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Thursday, September 15, 2016

What do you do if the government tries to get you?

In our last article we talked about warning signs that the government had it in for you and planned to take away your home and your livelyhood. Well today well talk about what to do in the even you uncover these warning signs or if government tries to come after you!

The tips we'll be giving you came from people I've known over the years who've had their struggle with the government, people you may know like Maurice NewHope, who was wrongfully arrested and detained in a psychiatric hospital for handing out copies of the constitution in East Harlem. The incident was caught on tape by Copwatch Harlem. In addition there are many of those who also have suffered at the hands of government. They have given their testimony on what happened and were instrumental in making this article.

So here now is a list of what to do if the government comes after you... Before we move on, read the previous article we did on warning signs the government is out to get you. 

  1. Don't PANIC!!

 As Lance Corporal Jones would say, DON'T PANIC! Its a good thing to remember too! In this case it must be emphasized....

The fear of your livelihood, your savings, your property being stripped of you for no reason is fear enough. But panicking, being agitated and showing signs of distress not only doesn't help, it makes you vulnerable to government workers who could use it against you, especially if the people you're confronted with are involved in Mental health in anyway. This includes, Doctors, social workers, police officers or any government workers or volunteers involved in anyway with mental health practices.

Psychiatrists, in their never ending quest to get kick backs from big Pharma by over prescribing toxic and strong meds will do this by creating any phony diagnosis they can. A panic attack, agitation or any sign of worry or anxiety is considered symptom of a mental illness. To panic at all in the face of abuse or imminent danger is a disorder to psychiatrists. Panic disorder is a label automatically placed on those who panic for any reason no matter the danger.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a label placed on healthy people whenever they show any sign of worry or stress even during a time of danger or grievance. The same with depression with regards to any kind of sadness.

Agitation is also signs of a mental illness according to psychiatrists even in the face of danger. Children who are agitated from bullying are often labeled as Bipolar retards and based on that one incident of agitation can have their right to manage money and be their own affairs taken away even when they reach adulthood. To be agitated during a crime, to be agitated from bullying, to be agitated after surviving an accident is a symptom of Bipolar, Aspergers or any other so called disorder that you can be branded with by a doctor for any reason at all.

These disorders can be gateways for the government to move in take away your right to manage your money, your home, raise a family and be a normal independent adult. It is especially common to do this to children and adolecents who are most vulnerable in order to make it easy to take away their rights when they become adults and to steal any inheritance or windfall they might receive later.

So when confronted by a cop, a case worker, a social worker or a doctor, DONT PANIC!

2. Never give away information about money or financial activity

You have a right not to disclose that information about money, banking, investments property financials ETC.  What goes on in your bank account and share holdings is between you, your banker and your stock broker, not the police, mental health, the government or ANYBODY! ITS YOUR RIGHT! REMEMBER THAT!!

Government workers nonetheless like to pry info about spending from people. They pry info about their bank activities and finances in order to create a false flag that your too stupid to be independent and manage your money. That way, the government can take it away from you and take away your rights.

Government workers can use anything they please... Any problem from an overdraft, a fee, a penalty fee too many withdrawls in one month or even negative spending in one week or even on day or month can be grounds to brand you money management incompetent.

Once branded money management incompetent it's too difficult to remove it and get your money back. In fact by the time you do get it back, usually the money is spent by the government.

Anything can be used to brand someone money management incompetent. Any irregularity in spending, banking ETC is grounds for removal of your rights! Not only that, any mental disorder, any mental anomaly such as an anxiety attack, worry, agitation or fear can be grounds to label you with a disorder and thereby take away all of your rights including the right to manage money.

So whatever you do even under coercive threat, DON'T TELL THEM ANYTHING!!!! The government has no right to know how you run your life as long as you're not hurting anyone. Policemen, doctors even may try to threaten you or bully you but stand your ground which brings us too...


Its not uncommon for the police officers or  doctors to make threats. Threats like being indefinitely jailed and being raped while being jailed until you cough up the money or threats like being incarcerated in a mental hospital until you agree to disclose all your information and follow a treatment plan might happen.

But most of the time it is a bluff. An intimidation tactic.

Think about it. How are they gonna get your money if you're dead? How can they rob you while they hold you in county jail or prison or a mental hospital? They have to spend more and more money that they could be getting to do that you know. Money that the pigs could be getting for donuts, new uniforms is going to the prison guard unions and the mental health workers and their unions instead. Add to this, with government running out of other people's money during these tough times, they have to choose where the money goes and where to spend it carefully. The piggies squealing at the trough are fighting over the crumbs and it can be to your advantage.

In the rare even that they are not bluffing and you find yourself arrested or detained, resist to the death if necessary. Hunger strikes, threats of suicide and disruptive behavior can make you into a basket case in some cases. It will make it difficult for you to be held. If you die, they can't exploit you and the government loses an asset. Most of the time they'll relent.

In the case of mental health be careful that your behavior does not give them a reason to diagnose you with more disorders. In addition to holding unpopular beliefs, threatening suicide, being disruptive and being disrespectful to those in authority positions can also be grounds for a diagnosis.

3. Have friends in high and low places

Its good to have friends. They can be on your side when the government goes knocking. Having a church, a community or a civil rights group fight on your behalf is a boost to confidence and morale and gives hope. In many instances, the government flees with its tail between its legs as it's outrageous behavior and actions are too much for even the most apathetic American to just sit and watch.

Having friends will give the ability to alert others to your situation and spread the world if you've vanished and may be held against your will for no reason or for no good reason. That's why its important to be involved in your community and to live in a godly conservative community Attending such churches that are active and stand against evil like the government is also a good ally. Don't just take my word for it, Ask German homeschoolers living in America as refugees or ex-muslims or people like Cliven Bundy

4. Be prepared to move. FAST!

Now what I am proposing isn't the best thing to do, moving and pulling up roots never is, but if you're life and money are in grave danger, if there is no alternative then you'd better flee fast! Be sure to move without notice, go to a new state and new town with low corruption, a state that values the right to own property and personal responsibility. When you move find a motel outside of a major city in a conservative safe town and when you get there, lease a motel room for a couple of weeks. Don't let them know you're running away, tell them you're visiting or that you're a tourist. Being suspicious could make the motel clerk suspicious. Keep in mind that many motels are run by immigrants who receive subsidies and many of them are on the government's side.

Make sure the place is in a safe town that is conservative and that opposes corruption and government control. Make sure the clerk has no idea you're running from the government. If they call the police and the police show up, even if you lie to them successfuly, you'd better leave without notice and try another venue because that government will crack down on you hard! Many police even in conservative areas are sympathetic to liberal government.

When you're safe and sound and feel secure, immediately open up a new bank account. Many states oppose asset forfiture and its a safe bet. Do this immediately before the government knows what's happening and get your money out of the bank that's based in that nasty liberal state and move it out.

Be sure to also be in touch with a good lawyer to help you and protect your funds as it is being transfered. (SEE #5 below for more info) Let them know everything that has happened

Again its not easy but its better than winding up homeless with no money and just $200 in EBT Snap Benefits all because the government thought it could take care of you better... It never has and never will.

5 Have a good attorney and be involved with legal groups including liberal ones

Yes folks, even the ACLU can be an unlikely ally in some cases. It also helps if you exaggerate your case with them, that you're not right wing or conservative at all, the mean government doesn't like you and the place you live is just mean mean mean!

Also make sure you get a good attorney as well. Be careful! Many of them, the majority in fact are allies of the government.

6 Don't deny you're Christian faith... Just your church affiliation

The lord saith in Matthew 10:33 "If ye deny me before men, I'll deny you before my father which art in heaven." But that doesn't include any affiliation you have with non-mainline churches that are considered "controversial." Lie. Tell them you don't go to that church run by that so called gay hating preacher or that pastor who burned the Koran. You only went twice out of curiousity

Instead, you went to that nice mainline church downtown that has coffee donuts and warm cookies every other week.


There is no right way to hide from the government. If they're greedy, if they're desperate, if they hate your guts they will not stop until you are bankrupt or you run to another state. So before you get out of town as far and as fast as possible, keep the government off you backs. Lie to them.

You might not have to move at all even. Just tell them you don't have that much money, you're skint, you don't get that much income, you're house is falling apart, you have nothing against the police, welfare, Obama, Hillary or anyone and you never really like Trump that much. You're church is a nice mainstream church and as far as you know the pastor never said anything that some would call offenisve, HOW CAN THAT BE? You ask. You always thought of the reverend as a fun loving open minded person.

Lie to the doctors, you had a happy childhood, you were never touched you were never bullied, there may have been the time The high school quarter back gave you a wedgie or a wet willie or the fact that you never went to the prom after one too many dating disasters at school but nah, who cares. Just a typical childhood.

Also, your liberal parents are lying, you're parents are the ones who are crazy who have these nasty ideas about you or have this grudge, you never though of 9/11 as an inside job and government does know best!

Guns in the home? Its a 2nd amendment right, perfectly legal, just for hunting. I have no intention of using them. Tell them you believe in gun laws and that firearms should be regulated.

Anxious? You? Well its just being worked over by the doctors and tough times you may have at work can be a bother but normally you have no anxiety. You'll be fine, YOu'll get over it. MOVE ON! If the doctors insist you take medication, tell him you're allergic or that you have a right to refuse. If threatened, just take it, tell your lawyer and then flush it down the toilet when you get home.


There's no real way of knowing what to do with the big bad government. There is no right or wrong way only one way, avoid at all costs. The advice mentioned is to help you in the event the government comes knocking at your door to take away your bank account, guns, rights or property.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've had that happen to me before when I lived in Alabama of all places.

Bullshiting is the only thing you can do.

They don't like the fact that I was critical of local government. Even though were conservative and even though were good people they didn't like my attitude over there in City hall and the capitol in Montgomery. The police came and interrogated me and even with the threat of a lawsuit they still harassed me and they even had a social worker come after me. They even had me put in 72 hold at Cross bridge mental health. They asked me if I wanted to hurt other people or hurt myself ETC. They asked about how much money I have and make ETC.

I told them lies. I lied about how much money I had, told them I was almost broke Which was almost true, I lied about my income, lied about my relatives, I lied about having mentally ill relatives (two uncles with bipolar and a grandmother with Schizophrenia, Hepebrenic type) I told them I get my news from CNN and the local paper instead of Infowars and Freerepublic, I told them that I did trust the government that I just wanted them to do a little better, a lie, I hate the government state and local, I have no trust for them, that's why they had me on hold BTW.

So anyway after that I was out but they had their eye on me for sometime.