life behind. There's no room for shirking. There's no tolerance for traitors, sympathizers or sympathy for capitalists. This is what gets us into trouble with western capitalists because during civil wars there were purges and stuff and people dying but you look at these people and the critical time they lived in there was no room for people who showed the slightest sign of disloyalty. My family members are part of the upper class, they run the economy, they are what's wrong. If they come to my side, okay all great but when the revolution starts in this country you're either with us or against us. Those who are not part of the revolution are part of the problem and need to be taken out.

Koba: Its coming, it wont be long. Once the welfare checks stop coming in, once the economy collapses it'll be time to rise up. You'll have the option of working with the enemy or being on our side. It could happen very soon. 

JR: I got no choice. I just don't think about it. I've no regrets. Bunch of rich fat cats living off the backs of the prolitariot. If I have to kill them I'll do it.

BB: Tell me Jackrabbit about your dreams and the revolution that's coming.

JR: It'll be awesome. The revolution is probably going to being one society and it all starts first when the economy collapses. First it'll be the economy that goes then the government wont be able to pay its workers, the power, water food and everything will end, no more welfare, no more jobs, no police, no fire no more anything. Well there will be police but they'll be looking after themselves and whoever pays them like the bosses And you know how it is, the people are gonna be hungry, sick, scared, they're gonna get pissed and rise up. Its gonna be like Louisiana hurricane Katrina, its gonna be like looting stealing killing, then martial law is gonna be declared and then its time to choose sides.

BB: what sides?

JR: Those who either they'll join the revolution come under our banner and fight or those who are with the capitalists, they'll fight on their side against us. I can tell you that were the ones who will win.

BB: But how will you do that with so many Americans owning firearms and our massive military.

JR: by this time most of the people will be disarmed except those who work for the establishment. As for the military, most of them are made up of disolutioned workers. Ever notice how army recruiters never go to rich neighborhoods? They always recruit from poor whites and even poorer minorities. Behind every gun is a worker at heart. We expect most of the military to mutiny eventually and join us. The rest will run with their tail between their legs. They have nothing to fight for. Once they see that America is the racist and unjust dictatorship it really is see, they wont have the heart to fight.  They'll be looking for a way out. Most will come to our banner. The few well be fighting are those with no heart or stomach who we can finish and others a few sycophants for the bosses. They'll eventually be weeded out.

BB: How long do expect to fight? What guarantee do you have that you'll win?

JR: I don't know. In Vietnam they fought for almost a century! First it was the French, then the American puppet government, then the Americans themselves. Look they fought for a century and the only time it wasn't the french or the Americans it was the Japanese. World War 2 interrupted the fighting for awhile, everyone fought the Japanese and then they were back to fighting each other.

BB:Are you willing to go through all that? Sacrifice to the last man? I remember hearing that they were willing to have 10 men die to kill One GI. Would you do the same?

JR:Definitely. Real communists are determined to win. Our Latino Comrades for existence have put up with it for decades and when the government collapses and the regime is exposed for what it is, well do all we can. Our commrades in the Chicano movement have native ancestors fighting this crap for centuries. We've fought the yankees for over a century. They haven't let up. Communism and the struggle of the workers have made  us stronger. There is no doubt we can do better and we will win in the end.

BB: Sure about that?

KOBA: Look, this land has been colonized for centuries. The native people and Chicano peoples, they've held out longer than we have. We may lose most of the battles but in the end we are gonna win the war. We'll keep on coming. If we should fall, we'll need to make sure that our end is glorious and an example to future generations if need be.

BB: What about Americans with guns? Are you sure that the revolution will happen after citizens are disarmed?

KOBA: Glad you asked. Anyways That's irrelevant. In the event of a collapse most of them will willingly give up their guns to be safe and be left alone by government. Even if that weren't the case, we'd still be able to defeat them even with all the rhetoric about so called free people like the wolverines or militias, these guys are either amateurs who can't shoot to survive or old veterans who no longer have the vigor to stand up. I'm not worried. We can overrun them, they wont last.

JR: YEAH and you know what? I've read about this, the experts all agree that the scenario in wolverines in Red Dawn is not possible. I mean high school kids with rifles running through the woods of Colorado winning all these battles, its not realistic. They would've been wiped out.

KOBA: Yeah, if the Special forces didn't get them all, the helicopters would've. Those Mi-24 Hinds, they'd mulch them down like they did in Afghanistan. Charlton Heston and his friends can whine all they want but in the end we'll take his gun from his cold dead hands and bury the NRA. And at the end they'll remember how stupid these people are.

JR: The scenarios played out by the army show that militias with citizens would not be able to take the place of a professional army. At best they'd be for recon duty instead of combat. If Red Dawn were to happen all the fighting would be left to the pros.

Koba if WW3 did happen it would all be in Europe and the north Atlantic. North America would join us voluntarily once the workers woke up and throw off the capitalist yoke. I'm surprised it didn't happen under Reagan.

BB: But what if they resist? The American people aren't very keen on communism. Even those who are somewhat liberal wouldn't like to be on your side.

KOBA: When the revolution begins I guarantee you most of them will have their eyes opened. The ones who still wont are sycophants who are on the payrolls of the bosses. They must die.

BB: When you complete your revolution what happens then? How will you rebuild America?

Koba: Rebuilding will be done I believe the same way Stalin rebuilt Eastern Europe after being liberated from the Nazis. First, all resistors will be executed or deported. Second, all remaining property is to be redistributed to the needs of the community, third, well create new jobs rebuild infrastructure, provide housing ETC. it'll take time, hard work, we wont have much to eat but we'll make America better than it was in the old world.

BB: What do you mean old world?

Koba: I mean that we are gonna plan a new world out of the ashes of the old. We are gonna take over and make the place brand new again. Once America has collapsed the workers of the world will then be free to overthrow the capitalist dominated governments and replace them with governments run by worker collectives. During the revolution, the American imperialists will no longer be able to run their puppet regimes in Africa and South America.  They must bring their resources and military to North America protect their interests. Our comrades will overthrow the colonial outposts and help us in the final overthrow of the capitalist controlled regime in the United States.

JR: America can't hold out very long. No matter what we will win. We will take over America and the world.

BB: New world order as it were.

Koba: Indeed!

JR: Yeah I can't wait.

BB: Jackrabbit you mentioned you wanted to kill Alex Jones is that right?

JR: Yes

BB: Why do you want to kill him? What about someone more popular like say Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Jeff Kuhner, Michael Savage or Laura Ingraham?

JR: Because to me, Alex Jones represents everything evil about America. See, I am unapologizingly a supporter of the New World order. I am the new world order. I despise Alex Jones because he is the antithesis of everything I believe in. Alex Jones believes in a world where essentially the people with the most money, the whitest skin, who own the most should be in power. He talks about freedom and liberty like all the stupid conservatives but I ask you what freedom? He wants to silence homosexuals, he wants to outlaw abortion so women have to turn to coat hangers, he works and runs his mouth on behalf of wall street, the banksters and Israel. He goes nuts on radio and in public because the public love it. He's in your face and confrontational. I absolutely hate this guys guts. He is mentally ill and he spreads it like to all the working masses who are misinformed or uninformed. He is the voice of prepers, gun owners, militia nuts, so called pro-lifers ETC. He doesn't deserve to live and I believe that there is some divine force out there that is loyal to our cause that has put me on the earth for some reason and I think it is to make an example of this fat stupid lunatic who raves and lies about us on our public airwaves, spreading racism, fascism, infecting young minds to be traitors to the people and to be white christian gun totting fascists.

BB Truly you believe this?

JR: Its possible. I just... I mean, inside of me want to destroy this big lugoon this five hundred pound gorilla. If I could I'd just paste the side walk with his brains and guts. I'd like to go to to Austin and if I had the chance I'd take a big gun to his temple and BLAM! No more racist luggoon talking trash on public airwaves.

BB: Your thoughts on this Koba?

Koba: (laughs) I think Jackrabbit is exaggerating the problem. I mean seriously? Alex Jones is mentally ill. I think he's even been institutionalized for his antics before. Alex Jones doesn't really pose a threat to our movement and I hate to say it but if you really think he's a problem comrade, you may want to get your head examined too. Nothing personal but to revolve your whole life on this fantasy of wanting to gun down a crazy right wing radio host doesn't have any benefit to the revolution. But hey! Go for it! Just make sure it doesn't backfire and he becomes a martyr.

JR: It wont. I just like to.

Koba: Well we don't need to. Talk radio hosts like Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and so on, I want them to run their mouths. I want them to preach. Every time their mouth opens up it helps us and people can see and hear for themselves these people are evil. Alex Jones does a lot of good for us when he acts up and goes fruit-loops on radio. In the end we'll get him. Don't worry.

BB: Did you ever try to kill him?

JR: Yes. On two occasions. I'd rather not talk about it because there's been some talk about it on radio and I don't want to make any leading statements but I just want to say that yes, I tried to get him. The first time I couldn't get close enough the second, the fuzz were everywhere I think though they wanted to go after Alex Jones and arrest him cause he was acting out but then again maybe they got a tip off and were protecting him but I really didn't want to take a chance. I think they might be protecting him now so I left. Its okay.

Koba: The police protect him now because he supports Trump and Trump supports the authority. Plus as crazy Alex Jones is they need him.

BB: I remember listening to Alex Jones and there was a video sent to him actually it was an audio recording... It said that it was the new world order and that it was angry that they saw Alex Jones as a threat and they were coming after him. Be honest Jack Rabbit, did you record that?

JR: No I didn't even know about this. I wish I did now.

Koba: Oh come on... That wasn't the new world order. Its either Alex playing games or its a hoax from one of his fans. Like entire world, come on! I mean... One lunatic in his basment and a stupid radio show shouting on the air is gonna affect the operations of a one world think tank that works behind the scenes. If that were the case, they wouldn't send him a stupid recording, they'd waste him. Either that or they'd frame him for a crime to discredit him and his followers. But one or the other

BB: JackRabbit you believe a divine spirit would like for you to kill Alex?

JR: Maybe. Could be the force of the universe or something.

BB: Well I'd like to ask what your thoughts are of Religion and God and if you have any spiritual or religious beliefs now or in the past. Jack Rabbit I'll start with you.

JR: I am more into eastern religion and mysticism. When I was studying about the revolution in Vietnam I learned that the Viet Cong weren't all atheists I mean non-religious, many of them were Buddhists or part of eastern mysticism. Its just that it sounds like atheism but its different. See I don't believe in the existence of a personal God like Christians Jews and Muslims, I believe in oneness in spiritual forces at work. There's no such thing as a big God or Big Deity. Buddhism and eastern thoughts are very compatible to communism which is why it is very easy to bring communism and teach it in Asia. The western Capitalists on the other hand didn't like that very much so they had a Roman Catholic made dictator of South Vietnam, Diem and he tried to force everyone to become Catholic Christians at gun point. It didn't work and it just made the government less popular since Catholics were a minority. A lot of the people who ran South Vietnam were Christians and were kleptocrats who robbed everyone.

This isn't necessarily true. Buddhists and other people of eastern thought incorporate theistic beliefs of a supreme being. Although Buddhism in its classic form denied any kind of god, subsequent sects have incorporated the worship of one or more deities.

Also, history is not on Jack rabbit's side. When Mao Tse Tung and the communists took over China, Buddhists and Buddhist clergy were the first to suffer. when China invaded Tibet, thousands of Buddhist monasteries were destroyed and thousands of Buddhists were murdered.

As for South Vietnam, many of the communists either embraced or despised Buddhism. Ngo Dinh Diem, president of the Republic of South Vietnam was a Catholic who gave preferential treatment to Catholics but allegations that he forced villages to convert or be baptized or other stories of pagodas and ancestral altars being destroyed are exaggerations by the communists.

It should be noted that Diem's vice president and eventual successor was a Buddhist. Diem's cabinet had 5 Confucians and 8 Buddhists and 5 Roman Catholics. Only one thing is correct, Diem and all those who succeeded him were Kleptocratic and corrupt. This includes those who were Buddhist. One of the main reasons for the failure of the Vietnam war was that the government of South Vietnam was never stabilized as a working Democratic state and the nation soon fell to Communism.

Koba: I'm an agnostic. I think there's two possibilities. One, there is a god and he doesn't give a s**t what happens to us and two, there is no god and we gotta work alone. See, in Communism by default were atheist and agnostic as in birth but we don't really care as long as religion is conformed to communism and that the churches and so on submit the people and the party there is no problem. You can have whatever beliefs you want as long as their private and as long as you don't undermine the goals of communism and the communist party. I used to be Christian and now and again we'd go to church but my dad told me one time in private that religion is for suckers and that its just a game but don't go around saying it. My dad taught me to not listen to religion. Just use it. he told me that everyone knows its fake but no one says it and that only people who are very stupid would believe what the bible and God says. Like my mom. But I think She just clung to him because she needed financial security which also shows me why family and capitalism is stupid. Also I tested God many times. Prayers never get answered, people are dying in the world and nothing good ever happens whenever religious people are in control like in the south, so yeah I know I got it right. Jack Rabbit, I don't understand any of what he believes in. Eastern stuff is too strange but I don't care so I ignore it.

BB: But let me ask you gentlemen, what will happen after you die? What do you both think?

Jackrabbit: I guess I'll come back as a well... I don't know. I know that whatever happens will depend on how much I can do while on earth. The struggle I belong to is a good cause and I know that by freeing the workers and forsaking all that unbelievable wealth I could've had by now I am gonna be well rewarded. I don't know if I'm gonna come back as someone important or something but I know I got it good.

Koba: I don't know. I don't really think about it.

BB: Suppose your wrong and the bible is real some would ask.

JR: That's impossible. The bible isn't real. i mean Koba used to be a Christian he knows.

Koba: If it is real then God is a bigger A** H*** than I thought. So lets get this straight here. Rush Limbaugh, Christian, during Christmas says that homeless people should either die or be locked up. This guy gets to go to heaven? Bill O'reilly is a Christian and a war monger. He supported the Iraq war, he said that all the opponents of the war crimes commited  by Bush were anti-capitalists, anti-american, traitors, Marxists just anything negative. If anything I felt better about being a marxist and hate this place even more. Years later he calls homeless veterans who have PTSD bums drug addicts and mentally ill. Thanks GI Joe for getting your legs blown off for the one percent, now go get a job you mentally ill drug addicted bum! I mean really? Christianity is real? That's insane.

JR: Christianity, Judaism and Islam have done more evil than anything and anyone in the world and yet were the bad guys go figure!

Koba: yeah and I don't remember right now if I shared this with you or not, but while we've been talking about Jeebus and Moo ham head! 

JR: Heh!

Koba: While, we've... listen! LISTEN! thousands of children in poor countries just died. How many prayers went unanswered just now? Face it! It doesn't work! God doesn't exist or he doesn't give a S**t! Deal with it. If he does then he's more evil than I thought.

JR: yeah its like a cartoon universe stewie and Brian family guy were in remember? Its stupid. Up is down down is up and God loves you so much he'll let you die of hunger and send you to hell.

KOBA: We are in hell. Moot point guys. Don't worry.

After several more minutes of jokes and blasphemy the interview continues...

BB So you're not a fan of Judaism and Islam neither?

Koba: No were against religion mainly when it conflicts

JR: Organized religion is all about control man. Its mind control its just rich people...

Koba: ...Rich people in suits telling you to give up the good life, live in a hovel and submit to an old bearded white dictator.

JR: If God says I'm a sinner tell me in person

BB: What about jews?

Koba: I got nothing Against them. Again, we don't care what you believe as long as you don't get in the way of the people and the party.

BB: But awhile ago you expressed deep disdain for Judaism

Koba: Yeah its the root of the stupid religions in the west that have perpetuated capitalism.

JR: Yeah and Israel, Israel is murdering palestinians in the name of Judaism. We don't need it.

BB: Islam and Muslims?

Koba: Same thing

JR: A Muslim is just a rabbi or a preacher with a diaper on his head

Koba: Heh! Yeah! Bunch of terrorist mass murderers and wife beaters.

BB: You don't like Muslims.

Koba: No!

JR: No! We don't hate Muslims we just hate islamic terrorism! No!

Koba: ...NO! We don't hate them anymore than we hate people who are Christian Jewish Buddhist Hindu Zorastrian or whatever. Our problem is the beliefs and the people who take them seriously like flying planes into buildings.

BB: So why are people who criticize Muslims and Islamic beliefs racist?

Koba: Why? Because they are!

JR: -They are racist. They attack Muslims because they're not white, they're not Christian its not- It has...

Koba: It doesn't have anything to do with terrorism. Look! Christians in this country have commited worse things than 9/11! Worse! They murdered and genocided 99 million native Americans! The ones that lived had their culture taken from them and were forced  to live in nasty reservations with little or nothing to eat! Abortion clinics being bombed, the KKK they were Christians and they committed horrible terrorist acts worse than any Muslim could dream of. The only reason they did, I mean hate them is because they have brown skin, they aren't Christian and they aren't American. That's all. 9/11 is just an excuse to hate them.

JR: Yeah I want to also mention that I went to a website about Islam made by a Christian before 9/11 and all he did was attack Islam as devil worshipers ETC and do you know why? Not because of terrorism, not because of treatmen of women but because they were dilluting the number of Christians in Europe and America and they were going  to dechristianize the nation. That's all. That's why Christians he says need to kill Muslim cause they're basically doing what missionaries in Africa and Asia are doing. 

Koba: Who was he?

JR: I don't remember it was just some hick. I don't even think the website is up anymore.

Koba: 19 Muslims killed all those people. Just 19 out of a billion people. Meanwhile the Christians are supporting the capitalist war machine and all this greed that is killing more than that  everyday! That alone shows Christianity isn't worth having. That these right wingers would stand up for CEOS and dictators like Pinochet, Franco or that one guy in Guatemala who was friends with Pat Robertson or Charles Taylor or Ronald Reagan proves that Christianity isn't worth it.

JR: Well I thought Jesus condemned capitalism. I mean a lot of the new testament sounds marxist but most Christians they're capitalists

Koba: Christianity is hypocrisy and is backwards. Trust me I was raised a Christian and it was hypocrisy left right. Jesus talks about feeding the poor being fair and so on but then you get to the part about God should help those only who help themselves. They do too.

BB: Was  your church would you say conservative?

Koba: We were southern baptists. Yeah it was. Mostly if we did go the pastor talked about the bible but on few occasions said things like that Bush should  blow up the whole mid-east.

BB:Jack Rabbit did you go to church?

JR: No, my family was not religious. The only time as a child I recall going to church was for funerals or weddings.

BB: You were mentioning that professional armies would fight during war instead of militias but what will you have to fight against the US military if revolution does happen I mean when it happens.

Koba: Oh it will. At first it'll be small lightning raids but soon we'll have pros on our side. We expect the army to mutiny and join us, we'll also be having veterans on our side who can train us to be soldiers. I myself read combat manuals at the library and Sun Tzu. It'll be an uphill struggle but in the end we will come out on top.

BB: You really think you can defeat the greatest nation in history in an armed rebellion with mostly inexperienced amateurs some with no training and with what little you have?

Koba: Yes. And let me explain it to you in more detail... Okay. You have the USA right? The United States controls the world. It is dominant it has the biggest military, biggest wealth, it controls nearly all the worlds markets in some capacity. The US owns the third world, the third world gives it its resources, labor through outsourcing of jobs to these countries, banking, loaning money and they control the third world either through loans and extortion or through military dictatorships.

JR: Puppet regimes

Koba: Yeah! Exactly! just like the Romans. In fact American capitalism is just modeled after the Roman tribute system. They kept exploiting and taking until the masses rose up and said enough is enough! The so called celts, the barbarian tribes they learned from the Romans, emulated them and then decided once they'd weaken themselves to throw them off their backs. When the Romans first took over, see, it was a couple thousand soldiers with swords and armor vs naked barbarians who'd march ten thousand of their men in a massive charge with their wives and children on a nearby hill watching. They'd get killed, the Romans had technical advantage and they used tactics. The ending was the same, they'd get wiped out and the women and children became their slaves. The chieftain's son or brother took over and became the puppet for the emperor Augustus. They had to pay tribute or get killed. They also had to have their son as their hostage. Later on... now get this, later on, the barbarian subjects became assimilated by the Romans, learned Roman ways, Roman custom and Roman battle tactics. Then its no longer a bunch of barbarians with nothing on and clubs they faced armored, sword wielding warriors, many with formal military training. Its no longer the same. By this time Rome was old and rotten with corruption and they were spending all their money on protecting their backsides and on themselves that they didn't have enough money to have a fully funded army, many of who's recruits came from the barbarians. They went downhill fast and they collapsed.

JR: Whatabout eastern Rome? Byzantine

Koba: Well they lasted longer but they still had to pay tribute to barbarians like the Bulgarians and the Lombards and then the Saracens came and almost took them over were it not for things like the crusades. And America is in the same predicament. Over 200 years, the western imperialists took over and exploited lands by so called savages armed with spears and bows and arrows with rifles. They took over, forced their ways on them then they taught them to be westerners. Then they came and threw them out and they couldn't hold on to their countries anymore so they had to bribe dictators who the people would at least tolerate in some way.

BB: What are you trying to say.

Koba: What I'm saying, is history is gonna repeat itself but the revolution is gonna start in America. The US will have to focus its resources on controlling the homeland instead of the third world, our comrades in the third world throw off their rulers, join us and together we defeat the Americans. Its already happening! We got people from Cuba, Angola, Latin America on our side. All we have to do is wait and while we wait we stand up to the capitalists, agitate, recruit and do what we can to undermine the system as it slowly gives way.

JR: America has over 20 trillion dollars in debt, its jobs are all gone, everyones being laid off the only people working are so called undocumented immigrants fast food workers and a few other people. It wont be long before we start and by this time they'll have had it.

BB: And then its all sunshine and roses, come the revolution the world will have peace and harmony and nothing but peaches and cream. Yes?

Koba: In abstract I guess. It wont happen right away but after a generation when we rebuild and wipe out the last remaining reactionary pockets of resistance yes. We will have achieved a workers utopia.

BB: Well history it looks like doesn't like you guys I mean, I see that Russia, China, Venezuela, Angola ETC. either they've collapsed or are on the verge of holy s**t. 

Jr: Because it isn't true communism

It never is isn't it commrade?

BB: no?

Koba: No. Those countries are not communist. I mean Angola? Really? They are bought off by big oil! Russia, China ETC. they were run by Kleptocrats, North Korea is a dictatorship run by a personality cult rather than communism. No real communist country could be like that. In order for true communism to succeed it has to be global. The revolution must be a global revolution.

JR: Yeah no matter what you'll never be able to have an independent communist country with all the other countries capitalist and with a world economy that's capitalist.

Koba: That brings me to Venezuela. Actually North Korea is a better example. How are people supposed to be taken care of on a sliver of land that doesn't have enough resources and arable land? YOU CANT!

JR: No, you can't. Yeah and, and... hear me out, this whole concept of borders and countries Its nothing but an artificial construct. Borders, nations and cultures really are a capitalist concept and an anti-socialist, anti-commuunist concept. Its all about control and...

Koba: Its control designed to control and hurt the workers.

JR: Yeah comrade. The purpose of borders, national identity like religion is to control the people and enslave them to the bosses. Its designed to contain and captivate resources and workers. Take Mexico for instance, they don't want them coming over here to get a better life than they have now and they know that they'll unite with the workers here and topple the system so they have borders, border walls, border fences to keep them in Mexico so they are enslaved and controlled. The ones here illegally quote unquote, they can't get benefits in most places and they have to work for almost nothing.

Koba: The capitalists meanwhile can travel as they please to do their business but the workers in these countries can't move freely in their native land sometimes not even beyond their villages because they don't want them to unite with other workers against the bosses. Then they tell you they're inferior, they're stealing jobs, they're behind wages being stagnant, I mean listen for a moment!! LISTEN! Stealing jobs??? I mean seriously? You want their jobs!? You want to work at McDonalds for one dollar fifty an hour? You want to mow lawns for fifty cents?

JR: I heard they work for less than that at McDonalds like one dollar a day!

Koba: Most of them do comrade!

JR: If they're not gonna hire an American for a living wage, what makes you think they will when they're gone? 

Koba:Oh yeah!

JR Suppose you deport all the illegal aliens so called? Then what? They're never gonna hire you for a living wage unless they have to. 

Koba: And they'll cheat.

JR: The only reason were living better than our ancestors a hundred years ago is because of marxism, because of unions, welfare, free healthcare etc and all this stemmed from revolutionary doctrine.

BB: So why isn't it working out or should I ask why is there no true communism?

Koba: Because its compromises by the capitalists is why. Karl Marx even predicted this would happen. The capitalists in the richer countries would make compromises to appease the workers in this country and pacify them and get them to be thankful for what they have instead of taking risks and rising up while in the poorer countries where they do business they can continue to exploit the poor there and if they speak out use the military to put them down.

Jr: Its a start but in order for everything to work out we need to throw out the bosses and we need to take over the system. the workers must control everything from the executive to the floor. The means of production, the economy all must be decided by the workers in a fair democratic system under an economic collective.

Koba: And that...

JR: Its not gonna be like Russia and China, its not gonna be like North Korea, its gonna be a workers paradise.

Koba: That... That there is the struggle of the workers. The proletariot. One day, its gonna happen. Its not if but when and the capitalists know this and are scared. That's why they're instituting all this fascist crap to undermine civil libarties because the system is buckling. Leon Trotsky stated that the sign of a collapsing system is the use of fascism. They're trying to stir up unemployed workers to go against their interests in attacking occupy wall street, attacking liberals and instituting a totalitarian government. They are doing this to delay the inevitable and enjoy their unbelievable and disgustingly rich lifestyle for as long as they can before they get clobbered.

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