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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary's post election agenda (no, its not creating jobs)

Hillary Clinton's Post-election agenda is not about making America great again. She already thinks as she has said in speech after speech she thinks America is still great! Great that so many white people are out of work and out of a job, great that so many children are graduating illiterate and ill equipped to handle the real world yet know all about gayness, sex, a politically correct history of mankind that brands white people and Christians as a cancer while lauding Islam and animal worship.

Hillary thinks its great that in America a man who shoots a home invader in self defense is of less moral ground than the robber/rapist who barged into his house, that in America, anyone can have their constitutional freedoms from owning a bank account to owning a handgun terminated at the whim of a psychiatrist for any reason, that in America, illegal aliens can come in freely, steal our jobs and form violent gangs while police can arrest and incarcerate someone for preaching the gospel on a street corner or waving a sign expressing a political belief whether or not its popualar.

Hillary Clinton, when she comes to power has no desire to make America better. As she said she already thinks America is great so there's no reason to create jobs, improve the quality of life or make necessary reforms that are badly needed especially on the federal level. She will do absolutely nothing about the problems confronting America since, uh... well... "Well we've always been great what's the point!?"

Starting January 21st Hillary's agenda will be to transform America's demographics and economy through more socialism and immigration, changing the paradigm of America and transforming the American landscape to make it less white, less Christian and most important less free. For starters she plans to target her opponents and any book, website, news group or blog that opposed her or her agenda for deletion and destruction...

Blog burning and the deletion of websites along with the smearing of opponents isn't anything new in the Democrat's sleeve these days. Barack Obama even before his election targeted youtube videos and blogs for deletion and destruction on the grounds that they were racist. Racism being defined as any blog or website owned by a white man that criticized or even made a joke about Obama.

The Clinton crime machine however has an even longer history of doing worse and will no doubt take this to the next level. Be sure to download your favorite blogs and your favorite websites critical of the Clintons or Democrats as they will be disappearing fast.

Hillary has already made open calls to destroy popular blogs such as and Frontpage magazine. Instead of condemning her for censorship, the left lauded her. In fact many have made further calls for others to be banned such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Dice.

The first year of the Hillary presidency will be about turning America into a third world zoo, a banana republic where whites and those who support freedom are no longer the majority, where there are no longer any guarantees of constitutional liberty and where the innocent are kept down over the guilty and the have not.

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