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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Just Dads 1: The Head of the Family

For Catholics A Woman's Place is in the Home

We Are in Two Wars - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

The Vortex—God & Voting

A catholic from Iowa on why Catholics need to vote against Trump

This was emailed to us recently
CATHOLICVOTE ON JANUARY 27, 2016 CV cannot remain on the sidelines any longer.
As Iowans prepare to cast the first votes in the 2016 nomination process, we owe you our thoughts. While we are not officially endorsing a candidate at this time, we believe it is important to share some critical thoughts on the race, or at least on one candidate in particular.
As Catholics, we are called to participate in the democratic process.
The Church does not endorse candidates for public office. That job rests with us, the laity. No candidate is perfect, and no simple checklist is sufficient. Prudence is a necessity. Some candidates ought to be disqualified from receiving the support of a Catholic voter. Others must be weighed in light of the moral principles given to us by our Church.
We have asked for your feedback on multiple occasions. Thousands of CV members have written. We’ve read them all. In addition we follow the daily news, analysis, polling, and have crafted our strategy for 2016.
So today we begin with the elephant in the room.
Should Catholics support Donald Trump? No.
We have sifted through the most popular arguments in defense of Trump and listed them below along with our own take. Here they are:
1. “Trump is a leader we can trust”
While we share much of the frustration over the failure of the GOP to make significant progress, we are reminded of Republicans’ once oft-quoted criticism of President Bill Clinton: character matters.
Donald J. Trump left his first wife and married his mistress, only to leave her a few years later for another mistress. Reportedly he left his second wife by leaking the news to a NY newspaper and left the headline on the bed for his wife to find. In his book, The Art of the Deal, Trump bragged about having sex with many women, including some who were married. He has appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine with a model wearing only his tuxedo jacket.
He has mocked the disability of a NY Times reporter. He belittled John McCain for being a prisoner of war. His casino in Atlantic City was the first in the country to open up a strip club. His Twitter account is a running barrage of insults, lies, and personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with him. And did we mention he famously cheats at golf? Now who does that remind you of?
Now ask yourself: does this man have the character becoming of the President of the United States?
2. “Trump can’t be bought because he is rich!”
Trump is a salesmen, and salesmen don’t buy, they sell. So he won’t be “bought.” Instead he will sell out everyone and anyone when it benefits him, as he has his entire career. He was a liberal democrat, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-universal health care, pro-government bailouts, and a financial backer and friend of Hillary Clinton until he decided to run as a Republican last summer. He is the definition of an opportunist with no guiding principles.
3. “Trump is a leader who will get things done”
Trump markets himself as an effective leader who will get things done simply by making “smart deals.” He refuses to explain precisely how he intends to deliver results, and more often than not, promises to use force or work around or outside the law. Such a leader mirrors what we currently see in the White House. It would be incredibly harmful to our system of government, which is limited by our Constitution — even if we like the policy outcome. We must be a nation of laws. For Trump, it is all about power. For a Christian, the presidency should be about service.
4. “Trump is a successful businessman who will make great deals”
If you believe the headlines, you would assume everything Donald Trump touches turns to gold. Not so. Trump has only demonstrated an ability to make deals that benefit him personally. Four times he bailed on his own casinos to shield himself from their impending bankruptcies. And then there is Trump Magazine, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks/Steakhouse, Trump Vodka, and most famously Trump University, to name only a few — all bankrupt or closed, and massive failures. “Losers” as Trump is fond of saying.
He has constantly cozied up to big government to trample the little guy, either by abusing private property rights, or selling out small contractors and vendors, many of whom lost their life savings. Just ask elderly widow Vera Coking, whom Trump attempted to displace via eminent domain laws to make way for a limousine parking lot for his New Jersey casino — the same casino he put into bankruptcy. Vera stood tall against the politically-connected billionaire Trump for years in court, enduring his practice of belittling personal attacks. She eventually won and called Trump a “maggot, a cockroach, and a crumb.”
5. “Trump will end illegal immigration”
Trump has pledged to build a massive wall on our southern border and to make Mexico pay for it. Meanwhile he has promised to deport 11 million+ illegals, without explaining how, then plans to allow them all back in legally according to criteria he has yet to fully explain.
We agree illegal immigration is a problem that must be solved. Trump’s solution is delusional, strikes us as xenophobic — and truthfully, will never happen. If anything, Trump’s demagoguery on immigration showcases the emptiness of many of his promises. As President Obama has learned, American presidents don’t dictate laws.
The Senate and House would have to pass any change of this magnitude, and such a solution has little to no chance of being approved. Border security and immigration enforcement are realistic fixes. Rounding up 11 million+ people and sending them back to Mexico is not practical or realistic, let alone humane. Those who rightfully want to solve the problem of illegal immigration deserve more than crowd pleasing platitudes. And it’s certainly worth noting that Donald Trump criticized Mitt Romney for being too harsh on immigration back in 2012. This is just another issue where Donald Trump had a very recent and rather convenient conversion.
Several other presidential candidates have outlined more realistic policies to deal with problem. And that’s what real leaders do. They outline solutions and build consensus. Hyperbole and demagoguery are tools of salesmen (see above) out for your money or your vote. Trump’s lack of detail reminds us of another famous politician who proclaimed: “we have to pass the bill before you can see what’s in it.”
6. “Trump will fight the Establishment!”
This defense of Trump is somewhat rich, given the irony that Trump himself has boasted of playing the game, paying off politicians and enriching himself from the very system he now purports to reform. Case in point: in the past week a growing number of so-called “establishment Republicans” have warmed to supporting Trump, people like Bob Dole and Trent Lott — including establishment Republicans in Iowa like Gov. Terry Branstad. Why? Because they believe, rightly in our view, that Trump doesn’t have any principles at the end of the day. He’s someone who will wheel and deal — and you and I will be stuck with the bill.
Electing Donald Trump would send the pro-life movement back to the 1990s, when the Republican Party wanted to run away from defending the unborn. In fact, Trump recommended his own sister, Maryanne Trump Berry, for the Supreme Court. She’s the federal judge who overturned New Jersey’s ban on grisly partial-birth abortions. The next President may choose as many as three or more new justices. Trump’s suggestion of his pro-abortion sister as an example ought to worry anyone who cares about the Court. And let’s not forget he once said Oprah would make a great Vice President. Enough said.
7. “Trump is one of us”
Trump’s political conversions have all happened at very convenient times. As recently as 2000, Trump was firmly “pro-choice,” even refusing to oppose partial birth abortion! He was in favor of gay civil unions. He is open, even now, to subsidizing abortion giant Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. He considers gay marriage a settled issue and has offered no plan to protect religious freedom. He is pro-universal health care, supported the stimulus package and government bailouts, supported gun control and a host of radical positions. Trump is like many Democrats we know. He is a political opportunist.
Trump is right about something — it is time for a change. We do need to shake things up and make America great again. And his awakening of working class voters who are often sidelined by terrible policy and poor leadership is a lesson every Republican must take seriously or they will lose in November.
But the power to change does not require a fear mongering business mogul, appealing to our worst fears instead of our best hopes.
With other good candidates in the race, we encourage our members to look beyond Trump.
This is an historic opportunity to win back the White House with someone we can be proud to have as President.

Mike Voris wikileaks expose Catholic treason with clinton

Fr Wilfredo Comellas+(1964-2013) Lies are Evil and Cause Death (2013)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Vortex—A Rigged Election


The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets and all its members wish you a Happy 80th birthday and blessings this day! May God bless you and keep you and may he shine his face upon you always. Amen.



Dispatch: Fox News Comes Out

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Seattle's Homeless crisis 15: Scott Morrow pulls an Arafat and walks out

An update from councilman Burgess on the incredibly ridiculous sit outs in Seattle they've been having at the administration building. Burgess explained to me that the city council decided to give Scott Morrow what he wanted and then some! It was a dream come true that seemed too good to be true yet was true!

The King County human services decided to give Share nearly four-hundred thousand in funds with few strings attached, more than enough to keep the shelter open. In addition, the council promised further funding to SHARE/WHEEL to last longer.

There were few strings attached, one of the conditions is that all residents of share had to enroll in HMIS, a homeless database that keeps track of homeless individuals and where they stay at and to see to it that funding is properly allocated. Second, all SHARE/WHEEL residents of their shelters had to be enrolled in case management and a low income housing provider to be put on the waiting list, third, SHARE staff had to allow inspections of the budget and to allow a third party to check them. Fourth, the discretionary rule is out! No more picking and choosing. Screening into shelters is first come first serve basis. Finally, tougher enforcement of sobriety rules and allowing inspections by police and sheriff deputies for contraband.

Oh, they would not fund tent cities.

Much of these recommendations came from our article advising the city council on forcing them to accept certain conditions. While I am against government funding as a substitution for what our churches need to be doing, the truth of the matter is that Seattle will never accept capitalism or Christian faith. So we gotta make do with what we have.

But did Scott Morrow happily accept these conditions that would allow SHARE and WHEEL TO reopen again? Did they give him what he wanted? Is it enough I mean!?!?!

No... In fact he and other representatives of SHARE and WHEEL walked out of the meeting.

The reason given was because Share delegates were against the conditions that they could not discriminate against people they didn't like like people with disabilities and that they could not receive funding for tent cities. A Power Lunch meeting held the previous weekend voted to reject the two conditions.

Scott sided with the delegates from SHARE. They all walked out...

The fact that SHARE participants would rather sleep outside and squat on public property rather than receive all that money to reopen share and keep it open for at least over a year is astonishing! Maurice NewHope, a former member of SHARE also expressed concerns over how discriminatory and bigoted Share screeners are. There are many a time when disabled homeless and others considered undesirable have been turned out in the cold rain because of this policy and yet SHARE gets paid big bucks from big government.

So, all because Share participants democratically vote to allow discrimination, all because they want to fund lousy ineffective dangerous camp sites, the homeless problem is now worse and people continue to suffer.

It all brings back another memory... In the camp David Accords in 2000, Yasser Arafat of the PLO was offered a very generous deal for peace that many critics had called, land for peace. This particular one was outrageous. Among the concessions was the city of Jerusalem yet Arafat coveted a narrow strip of land in the Temple Mount. It was just a strip of land that may have had strategic value for Arafat and that really was not necessary but none the less Arafat wanted it. They said no and he and Mahmoud Abbas walked out. Many call it a miracle and an act of divine intervention.

Just like Arafat, Morrow and the bums of Share are given a big, big, big, concession that would solve all their problems. The only thing they have to do is show how many people participate, how many people are there at a given night and make sure they have case workers and are enrolled in housing. But Share bums want to discriminate, Share bums want to keep the poor poorer and Scott Morrow wants to get paid big bucks.

On evil public sector unions

Public sector workers are unionized at a rate five times that of private sector workers. While the first half of Mr. Edwards paper is dedicated to the describing the rise of public sector unions and collective bargaining agreements, the second half focuses on the repercussions of such policy. As AWF has previously noted, public sector workers are compensated more generously than private sector workers raising the tax burden for Americans. Annually, public sector workers earn an average of $11,000 more in wages and receive $30,000 more in retirement benefits than their private sector counterparts. Shifting money from taxpayers to politically connected unions hardly seems fair...

Read more at ...

Once again, the timeless wisdom of Ronald Reagan shines through with his familiar quote: “The first job of the bureaucracy is to PROTECT AND EXPAND the bureaucracy.” Too bad the Great One didn’t use his victory over the Air Traffic Controllers as a model for de-unionizing all of the federal government.

When you think about it and consider the Gipper’s work at GE and the Screen Actor’s Guild, not only should he be celebrated for winning the Cold War and pushing communism (at least as practiced by the Soviets at the time) into the dust-bin of history. But he should also be celebrated for driving down private sector unionism (especially with his work at GE) — these were the two great scourges in my lifetime and Reagan conquered them both!
Boy, do we miss him!

Anybody who thinks public sector employees are overcompensated and under worked need only to apply for such a job. I'm all for cutting down the size of government. But the case needs to be on sound philosophical principles and not on demonetization of people who are often as hardworking and as conservative as their counterparts in the private sector.

Obama + Hillary's Sandy Hook SCAM (Newtown Gun Grab HOAX)

Hillary Cheats AGAIN?? Debate #3 Earphone AND Teleprompter?? BUSTED ON TV!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Headlines—October 21, 2016

Mental illness stigma and tyranny (BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND)

The stigma of mental illness. It is one of the few remnants of a bygone era of eugenics and Nazism. In the early days, it was a sign of shame and disgrace. The stigma was similar to racism, to religious intolerance and eugenics. All of which have since gone but the stigma for mental illness remains. It is no longer a shame to be black, to be Catholic or Quaker, to be Jewish, Moslem, Atheist, to be in a wheel chair or even to be mentally disabled.

It is strange to me that when we think of a child or adult with mental retardation we get fuzzy thoughts about a person who despite being cursed with a tragic disability as being full of love and joy. The family of such a person though at first devastated knowing that their dreams and desires for this person will not come true soon turn into a blessing. We think of people like Rainman, like corky,
like helpless individuals who are bright and cheery. They will never grow up to be fully capable adults yet most become a little self sufficient and they are beloved by family.

This is not so with mental illness. When we think of Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Paranoiac, borderline personalities or hyper mania, the first thought is Charles Manson, The Unabomber, Jeffery Dahmner, The Columbine Killers, Adolph Hitler and other madmen and mad women who murder and cause destruction. We think of psychos, raving disheveled filthy homeless people. Family members tend to hide children with a diagnosis of a mental illness. sometimes they just cast them away in institutions or on the streets. There are countless films portraying insanity and dementia with murderers and mayhem. Think of mental illness and we get the above mentioned stereotypes which are still seen in Hollywood movies in media and in news sensations.

I decided to write about this after watching a series of television ads which are being broadcast to try and combat the stigma. I had first learned about them from an episode of Good Morning America. The ads were by a family that had a mentally ill relative who suffered from Bipolar disorder, a disorder affecting over 5 million Americans yet is viewed terribly by the public.

The ad courageously combats this stigma but there is still a lot that must be done to combat it. In fact all Americans should worry about it. This is because psychiatry and the stigma of mental illness can also be used to target not just those truly afflicted but ordinary Americans by using guilt by association and by lumping those with certain traits with those who are dangerous.

In countries such as National Socialist Germany and Soviet Russia and even in western republics including the United states, opponents and other undesirables were cast as mentally ill and persecuted by the state and the public using this stigma. Nazis used psychiatry to cast Jews, communists, Gypsies and opposition as sub human and mentally ill. Psychiatry was the foundation of Eugenics in Hitler's Germany.

The same was also used decades earlier in Britain and the USA. The Eugenics movement with help from psychiatry became the foundations for racism, Jim Crow, anti semitism and genocide of native indigenous. The stigma of mental illness was also fueled by Hollywood films.

The 1934 film Maniac for example, about a mad scientist featured descriptions about certain mental ailments such as paranoiac and manic depressive that grouped them with dangerous people and sex offenders. Then there were Alfred Hitchcock films such as Paranoiac and Psycho. Movie reviewers advocated that posters of wanted criminals with mental disorders have placards placed that ask why they were allowed outside of mental gulags. Other movies fueled suspicion and bigotry.

Mental health text books and guidelines also made matters worse, portraying all who had mental disorders and any mental lapse as invalid and useless incapable of working or being independent. They were also portrayed as child like and even subhuman.

Despite efforts to curtail the stigma of mental illness, despite ending the gulag system and closing down institutions as well as aiding them in building their lives the mentally ill and the mentally retarded are still deemed as undesirables.

The left especially has used this to attack those they hate. Those who are libertarian, conservative, religious, those who believe in liberty and freedom, all are deemed crazy mentally ill criminals by liberals and by the Democrats. In Democrat states such as California, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut New York and New Jersey ETC psychiatrists brand those with such beliefs as mentally ill and torment and work to ruin their lives.

During the Tea Party rallies, liberal media outlets and blogs categorized protesters as mentally ill radicals. This with the usual grouping together with Nazis and the KKK. The left also attacks opponents of health care, gun control ETC as mentally ill.

Advocates against smaller government and for 2nd amendment rights are also favorite targets. On YouTube for example, those who oppose government management of our very existence are deemed paranoid schizophrenics. Paranoia is a catch phrase used to smear opposition to bigger government.

The religious are also favorites. A Canadian psychiatrist for example wrote a video equating religion with mental disease. He grouped all who believed in God as schizophrenics, bipolar and just about every severe mental illness under the sun. He then finished by stating that religion was a contagious mental disease and that rather regarding someone as religious, they should be regarded as mentally disturbed. It smacks of communist despotism.

These alone are causes for concern. Those who have read my blog over the years know about case studies I have shown of how liberals use psychiatry to destroy the lives of innocent people. As our government grows bigger, and as our freedoms and civil liberties diminish, along with new catchphrases and diagnosis being made up by the APA grows, the danger grows and grows and grows even more. Expect in the future to see defender of human rights, the constitution and liberty against government and the UN a mental disorder along with gun owner, non conformist and others.

In conclusion, aiding the mentally ill is a cause we must all endear ourselves to. It is a civil rights cause that can affect anyone of us. Helping them to build their lives and become self sufficient and stable benefits the community and ourselves. It also takes away power from tyrannical government.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Back by popular demand: Self defense is racist and criminal says liberals

The democratic left is against the right of individuals to defend their lives and property. They oppose Americans being armed to defend themselves in their communities, they don't like people fighting especially if the victim stands up for himself, they don't even want Americans to have a military. This is mainly because the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is in opposition to the leftist ideals of collectivism and group think. Property and life are especially immoral to the left.

Growing up in school I was told that I had to get a teacher if I was being assaulted by another student. If I fought back, I would get punished as well. A friend of mine who went to a rough school in the south had it worse. If he fought back, he got punished and the assailant either got away or got a slap on the wrist. The teachers will usually ignore it. This tells our children that they have no rights and that they must be weak and defenseless and that criminals have more rights than they do. It is a perfect breeding ground for socialists, especially the racist kind (Nazis, black panthers, Nation of Islam ETC) if it involves bullies of another race. It gives bullies and future criminals the message that it may seem that it is not alright to commit crime but if you do you're probably going to get away with it easily, even if it is murder.

Americans are being told by liberals in the state level that they have no right to protect themselves and to depend on government. Thankfully most Americans are not willing to stoop to that level and have chosen to fight back regardless what the left says.

While many have dared to fight back, in places under Democrat control, there is a cost. A woman in North Carolina was sued by a burglar who was injured and won, a man in California whose house was broken into and his son assaulted and given brain damage fought back and killed the attackers. The head of the NAACP of San Francisco a racist black preacher called the victim a racist and called for murder charges to be filed against him. In Howard Beach New York, a white man is sent to prison for fighting of a black mugger who admitted that he was in the neighborhood to steal cars. Our civil liberties are under assault by liberals more interested in protecting the rights of criminals than their victims.

Joe horn, a native of Pasadena Texas outside of Houston shot two men caught breaking into his neighbor's house killing both men. Texas has the castle doctrine, a law which protects crime victims from liability for killing or injuring burglars, rapists and other people on their property. A grand jury decided not to file charges against Horn and he was commended by his community. However not everyone was happy about it.

Quanell X is the leader of the new Black Panther party of Houston. He has been a staunch opponent against the castle doctrine calling it racist. He and several Black liberal racist Democrats held a march in his neighborhood calling for Horn to be prosecuted since the attackers turned out to be Afro-Latino. However the march was met by counter demonstrators who shouted down the protest and they left. Still several left wing and black racist groups on blogs and leftist newsgroups condemned and attacked horn. Here are some quotes:

As we saw with the grand jury yesterday, and as we see in the crime news that bombards us each day in Houston and in this entire metro region, tolerance for cold blooded killing is widespread and fits no profile of appearance, gender or skin color. Mr. Horn had the option to stay in his home, as he was advised to do by the 911 operator, and not kill anybody. He took another course and killed two fellow human beings.

There is not a snowflake’s chance in hell that an African-American man could do what Joe Horn did and get away with it The message that Harris County sent to the entire world is that Houston, Texas is God’s city. There is no longer a need for the criminal justice system, police, judge or jury. You can be all of that on your own. I wonder if Joe Horn were black if he would be free tonight or in the Harris County Jail

Anybody who commits an act of theft of any kind belongs in jail. Similarly, anyone who takes the law into his own hands even after being cautioned by law enforcement not to — and then shoots anyone, including burglars, in the back, “for sport,” unprovoked or just because he thinks he can get away with it (with the aid of public sentiment) is a cold-blooded murderer.

Gee... I wonder why we don't hear this about people who really are murderers for sport?

Texas thankfully is a moral God fearing states that is still American. They had no interest in what the rest of the world thought. Unfortunately not every victim of crime is fortunate to live in such a state. Most states do not have Castle doctrine instead they have something called the kick me doctrine leaving victims defenseless. This regardless of race.

John White is an African American resident of Long Island New York. Despite being a fief under Democrat control, white did carry a hand gun. One day five white teenagers believing that his son Aaron White had made threats against one of their girlfriends on the Internet to rape her marched into White's front yard shouting racial epitaphs and making threats. When one of them attempted to attack White, he took his gun and shot him dead. The rest of them fled the scene. White claimed self defense. The men had trespassed, made threats, and when one of them tried to attack him he shot back in self defense. Long Island law enforcement didn't buy it.

White was charged with first degree murder then it was reduced to manslaughter charges. White had the support of civil rights advocates who called it a legal lynching. The jury was deadlocked in the case but came back with a guilty verdict. White was sentenced to 4 years in prison for manslaughter but due to pressure a city judge threw out the verdict and had him released. Jurors claimed that they were under pressure by fellow jurors to find White guilty even though they knew he acted in defense. The father of the boy who was shot expressed outrage during a press conference claiming they pardoned him because of race and that he had no right to own a gun and defend himself. Excuse me loser but maybe you shouldn't have let your son cruise storm and walk on people's yards to intimidate them. We have the second amendment. If you can't accept it go live in Europe then when some men named Mohamed come to your doorstep to threaten you then you'll know what it's like.

Despite his race however several leftists condemned White. I read a few blogs by some liberals that I came across and lo and behold they were just as upset that he was allowed to have a gun and use it. There were some other nice postings from storm front and a few other places. The socialist racists claim to be for defense but only for whites:

The slimy little prima donna didn't get his way, boo hoo. God bless the other jurors

I believe that Mr. White took this teens life simply because of his ego/pride, and that the confrontation on his property and the use of a derogatory racial term were his justification for doing so.

As a black man I believe Mr. White was wrong to fight back. He should have gone back inside and waited on the police to help him out. He had no business owning a hand gun and should have found some more peaceful way out of his predicament.

That n***er had no business trying to protect his property!

He murdered an unarmed White teenager in cold-blood. It wasn't in his house, it was in the street in front of his house. Send the Negroes back to their African homeland, and we wouldn't be reading a story like this.

Isn't socialism wonderful?

FINAL NOTE: Democratic Hopeful Barack Hussein Obama is also an opponent of Castle doctrine as well as an opponent of the 2nd amendment. Think about that for a minute. For those of you in a blue state, think also about how you and your family will get by if Obama and his supporters get there way.

Donald Trump cheated small businessman Andrew Tesoro, almost destroying ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The Battle of Lepanto

This October was the 437th anniversary of a forgotten yet crucial battle in the defense of western civilization called the battle of Lepanto. It is the victory of this battle that is the reason we are living in a free nation rather than an Islamic style dictatorship. It is why we are still Christian and not Muslim. It is the reason for the existence of America as it is as a free nation. (Though now and days it is not that free.)

In 1571, The Turkish Ottoman empire was the superpower of the day. On land, the armies of the Turks, powered by slave soldiers known as Janisaries and with advanced weaponry and artillery carved its way through the Slovaks and eventually would reach the gates of Vienna. On the sea, Turkish galleys, powered by Captured Christian slaves devastated mercantile commerce and raided coastal cities throughout the Mediterranean. Europe meanwhile remained divided and at war over territory and religion. Spain, the leading European power had recently overcome the Moors in the Reconquista and was expanding into the Americas. Venice was the commercial capital of Europe and held a monopoly over Mediterranean trade. At the papal states, Pope Pius V ruled over the Catholic nations of Europe, but it was threatened by the protestant reformation. In France, conflicts were breaking out, Britain was still a poor backward country that had become the cradle of Protestantism and waged piratical war against the Spanish and Portuguese trade in the new World.

What the Pope dreaded more was the spread of Islam by the sword over Europe. Over thirty years ago, Turkey laid siege to Malta and was narrowly driven back by an army of Crusader Knights and peasants. The stories of atrocities committed by the Turks ran shock waves throughout Europe. In 1570, the island of Cyprus was under siege by the Turks and would eventually fall 10 months later. Its commander, the Venetian Marcantonio Bragadino made a truce with the Turks for safe conduct of his army away from Cyprus when defeat was imminent. Marcantonio Bragadino however was unaware of the Islamic doctrine of Al-Taqyat, or lying for Allah. The Muslims violated the truce as soon as the gates opened, and the army of Greek and Venetian defenders were captured.

Michael Novak, esteemed historian and theologian documented what had happened afterwards, that Marcantonio Bragadino was tied to a pole stripped naked and his nose and ears were cut off and was humiliated in various ways. In the end he was skinned alive. It was stuffed with hay and kept in the sultan's quarters as a trophy. the Turks then slaughtered many of the inhabitants, forcing them to convert to Islam. The Men were taken to be slaves on galleys, the women and children taken away to be slaves in the Harem. The old and weak were killed.

Emboldened, the Ottomans repeated this in Greece and elsewhere. Pope Pius V, had attempted to unite Europe against the Turks by forming a Holy League. The League, a precursor to Nato would strive off the Turks. Time and time again he failed but with the fall of Cyprus and increased attacks the League began to come about. In addition to this, spies had uncovered a ghastly plot by the Turkish Armada lead by Ali-Pasha to invade Italy. With the help of Don Juan of Austria and son of the Holy Roman Emperor who would be destined to lead the attack, The League came together. the Holy League consisted of Spain, Venice, Savoy Sicily, Malta and Genoa. The Vatican was the head of the alliance. Admiral marcantonio Colona was commissioned by the pope to run the fleet. Colona had been a veteran of the war in Cyprus and was one of the few to escape. He was ordered by the Pope to set up an armada in the name of the cross. This was to be a holy war. A war to save Europe from the clutches of Islamic imperialism.

But the Holy League did not rely on God alone. In Venice and elsewhere, new innovations in naval warfare were being constructed. Among these was the Gallease, a new galley warship that was large with mounted swivel cannons. Its height made it resistant to boarding and its new cannons made it devastating. The Turks, though outnumbering the Holy League 3 to 1 could not keep up with the European mode of invention.

In the end, Don Juan and Colona orgonized 206 galleys and 6 galleases. This fleet of the Christian alliance was manned by 12,920 sailors. In addition, it carried almost 28,000 fighting troops: 10,000 Spanish regular infantry of excellent quality, 7,000 German and 6,000 Italian mercenary, and 5,000 Venetian soldiers. Also, Venetian oarsmen were mainly free citizens and were able to bear arms adding to the fighting power of their ship, whereas slaves and convicts were used to row many of the galleys in other Holy League squadrons. Don Juan had also promised the galley rowers who were criminals their freedom if they succeeded.

The Ottomans armada consisted of 222 war galleys, 56 galleys, and some smaller vessels. The Turks had skilled and experienced crews of sailors, but were somewhat deficient in their elite corps of Janissaries. They made up for it with 13,000 sailors and 34,000 soldiers. The slaves below were mainly Christian prisoners of War, some from the recent conquest of Cyprus. An important and arguably decisive advantage for the Christians was their numerical superiority in guns and cannons aboard their ships. It is estimated the Christians had 1,815 guns, while the Turks had only 750 with insufficient ammunition. They instead trusted on Bowmen.

The Holy fleet departed from the Greek Island of Corfu and made its way to the gulf of Lepanto. Ali Pasha was very confident of victory and brought with him his entire fortune including his Harem. The two forces met on October 7th 1571. Don Juan began by sailing his Gallease at full speed towards the heart of the Ottoman armada, breaking it in half. The other galleases were placed in the front and used to attack the enemy galleys sinking two initially. The vast majority of fighting however involved boarding other ships. Witnesses stated that the sea was blood red from the fighting. there were also dead bodies and turbans floating in the water. One of the biggest advantages to the outnumbered Christians was the christian slaves aboards the Turkish galleys. Sensing their chance for freedom, most of them joined the fighting, using their chains as weapons.

During the course of the battle, the Ottoman Commander's ship was boarded and the Spanish tercios from 3 galleys and the Turkish janissaries from seven galleys fought on the deck of the Sultana. Twice the Spanish were repelled with great loss, but at the third attempt, with reinforcements, they prevailed. Ali Pasha was killed and beheaded, against the wishes of Don Juan. However, when his head was displayed on a pike from the Spanish flagship, it contributed greatly to the destruction of Turkish morale. Even after the battle had clearly turned against the Turks, groups of Janissaries still kept fighting with all they had. It is said that at some point the Janissaries ran out of weapons and started throwing oranges and lemons at their Christian adversaries, leading to awkward scenes of laughter among the general misery of battle.

The battle concluded around 4 pm. The Turkish fleet suffered the loss of about 210 ships of which 117 galleys, 10 galliots and three fustas were captured and in good enough condition for the Christians to keep. On the Christian side 20 galleys were destroyed and 30 were damaged so seriously that they had to be scuttled. One Venetian galley was the only prize kept by the Turks; all others were abandoned by them and recaptured. The Holy League had suffered around 7,500 soldiers, sailors and rowers dead, but freed about as many Christian prisoners. Turkish casualties were around 25,000, and at least 3,500 were captured.

The engagement was a crushing defeat for the Ottomans, who had not lost a major naval battle since the fifteenth century. To half of Christendom, this event encouraged hope for the downfall of Islam which they regarded as the "Enemy of the Christian." Indeed, the Empire lost all but 30 of its ships and as many as 30,000 men, and some Western historians have held it to be the most decisive naval battle anywhere on the globe since the Battle of Actium of 31BC.

The Ottomans ships were easily replaced, yet it proved much harder to man them, since so many experienced sailors, oarsmen and soldiers had been lost. Especially critical was the loss of most of the Empire's composite bowmen and jannisaries which, far beyond ship rams and early firearms were the Ottoman's main embarked weapon. Historian John Keegan notes that the losses in this highly specialised class of warrior were irreplaceable in a generation, and in fact represented the death of a living tradition for the Ottomans. Convicts also replaced Christians in the galleys.

In Europe, news of the victory was met with great jubiulation. Throughout Europe, church bells tolled and there were great celebrations. The victory had been greater than any had hoped for. Following the battle theren were plans by the vatican to invade Turkey herself, unfortunately, the nations of the holy league once again began to fight amongst each other and plans were abandoned. After Lepanto the Holy League and other nations and alliances fought further wars and conflicts against Islamic Turkey. Some were victories, some defeats.

Efforts by archeologists to dig up the remains of Lepanto have unfortunately met with disappointment. The area where much of the battle was fought had receeded. The coast moved outward. Much of the battle is now farm land. Other coastal sites have been disturbed over the centuries by Greek fishing trollers. Although some wrecks were found by German and Spanish Archeologists.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the man who would later write Don Quixote participated in the battle of Lepanto. He lost an arm in the battle and was captured by Algerian corsairs years later where he spent 5 years as a slave before being ransomed. The events of Don Quixote such as the freeing of galley slaves were inspired by Lepanto.

The Catholic church has declared October 7th as the feast of Lepanto. Many devout Catholics give thanks to Pope Pius V who was cannonised a saint in 1712.

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Alex Jones Revels In Trump's Annihilation Of Hillary: 2nd Presidential D...

The Vortex: Hypocrite Hillary attacks rape victims

Government wants to hurt you just so it can heal you. Here's why...

Retired businessman, activist, Free stater and Catholic layman Michael O'sullivan of the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets from Lebannon NH responds to Roger Bauer's family over remarks made in favor of abusing their son Roger Bauer.

 Well just when we thought we heard the last of the commie family Bauer, they wont acknowledge that they are the problem not Roger Bauer. Roger's brother and peer-to-peer therapist had this to say...

You say hurting never helps anyone, well Roger, sometimes you we have to be hurt so we can be made well. 

Jeff Gilman had to be hurt too. Like he told me and what he said to you at group, you have to be cruel sometimes in order to be kind, you have to injure in order to heal. A man cannot be revived until he is first slain, a man has to be hurt before he can he helped.

You see where this is following? Hurt to be healed? Why? He's not hurt so he doesn't need healing so why is it that you want to hurt him?

Most parents like these right wingers and Others who watch Fox News, listen to Infowars believe in live and let live, that people like Jeff should be left to their own devices when they can't even pick up after themselves.

Hmmmm.... Why don't we nitpick about the government when they fail to pick up after themselves? Matter of fact when have liberals and the government they worshiped ever been responsible??

You know when my kids were young they sometimes forgot to pick up to. My son also did the same thing as an adult. He doesn't always do it but it shouldn't matter so much. he has a life, a job a family, its no big deal??

I don't watch Fox News but I do believe in live and let live. Yes Jeff should've been left to his own devices instead of being forced into treatment and forced to live in one of the worst regions in America for jobs.

Jeff's parents like your parents aren't like those people. 

No wonder they were messed up. takes a village to raise a child, it takes group thinking and collective responsibility to make civilization work. Individual rights and civil liberties are fine but we have to think about your interests and the community's interets.[sic] It was not in Jeff's interest or your interest then to be let out on your own.

And here we see the communism apparent in the Bauer family and in Rhode Island's mental health system. The community's interests 9 times out of ten are not going to be in your interests because usually the community in this case Rhode Island's interest is to shame and abuse victims of economic collapse like Roger Bauer. Roger can't find work, the people cannot respect him so they blame him and abuse him further to cover up their failure and socialism's failure.

The government also is interested in keeping him enslaved on the welfare state so they can get taxes.

the government and the family has to intervene and interupt your life and put your life on hold so you can learn to take care of yourself and take responsibility for your illness. 

TRANSLATION: You do not agree with us, you are disliked by a community that is liberal and intolerant (By the way, I am from New England and know for a fact that the majority of Rhode Islanders are the dregs of society. If you think Massachusetts and Brooklyn New York are a mess, you'll never guess how bad it is in Providence town.)hence because we are intolerant and biased we are going to punish you to avoid responsibility for our being dregs of society and for liberalism failing you by making you live in captivity in said liberal wasteland for the rest of your life.

Jeffs parents were forced to bring him down into a lower state that he was in and deliberately make him worse and put him on Rock bottom just so they could get him into programs, get him into treatment, get him into healthcare, get him into treatment and so he can be eligible

Just tell him that its for the good of the party comrade!!

You were the third most difficult patient I have had out of several.

Only third? Could it be because roger is a conservative?????????

Oh my... I need to rest.... All that communism. All that liberal hypocrisy!

What the remarks illustrate is the failure of liberals and the failure of Democracy. Roger Bauer was forced to live against his will in a state that has one of the worst job markets in the country. The people of Rhode Island are liberals and are also among the most uncouth and barbaric people (so called) in the nation. Most New Englanders are of a negative demeanor as well.

Roger's family demonstrate the typical mindset found amongst New Englanders that illustrate their hatred for America, capitalism, all things sacred and decency. This family is restrictive and abusive and blames Roger for their failure to raise him up as a responsible adult and the failure of Rhode Island to give him a job and a place to live not to mention enforcing these unjust restrictions that prevent Roger from being a normal adult.

Roger's problem wasn't Roger but those around him. To hold Roger responsible for society's failure to respect him and for Roger's family and government to abuse him is not only unfair, its counter-productive.

People in authority in Rhode Island like his parents and doctors are unable to respect Roger for who he is. In addition the community as a whole failed to respect Roger by picking on him as a child and blaming him. They also disrespect him by supporting the very government that keeps poor innocent victims like Roger downtrodden.

Rather than bring out the positive traits and potentials he had in him by removing walls and barriers and encouraging and supporting him to be independent and self-reliant, his family and doctors attempt to destroy any sense of self-reliance, branding them symptoms of a mental illness. Roger does not want to go along with what his doctors and parents demand because it involves a high risk that would lead to more misery as a consequence.

Liberals like Doctor Keitner and his parents however do not believe in consequences, they don't care. They care only about themselves and the collective good. That's all.

I really liked the explanaitions Roger's brother and doctor gave. Here's where the abusiveness of Roger's family really came out after Roger made a comment of how he spent 3 years all alone with no job, no mate and no independence while the government wasted his time...

Yeah I know it was tough for you Roger but you needed to stay in Rhode Island, you needed to go seek help, you needed to be in treatment! Roger sometimes we gotta go through things like this for our own good. I know its hard but you have to make that sacrifice and cope with the side effects. Your not mature Roger, your not stable. Your mentally ill.

Why be in treatment when Roger didn't need to? Why is it hard? Why make it hard? Well take a look at what one commentator, probably Roger's parents or relatives had to say...

It was necessary and for your own good to remain with your parents so they could keep an eye on you and so you could be safe! You had to give things up so we could help you and build you better than ever! Look, it was like that with lots of people in history! The native Americans for instance, yes there were attrocities yes things could've been done better but look at how much improvement they have! From a backward stone age culture that ate each other to becoming modern people! Yes there's room to improve, yes some of them live in poverty but those that moved on, adapted and learned and applied themselves got better! In China they tore down entire communities displacing thousands from their jobs and homes but it was for the best Look Roger, they now have better jobs, work less get paid more and live better lives!

Ah! So Native American genocide by the fed is good and also communist eminent domain and the displacement of tens of thousands of Chinese peasants and the destruction of what little they had was good! The latter was particularly devastating since they have not fully recovered.

When China uprooted over a million and a half to make way for olympic village liberals like the Bauers cheered! Many of these peasants have never recovered. Many of them have been killed by the Chinese government but liberals see no problem with this. Liberals support it. Its for the greater good they say!

So it is with poor people like Roger Bauer, condemned to a life of misery and hardship all because their parents do not want to let them be independent for the greater good!

Roger despite suffering hardship at school was all ready to go but his parents held him back. They hurt him to make him suffer so they could heal them.

The result of this was that Roger was forced on a regimentation of forced drugging that made him sick and weak and made him misbehave, this coupled with being deprived of the ability to work, to grow, to seek companionship and a mate made his behavior far far worse.

Roger was forced to run away twice, the first time he was forced against his will to go back to an unstable environment, the second time he succeeded and was removed from an unstable controlling environment to an environment of peace, freedom and liberty. This is bad to the liberals because now they can't control and make money off his suffering.

Why Fix what isn't broken? Why heal what isn't hurt?

So why hurt Roger just to put him in a situation where he needs to be healed? Why break something good to try and fix it?

Because the welfare state and mental health services is a profitable enterprise that makes liberals and their government profit off the tears and suffering of the innocent. By keeping poor miserable people like Roger in misery, by keeping them from working and independent and keep them dependent on the government they can get more money. The bigger the welfare rolls, the more taxes they can raise and pocket at our expense.

Thanks to liberal fascists like the Bauer family who worship the government and hate freedom they are willing to sacrifice their children to Baal so they and the government can get rich.

The government is paid far more from our hard earned salary the more unemployed and homeless there are. The government is paid far more to keep them homeless, poor and unemployed and to keep them miserable and dependent on food stamps, welfare, Social security and other government entitlements and aspects than it is to liberate them from poverty misery. 

Mental Health services are factored in this by inventing and creating disorders and sicknesses of the mind that cannot be proved and who's diagnosis is based on the word of what are essentially state sanctioned gurus who are not to be questioned and who's word must be taken as proof against any other piece of evidence no matter what. By labeling dissidents, critics, watchdogs and free thinkers as mentally ill, demented and portraying them as insane dangerous criminals, the people accept a police state and a state of tyranny that deprives people of full citizenship based on distinctions and traits.

This mental health welfare state of socialism and rigid control is essentially a form of enslavement and exploitation of innocents established by the Democrats and an ignorant and immoral segment of society that robs human beings of independence and their soul and brings them to rock bottom and keeps them there, only lifting them one notch above that level so as to keep them loyal and obedient as slaves to farm and herd by our government!

The Democratic party supported Slavery of blacks during the 18th and 19th century and supported Jim Crow discrimination and oppression of blacks. All those things were also subsidized by we taxpaying yankees if you didn't know. They have changed little. Today slavery is done by employees in city hall and state capitols through an army of case workers, food stamp workers, mental health "professionals" and an army of other public servants and it is done to these people who have been conditioned to not realize they are enslaved.

The government is the slave master. We the people are not the government, the government is a mighty independent edifice that has infallibility and possesses the power to take care of us. The state picks and chooses winners and losers, the state forbids freedom, independence, free thought and self reliance. The state is to take care of you and help you whether you want to or not.

The Democrats who support this are themselves slaves and collaborators, most are slaves who believes they are being helped by being herded into housing projects full of cockroaches and bed bugs in dangerous dirty neighborhoods with no economic opportunities and no hope. Their minds damaged and neutered by a public school system that indoctrinates and subjegates rather than educates.

Others are collaborators who hate America and want to benefit off our backs so they can enjoy alcohol, drugs and not have to work. Most are employed by the state. Jeff Gilman, Roger's doctor is just that. So are the others who have worked with Roger and have done nothing or even said nothing in his favor.

Roger Pays, the government plays and the parents and government escape responsibility for how they have failed to bring up their son Roger in an appropriate manner.

Ultimate Donald Trump Thug Life Compilation | Funny videos 2016

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The truth about the Yom Kippur war

This month marks the 43rd anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. We have been fed some false information about this war. For starters, Israel did not strike first unlike in the 1967 Six day war when Israel was forced to launch a pre-emptive strike as her enemies amassed on her borders and as the UN stood aside and allowed them to do so.

The Arabs shot first
On the night of September 25, King Hussein secretly flew to Tel Aviv to warn Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir of an impending Syrian attack. Throughout September, Israel received eleven more warnings of war from well-placed sources. However, Mossad Director-General Zvi Zamir continued to insist that war was not an Arab option, even after Hussein's warning. Zamir would later remark that "We simply didn't feel them capable of going to war."

To make matters worse, Henry Kissinger forced israel to sign a one sided agreement in 1970 that enabled Egypt and Syria to place advanced Soviet Anti-aircraft missiles called SAMs on her border. This made another pre-emptive more difficult. Kissinger also demanded that Israel not fire the first shot.

On the day before the war, General Ariel Sharon was shown aerial photographs and other intelligence by Yehoshua Saguy, his divisional intelligence officer. General Sharon noticed that the concentration of Egyptian forces along the canal was far beyond anything observed during the training exercises, and that the Egyptians had amassed all of their crossing equipment along the canal. He then called General Shmuel Gonen, who had replaced him as head of Southern Command, and expressed his certainty that war was imminent. Kissinger and Nixon ignored it.

Zamir's concern grew, as additional signs of an impending attack were detected. Soviet advisers and their families left Egypt and Syria, transport aircraft thought to be laden with military equipment landed in Cairo and Damascus, and aerial photographs revealed that Egyptian and Syrian concentrations of tanks, infantry, missiles were at an unprecedented high. Brigadier General Yisrael Lior, Prime Minister Golda Meir's military secretary/attaché, claimed that Mossad knew from Ashraf Marwan that an attack was going to occur under the guise of a military drill a week before it occurred, but the process of passing along the information to the Prime Minister's office failed. The information ended up with Mossad head Zvi Zamir's aide, who passed it along to Zamir at 12:30 am on 5 October. On the night of October 5/6, Zamir personally went to Europe to meet with Marwan at midnight. Marwan informed him that a joint Syrian-Egyptian attack was imminent. However, Marwan incorrectly told Zamir that the attack would take place at sunset.

The attack by the Egyptian and Syrian forces caught the United States by surprise. According to future CIA Director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, he was briefing an American arms negotiator on the improbability of armed conflict in the region when he heard the news of the outbreak of war on the radio.

On October 6, 1973, the war opening date, Kissinger told Israel not to go for a preemptive strike, and Meir confirmed to him that Israel would not.

Yom Kippur, the war of the judgement day. In the first days, Nixon and Kissinger refused to give any aid to Israel. Israel was left on her own against impending doom at the hands of her Arab neighbors. The battles that followed were not only acts of tactical brilliance, but miraculous...

One event concerned Commander David Yinni. He was in the process of pulling his troops out of a confrontation with the Syrian army when he realized that they were trapped in a minefield. At some point, one of the soldiers uttered a heartfelt prayer. As the story goes, all of a sudden a windstorm blew in. The soldiers hunkered down until the storm subsided, and when it did, it had blown away so much of the dirt that the mines were exposed and the entire platoon managed to escape unharmed.

The miracle and the Valley of tears was the greatest of them all. Syrian tanks penetrated Israel’s front lines on the first day of the Yom Kippur War and raced across the Golan Heights. Syria’s task force comprised of 700 tanks, against Israel’s meager 175 and their infantry carried state-of-the-art anti-tank missiles which Israel hadn’t known were part of the Arab arsenal. Syria’s superior weaponry, supplied by the USSR had a devastating effect on Israel’s tanks.

Battalion commander Avigdor Kahalani was sent to the valley in a last-ditch effort to stem the Syrian advance. Calling his men to join him in a rush towards the enemy he was shocked to find that a commander’s worst nightmare had come true and he was moving forward alone. Physically and emotionally at the end of their rope, the men had simply not responded.

But despite what had happened, Avigdor kahalani fought off the tanks. His support camefrom behind and only 50 tanks destroyed Syria's 700. A comminque came in announcing to Kahalani, "YOU HAVE SAVED THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL!"

It was only after these miracles that Nixon and Kissinger grudgingly sent weapons. By this time the Arabs were pulling back. Jordan it was discovered had chickened out and chose not to participate in the war. Calls for a ceasefire by Kissinger and the UNdid not start until after Israel began to push back and threaten to annihilate her Arab tormentors...

 In the end, Israel was forced to give up Sinai and her other takings from Syria and Egypt. Israel could not pursue her enemies and annihilate them. All this made possible not only by the UN but by Kissinger.

In exchange for returning Sinai and other lands and saving them from annihilation from Israel, the Arabs imposed an oil embargo that crippled America's economy and was one of the factors that lead to stagflation and decline in the seventies.

Nixon the Anti-semite, Kissinger, the self-hating Jew

History mistakenly labels Nixon and Kissinger as saviors of the Jews. Nixon in truth was an anti-semite who is quoted and even recorded in making lewd comments towards Jews. Most notorious was a recorded conversation with Billy Graham where he promised that in his second term, he would break up alleged "Jewish control" of the press.

Kissinger himself was ashamed of is Jewish upbringing. He is quoted as saying thus: "If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be anti-Semitic,” he once quipped, “Any people who has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong.” Another time, he told a friend, “I was born Jewish, but the truth is that has no significance for me. America has given me everything.”

 Kissinger is also recently quoted as saying that Jews were self serving bastards.

 So as it turns out, Kissinger and Nixon far from being Israel's friend were all along, Israel's enemy. Below are quotes from Jewish Scholar Victor Vancier regarding Yom Kippur and myths about Nixon, Kissinger and the war:

1. Israel did not strike first in the 1973 Yom Kippur War even though she knew that the Egyptians and Syrians were planning to attack. In the 1967 Six Day War, Israel struck first preemptively and won a breathtaking miraculous victory on all fronts. But in 1973, Israel did not strike first. So Israel had to absorb the terrible blow of the combined Egyptian-Syrian attack. Why? Because the Jew-hater Richard Nixon and his self-hating Jewish Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pressured Israel not to strike first. Kissinger told Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, "If you strike first, there won't be a dogcatcher who will support you".

2. In 1967, Israel's air force destroyed huge portions of the Egyptian and Syrian military. In 1973, it was difficult for Israel's air force to attack effectively because of the extremely dense cluster of Soviet SAM anti-aircraft missiles that fired at Israeli jets. Many Israeli jets and their pilots were lost because of the Soviet missiles. Why were there Soviet missiles in Egypt? Because the Jew-hater Nixon pressured Israel in 1970 to accept a one-sided ceasefire in the "War of Attrition" which enabled the Soviets to place missiles in Egypt.

3. Nixon and Kissinger refused to send arms to Israel during the first 10 days of the Yom Kippur War when Israel desperately needed them. Only after Israel miraculously turned the tide in the war and starting winning despite the shortage of arms did the Nixon-Kissinger administration start shipping weapons to the Jewish state. And that was only because of massive Congressional pressure on Nixon to arm Israel - in those days, Israel was extremely popular in the Congress. But in the first 10 days of the war when Israel desperately needed the weapons, Nixon and Kissinger refused to send them.

4. At the end, Israel was on the verge of winning an even more miraculous victory in 1973 than the victory of the 1967 Six Day War. The Israeli army surrounded a huge segment of the Egyptian army and could have destroyed or captured tens of thousands of Egyptian soldiers and could have also destroyed or captured most of Egypt's advanced weaponry. But just as Israel was about to win the greatest triumph in her history, Nixon and Kissinger demanded an immediate ceasefire to save the invading Egyptian soldiers from destruction or humiliating capture. Israel again stupidly gave in to the Nixon-Kissinger pressure, and what could have been the most spectacular military victory in thousands of years turned into a nightmare as the Egyptians were rescued and allowed to claim victory.

America has never truly been a friend to Israel. Foreign aid is harming Israel's development of an independent military industrial sector that could outpace America's, America cavorts to Arab-Nazi enablers of terror and under Barack Obama preasures little tiny Israel to commit national suicide! 

 G-d has warned us in the Torah, in the bible, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you! America cursed G-d's people when Self Hating Jew Henry Kissinger forced Little Israel to spare her enemies who wanted to exterminate her!

...The worst thing they did was demand Israel hold back on wiping out these Nazi Jew haters once and for all. The arabs thanks us for saving their skins from Israel's revenge by putting an oil embargo over the United states that ruined the nation's economy! All of Israel's current troubles started thanks to Richard Nixon and self-hating Jew Henry Kissinger, yimach shmam vezichram shem reshayim yirkav ימח שמם וזכרם שם רשעים ירקב.

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 14: Occupy public space

The squatters continue to loiter at the county administration building raising a stink demanding more and more of other people's money. We have obtained word from Seattle councilman Burgess about a new law that would not only legitimize the SHARE squatters at county Admin but make it legal to camp in any public area!

This means that parks, sidewalks, government buildings, open lots ETC could turn into outdoor homeless shelters!


Homeless Encampments:
An Update

It has been four weeks since my colleagues’ introduced legislation that would create a right to camp on public property throughout the city. I opposed introduction of this legislation.

In this update, I want tell you what’s happened since, why it is so important for the people of Seattle to remain keenly engaged in the discussion, and efforts to change this legislation. This update gives my perspective on three important issues surrounding this proposed new law.
  1. How this legislation will impact you, your family, and neighbors.
  2. The elephant in the room that’s being ignored.
  3. A much better solution.

The Impact on You, Your Family and Neighbors

As introduced on September 6, the proposed law establishes a new right to camp on public property across Seattle, including in our parks and greenbelts, and on sidewalks and planting strips. The law mandates that city government make public spaces available for camping in tents or vehicles. It creates complicated rules and processes that must be followed before anyone can be removed from a camping site. If anyone is removed, the city government must provide “adequate and accessible” long-term housing. Finally, if any of this process is violated, the proposed law establishes a $250 penalty per violation to be paid to the individual camper by city taxpayers.

Needless to say, this new law is not the balanced approach we all deserve, an approach that weighs and balances compassion with our public health and safety obligations. This proposed law is not balanced and will do absolutely nothing to move people from homelessness to safe and appropriate housing. Nothing.

Look around our great city and ask yourself whether you like what’s been happening even before this new right to camp has been established. Tents along our roadways and in our parks. Trash piling high in our greenbelts, in our neighborhoods and along Interstate 5. It seems as if city government has been paralyzed by the confusion and conflict around homelessness. Just look at the evidence.
Trash and other debris piled up at University Playground on Northeast 50th Street in a photo taken last Friday morning. University Playground includes a sports field, tennis court, and a children’s play area. The University branch of the Seattle Public Library is across the street to the north.

Here is a KIRO-TV news report from last Thursday night. Watch it. It broke my heart in two ways. First, how unfortunate that the individual or individuals living in the end-zone tent haven’t taken advantage of the multiple services Seattle has for them and will spend nearly $50 million on this year. Second, how tragic that we have become so confused and conflicted that our park’s staff and police officials failed to remove the tent for our kids’ sake the moment it appeared. Listen carefully to the coach, too. He describes an ongoing high-risk mess at Interbay that, frankly, city officials have allowed to fester.
Last Friday afternoon, after the KIRO report was broadcast, the city finally acted and the end-zone tent was removed. But, had this new right to camp law that my colleagues are advancing been in place that removal would have been blocked for a minimum of 48 hours, perhaps as long as a week or even longer, until we found another location for the camper(s) and complied with the onerous rules the law establishes.

This new law will increase public safety problems and make our neighborhoods less safe. The same night KIRO-TV broadcast their Interbay playfield report, a Good Samaritan was stabbed in the abdomen when he went to the aid of a woman who was being assaulted in a tent in Woodland Park. Witnesses described the suspect to police; he was later arrested. The Good Samaritan was taken to Harborview Medical Center. This isn’t an isolated incident. Living on the street or in our parks is dangerous.

The Elephant in the Room That’s Being Ignored

Read the proposed new camping legislation carefully. It contains a few key phrases that require the city government to allow camping on public property for at least 30 days per location.  In addition, even when an encampment is in an unsafe or unsuitable location, the City cannot remove it until the City has provided 48 hours’ notice, and must offer the individuals alternative locations in which to camp.

This is the elephant in the room that’s not being discussed. The advocates of this proposed legislation believe people should be allowed to camp in tents and vehicles on public property for at least 30 days and more, if the City does not have an available stock of “adequate and accessible” long-term housing, and must allow persons who decline services and housing the right to camp in alternative locations, again for a minimum of 30 days in locations that are not “unsafe” or “unsuitable.”

Really? Forget homelessness for a moment. This new legal right to camp in the city cuts across decades of land use policy and zoning requirements designed to minimize use impacts. This new law sweeps those protections away and creates a high impact use—camping on public property as an individual right. For me, this is going too far.

A Better Solution

If this legislation is adopted by the City Council it won’t move one person to housing. It won’t address drug addiction or mental illness for anyone. And it certainly won’t clean up the piles of garbage we see around Seattle left by urban campers. (These piles of garbage are so contaminated and hazardous that we have trouble finding contractors to do the necessary cleanups.)

But this legislation does do one major thing quite well; it distracts us from measures that will make a difference for people experiencing homelessness. Those measures are called Pathways Home, a series of steps Mayor Murray has proposed to retool our response to homelessness and create increased efficiencies and effectiveness based on an in-depth analysis of what we are doing—or not doing—today.

Pathways Home is an integrated effort with King County, All Home, and United Way to move people from unsheltered living on the street to permanent homes. It is centered on evidence-based practices that have been proven to work in other cities. This is where we should be spending our time and energy. This is the complex work we should be focused on, not on a new law that perpetuates homelessness and makes our neighborhoods less safe. 

The national experts who counseled the city on Pathways Home tell us that all of the unsheltered people in Seattle could be sheltered by the end of 2017. That’s a bold claim based on the experience of other cities, but it is certainly worth pursuing. Why wouldn’t we work hard and urgently to achieve this goal?

Some of my colleagues are working on amendments to the camping law. The suggested amendments I have seen so far don’t cure the core problems with the legislation. I will keep you posted as I continue to advocate for solutions that have been proven to actually end homelessness.

Here’s an interesting discussion of this legislation on the Seattle Growth Podcast.

Stay engaged. Make sure your voice is heard at City Hall regardless of your position on this legislation. Your opinion matters.

Seattle's homeless crisis episode 13: A bum from Share testifies (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

Well its been awhile since I reported on the mayhem in Seattle being caused by Democrats and by an organization called SHARE/WHEEL, this organization is really a cross between the mafia, the SEIU and occupy wall street. The comparisons are obvious yes but surprisingly this is not known well to people outside of the pacific Northwest. In fact I didn't even hear about it until I learned from Steve Ferrell AKA Seataclibertarian my business associate who lives there about Share's existence.

Share wheel runs homeless shelters inside churches run mainly from taxpayer funds, despite having a supposed "zero tolerance" policy on drugs and alcohol, these shelters actually tolerate just about any abhorant behavior including drinking and doping. The city got tired of their antics and decided to defund them. In response SHARE/WHEEL began squatting on public property particularly county administration, they've also got 3 tent cities that pretty much do the same thing

Many of these shelters also house criminal behavior. Bunkhouse nights, a house located in Rainier Beach which is sort of the ghetto has widespread drug dealing and even murders have been known to take place there, University Lutheran church in the University district has a history of prostitution, then there's Woodland park, located in Greenwood and Phiney, an area notorious for having large amounts of bars and other alcohol dispensaries and for being hangout for drunks. Woodland park included. Tent cities are also notorious for tolerating Rape even blaming the rape victim.

I learned more from contacts I have who are experiencing homelessness. (thanks to Obama I might add.) Maurice Newhope, who became homeless because of false accusations from Democrats has been the most instrumental, he was part of share during 2015 and spent a year there. I also have an infiltrator working on the inside updating me on the situation as of January of 2016.

As of last year Share/wheel is still camping out sticking its big fat hand out for more of our money, by the way SHARE WHEEL at times has gotten federal funding so yes even those of us on the east side of our once great country have had to pay for this rubbish.

The churches that hosted Share wheel are liberal. Many of the churches like churches in the Northwest and in fact like the ones we have in New England are flaming liberal, pro-gay, pro-infanticide, anti-war, many of the clergy are women.

We wrote 12 episodes about share wheel and about the antics of these lazy degenerate commies lead by Scott Morow, the coordinator and himself a former client of Share when he was homeless in the nineties. We obtained reports of Scott's unscrupulousness and how he and Share staff have gouged and filched public funding and have not held sustainable accountability over share.

Enough of the Recap, here we have received last week an email from a member of Share named Fox Bracken. Bracken claims to have been a member of Share for many years. We also obtained news reports of him involved in Share's communist activites

Here now is Fox Bracken...

My name is Fox Bracken I am a member of Share/Wheel a great organization that has done a lot of good in Seattle. First off who the F**k do you think you are getting off in writing nasty things about Share and calling us communists?! Are you guys right wing wackos or McCarthyists or something?! Why  don't you join the F**king century you right wing haters!

I have stayed at Woodland park and we never allowed drunks into that place! Its true that we did have our EC* show up drunk but we voted him out after he did that! We don't allow drunks and we don't allow prostitutes! WTF!! Who the hell told you about ULU being a whore house? Its not they have never had prostitutes over there, most of the women are ugly and crazy so theres no way they're gonna be able to even do it for free! And whats this about murders at Bunkhouse?

Let me tell you something Brian Ball or whoever you are, when I catch you're Ni***r friend Maurice or you there again or any other republican who works for you, I'm gonna blast you! You don't ever come back to Seattle you  hear you G** D*** nazi! You all can suck my Irish C**K!!!

Who the hell are you people!? What do a bunch of rednecks from Maine and New Hampshire have to do with SHARE!? You don't even pay Washington taxes why is it any of your G** D*** business!?

You republicans all need to be killed or sterilized! Its your damn fault there's homelessness in America and why we don't have universal healthcare! I've been to the hospital 5 times for Emphazima and Pneumonia! I almost died twice! If it weren't for Obama care and SHARE I'd be pushing daisies! You're all killing poor children! YOUR ALL F***ING CHILD MURDERERS THATS WHAT THAT MAKES YOU YOU F***ING RIGHT WING ******** ****K!!



 *EC= Elected coordinator, the bum elected to run the shelter

Ah... wasn't that Nice?

According to Maurice Newhope, Fox Bracken was banned from Share after one too many incidents ranging from fighting, arguing with staff and making death threats.

Maurice reports that in 2015 when he was in Share, Fox would be kicked out of meetings for demanding the last word and interrupting staff. He was also banned from some of the shelters for being drunk and for loud disorderly behavior as well as threatening to kill people in the shelters.

Fox was finally banned from all shelters and tent cities after making death threats to Share staff and claiming to have killed people. The call was traced to his cell phone. Charges were not filed but upon learning he was permanently banned by the Bar Commitee meeting that overseas bans and suspensions, he flew into a tantrum and began destroying church property. Fox refused to leave and continued to throw tantrums. Police were called and Fox was arrested for disorderly conduct and vandalism. Charges were later dropped.

Little is known about his whereabouts thereafter but he is believed to still reside in the Seattle area.

And Fox if you're watching, homeless people do have as much right to live as fetuses but its hard for them to not be homeless if there are no jobs or affordable housing because of you liberals and your tax codes and zoning laws. That, and open immigration.

Also, some of these bums need to sober up and lay off the alcohol too.

Furthermore, no one has a legal governed right to those things you mentioned no matter who they are be they fetuses, bankers, execs or homeless. They have a right to live but not to money and possessions. They need to go out and earn it like these other people did.