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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The NAACP From civil rights to civil disorder

The NAACP, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored people, in the 20th century were a pioneering Christian organization, many of who's members were also members of the clergy including a few whites. This courageous godly organization worked and strived to educate black people in the Democratically liberal south, many while under the constant threat of being murdered...

We all heard the stories of lynchings, of assasinations by the Klan, by law enforcement and by vigilantes. Stories of white juries and judges exonerating even praising their killers, of churches bombed and how even being in possesion of an NAACP pamphlet could result in death.

My how far we've come...

Today, thanks to their brave sacrifice, blacks are now equal to whites. Yes, there is no doubt that racism does exist in some forms but though the Klan still thrives thanks to the threats posed by illegals aliens and hispanic gangs it's time has long run past. And while you still have southern Democratics and even republicans who express hatred and racism and the hope that the south will rise again, racism has died down.

But today racism exists in another form, in the form of black leaders standing up for mass killing black criminals. What is even more disturbing, these people are leaders and directors of chapters of the NAACP.

Consider Curtis Gatewood, the field director of the North Carolina NAACP. He described the killing of a violent mass murderer Micah Johnson by the Dallas Police as a "lynching." He said:
Make no mistake, by taking this Black ‘suspect’ and demonizing and using a killer robot to blow him up in this unprecedented and barbaric manner and without a trial in a court of law is the truest and most literal example yet of a high-tech lynching.
According to the archives at the Tuskegee Institute, between 1882 through 1964 4,742 American citizens were lynched. Each and every one was a captive, executed, often tortured, without any due process of law legitimizing their sentence of death by mob. Of those, 3,445 were black and 1,297 were white. The majority of them, black and white, were Republicans. The Ku Klux Klan, the terror wing of the Democratic Party, used lynching in the South as a political tool. According to Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, that darling of the left wing establishment:
...put black people back into their place as the labor force of the South…and to drive out of business the political force, the Republican Party, that was trying to take them to higher places.

And they say the republicans and the tea party are racists.

The southern Democrats, as I intend to discuss more of later on in a future article were as liberal as they are today. Though the new south is now republican but these people were liberal. They opposed Senator McCarthy's probing of communism in America and in our government, all while accusing MLK and the civil rights movement of espousing communism. They opposed civil rights while the republicans championed it, they supported appeasement with the USSR and supported Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Yet they claim to be against communism and claim to be conservative all while supporting bigger and more crooked government.

Add to this, the Southern Democrats supported gun control, speech codes, censorship, warrantless searches by law enforcement, government regulation of businesses and so on. Yet they'd have us believe they were anti-communist and conservative like us!

Well, not to worry, the NAACP and many similar groups, once conservative, once godly are now in the same camp with the reds as the Democratic party is. The NAACP is not only for the same policeies, they are also in support of Islamification, gun control, black nationalism and so called black liberation as preached by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.

Yes, not only has communism taken over the NAACP, so has Islamism.

The reverend Quanell X, a Muslim and an Imam runs the NAACP in Houston Texas. Recently he supported the rape of an 11 year old girl in Cleveland Texas and even said it was her fault. Another supporter of Islam, a so called baptist minister named Amos brown who was president of the Oakland California chapter blamed America for 9/11. Of course, the liberal media mostly ignored that outburst, instead attacking Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

True, their comments were mostly uncalled for and heinous but mostly taken out of context. Reverend Wright can meanwhile scream GD America and US of KKK and Amos Brown can say America is to blame.

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