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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mike Voris: Hillary Clinton will outlaw reigious liberty

Despite the whining of the nevertrump conservative crowd it has to be emphasized, The election of Hillary Clinton to the highest seat in the land will be a disaster for this country worse than 9/11. Hillary will outlaw religious liberty to protect Democrat ideals of atheism, transgenderism, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia and multi-culturalism all while appealing and appeasing to Muslim immigrants and jihadists who will immigrate enmasse once Hillary begins opening borders with European style quotas as she promised in Germany.

Hillary will give control of the internet to the UN and outlaw any blog or news group that does not support the politically correct anti-capitalist anti-american anti-christian pro-communist pro-sharia law agenda of the left.

Hillary Clinton will also expand universal healthcare and the healthcare industry to make it part of criminal justice and civil rule. In other words, all dissidents and all producers will be branded mentally ill and be locked up in institutions for the rest of their lives probably for holding incorrect beliefs and in order to rob the estates of hard working Americans.

Hillary Clinton will outlaw the 2nd amendment as well as the 1st and make it a crime for law abiding citizens to own guns so Muslim immigrants can easily rape them. BTW Islam teaches its their fault for being raped even though they were disarmed. Most democrats also agree with this mantra despite their claims to be pro-feminist.

Hillary Clinton will destroy our economy by jacking taxes and fees leading to higher costs and rents and higher unemployment. Even with the exit tax she proposes for corporations that outsource jobs it wont do any good. In addition, all the unemployed who lose their jobs and homes to immigrants and socialism will be scapegoated and blamed on for their condition. They will face prison or incarceration in mental institutions because you must be insane to be unemployed while a Democrat is in charge.

Hillary Clinton is the enemy of America, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of capitalism, the enemy of liberty. Her election will be the final death nail in the skull of America. Her legacy will be the same as Justa Grata Honoria was in Rome when it was destroyed by the barbarians and the Huns.

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