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Friday, September 9, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly: America's greatest Feminist 1924-2016

America has lost one of its most important people several days ago. This courageous woman who is the last of the real feminists, a link in our history and particularly the history of the conservative movement is now lost.

I write this article this tribute to one of America's great matriarchs as a millennial, a member of a generation that as I said in a previous article is either a make or break for America, yet as I watch all the libtards, most of them millennials, celebrate and jeer at her death I can only conclude it is a lost cause.

I am more convinced of this as I research her life, her work and her legacy. In fact I want to share that on the day she died, September 6th she wrote one final article about Trump and his trip to Mexico where he recalls Reagan in Geneva. In this article, her last published words, I believe they are significant. Listen to what she writes before the lord called her back home:

Voters finally have the opportunity to choose a president who will make America first by securing our border and ending one-sided trade deals that favor foreign workers rather than our own. Trump's strong stance in his meeting with the Mexican president demonstrates that Donald Trump is the "choice, not an echo."

Its not a coincidence I believe that these are her last words. This is a make or break for America, Trump needs to build this wall and put a stop to the invasion of our homeland by illegal aliens and drug dealers who are wrecking our country, who come here to rob our people of jobs and leech of our welfare state. Rome was nowhere as lenient or as generous to the Visigoths or the huns and look what that lead to.

But getting back to millennials, we have no feminist icon the way baby boomers and Me generation did. In 80s, the only feminist icon, the lone voice in the wilderness was Phyllis Schlafly. I wasn't really born yet. I was born in 1986 but she was mother to the conservative movement that was coming back after years under the hippie movement. As she was mother to the me generation and the yuppies she is grandmother to the new generation of conservatives rising up.

Women today are hardly feminine in a true sense. Today's women believe that there role is to pleasure a boy and have an orgasm at least once a day. They hang on to a boy for awhile and then move on as a bee moves on to the next flowers. The women in my generation are not feminine. They are either sluts or they are masculine, they think its cool to defy the role that God had intended, as help meet to their husbands, as lovers, as mothers as a guidance to the women of future generations on how to be matriarchs and mothers.

Feminism in the time of our forefathers meant something else, it meant chastity and honor. The suffagettes of the 10s and 20s and the 19th century were certainly feminine. They were godly women who opposed abortion, alcohol, sodomy and other evils. They were jeered as do-gooders and killjoys and many of those who opposed the 19th amendent to the constitution were afraid of them having a voice only because they feared of ruining their fun. It came too late as the decadent roaring 20s took hold in America.

They only got one thing wrong, prohibition. An honest attempt to curtail drinking and alcoholism that ruined marriages, destroyed lives and livelihoods that motivated many of these women who had lost their husbands and marriages to evil liquor unfortunately made the problem worse and gave rise to black markets and criminal enterprise through Al Capone and others. The consequences were not fully known. We can forgive them for that.

The right for women to vote opened a new voting bloc in our nation when it was needed the most. Women voters back then were conservative, they were moral, yes they did at times go too far demanding that government do more to safeguard Christian morals and virtues but even men in that country forgot that government is a dangerous force to be reckoned with and should not always be looked upon as a guardian of morals. Often as we have seen, it is a corrupter of morals.

The feminists of old are a far cry from what the post-modern mind considers to be a feminist. Feminism was not about women being on the same par as men, about being on a platform and holding high leadership like men or being sluts gyrating and swishing their bodies or "bods" as they called it to seduce a man and his wallet. No, it was about preserving the role of the woman as wife, mother and a keeper of spiritual and moral guidance, particularly to the future generations of young women.

This is the America that Phyllis Schlafly fought for. The America that Phyllis Schlafly tried to preserve against the tide of moral relativism and perversion.

Schlafly will be remembered however for her two greatest accomplishments, as a founding mother of the home school movement, at a time when government and a growing liberal menace threatened its existence despite the collapse and failure of public schools and as the woman who almost single handedly defeated the so called Equal rights amendment.

The Equal rights amendment had nothing to do with equal rights, it had nothing to do with protecting women, it was about creating as Schlafly put it, an androgynous society. This kind of society is something that no real woman of feminine virtues could cope with or survive in.

The ERA would destroy protections for women especially those most needy such as divorcees, widows and elderly women, it would prevent them from receiving aid and assistance, it would prevent them from functioning as caretakers, housewives an other traditional roles. And lets face it! Most woman would prefer to be a wife and mother at home rather than a career girl or a doctor or lawyer. Even my own wife, would prefer the quiet carefree life of living at home with the children and relaxing with a soap opera while I go about my business.

Today, as America's republic lays in darkness she will be remembered for ushering in a dawn of a new day under Donald J Trump. Schlafly and the Eagle Forum has been one of Trump's biggest supporters and her actions will have a great effect in the election of this great leader.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter unto the kingdom!



Anonymous said...

WTF?! Phyllis Schlafly was not a feminist! She was an anti-feminist! She opposed one of the most important, most pivotol constitutional amendments ofour time! The Equal Rights amendment would've given women an equal platform in politics, business ETC to that of men! No more glass ceiling! No more domestic violence, no more of this sexist BS and women being second place! Every other first world country has something like the ERA in existence! All but the United States of America, the only first world country that still has obsolete relgion, stille treats children and women as property and objects and still doesn't have an effective form of universal healthcare!

Anonymous said...

That's the post modern definition of feminism. In its true sense when first coined in the 19th century it regarded femininity and female traits. In other words, we may be of equal worth but our biological roles are not equal. Most career women I know including my wife would rather be stay at home moms and housewives looking after Junior.

The feminist movement today isn't aiming towards equal rights or worth, they desire an androgynous society where there is no gender. They consider gender labeling and biology to be hate speech just like the queers.

In fact, ever noticed how in these so called feminist rallies by the likes of NOW that they look like men? Its not about equal rights and egalotarianism as it is about eliminating gender all together...

mainestategop said...

I've been to these maoist rallies. They shouldn't be called feminists, they should be called butch, or Margot verger rallies. I mean they look like her!!!

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, women have roles. This is not religion or some rule made up by some guy this is nature and biology. Take it up with mother nature or God if you womyn have an issue!

Maurice Newhope said...

Couple of points I'd like to make Brian. First, as someone on FR pointed out, we didn't lose Phyllis Schlafly. God had a plan to put her on this earth at a pivotal moment in our history when we needed her. She helped form the conservative movement as we know it! Not only that, she defeated the feminists and stopped that so called "equal rights Amendment" from becoming part of and defiling our constitution! Its not an equal rights amendment, its an amendment to create an androgynous society and destory distinctions between genders like they did in Communist countries behind the iron curtain.

The second thing I want to point out, Phyllis quoted that the feminist movement wanted to destroy masculine things, I disagree. The feminist movement wanted to not destroy things masculine but to BECOME MASCULINE! I mean you've been to these rallies before Brian, I have too, they don't even look like women, they look like rednecks who survived a nuclear holocaust. No disrespect intended to rednecks FYI XD.

Thanks for the post Brian! If you need me to write stuff or talk about goings on in Share let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing more about them! Heard you got 2 articles about them!

mainestategop said...

Thank you Maurice! Send me the stuff in my Email if you got something up your sleeve. I'll bet its very interesting! I'll see if I can post it next week. Also, I got two make that three new articles on Share Wheel and the bums coming up, including one from a member.

Anonymous said...

RIP Phyllis 1924-2016

So it goes...