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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Seattle's Homeless crisis 15: Scott Morrow pulls an Arafat and walks out

An update from councilman Burgess on the incredibly ridiculous sit outs in Seattle they've been having at the administration building. Burgess explained to me that the city council decided to give Scott Morrow what he wanted and then some! It was a dream come true that seemed too good to be true yet was true!

The King County human services decided to give Share nearly four-hundred thousand in funds with few strings attached, more than enough to keep the shelter open. In addition, the council promised further funding to SHARE/WHEEL to last longer.

There were few strings attached, one of the conditions is that all residents of share had to enroll in HMIS, a homeless database that keeps track of homeless individuals and where they stay at and to see to it that funding is properly allocated. Second, all SHARE/WHEEL residents of their shelters had to be enrolled in case management and a low income housing provider to be put on the waiting list, third, SHARE staff had to allow inspections of the budget and to allow a third party to check them. Fourth, the discretionary rule is out! No more picking and choosing. Screening into shelters is first come first serve basis. Finally, tougher enforcement of sobriety rules and allowing inspections by police and sheriff deputies for contraband.

Oh, they would not fund tent cities.

Much of these recommendations came from our article advising the city council on forcing them to accept certain conditions. While I am against government funding as a substitution for what our churches need to be doing, the truth of the matter is that Seattle will never accept capitalism or Christian faith. So we gotta make do with what we have.

But did Scott Morrow happily accept these conditions that would allow SHARE and WHEEL TO reopen again? Did they give him what he wanted? Is it enough I mean!?!?!

No... In fact he and other representatives of SHARE and WHEEL walked out of the meeting.

The reason given was because Share delegates were against the conditions that they could not discriminate against people they didn't like like people with disabilities and that they could not receive funding for tent cities. A Power Lunch meeting held the previous weekend voted to reject the two conditions.

Scott sided with the delegates from SHARE. They all walked out...

The fact that SHARE participants would rather sleep outside and squat on public property rather than receive all that money to reopen share and keep it open for at least over a year is astonishing! Maurice NewHope, a former member of SHARE also expressed concerns over how discriminatory and bigoted Share screeners are. There are many a time when disabled homeless and others considered undesirable have been turned out in the cold rain because of this policy and yet SHARE gets paid big bucks from big government.

So, all because Share participants democratically vote to allow discrimination, all because they want to fund lousy ineffective dangerous camp sites, the homeless problem is now worse and people continue to suffer.

It all brings back another memory... In the camp David Accords in 2000, Yasser Arafat of the PLO was offered a very generous deal for peace that many critics had called, land for peace. This particular one was outrageous. Among the concessions was the city of Jerusalem yet Arafat coveted a narrow strip of land in the Temple Mount. It was just a strip of land that may have had strategic value for Arafat and that really was not necessary but none the less Arafat wanted it. They said no and he and Mahmoud Abbas walked out. Many call it a miracle and an act of divine intervention.

Just like Arafat, Morrow and the bums of Share are given a big, big, big, concession that would solve all their problems. The only thing they have to do is show how many people participate, how many people are there at a given night and make sure they have case workers and are enrolled in housing. But Share bums want to discriminate, Share bums want to keep the poor poorer and Scott Morrow wants to get paid big bucks.


Anonymous said...

Nothing's ever good enough for these loser isn't it? Where does it all end? Are we going to be forced by the fed to give these bozos their own mansions?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'd say even Arafat wouldn't walk away. Scott Murrow is a douche and a criminal who wants to rip off Seattle.