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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy vets day and Happy Birthday Sean!

Friends, I'll be sitting out for most of the coming year again. Don't worry, I'll be posting new articles, I got quite a few I like but I wont be up and about as often since 3 days ago, my wife gave birth to our third son, Sean Donald Ball.

We thought of naming him after Donald Trump but The wife had wanted to name our son after her uncle who passed away two years ago. We named our son, Sean Donald Ball. Sean came into the world on Wednesday morning at 8 lbs one ounce. We say 8 lbs and an ounce of love...

So we'll be coming and going and probably wont be seen very often as not but hey! That's life! I have one and now that Trump is in charge there's no reason to worry and I can leave my blog more often to focus on work and the family.

Thank you and God bless to all of you who supported us and voted for Trump!

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