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Thursday, September 1, 2016

coffee with communists part 1

Awhile back I read an old book from the last decade called Tea With Terrorists. Why they kill, and how to stop them. You check it out By clicking here but to get to the heart of the matter its written by Craig Winn who went to interview Muslim terrorists in the west bank in Israel and how the Muslim religion commands murder and intolerance and how 9/11 and Islam are interconnected.

It was a good read. I didn't read all of it just most of the good parts and the parts about Islam. I spoke to my wife about it at the supper table as well and we got to wondering why don't we do something like this on my blog? I of course had no desire to travel to the mid-east to interview terrorists and decided on something more simple, more local. I decided, "What about communist militants? Like the ones who attacked the trump rallies?"

I went online looking for the most controversial leftists I could find. The most America hating anti-capitalist, anti-christian, anti-life anti everything I could find. I narrowed it down to a few places and decided first on the revolutionary communist party with Bill Ayers and Bob Avakian. All of them turned me down. A spokesman replied to my inquiry "They had no desire they said to be mixed up with a "right winger" they said.

But then I found another good one while researching articles and came up with some articles about the Tinley Park beatings and the Trump riots in Chicago and an organization involved in both those episodes, Anti-Racist Action Antifa South Side.

The Anti-Racist Action or Antifa (short for anti-fascism) was founded in Minneapolis Minnesota and Toronto Canada in 1988. The purpose of antifa was to counteract neo-nazis and white supremacists. Part of this counteraction included riots and acts of violence. Antifa affilates are mostly found in the eastern mid-west in the rust-belt region and in Canada.

ARA ANTIFA riots have been held in Toledo Ohio, Washington DC and in parts of Canada and Europe.

More well known was the Tinley park incident where on May 19, 2012, up to 20 people wearing masks and black clothes entered the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park (a suburb of Chicago) and used bats and hammers to beat patrons who were attending the fifth annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet. Five people were arrested.

More recent, ARA was involved in the anti-trump riots in many major cities including the one at Chicago University of Illinois.

Anti-Racist Action has four points of unity to which all chapters must agree.
  1. We go where they go. Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the Nazis have the street!
  2. We don't rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn't mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.
  3. Non-sectarian defense of other anti-fascists. In ARA, we have a lot of different groups and individuals. We don't agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand behind each other.
  4. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!

 As often as it turns out, the police have good reason to protect white supremacists as they tend to march non-violently while ARA activists were the ones who were violent, indiscriminent in attacks against innocent bystanders as well as nazis. While many right wingers have cancelled their rallies because of ARA, it has in truth promoted the far right and made them martyrs while making those on the far left look worse.

The Tinley Park incident in particular promoted fears among working class whites that their race was under attack and promoted sympathy for white supremacists. Many innocent people who had nothing to do with the gathering were attacked at the restaurant as well. What's more, Illinois European Heritage Association got positive attention and increased its membership as did it's affiliate Stormfront.

The particular affiliate of ARA I contacted was the one in Chicago's notorious south side. Described by law enforcement and white nationalists as a Marxist street gang, ARA south side Chicago was involved with other ARA affiliates in the Tinley park riots and the Trump Riots at UIC Chicago. ARA South siders are known for harassing racists and posting their information on the internet.

The south side ARA/Antifa does not ascribe to the label of street gang. Although it is rumored that many of their members are gangbangers and gang members. Many of their members are also white. Ironic since South side Chicago or Chiraq as it is known is almost entirely black with a few Hispanics, Arabs and others living within it's dangerous borders.

Many of South side's ARA/Antifa members were white. Surprisingly, despite the antagonism directed towards them by blacks in the area for their whiteness and the dangers, they don't mind at all working and living in the area. Nonetheless many whites in ARA live outside or on the fringes of Chicago's south side. Though they claim to sympathize with the residents there and believe that their problems which range from poverty to high crime and shootings are rooted exclusively in racism.

Race issues aside, ARA/Antifa and the citizens of Chicago liberal and conservative alike had a common enemy, the government. Chicago and the State of Illinois are perhaps among if not the most corrupt places in the United States. Illinois despite its counties being overwhelmingly Republican and voting republican in previous elections had a state legislature in its capitol of Springfield that is overwhelmingly Democrat. For over a century, the Democrat machine in the State Capitol of Springfield and in major cities such as Chicago and Peoria were overwhelmingly powerful and evil.

Even liberals were wary of the corrupt government which promoted torture, brutality, theft, abuse and injustices of almost every kind. But they continued to vote Democrat to receive their welfare checks and their free stuff. They made the republicans and their opponents scapegoats for their problems. Afterall, the government is never wrong.

Meeting with the two young reds...

I began my arrangements by changing my name and using fake credentials. I was tempted to reveal myself as the author of Mainestategop, but I feared retaliation and a trap. It was this way with Craig Winn in his own meeting with muslim terrorists in the west bank. They had every right to worry, Daniel Pearl, an American Jewish Journalist in Pakistan had gone hunting for snakes and found them...

This was of course documented in Tea with terrorists. Fortunately I had home court advantage and I was not going into South side Chicago to conduct the meeting. I arranged for our meeting to be done at a restaurant in Downtown Chicago, known as the loop to locals. Our meeting would be held I imagined at a coffee shop or perhaps a mall. I didn't want to be secluded but I wanted to do the interview with some area that wasn't too noisy as to be distracted....

My two contacts made it difficult to find a meeting place. they wanted to meet at a park. I prefered a shopping center or restaurant. I offered to pay... it wasn't windy, weather wouldn't be a problem. But the issue was that my contacts had been kicked out of just about every establishment in the city of Chicago for protesting in public or causing a ruckus. They had no trespassing orders in effect that ranged from 3 months to several years, some till the end of time. They weren't interested in going to cook county jail for violating them at the time.

We did manage to agree to a place where they could go. The shops at North Bridge, an upscale mall on Michigan avenue. We would meet at the food court on the 4th floor. The conditions for my meeting was to pay the two reds three-hundred dollars each in unmarked bills, that I paid for their food and beverages and they could call off the meeting at anytime they felt it went nowhere or met their interests.

Most important, they wished to be anonymous. As I was, using the alias of a journalist in order to gain an understanding. I told them I was an author of a left of center politic and that I had published on Huffington Post and Daily Kos

As a businessman from New Hampshire I wasn't phased by the cost but I did mull over it.  I can't just pay anyone all that money just because I wanted to give the public a glimpse of the mindset of a far left marxist in Chicago's south side but was it worth it? And then there was the fact that I'd be advancing their own interests in a way by allowing their messages to get out. 

As it is it might work both ways for us. Fringe groups like terrorists, anarchists, neo-nazis ETC lavish attention. If I was to interview  the two communists and get a glimpse inside the mind of these people who, if they had their way would turn my country into a soviet hell, I had to let them have the chance to express to the public why they would do that...

I did not worry. I wanted them to express their views even if they try to sugar coat it with utopian fantasy and projection as is common with red Marxists who try to make their system out as morally superior. I had a moral advantage and that only the most uneducated and credulous of liberals would believe everything they said

Of course they already did believe much as evidenced by the last 8 years of Obama.

Setting and introduction

My interview started in the early hours of one day in late July. My family and I were vacationing a lot this summer and travelled around America. This time I traveled on my own for business reasons. The day after I arrived at Midway O'hare airport I went to Northridge to see my two I would interview. The mall was just opening and most of the shops were closed. All there was opened was a coffee shop. My guests were waiting at the food court on the 4th floor. 

Again, I am not permitted to use their real names which were not revealed so I will use there nicknames. The two young men were nick-named Koba and Jackrabbit. Both of them had been communists since their youth, they are or have been homeless in Chicago and other major cities in America and Canada both of them claim to have been participants of the Tinley Park riots at the Ashford House.

Koba was the nickname of Joseph Stalin during the Russian Revolution. This Koba I speak of is a fan of Stalin. He calls himself a Marxist Stalinist and has supported all of his policies including the purges. Koba didn't want to tell me exactly where and when he grew up and only told me he grew up in the rural Midwest. He said his age was about early thirties late twenties and that he was born in the mid eighties like me.

Koba's family was lower to middle income. They didn't have everything but they weren't poor. He told me his father however was a heavy drinker who beat and raped his mother during some of his drinking binges. His mother was a devout Christian who refused to leave him. She clung to him  for emotional and financial support and because she believed divorce was a sin.

Koba's father was a also a thief and trained him as a boy to steal liquor and beer from the super markets and convenience stores. Since he was a little kid at this time, they never suspected  him of shoplifting. Koba's father would sometimes beat him if he couldn't get the liquor or if he dropped it. One time Koba had stolen an expensive bottle of rum and accidently fell and dropped it breaking it as he was walking out of the store. Koba's father in a fit of rage beat him so bad he broke his leg. He was taken to the hospital and lied to the doctor that it was a hit and run driver.

As Koba grew older he too became a drinker like his old man and not only stole alcohol but also food and electronics. His father encouraged this behavior. At 16, Koba ran away from home and lived on the streets of Oklahoma city, Omaha and Chicago. From sixteen to his current age, Koba has been homeless. He spends most of his time in Chicago or Indianapolis, except during winter when like many homeless he goes to Los Angeles and Las vegas.

Koba also has an extensive criminal history. He has been in jail and prison numerous times for crimes ranging from Theft to assault. He has also frequently been in trouble for trespassing and vandalism as well as alcohol related offenses. Koba has never held a job and states that he has no desire to do so.

Jack Rabbit claims he is 28 and is from a wealthy affluent family in Edina Minnesota. Jack rabbit is not a nick name he uses much but is called that because of his womenizing. Jackrabbit discovered communism when he was in high school but did not become totally immersed and involved in it until he was in University. After this he dropped out of university claiming that it didn't work out and lived much of his life either homeless or living on house that belonged to party members.

JackRabbit spends his time in Chicago, Toronto Canada, Seattle and when homeless during winter resides in Los Angeles, Phoenix and parts of Texas and New Mexico where he promotes communism. He has also claimed to have participated in riots in Texas and claims he almost murdered Alex Jones. (Hmm... I wouldn't call that an accomplishment either way you slice it.)

Jackrabbit is also a member of the Austin red brigade and ARA/Antifa chapters in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and elsewhere. He claims that he has been in jail twice in Texas and California. Concerning Alex Jones, Jackrabbit claims to support the new world order and says that one of his life goals was to murder Alex Jones. His other was to march with the people's liberation army into the capitol and burn the constitution, using it to light a cuban cigar. More on that crazy story and other later.

Koba's life goals BTW are simple. he wants to live to see the downfall of America and do all he can to see that happen. 

What do they look like you ask? Well... Koba was a little scruffy. He had a five o'clock shadow, bushy hair that could use a trim and a leather jacket that was work and torn along with cargo pants with camo. He wore army boots and he almost reminded me of OG Crackpipe from the comic strip my associate did for me years ago. Jack Rabbit wore a T-Shirt a baseball cap with the cubs logo and had blond hair. His face was youthful and reminded me of those way ward youths in public school.

 The interview IN 4 parts

The interview I recorded started off on the right foot. There was introductions, payment and I bought them both breakfast from the coffee shop. I also told them I'd pay them another $800 each if I could finish the interview. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The first part of the interview was their biographies and what brought them into communism and ARA/Antifa which is where we will start. 

From this moment the interview will be in bold Bolshevik red my comments normal font.... BTW Google Blogger gave me a hard time because of memory and because of how long this is so bear with me if its not all red or bold. I apologize for grammar and spelling since this was from a audio tape and I've never typed something like this before. This is new to me. HERE WE GO!

BB:Why do you like Stalin a lot? What is it that draws you into liking this fellow?

KOBA: What is there not to love about this man? He wrote most of the theories of communism that are now prevalent today, he picked up the mantle where Marx, Engels and Lenin started, he turned Russia, once an open wasteland stuck in the dark ages an stupidity and ignorance into the twentieth century making it one of the most powerful and advanced nations in the world, he defeated Hitler at a time when they nearly had the better of them, he protected Russia from the kulaks and traitors that were undermining the nation and trying to bring back the Tsar and the capitalists, I could go on about this man. This man has done more for Russia and for all of us than anyone in history.

BB:What about the purges? People being coerced into confessing crimes they didn't do and being killed?

KOBA: It was necessary. Its true that  innocent people suffered but that wasn't his doing. That was because of unscrupulous people in the NKVD like Nikolai Yezhov.  Stalin was able to commute the sentences of some of his victims, but he couldn't that do all of them it was too late and if he did people's faith in him and the state would waver.

Nikolai Yezhov was known as the little butcher, Stalin's chief of the NKVD, the secret police and precursor to the KGB. It was Yezhov that carried out many of Stalin's executions and was a state hero. Later he will be made Stalin's scapegoat to his evil doings.

BB: So just to prevent people from questioning Stalin and the government, he should let people he knew were innocent should be left to die or be enlsaved in the gulag? So no one thinks the government isn't infallible?

Koba: No one said the state was infallible but you need to understand this was a crucial and delicate time in Russian history. Russia was emerging from centuries of bloody oppression under the Romanovs the capitalists and fascists, mainly the United States and Germany were a threat and Hitler was arming Germany for war to take over the world. Stalin inherited a Russia that was imploding that was already on the verge of collapse. In 1929 just before the Great depression began, Stalin gave a speech where he said that Russia has just 10 years to catch up with the world otherwise Russia was doomed. At this time, the world was in misery, capitalism had failed and while the rest of the world relied on a failing system of business and letting the wealthy run everything, Stalin launched the 5 year plan and while people were starving and riding rails looking for work, while people were dying Russia enjoyed zero unemployment. Gradually things improved and poverty went into decline. It wasn't easy though... 

BB: What about the famines that hit the country? The shortages, people being worked to death?

Koba: Yeah I knew you'd bring that up. That's not because of Stalin. That's because of traitors that remained in the government and because of the Kulaks who hid the grain who even destroyed it. I mean I was reading an article by a fascist who attacked the USSR and Stalin and he even admitted it! The Kulaks made it worse by burning the grain and hiding it! They didn't want to join the collective, they wanted to hoard grain sell it to merchants and speculators and live high and dry while people were starving. That is wrong. I mean even Jesus said these people were sinners but you don't hear that about the one percent these days. 

BB:Whata bout Stalin seizing grain and selling it and other resources to the west and western corporations like say the Koch brother's father or to people like the Rockafellers the Bush family ETC?

Koba:That's different. (When isn't it?)Unfortunately  Stalin was left with no alternative but to sell resources and food to the capitalists in order to pay for the five year plan and modernize the country. That's the funny thing about these capitalists. They always accuse us of practicing capitalist traits like buying and selling in order to promote ant-capitalism. Well hey! I mean we live in a capitalist country! If I want to eat I either have to buy it from a company or go to a religious charity like Pacific Garden Mission and listen to some guy in a suit lecture me about how some imaginary skydaddy is gonna send me to hell because I didn't put a dollar in a plate or because I don't believe in him or whatever.

JR: I'd rather eat out of the dumpster at McDonalds.

Koba: Well yeah! There's that too. But Stalin lived in a world dominated by capitalists and  even if well, you need to be bartering going on to get one resource for another. The big difference is Stalin had the future of Russia and the Russian people in mind. He thought of the long term goals. We need engine parts to arm the red Air force, they need sugar beets. we need guns for the army, they want iron from Magnegorsk, we need tractors, machines, blueprints they want vodka, tungsten, oil, By the way Russia was a big oil producer you know. We had to do this but Stalin knew in the long term if we were gonna beat them we'd have to get these things. We had to play by their rules for the time being.

 JR: I just want, if I may comrade bring this up. Our government in the US is constantly double dealing taking bribes from companies in the form of campaign finance, we have wall street owned politicians sending our money and resources to other countries and outsourcing jobs but no one complains. They say that its just buying and selling its legal its always right. But when Stalin sells grain to pay for machines for steel mills, tractors, planes, ETC now the GOP attacks us. Its just like these GOP republicans who hate the government but get food stamps and social security because they're unemployed.

 Koba:HA! HA! Yeah I know! And you know what? This is why we needed the purges. This happened all the time under Stalin. People in positions of trusting stealing from the people and wheeling and dealing with spies and capitalists. I remember it got bad under Brezhnev in the seventies and the reason communism failed is because it was allowed to deteriorate because the politicaians sold the people out! I remember reading about how an army colonel stole lumber he used to build a dacha for himself. He was shot as an example but it didn't work. To this day, Russia is now in the hands of gangsters and capitalists

JR: What's the difference? They're all like Al Capone and the mafia.

Koba: At least Al Capone gave back to the community. Captialists are the ultimate criminals. They are thieves, crooks, they steal the labor of their workers and call it profit which they and the investors pocket. Under communism, the money goes into my pocket for working or it goes back into the community to build things and in turn build more jobs!

 BB:What about profit being used to invest into business and to invest in projects? What about taxes on profit?

 Koba:No Profit is theft! The investments only favor the capitalists rather than the workers and taxes just go to politicians who help these criminals to abet their own crimes.

JR: That's what woke me up comrade. My father and his associates are making a killing off thousands of workers here and abroad and all they get is the s**t end of it all. Yet this is called free marketing this is called fairness. Yet we're the bad guys.

 BB: What about the belief: The state is always right.

Koba: Yeah that's the other thing fascists love to hit us with. we never say that. But the people are always right and know what's good for them. Who are the people, they are the ones who make up the party.

BB: The party is always right

Koba:Yeah. But would you rather put your faith in a government run by corporations and influenced by wall street bankers and consumer culture or a government run by the people and its best interests?

BB:Like in East Germany where the anthem of the socialist party there is the party is always right?
Koba The party is right. We didn't say the government or whatever the party is when it acts in the interests of the people and when the government acts in the interets of party doctrine and party principals yes it is.

BB: You seem to be double talking. I can't seen to understand. The party is the people, the people is the government government yet the party is right the government isn't. When does this apply?

JR: Check your history. Whenever the nations of the world embrace true communism and they follow party doctrines of Marx, Stalin, Mao and so on and when they embrace the needs of the people instead of themselves you have true communism and when you have true communism you have modernization you have prosperity you don't have shortages or famines like when true communism didn't exist.
BB: And what about the Ribbentrop Molotov pact?

Koba: What about it?

BB: The state is always right yet Stalin not only executed his top spy for saying that Hitler was bluffing and would invade Russia in two years.

Koba: Okay. That's a myth. Stalin knew already that Hitler was bluffing. he said so in Mein Kempf that Germany should invade the east and he stated in speeches over and over again since before he came to power that his war was with the communists. He hated us more than even the Jews. We were the first ones into the ovens. But Stalin had to sign that treaty because he needed to buy time to fight back against Hitler. He had to purge the army and they didn't have enough armaments to fight. Stalin knew it was coming. As for his agent he killed him because he was a double agent, that is he was spying on his behalf but for Germany's as well. he had to go.

On and on we argued about the infallibility of the state and Koba and Jack Rabbit avoided the crux of the matter and tried to make it sound like the party was right and not always right. Also not how he talks of true communism. This is a ad hominem argument communists make to hide their incompetence. If it fails it wasn't true communism. Koba at least doesn't try to hide the purges of his beloved Joe Stalin. But they avoided this issue. The government is always right but only because the party is always right so if the government isn't working on the party's behalf then the government is not always right but it is. 

Almost like a page taken from the Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy. If such a book were to exist then Koba must've been responsible for the heading on communism the way he explained it.

They never could answer my question. Rather than risk having my contacts walk out on me I changed to another subject not before I bought them food from the food court and more coffee.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah good idea putting it in four parts Brian. I'm almost done reading part 1 and I already feel sick. I can't believe these people are allowed to exist in our neighborhoods and towns.

Anonymous said...

Put it in 10 parts. I only got through a few sentences and I had to stop. My god... This is the most frighteniing thing I've ever read! I used to live in Chicago! These people live in my hometown! These people are all over America! They want to kill us all and Obama supports these low lives!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anti-racism is Anti-white. They always are. They even admit they're for Al-Qaeda even though they deny affiliation and are part of Jeremiah Wright's black supremacist church.

Anonymous said...

This is sick! I stopped reading halfway through part 3. Now I know why the contras did what they did. This is sick!!

Anonymous said...

I read it twice. Last night and this morning when I got up for church. I've been an anti-communist since I was a boy in the seventies. I learned from my dad who fought in Nam from 65-68. He had enough after Tet. This doesn't surprise me except I've never really heard much about ARA antifa. Now that I know I hate these scum even more. I'm not surprised some people can't stand to read this bilge but I've seen enough my whole life.

So this is the notorious commies we have today? A bum thief, who drinks and is mentally ill and a faggot who likes teenagers. I got a grandaughter who's 15 and a niece who's 16. If someone like that especially if he was an older man like this Jack Rabbit and a queer, I'd murder him in a bloody and violent way. I'd probably get the death penalty. I don't really care. I carry a gun and won't ever give it up. I even got two unregistered firearms stashed away somewhere just in case they want to play Red Dawn. Let these commies come for me and my family, were all gun owners and even my grandson says he'll willingly face an Mi-24 assault at a whim. SEMPER FI! WOLVERINES! GUN HO!

Anonymous said...

I'm a vet too. I was in Da nang with the 3rd marines. This is what the Viet Cong were like and this is what the hippies were like. It doesn't surprise me that times haven't changed that much. I may be an old man but I'm still tough. I carry a gun. I see these two punks try to hurt me they're dead.

Anonymous said...

I have a nephew in California who is a communist just like Koba. He didn't have a very godly upbringing, his parents are just the most flaming liberal people you could meet, he had a physical disability when he was child where he couldn't run and barely walk and people made fun of him and beat him up. He wasn't able to participate in PE until high school. By then he changed into a monster. He got into trouble a lot and had behavioral problems. He got expelled when he was 18 and then ran away from home. He went to New York City and was with a bunch of anarchists, they arrested him at occupy wall street and then he got arrested in Philly for something I don't remember. We took him back in and that didn't work out well. I spoke to him and he spoke just like a communist, he said that people deserve to be killed, the state had the right to kill you the state should take care of everyone, that America is evil and that is how it is. I mean he says the most awful things about the United states and yet advocates the most evil things that would make Hitler and Stalin blush. He now lives in England and he's been in trouble a lot. I mean we're scared of him we can't take him back because he's just angry. He needs the lord Jesus in his life.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter above, I am sorry about your nephew. I will pray for both of you. Seond, I am Filipino, my family came here to escape Marcos but even that SOB was nowhere near as sick and evil as these people are. I mean the guy says he like Filipino men more than women!! BLEECH!!! I hope I never run into that sicko or anyone like him!

Anonymous said...

Got done reading it... Having been places, seen stuff, it doesn't surprise me one bit. No wonder people still follow such a filthy and failed ideology. They themselves are filthy and evil. These punks need to be killed.

Anonymous said...

Its disgusting. Still it doesn't surprise me one bit. I was just thinking back to the video you did about Bernie Sanders showing North Vietnamese propaganda films and what the American advisor told the brother. It doesn't matter who they are, brother sister, mother, father, anyone. If they're communists, shoot to kill. My dad served two terms in Vietnam as an advisor to the South Vietnamese and in combat. He told me the same thing before he died back in 2007. Shoot to kill. He said he would disown or kill anyone related to our family who turned red. He told us all about the sick things they did the the S. Vietnamese during the war. They raped and killed women and children and did more evil things than Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin ever did. And these two punk kids are a testament to the evil of communism. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I remember that movie you showed me that Bernie Sanders was showing about the North Vietnamese. The Brother's American advisor was right BTW. It doesn't matter who it is, brother, sister, mother, father, shoot to kill. Communism can only be cured with a bullet!

Anonymous said...

I was with the 3rd marines in DA NANG providence, the North Vietnamese army and the Vietcong committed attrocities that would've made Hitler and Stalin Blush... These kids and American born communists are also this way. Communism is the most evil ideology there is out there. Its our job as Americans to stand up against it. If we gotta kill them, do it.

I still have nightmares about it. The thing that gets me and other nam vets isn't combat stress but watching what they put the civilians through and we let them down. The guilt is the worst part.

Anonymous said...

Sick Sick Sick... America is in serious trouble. We got refugee muslims froom without and delinquint rioters within. The bible says that this is exactly how he judges a nation that disobeys him.

Anonymous said...

I read that they were in jail. Jack Rabbit might be extradited to Florida for screwing a 12 year old. I hope they do him in Prison there. Heh!

Anonymous said...

I receive SSI and I have Schizophrenia and I am not allowed to manage it.

I've taken clasees on money management, I don't drink, gamble ETC, but they wont let me be my own payee, My Aunt Rene' is my payee and looks like will be for a long long time!

But they let this murdering alcoholic commie manage HIS money, gamble and drink!?

He even said that he got SSI while in Prison! You're not supposed to do that!! You have to tell SSA if your in prison! YOu're not supposed to receive any! But he lied to them and gambles it away! That's wrong man! That's just wrong!

Anonymous said...

WTF???? Are you kidding me? Why doesn't Homeland security take down these animals!!?

Anonymous said...

Sick, sick, sick...