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Thursday, October 27, 2016

On evil public sector unions

Public sector workers are unionized at a rate five times that of private sector workers. While the first half of Mr. Edwards paper is dedicated to the describing the rise of public sector unions and collective bargaining agreements, the second half focuses on the repercussions of such policy. As AWF has previously noted, public sector workers are compensated more generously than private sector workers raising the tax burden for Americans. Annually, public sector workers earn an average of $11,000 more in wages and receive $30,000 more in retirement benefits than their private sector counterparts. Shifting money from taxpayers to politically connected unions hardly seems fair...

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Once again, the timeless wisdom of Ronald Reagan shines through with his familiar quote: “The first job of the bureaucracy is to PROTECT AND EXPAND the bureaucracy.” Too bad the Great One didn’t use his victory over the Air Traffic Controllers as a model for de-unionizing all of the federal government.

When you think about it and consider the Gipper’s work at GE and the Screen Actor’s Guild, not only should he be celebrated for winning the Cold War and pushing communism (at least as practiced by the Soviets at the time) into the dust-bin of history. But he should also be celebrated for driving down private sector unionism (especially with his work at GE) — these were the two great scourges in my lifetime and Reagan conquered them both!
Boy, do we miss him!

Anybody who thinks public sector employees are overcompensated and under worked need only to apply for such a job. I'm all for cutting down the size of government. But the case needs to be on sound philosophical principles and not on demonetization of people who are often as hardworking and as conservative as their counterparts in the private sector.

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