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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Coffee with communists part 3

BB: Okay, I want come back to this political discussion later on, but let me ask about your movement Anti-racist action Chicago South side and about what's going on? And I want to ask about The Ashford house in Tinley park, Trump riots and so on.

Koba: Okay Yeah.

JR: Sure what?

BB: Um... How, did you get involved with ARA?

Koba: Well, I got involved while in Minnesota in Minneapolis I think it was. I was at a gathering for youth communists and they were handing out flyers about confronting Nazis and about anti-racist action Antifa, I think this was around 08 or 09 and they were gonna confront Nazis having a meeting up in St Cloud Minnesota. It was real cold and there wasn't any fights but the police arrested a couple of people. I investigated and spoke to people and I really like what I read about and I read about the Toledo riots back in 05. I really wanted to be involved with them and I wanted to beat the S**t out of these nazis. I like a good fight now and again.

BB: When was your first big fight with them?

Koba: It was in Terra Haute Indiana, the racists were holding a march and we followed them and I walked up with a bottle and smashed one in the head. I got arrested. By the way, none of the nazis got arrested only those in anti-racist action were arrested. I got a plea deal, 500 hours community service and a suspended jail sentence. I also did some fighting in Martinsville Indiana, in Santa Barbara California, Oakland, um... A few other places. Peoria, Chicago, don't remember all of them.

Jr:I got involved in university. It was right from the get go, my first action was Madison Wisconsin fighting the tea party and I went up against the nazis in Orange county California. I'm not as good a fighter as Koba is but when were together we may not look it but when we get together, were a nazi's worst nightmare.

Koba: Yeah he did a good job at times.

BB: When did you two meet?

Koba: We met in Chicago and later we would hang out in San Francisco, in LA, sometimes we part ways for the winter, JR like to go to Austin Texas and some of the places in the south, me? I have had it with middle America and the Bible belt.  I can't stand it. I grew up in that place and it sucked!

BB; That bad?

Koba: Every town I lived in when I was growing up before I ran away had either less than a thousand people living in it or at the most, three or four thousand people. Everyone a bunch of drunken hillbilly redneck racist podunk white trash. The black folks if there were black people living there were all uncle Toms, there is nothing to do there. Nothing except drink or watch TV.

 Jr: What about sex? Any of that?

Koba: No. OH NO! NO! God! Ugh! If you saw the women there you'd run for... Listen! These places are terrible. No one wants to live there. When people grow up they all move out and leave. The women that are still there are disgusting! YUCK! I'd rather have sex with the livestock at one of the farms before even talking to these nasty fat pieces of nasty nasty...

JR: [laughs]

Koba: Its bad. Real bad. Nothing to do but drink, fight and watch TV. That and go to church. I will never go there unless it's important business. Jack Rabbit can keep Texas and Louisiana. I want the city and the left coast.

BB: Jack rabbit you said you like women and sex right?

JR: yeah I do. I am omniverous. Doesn't matter whether its a man or woman, as long as their hot I'll F**k em! I prefer women but I like handsome men!

BB: Your bisexual?

JR: Yes. I found out when I was a teenager. I kept it secret never talked about it. I used to draw on my computer with Photoshop erotic scenes with men and women but I kept in under tabs. I didn't come out until I was in University. By then I'd had my share of conquests in both genders.

BB: What kind of men or women do you like?

JR: My favorite are Mexican women. I also like Filipinos. 

Koba: Oh you like Pinays? 

JR: Actually I prefer Filipino men.

KOBA: [head down laughing]

BB: Really?

JR: See, when I was 13 I was visiting my cousin and his family in West LA and they had a Nanny and servant who was Mexican. DAMN! She was hot! Its better than those Miss Universe contests! She also  was an excellent cook. Since then, I've loved mexican and Caribbean cuisine, I've loved Mexican women. Filipino men are the closest thing there is.

Koba: This is what I love about gay people man! They have this take on life that I never could understand completely but its awesome!

BB: Lets talk about ARA south side. How many people in it that are white or black?

Koba: The vast majority are black but there are white folks like us.

BB: How do people react to that? I mean white people in Chicago's south side?

Koba: there are white people there in some decent neighborhoods but the area we live in is not as good.

BB: Any conflict?

JR: Well sometimes they have a grudge against us and they think were trouble makers. The ones you gotta watch out for are the ones who are conservative and hold nationalistic views. They vote like white people and act like white people and their all, wasup white boy! What you doin in my side of the hood! Most just are worried that were out to take over. Were not, were just homeless white folks fighting on their behalf.

Koba: Its not like you think, people there aren't gonna smash you for being white but there are issues, some black people there have been persecuted by whites and hold a grudge against you. Others don't like people outside their neighborhood and then there are the gangs. You just have to follow good street smarts and you'll be alright.

JR: The real prblem is the gang wars. When there's a rumble in the jungle and pistols are popping that's when you need to hit the deck.

Koba: that's the problem. Guns.

BB: Are there any gangmembers in ARA south side?

Koba: A couple I think. they got no choice, they got children they need to help them and they are putting their lives on the line. Outsiders, they think that people like that are criminals low lives and thugs but to me, to be willing to risk your life and sell drugs, go to war and risk death or incarceration just to help your son or daughter have a shot at a better life is noble and courageous I think. And its just racism and blind ignorance I think.

JR: Its mostly ignorance. Growing up in my insulated wealthy household, we were told by the man that people do that because they are too lazy to get a job but the reality is they can't get a job!  Black people in South side are the last ones hired, first to be put out, they can't get a loan to start a business, there's no food, there's no hope. 

Koba: Crime is the failure of capitalism. That we are willing to peddle poison, turn on our fellow workers and kill for the highest bidder just to live one more day is a travesty. Its proof to me that capitalism is a failure.

JR: Yeah but were told that the solution is more guns and more capitalism and that if we just take all these poor people who are out of work and marginilize them more and more things will get better. It doesn't work and never has.

BB: I have heard it said that you are a street gang. Council of conservative citizens for instance calls you a Marxist street gang in Chicago one of the most lethal.

Koba: I wouldn't say were a street gang but yeah if you want we'll call it that.

JR: Street gang! HA! We aint a gang but if that's how they want to play it that's how we roll with it! Were an organization of civil rights activists and we defend our community by going where there are racists and give them the warm welcome they deserve.

BB: Does your organization peddle drugs? How does it get money?

Jr: We get our money from each other. Sometimes people donate money, some gang bangers in our group they tend to be the biggest donors.

 Koba: Most of our money and most of the support base comes from within the group. Like we were saying we aren't really a street gang but we have people in gangs or who have relatives in them that contribute but for the most part its every man for himself. The money we get from work, welfare, SSI and so on is what goes into the group. Most of this is for legal fees.

BB: what about say murder, death, have you had to kill people in the organization? Has ARA south side taken part in drive by shootings? Assassinations? Hits? acts that would maybe considered terrorism? I'm not talking about what happened at the Ashford House at Tinley Park neither, I'm talking about some really violent really crazy stuff.

Koba and Jack Rabbit looked at each other. I assured them that they would be paid, showed them the money I had in a vanilla envelope in my jacket pocket and assured them of their confidence.

JR: You do know sir that we could get into some serious S**T if we reveal this to you and people find out.

BB: No one will know its you.  

Koba: If we give this to you, are you going to use it against ARA and against other revolutionaries like us?

BB: I can't imagine how I'll do it. I mean if I wanted to really malign you guys I'd just make something up, say things like that you worked with Islamic jihadists, Hamas, Hezbollah, I could just say that you tried to bomb the Sears Tower and make up names from criminal databases with help from the Chicago Police Department.

JR: Were worried you might

Koba: The problem isn't that. I don't really give a F**K if someone does do that. I'd say let them, more power to us! Go ahead make S**t up about us. What I am worried about and were all worried about is getting caught snitching. Where we're from snitches don't just get stitches, they get wasted and not in a good way too. I don't want to reveal names that could cause CPD to come down on us and arrest everyone know what I'm saying?

BB: They wont. Just make up names, say he did she did he said she said.

JR:  They could still find out. Chicago PD practice torture and intimidation tactics that are considered legal in Illinois. Some cop gets a sniff of this, decides to arrest people like us and torture them to give names a lot of bad stuff could happen.

BB: I doubt it. Given the violent and brutal history of CPD, they'd more likely come down right now just for what you did at Ashford house. They're not going to draw more bad publicity to themselves like they already have.

Koba: Okay... but you know mums the word and we could waste you for what its worth.  

BB: I know. Just tell me what you feel comfortable about don't name names.

Koba: [rubs eyes] Anyway... How about getting us more coffee and snacks at the food court?

BB: Sure...

After buying more food and coffee for Koba and Jack Rabbit they calmed down and spilled their guts. There wasnt' much that no one didn't know already...

Koba: ARA South side isn't really a gang but we like to give that impression to the racists. White supremacists wont dare go down to South side to start trouble but a lot of residents who work have to work in the loop downtown or in white areas doing whatever menial job is needed, cleaning, cooking, waiting tables and so on and white folks like to prey on them and rob them, rape them even kill them. The KKKcops wont do a thing about it neither. That's one of the reasons we got started to protect brothers and sisters who struggle to care for their families. When that S**t happens, people like me and Jack Rabbit go to work.

BB: In what way?

JR: Payback!

BB: Like what?

Koba: Okay, Tinley Park do you know about Tinley Park?

BB: I confess I'm not familiar with Chicago.

Koba: Okay... Are you familiar with Orange County California?

BB: Not quite... I've been there.

Koba: Well Orange county is one of the most racist and conservative parts of America. Everyday there's a hate crime, the city of Orange actually paid real estate developers to keep out minorities and the poor. I've been there and seen what goes on. Its hell.

BB: And Tinley Park is a racist neighborhood.

JR: Big time! The whole place is white white white! They want to keep it that way.

Koba: The only black folks there are slave wage earners. They come from south side to work there and they're treated like crap. There was this black woman from out of state who was going to do some shopping at Lane Bryant the manager refused to let her buy there because she was black. Told her to leave. When she got mad and argued with the manager another man grabbed her, assaulted her and threw her out and called her the n-word and told her never to come back.

BB: Is that right? She didn't call the police?

Koba: She tried to but she didn't have a cell phone and when she went to the stores to call the police they refused to help her and threw her out. Eventually a security guard came and told her that nothing was going to be done and that she was ordered to leave or she would be arrested. The police later showed up and did an investigation but no one wanted to help her all because she was black. They couldn't find the man. They wouldn't do anything.

BB: So you did something?

Jr: We did or at least one of our members did. He got fed up and went over and wasted everyone in the store, the customers, the manager, the clerk, all racist Pieces of S**t who had it coming.

BB: What happened then?

Koba: Sureprisingly no one did a thing when this woman was beat up but when a big black guy pays back the favor to a store run by white supremacist white trash everyone was up in arms. Even President Obama was upset! He said it on the news!

BB: The shooter ever get caught

Koba: No he took off. I think Jack Rabbit knew him? Comrade?

JR: Yeah. I don't remember his name but he took off after it went down. I never saw him again after that. All I have to say is thank you and well done!

 BB: Anything else you've done? Like have you two killed people or done anything like this?

Koba: We prefer not to say but yes. I have murdered people and everyone of them got what they deserved

BB: What kind of other crimes have ARA committed?

Koba: We did quite a lot actually. Shootings, arson and so on.

BB: Can you give me another like say an arson

JR: Um... 

Koba:I got a better idea, Ashford House.

BB:Okay Tell me about the fight that went down at the Ashford house restaurant. How did that go? Why? And were you two involved

Koba: Yes we were. Were proud of it and were not sorry. I wont go into the details but these racists were having a get together a meet and greet so called meeting they were gonna talk about stuff and a lot of them are nazis.

JR: Yeah they're mostly Stormfront KKK and a bunch of other s**t.

BB: European Heretige association I believe they were called? Why is it racist to talk about your origins?

Koba: Its not! We're not talking about Italians at olive garden talking about Grandma going through ellis island or reminiscing about the old country, were talking about white supremacists bragging how they're better than everyone just because they are white and come from a continent that caused more murders and more crimes than any other in history!

JR: They are elitist and they are counter-revolutionary. That alone is enough to warrant what we did to them. We decided to meet and greet so to speak with our fists.

BB: What was that like

KOBA: I wont go into it. Just that it didn't last long, we smashed some people up, smashed up tables and ran around beating the s**t out of the racists. We then ran for it before the cops showed up. That's all.

BB: You got away?

Koba: Most of us. I mean it was wild. We threw off our hoodies we were wearing I... [snickers] I had fifty dollars I forgot about for a few days and it was gone. I threw it out by mistake. I was gonna use it for booze later on to celebrate but I mean the police were hot on our heels and I was scared they'd get us and I'd end up in Cook county jail and the Nazis would pay me back.

BB: You're proud of this?

Koba: Yeah we are

JR: Absolutely! We'd do it again if the opportunity arose. The racists know that the next time they have their meet and greet they'd better not be anywhere the ARA can get them. They know better than to mess with us, they learned their lesson.

BB: Can you tell me what other capers you've undertaken, you mentioned killing, arson ETC. what are your targets?

Koba: Yeah we kill people and we do whatever. Call it whatever you want, crime, caper, terrorism, murder, we don't care.

BB: Who do you go after?

JR: Racists mainly but we also go after anyone against our revolution and anyone who stands against us, tea party, republicans, capitalists, veterans, lately we've been active in targeting vets. I love to watch them die.

BB: You go around killing veterans?

Koba: Absolutely!

BB: I thought you said there were vets on your side or would join you?

Koba: Only those who renounce capitalism and fight on our side. There are plenty of vets from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan ETC who we work with. I had lunch with a black brother who was in Nam, told me how they fraged their commanding officer after he was raping children in a village. Told me how soldiers would shoot at villagers that they thought they were protecting.

JR: There are exceptions. That and world war 2 vets, they were on our side but Veterans of Korea, Nam, Iraq, Grenada, if they fought against communists, if they participated in American criminal wars like the Balklands, so called war on terrorism-

KOBA: War to pracitce terrorism you mean,

JR: Yeah, these vets who defend an oppressive government and a nation founded on white supremacy, they are our biggest enemies and lately they have become our biggest targets.

Koba: So you see, if you're a vet, if you aren't with us, you're against us and you're a bigger threat than those stupid rednecks we beat up in the Ashford house. We'll kill you.

BB: Why is ARA targeting vets? I haven't seen that on your websites anything about that.

Koba: For good reason. We don't want  to let it be known that were gunning for veterans who haven't renounced fascist American and work for us. They'd think were after all servicemen, the GOP and the fascists would use corporate media to smear us and get servicemen and women to not join us. It would alienate the masses and we don't want that. Were not after all veterans, all service personnel, were just after fugitive war criminals and vets who support the American fascist culture and government. That's all.

JR: Were mostly after Vietnam vets and vets who fought communists in Asia, Grenada and elsewhere. They're getting old and we don't want them to die out naturally, we want them to pay for what they did.

Koba: Vietnam vets are the worst. After that, Iraqi freedom vets. They have the blood of millions of women and children and they need to be wasted in the worst way possible.

BB: Have you guys done that? Have you murdered vets?

Koba: Yup!

JR: I killed one last month. [laughs] It was fun to watch!

BB: Would you like to share it?

JR: Koba and I were in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, I wont say why but there was this homeless old veteran in a mechanical wheel chair flying a flag, he told us he was in Vietnam and we were on a bridge late at night when this happened. We asked if he served in Nam, if he killed women and children and was sorry about what happened and he said no he's not sorry, he said he was glad we were over there and sorry they didn't win. Later on we beat the s**t out of him, picked up his chair and threw him in it off the bridge into the water. Never came up and no one saw us. [laughs] It was so funny!

Koba: [giggles] I mean I vaguely remember, I was drunk, I really wanted to murder this old p**k for what he did. I don't think they ever found his body, I think he's still rotting in the bottom.

BB: Why target old people in wheel chairs?

Koba: why not? Ask Jack Rabbit, he wanted to do it.

JR: Because one time, he was young, he was rash, he murdered and probably raped Vietnamese girls, burned down their villages, murdered innocent people. These people deserve to die for that doesn't matter their condition or age. He was unrepentant. I was glad it happened. I've done more things like that too.

BB: Like what?

Koba: Um... I uh... Well, there was this one veteran in San Fernando, I was there wintering in California, there was this a** hole veteran biker guy who was in Iraq. I socialized with him, befriended him, he didn't know I was a commie, I had an illegal weapon with me that I was gonna use during a couple of burglaries later just in case the owners are home. One night when no one was around, I let him have it. Took him out right in the face. Ran scared thinking the police would get me, I got away, hid in the foothills, the police labeled it an unsolved murder that was gang related because he had been involved with Hells Angels. That was a relief. Jack Rabbit, I remember you were real scared But he had it coming. He was a racist, said that the Iraqis were inferior and that all muslims had to be killed.

JR: Bravo comrade. I did some things like that too. I prefer arson. See in vietnam they burned down villages just because they alleged there were Viet cong in the area to punish and scare them so I do the same thing. I wont say where it happened but two occasions I saw yellow ribbons on a home on a window and I wanted to burn it to the ground.

BB: Did you?

Jr: Yes I did. It was on the news, the family was crying and upset and they talked about how this fascist pig served his country and how they all got together and helped him. I wonder if they'd do the same still help him if he was a black man or hispanic?

Koba: did they find out it was arson?

JR: It was suspected arson. I was in my motel room laughing at the news broadcast of it. They're all huddled crying about. BOO HOO! WE LOST EVERYTHING! And the whole neighborhood turning out and crying with them. What bull S**T! They did worse things in Vietnam let me tell you and yet the villagers were all bad people who deserved it just because they aren't white. 

Koba: yeah and we were supposed to protect  them while we were there.

JR: I know... 

BB: How many arsons have you done.

JR: I wont say but two were against veterans. I tried on a few other occasions but it was either too risky or they saw me and thought I was a burglar. When I walk through a neighborhood and see a yellow ribbon on a house, I want to either burn it down or beat the s**t out of the owner. When I see someone with a bumper sticker supporting our troops or something quote patriotic, if they have a Donald Trump sticker, I want to smash the car, beat up or even murder the animal that owns it.

Koba: Veterans and their supporters are our biggest targets now because of the war heating up and because the Nam vets are dying out so we want to pay them back and avenge the people of Vietnam on as many we can find. 

BB: Any other successful deaths of veterans you'd like to relay?

Koba: Not many, its not easy to kill someone and get away with it and when its done you gotta lay low. It costs money. I'd rather use it for drinking or for women or whatever else.

JR: even if you don't succeed you have to run like hell and run out of town. I like saved up a years worth of welfare to go kill a few vets and fascists in California and Arizona and I never got a one. Close but no. I blew it all in one month on fare for greyhound and Amtrak to get out of there before the police closed in.

Koba: Did they catch you or broadcast your description it on the news comrade?

Jr: Yeah on two occasions, but I wasn't caught. That's a relief. I was gonna kidnap the daughter of an Iraq war vet I saw on the internet hold her for ransom, it was a F**k up cause her brother saw us and called the cops and I had to drive out of there and they had an artists sketch of me on the news, they thought I was a pervert trying to kidnap girls when I really wanted to kidnap her for political means. The sketch fortunately was awful. Didn't look anything like me at all. The other time I was gonna kill this old timer in his home who had been in Vietnam and look like a burglary gone wrong, but I got caught. he had a gun and pointed it at me. I ran like the dickens. Police came to the home but by the time they got started I was at the greyhound terminal waiting to catch a bus that took me outta there! I lost a years worth of welfare I was pissed off. I went back to LA and panhandled on the off ramp. I was pitiful.

BB: Let me ask you Jackrabbit, do you have any sexual desire for children?

JR: No. Gosh no. I'm not a pedophile. minimum age for me is um... 15 or 16.

Koba: I believe that's still under age.

Jr: If you've seen some of them you'd disagree.

Koba: I know but its still... Oh well... At least you got away comrade. If they did catch you they'd kill you in jail. Attacking vets is something these cons don't like and they hate commies.

Jr: I know. I wouldn't be safe even in PC. 

BB: do you target other people instead of veterans

Koba: Yeah, racists, nazis, skinheads, conservative activists, anti-communists ETC. veterans right now are in season but these others, well get them too.

BB: Have you guys performed any crime that has been highly profiled in the news that is-

Koba: You know.... uh... You know what I don't think, I don't.... no. That's enough sir. I've think we've talked about that enough.

BB: Fair enough lets move on. Lets talk about your views on America

Koba: Okay... What of it?

BB: I don't know. You tell me? What do you think of America and what America is like?

Koba: You really want to know?

BB: Shoot.

Koba: Greatest and most powerful nation in history and the worst. This country is S**t. Racist, everything. It has all the worlds wealth and wont share a damn thing with it.

JR: This whole country was founded on racism, genocide and slavery by racist slave owners.

BB: But not all of them owned slaves, many opposed it

Koba: But most of them did have slaves and if they were against it why wasn't it abolished right then and there?

BB: Why was it abolished if its founded on slavery?

Koba: Well duh! People realize that a country founded on slavery isn't going to prosper and that its wrong to take other human beings and abuse them because they're black or whatever.

Jr: Most of all I think it was the money.

Koba: Wait comrade! Wait, I know what you're saying I know I just need to say this. See, no one believes in the constitution and in the so call bill of limited rights anymore because there are people who know that its wrong. Its wrong to let people say what they want like fire in a crowded theater or that owning m16s isn't a good idea and that slavery is not a good idea neither! People at least, I mean most people have some good sense and conscience to know that murder is wrong. When they published Uncle Tom's cabin, everyone got to see first hand what happens when you have slavery. People are not driven always by material need there is a human instinct about um... How do I explain? um... When I think of slavery I don't just think of scenes from Uncle Tom's cabin or Gone with the wind. I'm thinking that a fellow human being, a worker no less is being distressed. His labor is being robbed of him and so is his dignity by an over privileged pompous fat white piece of s**t with so much wealth hoarded that a lot of people could use. That and there's a financial incentive to stop slavery. They're doing jobs that workers should do for a living wage, the southern plantation owners were viewed by the northern capitalists as competitors so they fan the flames and ignite a civil war to stop it while at the same time profiting from taxpayer funded wars again.

JR: The thing you need to understand is that capitalism is behind just about all the wars we've had in human history. War is profitable to the ruling classes regardless of what country they live in. Everytime there's a war the rich and the ruling class always come out on top while the workers are sent to murder each other under the illusion of national or religious identity. Its all about money. The only reason there was a civil war is because  there is a need for profit. I remember reading about the uniforms that the union army wore and the cotton used to weave those uniforms came from the plantations of these same southern hicks. The northern businesses also wanted to eliminate their competitors in the south. I remember also reading how great Britain and France wanted to side with the confederates. You know why? They hated the confederates! Queen Victoria, prime minister lord Palmerston and Napoleon III were all against slavery but the bottom line was profits! Britain and France were industrialized nations with a big weaving textile industry and the country, they, they were heavily dependent on southern cotton. They had to aid the Confederates.

Koba: the whole reason the civil war was started like any other war was about money. It wasn't because of slavery, or states rights or because they didn't like Lincoln, it wasn't because of anything but southern cotton and profits for the rich from cotton.

BB: What about the revolutionary war

Koba: Same thing. The founders were wealthy slave owners. White collor Not a worker among them. They wanted independence from the King of England because they wanted to be free from British taxes and because the British East India company held a virtual monopoly on trade. Comrade? I believe you know about it?

JR: Yeah they didn't want to pay taxes to King George or anyone. they wanted their own offshore tax haven. Also The British East India company had special trading privileges. Think about it, most of America was run by merchants, bankers and speculators. Even before the revolution, the US colonies had the biggest trade in the world. Their ships went everywhere in America! I was in Salem Massachusetts and before it was known for the witch trials it was known as the biggest shipping center in all of North America!! It was this way until the early 1800s. The tour guide explained that the only reason the story of the witch trials became known is because of sailors going all over the world and fudging the story with their own versions which were unbelievable. That's the only reason it got attention.

Koba: The American revolution was all about profit. The banksters and profiteers and speculators on both sides of the Atlantic were all in on it and wanted a piece of it!

JR: That's the only reason there was a revolutionary war, capitalism and speculation. If it wasn't profitable it would never have gotten off. In fact the founders if they were Marxists they'd be hunted down and killed

Koba: All that phony baloney freedom. There was never ever any freedom in this country. The only people who were free were the capitalist ruling classes and their evil despotic allies.

BB: What about the bill of rights

Koba: What rights?

JR: We have no right but to work into our graves! DERP! God bless America!

Koba: the only rights you will ever have is to die when you no longer can work. Till then your a slave and you don't even know it. You think your free and that you are blessed to have all this freedom and liberty but in reality your just fortunate to live in a situation in a country where the capitalists aren't able to exploit you like they want to do like in the third world.

JR: The bill of rights is all about freedom for the capitalists. The first amendment what a joke. You don't have freedom of speech or the press. If you want to have a TV show you have to either have enough money to own a TV station and pay for licensing from the government or you have to find someone who is who will pick up on your idea. If it isn't profitible-

Koba: If he thinks its not profitable

JR: If it isn't and the show has too much truth to it, out it goes.

Koba: The very idea that we have freedom is ridiculous.

Jr: Second amendment. That's something else. The right to bear guns. the right for someone to kill someone for any excuse they want. The purpose of that law, listen! I just love how these fat cats shout about how the 2nd amendment prevents slavery and subjegation. That's ridiculous! The original intent of the amendment was the opposite! So the could put down slave revolts and uprisings by workers!

Koba: Not only that, it gives them the right to kill people they don't like and don't agree with especially if its supportive of liberation. My great granduncle was a vigilante anti-communist anti-civil rights in Missouri during the 60s and my dad told me all about him and how if you went around saying that blacks, women or gays or anyone should be treated equal or that the minimum wage should be hiked  or that workers should be afforded rights then they'd go after you and kill you.

BB: Was he in the Klan?

Koba: No but he supported them. he belonged to right wing groups not related to the Klan. But they would kill union organizers and civil rights activists, they killed Jews, they killed liberals so called and they'd get away. the police let them do it because they supported it. That's what the second amendment was for, to allow these white trash nuts to off anyone who opposed them. Only one time was he prosecuted and the judge dismissed the case. He was popular.

BB: Who was he?

Koba: Don't remember. It really made me sick. I don't think even want to bring it up. I think one of the things that lead me down the road to being a communist and a radical was that and the stories of my family and my upbringing. I mean where I am from people still have that mindset and they do not value human life at all even though they claim to be so called pro-life. HA! what a joke!

Most of these organizations however were of a socialistic mindset. The Klan for instance supported abortion for non-whites, Universal healthcare for whites and supported gun restrictions especially against their intended victims like black people.

JR: Yeah if I could add comrade, that's amazing they claim we don't value human life but they support banning abortion because, OH! ITS A HUMAN BEING! Well what about people starving to death in the third world? They're human beings aren't they? What about homeless? Are they human beings????

Koba: The so called pro-life movement is not pro-life they're pro-profit. To the capitalists, a fetus is a potential profit that can net them untold fortunes over a matter of years. That Fetus is an asset to them. it could become a worker that they can exploit from childhood till its 40 maybe do something else for them but once that child is born its on its own. If its disabled, if it can't work then its worthless and is discarded to die.

JR: Once you turn too old to work they don't value you anymore. If you can't work you're of no value. Tough luck sailor!

Koba: The pro-life movement supported the war in Iraq which induced thousands of military abortions on the inhabitants of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pro-life movement supports cutting and getting rid of welfare, social security, SSI, unemployment benefits they support laws that criminalize the homeless, they do not value human life in any way.

In truth These programs are anti-life and do not help anyone. I should know this because I used to be on welfare I know people forced on welfare as well. They live in hell...

 JR: Pro-lifers are anti-life. the party when we take over were gonna increase the amount of money for welfare and social security. Were gonna increase the amount of money for jobs, wages retirement pensions and so on.

BB: So there will be abortion and euthanasia?

Koba: Yes. We intend to let people die when they want to end their suffering. Also we will mandate the abortion of fetuses with the potential to become retarded or crippled. No one should be forced to be born and endure all that misery and suffering. Donald Trump and these other republicans they don't care. These kids are gonna be miserable and suffer their whole lives all because they want their voting base to profit. Under the party the retarded, the lame, the crippled will be aborted.

BB: And what about those already born. And what about the elderly?

Koba: They'll be taken care of by the government a lot better than we take care of them now. The people and the communist party will provide. We will also expect family members to provide emotional support as well. The elderly, they did what they could and in honor of their achievements will be allowed to rest during the remainder of their lives. Hey! We had elder care in the USSR we didn't kill them like in Nazi Germany or throw them out into the gutter like they used to in this country a hundred years ago!

True but in the USSR, the elderly were neglected and left to wallow in their filth. In a way they were worse off than the elderly in Nazi Germany who were murdered by Hitler's government or those in heartless communities elsewhere including sadly in the USA during the gilded age. In the USSR, elders lived with their children and relatives. In the USA when we were still Christain, the elderly were cared for by their children and loved ones or in charitable institutions run by the church. Though not perfect they were far better than elders in China and the USSR who were kept barely alive at a bare minimum while the communist state focused on pampering the party rulers and fueling government oppression through a military police state and imperialist aggression.

BB: Who decides if a fetus deserves to die or not?

Koba: Doctors discretion. If that fetus has a high probablity that its gonna be a retard baby or a cripple, yank it out.

BB: what are you're thoughts on eugenics and forced sterilization.

Koba: Ah... I see. You are referring to sterilizing undesirables or people with hereditary disability?

BB: Either one.

Koba: We don't believe in sterilizing people who will give healthy children just because they are different or later got a disability. We do believe in sterilizing people who have hereditary mental illness and disability and I just want to say right up I will probably be the first in line for that because people in my family are psychotic and mental. Just damn nasty. A lot of my uncles were schizophrenic, I have relatives who were serial killers, lunatics, I too am crazy and a serial killer. The only reason they weren't locked up is because what they were doing was seen by the people where I'm from as normal behavior.

JR: [laughs]

Koba: Yeah, I mean if you go to Kansas or Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and say that Jesus speaks to you, I'm not kidding they will believe you there are people all over there who believe everything you say. If you say that Jesus spoke to you and say that this will happen they'll believe you.

JR: What if it doesn't come true

Koba: No problem, they just say its God's will or, THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!!!

Jr:[laughs again]

Koba: My dad told me that before I was born there was this hysteria that the world would end in 1980, this guy this nut preacher went around saying that January 1st 1980, the world was gonna end in flames and to repent and people gave him money and everything, one old woman gave all she had to this coot and left nothing to her children. Then on January 1st 1980 he had a revelation that God decided to spare the Earth and delay judgement because they'd been such good people and that they had to live godly lives.

BB: And they believed him?

Koba: Yeah!

BB: Why was God gonna blow up the earth did he say why?

Koba: He said that he was gonna blow up the earth because there were too many gays for the earth to handle. About a few years  later he said that AIDS and HIV was a blessing by God and that AIDS saved the Earth from being destroyed.

JR: Oh really!

Koba: Really Comrade. Don't worry, he died around the time after I was born. Dad told me about it and said that the false prophecy and the fact that prayer isn't answered is proof that there is no God and that Religion is Bulls**t and  that we can do whatever we want.

I was gonna comment about something about the judgement of God starting in the church but why bother? What a sad story! The Church could use a smacking from God just from that alone.

JR: Was he a con-artist or did he really believe it?

Koba: He really did believe it. All the money people gave him, he gave all of that away to a homeless shelter and the children's hospital.

JR: What kind of shelter was it?

Koba: It was one of those crap shelters where they let you stay only for two weeks a year then kick you out and while you're there you have to look for work and do chores and go to church and s**t.

JR: What about the serial killers?

Koba: Well they are serial killers mostly black people and anyone they didn't like and they got let off since the victims were either indians or black or not well liked in town. The rest were just hysterical looneys who said Jesus spoke to them or something. I'm not kidding. I think only one or two of them got locked up in insane asylums and that's only because they went too far which is surprising to say the least. My dad was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia he told me about it and sometimes he'd speak to invisible people when he was alone and if I watched him he'd beat me for it. That's probably why he drank so much. 

BB: So people who are seen by the state as I mean... How do we decide?

Koba: Okay again hereditary mental illness and disability that's not so hard. We bring them to a panel of doctors and experts, look at the family tree and if you have a lot of Schizos, psychos, bipolar, a lot of retarded people they'll have their tubes tied. They'll still be able to enjoy sexual intercourse but they can't have children. Its a win win situation!

BB: It seems dangerous that someone can be diagnosed based on the word of a so called expert and based on a panel which uses the word of a professional that probably wrote it at a time mental illness was not effectively diagnosed could do that kind of invasive procedure.

Koba: They wont. They'll make sure. In order to classify someone has having that problem they will have to have undeniable evidence as rooted in family trees and they can appeal the decision and have their tubes untied if its found that their family isn't unhealthy.

 JR: What's the big deal? There's too many people in the world anyway and I mean isn't everyone on earth like a relative according to these nuts?

BB: I need to get back on topic. What about America tell me more about what you see wrong

Jr: Aside from the greed and racism? Lots. America is the biggest force of imperialism and greed and evil in this planet in this world in fact. I'm not kidding! We call America a standard bearer of freedom and hope for the world. NO! Its a racist country that enslaves the planet under capitalism. All these countries in the world want to be free and plan their own economies and their own destiny and America comes in and says NO! NO! NO! NO! NO you can't do that! They then manipulate the system, topple the government they set up and put these unelected leaders in charge people they didn't elect and take over their economies. Look at Chille, the majority wanted marxism and wanted Democracy, America steps in kills their elected ruler and puts in a dictator they didn't elect who murders everyone who wont go along with what the Wall street banksters want yet were the aggressors! Were this evil empire and Pinochet and the rest murder innocent people. Not only that the working poor went into a tailspin and wound up in grinding poverty all to profit the capitalists in Wall street.

 Koba: the united states is a slave master of these puppet regimes overseas. Democracy is inefficient and not profitable to the fat cats on Wall street. They don't want the people to have their say in how things are produced. They don't want to own their own economies and decide they rather want them to do as they, the bankers say. Its sad really.

JR: America is the standard bearer of inequality, racism and injustice. Not to mention hypocrisy. They are the slave masters of the worlds nations and they use capitalism, mass entertainment, military dictators and so on to control everyone. The poor countries that can't fight back are run through wars, military dictators, sweatshops terrorism and religion. The wealthy countries of America are controlled through mass entertainment and distractions and gossip, the wealth of the world, the cares of the world so to speak, they gotta work, raise a family and they are afraid of being out of line because if they become like us, they'll lose their jobs, they'll lose their homes their loved ones all these things. We had to sacrifice a lot of that when we woke up. That's the Price we pay for embracing the truth and taking the red pill. You gotta ask yourself, is it worth taking the red pill of communism instead of the blue pill of capitalism and the lies they dish out on Fox, CNN and elsewhere? I think it is. I'm sick and tired of these  corporate fat cats like my parents lying and seeing starving children with their bellies swollen.

Koba: It doesn't matter what anyone says, history is on our side. A hundred years from now America is gonna be a footnote in history. Everyone will remember how she did the world no good, how she oppressed and ruled over everyone with an iron rod and created poverty and enslavement and how the worlds resources were bled dry and all the global warming and pollution they caused. A thousand years from now if mankind doesn't go extinct because of America, we'll all remember America as the evil phony plutocracy run by a few people who held the world's wealth in her hand, the nation that enslaved other countries, murdered children and starved the children and calls it profit, freedom, fairness and hold market value over human values. America is the nation that murdered billions and murdered children just so an old big wig can make a profit. America will be remembered for being founded by slave owners, zealots and terrorists who terrorized the world.

We can only hope otherwise

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