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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Warning signs and red flags that the government is out to get you

Its something most Americans don't think of... They don't realize that the government that rules their state and municipality is danger to them. Many don't realize the need to fear government. In fact many Americans today, thanks in part to brainwashing by public schools, revisionist history,  pop culture and other things welcome bigger and more powerful government.

The government is worshiped by liberals and many mainstream Americans have been conned into worshiping this false idol, whether or not they know it. For many hapless victims, they find out too late to do anything to stop the government from robbing them and taking advantage of them. Your money, your life, your home your family, all that can be lost in an instant if the government should come knocking at your door.

Ronald Reagan said it best... The greatest thing Americans should fear is a knock on the door and a reply, "I'm from the government, I'm here to help!" And whether or not you accept that help, your gonna get it!!!

Before going into the warning signs, let us examine the possibility that the government is out to get you. What are the characteristics that could make you a target for the government? Consider the following traits that could make you a target for government tyranny:

  • You or your spouse are disabled and/or elderly and hold a substantial bank account in the amount of $2000 or more (NOTE THAT EVEN LOWER AMOUNTS CAN GET YOU IN TROUBLE)
  • You or your spouse are disabled and elderly and hold a total number of assets and real estate in six or more digits
  • You own or have owned in the past one or more firearms
  • You are a regular attendee and devotee of a church or religious institution that is considered to be outside the mainstream and/or has been labeled either lunatic fringe or racist
  • If you have a psychiatric record
  • If you have a relative even a distant relative with a psychiatric record
  • Your beliefs are incompatible with post-modern secular humanist libralism
  • You have a collection of firearms and weapons
  • You reside in a state that is Democrat or is Republican but run by RINOS
  • Your home state's tax rates are staggering
  • Your local or state law enforcement agencies have documented incidents of brutality and corruption
  • You have liberal relatives or parents who object to your conservative or religious views
  • Your state has a high level of poor uneducated immigrants with socialist worldviews
  • Your state has a high rate of poverty and government is large or in the process of growing larger
  • You are an activist who owns a website and/or blog that is conservative or are active on blogs or organizations that are conservative
  • If you have ever been a critic of a popular politician or bureaucrat
  • If as a child you were abused mentally, physically or sexually by relatives, guardians, schools teachers or any employee of the government or were bullied as a child
  • If you've taken part in a civil suit or criminal trial as either a plantiff, witness or aided for the prosecution against a popular liberal or a government employee
  • If you've ever taken pictures of police officers or government employees without their permission
  • You or your spouse have a relative who has performed any of the above
  • You or your spouse have been or are against any gangs, mafias, syndicates or similar organizations that practice criminal behavior either as a law enforcement officer, lawyer or informant or have been found in contempt by said groups
  • You have relatives who are on the hit list of criminal organizations
  • You own property of value in six digits
  • Your children attend a failing public school in a Democrat area
  • If you home school in a Democrat controlled area

It seems much doesn't it? But its only scratching the surface. In fact for any reason or even no reason, government can come down on you and attack you or your loved ones. A lawyer sometimes isn't enough to get you out of it too! In fact many work for the government!

So what are the signs that you and your family are heading for disaster at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama's henchmen? There are several red flags to show that the government wants to rob you and your family of their life liberty and happiness.

1. A mental health check up or an appointment with a psychiatrist

One of the first ways the majority of difficulties with government starts is with an unexpected appointment with a psychiatrist or mental health worker or for that matter, anyone with a connection to a mental health service provider. This could also include a social worker or sometimes even a police officer.

In this case, you find by surprise that a "concerned parent or relative" or a judge has scheduled an appointment for you at an outpatient clinic. In some instances, victims have been deceived by family that they were going someplace nice and find out when they get there that its really a hospital or clinic. They are then told that they are stupid and worthless and other negative things because of what they believe in.

If your relative wants to take you someplace nice and they tell you you'll find out or you'll know when we get there, don't go. Its a lie. They want to abuse you and oppress you.

Most of the time there is no choice. They get straight to the point that you need help and refusal could mean some kind of punishment. Often times relatives will call the police and lie to them that you plan to kill yourself or hurt others, other times they use blackmail.

In these situations if its only outpatient go for one appointment and then do what you can to avoid future appointments.

2. A social worker has talked to your spouse, children or a loved one and/or has visited your home without your consent or knowledge

Social workers like Public school teachers are the worst low lives in the government. Both of these scum live only to leech and both could care less about your children's health and well being. They are all despotic, bureucratic, abusive and uncaring. Don't even try to get a hold of me and tell me otherwise...

If I had to choose between who is worse, a social worker or a public school teacher, I would put my money on the social worker. The history of abuse by these fascists is even worse than the abuse dolled out by public school teachers. In fact, when public schools are involved in abuse, the social worker is the one with the last say and since both parties are connected to the government its easy to see who the socialist I mean social worker will take sides with. There can never be justice in America if the system of justice is allowed to put itself on trial...

Anyway, these nazis, have every right according to liberals to barge into your home with no one around without you knowing it and without your consent or even a warrant and can speak to your children and will almost always have the final say in whats good for you or your children.

And by the way, its not just parents and children who can be targets of Social workers.... ANYONE CAN BE A TARGET!

If you have a disability or are accused of having one, or if you are labeled with or suspected of being mentally ill, a social worker can target you for harm. Often times Social workers will target these groups and take away their homes and bank accounts and often times have them incarcerated in Mental hospitals. Often times, political activists who oppose democrats and corruption are targets.

Other times they are monitored by these left wing fascists. One associate of mine for instance had a social worker visit his apartment nearly everyday and interrogate him on his daily activities at the behest of "concerned parents" because of his "wrong beliefs as they would say." yes the victim is a conservative and the parents were both socialists, the mother in fact was a registered communist.

The social worker would often times barge in on important occasions such as a date or a visit from a friend from church and would then demand an audit of his daily activities that day. Refusal meant a police call and unwarranted search for weapons or contraband. Emphasis, no warrant. All because his psychiatrist and parents don't like him and his beliefs.

Social workers are much like KGB agents or secret police. They aren't interested in health or well being, they are only interested in controlling the population and make sure they never step out of line of the liberal agenda.

3. a government agency with no ties or very loose ties to the IRS or Social security demands to hear about your financial activities including your bank statements.

Again were talking about groups not related to the IRS. In fact you very much might as well put down social security in that list of groups to watch out for as well. Bureaucrats and government employees buzzing about your life savings like flies buzzing round a honey pot is a warning sign of imminent forefiture and seizure of assets by the government for whatever reason.

Remember, it is never anyone's business what goes on in your bank account. its between you and your banker. Not government, not Obama, not the police, neither city hall, the doctors, social worker scum, anyone!

And yes, I have spoken to attorneys including those who I am not associated with, you have a right to withhold that information about your money and banking. Police need a warrant from a judge in good standing to barge into your accounts and audit you.

This is probably becoming more and more the reason government has become aggressive. With property rights on the wane and with the government dishing it out more than they can dole in, its only a matter of time before all of us face disaster at the hands of government stealing our bank accounts. Austrailia, Germany, Cyprus and the Netherlands have already made it legal for the government to take away all you have for any reason at all anytime. California and New Jersey has begun doing it, in fact HAS been doing it and its starting to happen more and more in Maine, Massachusetts and New York too!

4. You, or a loved one have been profiled and investigated by policemen on more than one occasion and you are not a minority and do not wear a hoodie or are questioned by police over  matters such as assets, home value, which bank you go to, your political affiliations

So, we've heard it all before about racial profiling and about stop and frisk and people with hoodies  being stopped and frisked by cops because well... people who are black and wear hoodies are suspicious people. But even white people and people who are not considered a target for the police have been known to be profiled for no reason at all.

If you've found the police barging into your home with or without a warrant on more than one occasion, if you've been pulled over for not speeding or anything like that, if you've had them stop you, interogate you over and over, something may be wrong and you and your family are in for trouble!

And you know what? Even if you're a minority who is likely to get pulled over and profiled and they ask you stuff like how much money you have, that is also a warning sign. Liberals including cops can't stand black people who aren't part of the welfare plantation. Something must be wrong with you.

All in all, it is a sign that the government has its eyes on you and is probing you for wounds to worsen and expose and trap you in a terrible situation

5. you receive letters or emails recommending you to enroll in food stamps, SSI, TANF, GR, GSX or other welfare programs and you have a job and a bank account worth more than 2k and either have no children or 2 children or less

Come on down to department of Social services and be a slave to the government! Get a measly two hundred dollars a month and use it up at Family Dollar or 99cents store and be a poor shiftless nobody OR ELSE!!!!!

When you receive mail offering welfare and you don't need welfare, that means they want you to be on welfare and will do all they can to force it on you! 

6. You homeschool your child and start to receive noticing on school enrollment and school activities

Same as above pretty much

7. Your child(ren) are enrolled in Public school (shame on you BTW) and your teacher calls you for a conference and informs you that your child(ren) are visiting websites, reading books ETC in the school library computer that are of a questionable content In other words, the teacher doesn't like what they believe

This is one that my wife's friend at Curves told me about. I meant to share it last summer but now I have the chance to. She moved to New Hampshire from Perry Hall Maryland just outside Baltimore a year before the riots broke out.  The reason, their son was being attacked by the school there over visiting websites that were of questionable content. At least they were questionable to the teacher, a leftist.

At a parent teacher conference they showed the sites. It included the 700 club, Heritage Foundation, Chick Tracts, Wall Builders Jesus-Is-Lord and According to their son, he was at the sites to research for a project for American History class. The teacher gave him a C- because according to her, it was historically inaccurate and offensive but he made an effort. The teacher complained that the websites promoted "unhealthy beliefs."

Long story short, he was forced to go to a guidance counselor to be evaluated for mental illness and when the counselor claimed he was disturbed for believing some of what the sites said, the parents had enough. they pulled their kid out of school and moved. They planned it for a long time and it would've happened after the riots anyway.

8. relatives, police or civil servants tell you at anytime for any reason, you aren't fit to manage your money, drive a motor vehicle, own a home, work or do any normal life activity for any reason at any time

 Awhile ago a friend of mine from Massachusetts gave me a flyer the police were giving out at a health and wellness convention held in Salem. The flyer talked of a program for turning in your license for a state ID. Similar flyers have been seen in similar places by local Police departments. This one came from the Salem police.

The flyer asked if you were a fit driver? They stated the main reason because some guy told you you weren't, usually this guy was a cop or a social worker or even a relative. On the back it also encouraged giving up driving for public transit because of the environment and global warming BS. Obviously this was more of a pitch to reduce drivers to appease envirowackos than to stop elderly and senile drivers from hurting anyone.

Well sure enough, Massachusetts has encouraged this garbage for sometime So has New York and New Jersey. Even Maine has. If a police officer confronts you and says you aren't fit to drive or any other thing or if a social worker teacher, doctor or  relative does, then you're not fit to drive. There isn't even any testing required. back in the day they'd just make you attend a defensive driving course, now they just take away your license and your right to drive the wide open roads and now you have to share a seat on a slow bus with bums, thugs, low lives and other creatures you don't want to be seen with.

And its not just that, it can be anything else. The NYPD for instance supports asset forfiture and confiscation from elderly and disabled and supports confiscating property. The word of a cop is now enough to get one thrown into Bellevue hospital or other abusive gulags and stripped of dignity and freedom just like in Florida under the communist Baker act.


These are just some of the warning signs you'll encounter if government has plans for you... 

So what do you do??????

Well we'll tell you next time. But for starters, best not to live in a Blue state... 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's about half for me. Half those fit me perfectly. My parents are liberal and godless. my Uncles and aunts are liberal Roman Catholic or methodists from New England I am a Christian and the only conservative in my family. I live in Florida now. They all think I'm crazy and nuts because I don't trust government. Glad to be outta there.

But seriously, they could put you away for anything and for nothing... Remember, they get money from taxpayers just by having people in jail or on welfare.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. No need to make a list. If they want money, any useful idiot or citizen will be useful for fuel.

Anonymous said...

Child Support agency is biggest scam of all. They are private agency who are paid 5k bonus for signing up woman on welfare who are owed 100k or more. The fact that welfare lasts 5 years and them being allowed to use any means possible to collect that rears money within 5 years is no accident. They are allowed to put a lean on the guys home and property to collect that money. So where does that rears money go? Not to the woman its owed to. Child support agency keeps it. And the current monthly money they collect from kids dad while shes on welfare? They keep half and welfare gets other half.

They are trained to identify and sign up all welfare recipients for this exact reason. In fact, passing thru any money collected is very optional.

Using the child support agency is an option. Never use them.

I discovered their training manual on line deep within their website under management then training materials. The training book was written for use by all child support agencies.

They collected and kept the 30k my x owed to me from way before I ever went on welfare for a few years. They collect the repayment from my x with no problems so there was no back debt owed to welfare. They passed just $100 thru to me. The rest... they kept all of it. You cant fight back either cuz that paper you signed that said you agree to allow them to collect it. It doesnt say anything about how much they will or wont pass thru. They just tell you as long as your on welfare, they will hold the money.But when you stop welfare they tell you welfare used it all. Called welfare - they never received any of it. Go back to child support and they say has your case been closed? Yes. We dont retain case files once they have been closed. Would you like to open another case? Unbelievable! My kids 30k gone.

mainestategop said...

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