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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rhode Island escapee's abusive communist family and shrink respond

About 2 months ago, we presented the story of Roger Bauer, a victim of communism in the state of Rhode Island. The Democrats who control that state and support communism along with his liberal family abused him, denigrated him and forcibly held him captive in Rhode Island. He was unable to find work, be independent or take care of himself because of the bad treatment he received.

Roger was accused of having Asperger's syndrome, a very terrible disease of the brain that is believed to exist by liberals and those sympathetic to them and to government. Also they say those with Asperger's are said to be retarded, mentally ill, unable to take care of themselves and manage money. According to liberals they require systems to keep them under control and usually many with asperger either wind up homeless and destitute or in mental asylums for the stupid and insane. 

What is even more disturbing is that this disease is diagnosed for reasons that are ludicrous: Victims of bullying and sexual abuse, victims of society, those with beliefs that are considered unpopular, those who have been unemployed for long periods at any time in their life, those who disagree with the government, others are diagnosed simply for being eccentric.

Often times the diagnosis is done deliberately to maligning or victimize the poor victim, confiiscating bank accounts, property and any assets, holding them captive in liberal Democrat dominated states and cities, opening them to abuse or making them miserable to abuse them. This is what happened to Roger Bauer under his liberal family, doctors and the Democrat controlled state of Rhode Island.

To make matters worse, Rhode Island is among the most corrupt and evil states in the country and an economic wasteland. It is also had the distinction for two years in a row for being named the worst state for business and jobs by Forbes magazine and other years was among the top ten worst. It is also the state with the highest concentration of mentally ill. According to liberals this is caused by low incomes and brutal winters but it is likely that many of them have been diagnosed to silence them for  being abused and to make money of insurance, tax payers and kick backs from Pharmaceutical companies.

With help from a good Samaritan, Roger fled the state and eventually with help from Christian ministries and the Mormon church was able to flee out west and find a home and a job. Today, Roger is independent. He works full time, lives in an apartment in Orem Utah outside of Salt Lake City and is married to his sweetheart Rebecca Ann Bauer. They are also expecting their first child in May.

However, his family is not very happy that their son is independent. In fact, they have expressed a combination of bitterness, anger and dismay and claim to worry that their son Roger will lose everything because as they have stated time again, he is retarded and mentally ill and will have another psychotic episode. they have failed to demonstrate this in any way.

We present several responses. From Roger's brother Martin, Roger's former group counselor Jeff Gilmann, from another former victim of Rhode Island mental health, Regina Immersio AKA Regina Clayton, and from a liberal and red resident of Rhode Island, then there's another who knew Roger from group therapy from Jewish Conservative and Austrian school economist and activist Reuben Ben Abraham, from myself and from Rebbeca Ann bauer, the wife of Roger Bauer. In Addition We will also have Roger's response and a response from Michael O'Sullivan, a member of the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets who resides with his family in New Hampshire.

FIRST: Martin Bauer, older brother of Roger

This is a response to allegations made by my Brother Roger Bauer. I have known him my entire life I can attest that Roger Bauer is mentally ill, I have witnessed his actions and his behavior to be unusual and insane, he was diagnosed by several doctors who are in good standing and are licensed professionals in Rhode Island and Connecticut and I believe in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Washington. and that his mental illness is the result of his failure to be employed with a job, to be able to take care of himself and behave like an adult.

Roger's mental condition was apparent when he was probably 3 or 4 years old. What we thought of at first as rambunctious and playful behavior turned out to be signs of mental stress and illness. He would talk to himself and mumble, he would often wake up at night and jump on his bed and sing and mother read that this was a warning sign of conditions like ADHD or Autism. Also he would spin himself around and keep his toys organized a certain way and demand that they always be left in that state.

We took him to see three professionals. One argued that he would outgrow it, the other two partially agreed with the first but still expressed grave concerns he might have Asperger's syndrome or savant autism. Some of this behavior he outgrew but continued to perform such as spinning, waving his hands and organizing his toys and things certain way. One example, we had computer game where you designed your own battle field and game style like it could be war or fantasy or something else and Roger when it was his turn always demanded that it be designed exactly the way he wanted it to be.

It didn't matter if it was a medieval battle, world war 2 or fantasy, all the pieces, all the terrain had to be exactly a certain pattern, a certain way the same way just about every time. He was reluctant to play other maps or scenarios the way other people liked it or if the computer designed one for him. One time dad and I decided to make him play a different map and offered to reward him if he did, he refused and almost had a tantrum. We stopped. It was no fun playing with him.

His toys, his books, everything had to be organized exactly the way he wants it. No one but him was allowed to clean his room. He wouldn't allow it. We didn't know if we should be happy that he was willing to do it himself or worried.

When Roger was 7 or 8 we moved to Rhode Island and people began to pick on him. When Roger went to school in East Haven, Roger went to a private school from the time he was in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. We couldn't afford it any longer when we got to RI. Roger began to go to Silver Spring Elementary school. His first two days were alright but then on the third day he was attacked before school. We also heard that he cried a lot there and had crying spells in class and on the playground.

Roger had no friends while he was there. We found out that he got targeted from the get go. He was asked by the teacher about his school on the first day and another student claimed it was a school for special students. Roger didn't know what that meant and said it was because he liked going there. They set a trap for him and set him up. Unfortunately the teachers could only do so much since there was a large class. They weren't always able to stop it.

Now, Roger says that he went to school in New London. That's not true. We were only there briefly to visit relatives. I don't know where he got that idea from. But Roger brought a lot of this on himself and made himself a target. His teachers did not do nothing about it as he alleges, they did when necessary and told him he needed to ignore them, stop tatletaling and shape up. He didn't. He continued to cry, continued to act up and throw fits. On a couple of occasions he fought back and got in trouble which he shouldn't have done.

Now, Roger claims he was the butt of sex jokes and quote: "When Roger got back from the hospital the boy's friends spread rumors claiming that Roger had wet himself after being socked unconscious and that while at the hospital, the doctor touched him in his special place and made jokes making fun of sexual harassment infomercials. In a normal school, this boy would have been expelled and the other boys suspended. This did not happen. Roger's teacher instead told him to stop tattle-tailing despite the disgusting degrading and sexual nature of the taunts."

Roger was only in the hospital for the afternoon. The boy did get suspended and the family even paid for his medical bills. We were also informed he was severely punished and was grounded for a long period for hitting him. I know nothing of the sexual jokes and we did do something about it when it got out of hand but we told roger to ignore them and stop letting them make him a target. He still reacted and had fits. He had to toughen up.

My parents and teachers did the same for me by the way and whenever I ignored these people it went away. But Roger kept on feeding them. I should also point out that Roger tends to over exagerate alot of what has happened to him. This is a common symptom of Asperger's syndrome and other forms of mental illness.

It says here quoting Roger's allegations again, "At a parent teacher conference, Roger's mother only mildly rebuked the principal and teachers for not disciplining the bullies and for not doing enough to protect Roger. For the most par, they acted as though Roger brought it on himself."

That is because he did bring it on himself. His behavior was out of line, he cries all the time and the school did do what they could. Roger was also allowed to come indoors from recess if things got overwhelming.

That we couldn't afford to take Roger to a psychiatrist to learn more about his problems and have him officially diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome to help him out is a shame. America needs better  healthcare to help people like Roger including for those who can't afford it. We had to wait for things to build up to a pitched crisis before the government was able to offer a way to provide healthcare particularly mental healthcare for my brother that we could afford.

The doctors were very helpful, very good and very nice but Roger really resisted a lot of the help they tried to give him. He constantly tried to get out of taking his meds, he would rebel and mom and dad would have to set up guidelines sort of a contract, if Roger wanted to have any privileges for the day, he had to be medicated or he would not be allowed to play or go outside or do anything. Roger would still find ways to avoid taking his meds. On some occasions he would make himself sick and throw it up or hide it under his gums or in the back of his mouth and we constantly had to make sure it all went down and stayed down.

It is true that there were some adverse side affects but the meds did help him out. Okay, there were times were we'd trade one set of problems for other problems but for the most part, we took one step back and up to 3 or 5 steps forward. The only real problem was he was tired out from the meds and his grades slipped but for the most part, Roger wasn't taking a vested interest in his school work and putting himself ahead. Most of the ADD and slipping had more to do with apathy and because school didn't interest him. Not because of his meds.

We did later moved to Cranston but around that time my father was unable too get help for Roger. Our insurance wouldn't cover him anymore and the state was making cut backs on mental health services and Roger fell under that cut. As a result, Roger became more and more lost and more and more agitated and misbehaved more. It was a terrible set back.

Now these problems he listed had nothing to do with the meds. Eyesight, well he was nearsighted just like me. Some people get that. That had nothing to do with the meds. The hygiene weight problem is the result of two things, one, puberty and two, his poor eating habits and poor hygienic habits. Roger ate like a pig even when he was not on his meds. He also ate food that wasn't good for you to begin with. Most of the fault is with the school though since they didn't have healthy choices and we didn't do enough.

Roger was not able to go to a psychiatrist again until we signed him up for welfare, SSI and healthcare subsidies. We had to wait for SSI but Roger was given the opportunity to go to doctor Dizio who was very good with handling Roger. Roger says he was mean to him but that's because Roger disliked what he had to say to him. Dizio would call him out for denial of his condition and his behavior and he would go beserk and accuse him of abuse. One time he stormed out of the office and threatened to sue us and never go back. Dad had to really come down hard on Roger to get him to go back. Roger you see was still living with my parents and lived off our charity and we all threatened to cut it off and leave him on the streets if he didn't shape up and take care of himself by seeing a doctor and getting treatment for his condition.

Roger denied having Asperger's or any disorder, that his problems were all related to not having a job and independence. He couldn't find a job because of his poor social skills. Its true the economy wasn't good but his poor social skills were a major factor in his unemployment. The economy got better by the way and Roger still couldn't find a job. So yes its really his fault. We did get him to resume going to Dizio.

Dizio by the way did not ever tell us Roger would never  be independent or work. He told us that in the condition he was in at the time, his behavior and the mindset he had made it impossible for him to be employed or work at a job. Again, roger exacerbates the problem and takes it out of context. Either he is lying or his condition is warping his mind to the point where he cannot comprehend people's speech in a coherent fashion.

Dizio recommended Roger be put in a group home either in Rhode Island or Massachusetts or a residential treatment apartment so he could get better help. We were going to have him stay in a group home in Franklin Mass when he refused and ran away from home. Roger it turned out had saved some money from lunch when he was in high school to buy a bus ticket out of state.

We found out because his uncle saw him get on a greyhound bus that was going to Boston. He didn't know that he was not allowed to leave RI without our permission and thought Roger was just going for awhile. After he failed to show up at home we searched his room and found receipts on his computer for bus fare to Seattle. We called the police who then contacted the police in Seattle.

I would just like to say in response to the stuff Roger says, we did lie to the cops in Seattle that he was suicidal, well not exactly a lie, he had in the past threaten to kill himself if we didn't do what we wanted but we did play it up a bit in hopes that we could steer him into mental health services that would either bring him home or at least make sure he was taken care of. I don't know where he got this idea that the clerk told us, they weren't allowed to. I know because the second time Roger fled west, they refused to help us even with the police accompanying us.

Also Roger was found mentally incompetent by Rhode Island not Connecticut. Unfortunately there wasn't much we could do with it. We couldn't get guardianship or involuntary commit him because the laws at the time. The ACLU would probably just bail him out anyway. All we could do was bribe him and provide incentives to stay in Rhode Island but after he ran away the first time, we couldn't trust him with money.

We had him go to Dr Gabor Keitner who we have been told is a great expert on Asperger's and emotional disorders. I can attest he is a good professional and this allegation that he's a communist and abusive is just lies by anti-psychiatry propagandists who deny their illnesses. Keitner is also a professor of psychiatry at Brown University. This is not the kind of person you'd expect to fudge up Roger's diagnosis. Also, I want to point out AGAIN, no one said Roger was too stupid to be independent and work. They said it was difficult because of his condition. Okay?

Again, he and Keitner didn't get along, he accused him of things and he also went to see Jeff who is a peer counsilor who also had Asperger's and who had the same sort of childhood as Roger did. We had him go to Jeff and two other therapists. It was a peer to peer therapy meeting with other physicians and patients with Aspergers and other disorders. Roger was uncooperative during the meetings and would always demand to have the last word and shout down anyone who made suggestions to him. Jeff can tell you more but again its the same thing with Roger. He's always right, everyone is mean to him and wants to hurt him ETC. ETC.

We knew that Roger would run away again when the big flood hit the state in 2010. Roger complained that he couldn't get a job because "employers discriminated against him for being on welfare and SSI" He also said that "the economy is bad and rotten." He would call Rhode Island, "Rotten Rhode Island", "red Rhode Island," all these names because he couldn't find a job.

In reality Roger just has never been a likable person. His attitude, his outlook on life was just toxic. He never got along with anyone at home, at the therapy meetings or anywhere. He was always right. He was perfect, he had no disorder and then he'd do things like flap his hands, open and close his mouth maybe chew his nails, his fingers or sleeves or the collar of his shirt. Sometimes Roger would raise his voice and whenever anyone offered criticism no matter how friendly, Roger interpreted it as hostility against him.

Roger really did not get along at all with anyone. His social skills as demonstrated by his doctors and as we've seen ourselves were just a terrible disgrace. We knew that that was the real reason not Rhode Island's economy. In fact whenever I showed him the lighter side of Rhode Island like how we gained thousands of medical jobs thanks to Obama and how we gained back some of what we lost after the flood he'd fly off the handle and say we're mean, we wont admit Rhode Island is bad because we don't want him to be successful.

Roger also went off whenever we argued about jobs. He always demanded to be allowed to move someplace better like Seattle or Texas to work, we would tell him no, its not Rhode Island its you Roger. You can get a job if you actually try hard enough and stick to your meds. That would make him angry and he accused us of being communists and socialists, that we were mean to him for not allowing him to move. We let him go to Massachusetts or Connecticut but he refused.

Roger was just terrible. I think I should point out, as he began to get more frustrated, he began getting his info from Fox, from Infowarrior, from Glenn Beck ETC and would repeat their propaganda that its not his fault its Obama and the Democrats fault. At his doctors advise we just shut up about it and just put up. We told him yeah sure whatever Roger but you're not leaving New England again.

Eventually he did run away as we knew he would, when he didn't show up for supper we called the police and the next morning I knew he had run away. Dad put out a missing person report and Mom got a hold of police in Washington and elsewhere to see if they could look for him. Again we exaggerated the problem he had in hopes of getting him treatment. This time we had nothing to go on except a hunch he had gone to the mid-west either Texas or some other state.

One of mom's relatives down in Houston contacted Texas MHMR and she handed out flyers in case he was down there. We also contacted NAMI and they had some sympathetic volunteers in a few of the big cities in Texas hand out missing person flyers with Roger's picture on it. We learned later from missing person report that Roger was homeless in Spokane. His therapist Jeff and I went down there to coax him into coming back but he was gone. We didn't know until about last Christmas that Roger was in Utah.

Roger spoke to mom and dad and it didn't go well. As I mentioned to Brian, our parents were not very comfortable with religion. They were raised in strict households, Dad, Catholic and mom protestant. I think that was their upbringing and they hated religion and never saw religion in a positive light so when Roger called dad and told him he was a Mormon, they were very angry. They reacted the wrong way but they're sorry.

We are actually glad that Roger is safe and is productive but we are very very worried about him especially now that he is getting married and starting a family. Doctors are concerned that if Roger snaps, he could lose it all. Roger is mentally ill. He has Asperger's he might have other disorders he also has anxiety, mood swings ETC. One stressful incident, a mishap at work or anything else could cause him to lose everything he gained and that is our fear.

Roger, if you're reading this, we don't hate you. Were sorry the programs didn't do enough to help you but you needed to stay close to home in case something happens. Were here to help you Roger. If anything happens to you you're free to come home with your wife and kids. The only thing we require of you is you go back ot seeing doctors. You don't have to take medication anymore just to go to therapists and doctors and be cooperative. That's all. I'm sorry mom and dad reacted that way they are too but they came from a bad background. YOU ALSO CAME FROM A BAD TIME AND YOU'VE DONE WORSE WHEN YOU WERE UPSET! Please come home

and please PLEASE seek treatment! If you have a breakdown you'll lose everything! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR!! ITS NOT A BAD THING!! MAN UP!! DO IT FOR YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN ROGER!! PLEASE! WE LOVE YOU!!

That was Martin bauer, Roger's older brother.

Next up, Jeff Gilmann, another red who claims to be stupid with Asperger's syndrome as is alleged Roger. He is also Roger's therapist and counselor.

Hi, My name is Jeff Gilmann, I am a peer-to-peer counselor from Providence Rhode Island. I have Asperger's syndrome and I am developmentally disabled. I can't really tell you much about Roger due to privacy laws we have but I can tell you that his life is very, similar to mine quite quite. I can also attest to Roger's brother's testimony that he is a handful and acts similarly in group meetings.

I too, like Roger didn't want to face facts and come to terms with my condition. I also lived in denial, acted up, blamed everyone but myself and did all I could to avoid taking my meds and seeing a doctor. I see also on this website a lot of examples of people with Asperger's and other disorders getting angry and having outbursts because they did not want to go to programs or go on SSI. I was a lot like them.

You see, the problem Roger has, that they all have and that I have is that they always want everything to be their way. They need to wake up and learn that life is not Burger King. You can't have it your way!! I, like Roger had a condition, Asperger's syndrome. I didn't believe it, I didn't want to neither because  that would get in the way of living my life like I want to. I wanted to go to UMass, get a degree, live on my own and do everything my way. No, said my parents, you go a problem, you need to put that on hold and let the government help you out. You have a condition you need treatment.

So my dreams an my life were interrupted and I had to enroll in programs, see doctors, take strong meds that had side effects that wouldn't allow me to do the things I was accustomed to doing. By the way, patients with Asperger's syndrome are stubborn as a mule and refuse to deviate from any plans they set and have repetitive behavior they wont change. I was like that to so you can imagine how difficult it was. I couldn't drive a car anymore, I couldn't stay up at night anymore, I was supposed to inherit money but mom and dad put it aside in a trust fund so I could be eligible for SSI and Medicare.

I didn't like it, I fought it, I resisted, I denied having Asperger's, I denied that I had a problem but luckily I had a loving family that wouldn't give in or back down. There was tears, there was scuffles, there was shouting and arguing but they had my best interests at heart.I had to make compromises but life isn't fair. Life is about compromises.

Anyway my parents enrolled me in programs like Voc Rehab, Food stamps, Cash assitance, medical subsidies and arranged an appointment for me at a local clinic to see a doctor and be proscribed medication for my mental illness. I also enrolled in behavioral and counseling services.

The doctors and counselors were very helpful, very professional, very direct, they were also patient with impatient patients like me and convinced me of my need to take meds and get help. It took awhile, it took time, I did have to wait but it was all worth it. 3 years after enrolling I was able to get an apartment and a career as a peer counselor.

These things are all made possible by the very government that Roger and others like him eschew and it was all done in Rhode Island. Not Utah, not Montana, not Washington, Rhode Island. So see, its not Rhode Island's fault that Roger can't get a job its him.

The problem with people with Aspergers is that they demand everything their way. They are repetitive in their behavior and their desires. They always want everything organized exactly a certain way exactly at  every time. They also have these grandiose plans that they believe is the only plan workable when in fact they usually are the least workable.

They tend to not be flexible, they can be stubborn, rigid and inflexible. This is how I was, this is how Roger was. Roger wants to be employed, independent right now! But he has to wait, he has to go to treatment, he has to learn how to work, he had to take a job skills course, social skills coaching ETC.

He did alright with the job skills course but social skills training ETC. were hard. He wouldn't cooperate, he was boastful, loud and said he didn't need to be there. Also he was not cooperative during group therapy sessions that I and other counselors conducted.

Roger simply did not want to change, everything is everyone's fault but his. Its never his fault, he doesn't have to change we all do. This is the sick mentality Roger had and it shows Roger is a sick sick person who needs help. Again, I am not permitted by law to reveal everything about Roger at the meetings and what we learned about him. Roger's family and one of the patients at group can explain.

But I can tell you as Martin has told you, Roger is mentally ill. He was declared mentally unfit by the state of Rhode Island just before he ran away, he has documentations from psychiatrists in Connecticut, massachusetts and Washington that diagnose him as having Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant syndrome, possibly PTSD, Anxiety, panic disorder and bipolar disorder. His diagnoses have been confirmed by certified professionals who are licensed in their respective states. Not a one of them are wrong.

Roger may be independent and working now but it wont last. Roger is vulnerable to having a break down or an episode which he is documented as having. All it takes is one problem, one break and he can lose everything. Rebecca Ann, whoever she is is gonna leave him and find another man who wont have his problems.

I know what you're saying, Rebecca will never leave him and I don't doubt she loves him BUT... I can tell you from experience, I've seen it before many times, once this happens, she's gonna be stuck homeless with a handful of children, nothing but the clothes on their back and a man who isn't manly and who can't and wont provide her needs or children's needs. The first thing she'll be doing is looking for another man to take care of her and the kids. Doesn't matter if they're religious, doesn't matter if she has feelings for Roger, she's gonna up and leave him and take the kids with him and Roger is stuck, homeless, no money, no home, he doesn't even get SSI anymore.

This is the situation that will happen unless Roger shapes up, gets help and resumes treatment. He needs to take responsibility for his condition, admit he has a condition, stop this senseless denial and get responsible and get treatment. Roger, If you're reading this, don't bother with denial, its gonna happen. Believe me. When Rebecca Ann and your children are left in the cold and you can't find work, when the chips it the fan, denying and lying and creating these intellectual and libertarian smoke bombs are not going to help you out. It'll become apparent to all around you that you have a problem.

Doesn't matter how much she loves you or God or Joseph Smith. A hungry belly and crying children will always trump belief, morality, restraint, everything. I've seen it happen before Roger, please get help.

And this was from Roger's peer counselor, Dr. Jeff Gilmann, who also claims to be retarded with Asperger's and another lemming who worships the government. And here's another government worshiping lemming, Kenny, Mcwilliams, who claims to be part of Roger's peer to peer group and who claims to know him.

 Hi, my name is Kenny McWilliams, I live in East Greenwich Rhode Island and I suffer from a dual diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, Forward impulse  control syndrome, panic disorder, generalized anxiety and clinical depression. I am also a recovered alcoholic and a recovered addict of video games and TV.

I started going to Group counseling when I was 17. By this time I was already on SSI and getting free healthcare, food stamps and I was enrolled in housing. Since i was disabled I was on the top of  the list and in less than a year I got my own apartment first in East Providence then in East Greenwich.

Group counseling with Jeff Gilmann has been wonderful. We have lots of fun especially on holidays like Halloween or on birthdays. Whenever its someone's birthday we have cake and pizza. The only dark spots at group are when we have people like Roger come in who are in denial of their condition and are loud and always obnoxious. Usually these people leave cause they dont want to face up to their condition. Roger was there with us for awhile because his parents forced him to go.

The other people are those who show up with no self esteem and are just miserable all the time. This lady who was in our group for people with Asperger's was there. She was homeless and lonely and suffered weight problem. She also had no family. She later killed herself and we were all sad.

Roger was the only other dark cloud our group ever had to put up with. he was always denying his condition, he said that he was to smart to have Asperger's syndrome, he didn't want to be there, he didn't have a problem, nothing was ever his fault ETC. Whenever one of us pointed out that maybe the reason he can't find a job is because he did something wrong, he'd flip out.

Roger when he showed up sometimes he wore raggedy clothing, sometimes he didn't bathe, sometimes he didn't shave, he'd be all angry and screaming and yelling. He was very hypersensitive to criticism. This guy was always yelling and hollering whenever we pointed out his short comings, he'd even knock down the table and storm out crying. This guy certainly had mental problems. no doubt. He denied it and yet showed it every time

One of our members for instance had recently been hired someplace so obviously its not Rhode Island's fault or the economy its him doing it. When he heard that he claimed he was just lucky and that his chances of being hired are too small. Well he had Asperger's too and no experience so he got hired because he was doing something right and Roger was screwing around. He then flipepd and said we were never at any job interviews and that we were all mean to him and were all socialists who worshiped the government.

Well I don't believe in worshiping anything but I do know that Obama is doing a terrific job and that Rhode Island is doing a good job. The problem is Roger doesn't want to admit that he's mentally ill because if he wasn't, he'd be employed at a job. Its his fault not Obama and the Democrats that he's unemployed. The economy is doing good, were out of the recession, its no one's fault but yours if you can't get a job. You don't need to move far away or do all this stupid stuff. Wise up, face facts, admit you have a problem.

Roger would get so out of control he would pound the table, curse, swear, storm out, the last time he was there he said nothing. His parents forced him to go back and threatened to punish him if he stormed out again. He said he had nothing to talk about to us and that his parents were hurting him at home and would hurt him again if he spoke up because it would lead to an irrational argument in favor of socialism. thats kinda what he said. I don't exactly remember everything he did say.

Well anyway, Jeff and the other counselors tried to get him to talk, he'd give us this look. His mindset was totally distorted and he was closed minded. There was no way he was going to make progress unless something happened to him. This guy was resistant to any treatment and was just miserable  and being hard on himself. I don't know what else to say but things were quiet after he ran away out to Utah.

One more thing I want to bring up, I was watching the miracle worker on Youtube last month and that whole story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, it reminded me of Roger and his parents having to put up with his behavior. Helen Keller was deaf blind and dumb, didn't know how to communicate and was out of control. She always got things her way. At breakfast for instance she always helped herself to other people's meals, she ate with her hands, she would throw fits and tantrums, she was just out of control.

This is what people like Roger are like. This is what our mindset is what these teabag conservatives are who think the government should live and let live. NO! It doesn't work that way! Anne Sullivan the Miracle worker, she had to really get tough on Helen to get her to behave and use a fork and spoon like everyone else. I mean watch the movie you'll see, she had to really get tough and I think it was very hard to watch and I wonder it must've been painful for Helen's parents but she had to go through that to learn how to function normally.

This is what Roger has to go through this is what Dr Jeff had to go through when he was younger. I like what our founding fathers said but its time to evolve. Those rights and things we had back then most of them are not relevant anymore. Its not 1776 its 2016. We live in a country that now has 300 million people living in it and we have to share it. Yeah everyone has rights but when you have a condition that's been diagnosed by umteen certified professionals with good standing in the state, when you've been declared mentally incompitent by the courts then you shouldn't have that many rights as anyone else, you need to be taken care of. If that means you have to sit and wait while you have no job or live someplace you don't like that's too bad.

I didn't like it either when I couldn't move out of my parents house, when I was told that I couldn't move out of Rhode Island or Massachusetts, I didn't like having the government come into my life and tell me that their gonna do everything for me but the state is good for us. It knows how to take care of us better than we do. If you can't get a job, if you're homeless in this country in a place that has an effective government like Massachusetts or Rhode Island its you're own fault not the government's fault. That's all I have to say about that.

Thus spoke another communist lemming and useful idiot who thinks its always the victim's fault and never Obama and the government's fault.

Next here's Regina Immersio who you may remember from a pervious article, drugged and sterilized against her will by abusive parents 

Having read the responses by Jeff, Kenny and Martin I can only conclude that if mental illness does exist it would have to be liberalism. Rhode Island hasn't changed since I've been there. Still they're communists.

I don't really have anything to add except that if Rhode Island really was a good place and if Obama was doing a good job, it would not have been necessary to restrict Roger or myself to keep us in one place while being in captivity. We should have been allowed to live our own lives on our own terms not the terms of stupid parents and stupid politicians. That Rhode Island would blame the unemployed for their failure to create jobs shows that Rhode Island has failed and that socialism has failed. Blaming the victim is cowardice. Blaming the victim is admision of failure.

If Democrats were right, if government was always right, there would never have been a need to blame me or Roger. Now I never met Gilmann but I did have to deal with Dr Keitner for awhile. Gilmann says he's a peer counselor. He says the government is good to him. Then why is he a peer counselor instead of working at a normal job?

Because no one wants to hire a bum on SSI or welfare that's why. By letting the government bully him and tell him how to run his life, he made himself unemployable. He became a peer counselor because its really a form of bribery. He's in a position now where he can't be employed so they offer him this stupid job as a peer counselor. He gets the job and he's suitable because he's what Vladimir Lenin calls a useful idiot.

Useful idiots were these liberals who were gullible and who believed the party line. Just like Jeff, Kenny and these other halfwits who love the government. Jeff as a bonus gets a job. Its not even a real job.

One more thing, this saying that Roger brought it on himself is disgusting! Martin, if he loved his brother should be apologizing for how they treated him, instead he repeats everything his parents and teachers say that roger brought it on himself. THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR THAT! Bullying is unacceptable!

that's all I have to say. Oh and that they'd ridicule him for being Mormon is also low and disgusting.

That was from Regina Immersio of Fort Collins Colorado

Next up, Reuben Ben Abraham, Jewish conservative, businessman and Austrian Economist

Well, it looks as though Regina and Roger spoke well for themselves. Also the original article speaks it eloquently. Here's the thing. To be mentally incompitent in a real sense is to be ignorant and blind to the consequences of negative actions. In all these cases documented on Mainestategop blog, the victims here all have the ability to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil whats good for them and whats not good for them.

Roger is aware that SSI, government programs ETC are not beneficial, Roger wants to move out on his own because Rhode Island just doesn't have what he needs. It doesn't have what he wants and he wants a job, independence and a decent living. Most of all a job because mental health teaches that all unemployed are basically mentally ill and use it as a symptom of mental illness no matter how long or recent. If Roger gets a job, the diagnosis is no longer relevant. But even being in skilled employment, they still want to rock the boat and label Roger as a mental defect.

The thing about why freedom of choice is necessary and why it is needed in a free society is because we don't want the government to force someone to take risks they feel is unnecessary and dangerous. Roger for instance and Regina as well is forced to take the risk that the government will never help them. That they should forgo independent responsible adult living and wait and see if the government can help.

On this blog it has been documented that this never has worked! People are waiting years and years for a job that never shows up!!! Why? Because government is lazy! Its a time waster! These people don't care what happens they'll still get paid with our taxes. IN FACT they get paid more for having poor people remain poor and in that condition!

Here we see a prime example of why socialism is failed. First they force Roger and Regina to become consumers of government medical services against their will. They also force them to become consumers and participants in other services that are connected to government. Second, they are forced to take risks and blunders that they know are harmful and their cautious attitude is labeled as denial. Third, the government fails and they blame Roger for it.

I think this idea that its the unemployed victim's fault, well what is there to say? If they're trying and unless they were present at all their interviews they have no right to condemn him. To say that its Roger's fault well its as Regina said, cowardly. Blaming the victim is a sign of weakness. It shows that Rhode Island's government is corrupt and ineffective.

The Democrats clearly are of less moral ground than even the most miserly of republicans. Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh and that other guy from Georgia I believe it was Neal Boortz, they may be heartless and at times selfish (which coming from a conservative like me is says something) but at least to my knowledge, Newt, Rush or the mouth from the south aren't going to ban you from relocating to a place that has a better chance of finding work and a place to live, neither will they use the government to make that chance lower the way Roger's parents, doctors and "caretakers" have done.

At least I would hope not, The Grand Old Party should not embrace this kind marxism at all the way the Democrats have. The Democratic party is the party of heartlessness and abuse. Not the Republicans despite all the allegations by liberal, corporate news media.

But unfortunately Rhode Island as one of the most liberal states in America, I dare say even more so than California or New York, they would rather force innocent people like Roger to take risks that they see has being incredibly high and not necessary.

This brings to mind the banking crisis that we've had in the past decade and how liberals especially the radical ones in the Clinton Sanders camp at Occupy Wall street blame the banks. No its really the fault of the government primarily the Democrats that this happened and that we've had to bail out these banks to avoid making things worse.

This whole problem started with Bill Clinton creating the CRA, the Community Reinvestment act which forced privately owned banks to make risky loans to people who were risky. What I mean is that these people they loaned money to either had no education, no experience in owning or maintaining a home or business and most of the time they had a behavior or mindset that made them unable to manage a home or business.

I'm talking about these thugs and welfare bums who live in South central LA and in the Bronx and the hood as well as these cross burning hillbilly white trash in the boondocks, the sort of people who'd follow David Duke whenever he drags a dollar bill through a trailer park in Mississippi. No offense intended to people from Mississippi or rural American BTW. Most people in these areas are decent people as there are wonderful people trapped in the ghettos of urban America who struggle to get out. I should know because I employ two such individuals from Compton who receive white collar wages now. They tell me all the stories and dramas that take place there when they were growing up. Stuff not suitable I'd say for this article.

Anyways, before I jump off track here, these banks are being forced to make loans to poor people in blighted urban areas to own their own home or start a small business and yet they can't do it! They don't have the training or the mindset necessary to do it!! It's not that easy believe me! When I was young and getting into the business world, I had to try and try again and their were failures and set backs! Its not easy!

So these banks make these loans that they know mostly they'll never get back again so no wonder they start to collapse and fail!!So we had to bail them out! And what of the Democrats? They blamed the banks! They and George Soros paid lazy loser bums to camp out in city parks and smoke weed and get drunk to protest against the banks rather than their Democratic masters who made this happen!!

So they're scapegoating the banks and big business for the failure of the Democrats not to mention that most of these bums don't want to work and have been laying about on the street since the presidency of Bill Clinton!

So we see here that Roger Bauer is to blame for why Democrats in Rhode Island can't take care of him and why they can't help him. Democrats in other blue states do the same thing to victims of their help.

This is why Ronald Reagan stated that the worst thing that an American can hear is, "Hi! I'm from the government, I'm here to help!"

One more thing, Jeff Gilmann and these other people like him have no critical thinking skills. They are unable to comprehend that man and government is falible.

I plan to write more of this in a future article concerning freedom of choice and government failure. In the mean time I wish the happy couple, Roger and Rebecca the best.

That was conservative and Austrian economist Reuben Ben Abraham's response.

This response comes from Michael O'sullivan of Lebannon New Hampshire

Yeah I gotta say this as a parent and as a conservative who by the way having also escaped from communist Democrats in this case, from New York, the big rotten apple, these parents of Roger's and I want to also add any other parent like this like say Herbert Bowler or Regina's these are irresponsible, lazy worthless scum who should've kept their legs closed for everyone's sake especially their kids.

I can't really find the words to describe this kind of excrement, these left wing communist low life pieces of something brown that begins with s they are lower than that! These lefties, they have kids, they let their kids go to a public school run by a corrupt and sinful government that just doesn't care where they are bullied and harassed and they're told to shut up and deal with it, they then get told that just because they're being pushed around they're now mentally ill with some funny named disorder named after a guy by the way who was a godless Nazi war criminal! They let this happen and they're mad at the kid!

I mean these dumb stupid twats took their kid, put him in harms way, force him on these stupid programs that help no one but the idiots who work there, the kid is unemployed, miserable, wants to leave, the parents blame him tell him no! Then they wonder why he's got problems!

Now, I am a conservative Catholic, I oppose and deplore abortion, eugenics, birth control ETC. but these damn liberals should've done their kid a favor and aborted him or prevented him from being born. I know that sounds terrible but its a mercy compared to what they did to their poor kids and what they do to poor kids like Roger bauer!!! IF YOU HAVE KIDS THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH! OTHERWISE USE A DILDO!! DON'T HAVE KIDS!!!

If my kids screw up well, its my fault. I failed. I have to take responsibility for that and Roger's parents should to. I'd get my kids to shape up, go move someplace nicer like Utah or Nebraska or Kansas where there's jobs and stuff!!! Pick yourself up and get a job!! I'm not gonna make them sit and wait it out while on the back burner in home or some stupid shelter someplace!

These parents are irresponsible. Its not Roger who needs to be responsible. He wanted to be responsible! He wants to take responsibility! YOU WONT LET HIM!! HE CAN'T WORK AND LIVE!!! STOP KEEPING HIM DOWN!!


Jeff Gilmann, they made him a peer counselor because they cant find work for him. No one wants to hire someone who has a label on his head that says he's got a mental disorder, that turns off employers and yes they have ways of finding out! Privacy laws are the worst they've ever been! So this guy, Jeff is conditioned by the government to think its his fault he can't get a job, its his fault he has a problem, he believes the government and everything they say!!!!

I have trouble wanting to either feel sorry for this kid that he's been brainwashed to love the government or if he's a willful idiot. Listen to what he says and I quote: I didn't like it, I fought it, I resisted, I denied having Asperger's, I denied that I had a problem but luckily I had a loving family that wouldn't give in or back down. There was tears, there was scuffles, there was shouting and arguing but they had my best interests at heart.I had to make compromises but life isn't fair. Life is about compromises."

COMPROMISES!? NOT BEING ALLOWED TO DRIVE A CAR ANYMORE, WORK AT A JOB, BE INDEPENDENT!? ARE YOU MAD?! I know that there are compromises but there are unreasonable compromises too!!! You let your parents take away your rights and your happy for it!? I'd have run away from home if that were me. The professionals, they're lying POS!!! They duped you. You have no critical thinking skills, you have no knowledge of how the world works!

This guy has been brainwashed and conditioned to worship the government as divine and infalible! The government is God and the government is good for you. He's been taught to close his  mind and this arguement that everything a professional says is true, politicians are always right, that is ridiculous! This is not what our founding fathers intended!!

As I've heard it said, the constitution is not the clapper. You can't turn it on and off whenever you want to. If we allow the government to do that, our rights cease to exist for all time. Our rights are gone forever. As I have heard it said, we have no rights if they become like a light switch. Yet these damn Democrats including this marxist pig, Jeff Gilmann see nothing wrong with allowing the government to interfere with someones life and destroy their life's work. What makes this story more outrageous is that Jeff and it happen to him and enjoys it and supports it.

This kind of person is almost lost to us. Its willful idiocy or its conditioning. Its very sad as much as it is outrageous.

This other kid, Kenny, he's also brainwashed and conditioned. Its sad as well.

These stories I read are just sad. And they're all true. I have seen it. I saw it myself, innocent people who have their life's work taken away from them and these damn Democrats complain about problems with society and either blame the victim or blame the Republicans. Blame yourselves liberals! YOU WANTED COMMUNISM! YOU GOT COMMUNISM!!!

That was Michael O'sullivan, member of New England Alliance for liberty and free markets and a former liberal and former resident of New York city New York.

Now, here's Rebecca Anne, wife  of Roger Bauer

I have worked my whole life in charity and social work. It is a requirement of my Mormon faith. Since I was 16 I have worked at shelters, hospitals, battered women's shelters ETC. As a student of BYU Brigham Young University I was required to travel and do work out of state. Most of my work was in California where I saw first hand the ugliness and failure of liberal thought and the failure of socialism.

Our Mission group first went to work in Modesto. We saw that the area was teeming with homeless people. It turns out they're homeless because apartments cost too much. They were at least a thousand dollars in stark contrast to Utah where rent was Three hundred dollars. The reason for this was because there was not enough and you also had all this immigration and property taxes. The demand was higher than the supply so there simply wasn't enough.

But the people there held the homeless in contempt and didn't want to help them. I was told that they already paid with taxes so it wasn't necessary, we were told that they were all addicts, criminals, mentally ill, they put themselves there, they were there voluntarily Etc. But I didn't see that. I saw people who couldn't get jobs because they were too old to work but not old enough to qualify for social security and you had people who  were addicted to alcohol and drugs and who and mental illness but still they were blamed on for their plight.

What really bothered me was that they felt that since there was already welfare in California, charity and caring was not necessary. I asked about what about God's word, they told me either that they didn't believe in any religion or God or that it doesn't matter. Well if the state is a substitute then why are they not helping them? Why is there still a homeless problem? A problem with rent? Unemployment? These people had this mindset that it was no longer their jobs but government's job. And the government failed.

I saw the same thing in Los Angeles. I went to skid row and it broke my heart. I saw people who some had no money, no food or clothes, one women wore only a xxl shirt which she wore as a shift and another woman who wore a garbage bag as a shirt and a pair of torn shorts. We bought the two some new clothes. We asked why nothing was done, we were informed that they didn't care. There was not enough clothing and they had to save it for emergencies like someone who is found naked or has damaged clothes. One woman, a prostitute had been beaten by her pimp and thrown out into the streets naked and she had nothing. The Union Rescue Mission got her clothes.

Unfortunately the needs are so so great and the government wont do enough. But they still think Obama and the Democrats are great people and its either, the government will provide or, these people put themselves in this situation these people did it to themselves, they're worthless, they're mentally ill, they're a burden, they should die ETC. One person who used to live in  Skid Row told me in an email that sometimes police and even pastors tell them to commit suicide because they were a burden and that they'd go to heaven if they did.

What was the most disturbing is how a lot of these people got there. I said that these people think government did good well that's not true. It did no good. The government failed. What's even worse is that many of these people became homeless because of government.

I saw people who had been foster children from broken families, they had no one to turn to, when they turned 18 they were thrown out into the streets with no supports, unable to finish school, unable to find jobs, many of them become criminals and wind up in jail or prison, its also illegal in most places to be homeless and these poor people find themselves in jail simply for being poor and having no skill or job. It broke my heart.

Also there were people who had their property and homes taken by the state and yet the state is the only one who can take care of them and they're all worthless and its all their fault. This is proof that socialism is a catastrophic failure. Also, as a Mormon, I felt more close to my Mormon beliefs. Catholics and protestants are teaching this that they should be left to fend for themselves and that God helps those who helps themselves. Its tragic.

When I met Roger he was like that too. He was homeless and cast out by family members. He had been abused by family members who didn't care. He had no where to go and no one to turn to. We helped him and the ministry he was with helped him too. The government gave him no help.

The government not only never helped Roger, they abused him. Yet I hear from everywhere I've been that its the governments job, the government has somehow usurped the church as caretaker and provider for the needy. Its very sad.

The only thing that's as disturbing is seeing how his parents and how these what I believe are called useful and willful idiots are willing to believe everything the government says and even stand up for the government whenever they fail and mess up! Its not Roger's fault he was in the condition he was in, its his parents and the state of Rhode Island!

I have seen what it does to people. They report all these bad things about Roger and his behavior, well maybe you shouldn't be restricting him and abusing him and not letting him live a normal life. LET HIM LIVE A NORMAL LIFE! He'll get better and he has gotten better!

I was very shocked that they still accuse Roger of being a bad person. They also claimed that I was a gold digger which I find shocking! Believe me if that were true, I would've found someone with money. I wanted someone who is a good Christian, a devout Mormon like I am, I wanted someone who could spend eternity with me and give me children. I wanted love not money, I wanted Roger.

I would not leave Roger even if we were hungry or poor. I've been in that situation before by the way. So have my grandparents during the great depression. They did not leave each other. Our marriage is fire proof, its one of love not material, physical or temporal need. That these people would say those things tells me how evil they are and what kind of people liberals are.

Roger is not a bum. He is not mentally ill and he does not need treatment. In fact medication and treatment often makes these problems people have worse. I would never let my children go to a doctor like that.

There really isn't any such thing as mental illness. Its just make believe, they want you to think that you're stupid and worthless. In reality, the problems people we associate with mental illness have are really a spiritual problem not a mental problem. Other times they are caused by grief, emotional stress, perhaps some traumatic injury to the head, most diagnosis are fake. The Rosenhan Experiment proves that mental illness is non-existant.

Jeff Gilmann and Roger's parents come across as mean people and just by saying these terrible things about my husband show that they are mean people. Its unacceptable and its simply inappropriate. But we are told that just because they're parents and Jeff has some certificate from a corrupt state government, they're always right. The state is not God.

I want to thank Brian for showing this on his blog on the internet. This really shows and proves that psychiatry, liberalism, socialism and trusting the government is futile. It has really given me insight into politics and the sinful nature of government and has increased my faith in Mormonism.

Roger Bauer's Response

Thank you Brian for publishing my story and publishing my response and letting these liberal fascists have a chance to respond. Normally my parents and Dr Jeff would never let me have my side told. Mom and Dad would tell me to shut up, Jeff would also shout me down and so would my parents, I am wrong, they are always right, they haven't really changed.

I pay rent, I work at a job, I cook my own food, I have a wife and soon a child, I have friends but they want to go all the way back to when I was a child, dig up long dead bones and use THAT to diagnose me with a worthless stupid retarded disorder that doesn't even exist. Just because I had no friends in Rhode Island its my fault not Rhode Island's fault for being racist and mean. Its my fault not Rhode Island's fault that there were no jobs. They even lie and say there were jobs!

My Brother Martin is a liar and a lowlife. He says its my fault I'm picked on, I'm a social retard not the bullies. I'm surprised they didn't lie like they did with Dr Dizio and Dr Keitner. Martin and Mom said I wet the bed. BALONEY! I never wet the bed since I was 4! They also told Dr Dizio that I crapped my pants in class which never never NEVER happened. They can't even prove it!!!

It surprises me they didn't do that but I'm not surprised they'd admit lying to get me in trouble in Seattle! If I had made it I would have been free from abuse, no more meds, no more being overweight, no more unemployed, no more homelessness. No. I have to live in nasty nasty no jobs Rhode Island, with all the crime, poverty and despair, I have to live in a bad place I don't want to live in, I have to live in a bad place full of unemployment and poverty and its always my fault that I'm poor!

Dr Gilmann was very very mean to me and so were everyone in the group. They made me feel worthless, they made me feel terrible, everything is my fault, everything bad that people do to me from childhood on, its my fault not theirs, the bullies who hurt me in school do not have Asperger's or any other make believe disorder, only I do for being their victim. They can live anywhere they want, they can work wherever they want, they can do anything they want. I CAN'T

I Can't, I have to go on stupid worthless programs. I have to sit and wait, I have to go to some quack who doesn't really give a damn about me, I have to take strong meds that make my head hurt, make me agitated and make me fat. I have to wait and sit and wait and be unemployed, poor and miserable.

I have no family except for my wife and children and her family. My Mormon church. They are my family not these evil people who never helped me at all.

The moral to the story if there is one is that the government isn't always right, the government isn't always reliable, the government isn't kind or nice at all. The government cares only for looking out for itself. It cares only for eating our taxes. They get paid more if we suffer.

I want to thank everyone for your prayers, I thank also Brian Ball and I thank the New England Alliance for Liberty and free markets for giving me a voice and for all your prayers and support. Thank you all very much.

And now my response...

Well... What can I say? We knew what to expect. Liberalism Socialism, communism, fascism (national Socialism) call it what you like, there's hardly any difference... 

The government certainly isn't  always right. Not even nice either. Not at all. Its evil, its filthy... Its wicked and corrupt. The government couldn't really care. Government is only looking after one person's interest. Government. It helps no  one but itself.

As for the people who support it and enable it either by being silent and looking on or by voting Democrat or supporting the government against its victims, they are just as much to blame for letting this evil happen. Apathy and liberalism are the fuel of our evil failing government.

Whenever our government is allowed to turn on or off our rights, we no longer have any rights. We have mere extended privilege, a foundation of socialism. When government extends privilege to whoever it wants, picks and chooses losers, is allowed to control any segment of our lives, we all become losers and we cease to have any kind of life.

A free society cannot be free unless its freedoms are made absolute and rock solid. Our constitution, our bill of rights stands on firm foundations in faith in the Judeo-Christian God of the pilgrims and our founding fathers. Other nations boast of basing their so called rights and constitutions on our own but these nations lack the foundations of biblical morals and values. They are founded on love of state and rulership than of God and freedom, they are founded on false philosophies and paradigms that contradict the loving God of America that has guided our nation our country and so the foundations they base on are unstable as shifting sands (MATTHEW 7:26)

Hence, the rights that are claimed to been had in Europe and pseudo democracies in Latin America and Asia are not rights but worthless privilege enjoyed only by a small minority yet maintained through tyrannies of politicians or ignorant brute majorities. The people are enslaved and oppressed as the people we have discussed in our article and others. Yet despite all this, liberals claim to be more enlightened than us and that our ways are old fashioned.

The US constitution is oft compared to a horse and buggy whip while socialist tyrannies in Europe such as Denmark, Belarus, Britain, China and North Korea are more advanced and more modern. But it is really the opposite. Our foundations may be over two centuries old but they are two millenia ahead of the times. It is the liberals and their godless governments that are old fashioned and outdated. They deprive human beings of their right to control their destiny instead putting ahead what they call "the greater good" Or earth worship.

What comes to mind is a quote from Rod Sterling back in 1961 regarding the political climate in his Twilight Zone story, the obsolete man. It takes place in the distant future perhaps one not to far away should Hillary Clinton win the elections. A totalitarian state exists where God is declared dead, where books and libraries are illegal and where the state is all powerful all knowing. Very much like Rhode Island and any other state or municipality that is Democrat ruled.... Here is what he said:

This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super-states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.

Note that its not just talking about the evil rulers of the 20th century, perhaps the bloodiest and deadliest in mankinds history but since time in the beginning, Tyrants, despots such as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France, King George the 3rd of England, Alexander the 3rd of Russia, Oliver Cromwell, Queen Bloody Mary Tudor, Lorenzo Medici, Genghis Khan, King Edward Longshanks, Saladin, Attilla, Thor Blue tooth, King Guthrum of Denmark, The Caesars Caligula or Nero, or perhaps Pharaoh Akhenaton or Ahab and Jezabel. On every government that patterns itself on modern day socialist godless liberalism, they end up patterning themselves on every tyrant in history from the days of Adam to the closing days of Obama.

It is liberalism and its lack of respect for human worth, human rights and human dignity that every liberal country enshirnes, it is these governments that Liberals embrace that are truly obsolete and old fashioned. Ours may not be perfect but when the values of the founding fathers were used, they worked. As Rod Sterling says in closing with regards to Democrats like Jeff Gilmann and the Bauer family or the Immersio family or for that matter any like minded family and the government in Rhode Island...

He was obsolete. But so is the State, the entity he worshiped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of Man, that state is obsolete. A case to be filed under "M" for Mankind—in The Twilight Zone.


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Anonymous said...

The liberal logic is astounding... First of all, just because Roger as a child, flapped his hands, organized his toys, spun around, that means he's retarded with Aspergers and can't work.

Yet he's working and taking care of himself. Far better I should add than the libtarded government in Rhode Island.

Also, he brought it on himself. This sounds a lot like what they say to rape victims in New York. She can't own a gun legally but its her fault a guinea raped her. The police BTW are made up of greasers no wonder they blame victims.

And then this thing where its his fault Rhode island can't find him a job. Why is it Roger's fault he's unemployed but not Rhode Island and voc rehab's fault they couldn't take care of him??????

Anonymous said...

Right, so now its his fault that he couldn't get a job in Rhode Island not because his parents are abusive and holding him back and not because the economy is crap thanks to taxes and heavy spending by the state to say the least. I mean they wont even let him move? WHY? Why do they hate their son so much?

Anonymous said...

Oh Come on!! Just because he twirls and organize his toys he's a retard!? I mean Its like, your kid is organized, he plays he spins *GASP!* He has autism! He's stupid! Better get him to a doctor fast!!!!

My son did that. He spun around, he organized his toys, he was very very smart. He had no disorders. Its fortunate he grew up in a place and time that didn't have liberalism and mental health. He's now a happy man with a job, a house and two beautiful children and a great wife! WHAT CRAP!! Liberals are filthy beasts! The worst kind!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have lived my whole life in Rhode Island. After reading this I see why this kid is screwed up. Listen to what he says, he says: OH ITS NOT MY FAULT I CANT FIND A JOB! ITS NOT MY FAULT ITS EVERYONE ELSES FAULT! WAAAAHHHHH! WAAHHHHHH!! Then his brother points out that he wet the bed, spun around, had tantrums, couldn't play nice with his siblings, everyone hated him, gee I wonder why?

I used to go to school with losers like this. They deserve to be picked on. The way they behave and act, dress even in class they bring it on themselves. Its mostly the parent's fault but this kid needs to take responsibility. And look, he has cry spells on the playground. This kid is mentally ill. There's something wrong.

All and all this kids behavior is whacked up! Spining around and flapping your hands isn't play, its mental illness. Its sad the parents couldn't get help.

And that's not all. The kids a mormon now. He's one of those religious cuockoos who talks to GAAAAWWWDDD!! No wonder he couldn't get a job. I mean I was recently hired to work a year ago and my son was able to get a job in Rhode island so your screwed up its all your fault.

Blame yourself you retard! I don't even know why they hired you!

Anonymous said...

Rhode Island is among the most corrupt and evil states in the country and an economic wasteland. It is also had the distinction for two years in a row for being named the worst state for business and jobs by Forbes magazine and other years was among the top ten worst.

Uh huh...

So any state that is Democrat owned is corrupt, evil and an economic wasteland? And since when was Forbes even worth the paper the lies they sell were printed on?

Roger Bauer could've lived in Vermont or Massachusetts, the economy in those states is excellent. Sounds like he must be a retard, I mean he ran away twice to live in Utah and join a cult.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap! The economy in Rhode island and Massachusetts has always been fine! Roger Bauer is an idiot! He can't get a job because he's stupid so he moves to Utah where all the stupid rednecks live and where stupid conservatives are.

Stop making excuses for yourself idiots! Its your fault if you can't work!

Anonymous said...

Well well... I just showed up here from Freerepublic and I see the liberals in my old homestate are still as evil and nasty as ever.

Anonymous said...

that's terrible for you to say that! Its not Roger's fault he couldnt find a job! YOU WONT EVEN LET HIM GET ONE OUT OF STATE!!!

Anonymous said...

Ruck Fhode Island

Anonymous said...

New Englanders are such turds..

Anonymous said...

I knew it. Commies. I'm just surprised they didn't up and say things false and nasty like Roger wets himself or Roger was a criminal, Roger was queer, Roger is a devil worshiper, (Well actually his family would love him for that) Roger did this, Roger was that, I can't think of some of the outrageous things liberals would accuse him of since well liberals are outrageous and evil people with nor morals. The Bauers and the Bowlers certainly proved that.

Patrick G. said...

The right wing looney with Aspergers whined... I have to live in nasty nasty no jobs Rhode Island, with all the crime, poverty and despair, I have to live in a bad place I don't want to live in, I have to live in a bad place full of unemployment and poverty and its always my fault that I'm poor!


Put a sock in it retard. You couldn't find work because you're a slob, a crybaby, and mentally ill. The doctors and even the courts said you were. There's no way around it, you are mentally ill.

I might not have been to your interviews but you've done things to turn people off. The psychiatrists would not have said you were mentally ill if that weren't the case. Get back on your meds retard

Dr Gilmann was very very mean to me and so were everyone in the group. They made me feel worthless, they made me feel terrible,

What you mean is they said things you didn't want to listen to and you had a tantrum. That tells me you are mentally ill. Your screwed up head says their mean but their only telling you you're fucked up in the head.

everything bad that people do to me from childhood on, its my fault not theirs,

You made yourself a target. You reacted, you gave in, you just haven't got thick skin so yes its your fault.

the bullies who hurt me in school do not have Asperger's or any other make believe disorder, only I do for being their victim.

No because they grew up and got a life and were responsible. You On the other hand continued to be a cry baby and were found by doctors to be retarded and stupid.

They can live anywhere they want, they can work wherever they want, they can do anything they want. I CAN'T

Because they're responsible adults and your mentally ill that's why you stupid right wing loser.

I have to go on stupid worthless programs. I have to sit and wait, I have to go to some quack who doesn't really give a damn about me, I have to take strong meds that make my head hurt, make me agitated and make me fat. I have to wait and sit and wait and be unemployed, poor and miserable.

They're not worthless they're trying to help you but you wont let them. You need to wait and be patient and let them do everything for you retard. Let them help you out stupid. Stop resisting, stop whining, be responsible for your behavior and your illness and take your meds and wait stupid.

The moral to the story if there is one is that the government isn't always right, the government isn't always reliable,

OH! Right off the bat mentally ill babel from a whining retard who can't work. The government is right! Their professional and their elected with the consent ofthe people. YES THEY'RE RIGHT! YOU'RE WRONG RETARD!

And to top it off, he's a Joseph Smith worshiping looney toon religious nut job who lives in Utah in a polygamy cult! Asperger retards are looneys who are stupd enough to believe that shit!

You really are stupid! You put yourself in this situation! Stop screwing around and take your meds because if you flip and loose your job, your wives and children will leave you for a sane guy. I hope it does happen. just don't come back to rhode island stupid.

Anonymous said...

The reason you couldn;t get a job had nothing to do with the economy, the reason you couldn't get a job is because your a retard with Asperger's that's why!

Anonymous said...

married to his sweetheart Rebecca Ann Bauer. They are also expecting their first child in May.

Oh dear! Another generation of weirdos and screw ups to take care of. I sure wish Reagan hadn't closed down the mental hospitals.

Anonymous said...

unfriggin believeble! Roger and the writer of this blog are insane!! I agree that things weren't very good but why do you need to move to Utah?! There's nothing there! The guys a religious nut, he denies having Asperger's well I know people with Asperger's and having read this article and read the original one, its clear that Roger is an Aspie. So is the bitch who got sterilized. I wouldn't hire those two if I were desperate. Conservatives and religious people are some of the biggest retards and lunatics out there. Roger Bauer takes the cake. he even says Jesus got him out of New York. Huh!? How come he didn't get him out of trouble in Seattle?! And Why the fuck did this dork go to Seattle the first time!?

Nancy howell said...

HOLD ON!! What does Helen Keller have to do with Roger?? Those are two different people with two different conditions!!!

I have seen the miracle worker. Both the black and white version and the two color versions. Helen Keller was deaf blind and mute. She had no way of communicating. The reason Anne Sulivan did what she did to teach her to use utensils and eat properly. She had to learn how to be a proper lady. Her parents allowed her to take food from other people's plates and did nothing to teach her or discipline her. She was deaf and blind and dumb so she couldn't do anything.

Roger Bauer has Asperger's syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. People with Aspergers are very intelligent capable people who have very very very few problems. At the worst they are awkward and eccentric. Roger comes across as a very capable person but his parents wont allow him to take care of himself. Hence, these problems he had.

I am also very appalled that his parents and his therapist would blame him for the problems he went through. They sound like nazis. And telling him its his fault he can't find work when he's trying hard is not only unfair, its very mean and cruel. Even more so that they wont let him leave Rhode Island and live someplace better.

How can he get a job if his parents and doctors are abusing and tormenting him to get a job when he can't get a job and when he's not allowed to move to a place where he can get a job!? That's not fair at all!!!

Every time the government does something like this, taking away someones rights and running their live for them, I mean putting a third party in charge, 99% of the time only the third party benefits. The first party is the only one who pays for the third party's mistakes whether its deliberate or not.

Roger Bauer is now working, he's a functioning member of society but they wont leave him be. They continue to blame him for what happened to him, they continue to call him names and debase him.

I don't understand why people like that have to hate so much!!!

Dan folkwell said...

Mentally ill. Everyone in the article including the blogger. It is so disgusting to hear the mentally ill deny that they are mentally ill no matter how much they show it. The only thing worse than a mentally ill in denial is a denial mentally ill who is a libertarian. They are the worst! Not only do they deny the obvious mental illness (they're ridiculous behavior, their beliefs, belief in god or some stupid gods, belief that government isnt' right they are ETC) they rationalize with lectures and bumper sticker mantras. They blame the government instead of themselves. They're all traitors and retards!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mentally ill libertarians are the worst! i think the reason Bush and the GOP are still relevant is because Ronald Reagan cut mental health services and shut down the mental hospitals. All those screwballs who shouldn't be allowed in public much less vote are the reason there are still GOP voters.

mainestategop said...

Views expressed by Patrick G Dan Folkwell and the above comment are whose of all liberals and 98% of Rhode Islanders

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. He has a job, he has his own place, He's married, he's socializing, why is he retarded with Aspergers?

Martin Bauer said...

Roger, no one said it was all your fault. What we said was that your actions got them riled up because you're hyper sensitive. You don't have thick skin. That's a symptom of Asperger's BTW. You also couldn't get a job because of your behavior and poor social skills. The recession ended in 2009 and the economy is doing good under Obama. That goes for places like Rhode Island too. Yes there was a flood that caused damage to the economy but things were still okay and that's no excuse for you to be out of work. We even let you go to massachusetts which had a better economy than Rhode Island! You poo pooed on it. You even said that Massachusetts was just as bad as Rhode Island. NO! It wasn't! You can't just up and move out just because things aren't going your way and you can't find work! You need to stay close by so we can watch you and keep you safe and so you can get help and take your meds!

These people are all trying to help you Roger but you wont let them!! You keep resisting and you keep demanding things to go your way! YOu have to let them help you and you need to be patient while they do that. I know its hard for you to wait for them to get you a job but you need to wait and be patient. In the mean time you need to be taking meds, seeing your doctors, attending classes on social skills and doing those things to help you so when the time comes and the government gets you a job you can do good and hold on to it and keep it!

All this stuff about Dr Keitner is falsehood BTW. Gabor Keitner is not a communist and neither am I or your parents. The magazine you and Brian make references to is not communist its a Hungarian heritege magazine. Not everyone from Eastern Europe or Russia is Communist, the cold war is over, the soviets lost. It isn't communist to tell you you have to live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, it isn't communist to be for taxes or spending.

We need taxes to pay for things that are good like roads and schools and healthcare! You have no knowledge whatsoever about how a civilization functions Roger! You get all your info from right wing fascists who aren't for your best intersts! You believe everything people tell you! You know what this is a symptom of Aspergers that you believe everything some group like Fox News or Info wars says. You get all your info from these ditto heads and you use that to harden yourself against the very people who look out for you and care about you!

Face it Roger, You have a problem! You are mentally ill and your in danger of relapsing if you don't get help!!! You think Rebecca is gonna stand by you if you lose everything and you and your kids are hungry and homeless?? THINK AGAIN ROGER! She might not know it but once you lose the job and everything you have, you're screwed and Rebecca, her maternal instincts are gonna kick in along with her hungry belly and the sight of crying starving kids! She's gonna start looking for a real man and leave you in the dirt with nothing but the clothes on your back!

Roger, I know your gonna say I'm abusive, mean and communist but I don't care. I'm your brother Roger, I love you and so does mom and dad. I know you don't like hearing that you have Asperger's syndrome that you need help but you need to hear it and you need to come to terms. You need help and treatment! Okay!? GET WITH IT ROGER! DO IT FOR YOUR KIDS!

mainestategop said...

Why is your brother still mentally ill? I mean he's doing 1000x better than when he was stuck in RI. How come RI couldn't deliever the goods!?

Martin Bauer said...

He's mentally ill because first and foremost he was diagnosed as such by a multiple group of professionals as being mentally ill. He has Asperger's syndrome, possibly bipolar disorder, Generalized Anxiety, panic disorder, major depression and attention deficet disorder. The ADD is a learning disability the others are mental illness. The Asperger's is the worst one.

Second, Roger was declared mentally incompetent by the state of Rhode Island. This was done by a judge and jury of peers just before he ran away a second time. The judge and jury were both given lots of documented evidence that showed his problems and reliable eye witness testimony from both his parents, his doctors and one of his teachers.

Roger also had the opportunity to give his side of the story which pretty much was just like what you saw on the article and what Roger told Brian in the other article, nothing but denial, blaming everyone but himself for his mistakes and his failure to get a job not to mention libertarian alex jones fox news ditto head ramblings and stuff like on this blog. and the articles presented. He expects everyone to take his word against the word of professionals.

Well, the jury spent only an hour deliberating and decided in light of documentation by certified and approved professionals and in light of Roger's denial and ramblings of libertarian bumper sticker clap trap that he was mentally incompetent and in need of help. Unfortunately Roger ran away the day after closing arguments just before the jury made its verdict. We couldn't do anything much with it anyway according to our attorneys. At most we could've gotten an involuntary commitment to make sure he takes his meds and stays nearby.

The other reason I know he's mentally ill is because I've known him his whole life and most of mine. Whenever he's around, he's the same old troublemaker he always is. He makes it mostly for himself.

He hardly picks up after himself, he needs reminders to clean his room and take a shower, he needs reminders to take his plate up to the dishwasher, he needs to be reminded that he needs to take his meds, he tries to get out of taking his meds, he doesn't clean up very well when he does or when we make him, whenever we call him out for his errors, he either makes excuses or says its somebody else fault.

As a child, Roger misbehaved, Roger would not cooperate with others or get along, Roger would act strangely, he'd twirl around spin around, whenever the family played video games together like War game construction set, Roger always wanted it to look nearly the same or he'd throw fits. Roger always wants things his way.

I should point out that there was no time in his life he wasn't like that. He never got along with others, he never got along with his doctors especially, he always behaved abnormally and of course denies it.

Whats most appalling about Roger, other than his constant and stubborn denial of his condition is he always makes excuses for everything he does. There isn't a time where he wont make an excuse for his behavior. He makes excuses for why he can't find a job, for why he failed to clean up after himself, why he can't make friends, why he is overweight, excuses! excuses! excuses! excuses! excuses! excuses!
excuses! excuses! excuses! excuses! excuses! excuses!

In short, Roger is mentally ill, he is incompetent, he has poor social skills, is very credulous meaning that he's gullible and will believe anything and everything especially if it helps him make excuses. The reason he's libertarian is because these arguments and allegations of the economy failing give him more and more excuses for why he's mentally ill. He needs to come to terms with the way things are and he needs to resume treatment before something happens to him.

Martin Bauer said...

He's mentally ill because several physicians of good standing have diagnosed him as such. And because the courts of RI have branded him incompetent. This was done by a judge elected in good standing and a jury of peers. The trial was fair, the trial was in accordance with the law, Roger had an attorney and had his chance to give his side of the story. He failed to do so, so the jury found him incompetent. The judge agreed.

mainestategop said...

So if I put on a black robe or get a piece of paper from the government now that means everything I say or do is correct? If the trial was really fair, they'd base it on solid physical evidence but all you had was the word of abusive parents and doctors who were abusive. This judge is probably a socialist. How do you know they're right? What about the jurors? Were they really his peers? They were unemployed and distressed too?

And why is it his fault there are no jobs in Rhode Island???????????????????????

Anonymous said...

The parents have really done a bad job of helping their son. They forget that there is a stigma of mental illness that exists and that by being diagnosed it causes pain and leads to a looming dark cloud over their head. They are also mean to him which only worsens the problem.

if they want him to get help he needs to want it and they need to be nicer and more respectful

Martin Bauer said...

These people are trained qualified professionals. You're telling me that certified professionals and physicians certified by the state and by highest orders is wrong and a boy who can't take care of himself is?

The judge who approved of the declaration of incompetency was elected by the majority and found in good standing with the government of Rhode Island and the US government.

He was also a law professor if I recall, not the kind of person who would make a mistake and not know all there is about Martin.

The jurors were all jurors of peers chosen and selected by both the plantiff and defense for quality and approved by the judge, the doctors were certified skilled professionals who received good reviews both from consumers, the consumer's family, the state and from medical ministry.

Dr Keitner is also a professor of Brown University. They do not make these general mistakes and misdiagnose.

Roger's diagnosis was based on sound medical judgement, sound medical evidence approved by the American psychiatric Association based on past behavior of Roger and based on Roger's ability to socialize and function in society WHICH AT THE TIME HE COULD NOT DO!

Roger at the time was below par in functioning and caring for himself! Even homeless people with few resources in homeless shelters take better care than he does!

Roger is a mental incompetent. He suffers from Asperger's syndrome which is a mental illness, diagnosed based on his failure to socialize, his failure to find a job, his failure to clean up after himself and do the simplest and most menial of chores, his inability to care for himself ETC. All of this came from the most qualified, trusted and government approved professionals that were available. There is no avoiding this. Roger needs to face facts and stop this childish denial for the sake of his family. He needs to resume treatment, take his meds and accept himself for who he is before he loses everything he accomplishes

mainestategop said...

In other words, just because they said it its true end of story.

And yet you liberals think religious people are psychotic?

I asked what proof you have or for that matter what these big wigs have that Roger is a retard? And what proof do you have that the judge is correct simply because he was elected or certified by a bunch of people who only got to their position through ballots?

Also why are professors and doctors always right all of the time? What proof do you have of that?!

If you cannot answer these questions, then the only logical answer is yes, a person who is prevented from taking care of himself because of abusive and restrictive treatment is correct and these so called educated are not.

This is the exact same argument I hear against religion yet a bunch of suits and big wigs are now always right just because they got elected?? How does popularity make one infallible? Answer or your wrong and the judge is wrong.

Martin Bauer said...

The man is a law professor. His declaration and the juror's declarations were legal.

They were all based on sound evidence presented from ourselves and Roger's doctors. Roger also had his say. The judge and jury after measuring what both sides presented agreed that Roger was mentally incompetent. He needed help.

Roger's doctors are certified by a board of physicians and would not have been if they simply diagnosed him for bias or because they didn't like him. That's stupid. Roger is saying that because he denies having Asperger's and being mentally ill.

Again, part of the problem with being mentally ill is being unable to distinguish that one has an illness. The rest of Roger's problems are founded in Arrogance and a refusal to face facts. In other words, Roger wants everything to be his way not the right way. Roger wants to be right all the time when he can't. AND HE KNOWS HE CAN'T!

Again The evidence was sound. We had testimony from Roger's parents, myself and his physicians, we had records of Roger's misbehavior from school and when he ran away from home, we also had sound and video recording of him yelling at the parents and going off when he didn't get his way!

The tapes combined with sound and reliable testimony from relatives and from physicians prove that Roger is incompetent. And before you answer that he is now employed so therefore thy're wrong, let me again point out that it is meaningless. Roger's condition is rooted in deep unsound judgements and unsound and unstable mental health. He could have another break down and lose it all!

Look, I know libertarian Christian republican right wing people like you don't have any trust for authority figures no matter how reliable they are and I know that you've stated your friend had a difficult time when you were both living in maine but these people do not just make up stuff out of thin air. Roger was not diagnosed because people are mean to him or because he is unemployed, he was diagnosed because he 1. failed to socialize in school 2. failed to find employment, 3. failed to accept his condition and flew off the handle, 4. failed to maintain proper emotional composure when confronted with a streessing situation, 5. failed to care for himself properly with the resources offerd, 6. failed to manage money or property and 7. chose to run away from his problems rather than facethem and accept himself for who he was and come to terms with his condition.

Those are the reasons listed by the judge when the declaration was laid down. This was just after Roger Ran away the second time. Running away probably did the most harm to Roger. If he had stayed put and learned to behave himself, at the worst, the judge would have either said he was only incompetent to a mild degree or was competent but was of a prognosis guarded. I don't remember the legal jargon. But Roger's behavior and running away did the worst for him.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, just because someone says your crazy that automatically makes you crazy? This trial isn't even a fair trial! Roger was declared based on hear say allegations and nothing else! Roger was found guilty because he said she said and he was condemned all because he was not popular in the eyes of the court and jury!

The whole trial was nothing but a popularity contest!! Roger wasn't popular because of his beliefs and because he was unemployed! THAT'S ALL!

So what if the judge was a law professor!? So what if Keitner taught medicine at Brown U?! Now they're all powerful? Now they're all infallible and possess divine supernatural powers and everything they say is true!?

part of the problem with being mentally ill is being unable to distinguish that one has an illness


If this were a criminal court the whole thing would've been tossed out before it came in. I know this because I am a law school student btw. This whole trial and this whole allegation of Roger being retarded and mentally ill is a fallacy! WHERE IS THE PROOF HE'S RETARDED!?!? WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT HE IS TO BLAME FOR UNEMPLOYMENT!?!

Based on what I have read on this article, the hate filled comments by liberals and family members and by the article previous, even if Roger never accomplished anything in Utah, the facts stated there alone show he is not mentally ill. HE'S DISTRESSED! HE'S BEING ABUSED! HE'S OPPRESED! HE'S PERSECUTED! COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THING YOU SEE!!

We ned to stop treating distress and poverty as symptoms of a mental illness! We need to start respecting one another!

Anonymous said...

That trial alone proves that there is no such thing as a mental illness. they can't prove it exists. All they got going on this guy is a bunch of words. Lies by abusive relateives, lies by mean parents, mean teachers and a judge who either does not fully understand the problems Roger was facing or doesn't care and shouldn't have been allowed to be a judge.

Anonymous said...

Roger IS mentally ill. We thought at first it was schizophrenia. Often he would act bizarre and mumble and talk to himself. It gave the appearance that he had audiotory hallucinations. He says that when he gets stressed he says things to relieve stress. The doctor said it was a symptom of Aspergers. They have trouble compartmentalizing their thoughts.

Lonnie P said...

My son has the same problem. We were afraid it was schizophrenia and he had hallucinations that were visual and or audible but our psychiatrist assured us that people with Asperger's have little tolerance to any stress so they can't compartmentalize their thoughts. It also sounds to me that Roger does have Asperger's syndrome. From what I've read in the comments and the two articles he has it but his parents either could not or did not help him. They tend to judge him too much also. How about letting him move to someplace close by like New York, New Hampshire or new Jersey? I live in New Jersey and the economy has done well under Chris Christie who is a moderate republican and who has done a good job so far. New Hampshire is another good bet since they are the most business friendly state in the country.

Anonymous said...

We offered to let Roger go to Massachusetts and we were going to have him stay at a nice group home in Franklin but then he ran away again. He didn't want to go saying Maine is a bad place to live, there are no jobs, the usual whining and chanting he gives whenever he messes up and can't find work.

If you saw Roger, you'd understand, he's mentally ill, he can't take care of himself.

Anonymous said...

DId the judge and jury base their assertions that Roger was mentally ill on childhood trauma and childhood behavior????????????????

It looks like they just base their assumptions on Roger's past and just that!

They have to go all the way back into Roger's past and dig up some long buried bone just to create a diagnosis! This is terrible! its ludicrous! They can't just write Roger off because of past history!!! This is unbelievable!


Anonymous said...

Roger's mental condition was apparent when he was probably 3 or 4 years old:

he would often wake up at night and jump on his bed and sing

He was bulled at school

He would spin himself

He flapped his hands

we had computer game where you designed your own battle field and game style like it could be war or fantasy or something else and Roger when it was his turn always demanded that it be designed exactly the way he wanted it to be. He'd have a tantrum if we made him change it

His toys, his books, everything had to be organized exactly the way he wants it. No one but him was allowed to clean his room.


The stupid thing wouldn't let me use the sarcasm tag.

Great Malarky! What are we coming to!? This used to be normal behavior 50 years ago for a child! When we were in school we got picked on too! Now just because he spins, just because he flaps his hands now he's gonna grow up to be a failure

He's now married, has a job and a nice apartment in Orem Utah

Liberals... They believe everything you tell them. They're so gullible its written on their shoes...

Anonymous said...

We took him to see three professionals. One argued that he would outgrow it, the other two partially agreed with the first but still expressed grave concerns he might have Asperger's syndrome or savant autism.

AHA! So you all say Doctors are always right yet they couldn't agree that Roger was autistic or if this was just growing up! You can't make up your mind!

You say government is always right professionals are always right BUT!!! They state clearly that they aren't sure!!!

Its impossible therefore for the government to always be right and for doctors to always be right so you have no real proof that Roger is mentally ill with Asperger's There isn't even any such thing as Aspergers!

Anonymous said...

Mrs looney toons Bauer said: I would not leave Roger even if we were hungry or poor. I've been in that situation before by the way. So have my grandparents during the great depression. They did not leave each other. Our marriage is fire proof, its one of love not material, physical or temporal need. That these people would say those things tells me how evil they are and what kind of people liberals are.

Ah... right. Sure. Your grandma stayed with grandpa because first and foremost in the thirties women had no rights and did not have access to welfare or careers. She had no where else to turn to but Grandpa Second, in a great depression there was nowhere to go anyway.


Face it woman. Doesn't matter how much you pray to Joe Smith, Jesus, Mary Budha Mohammed or any of these dead people, once your husband loses his mind and job and once you and the kids are starving to death and not have had anything to eat for 3 days and nothing but your clothes on your back, you'll leave him for another man who will provide.

DO you want to stay with a retard who can't provide just because some invisble unproven deity who looks like Jerry Garcia? You're kids are starving, their toys are gone, they have nothing but ragged clothing, your hustband can't pull himself together. Pray? You think prayer friggin works?

No it doesn't God either doesn't care or exist.

You'll have to find another man, show leg open legs to a man who can provide, eventually, youll dump him and join another man. you'll have to find him in order to live. Your kids will need it.

Anonymous said...

I would't want to see that happen to even my worst enemy. Unless Roger wakes up and takes responsibility for his condition it will.

This guy is gonna have a breakdown. In one year or 5 years I guarentee it. They'll soon be out on the streets with no where to go. HAving been homeless in middle America in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska and homeless in Colorado and South Dakota for 2 years I can tell you its like hell on earth. There are no programs, hardly any shelters, there's hardly any subsidized housing, unless your a single mom with children you're screwed.

I got out only by banging my brains out working at Labor Ready and getting a greyhound ticket to Boston.

ANd no, Prayer doesn't work. You're gonna be out there praying on your knees and he wont hear you. You'll be forced to open your legs to some man for money behind Roger's back to survive, you'll eventually take the kids and leave him for this man. That is assuming the state doesn't take them away from you and puts them in foster care.

You'll be forced to dump this worthless mentally ill bum and attach yourself to a real man who has money if you want to get your kids back. Its the way of the world Rebecca. Your Granny would've done the same thing too if she could.

Anonymous said...

You know this allegation of Roger being mentally ill is Baloney and you know what, this whole thing this idea about mental illness you know its baloney because they're making normal childhood behavior into a mental illness. There's no such thing as a mental illness. Its fraud.

My son when he was growing up in the sixties behaved that way too. When he was 5 and we had board games, he only wanted to play checkers. He never wanted to play any other board game even when we encouraged him. Eventually he out grew that and by the time he was 7 or 8 he played other games.

He also spun flapped his hands and did these other things these stupid liberals say is a trait of the mentally ill. I MEAN HE'S JUST A KID! HE STOPPED DOING IT EVENTUALLY! WHY IS THAT MENTAL ILLNESS!?

For the love of God people! Were not all the same! God made us unique! Appreciate Roger for who he is stop trying to make him into something you want but isn't!!!

Anonymous said...

The parents and half the commentators are all commies

Anonymous said...

Okay first of all, Asperger's syndrome is NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS. ITS AN AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER!!

SECOND, how do you know Roger is doing something wrong in applying for work? Have you been to any or for that matter ALL of his job interviews?

If he did something wrong, you'd speak up and say something!!

It sounds to me that the problem really isn't so much Roger but the family and the government not to mention this group therapist Jeff.


Anonymous said...

I have Asperger's syndrome and it looks to me like the family and the doctor are the problem not Roger. They're putting him down and saying mean things to him just because he can't find work in a state that has a poor economy.

I go to a group too and we never judge anyone or say things like that!

We have never ever said that its someone's fault that they are unemployed or doing something wrong. If They're trying hard, if they're out looking, leave them alone! Our therapist also has Aspergers and he's not crazy.

If you want to get help for Roger you should've been nicer to him.

Anonymous said...

How can you compare someone with Asperger's syndrome like Roger who is a high functioning autistic with someone like Helen Keller?!

That doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

Everyone here except Roger and his wife I DONT LIKE AT ALL!

I hate the family because they give liberals like me a bad name! Conservatives are the ones who always make fun of and persecute the unemployed not liberals like me! Bauer family and Immersio family give us bad names assuming their really liberal! LEAVE YOUR KIDS ALONE! ITS yOUR FAULT THEY DIDNT TURN OUT LIKE yoU WANTED!!

And how is it Roger's fault!? We lost more jobs in the last 16 years than we did in the Great depression! We gained nothing but shitty low income jobs!

You just made him even more mental and even more disturbed!! He's the way he is because he aggrivated!

I also hate the author of this blog making us look bad! Those aren't liberals right wing POS!! Real liberals don't hammer the unemployed!!

We've lost jobs under Bush as well as Obama! There are a lot of things Obama should be doing that he isn't doing and I'm worried that when Hillary gets elected it'll be the same old thing again!

The first thing we need to do is tax the rich to death if we need to! Second, put that money into making jobs and making our lives better and more pleasant. THE EU has shown us the way to do it!

Anonymous said...

HEY! HEY! HEY! Asperger's isn't a mental illness, its high functioning autism!!!! Get real!!

Roger Bauer said...

WTF!!?!?!?! You still all want to gang up on me and knock me down!! I never did anything to anyone!!! ANYONE!! I WANT TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE!!! I WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT AND WORK AND ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS CLIMB THE LADDER AND YOU WOULDN'T LET ME!!! How can I behave myself and do what you ask of me if you wont even let me have a life!! You all hurt me bad! No one ever gets help from being hurt, HURTING NEVER HELPS ANYONE!!!

You all are communists! Brian is right! You all should be killed and Hillary that bitch says I'm a deplorable?! What about Democrat liberals like you!? YOU WONT LET ME LIVE OR WORK!?

I had to run away to New York and Utah just to get a hold of the American dream!! JUST TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE CUZ YOU WOULDNT LET ME!!!!!

The judges and the doctors are wrong! They either didn't understand all the problems and didn't try to put themselves in my shoes or they didn't care and just wrote me off all because of what a bunch of quacks said!! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!

Do you honestly think I can behave myself and have stable emotions while I'm being dragged through the mud but abusive family and abusive physicians??? I didn't have a job, a partner, a home, ANYTHING!! All because everyone picked on me now I'm a big dumb retard failure with Asperger's and none of the Bullies got the kind of treatment Idid. THEY ALL GOT THE AMERICAN DREAM!! THE DREAM I SHOULD'VE GOTTEN!!!

Anonymous said...

Liberals are all nazis

Martin Bauer said...

Roger, You could never have been able to live a normal life in the mental state you were in. You were a mess. Your behavior, your social skills, your mental state, your demeanor and attitude, all disgraceful!! You still have that problem Roger! You will not be able to hold onto what you got until you resume treatment and let the people in treatment help you out!

You say hurting never helps anyone, well Roger, sometimes you we have to be hurt so we can be made well. At the time, your behavior was bad, you had to be reminded to take a shower, you had to be reminded to change your clothes, pick up after yourself ETC. If you can't do even the simpliest of chores without a reminder or without structures in place, how can you take care of yourself??? Does Rebecca Ann pick up after you? Does she remind you to take a shower?????????

Jeff Gilman had to be hurt too. Like he told me and what he said to you at group, you have to be cruel sometimes in order to be kind, you have to injure in order to heal. A man cannot be revived until he is first slain, a man has to be hurt before he can he helped.

Dr Gilmann had the same problems you did! He was even worse! He had bad manners, bad hygiene, poor social skills, no job skills and he wasn't getting the help he needed.

So here you have this Autistic man, can't take care of himself, can't behave, can't function normally yet he wants to run off, go to college and work in the state he's in. He doesn't believe he has it. He wont go to the doctor or enroll in programs, he denies it because he can't see he needs help and because it'll get in the way.

Most parents like these right wingers and Others who watch Fox News, listen to Infowars believe in live and let live, that people like Jeff should be left to their own devices when they can't even pick up after themselves.

Jeff's parents like your parents aren't like those people. They believe that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes group thinking and collective responsibility to make civilization work. Individual rights and civil liberties are fine but we have to think about your interests and the community's interets. It was not in Jeff's interest or your interest then to be let out on your own. You'd trip over, you wouldn't get far and then government services would have to intervene and work for you. So what do we do? You wont clean up after yourself or take a shower, its not that you don't give a damn, its just you don't percieve something's wrong,

SO the government and the family has to intervene and interupt your life and put your life on hold so you can learn to take care of yourself and take responsibility for your illness. Jeff was not allowed to go to University, Jeff was not allowed to own assets over $2k Because he wont qualify for programs.

Martin Bauer said...

Jeffs parents were forced to bring him down into a lower state that he was in and deliberately make him worse and put him on Rock bottom just so they could get him into programs, get him into treatment, get him into healthcare, get him into treatment and so he can be eligible. It was hard, it must have hurt, Jeff was probably angry, frustrated, felt cheated and felt bad but it had to be done!

Oh By the way, at the time Massachusetts didn't have free healthcare like they do now! So he had no insurance either. he was out on a limb!!! He had to be brought down so he could be brought Up!!

It was all worth it! Professionals worked with Jeff and his parents, Jeff acknowledged he had a problem, took responsibility, went to groups, went to meetings, let the government help him, he got medicated, he got up to where he needs to be. NOT ONLY THAT THEY GOT HIM A JOB AND THE JOB HELPED OTHERS LIKE YOU!

But you wont take responsibility, you wont let these people try and help you! Yes I know its hard, yes its bad that you have to wait and wait and wait while they find you a home and a job, yes I know it was bad that you had to let these people run things for you and that they couldn't do a lot but those are the brakes!

You know, if it weren't for government hating tax cutters like your friends in Fox, the government would have a lot more money and an easier time getting you work. Government could even create jobs but that's communism so no.

You just acted up. You resisted, you whined, you threw fits and you ran away twice, the second time you wind up in a bigamist cult in Utah, a state with no programs, no health insurance, no hope. If you were to trip and fall Roger, you and your family would have no safety nets. You'd be screwed.

If you trip and your mormon buddies can't bail you, don't worry, were here for you. were not mad, we wont be mad, well help you and your family. Rebecca Ann and your children will be welcome

Jeff Gilman said...

Now Roger, I know you wanna live a normal life, we all do, but sometimes our lives have to be interupted so we can get tuned up and get help. I know it must have been frustrating for you not to have a job, to wait and wait and wait for Voc Rehab to find you a job and still have nothing, I know its hard to come back from applying for work and no jobs available and they wont hire you, I know its hard to not have your own place, a partner, a job, friends ETC. but that has to be put aside and you have to wait and let these people help you so you can get well.

It was like that with me too! I had to wait 3 years before getting my place and another year thereafter

Roger, your still mentally ill and you still have autism! You have a history of breaking down and tripping up! You need to get back on your meds and see a doctor to help you manage your emotions!! If you have break down again you could lose your job!

Roger you got to listen to me I know you don't believe me its for your own good!! You were the third most difficult patient I have had out of several. You know what happened to them? They all either wound up on the streets and still are homeless or living in a crappy place or they made it to where you were and then lost it! I follow all of my former patient's progress including your own! I've been in touch with your parents and your Brothers and sisters about what they've heard about you. Its a shining example to others why treatment is needed and why we need more funding by the government for mental healthcare and a universal healthcare system!!

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Roger's sister and I can acknowledge a lot of this to be true. When I was at her place after High school, Roger was there being well... Roger. Then he was overweight and obese and very ugly. One we were there, he smelled bad. He hadn't showered in at least a couple of days. He was disgusting. He was eating lunch in a manner that was piggish I mean the three of us girls, me my friend and my other friend (roger's sister) we were all there watching it was gross. Her mom told Roger to shower and he did reluctantly, we were in his sisters room doing our studying for mid terms when I went out to go to the bathroom. Roger came out of his room almost naked except for his underwear. He didn't even balk and go back to his room. Roger's mom spazed out and then he got worked up and said he thought we were gone. Roger's mom yelled at him and he cried. He said he didn't know. What means is he didn't know any better. Roger's sister says that he often goes around upstairs nude or in his undies.

The other incident, Roger was arguing with his parents about work, Roger's dad scolded him constantly, Roger was yelling and stomping his feet screaming. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I DONT WANNA LIVE HERE I WANNA LIVE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE! THERES NO WORK HERE!!! I DONT WANT TO LIVE HERE LET ME GOOOOOOOOO!!! HE Screamed this in a whiny voice that made him look so immature.

At the time BTW, Roger hadn't shaved, his shirt had holes from chewing on his sleeves and collar, I mean he wants to work white and blue collar but he can't even keep it without chewing on it!! Roger also I guess hadn't bathed he had acne and I guess the only reason he didn't show it is because his parents made him shower.

If you saw him you'd understand. No wonder nobody wants to hire Roger. He was ugly, fat, he whined, he was a nerd. No wonder he coldn't get a job. I'm guessing being out on the lamb he ditched the glasses, shaved and they straightened him out. He lost weight too.

Roger was a pig. I hope for Rebecca's sake he's looking better and lost weight.

Anonymous said...

Roger, the bullies got to live a normal life because they outgrew it or their parents never had them get mental health treatment.

You however, still haven't grown out of whining and have other problems too. You need help!

mainestategop said...

What's all this about hurting someone to heal them?? Why? Why do you need to injure Roger if he's not injured? Whats the big deal?! You want to injure him just to heal him again!?!?

And why does he need to be at rockbottom to be helped by government? The government is all mighty infallibe and always right! YOu even said so in the above comments! Why can't they help?! And whats the point of having roger hurt and injured if he's well? If he's well let him be well! What's with that!?

It all sounds like communism. YOu injure Roger just to get him into a failing system and so they can fool with him and our taxes??

Reuben Ben Abraham said...

It is Communism. In fact Socialists of all walks do this, they say you have to be hurt so you can be healed but you aren't hurt so why do we need to be healed? To which the socialists/marxists/nazis reply "You need to be hurt comrade because we want to heal you so since you're not hurt you must be healed!"

What they're saying bluntly is this, we get paid little by taxes from wasteful government while you're healthy so we have to make you poor and unhealthy so you can be on programs and we can get paid money.

See, government workers get paid more by us tax paying sheep if there are more poor people. Otherwise they don't get to work in the government and scalp us as often.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who's crazier, Roger's family or the guy who runs this blog.

Hurt to be healed? WTF?

Roger Bauer said...

I was hurt, I was never healed.

I never got better until I ran away and succeeded. Its your fault I was in that state of mind. Abuse and restrictions create that.

First off, I was not naked when I stepped out. I wore shorts I had mistakenly thought everyone had left the house! I was wrong. I was only like 15 when this happened. That was long ago. Lets move on.

Second, I got fat and ugly because of the meds. It swoll my face up and made me fat. Also my anxiety got worse not better

Third, You can't expect me to be motivated to pick up after myself and shower when you wont treat me like a human being. I felt bad all the time. Rebecca doesn't need to remind me of anything.

I pick up, I shower because I have life. Then I didn't.

I feel bad when you abused me. I feel that way all the time. Now I don't I'm better now. Why? Because I was allowed t be responsible for myself and take care of myself. WHICH YOU AND RHODE ISLAND FAILED TO DO!!!

And doc Gilman, You're a useful idiot. That was wrong what your family did to you. They had no right to make you live in Massachusetts. They had no right to do that. You should not accept it.

If you want me to behave, let me live. You can't expect people to behave themselves when they're denied the ability to have a job, a partner, a normal life ETC.

3 years with no job, no home, no wife, no hope.

Roger Bauer said...

Also, those meds really made me sick. You only put me into treatment because you wanted to shame me for being hated and because you couldn't respect me. That's not my fault that's your fault! The meds made me worse but you made me take them because, "You're head is all screwed up Roger! You're stupid! Take your meds now or you'll be locked up!"


That really hurt when you do that. No one is healed from being hurt. I am proof.

Martin Bauer said...

Roger, we can't just move on from that. What you did was inappropriate. There were ladies present. You don't just run around the house naked or in your underwear, and yes there were times were you were totally naked with visitors present to see your fat ass. It shows that your mentally ill and have a mental problem and that mom and dad were right to force you into treatment!

That you would downplay this incident shows not only that you haven't matured but that your social skills are still far below par. It was tragic and demonstrates you do not want to face yourself and take responsibility for your failures.

Furthermore you looked the same when you were on the meds. You still weighed the same too! I know because your parents checked your weight and put you on a diet and you whined and complained like a 5 year old!

Also, there is no excuse for your behavior. It doesn't matter if you didn't have a job, you need to keep your emotions in order and shower and pick up after yourself. The reason you were that way is because you were learning disabled and mentally ill.

You could've had a life if you wanted too. But it takes a lot of work in your case because your mental and because your dirty and obese. You didn't have to run off.

3 years with no job, no home, no wife, no hope.

Yeah I know it was tough for you Roger but you needed to stay in Rhode Island, you needed to go seek help, you needed to be in treatment! Your not gonna get a job and a wife in your condition! You could've gotten it if you just learned to be responsible and get help for your condition

I was hurt, I was never healed.

Well Roger sometimes we gotta go through things like this for our own good. Part of being an adult. And you did improve. The medication Dr Keitner Proscribed did a lot of remarkable good for you Roger, your behavior improved in some areas and you had fewer ticks and manurisms. You wont admit it because you don't like it. I know but you have to make that sacrifice and cope with the side effects.

Your not mature Roger, your not stable. Your mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

Now Roger, we have to be hurt the problem is you wouldn't cooperate with anybody! You carried on and on and on and resisted treatment!

It was necessary and for your own good to remain with your parents so they could keep an eye on you and so you could be safe! You had to give things up so we could help you and build you better than ever! Look, it was like that with lots of people in history! The native Americans for instance, yes there were attrocities yes things could've been done better but look at how much improvement they have! From a backward stone age culture that ate each other to becoming modern people! Yes there's room to improve, yes some of them live in poverty but those that moved on, adapted and learned and applied themselves got better!!

In China they tore down entire communities displacing thousands from their jobs and homes but it was for the best Look Roger, they now have better jobs, work less get paid more and live better lives!

We have to sacrifice and we have to go through tough things so we can be made better!!!

Jeff Gilman said...

Now Roger, I told you once before I'm telling you again but I know you'll whine and complain. You couldn't get a job because you had no social skills! Your parents reported a lot to me that I can't repeat because of confidentiality but we talked about them in group and in my office when you were still here in RI. The incident for instance with walking out undressed with female visitors present, the whining, stomping your feet, chewing on your sleeves, biting your nails, picking your nose and everything else that I know you still do, those are all symptoms of a big big problem and fit the bill for Asperger's syndrome!

Your social skills were terrible! All you do is shout! Talk loud! WHINE! I've seen it! Also, Dr Keitner and the other doctors gave you tests that showed your social skills were highly lacking! No wonder you can't get a job in Rhode Island!

The only reason you got a job in Utah is because while you were in Spokane they worked patiently with you to bring you back to earth. Problem is they were religious and no doubt nuts also so it wasn't complete. They must've taught you basic skills you didn't have. That and the mormons and Rebecca looked after you. But you can still lose all that if you break down again Roger. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?

Jeff Gilman said...

You're gonna lose your job Roger, you're gonna snap, your gonna lose everything, job, house, wife, kids, all gone. I've seen it happen to people. I've worked in mental health for 9 years I've seen everything. There are people just like you and Rebecca who thought their families, spouses ETC wouldn't leave them. Well they did Roger. Rebecca married you only because your a biological fit for her. You protect her, you provide for her and your kids. Your an ideal mate. But you wont be an ideal mate if you lose all that. Prayers wont help. Rebecca's Grandma stuck with Grandpa only because there was no welfare and because as a women just about all career opportunities were closed to her. She had to stay with him just to survive the carnage of the great depression. THE DEPRESSION THAT HAPPENED ROGER ALL BECAUSE OF THE CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIAN BELIEFS THAT YOU EMBRACE AND SAY GOT YOU A JOB!! HOGWASH!!

If we had the teeny tiny government you wanted then, we would never have recovered from the great depression, millions would've died and there would doubtless have been a coup like the Business plot of 33 or something fascist like that. We would've lost World War 2 before it even began, the world would be darker and less pleasant to live in to say the least.

We need a government and we need taxes to pay for that government. We need government to protect us and care for everyone. Its not perfect and Roger I never told you or anyone at group that the government was divine or infallible but they're professional and skilled no to mention efficient so don't be surprised if we all think your nuts for saying that they're wrong and your right. Most people even I dare say some of your right wing friends in Utah and elsewhere would find it hard to believe that a licensed and experienced professional like Doctor Keitner or myself are wrong and that a boy who runs around the home naked in front of visitors and can't remember to take a shower everyday is correct.

Now Roger, I know it was hard, I'm sorry that we couldn't get you a job or a place of your own, I'm sorry if we failed you in some way but it Rhode Island is far better than most places and your behavior and illness was also a factor in keeping you on your duff instead of working.

The meds the doctors gave you also helped keep you calm and reduced a lot of the problems you had. I know its hard being tired and sluggish and that you can't drive a car but you have access to public transportation and buses so no problem there.

But the benefits definitely outweighted the side effects Roger. You should've kept taking them instead of run away. You need treatment Roger, you also need to make sure your kids don't inherit your problems too Roger. I'd advise you to keep an eye on them.

Roger Bauer said...

The only benefits were for you not me. The benefit of seeing me suffer and be miserable with no job. Do you honestly believe its good to not be able to drive a car? To not be allowed to work? To not be allowed to live? Get Married? Be independent? If so than you are more heartless and evil than I thought.

I was never ever helped by the meds. If that were so, moving to Utah would not be neccessary I'd have a job in RI or Massachusetts. I didn't. The meds made me sicker and gave me health problems! Those meds also cause brain damage, impotence, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health problems. They make you age faster, they suck up nutrients and rot your teeth!

Do you want that for me?????

I never got anything in RI. That proves that I was not helped that proves that hurting never helps!

Why wont you let me live then if it worked??? Why be mean?

I'll tell you one reason Dr Jeff did, he gets paid more keeping me sick than if I were on my own. The government is only interested in getting taxes by creating more problems. By keeping people like me on welfare and SSI, they get paid more. They get paid more money. Jeff also gets paid by having a group circle. You think if everyone in the group circle got better, got their place that Jeff would still have a job? No he wouldn't! So that's why he's helping you abuse me and debase me by calling me names and keeping me from working.

mainestategop said...

Exactly... The other reason for this is genocide. Killing undesirables slowly through persecution, toxic meds, abuse and a socialist dictatorship. Roger can' work, live and be normal so he withers and dies slowly. Its a holocaust. Jeff Gilmann is no different than Klauss Barbie and Gustav Wagner.

Jeff Gilman said...

First of all, I need to respond to you Brian and these anti-psychiatry fantasies you conjure up with help from people who are clearly as mentally ill if not worse off than Roger was years ago.

I've been reading your articles and some of the comments you left on Twitter and Google+ and I am not happy. All of it is anti-psychiatry myths and lies by crazy mental patients who resent their diagnosis and don't want to hear they need help. JUST LIKE ROGER!!

This idea that psychiatry is a conspiracy to abuse everyone and control them is nonsense! You have no idea what its like for these people! Have you ever been on the streets of America? look at these mentally ill people! Homeless, dirty, they are trapped in a prison of their mind!!!! They need to be treated!!

Listen to what you wrote... persecution, toxic meds, abuse and a socialist dictatorship. WOW! Those meds aren't toxic, there are side effects and some people have bad reactions so you need to go to a doctor, go to a PCP a personal care physician to make sure the meds are working and doing what they're doing and that there are no problems. If there's diabetes, if there's issues, we change the meds. Different meds are for different people. Roger wouldn't work with anything.

Roger can' work, live and be normal so he withers and dies slowly. Its a holocaust. Jeff Gilmann is no different than Klauss Barbie and Gustav Wagner.

How did we get to talking about the Holocaust????????????????????

Roger was what is was because he wouldn't face himself and wouldn't take care of himself. Its not that he didn't care, its that he's mentally ill. His parents had to make him take his meds, he spent most of his free time indoors pouting about his problems instead of solving them, he spent his free time, squandering it playing video games instead of making friends and taking responsibility for his illness.

Jeff Gilman said...

Now Roger on to you again... No one ever benefited from watching you suffer. If anything we all felt sorry for you. Remember when at group we brought up the fact that your breath smelled bad and that might have been why you weren't hired? How you screamed at everyone, hit the table, yelled in a high pitch voice that you don't always have bad breath and that you brushed your teeth and ran out of the room? Well we talked about it and everyone was sad about how stressed out you are.

But you know what Roger? If you brush your teeth, then eat something like say, sardines or garlic, maybe something else like that, guess what? You'll have bad breath all over again! You probably ate something or it could've been acetone in your stomach which develops whenever you get stressed (which is very, very often) and that might also be affecting your breath.

You couldn't drive a car because you couldn't afford one. You had no money and SSI didn't pay enough to buy one or maintain it. Your medication which I might add was helping you also reduced your span of attention. Its not necessary for you to drive because the area you lived in had several buses that went through there and your parents and siblings were willing to give you rides when necessary.

You couldn't work because your lousy social skills got in the way and you did things wrong. Again, everything is fine in Rhode Island and there were lots of jobs in Massachusetts. You're the problem not the economy.

I was never ever helped by the meds

Oh yes you were Roger! The meds kept down some of the more terrible aspects of your behavior! You weren't often rude or loud or screaming. The only problems were you got tired at times and you felt numb. But we all have to deal with those things and you need to get used to that!

I never got anything in RI. That proves that I was not helped that proves that hurting never helps!

You did! YOu got a place to live, a nice family and nice programs but you need to be patient and wait not run away to Utah.

Why wont you let me live then if it worked??? Why be mean?

No one was mean to you Roger. Again for the millionth time, your attitude is the problem. I was exactly like you Roger but unlike you I didn't run away and become a Mormon and I faced my problems and accepted myself for who I was, that I needed help.

The government is only interested in getting taxes by creating more problems.Delete

That statement and everything else is ridiculous but I don't have time right now to explain. Maybe tommorrow.

By the way, do you have any wedding photos we could see? I'm asking because I've heard rumour that it's possible all this is made up that your still homeless and Rebecca ann either doesn't exist or your screwing around with someone unscrupulous

Roger Bauer. said...

I will email them to Brian.

I was made worse by the meds. Can't drive a car, can't stay awake, can't work, can't complete even simple tasks. I feel numb, hurt, agitated, slugish.

If I got better then you wouldn't be making negative comments about me and I would not have had to go to Utah.



I was the way I was because I was not allowed to live! Whats the point of taking a shower, changing clothes and so on if you wont even allow me to step outside!!! You wouldn't let me and when I did instead of hailing it as a milestone you screamed at me and told me I couldn't go out without permission!!!!!!


I did everything by myself! I made all the accomplishments myself!!! GOVERNMENT NEVER MADE ANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!!!!!



mainestategop said...

Voc Rehab is such a waste of money too! These F**kers tell you they'll get a job for you and they make you wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

95% of Voc Rehab applicants never get a job. Its a big waste. No wonder unemployment and homeless are up!

And Jeff, there's no words to describe it. You're an ass hole. And its you who makes excuses for why the state you worship failed to help ROger. I've seen what happens to people like Roger. They are a hot mess all because their family and the government is a hot mess. Can't even do anything for him so no wonder he couldn't behave. Neither would I if I were him

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why it is Roger's fault that Voc Rehab (which is a pile of crap that wastes money and time and deosn't work) and why Rhode Island and the parents weren't able to get him a job? Also I want to know why its Roger's fault you can't accept him as a human being and let him work like a human being? If he wants to go to Seattle or Utah why wont you let him? And why is it his fault everyone is mean to him and that he can't find work? perhaps Rhode Island is the problem?

Also how does being picked on make you a mentaly ill POS Asperger?

Roger's Mother, worried and stressed said...

Roger, there is no excuse for you to not shower or wear clean clothes. NONE WHATSOEVER.

You are... EXCUSE BOY


We didn't let you out because you were a mess. You were mentally ill and you were filthy. We did later when you started going to see a doctor and when you started taking showers.

The only time you were not allowed outside the house was when you were not on your meds and when you were not hygienic.

You want a life? I told you then I tell you now, you can have a life if you start behaving like a mature responsible adult and take responsibility for your actions and your mental illness!!

YOU WROTE:You wouldn't let me and when I did instead of hailing it as a milestone you screamed at me and told me I couldn't go out without permission!!!!!!

First, I need you to calm down and get your emotions under control! You have a lot of responsibility now and your not in treatment!!! IF YOU BREAK DOWN AGAIN, THAT'S IT, YOU'LL LOSE EVERYTHING YOU ACCOMPLISHED AND REBECA IS GONNA TAKE YOUR KIDS AND LEAVE!!! SNAP OUT OF IT AND CALM DOWN!!!

Now, I didn't let you out then as I said because first, you weren't in treatment yet, we had to refer you to a specialist like Dr Keitner and get you on medication and treatment before we can trust you to go out. Second, you need to bathe and wear clean clothes, if you don't have clean clothes, go too the basement and wash them. You refused to so you couldn't go out.

Third, the reason I got made and yelled at you was because you walked out without permission. You scared all of us, we thought you ran away, we didn't know where you went to, you have a mental condition so that makes it even worse! We didn't know what you were up to!! You can't just walk out of the house without telling us! Especially since you're mentally ill and not normal! I probably shouldn't let you out without a chaperone!

Those meds were a benefit for you! They calmed you down, they removed some of the problems you had. You can't drive because first, you can't afford it. Second, your on medication so that's out. Dr Gilman and Dr Keitner told us that since you had access to a bus stop and since there was effective public transit in Rhode Island you didn't need a car so there's no need to worry about whether or not the medication would impair your ability to drive. what mattered was getting you healthy!

Also Roger, you couldn't afford a car so its a moot point.





mainestategop said...

Gee whiz... Maybe you're the psycho! You think screaming at your son and yelling at him is going to make him better? And how is locking him up at home going to help him? He needs to get outside! Fresh air and exercise are what he needs not some screaming harpy restricting and beating him down. No wonder Roger had trouble!

Roger's mother said...

I'm sorry but Roger was a handful. He snaps, he yells, he wont take his meds. Now he's run off to some hick red state, joined a cult and is now married to someone who for all I know could've married him only to get a hold of his purse strings and live off him. For all I know she's taking advantage of him or she and Roger are homeless and she's either some meth head or one of these other nasty tramps I used to see when I volunteered at the homeless shelters downtown Providence.

You have no idea who Roger really is sir. What he is like and what kind of person he is when he is not on his meds.

Roger was a handful. I had concerns that he would never be an adult. I still have those concerns.

He's not violent but he's loud, arrogant and obnoxious. We couldn't let him out of the house because we were worried about his safety. A lot of people didn't like him because he was crazy and because he was fat. He really didn't go out anyway, rather he'd sit around playing video games and eating us out of house and home!

I almost had a heart attack when he ran away the first time. Thank God my brother in law caught him going to Boston south station and that he was stupid enough to leave his receipts lying around along with other garbage in his messy room otherwise he'd be in some dangerous shelter in Seattle and get killed!

We have taken him to see professionals since he was 6 or 7. He IS mentally ill and he IS careless and immature. Unfortunately Roger couldn't see that and rejected any and all help. We had to force him to enroll in programs and unfortunately they couldn't do much with Roger since they felt he was not fit to work and because there weren't many jobs.

Roger's social skills were a problem too. Dr Gilman and Dr Keitner noted he had many manurisms and that he probably wouldn't stand a chance at a job interview.

Anonymous said...

The mentally ill should not be allowed to be unsupervised. Schizos and Asperger's syndrome people are the worst of them all. Roger is gonna break down and then he's gonna come crawling back with a wife and little ones in tow.

The wife I will assume since she is religious is also as mentally ill as her husband. She was probably some tramp he dug up at the homeless shelter. I wouldn't be surprised if she resembles anything like charamisse Quagmire from Family guy

There are only two possible places for a retard like Roger, institutions like the one in New York we used to house my savant autistic nephew in before the civil libertarians and governor Cuomo shut them down or the group homes like he stays in now. Face it. You can't mainstream these people, you can't completely adapt them neither. The only solution is to keep them supervised in the least restrictive setting possible and have structures for them.

They shouldn't be allowed to marry and have kids either. Celibacy should be enforced on these people or if they marry their tubes need to be tied.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: that's pretty strong medicine. I pretty much agree.

People who are disturbed, retarded, hallucinate like Roger or the author of this blog or are just plain irresponsible need to be restrained by the government and family members. They need to be kept for their sakes and societies sakes in either institutional facilities or in residential care homes or apartments. They should only be allowed out under supervision. This is for their protection.

The disabled should not be permitted to be left unsupervised and alone. They need to be watched over and given guidance so they don't hurt themselves or cause disruptions to society. They should not be allowed to have conjugal relations. Their tubes need to be tied. I don't have a problem with them marrying and being together as long as they are not able to reproduce. We don't need more of them.

For those worried about civil liberties it should be noted that John Adams said our constituton was for a moral people. The disabled are child like in their mindset and need guidance to be moral. So the state is needed to care for them.

Roger judging by what I have read comes across as disturbed. His parents didn't do well neither did the state but now I am afraid if what he says is true he will probably end up losing everything eventually unless he is put in treatment.

Anonymous said...

Agreed I would add the author of the blog is mentally ill. On and on his blog demands that the state be weakened and that people should be allowed to be on their own. He advocates weapons bans be lifted that everyone should be allowed to carry assault weapons regardless of their behavior or consequence. Judging by the articles including articles attacking psychiatry, Brian appears to be one of the mentally ill. The anti-psychiatry movement is made up of insane who are in denial though it would appear that abuse and failure of the caretakers has had a role.

He says he's a small business owner in New Hampshire and spends his time writing about evil boogieman government out to abuse everyone. The way he writes its crazy! Does he really have a business? I hope not!

This guy is either ripping people off to avoid paying taxes, his fair share to keep civilization running smoothly (New Hampshire is a blue state but is run by freakin red necks and has no income or sales tax) or he is so loopy I wonder if he does have a business and if it is on the rocks or no?

He's using our internet, our public airwaves, our blogspace to promote views that are extremist, hateful, deceptive and deplorable! This blog owners is a deplorable just like Hillary said! This kind of person needs to be locked up and medicated! He's lying to people and misinforming everyone! He's nuts!

mainestategop said...

ah... Anyone who doesn't agree with you is now nuts and disabled and needs to be locked up like a criminal in an institution.

You say I'm deceptive how??? In what way? I've lived under liberalism my whole life. I've experienced what happens to innocent people like Roger Bauer. the only good thing it wasn't like he had it. I was allowed to leave no jobs poverty Maine for New Hampshire which had a superior economy and start a business free of government fetters. Roger OTOH was humiliated, abused and debased and told he was stupid just because the state of Rhode Island a state just as bad as Maine couldn't help him. They don't care about him. They're losers.

The anti-psychiatry movement is made up of insane who are in denial

Its made up of people who've been abused and locked up all for the sole reason that they held beliefs that were not popular with libtards like you and/or had abusive relatives that lied to doctors who believed everything they said without another thought and locked them up, depriving them of liberty and dignity. Psychiatry also forces these people to take meds that cause brain damage and damage the human body!

The reason I got into blogging because a friend of mine went through a situation like Roger's only worse! They took his bank account away to force him to go on SSI and they drugged him so bad he became learning disabled and crippled! It ruined his brain and body! He had everything going for him then the liberals and his leftist parents decided they could do better. NOW HE'S NOTHING!!


I bet you're also one of those liberals who say that queers should be allowed to marry while innocent victims like Roger should be forced to remain celebate and alone just because a so called "expert" says hes a danger to the world for being different or thinking different from you libtards!!

John said...

Let's assume for a moment that Roger is a retard with Aspergers syndrome. How is beating him up and blaming him for Rhode Island's shit economy going to make him better? And why is it his fault there are no jobs???

Nobody in this stupid comment section has said why its Roger's fault. If he's doing something wrong then its up to the accusers to show how Roger has failed in all of his interviews.

How has the government helped him? Why didn't they give him his own home and job??

Either you have proof Roger is to blame or your abusing him by blaming him for his unemployment. YES! Its a form of abuse! This is even more morally reprehensible if he's really disabled! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!

Anonymous said...

I bet this animal thinks that queers can have sex with whoever or whatever they want while people who they think are disabled just because someone said so should be denied access to intercourse, denied a partner of any gender and that they should be forced to be alone. SICK FUCKERS. I hate them.

Anonymous said...

I was enrolled on Voc Rehab against my will in Lewiston Maine. We have the worst economy in the country. They couldn't find work for me.

I was forced to remain on Voc Rehab and I was not allowed to leave Maine. My parents told me I was a retard just because some quack said I had Asperger's syndrome.

I didn't they lied but they based it on their word alone. I had to hitchhike to get out of that hell hole. I almost got killed.

It took me 3 years of being homeless and on welfare before I emerged.

Voc rehab is a big fat waste of money that doesn't work. It doens't need our taxes and its workers are parasites and criminals who don't care

mainestategop said...


I think its the same guy who said all disabled should have their rights removed.

yes, the retarded should be sterilized along with the N***gers and anyone who believes in God. Only stupid people believe their God.

Gosh... Isn't that tolerant of liberals???

Roger Bauer said...

YES! WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY FAULT!? I challenge everyone here against me to show how it is my fault I can't find work in Rhode Island or Massachusetts even though I went everywhere and had career councillors from the unemployment office there!

And mother, you made me the way I was by yelling and screaming at me! You used to make me get panicky and anxious then youd scream at me to calm down and scold me! Thats not how you talk to someone who's stressed out! YOU MADE ME WORSE ON PURPOSE!


There was only one time anything remotely like that happened. It was upstairs in the hall, I was wearing boxers, I thought the house was empty everyone left, I came out of the batrhoom AFTER TAKING A SHOWER FYI! YES I TOOK SHOWERS WHEN I FINALLY WAS ALLOWED OUTSIDE TO GO LOOK FOR WORK AND FINALLY GIVEN AN INCENTIVE TO WEAR CLEAN FRESH CLOTHES AND BATHE!! I walked out carrying my towel, then my sister's friend walked out of her room and I ran for my room. They exaggerated everything and mom scolded me really bad for that.

YOu can't expect me to be calm and well behaved if I am being scolded and abused verbally for little things I have no control over like the economy and if there are no jobs. You can't expect me to be calm when after combing Rhode Island all day finding that either no one is hiring or everyone is laying off I come home to hear mom or dad swearing andmaking fun of me saying bad things that everything is great in Rhode Island and that they lied about not hiring and laying off workers because no one hires retards!




mentalhealth Orange CA said...

I am a mental health advocate in California and I have worked with Asperger's patients. It looks like Roger didn't have any motivation or incentive to bathe and his parents failed to encourage those habits when he was younger. This tends to happen frequently to young patients with Asperger's who's parents do not encourage healthy routines. Not involving Roger in outside activities can also explain why he was a shut in.

Yelling at someone while they panic and have anxiety attacks also does not help either. People with Asperger's tend to be hyper sensitive to criticism

Also, if you beat him up for not finding work you'll make him more aggrivated and make it difficult for him to find work and stay calm in interviews.

Jeff Gilman said...

Okay, Roger you exaggerate your parents screaming and yelling. They may have lost their temper once in awhile but you're exaggerating. You're hyper sensitive to criticism is your problem Roger.

And you've done that thing going around naked in your house and even out in the backyard on many occasions. That's not appropriate ever. That you'd downplay it as just an act of youthful discretion or claim that no one was in the home shows your lack of personal responsibility and that you got mental issues.

No you didn't wet the bed, no you didn't hurt people but you did do all kinds of things like that. There were even things your parents brought to my attention that you did as a teenager and as an adult that were very very bad. that I don't think you'd like me or they, to share on this blog. I can't anyway because of hippa, I just bring up what you've already mentioned or what your mom and brother mentioned. You were immature and still are.

Its best not to mention but you got problems Roger.

Rebbeca Ann said...

What is wrong with you people? Are you trying to make Roger upset on purpose? Do you want him to break down and have a problem? I noticed he did get emotional about what his mother said.

You must've hurt him badly! He didn't seem to be motivated to shower or dress. I noticed that when I worked with homeless people in california. You can't do much if you don't have any motivation and if you're depressed.

And it looks like they're the ones exaggerating. I mean he was only 15, he didn't know there were people in the house, we only have your word but just by this word were gonna take away hhis liberty and freedom.

I was also shocked by what the other guy said about disabled people and locking them up. In Utah, we closed most of our institutions because we recognize that everyone is of some worth regardless of difference in race, ability ETC. The only institutions we have are for people who are a danger to themselves and others and who are so frail and so distorted that they need a place but people like Roger don't belong there.

You guys failed... You didn't help him. he didn't get better because you denied him his freedom and person and judged him.

If everything you said about Roger was true, you wouldn't be beating him up and Rhode Island would've provided for him.

None of you ever got Roger a job. None of you ever helped Roger. Instead you blamed him alone for his unemploument when it was the fault of RI and you Democrats!

Roger said...


You cant label someone because of their word against mine! Just because someone says somethinng is true doesn't make it true!!!!


Jeff Gilmann MD said...

Roger, I don't need to prove anything to you. You couldn't find work, no one employed you, that alone tells me that you're doing something wrong. I never said Rhode Island had a perfect economy, I said that Rhode Island's economy and the economy in the greater Boston area is fine and compared to America is doing fine. If you can't find work in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut, its your fault. Don't blame the economy, don't blame your family, don't blame the school, or liberals or the new world order. Blame yourself.

You did go naked in the backyard. Your parents are reliable witnesses who hold a decent job and are decent people. They have testified that you have walked around the house naked or in underwear with people present without another thought. You also went to the backyard in your undies. That's a sign of mental illness right there.

And Rebecca, I'm not doing anything to Roger. ROger makes himself upset. He can't handle criticism, he can't handle his stress and manage his emotions. He's mentally ill. You need to get him into treatment or he'll breakdown.

We did everything we could to help Roger but he resisted too much so we couldn't do everything. His parents had to use force and incentives to get him to take his meds and attend meetings. Roger's attitude was wrong.

You cant label someone because of their word against mine! Just because someone says somethinng is true doesn't make it true!!!!

Right off the bat mentally ill denial!!! Roger, your parenst word is good as gold. They are reliable and honest. I believe them over you because they demonstrate they want to help and you are not honest. You're in denial, your behavior and your attitude is crumby, you are not reliable as far as word goes.

I can take someones word agaist your's Roger because you are a mentally disturbed nut job who denies everything and your parents are responsible adults who care for you! Your doctors and I are professionals. Dr Keitner was licensed by boards and Brown U! That's a prestigious IVY LEAGUE University! Only two or three other universities in the country are better than Brown! YOU'RE TELLING ME HE'S WRONG AND AN UNEMPLOYED MENTAL CASE IN HIS UNDERWEAR IN PUBLIC IS RIGHT!!??

You really must be crazy and more mentally ill than I thought Roger. Please get help!

Ben K. said...

I am a member of Jeff Gilmann's Circle. I have Asperger's syndrome, PTSD, ADHD and suffer Depresion and Anxiety.

I work a full time job in Attleboro MA and live in an apartment in Pawtucket.
I got the job in 2010, with no trouble at all.

I got it by being patient, obeying my doctors and case workers, making an effort, taking my meds, obeying recommendations and being patient. I got the job while Roger was screwing around.

I got the job easily. Roger must've been screwing around.

I remember Roger either clammed up and said nothing or he would yell and complain. We were kinda glad he ran away since he wasn't taking it seriously.

He was a hot mess. Overweight, smelly, bad behavior, yelling, screaming, ETC.

I think it was wrong to force him into treatment because he really needs to have this attitude of wanting some help. Its not enough to make him take his meds and go to groups and see his psychiatrist. Its gotta come from within. Roger no matter what still resisted. He needed help.

roger bauer said...


Jeff Gilmann MD said...

I already told you, I don't need to tell you. You couldn't get the job because your social skills were lousy and because you wouldn't go through treatment.

I'm all done talking to you Roger. You need to get back on your medications, see a doctor and take responsibility for your illness and disability. You're disabled and mentally ill Roger and don't even know it. You need to get help before you break and lose all you accomplished

Anonymous said...

What did Roger do wrong? Why are you ducking out?

And why is Roger forced against his will to live in Rhode Island??? Why can't he live in Seattle? I live in Seattle. I moved there from the Boston area. I got a job in less than a month VS no job in Boston and Providence. What's up with that???? I couldn't find work either. Why is it his fault??

mainestategop said...

Roger did nothing wrong. Its all Rhode Island's fault and the parent's fault. Jeff Gilman gets big bucks from big pharma and big government while innocent people like Roger Bauer die and die a little everyday.

Socialists are cowards and are inferior. They duck out of every debate because they know that government has failed. They hide government failure by scapegoating the people they are supposed to help. That's why you should never trust a government. He wont even answer why its good to tax and tax to death.


I wonder if Gabor Keitner will show up

Anonymous said...

I wonder also if Gabor Keitner has anything to say about how being unemployed = being mentally ill?

That Jeff Gilman is an ass hole. Anyone who can't find work in Rhode Island is retarded but he found it in UTAH!!!

Go Pawsox said...

Rhode Island Escapee

WTF???? Escapee? What is this prison? Why you all gotta hate on my home state for man!? I mean if He doesn't want to live here he shouldn't be forced to live here. Sounds like Roger is one of those right wing ditto heads that listen to Rush watch Fox News and want people without healthcare to die! Good riddance! They should let him leave if he hates it here so damn!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc! Why you running away?

Trump2016 said...


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of damn fools! They say he's stupid and has no social skills just because Rhode Islanders (A bunch of miserable assholes if there ever were) wont treat him like a human being and wont let him live where he wants to.

This quack can't even explain why Roger is mentally ill and why he's a retard just because he can't find work in that shit hole. If anything it proves he's wrong. We can't just take them at their word!

Why can't people be nice to Roger? And why can't he leave New England? If people hate him so much let him leave!!

Anonymous said...

Liberals... haven't changed a bit since Hitlar

Jeff Gilmann MD said...

It's not important for me to explain. The info that this blog uses and that Roger showed us in group is by neo-cons like Forbes. They are wrong. There are and WERE people moving into Rhode Island and the Boston Metro area for the purpose of employment. People were moving in to work, not a whole lot were moving out. People in my group circle have found work. Roger, didn't. That alone shows its Roger's fault.

Also, Roger's behavior at group and at home and Roger's slovenly appearance in and out of group demonstrate that its HIS FAULT!

There's no reason that anyone who lives in RI, Boston or thereabouts shouldn't be unemployed. If you try and take it seriously you can get a job!

Roger will not do so. He's mentally ill.

mainestategop said...

BUT ROGER DID SO! So he can't be mentally ill!

How is he mentally ill for not getting a job in RI!? He got a job in Utah!

And Forbes and other sources used reliable statistics that demonstrate that high taxes plus a corrupt government and high crime rates and low incomes prove that RI can't make jobs or for that matter Sh*T!

Kyle said...

You're walking away because you can't answer!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy 100 comments Batman!! This is looking like an episode of Jerry Springer!!

Anonymous said...

These people including the blog owners and Roger's parents are insane and mentally ill. They made some bad choices that made him worse and lash out.

I am sorry for the parents for what they go through. I also have a son who is mentally ill (ASPERGER'S SYNDROME) and is a libertarian.

Its nasty when they deny their illness but its 1000X worse when the patient is also a libertarian nutjob. Not only are they denying it completely, they are also using bumper sticker slogans and technical political stuff to deny it! Aspergers's

You chide them about their unemployment, they immediately go into this nonsense about how tax loop-holes, over regulation and corruption are the reason there aren't any jobs when its really because they are nutty!

When you criticise them or tell them to shape up they lash out or accuse you of being a marxist conspirator!!

There's no reaching them and since they wont let you involuntary commit them anymore or force them into treatment and make them stay put. There's hardly anything you can do. We live in Denver Co BTW and the libertarians and the fiscal conservatives have completely decimated and annihilated the mental health system in our state.

We made the mistake of using fear to get him to take his meds and to threaten him with lock up or arrest to get him to take his meds and go to the doctors but he became resistant and then ran away.

It was inevitable I'm afraid. People like that are unstable and they wont get help. We found out he's homeless in Galveston Texas. We told him he's welcome back when he comes to terms with his disorder and gets back into treatment.

You should've just let him leave. The only hope is he'd learn his lesson.

Anonymous said...

I agree. the same thing happened to us. We live in Long Island New York and we are African American. We were shocked that our son who has Asperger's and possibly some other problems repeated a lot of this Glenn Beck BS. He said the reason he couldn't find a job is because of racism and because taxes were too high. I mean helloooo!! You're unemployed because you're awkward and don't have any social skills! He even shows it in his behavior day to day and our psychiatrist even said he had it.

Well he lashed out, accused us of being socialists, uncle toms andbeing abusive and unloving for making him go to a doctor and enroll in programs. He didn't like it at all. We took away his computer and Play Station and told him he could have them back when he accepted having Asperger's and got a job. He threw fits and said we abused him, we were liberal fascists, we love the government more than we love him ETC.

That was wrong of us to do that. It made him worse and he accused us of abuse and wouldn't take meds anymore unless we allowed him to leave New York. He got on the library computers, went on Patreon or some other charity website, got money for a greyhound ticket and moved out to another state. We haven't been able to locate him anywhere and we are worried sick. We know he's still unemployed, homeless, maybe dishevled. We are very worried and don't know what to do or if we'll ever see him again.

Its our fault, we pushed him too far and it made him worse. He's just like the author of this blog and Roger Bauer. Right wing and arrogant.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that happened to you both. Its hard to get your child to accept that they have a disorder or a mental illness. Our son had Asperger's syndrome and we were unable to get him treatment because at the time, Obamacare didn't exist neither did Romney Care. We lived in Massachusetts and in 2002 when this was going on there was nothing we could do for him.

We had him going to psychiatrists until he was 18 when he aged out of the system. We could no longer take him to the doctors, we couldn't get him medication, he was happy about this because he did not want to go, he did not like taking his medication because it made him slow and a little chubby but he had to we told him to get his anxiety down and his depression down.

He was happy and elated to be off the hook. We tried to get him to enroll in state subsidies and programs but because he was 18 he could legally refuse and say no. We couldn't force him so we had to lean on him to take responsibility for his condition. We'd agree to let him live with us and we'd help him be independent and give him allowance but he had to enroll in programs, see a psychiatrist and resume medication.

Unfortunately, 2 months into his new treatment regiment we got word he had inheirited windfall in the form of an inheiritance from a deseased aunt. It was worth 10000 dollars and because he had this money he was no longer eligible to receive help. We couldn't get conservtorship over the money neither because he was 18 and the doctors didn't have any way of doing this. No one was there to help us. Furthermore when he discovered this he came alive and began to rebel against us and cause trouble. He wanted the money and threatened to get us in trouble if we did not let him have it.

He had some help from civil libertarian groups that accused us of being marxists, of being fellow travelers meaning that we were supporters of communism and people involved in communism, we tried to get him to calm down, negotiate but he wouldn't budge. We tried to throw him off by hiding his ID card and social security card from him and tried to get him to agree to place the money into a trustee account and that he would get a regular allowance and all the help he needed if he just kept going on programs and going to the doctors and and it just made him angry.

and it made these groups angry. One of the groups he enlisted was stormfront. We got threatening phone calls that we were zionists we were helping Jewish marxists and that we were wasting their money by forcing him on the programs.

We also got threatening calls that we were marxists, who are you to make us pay for your son to be on programs he doesn't need, all those programs are waste of money, they're for lazy stupid losers, you're son has a right to be independent he doesn't need it, the calls were terrible, they were threatening, they used harsh language, we told everyone were sorry, were going to give him back his ID card and license and well let him keep the 10000 dollars.

We were devastated. He accused us of abusing him he told us its all our fault he doesn't have a job, were abusive, controlling, were liberal fascists and so on. He left without another word. Gone. We don't know where he is. That was over a decade ago. The police have been unable to help us. We don't know where to turn to. It is our fault. We let him down and the system let us down.

mainestategop said...

More commie parents abusing their children and blaming them for their failure to raise them right.

At least the last one admitted it was there fault.

Where to begin...

First to the first anonymous comment, Its easy to label your opponents as insane. Hitler, Stalin and others have done it. So has Hillary Clinton. You call me insane because you know I'm right. If you had any good sense, you'd let your kids move out on there own and respect their personhood. The reason there aren't anymore jobs and the reason so many young people are out of work is because of the legal and illegal immigrants swarming in stealing jobs. That and out of control taxes. You blame your son because you are a liberal fascist. You don't want to admit the government is wrong and you love the government and communism more and more than oyu do your own son.

To the second commentter the same thing, I would also add that black people have it worse especially in New York. Again at least you admitted its your damn fault. YOu should also add the system is to blame

Third one, I'd be angry too if I found out that I was gonna have my money wasted to keep someone unemployed and poor just because their parents wouldn't accept them. Its your fault and society's fault. LET HIM GO!

Liberals... Insane POS' Yet us working producing Americans are crazy.

Jeff Gilmann said...

No, I already told you all why. I'm not talking to you anymore. Roger, you need treatment, get help!

Anonymous said...

WTF?? If he don't want to live in my state (NY) let him leave! Back in the 70s and 80s, we used to give discharged mental patients one-way tickets to California! WHY DONT THEY DO THE SAME THING ANYMORE!? If they hate it here, let them leave!

Anonymous said...

He had some help from civil libertarian groups that accused us of being marxists, of being fellow travelers meaning that we were supporters of communism and people involved in communism, we tried to get him to calm down, negotiate but he wouldn't budge. We tried to throw him off by hiding his ID card and social security card from him and tried to get him to agree to place the money into a trustee account and that he would get a regular allowance and all the help he needed if he just kept going on programs and going to the doctors and and it just made him angry. and it made these groups angry. One of the groups he enlisted was stormfront. We got threatening phone calls that we were zionists we were helping Jewish marxists and that we were wasting their money by forcing him on the programs.

I would've just let him have the money and tell him to use it if he thinks he's so much better! HA! I'm not surprised to hear stormfront is involved. Libertarians are racist!

And you should've just let him kept it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uh huh... Libertarians are all racist but its not racist to abuse someone just becauuse they can't find a job in a state that is not only liberal but is one of the most racist in the country! New York, New England are very racist. They don't think black lives matter yet the media wont report it! That's a documented fact even mother jones said. New York city and Boston. Nasty.

Roger Bauer's father said...

I am Roger's father. I want to refute some things he said, I should've responded when this article came out but I need to say somethings.


You are mentally ill. YOu're comments prove that. You have a lot of problems. You also keep on denying the obvious.

Dr Keitner was trained at several Ivy League Universities in Canada and The US including Brown University. Do you know what kind of University Brown is? Its just underneath Harvard and Yale Roger! DR KEITNER IS IVY LEAGUE MATERIAL HE'S BONNIFIED AND THAT KIND OF PERSON DOES NOT JUST MAKE THINGS UP AND MAKE MISTAKES LIKE THAT!!!

That you would claim to be smarter and have more knowledge than a certified doctor from one of the nation's top Ivy league universities shows me that either you are a liar or you are more mentally ill than I thought!

We did yell at you and snap at you at times Roger when you misbehaved or fell apart and sometimes it was not appropriate but sometimes it was. YOU BEHAVED LIKE A SPOILED TODDLER WHEN YOU DO THAT! KNOCK IT OFF!!

You also lie about what happened. First of all, we never called you a retard, or said you'd never ever be independent and that there was no hope for you. If that were so we would've let you drop out in grade school and you know we'd just let you leave and go to Utah or Seattle or wherever. But were not those kinds of irresponsible parents. We love you and want you to be the best so you had to stay in RI and be in treatment.

Roger Bauer's father said...

Everything thing you said about us is a lie. Either you lie to get out of being responsible or its a delusion and part of your denial of being with Asperger's. Look at what you wrote!!! Roger, you have problems. You are also wrong on a lot of the things you said....

For example you claimed...

My dad said that he didn't believe me and thought I was homeless because doctor Keitner said that I would never be independent. He's wrong but he says that he can't be wrong just because he's a professional. When I told him I became a Mormon he went off. He said I was more mentally ill than he thought and hung up the phone. When I tried contacting my parents and relatives I got a response that my parents did not want to speak to me anymore. They said I was mentally ill and not supposed to be independent and working and that, I was a sicko for being religious. I was also told by my brother and my sister that I needed help and that its impossible for someone like me to be independent and on my own. I invited them to the wedding and to have a look see and they told me no. You should not be on your own you should not be working you should not be managing your own fianances. Your mentally ill, you have Asperger's a mental illness your not supposed to do those things you shouldn't be allowed to. They claimed that my religious faith also was another reason that I was mentally ill. I never heard from them hereafter. The Bauers are much like the Bowler family. Liberals are unfit parents.

No Roger. Now I admit I did get angry at first because your mother an I came from a religious home and we suffered cruel torment and abuse from that. We respect your right to be religious but we don't have to respect the religious group you belong to. I don't condemn you or all mormons, I condemn their church and their beliefs. Founded by a bigamist and a racist. There are so many things wrong with the mormons.

I did snap but those things about us not wanting anything to do with you or saying you're a retard because your belief is a lie.

Also Dr Keitner never said those things. NONE OF THE PROFESSIONALS OR WORKERS WE MET WITH EVER SAID THOSE THINGS LIKE THAT YOU'D NEVER BE INDEPENDENT ROGER. Dr Keitner said that your situation at the time wouldn't allow you to succeed. He also said that you could be successful and told us how people with Asperger's syndrome were very capable to work with and capable to get a job and a normal life with help.


You wouldn't let us help you Roger. You wouldn't be mature and responsible, you wouldn't cope, you wouldn't cooperate. That's why you were unemployed!

Roger Bauer's father said...

They said I was mentally ill and not supposed to be independent and working and that, I was a sicko for being religious.

NO! There are plenty of people who are mentally ill with Asperger's that are independent and working. That's because they go by their treatment and that they are responsible for their condition.

Being religious doesn't make you a sicko. You just don't know. If I did call you that it was wrong and I apologize. But you had us all worried when you ran away! We thought you were dead or in bad shape! But it did not happen the way you said it!

I was angry only because you said that you weren't coming back, that you had a job and that it was all our fault you couldn't find work in Rhode Island. And we didn't really believe you because you lie all the time.

Maybe we did lash out, maybe we went far when you called but we did not ever say you were not welcome back or that you were a sicko for believing in God. You exaggerate. Listen, the only reason you're a conservative and a Mormon is to rebel against us. You're angry at Rhode Island and the people who all wanted to help you. We understand that but it doesn't change the fact you're still mentally ill.

I don't know what's going on Roger but for your sake and your child and wife you'd better get back into treatment! Dr Keitner and Dr Gilmann all have warned that you could have another nervous breakdown.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that Roger and Rebecca Bauer are gonna vote for Trump along with all the other nuts with Asperger's syndrome this election

Mental Health advocate said...

I am a case worker in Providence RI who works with people with mental illness especially the homeless and I AM SHOCKED THAT THIS KIND OF BIGOTRY IS PERMITTED AND THAT THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS LIVE IN MY STATE AND CLAIM TO BE PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS LIKE ME!!!!

Roger Bauer needs to be going outside and learning to socialize whether or not he is in mental health treatment! There are programs here and in Massachusetts that he would be eligible for. Also if you can afford to give him computer games and so on that easily it shouldn't be hard to pay for him to see a professional!

Yelling at Roger and bullying him just because he can't find a job is also a bad thing to do! He's gonna get agrivated and he wont be able to stay focused in job interviews! He needs self esteem and thats hurtful to self esteem.

Also I know for a fact they have great programs for people like roger in Seattle. If you had just let him go there he'd probably do better! Also using intimidation tactics and stealing ID cards and hiding them just to force someone into programs is one of the worst things to do! If they're not willing to go into treatment they'll become resistant and it wont help them! They have to want the help in order for it to work!

Yelling at him, telling him its his fault people are mean to him, that its his fault he's unemployed while forcing him into treatment is a recipe for disaster!

If you want to help Roger let him be Roger! If you treat him like you are he'll be resistant and he wont listen to you and he wont get help. He's gotta want to be helped! He's gotta be in the right mindset and have the right attitude for it to work but forcing him, taking things from him, abusing him is going to make it hard for him to focus and make it hard for him to accept help and make it worse!

Be nice to Roger! He's your relative!

Anonymous said...

HEY! I have Asperger's Syndrome and I have a normal life! You guys are bigots! Shame on you! Roger needs your support!

Anonymous said...

You know, you guys should let up! The way you've treated your son, you've over burdened him so much he cannot take care of himself and he cannot complete tasks! STOP IT! Give him a break! And This Jeff Gilmann whoever he is doesn't come across as being very professional to me neither! I doubt he is an MD if he is he needs to be sued and shut down with a malpractice suit!

Rogers' dad said...

You're right. We should've gotten him out more often, we should've taken him to a different school that was suitable for his kind. But still you do not understand his condition at the time. Roger was a shambles! He did not bathe, he was a mess. We should've done better though its our fault.

Anonymous said...

Damn right it is your fault! I have been diagnosed Asperger's syndrome and I did alright! i didn't have the same trouble! Part of the reason my parents weren't strict abusive A-holes like you are!

The reason I am not a libertarian is really not the articles about Roger but the comments. The one I love, that just because Keitner was Ivy league educated now he's alright and he's trusting. BullS--t!

I used to live in Rhode Island, I went to Dr Keitner. He is a F**king A-hole! He was crass and stuck up. I don't know if its because of his Ivy league stiff upper lip or if its because he's a commie, he was very rude and didn't care about me.

This guy is definitely a communist because when I told him that the reason I got left back in 8th grade when I was 14 was because my teachers didn't help me and that my parents were mean, he told me that I was disrespectful to authority figures and that I have a problem at school. He put down on my eval that I was disrespectful to authority, that I was an incomptent student never mind that I skipped a grade later on in High school, he also said that I never got along with others. What Bulls--t! He also said that my beliefs needed to change because while I was not a libertarian I was leaning in that direction and he chided me for that.

I stopped going to Keitner after 3 visits and After I lost my job when the business closed down I had it with New England, I just left. I live in South Carolina now. I'm doing much better.

Joe B. said...

I have a son with Asperger's, bipolar and forward impulse control and he's a lot like Roger Bauer. To hear your son deny he has a condition, deny he's mentally ill and in need of help and refuse to take his medication and refuse any help by people offering it is not only sad its a travesty! The only thing worse than that is when they are right wing libertarians.

We live in Denver Colorado which is very very liberal unlike the rest of the state and he doesn't get along with people because of his beliefs. He is a Trump supporter of course and he thinks Colorado isn't good enough.

He says there's no such thing as a mental illness, there is no working government, that our president is a Muslim socialist who wants the infidel americans like him to be poor ETC.

He used to live in Seattle but he got fired from his job at the Northgate mall because of his behavior. Then he moved from his mother's place to be with me in Denver. He blames everything on mexicans, muslims, blacks, not himself

joe b said...

He also has the worst behavior on the planet!! He talks loud, he's fat, he's ugly, his head is mishapen and we think it might be cranial disfigurement, not sure, but when he was a baby the doctors couldnt' figure it out. Hopefully not but if so it would explain his behavior.

He has no social skills whatsoever. He walks into a room full of people it takes him no more than 20 minutes to turn off everyone in there from him. He has never held down a job in his life except for 2 stupid jobs. One as a vendor at the mall, the other as a janitor. He got fired because of his attitude with a black customer. He says its not his fault and that the black guy started it and that were all race traitors but security footage shows differently. He was rude and didn't really care. He got fired and the company was almost sued.

Just by being in a room full of people and doing nothing he can turn people off just by being there he is so repulsive. He qualifies for SSI, doctors in Washington confirm it but he refuses because according to him he doesn't need it. SSI he says is for "retards and for lazy colored people" He wont accept it he just has food stamps.

He ran away 2 months ago. We have put a search for him to make sure he's okay but that's all. Were not letting him back in until he takes responsibility for his attitude.

Anonymous said...

So, anyone who graduates from an IVY league University is now supernaturally blessed with powers of infallibility and honesty and incorruptablness and is always right? And If I lose my job I am now a retard who is always wrong?

And why are Roger's parents always honest? Why are they trustworthy? looking at the comments and the failure of the parents to recognize all the damage they did, that they went wrong, they should've gotten on their knees and said Yeah! we were wrong! We shouldn't have yelled at him, treated him worse than drek, they should've apologized and told Doc Jeff to go somewhere and put an axe handle up his ass.

Instead they still yell at him like there's still something wrong! HE'S WORKING! He HAS AN APARTMENT! HE'S MARRIED! YOU STILL TREAT HIM LIKE A PIECE OF CRAP!! WTF!?

And this doctor, he is not a professional. He is a damn fraud and a liar!

Just because Roger's parents say he ran naked around the backyard and did this and did that, doesn't mean it happened! They probably lied about him doing that just as he and the parents lied about him being a retard with Aspergers!

Yeah, they have a job, they're parents, they dress nice that means everything they say is right.

If they tell the Doctor 2 x 2 is 9 to the fifth power to infinity, YEAH! THAT'S CORRECT! WHY? Well... TO QUOTE Doctor Mengle... "Roger, your parenst word is good as gold. They are reliable and honest. I believe them over you because they demonstrate they want to help and you are not honest. You're in denial, your behavior and your attitude is crumby, you are not reliable as far as word goes.

I can take someones word agaist your's Roger because you are a mentally disturbed nut job who denies everything and your parents are responsible adults who care for you! Your doctors and I are professionals."

OH! So now just because he thinks his parents are responsible and he thinks Roger is stupid, (BIASED OPINION) NOW ITS ALRIGHT! They are all right and everything they say is right BS!!


But just like in the USSR and China, in psychiatry you are guilty all because of one accusation.

I don't care if his parents are royality or if Keitner got his Degree from Brown or Harvard or even from the POPE! He's still wrong! HE STILL CAN BE WRONG NO MATTER WHAT!!

Sam Jones said...

FYI: Jeff Gilmann is not a doctor. He's a Peer to Peer counselor. He has no doctorate. He's a fraud. Don't let him tell you Roger that your stupid and that he's always right. He isn't. He can't even explain to you why you can't work. So he's wrong. There! And even if This commie Gabor Keitner. WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS THAT!? Is a grad from Brown U. He's still an ass hole and he's still wrong.

I was in Gilman's group back in the day. He is a dick and so are most of the people in his circle.

Anonymous said...

None of the people mentioned in this sad story are doctors. They're all assholes who got a piece of paper from some other dick head and that makes them Superior

Anonymous said...

I want to ask all these people making negative comments about Roger and the mentally ill, Are you any of you from Rhode Island? I am from Rhode Island, I live in Pawtucket and I suffer from mental illness and it scares me to think that most of the people in my state are Ass holes.

I suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia, Panic disorder and PTSD. I take three different medications, Abilify for the panic and Risperdal for schizophrenia. I also take Serax because the other meds make me tired.

I really don't see how being an ass hole is gonna help this person. If he is so miserable he doesn't want to live here anymore let him leave. In fact you all should leave the fuck out of my state too! I don't want you all here either! This kid is having issues!

i AGREE THAT Alot of what this blog says is crazy and insane and does not work and I agree that Roger Bauer has obviously got issues and needs to resume his treatment but this attitude of yours against him is hurting him and causing emotional stress and making him worse. Also if you go around making coarse and mean remarks about hi m and about the mentally ill in general its gonna make him not want to receive treatment and he'll deny his problem more and be more resistant.

And to this Jeff Gilman guy, you obviously are no doctor. If I do something wrong and I know I am, even if I don't they'll let me know. But you wont tell him why he is a social retard and why he can't get a job then he's gonna keep having this problem!

I work at a Goodwill store. When I was looking for work, they made sure I watched my behavior during the interviews, I had job counselors and others helping me. htey didn't call me names or anything they watched me and made sure I did my job right! I got the job at Goodwill because Voc Rehab and my doctors told me it was better among other reasons.

If you really want to help this guy, put a sock in it. If can't say nothing nice don't say anything at all. And leave us alone! We have a right to be members of your community just like you and to live normal lives too! I have never done anything wrong, I respect authority, I have no record.

Anonymous said...

This whole post is just crazy!

Anonymous said...

the Bauer family is also crazy!

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words.... If you love your son so much you wouldn't be taling to him in that manner. He has not hurt anyone. Leave him be. If you can't accept him for who he is it;s you who has the problem.

If you want him to get well and come to terms with his problems you need to be kind to him. Reacting with blame, to react with hostility is sending a mixed message that he is a bad person just because he has a diagnosis. He wont accept he has a problem because of this.

YOu neeed to be kind to him and you need to be respectful. Also yelling at him to calm down will only make him worse.

Anonymous said...

There's a time and a place for everything. I agree yelling at mental jobs who are freaking out doesn't accomplish anything anyway. We just let our own nut job run himself down. There isn't any other way and they wont listen. The Bauers shouldn't let their son be. He's gotta get treatment or he and his family are gonna be on the street!

Hey Bauers! Sorry about what your going through. My nephew Herbert Bowler is kinda like Roger. He ran off 3 times, the first time he tried to get a crappy job in Oklahoma city, the 2nd time he was in New York working at some nasty pizza joint and working at labor ready in Portland Oregon and now he's in Keene New Hampshire working at a pizzaria and living in a dumpy nasty apartment on the bad side of town.

Herbert also has Asperger's and other similar problems and is Bipolar I think. He would have tantrums, he would yell, he would scream and do all kinds of crazy things yet claim there was nothing wrong with him.

Just like Roger he was a libertarian Christian nut too. He said everything about Wisconsin was bad, he came on this blog and wrote all kinds of lies about us and denied he had a problem and made everything out to be everyone's fault but his.

Roger Bauer sounds like he's got Asperger's. My nephew Herbert also argued with his psychiatrist too and denied everything. The only thing he didn't do that Roger did was run around the house naked.

Sorry about your trouble. You can read about us if you'd like maybe compare notes. We should get together and try and expose Brian the guy who runs this blog either as a fraud or a nut.

Gordon Bowler said...

My name is Gordon Bowler BTW. Were from Appleton Wisconsin. How's things over in RI?

Martin Bauer said...

Thank you. I read the articles Brian did about your nephew and what you're going through. Herbert definitely has the same conditions as Roger. He definitely has Asperger's syndrome.

Roger also had tantrums going back to his teens. He would demand that the school punish the teacher or the student for being mean to him and when they didn't he would go off. We would tell him to move on and get a grip and he'd go off and yell.

We were never able to get him a guardianship though. We were told by our attorneys the most we could do is force him into treatment that's all. How did you do that?

Also just wondering you suppose libertarianism and maybe some of the religiousness is a mental illness? It would seem that way to me. There's these libertarians, they are all crazy, they blame the government and the Democrats for their faults and their short coming, they are poor, dishelved, no wonder they're poor, no one would hire them. They're nuts yet they can't see it!

Is it mental illness or is it just denial and excuse making?

Also, how religious is Herbert?

And how is he now?

Anonymous said...

Notice how they always call their opponents communists. Its just like with Goodwins law. They call you names, compare you to Hitler say your nazis, communists whatever. This I believe is also a sign of mental illness and disturbances. The writer of this blog and Roger Bauer are both mentally ill. Asperger's syndrome is a mental illness and the majority of libertarians and these nuts are also Asperger crazy.

They call the family communist and say Rhode Island or Maine is communist because they don't want to admit the truth. They are mentally incompetent and that is why they couldn't get a job in those states because of that. So they brand them communist. I am originally from Maine and I lived in Boston, Providence, St. Paul and I now live in Buffalo. My job has taken me all over America. I have seen all and I can tell you this blog is a POS.

While it is true that Maine is the poorest state in the Northeast and that things weren't very good under Baldacci, the economy is fine. At least its better than most places like middle America and the south. YEECH! Massachusetts and Rhode Island have a strong economy and the Healthcare law that Mitt Romney gave us actually did a lot of good and added tons of medical jobs. We did have people move out and lay off workers but they were all spongers who didn't want to pay their share. For every job we lost under Romneycare and Obama care we gained 3 jobs. The reason people like Roger and so on are unemployed continuously isn't because they aren't allowed to move to the dumps, (Middle F'ing america) isn't because of taxes, or min. wage, its because their mentally ill.

I have seen it first hand. These people are nucking futs! I even had co-workers who thought like Roger, Herbert and mainestategop. They all quoted bumper sticker slogans and they were dysfunctional. That they worked in my sector and held on the job is a surprise!

Roger and this idiot sound like they are mentally ill and don't want to admit that they need help. Until they are brought back to earth and wake the hell up they will continue to have problems. I mean why did Roger have to go to Utah to get a job as a welder!? Why couldn't he get that here!?

Anonymous said...

Comment moderation is usually for cowards. If you have courage Brian you'll approve my comment or I will post it somewhere else where they can see it. You need help! Your friends are unemployed because they're stupid and incompetent. You ned help!

mainestategop said...

I'm no coward. You're the coward, saying that its all the fault of the unemployed, poor people who had everything taken from them by the government and who work hard, study hard and have respect for this nation, the people who found it and protect it!

Obama has been the greatest disaster this country ever suffered since Jimmy Carter and 9/11! You blame the victim because you know I am right and that socialism is a big joke!

SHAME ON YOU! And I am not mentally ill neither is Roger! You call everyone you disagree with mentally ill! So don't give me that crap about goodwins law!

Anonymous said...

No... I did not say all unemployed were mentally ill. You are taking me out of context to fit your twisted views. I am saying that libertarians, the majority of them are mentally ill. Either that or they are swindlers and exploiters.

Libertarians are for a small government that cannot defend the weak and the workers. YOu want us under your thumbs. You want us exploited. This is fascism. I do not believe libertarians is fascist but I do believe it leads to it.

That in mind libertarians unlike you are either uneducated and have no knowledge or they are mental cases who use the bad economy as an excuse.

Things have gotten better under Obama. The economy in New England is doing fine with few exceptions.

I am reffering to these homeless nuts at the shelter I volunteer at who believe in this nonsense to enforce their views and deny that they need help.

Libertarian mentally ill use it as an excuse for why they cannot get work. They eneed to be enrolled in programs, seeing a professional, taking medication, applying for SSI ETC.

If you've been out of work and on the streets for over a year, maybe its because you are the problem not the economy.

mainestategop said...

No, you just consider anyone who doesn't agree with you is a retard. Is mentally ill, whatever. That's your problem.

Gordon Bowler said...

Thanks for your support. We didn't observe Herbert as being religious. He claimed to be a Christian and says he watched church on the internet. And I think the libertarian views are just a form of denial. He makes excuses for why he's a failure.

Guardianship is not easy. The only reason we got Herbert under our thumb is because when he was a teenager he went off so much he got law enforcement involved and had to go to the hospital.

The first time he locked himself in an empty classroom and threatened to set the school on fire if he didn't get his way, that did it for him. Second he got arrested and sent to the hospital for tantrums and threats to hurt himself and others. We got him an emergency guardianship when he was 17 after the third arrest. He had a tantrum at school in the principals office, police took him to the mental ward in the hospital.

He had to go to court and the judge gave us emergency guardianship until he was 21. Then it got renewed to a limited guardianship over and over again. He ran away and didn't know he had a guardianship. I don't know if that is true. He ran away twice before. The second time after we got the guardianship renewed for a another year. But that was only because he acted up so damn much and ran away. If he had not ran away we would've lost the guardianship and he'd be on his own.

We lost the guardianship mainly because of allegations that we were abusive, that we were hard on him and that Wisconsin's economy was terrible, he also had second opinions from New York City by doctors and they focused on those. That and this right winger brian Ball helped out a bit I think.

Its not easy. It was fortunate we could hold out that long! But now he's gone.

We last heard he was still in Keene working at the pizza joint. We don't know how long that'll last.

Let me tell you all about Herbert while I have time. He was a piglet. he pigged out at the wedding, he overeats, he does a lot of those things. The only thing he didn't do that Roger did was run around in his underwear.

But he did have tantrums and yelled and go nuts. His table manners are disgusting.

The most you could hope for is forced treatment.

Martin Bauer said...

I do remember Roger having disgusting table manners. When he was around other people, he'd behave himmself though at times he'd rush through his meal. One time when he was eating alone he ate like a pig literally and we walked in on him and caught him. Mom was pissed. Also he was eating with his fingers. When asked why he said no one was there so it doesn't matter. No Roger. It does. There's alwasys time for manners. That was just disgusting. Mom scolded him and told him if he ever did it again his portions would be cut in half.

We also had a wedding situation similar to yours. When Roger was 17 we all went to a wedding reception for my Father's co-worker's daughter. Roger was not on his meds because at the time we couldn't get the children's health isuurance program to get him to a psychiatrist so he was free to bounce around. we only gave him a tiny shot glass of Champagne. But he went behind our back and he got drunk and made a fool of himelf. He also ate half the wedding cake and most of the food. That cake was meant for 200 guests and so was the food and he pigged out on all of it. We get to our tables with our first portion he's done in one minute and rushing up for more.

I asked mom and dad about it yesterday and asked why they didn't stop him from gobbling everything down, they thought he'd wear down. They were wrong. They didn't say anything or do anything until we found out he was drunk. He was behaving strange and speaking loud and telling nasty jokes. He was also slouching and walking funny, we thought it was just his demeanor at first Mom came up and told him to lower his voice, stand up straight, walk straight and stop saying those things that's when they smelled alcohol in his breath. That was when they got upset and they took him by the arm back to the hotel room. Mom and Dad were pissed. When we got home they scolded Roger for an hour and had him grounded for week with no video games. It was hell for him. Dad said that what happened proved he was mentally ill and unfit to be an adult and they were going to look for a psychiatrist for him to go to, they're looking then he's going

Unfortunately none of them took him because we didn't have insurance.

Dad spent the rest of the month apologizing for Roger's behavior. They didn't care. They thought he was just having a good time they didn't even notice thank god. Although some people did notice and we got some calls asking why Roger was sick and why he was acting weird. They dismissed it as youthful mischief. We don't think of it that way. It was mental illness and a lack of self control.

BTW Asperger is not a mental illness but often they have mental illness with them. Roger was also thought to be bipolar and have an impulse control problem.

We were so embarrassed. The only other time he misbehaved that badly was when he was 13 and made crazy jokes at a funeral wake we went to. he was sent home and grounded for 3 days and forbidden to ever go to funerals.

Unfortunately you're right. Roger acted up a lot but not enough to warrant guardianship. That is so wrong. People like Herbert and Roger do not have the right to have the same rights as everyone else. They need to be governed and taken care of by family and the government if need be for the rest of their lives.

I love my brother but he drove us off the wall with his behavior. I for one am shocked he can't see that he is not normal. He still isn't normal. If he doesn't get back into treatment he'll loose everything. You need to do the same for Herbert. He'll probably end up homeless too later on.

Gordon Bowler said...

WOW! Sorry about that. So let me get this straight... Did Roger steal booze behind your backs or did he get drunk off just a shot glass of champagne? I mean don't get me wrong, it doesn't take that much for me neither. My wife gives me hell afterwards! HEH!

Also Herbert's manners are also bad. His problem mainly is that he rushes through his meals. He also chooses to eat at the worst places like burger king, McDs, Golden Corral, Asia Palace buffet, anything with a buffet, he'll eat at. And when he does he piles it on his plate and then eats it up in less than 2 minutes. I've never seen it less than two minutes for him to eat everything on his big big plate and then go get another one.

The worst part of all is his rushing through his meal. He just shuffles it in their like rapid procession and I or his father would have to grab his wrist tell him to slow down and chew his food now and again.

We have a rule, he's not allowed to eat out unless he's chaperoned. He can only eat out on his own at Subway or Quiznos. We used to have something called Herbert patrols where when we had time off from work we'd drive around Appleton making sure he wasn't at these places he wasn't allowed. We don't even let him go to the bathroom there either! One time, one of my uncles, Gerald caught him walking into BK to go to the bathroom. He claimed he was just going to the john to take a leak but we preferred he didn't do that. One time I caught him red handed walking into Golden Corral without supervision and I took him out of there.

People with Asperger's are not capable of taking care of themselves that well. They can't manage their portion sizes and have bad manners I've found. What do you think? Did Roger's doctors say anything about that? And what about Jeff Gilman? Can we get in touch with him? He has it too so he seems knowledgeable. We didn't have peer to peer counselors for Asperger's in Wisconsin like him. I doubt if it would help then again.

So anyway yeah, his portions were out of proportion so he wasn't allowed to eat out. Besides the care givers at the residential home he stayed at cooked for him. so there's no reason to be there.

Gordon Bowler said...

Another thing Herbert did a lot of is chew his shirt sleeves and shirt collar. His dad would have a fit whenever he did that and we'd have to keep an eye on him. Even on his meds he'd sometimes do this but not as often. Herbert often claimed that the meds made him act out but interrupt he was calmer and better when on them. The only times we had problems was with certain drugs like Paxil and Seroquel. He claimed to have hallucinations and we thought it was an act but his doctors switched the meds to abilify, Prozac and I think Zyprexa and a couple other drugs. I heard later that certain kinds of drugs like Paxil and so on were harmful to people with Asperger's and that they had bad reactions. Do you know anything about that?

I heard that people with Asperger's also raise their voice a lot and that they tend to always demand everything go their way. They tend to be a bit rigid. What do you know about that?

I'd appreciate it if you could get us in touch with Dr Gilman maybe he can offer advice to maybe coax herbert to come home and what to do when he does. Thanks.

Martin Bauer said...

We were told that it is not uncommon for people on Risperdal to hallucinate but that it was good for autism and Asperger's patients. One allegation that Roget made and that I heard on this blog is that Risperdal causess impotence and makes them impotent. That is not true. Dr Keitner told us that the chance that Roger would lose his manhood and lose the ability to procreate was 1 in 100,000. At any rate, its probably best Roger doesn't have kids since Asperger's and mental illness can be passed on to son to son.

Sadly, Roger is now happily married and we have learned that they are expecting their first son next year. This means that there is a potential that there will be another generation of mentally ill and Asperger's patients who will enter a complex world without the mental capacity to deal with it. In all likelyhood They will have no social skills, they will be forced to depend on the state and the taxpayers who's number and ability to pay their contribution are shrinking, add to this they will be raised in a religious household taught that fairy tales and myths are true, they will vote for a government against their best interest and that stands up only for the elite.

Possibly they will believe the lies that Roger bought into about god the devil tax cuts capitalism and that all liberals and all those who want to help them are the enemy. I don't know how far it will go but in all likelyhood Roger's kids will be religious zombies like my grandparents at the very least, they'll be ditch diggers fast food workers, ditto heads and live desolate and wayward lives with no aim like many with Asperger's who do not receive treatment.

It is also possible that Roger's mental health will catch up with him, rendering him and his family poor and destitute. His wife will be forced to leave him and find another man who will take care of them and their possible mentally defective children. These children will probably have no real father to teach them manhood, they'll believe everything their told from religious zealots, from pop stars, Fox News ETC. some of them may reach out of the darkness some of them will become criminals. My nephews and nieces by Roger will either be homeless, in jail or a permanent underclass unless they get treatment. Even if they don't have Asperger's their lives wont be easy.

Martin Bauer said...

Oh! One other thing, Roger snuck the booze behind our backs. He knew he wasn't allowed to have more champagne but when no one was watching he went behind our backs and got some champagne. Mom was pissed off at Roger.

Roger also does eat too fast and does things like chew his clothes and fingers and bite his nails. according to his doctors, this was a common symptom of anxiety and autism. His diet had to be restricted because of the medications he was on. It lowered his metabolism and made him eat more which was a big problem. Roger also went on a diet we heard about for autism where he was forbidden to eat certain foods like breads and pancakes. Were told that patients with Asperger's have a digestive problem and that explains their behavioral problems and because of traits they have like dark circles in their eyes, heavy set weight gain and so on. We tried it for awhile but Roger reaceted terribly. In the end we just stuck to the diet plan we had before. Roger was allowed to have pancakes again just not very often and only as a reward for good behavior and exercing and taking his meds.

Roger was rebellious and he was dishonest. He'll go to any lengths to get out of treatment. Our biggest mistake was keeping him indoors and isolated. It just made him gain weight and prevented him from socializing and developing. I did tell my parents that we ought to let him out or at least make sure he has a chaperone but they didn't want him outside until he got into treatment. That took awhile since RI at the time didn't have an effective healthcare system for the poor until Obama got elected.

Its hard to decide between isolation or risk Roger running away and avoiding treatment or that he'll get into a bad crowd and get into trouble. But that's what happened. I think even if he was isolated this was only bound to happen that he'd run away and get mixed up in some cult.

Martin Bauer said...

ROger if your reading this, we love oyou and your welcome back home if anything goes wrong. You don't have to go back on meds your don't have to go through some of those things you went through, we just have 2 conditions, one, that you go back to a doctor and attend a group therapy like you did with Jeff Gilmann and 2, that you enroll in programs like Voc Rehab. I know you don't like Voc Rehab and I'm sorry they couldn't help you find work but you need to let them have another go at it. Its a good program and it helps a lot of people like you who are challnged at finding work.

And say hi to Your wife and kids for me. We love them to. Rebbeca is welcome in our house too and you guys can practice whatever religion you want!

Gordon Bowler said...

Really? He got drunk at the wedding? It must've been terrible! Heh! Heh! That reminds me of the time I and my Brother did that at a diner party our parents had. We were about 14 and we were forced to eat at the kiddie table. We snuck out into the lobby and grabbed a bottle of very expensive wine and got wasted. Boy they were pissed! My dad threaten to thrash us with his belt but fortunately he decided boys will be boys and just settled to having us grounded for a month and let the issue drop.

I hope Roger wasn't too bad. Heh! Heh! At least not as bad as we were when we got cum drunk. HEH! HEH!

But yeah we had the same issues with Herbert. Herbert was a slob a nut and dishonest. We kept him under tabs thanks to guardian ship. He only ran away one other time. He knew that if he does again he'll get caught and go back in shame.

Its best Roger gets out often. The biggest mistake you made was isolating him. He might be safe from hurting himself and unscrupulous individuals but while isolated he can't develop and learn skills and he's got nothing to do but play video games. Hebert did better whenever he was out and about than at home in front of the computer or the console.

Whenever Herbert chews his clothes he goes through one or two t-shirts a month. We get mad at him and tell him to chew gum instead. We had to really keep an eye on him. Medication helps.

We've never heard that about Risperdal. The first time I heard of Risperdal causing impotence was this website. I don't remember exactly if Herbert was on it but yeah it was something else to read about Jesse Kaplan and people being castrated. I disagree. At worst only a few people lose their manhoods permanently and yes people like Herbert and Roger probably shouldn't have kids not because Asperger's might be hereditary I don't know if it is or not but mainly people like Roger and Herbert shouldn't be parents because of the responsibility required to raise kids.

I see all these dysfunctional kids these ragamuffins getting into trouble, winding up on drugs or in juvinille hall because of single women and crazy parents. Not only is this because of the poverty from these single teenage moms who make a mistake and can't afford an abortion but its also because of mental illness.

Most of these single unwed mothers who give birth to bad kids have mental problems and that causes them to screw up their upbringing. I'm not one for eugenics but if your not responsible and your not skilled, you shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

It takes a great deal of responsibility to be a parent. Not everyone can do it. I can tell you from my own experience its a real challenge. It takes a real man to be a father not some screaming asperger like Herbert who throws a tantrum just because he's only allowed to play Sony playstation and XBOX two hours a day instead of all day.

My kids, I love them. They were rambunctious but they turned out alright. My brothers had nice kids too. Herbert and his cousin were the only problem. Herbert wont take responsibility for his disorders and challenges and runs away and makes our family stressed out. One of his cousins came from a troubled household, my sister in law and her husband were irresponsible and their two kids were taken by the state of Illinois, one of them is now serving time in prison for a robbery in Peoria and wont get out till 2019. The other one is homeless in California but is slowly rebuilding his life.

Gordoon Bowler said...

You seem to have a problem with religious people. I remember hearing your parents had some nasty upbringing by fundies. I bet they weren't happy now that Roger is a Mormon. We don't have a problem with Herbert being part of a religion just as long as it isn't racist, violent or preaches intolerance towards gays, minorities or anybody else.

It seems that Asperger's syndrome people tend to be credulous and susceptible to libertariansim and religion. That's what I found out anyway. I don't really consider religious people to be mentally ill. i mean if it helps you and it makes you a good citizen more to ya! I just don't want it forced on me and my friends.

And before I forget, do you have info on Jeff Gilmann? I'd like some advice from him

Martin Bauer said...

Yes I'll have my parents give me the info or maybe I could reach him and he can talk you you on this post or the other post you were on.

Yes My parents have a problem with religion. They were raised in strict religious households that were abusive. My mom was raised by strict pentecostal my dad Traditionalist Catholic. That's the church Mel Gibson belongs to BTW.

They were horrible to them. Abusive mentally and physically and strict. They weren't just kill joys in any sense they were nasty.

And Roger, You don't know the meaning of abuse until you've been through it under your parents. They were abused unlike you. Yes Roger, your parents were hard on you but you don't know what it is to be abused.

The problem is your in denial and your mentally ill and have Asperger's.

And if you think that its normal for a 20 year old to walk around in his underwear with company present

And for a 17 year old at a wedding to get drunk when he knows he's not allowed to have more to drink and then go around break dancing, acting rude to guests, telling x-rated stories to children, belch out loud without saying excuse me every minute and tell his cousin she has sexy boobs

and for a 15 year old to threaten to hit his teacher

and for a 13 year old to have tantrums

and cry like a 2 year old over something as trivial as a broken happy meal toy,

Then you really are more mentally ill than I thought.

We love you Roger but you do a lot of things to cause us stress and to embarrass this family.

Its for your own good Roger. Suck it in an get back to treatment!

Martin Bauer said...

Anyways I'm an agnostic. I don't believe God's existence is provable. If he's out there, he can tell me in person I'm a sinner.

Religion should not be permitted to be taught to children and the mentally ill. I don't believe religion is a mental illness like some people do, I do believe that a lot of people who are religious or devout are mentally ill and/or deeply disturbed. Religion worsens the conditions of the mentally ill and is used to rationalize their bad behaviors and mental problems. It is also used by the unscrupulous to control and hurt themselves and others.

In our house we are not allowed to watch religious programming like the 700 club or TBN or EWTN or any of these other church networks. Especially Roger. Mom was very angry when he came home with a bible and a Koran from school. He told us he got them from the library because he wanted to know how stuff worked. Mom told him correctly you can learn it from an encyclopedia any book in the library but not from the rantings of cave men and senile old geezers in the desert,

Mom then took the books back to the library and threatened to punish him if he did it again. He is only allowed to use that for a school project and only if the project didn't promote it. Only for history.

Roger did do it again when he was 19 before we could get him to a doctor the first he was listening to some preacher on the internet. Dad came in turned the computer off and told him that he was not allowed to watch that and was told if he did it again he was grounded.

When Roger told us he was in Utah and a Mormon they were upset. They got over it. I told them that I believed that Roger's main reason for being a Mormon is rebellion. Also this belief in God this belief in religion is more likely part of Roger's mental condition. I told them to be calm. They calmed down.

My parents believe Roger's beliefs are rooted in his mental condition.That its a phase that he'll just be Mormon to go with the group or that he'll leave the church and he'll come down to earth one day especially if he has a mental breakdown and loses everything.

I believe that its a phase. It'll go away after one of two things happen, one, He has a break down, loses his job and home, Rebbeca Anne leaves him two, he'll realize its all a blur.

The risperdal does not cause impotence. We were informed by both Mario and Gabor that its rare for that to happen and that at worst Roger wont have a libido. Since he's unaccaptable for a mate that's not a problem. He rebelled since he couldn't masturbate anymore and enjoy pleasure and he was afraid of being unable to have children. He rebelled he fought in the end we changed the meds to I think Zyprexa since he was having hallucinations and because his weight exploded.

I think its likely that he will have a meltdown and lose everything. Maybe under Trump the economy will collapse and they'll comeback maybe Rebecca will leave him.

I really don't know what to expect. But Thanks for your support Gordon. Hope everything works out for you.

Gordon Bowler said...

*CHUCKLE!* He did all those things at the wedding!! HA! HA! HA! He must've been really drunk! He only got grounded for a week?! LOL! My brothers and I did less than that at dad's dinner party, we didn't even have video games back then, we got grounded for a month and almost got a beating!

X-rated stories to children?!!? REALLY?!

Yeah, I think in some cases religion is a mental illness. We got homeless people in Appleton and Milwaukee who are very religious. Its really crazy what we got and the internet just shows you even more insanity!

And crying over a happy meal toy breaking? Huh! How do you not keep them from breaking? How old was he when he did that? 15??

Gordon Bowler said...

Oh! BTW What's Rebeca Ann like? Is she like Tammy Faye Baker or is she a gold digger who married Roger just for the money or what? You seem to say negative things about her? Have you met her?

Anyway... I agree it may be likely that he will have a meltdown. Herbert Bowler will probably have the same thing happen to him too!

mainestategop said...

So Gordon Bowler and his brother Get drunk at the diner party they are not retarded with Asperger's

Roger gets drunk at a wedding but he's mentally ill and he has to have all these restrictions placed against him!!!!

Both people were minors at the time too! Too young to vote or make decisions but Roger alone is the mental case not Gordon. Even though he has admitted to being very hard on his nephew and possibly to the point of being considered mental abuse.

In fact how do we even know this happened?! What tantrums? You never brought this up in the first post Martin much less the wedding.

I highly doubt he told x-rated stories to children and you know what? he was a drunken minor. A child. He got punished so let that be the end of it. Stop treating him like a child.

And whats with the attacks on Rebecca?

Anonymous said...

X-RATED STORIES TO CHILDREN!? WTF!? This guy is not only a retard he's a pervert!!!!!

And how the Fuck can the author of this blog go around acting like this is no big deal!! Either Brian Ball is getting kick backs from Roger or from Koch bros to put this shit out or he is also mentally ill and also in denial of having problems. He must also have Asperger's since he's been doing all these articles attacking profesionalls and family members of Asperger's nuts.

Roger was 17 close to adulthood and he does those things. Someting's wrong with him.

And how old was he when he cried over a broken happy meal toy? Those things break all the time! The last time I saw any kid cry over something like that was my little brother who was 3. That was all. Its like spilled milk. JESUS! THIS KID IS A WHACK JOB!

mainestategop said...

I highly doubt this really happened or at least not in the way they say it did. Often times parents of victims of psychiatry like Roger Bauer will exagerrate a situation that took place in the past usually in childhood or make up bullsh*t.

We had an incident where a 30 year old who was doing fine, working being independent had his life ruined by psychiatrist because the parents went behind his back to his doctor and told him he injured animals as a child. Reality: When he was 8 he pulled his cat's tail as a joke. Nonetheless the doctor made the allegation that he was mentally disturbed, omitted that it was exaggerated and then they made all these other allegations.

Before he knew it his property was taken away and he was homeless and forced on SSI. He is now dirt poor. All because the government wont stay out of the way and all because of a doctors word.

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Who are you to say that Roger Bauer can't live anywhere he wants to!? Its his right as an American! He can live where he wants and work where he wants!

For the government to come in and take that away is nazism and communism all rolled into one! SSI is nothing but a conspiracy to take away rights! So is every other government program! THIS PROVES IT!!

Gene Bastialgo said...

No! They do not have the same rights! The mentally ill cannot live where they want and do what they want. They need to be in treatment!

Our own son went through the same shit. He ran away 3 times before we finally got fed up and put him in an institution that could take him for 3 months.

Each time he ran away he tripped over. he didn't get a job. He'd blame us or blame the system.

He got out and was placed on an involuntary commitment. He had to stay in our homestate (california) and move into a residential care home for alcoholics and mentally ill and He had to take his meds whether or not he didn't like to.

He's everything like Roger and Herbert in those articles on this stupid blog. I'm surprised they're both working, even more surprised Roger got a job!

Martin Bauer said...

Well it did happen the way it did. He was sitting at the table, I couldn't help but notice he looked glazed and intoxicated. He was coversing with the children and they talked about movies, he told them about some x-rated Italian movies he saw at a friend's house. Movies such as Salo, 120 days of sodom and a few other violent retched nasty x-rated films from other countries. We don't know where he saw them. Roger had no friends since he was a social retard so he lied when he said he saw them. He also went up to his cousin who was a couple years older and remarked she had great boobs. We were so embarassed. I told my dad what happened it was then that mom said that two bottles of wine were missing. We then knew what had happened.

Did I mention he ate half the food at the wedding btw? Half the cake and food catered for several hundred people.

He broke his happpy meal toy when he was about 12? We heard him sobbing up in his room, his mom and dad wanted to know what happened? We thought he was crying because of being picked on in school or because he was self conscience about his weight.

Well they went up and talked to him, I then heard his parents yelling at him. He had broken his happy meal toy I forget what it was but it was stupid.

Martin Bauer said...

@Gene I agree with you 100% speaking from my own experiences with my younger brother. He really is crazy. While it was wrong to keep him isolated at first and to be hard on him, letting someone like him out on his own is a bad idea. In fact, I am not really sure if all that is said about him I mean the welding job, his apartment, marriage etc. is true!! If it is it wont last long. He'll break down and lose it and Rebecca will leave him with their children. I know of no sane woman who ever stayed with a mental case before.

The mentally ill and defective should not be allowed to live totally on their own, they should not be allowed to be fully independent, marry and make their own decisions. It should be up to the government to make decisions for them especially if it involves money, living location, medical treatment etc.

People like your son and my young brother need to be in a special place where their needs can be taken care of and where specialists and professionals can manage their illness, help them come to terms and integrate them in the community as best as possible. But they can't be in control of their lives and enjoy the same freedoms we do. They lack judgement, they lack coherence, cognisance, the basic skills it takes to live on your own as well as raise a family.

They simply can't do it. They need help.

And they should not be allowed to marry and have children. Not only are they not capable of doing it on their own, there is the possibility that they will pass on their disorders and their mental illnesses to their offspring.

Martin Bauer said...

@ Gene I just want to ask, how did your son trip over? Has he ever worked before?

I believe that the mentally ill should never be allowed to marry and have children. They should be forced to have their tubes tied or chemically neutered. They can still enjoy sexual intercourse and masturbation but they can't have kids and get married.

Its very hard and difficult to hold a marriage relationship and its even harder to raise kids. It take loads of responsibility and loads and loads of commitment. The mentally ill simply aren't up to it at all. I've seen it.

I think the reason that America is having the trouble she's having and that Asia and Europe are getting better is because they do not allow the mentally ill and the very very poor to have children.

My co-worker and I were talking about Roger and about his niece who is a schizophrenic with two children from a different man. They are both wards of the state of New York now. He said that in Europe where is father was born, in France, if you have someone with a mental illness they are sterilized without question and hardly a peep. The church might fuss over it but no one pays any attention to them. Religion is shunned in most of Europe and Asia, only the uneducated and the disturbed as well as the unscrupulous participate in religion. Religious activity is restricted from public and kept out of government.

the result: They are better developed and have lower poverty and crime.

In Most countries in Asia and Europe, Roger would've been forced to comply with his treatment and suck it in. He would also have his tubes tied.

But America as a consequence of the 1st amendment and having a strong religious culture especially in places like middle America and the south and the catholic belt in the North East has a strong religious back bone which is unhealthy.

America is too religious. We are the only 1st world nation that is religious, we also regulate and restrict abortion and birth control even though the Supreme court has ruled again and again that its constitutional to sterilize defectives and to allow women to end their pregnancy anytime they want.

We allow the mentally ill to reproduce and increase their numbers, we allow people who are irresponsible and too poor to have them, we even force poor single women who can't afford them to have them. Then we wonder why America has the highest crime rate and poverty. In a few years, we wont be a first world country anymore. Donald Trump I am sure, NO! I know he will see to it we get lower and lower.

This really shouldn't happen. EVER! The mentally ill and mentally defective must not reproduce and try and care for themselves. It wont work. Family and the state need to work hand in glove to make sure that they receive treatment in the least restrictive setting possible.

I know people will say I'm a nazi and I'm this and that. I don't care. Its not nazism to require the mentally ill to be neutered. They need to be prevented from
hurting themelves and hurting society. We need to protect them from themselves and us from them. There are peaceful and good mentally ill who need only a few structures, then there are those like Roger who need help and others who are violent.

That's the way things are. Sorry libertarians but you got it wrong.

mainestategop said...

So, you are more socialist and more backwards than I thought. You sir, are disgusting. How dare you tell your brother he can't live where he wants and that he can't have a relationship and then tell me I'm right wing and this and that!

I'm will to bet you believe that two men or two women should get married. The homos can have a relationship but not Roger and Rebecca! NO SIR!!

And woman have the right to murder their babies but Roger cant choose to live where he wants.

Typical liberal BS. On display

Martin Bauer said...

Well I don't care what you think.

And I did not say Roger couldn't have a relationship. He he wants to co-habitate with a female or even another male, that's fine. But he can't have children. I got nothing against Roger making friends with the ladies and even doing it with them. (though I wonder who would) I'm not sure what Roger looks like right now.

Also, I don't know what sort of Person Rebecca Ann is. Our family is very concerned that he is in a bad relationship. All of Roger's doctors have warned that because of his condition he would be vulnerable to exploitation by other people because of his poor social skills and naive attitude.

Dr Stephen Vizio advised us that he should not be allowed to marry and that a social worker should check up on him often and that marriage would be a disaster. My other brother even warned about such a thing that if Roger ever got married he would be taken for everything he has.

Our parents forbade Roger from intimate relations with women. We didn't want him getting married or getting a girl pregnant and then have to pay child support. we didn't trust him.

mainestategop said...

You and Gene Gene the fascist machine want to control everyone who you disagree with(branded mentally ill) and make them slaves. This BS was tried everytime in history and failed everytime in history. Then as now, it never ever worked. To say that roger cannot have an intimate relationship is deveastating. No wonder this kid had emotional problems.

I think you want Roger to have a break down. You want it to happen so you post insulting and terrible things about him to make him crack. You don't want your brother to live a normal life.

You want your brother to be a vegetable

You want your brother to be all alone.

No job.

No partner

No home

No life.

I have met many many liberals just like you Martin. And after reading your comments I am soooooo glad Donald Trump is now the president!

And I wonder if doctor Gilman if he shows up again if he also supports your nazi eugenics plan? I wonder if he'll show the courage to tell us why Roger has no social skills, why its his fault everyone is mean to him and why its his fault He was unemployed in Rhode Island?

Martin Bauer said...

I do not want my brother having a break down but one of these days it probably will happen. its not a question of if but when.

I want my brother to be as independent as possible. He's welcome back home when it does happen but the only conditions mom and dad set is that he needs to be seeing a psychiatrist and/or therapist and they'd like him to see a peer-to-peer group like the one he was in with Dr Gilman. That, and he needs to be enrolled in SSI, Voc Rehab and Easter Seals.

That's all.
We are convinced as his former doctors are that he will slip up somewhere unless he gets into treatment. I can only hope that Rebecca Ann will do so and that they have some kind of mental health services that is efficient and government run in Utah. I doubt it though.

We do not know for certain if Roger really is employed or not or if he is married. I heard that in similar cases like these they lie to hide the fact that they are homeless or destitute as a result of their mental illness and irresponsibility.

mainestategop said...

That's all? Not being doped up so that he gets fat again and becomes impotent? Rebecca Ann isn't going to be forced to see a doctor because of her mormonism? And why does he have to enroll in SSI and Voc Rehab? They obviously weren't helping him then what makes you think they will now?

EASTER SEALS?!?!? Thats for children who are crippled or retarded! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO GO TO F**ING EASTER SEALS!?

Martin Bauer said...

Easter Seals is for children and adults with mental and physical disability. They also work well with Autism. Dr Gilman and Dr. Keitner recommended it to us as did our attorney during the hearing.

Roger has got some serious issues. Roger hates it when he is told what he can or cannot do. He wants to be a normal adult but he can't and he knows it. He needs to lighten up.

Gene Bastialgo said...

Yeah Okay Stupid! Call me a fascist! I don't care! You're probably mentally ill too since all you do is write about Asperger's nut jobs.

My son never worked a day in his life!!! He ran away saying he'd find work and didn't! He even lied about it but we did research and found out all those places he worked at never hired him. In one he tried to get hired but then at the interview he called the boss a bastard and stormed out! He also tried to get hired at a McDonalds in Montana, he showed up drunk and intoxicated. It was disgusting! All those times he was homeless for a total or 3 or 4 years. The third time we got an emergency guardianship over him and later it was made an involuntary commitment order that lasted for 2 years.

Yeah I agree that these idiots shouldn't be allowed to control their lives! I remember my stupid son quoted from Freakin Ronald Reagan that its communism and nazism to deprive someone of their right to be in control of what they can do. HA! STUPID!

No you don't get to be in control if your mentally ill! To hell with Reagan! he ruined this country and let the retards out of the hospitals so they can vote for Trump! I agree!

The mentally ill should have their whole lives regulated. Since this blog is obviously one of the mentally ill they should also be regulated and chaperoned when on the internet!

Kyle weissman said...

You want to put a married man with a career in a program for children and adults with MR?

Easter Seals was originally founded as a private group for cripled children. Unfortunately the government got into it and now all they do is whine for higher and higher taxes and more failed programs. They've become communist rabel. They don't care about the disabled they only care about getting paid... WITH OUR MONEY!

And that you'd say that your brother should have his rights terminated because of a doctor's opinon is down right dangerous. YOU MR MARTIN BAUER CAN ALSO HAVE YOUR FREEDOMS TERMINATED AND BE A SLAVE TO THE GOVERNMENT LIKE ROGER WAS. I THINK YOU REMEMBER WHAT HE WENT THROUGH TOO!YOU WONT ENJOY IT!!

Ronald Reagan God rest his soul was right. This is what despotism and evil is, for the government to take away your right to make decisions, to control your life and to tell you where you can live and work and if you can work. You sir prove that socialism is evil and that liberals are evil.

Anonymous said...

@ Gene Gene the nazi machine

You're a lot of things and a monster. Taking away someones right to be independent and live a normal life just because you think their stupid. Taking away their ability to fly with the eagles to marry and enjoy a physical and intimate relationship and WHY? Because you wont accept them.

You and other monsters make tragedies like this happen and furthermore are the reason America is in the sad shape were in now. I pray Donald Trump reverses this course!

Jeff said...

I am very familiar with Ronald Reagan's quotes and sayings. The quotes come from his recording where he attacked socialized medicine.

Sorry! But no you do not have the right to make any choice you want and live where you want. That's a privilege not a right. And you must have health insurance even if you have to make big sacrifices to get it!

I know Brian that you and Roger and these other Autistic mentally ill and disturbed mentals all want to live the way you want and I did too.

In fact the reason I know all about this is because I used that very same excuse on my parents when they wanted to force me to give up my money not go to university and instead go to programs and enroll on SSI and insurance.

It was for my own good and it did me a lot of good!

So no, you do not have the right to be in control of your own life. Actions have consequences not only for yourself but for the community.

Part of being in the community is giving up these false freedoms and accepting things we don't like because they're good for us! Government exists because we need things like safety and health that are more important than so called civil liberties!

So no, Roger Bauer and Gene's son does not have a right to be in control especially since they are mentally ill and have Asperger's syndrome.

Anonymous said...

So you are a communist. Shame on you Jeff Gilman. You are not an American. You are a despot, socialist and a thief. You let Roger down and its because of leftist despots like you that New England is a hell hole!

This article and the comments if anything else warrant the return of HUAC. Lets Tell trump to bring it back and put these reds before the people and bring them to justice!

Jeff Gilman said...

You and Roger can call me whatever you all want but it doesn't change the fact that Roger is mentally ill and shouldn't be allowed to live on his own without mental health treatment and structures.

I used the almost exact same arguments on other posts like these word for word against my parents and the doctors when I argued about my condition. For instance that 2 + 2 = 4 and that I am not disabled and that is absolute truth.

I mean 2 + 2 = 4? That's one of the worst of them all. I tried it and Roger did too. "OH! 2 + 2 = I am right and your not! There's nothing wrong with me otherwise 2 + 2 isn't 4 anymore!!"

My dad said to me, son, Math has nothing to do with your mental problems and your conditions. 2 + 2 will always equal four no matter what. You are still mentally ill, you still need treatment!!!!

One of my psychiatrists pointed out and I quote, "How does your being mentally ill mean that 2 + 2 doesn't = 4?"

He also said this... "well Jeff, if your concept of reality and what's happening can't do basic math, your more mentally ill than I thought."

The psychiatrists I went to weren't mean, they weren't bad, they just spoke like it is and shot down every arguement I could make against my problems.

Roger and Herbert have problems as well.

I'm not anti-capitalist but I put it to you this way, if your concept of reality and the reality of Herbert Bowler and Roger Bauer's mental state can't do math, then your in trouble.

Keep up the ad hominem attacks. You just prove my point more and more

Anonymous said...

The purpose of going to the doctors is for you to be healthy. Your health matters more than your money or your vocation! That's why they had to restrict you Roger because you were not healthy and you were not ready to be independent and out on your own Roger! Your parents may have been hard on you but they were looking after your best interests and all you did was resist and have tantrums because you didn't want to go along.

If it were up to me, I'd let you go, allow you to hit rock bottom and then you'd have sense to comply with your treatment and enroll with the programs and not give Gilman and Keitner such a hard trouble! Don't worry! You will hit rock bottom! you wont last!!

The meds are supposed to make you stable! When you were on your meds you did have side effects but there were more benefits! You didn't chew your sleeve as often, you weren't always cranky and having fits and behaving weird, you were better off!

Yes you were tired, sometimes you did get cranky and were forgetful but its necessary to go through it to get well. I know its hard but you have to go through those things! The problem is your not used to it. I take Seroquel for bipolar and it was hard for me too but I had to take time to get used to it.

Most of the time it comes from inside you! You need to want to get help! You need to take responsibility and recognize and admit to yourself, "Hey! I have a problem! I need help!"

That's hard I know but you need to!

mainestategop said...















Gordon Bowler said...

Well he shouldn't be isolated indoors he needs to be excercicing. That's what we had to do with Herbert but usually no. They want to be indoors playing video games. If they want to make friends they need to be straight and sane.

Hey Martin! What kind of woman is Rebecca Ann you think? And what advice does Jeff have for us?

Martin Bauer said...

@mainestategop I agree that my parents were wrong to keep him at home while they found him a doctor. But he had issues and they were concerned that if was not seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication he would be in trouble.

Yes, Roger's health does matter more than all those things. His physical and mental health. He needs to be treated so he can get right.

It would be preferable if he were unemployed all his life than be homeless and not be getting treatment. he cans still have friends, he can still exercise he can still go out but Yes. Health is more important.

Martin Bauer said...

I don't know what kind of woman Rebeca Anne is. I imagine she is either deluded with religion as my parents say since that is the only explanation she married him, she may be one of those fat frumpy self righteous church women like you got in Texas who marry a man because of the size of his faith. Or she could be marrying him because he has a job and a place so she needs security.

This idea that women marry only for love is a lie. They marry for other reasons as well. Rebeca has her reasons. I guess well know soon. Roger will have a nervous breakdown, lose his job and they'll both be crawling on their knees back to "nasty no jobs Rhode Island" with their little ones behind them.

One other possibility I imagine is what dad told me. that she is crazy. A friend of mine who I went to university with and works in Providence went out with one like that. She was dirt poor, she lived in Smithfield, she was kinda nuts, actually very very nuts. She talked to herself often and once even pissed her pants but she had a very very hot body! He didn't care. As long as she opened her sexy legs for him she got what she wanted. This went on for about a year then he dumped her and gave her a bus ticeket to go to California where she's probably homeless and hooking up again with another guy who's dick she can hold on to as long as she stays fit and sexy.

I imagine its possible this is the kind of person Rebeca Anne is. I was told Mormon country is full of women like that. As long you got money, faith in Joe Smith and have no problem being seen in public with a sexy but crazy woman like that, you'll be riding to heaven and back every night.

But Me, I don't know. Optimism keeps me hoping that Roger isn't gonna be broken hearted...

Jeff Gilman said...

@gordon Bowler The only advice I can give you is what I gave Roger's family. You'll have to wait for him to fall from grace. Then when he hits rock bottom and can't support himself, you need to let him come home.

There should be conditions. First, Gordon needs to go see his psychiatrist again and if need be get back on medication, second, He needs to remain close to home in Wisconsin or the surrounding states where he has relatives if he falls again, third, he needs to enroll in programs and give them time and the chance to help him fourth, he needs to be exercising and he can only go to buffets on special occasions.

The only other thing I suggest is keeping tabs on him with missing person reports. Let him know, he'll fail your waiting for him to come home.

As for Roger, he may need medication again. If he's got litte ones and he's not stable all the more so.

Jeff Gilman said...

@brian There isn't anything unhealthy about Rhode Island or Massachusetts. And while I agree they should've gotten him out more often, Roger was not trusted to go outside. he needed to be looked after.

Roger's obesity was caused mainly by his lack of exercise and not eating right. While on different medications, you can't eat like a kid again. You just can't eat all the greasy fatty sugary foods you once liked as often.

Roger's emotional problems were because of his stubborness and unwillingness to accept he had a problem and get help.

mainestategop said...

Oh of course not. Not because he was in isolation, without a job, forced to live in a shit state full of corrupt evil Democrats and verbally abused. Oh no! Its never the fault of the government and you professionals! OH NO! NO! YOUR ALWAYS RIGHT AND EVERYONE ALWAYS WRONG JEFF!

Anonymous said...





Mary Hutchinsoon said...

The reason America has so many idiots and mentally ill is because we have never been able to follow a eugenics regime or a holocaust like they did in Europe. The Holocaust was bad and what happened under Hitler was evil but it did a good thing in removing a lot of retarded and insane. So did Eugenics.

In Europe, idiots like Roger and Herbert were sterilized so they couldn't spread Asperger's or other problems to their children. Europe is more developed than we are and far better than we are. They are cleaner, more educated, they have rejected all the nonsense like kings and queens, religion god and the devil and are an advanced civilization that bases everything on science and reason instead of faith and old fashioned crap and tradiitions

I heard that during the middle ages when we first settled America we used to dump criminals and other human refuse here in America. Most of them like my great great great great grandfather were petty theives who were too stupid to support themesleves so they stole and they were sent to America to work.

That's why America still has religion and all this crime and all these problems. We did have eugenics but it didn't stick because of the religion nuts and so all these retards and crazies have children and America still is the worst country in the 1st world. There are even 3rd world countries that are getting better than we are.

My family deserves to be sterilized too. I have mental illness, I have bipolar and ADHD and I never finished school. Neither did any of my parents and my mom had me when she was 14. I had my first son when I was 16. I have 3 sons and only one of them ever made any accomplishments. Oldest one He's a janitor and lives in Lynn Mass. My other son is homeless in California and my youngest is in prison and wont get out til 2022.

I know that if I had been sterilized things would be better. No sons with learning disabilities and mental illness. Unfortunately My son before he went to prison got two women knocked up and now it'll continue.

This idea of freedom is obsolete. We live in a different world and different country there are half a billion people here and 10 billion on earth. There isn't enough to go around. Sacrifices have to be made.

Anonymous said...

No that's not true. There isn't any such thing as ADD first of all. You either had a short verbal attention span or didn't have good work ethics. The reason your family is the way it was because they never had personal responsibility. All of your ancestors got that way because no one thumped their skulls and told them to get a job and stop blaming everyone else for why they were failures.

You yourself admit that you F'ed up. You got knocked up and pregnant while you were a minor so you couldn't finish school, you went to a sh**ty public school so that too is another problem, your sons never had any fatherly guidance so they couldn't learn masculenity except from joining a gang or prison or some negative anti-social group.

The Europeans are not better than us. They are going downhill because of Islamic immigration and low births and humanism. They are also socialists and murder their young and elderly and to make up they have to import savages

The Euros also reject God and family.

America is only in the situation were in because we are doing like they do instead of what our founders told us to do. That, and we believe everything they say in Washington.

Tell your janitor son, to stop feeling sorry for himself and take some adult education courses, tell him to take advantage of every opportunity and clean up. Tell your grandkids that if they want to and if they try they can accomplish better.

Rebbeca Anne Bauer said...

OMG! No wonder Roger had it so bad growing up! You people are all hatefilled and nasty! And why are you saying I'm a gold digger or a bag lady!? Roger is a nice normal person! There isn't anything wrong with him! He's not obese either. He told me he used to be and that he lost the weight. The reason he couldn't then is because you drugged him up and the medication made him eat more as well as make him too tired to excersise.

He's healthy he's doing fine! Why do you think he's psychotic? Why do you believe everything the government says and everything professionals say? Dr Keitner and these other people got it wrong or they didn't get their facts right and relied too much on you abusers!

I told him no matter what we must never rely on your so called help! You'll mess up our children! And I have relatives who are more caring and considerate.

Suppose we did go to you? What would you demand of Roger? Will I be forced to go to a psychiatrist? Are you going to say that your grandchildren are retarded with Aspergers and make them go to a shrink and drug them up so bad that they can't move?

I used to work with people who were in Roger's condition. Those meds and that so called help never helped them! It made them worse! They're having health problems, they develop more disabilities like diabetes or tooth decay, the meds suck the life out of you! After more than a year, your older, less healthy less able and more dumbed down and like zombies! You will never drug me or my children!

mr bauer said...

the only requirement we have for Roger is that he go back to therapy, attend circles with Peer to Peer Counsellors like Jeff Gilman and if necessary take his meds.

We don't care what you do as long as you don't get Roger worked up and hurt the children. If you want to be a Mormon and talk to Joe Smith or Jeebus go ahead.

The only other requirements we have is that you don't homeschool the kids. They need to go either to a parochial school or a public school. Homeschoolers and psychos and have poor social skills.

Also, if any of the children show signs of Asperger's or any mental illness you guys both have to have your tubes tied. I think we should anyway to be safe and since once you lose everything when your husband snaps you wont need to have more kids weighing you down.

We will only force you to go to therapy and be medicated if you are as much an out of control psychotic as Roger is. I don't know who you are you are correct. You may be a psycho you may be a gold digger you may be crazy too I don't know. But that you would subscribe to a cult founded by a bigamist who had a history of lying makes me worried

Rebbeca Anne Bauer said...

Thanks but I'd think we'd rather take our chances on the streets than live with atheistic nazis like you and your other children. Besides I have relatives who are truly caring and helping and wont treat us like garbage the way you would.

Roger Bauer said...

I would like another article to respond to these allegations. First of all, at the wedding I was only a minor. Just a Teenager. The kids I was with were 12 and 13 and they were telling dirty stories when I was there, they talked about X-rated movies they saw I joined in and told them about dirty movies my uncle and father had. Gordon Bowler said the same thing but Gordon is allowed to have a normal life and I am not. Its discrimination! Its a double standard! They're just truing to knock me down and they want to find any excuse to label me as a worthless Asperger retard!

Also I never went around the house naked! I once went around in my underwear cuz I didn't know anyone was home! I thought everyone left! I was a minor! it was a mistake! Why do you always go back there!?

That BTW was one of the reasons you guys label me. If its not for accepting Jesus and his church its because of something that happened long long long long long long long time ago!!!! You go all the way back as far as 20 years to dig up some long buried bone and use that and say, "Roger is a retard, Roger is worthless, he did this when he was a kid he will always be worthless and must never ever live a normal life and have no rights!"

The bad manners issue, I was hungry then. No one was threre, I was eating it was very good I went too far and suddenly, Mom Dad Martin and My sister walk in. Yes there's always time for manners but you know what guys, To ERR IS HUMAN! IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED YOUR STILL A NORMAL HUMAN BEING! YOU CAN MAKE A 1000 MISTAKES AND STILL BE NORMAL!! YOU'VE DONE SO TOO!! But when I make them I'm a bad bad nasty person!! Al because of one thing I'm a retard with Aspergers. I can't have rights I can't have a normal life I have to be restricted and exploited all my life.

If I hadn't run away to Utah I would never ever have had a normal life! I'd never have lost weight, made new friends, learned to take care of myself, cook food for myself, I'd never be able to get married have kids and live a normal life full of love and peace! Thre was no peace when I was with you all! If I had not ran, I'd still be in my room in my underwear, unemployed, fat, miserable, being harassed, labeled, forced to live in a region of the country that had one of the lowest job growths, highest taxes, high poverty, high crime, no rights no freedom, all crap!


Maybe your all mentally ill instead of me. Maybe it's you who are the problem instead of me...

All I did was get picked on and bullied and you treat me like garbage. Well guess what? By doing that I was garbage. Not anymore. Your not pulling me back down. Were never going back to that snake pit ever again!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Roger is mentally ill? How does a child flapping his hands and twirling mean Asperger's retard? Lots of kids do that!

Anonymous said...

Back in my day Roger would've at worst been considered an immature teenager. Discipline is required not mind damaging drugs and victim blaming. As for the bullying, its the school's fault not Roger's. These parents are irresponsible and communist. They deny the existance of God, they worship the government as a god in place of the one true God, they blame their son for why their government failed because its politically correct. Better for an athesistic communist to be politically correct than factually correct. This whole situation also proves there is no way an athesit cannot be a communist. Remove God and spiritual faith and all they have is the government to worship.

Mr bauer said...

Roger, Gordon was 14 when he and his brother did that. They were immature and needed a spanking. You were 17 going on 18, you were almost an adult and what you did was unacceptable. Also, as far as I know, Gordon evolved, developed and matured over time. You never have matured or have shown an ounce of adult in you from the time you were 13 to when you were 20. That is why we restricted you. Because you showed no progress and no sign of adult development.

That's why Asperger's Syndrome is called a DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY People like you without intervention don't mature or grow up the right way like your peers did or your siblings did.

From the time you were a child to when you were in your twenties, you were immature, irresponsible, childish and bad. You had a record of tempter tantrums going as far as when you were 21, you throw fits when you don't get your way or whenever you argue, you used to pound the table, have a fit, have a meltdown just because you weren't allowed to move out of the house and be homeless in the western US.

You want everything your way. Well guess what Roger, life is not burger King. You can't always have it your way. If your mother and I and your psychiatrists decide your not ready to be an adult yet that that's how its going to be. And you need to accept that.

If your doctor says you have a disability, a mental illness and delivers a poor prognosis, well you can get a second or third opinion if you want to Roger but guess what they all agreed with the first opinion, you need help you need treatment.

So that means you have to live with us, go to programs, go to meetings, go to treatment and look for a job close to home not in Utah or Seattle. And you have to accept that.

All these things you downplay are not normal behavior. Crying over a happy meal toy, spinning around and flapping your hands in public, walking around the house in your underwear while females are present, these are warning signs of a serious condition. No we can't let that go, yes to err is human but this isn't some minor thing. were not exaggerating or blowing things out of proportions Roger, were telling it like it is an if anything you are underselling and downplaying it to deny you have a problem and avoid having to take responsibility for that problem.

Mr Bauer said...

Also I never went around the house naked! I once went around in my underwear cuz I didn't know anyone was home! I thought everyone left! I was a minor! it was a mistake! Why do you always go back there!?

You did so many times and one time you were naked INCLUDING ONCE IN THE BACKYARD! Either you don't remember or your in denial so you can duck out of getting treatment and make excuses for yourself. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT YOU THOUGHT NO ONE WAS HOME! YOU SHARE A HOUSE WITH about 6 other people!!! You don't EVER! EVER DO THAT!! The reason we continue to bring it up as I will explain again later on is because it is a warning sign of a serious condition! We can't just let that go! I mean you didn't even know there was anything wrong! There was nothing wrong and you- I mean YOU PROBABLY DID KNOW PEOPLE WERE HOME AND YOU JUST LIED TO DENY THAT YOUR MENTALLY ILL WITH ASPERGERS!!

That BTW was one of the reasons you guys label me. If its not for accepting Jesus and his church its because of something that happened long long long long long long long time ago!!!! You go all the way back as far as 20 years to dig up some long buried bone blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

As I said before, these were warning signs of a serious condition ROGER!! They are not just normal childhood rambuncous hyperactive behavior!! They were warning signs of a serious mental condition!! All the doctors we saw including one BTW who was a teacher at AN IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY!!! ROGER!! Stated that these were symptoms of mental illness and Asperger's Syndrome!!!

Also, Religion, in your case I believe as Dr Dizio, Dr Smith and Dr Keitner believe, you joined the mormon cult either A. To socialize and fit in, B. To find excuses for your condition.

Don't put words in my mouth to say that all religious are mental cases like you. Most are but many of them are part of it because of cultural reasons, social reasons ETC. There are a lot of reasons people become Jesus Freaks, Rag Heads, Jews, Buddhas Hindus pagans Earth worshipers ETC. Curiosity, economic benefits, socializing, trying to fit in ETC.

The bad manners issue, I was hungry then. No one was there, I was eating it was very good I went too far and suddenly, Mom Dad Martin and My sister walk in.

THAT'S NO EXCUSE ROGER!! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!! I've settled down to a good meal to alone! Just two weeks ago I ordered out of an Indian Restaurant when I was in New York and settled down to eat it in my Hotel room. I was very hungry, I hadn't had a bite to eat since Breakfast I had ordered a lot but I didn't put my utensils aside and eat like the little piggies do! I didn't use my fingers, my tongue and make oinking noises while eating the slop! I used my fork I took small bites, I enjoyed every mouthfull watching to chew my food and moderate my portion sizes just like an adult. When I started to feel full, I put it in a doggie bag, saved some for tommorow. You On the other hand, will eat big shovel loads in rapid pace and eat to bursting like a pig!!

Remember when we all went out to Bennigans when you were 21? You shoveled huge mouthfulls into your mouth very very fast, you didn't even chew your food, you just drank it! You ate like the world was ending or that the plane was about to leave! I had to grab your wrist and yell at you to slow down and take your time and CHEW YOUR FOOD!!!I felt so embarassed. Half the restaurant looked at us like we were lousy parents, that we let our grown son eat like a piglet in full public view!! Do you know how that makes us look!? More on that later. But that is immature and a symptom of mental illness and Asperger's syndrome!

Mr Bauer said...

That makes us look bad Roger! I mean I remember being embarrased! Whenever you do that it reflects badly on us as parents that we failed! Well you know what? We did fail! It is our fault your in the condition your in and were in.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it sounds like this guy is retarded. All he does is make excuses. Look at what he does when he runs away.


I agree.

I would add that he also ran away from a loving family that looked after him not once but twice and instead of moving to say New York or California he goes to Utah and joins a cult! And just what sort of woman is Rebeca Anne Bauer????? Women do not marry to love someone, they marry because their man is bonified, offers security, money, entitlement, children, shelter ETC. Rebeca could've been a lot of things... She could've been a slut who tags along Roger, she could've been a gold digger, maybe she's just nuts and wants to follow him with Joseph Smith and get into the temple ritual.

But yeah, the fact that he dumps SSI and food stamps is a pure indicator he's nuts.

Anonymous said...

Get back on your meds idiot

Anonymous said...

While I agree Roger seems nuts and seems to have been even worse in his former condition then now, this kind of response I'm reading doesn't seem appropriate. I mean the parents messed up. They failed him. Its their fault their grown son is this way. I mean keeping them in isolation just because they can't find a mental health propfessional is insane! The kids just gonna get cabin fever and develop more mental problems! He needs to get out more!

And why are we still beating him up? He's got a job and a family, why is he so stupid!?

Trump2016 said...

Hey Brian? How many comments can you have in one post? I think this whole thing you got going here is like a talk show way way better than the Jerry Springer show and Ricki Lake! Way better! I think you should have your own talk show on TV maybe on Fox or something!

Jeff gilman said...

Hello Roger! I see your still in denial of your condition. No one is saying that Rebeca is a gold digger but women like her tend to marry for security. You have traits that on the outside make you a compatible partner aside from religious beliefs and one of those is finances.

Now as for these other things mentioned I agree with your father and We've discussed this routinely with you when you were still with us but you still wont listen so I guess I'll try again.

Roger, those things you did as a child were warning signs of a serious condition a mental impairment. Normal kids don't go around flapping their hands and spinning around like you do. Also, peoplelike you who have Asperger's tend to have bad manners and not monitor their eating. I did the same thing at your age too Roger! Its a symptom of Asperger's!

And you know what else? Denial is also a symptom! You knownyou have a problem and you'l set up any intellectual or argumentative smoke bomb to cover up what a problem you are!

Nice to see you have a job and a place and a wife but that doesn't change the fact you are mentally ill and autistic Roger! You need to get help!

Roger Bauer said...

This is so absurd! All these lies about me and these exaggerations and all these mean people who are attacking me!


I was 11 when it happened... crying because of problems at school! I was miserable and depressed! I was haviing so many problems all week and to top it off, My happy meal didn't have what I wanted. The fry bag was half empty, the cheeseburger was a plain hamburger given to me instead by mistake the soda was water and the happy meal toy had broken.

Mom and dad came up asked what was wrong, I told her it was a very bad week and I have a very very bad life. I listed all the stuff that happened that week and talked of how everyone had it easier than me!


Dad and mom just went on and on and all I did was feel worse. Then they went down stairs told Martin I was being Roger and that I was crying about a happy meal toy, I shouted down no that's not what happened don't embelish it please! Then mom yelled back Roger! Shut up and go to bed! LEarn to be a man!

Martin Bauer said...

Well Roger, I believe the fundamental reason that you were crying was because of your happy meal toy. I didn't hear what you were saying to mom and dad but it appears to me that while you were worked up about your problems, you were mainly worked up because of the happy meal toy breaking. I don't remember how old you were exactly but you were I think around 12 or 13 when it happened. That's too old to be worked up about stuff like that. I mean a 12 year old crying over a broken happy meal toy and crying about all this other trivial stuff as well, its just not healthy. Its immature and irresponsible and warning signs of a mental illness.

Also, your behavior at the wedding was abhorant. You had no right to do those things and get involved in such a dirty childish conversation. That you would downplay it also tells us that your still immature and childish.

You want to explain Roger why you felt like eating half the food at the wedding including half the wedding cake????? That cake and the food that we had out was meant for like two or three hundred guests and you ate half the cake and half the food at the wedding as well as get drunk. Your doctors and Jeff Gilman told us that overeating and gluttony are symptoms of Asperger's syndrome you know Roger.

You still think you are in the clear? You still think your health? You still think there's nothing wrong with you and that its all the fault of everyone but you that you acted the way you did?

Do you still think you don't have Asperger's syndrome or any mental disorders?

I'm telling you Roger as your parents have told you before, get help!

Mr Bauer said...

You were crying like a toddler because you don't have any coping skills. Another trait of Asperger's syndrome and PDD (Pervasive developmental disorder) as well as mental illness.

You can't cope with anything! You were crying in the room all because of your happy meal toy and because you didn't get what you ordered. As if your the only one in the world its happened to. IT ISN'T!! You were bellyaching about a lot of things but most of all you bellyached because of your happy meal and the toy that broke! We both told you to suck it in and grow up! ACT LIKE A MAN!!


Roger, I don't know what makes you think that this is normal for a child but you and your "friends" either are more mentally ill than I imagined or they do know better like we do and everyone else does and are using you to advance their agenda to get people to distrust their elected leaders and distrust social programs.

If you still think Roger, that its not a problem for an old child or a teenager to behave the way you did in your room or at the wedding or at Bennigans and elsewhere Or that what you did at the Fox Run Mall in Portsmouth was normal for a child your age then you really are mentally ill, even more than I imagined.

Mr Bauer said...

While I have you I want to bring up this incident that happened at Bennigans when you were 21. I have more I wanted to say about that but I didn't have time since I have a life and I have to work and your sister is still living with us and getting ready to move out soon.

When we ate there, your manners were a complete disgrace Roger. You ate too damn fast! I had to grab your wrist, "SLOW DOWN AND CHEW YOUR DAMN FOOD!" Everyone was looking at us when it happened. half the restaurant watched you eat in rapid pace and I had to grab your wrist and yell at you to slow down.

Then you rolled your eyes at me. I told you that if you did that again you'd get no desert and we'd go straight home and you wouldn't be allowed to eat out for a year. That got your attention.

That is soooooo immature Roger! Rolling your eyes over your bad manners acting like your casual. There is nothing casual ever. There never ever was anything casual about you Roger. You were always standing out and making yourself the center of attention whether you knew it or not.

As I was saying before I grabbed you by the wrist and stopped you from choking on your food half the restaurant stared at us. They were no doubt thinking we were terrible parents.

There were your brothers and sisters all mature and tidy, wearing nice clothes, Martin in a suit and tie graduating from UMASS, off to work, your sisters were there, Lisa with her husband pregnant all dressed nice your younger sister Barbara well dressed well behaved eating her food slowly and practicing good manners.

You were the one dark spot the one stain. There you were, your shirt collar full of holes from chewing on it, your manners a disgrace, you ate that food so fast you were done before we even got started! What were they thinking of us?

You'll always be remembered for your faults more than your accomplishments. If they were to write all about us in the future they're not gonna be writing about how we raised 3 well groomed successful children they're mostly gonna talk about Roger our son who was autistic and mentally ill and denied it till he was blue in the face. Ran away twice the second time wound up in Spokane, then Montana then Utah where he joins a cult and allegedly became a welder and married and had more kids who will no doubt have your condition they get from you and either become welfare dependents or menial laborers.

Mr Bauer said...

YOU CAN MAKE A 1000 MISTAKES AND STILL BE NORMAL!! YOU'VE DONE SO TOO!! But when I make them I'm a bad bad nasty person!! Al because of one thing blah blah blah blah b blah blah blah blah

Yes Roger we do make mistakes but when I make them I take responsibility and make amends for them. If I screw up on the job or screw up raising you and your siblings I take responsibility. You OTOH always blamed everyone but yourself or downplayed them. YOu never once took responsibility or showed any interest in doing so Roger!


That you downplay them and deny your condition is further proof that you are mentally ill and autistic!

If I hadn't run away to Utah I would never ever have had a normal life! I'd never have lost weight, made new friends, learned to take care of myself, cook food for myself, I'd never be able to get married have kids and live a normal life BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH...

Oh Roger! The reason you couldn't make friends and do those things in Rhode Island is because you wouldn't cooperate with Jeff Gilman and the others who were trying to help you like at social services and voc rehab!

When you ran away you admitted you went to a group home in Spokane. It wasn't a real home it was just a half way home for transients run by a bunch of Christian nuts but at least they went to work with you and taught you how to be mature and an adult.

We were going to put you in a similar establishment but it would've been better! There were several group homes we were looking at in Massachusetts that would've helped you and done a better job than they did in Spokane without all that nonsense about God, the devil, bob and so on. You would be free to go out and come and go as you please, you'd just have to be back at a certain time. These people would've taught you to be a mature responsible adult, made sure you were taken care of, fed, medicated and seeing specialists like you should and that you learned how to act like an adult.

Instead all these Christers in Spokane did was give you rudiments. You learned the theory of being a responsible adult but you never mastered it even now. YOU STILL HAVE PROBLEMS ROGER AND NEED TO GET HELP!!!

mr bauer said...


Okay, first of all, I don't know what your situation is for certain Roger. For all I know this story about you being a welder and living in an apartment is BS. For all I know your working at McDonalds, collecting Food stamps and living in either a shanty a slum, a half-way home or maybe even a shelter. Rebeca Anne could very well be a transient, a crazy lady, maybe she's just stuck to you so she can live off you. I don't know but your history makes us distrustful of what you say.

Its common for those who deny their illness like you Roger to lie and deceive to get out of treatment and avoid having to deal with it. You lied many times before. The first time you ran away you claimed you had a job interview in Attleboro. We thought something bad happened to you. We called the police then your relatives and your uncle said he saw you at Kennedy getting on a Greyhound/Peter Pan bus going to Boston. We then searched your room and found reciepts for Greyhound as well as your itenary. Then there was the time you lied to us about school about food stamps when your case worker told us you had a fit in her office when she wanted you to go to take classes on job skills. You also lied about what happened at your job interview at Shaws when you said the manager said she refused to hire you because you were getting SSI. She told us that 2 of her employees got SSI and that the reason she didn't hire you is because she didn't like your attitude at the interview.

You lie all the time and you make excuses. YOu don't want to face the facts that its your own fault you had a rough time. But you wont face it. You just want to run from it. Well LISTEN UP ROGER! YOUR RUNNING FROM YOURSELF! MAN UP! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Maybe your all mentally ill instead of me. Maybe it's you who are the problem instead of me...

No, its you.

All I did was get picked on and bullied and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

You were bullied because you were an easy target. You made yourself attractive to the bullies by reacting everytime you got made fun of. Instead of ignoring them, instead of looking the other way you whined and caterwuled. You didn't show one ounce of maturity! That is not good!

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