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Friday, October 14, 2016

The truth about the Yom Kippur war

This month marks the 43rd anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. We have been fed some false information about this war. For starters, Israel did not strike first unlike in the 1967 Six day war when Israel was forced to launch a pre-emptive strike as her enemies amassed on her borders and as the UN stood aside and allowed them to do so.

The Arabs shot first
On the night of September 25, King Hussein secretly flew to Tel Aviv to warn Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir of an impending Syrian attack. Throughout September, Israel received eleven more warnings of war from well-placed sources. However, Mossad Director-General Zvi Zamir continued to insist that war was not an Arab option, even after Hussein's warning. Zamir would later remark that "We simply didn't feel them capable of going to war."

To make matters worse, Henry Kissinger forced israel to sign a one sided agreement in 1970 that enabled Egypt and Syria to place advanced Soviet Anti-aircraft missiles called SAMs on her border. This made another pre-emptive more difficult. Kissinger also demanded that Israel not fire the first shot.

On the day before the war, General Ariel Sharon was shown aerial photographs and other intelligence by Yehoshua Saguy, his divisional intelligence officer. General Sharon noticed that the concentration of Egyptian forces along the canal was far beyond anything observed during the training exercises, and that the Egyptians had amassed all of their crossing equipment along the canal. He then called General Shmuel Gonen, who had replaced him as head of Southern Command, and expressed his certainty that war was imminent. Kissinger and Nixon ignored it.

Zamir's concern grew, as additional signs of an impending attack were detected. Soviet advisers and their families left Egypt and Syria, transport aircraft thought to be laden with military equipment landed in Cairo and Damascus, and aerial photographs revealed that Egyptian and Syrian concentrations of tanks, infantry, missiles were at an unprecedented high. Brigadier General Yisrael Lior, Prime Minister Golda Meir's military secretary/attaché, claimed that Mossad knew from Ashraf Marwan that an attack was going to occur under the guise of a military drill a week before it occurred, but the process of passing along the information to the Prime Minister's office failed. The information ended up with Mossad head Zvi Zamir's aide, who passed it along to Zamir at 12:30 am on 5 October. On the night of October 5/6, Zamir personally went to Europe to meet with Marwan at midnight. Marwan informed him that a joint Syrian-Egyptian attack was imminent. However, Marwan incorrectly told Zamir that the attack would take place at sunset.

The attack by the Egyptian and Syrian forces caught the United States by surprise. According to future CIA Director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, he was briefing an American arms negotiator on the improbability of armed conflict in the region when he heard the news of the outbreak of war on the radio.

On October 6, 1973, the war opening date, Kissinger told Israel not to go for a preemptive strike, and Meir confirmed to him that Israel would not.

Yom Kippur, the war of the judgement day. In the first days, Nixon and Kissinger refused to give any aid to Israel. Israel was left on her own against impending doom at the hands of her Arab neighbors. The battles that followed were not only acts of tactical brilliance, but miraculous...

One event concerned Commander David Yinni. He was in the process of pulling his troops out of a confrontation with the Syrian army when he realized that they were trapped in a minefield. At some point, one of the soldiers uttered a heartfelt prayer. As the story goes, all of a sudden a windstorm blew in. The soldiers hunkered down until the storm subsided, and when it did, it had blown away so much of the dirt that the mines were exposed and the entire platoon managed to escape unharmed.

The miracle and the Valley of tears was the greatest of them all. Syrian tanks penetrated Israel’s front lines on the first day of the Yom Kippur War and raced across the Golan Heights. Syria’s task force comprised of 700 tanks, against Israel’s meager 175 and their infantry carried state-of-the-art anti-tank missiles which Israel hadn’t known were part of the Arab arsenal. Syria’s superior weaponry, supplied by the USSR had a devastating effect on Israel’s tanks.

Battalion commander Avigdor Kahalani was sent to the valley in a last-ditch effort to stem the Syrian advance. Calling his men to join him in a rush towards the enemy he was shocked to find that a commander’s worst nightmare had come true and he was moving forward alone. Physically and emotionally at the end of their rope, the men had simply not responded.

But despite what had happened, Avigdor kahalani fought off the tanks. His support camefrom behind and only 50 tanks destroyed Syria's 700. A comminque came in announcing to Kahalani, "YOU HAVE SAVED THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL!"

It was only after these miracles that Nixon and Kissinger grudgingly sent weapons. By this time the Arabs were pulling back. Jordan it was discovered had chickened out and chose not to participate in the war. Calls for a ceasefire by Kissinger and the UNdid not start until after Israel began to push back and threaten to annihilate her Arab tormentors...

 In the end, Israel was forced to give up Sinai and her other takings from Syria and Egypt. Israel could not pursue her enemies and annihilate them. All this made possible not only by the UN but by Kissinger.

In exchange for returning Sinai and other lands and saving them from annihilation from Israel, the Arabs imposed an oil embargo that crippled America's economy and was one of the factors that lead to stagflation and decline in the seventies.

Nixon the Anti-semite, Kissinger, the self-hating Jew

History mistakenly labels Nixon and Kissinger as saviors of the Jews. Nixon in truth was an anti-semite who is quoted and even recorded in making lewd comments towards Jews. Most notorious was a recorded conversation with Billy Graham where he promised that in his second term, he would break up alleged "Jewish control" of the press.

Kissinger himself was ashamed of is Jewish upbringing. He is quoted as saying thus: "If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be anti-Semitic,” he once quipped, “Any people who has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong.” Another time, he told a friend, “I was born Jewish, but the truth is that has no significance for me. America has given me everything.”

 Kissinger is also recently quoted as saying that Jews were self serving bastards.

 So as it turns out, Kissinger and Nixon far from being Israel's friend were all along, Israel's enemy. Below are quotes from Jewish Scholar Victor Vancier regarding Yom Kippur and myths about Nixon, Kissinger and the war:

1. Israel did not strike first in the 1973 Yom Kippur War even though she knew that the Egyptians and Syrians were planning to attack. In the 1967 Six Day War, Israel struck first preemptively and won a breathtaking miraculous victory on all fronts. But in 1973, Israel did not strike first. So Israel had to absorb the terrible blow of the combined Egyptian-Syrian attack. Why? Because the Jew-hater Richard Nixon and his self-hating Jewish Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pressured Israel not to strike first. Kissinger told Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, "If you strike first, there won't be a dogcatcher who will support you".

2. In 1967, Israel's air force destroyed huge portions of the Egyptian and Syrian military. In 1973, it was difficult for Israel's air force to attack effectively because of the extremely dense cluster of Soviet SAM anti-aircraft missiles that fired at Israeli jets. Many Israeli jets and their pilots were lost because of the Soviet missiles. Why were there Soviet missiles in Egypt? Because the Jew-hater Nixon pressured Israel in 1970 to accept a one-sided ceasefire in the "War of Attrition" which enabled the Soviets to place missiles in Egypt.

3. Nixon and Kissinger refused to send arms to Israel during the first 10 days of the Yom Kippur War when Israel desperately needed them. Only after Israel miraculously turned the tide in the war and starting winning despite the shortage of arms did the Nixon-Kissinger administration start shipping weapons to the Jewish state. And that was only because of massive Congressional pressure on Nixon to arm Israel - in those days, Israel was extremely popular in the Congress. But in the first 10 days of the war when Israel desperately needed the weapons, Nixon and Kissinger refused to send them.

4. At the end, Israel was on the verge of winning an even more miraculous victory in 1973 than the victory of the 1967 Six Day War. The Israeli army surrounded a huge segment of the Egyptian army and could have destroyed or captured tens of thousands of Egyptian soldiers and could have also destroyed or captured most of Egypt's advanced weaponry. But just as Israel was about to win the greatest triumph in her history, Nixon and Kissinger demanded an immediate ceasefire to save the invading Egyptian soldiers from destruction or humiliating capture. Israel again stupidly gave in to the Nixon-Kissinger pressure, and what could have been the most spectacular military victory in thousands of years turned into a nightmare as the Egyptians were rescued and allowed to claim victory.

America has never truly been a friend to Israel. Foreign aid is harming Israel's development of an independent military industrial sector that could outpace America's, America cavorts to Arab-Nazi enablers of terror and under Barack Obama preasures little tiny Israel to commit national suicide! 

 G-d has warned us in the Torah, in the bible, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you! America cursed G-d's people when Self Hating Jew Henry Kissinger forced Little Israel to spare her enemies who wanted to exterminate her!

...The worst thing they did was demand Israel hold back on wiping out these Nazi Jew haters once and for all. The arabs thanks us for saving their skins from Israel's revenge by putting an oil embargo over the United states that ruined the nation's economy! All of Israel's current troubles started thanks to Richard Nixon and self-hating Jew Henry Kissinger, yimach shmam vezichram shem reshayim yirkav ימח שמם וזכרם שם רשעים ירקב.

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