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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Muslim council of Sweden behind ban on lobster imports

For the past year as some of you know, Sweden has called for a ban on lobster imports from the United States. Without a shred of proof, they claim that American raised lobster threaten their native lobster in its own habitat. Only two forces seem to be fighting this unjustified and uncalled for ban, Nova Scotia and New England Fisherman, particularly those from my home state of Maine.

The ban proposal has already cleared its first hurdles despite new data by European scientists that show that American imports have nothing to do with the increase of North American lobsters in Scandinavian waters. The import ban could cost Nova Scotia and Maine up to 150 million dollars in imports. Maine and Massachusetts who have some of the country's worst economies are expected to take the brunt of the damage.

Who is behind the ban? As it happens the ban on lobster clearly is motivated more than the usual suspects of environmental radicalism. The move to restrict lobster is in fact the motivation of radical islam.

Since the 1970s, Muslims have flooded into the tolerant politically correct European Union. They have not assimilated, instead they demand that Europe conform to its culture and its perverse and intolerant views. Case in point, Sharia law which forbids unclean foods such as pork and lobster as well as alcohol.

As Europe's white christian population dwindles through birth control and abortion and as Muslims grow and grow through polygamy and open borders, more and more do Muslims demand that Europe conform more and more and convert. They have no come to assimilate, they have come to assimilate. Sweden today is now a Muslim colony that is already one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.

Muslim fantaticism has lead to rioting and criminal acts. Stores and restaurants that serve alcohol, pork or lobster are attacked as seen in the photos below of restaurants destroyed for not taking alcohol and "haram" foods off the menu.

In addition as a bonus, the lobster ban puts a decent sized chink in the economy of America. Fisherman and those working in industries that involve serving seafood have the followers of that glowing religion of Islam to thank for why they may be out of work by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised... Expect more of this BS once the diaper heads come here to America under Hillary's open immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

Oh well... Lobster is over rated. I'm sure Maine will bounce back. I mean the real problem is these taxes. And I think they're over fished anyway...

Anonymous said...

That's just well.. Sad. I think I liked it better when Europe was communist. Makes me wish the Soviet Union won the cold war. Well, they're not gonna force Sharia down our throats that easily!

A right winger from Finland

Anonymous said...

Looks like PETA and ISIS have struck an alliance!